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The. I don't like this business of teaching fans down. Greg, downgraded soccer soccer anything. Porch. I got a lot of doesn't matter of you in the stadium watching the guy's not good enough. Just not good at Simon. I don't know. If you're you're figuring New Year's resolutions. But you don't wondering if maybe you pledge to come out of your shell little bit thousand fifteen his me off. Oh from New York, New York. Ulysses extra time radio on Sirius XM channel ninety four and MLS soccer dot com. It's a new week new Donna dune day and that Doyle, the analyst has flown thousands of miles just to be with us with David Gossen. I hear on on this Monday. He did it all for us. Right. And it's an honor and privilege anytime, I guess to share the airwaves with you guys. I was even relegated to the middle seat. Just didn't book in time. Yeah. What's your? There's been a big debate in the US occupied in the past about etiquette on planes, and how you approach middle seed how you approach lean back. All right. I have some pretty solid thoughts about this lean BAC is totally your call. I'm pretty big. I'm over six foot close to two hundred pounds closer to show parents and. The lady in front of me put her seat back. I had no problem with it. No problem with she paid for that. Right. However middle seat everybody understands that the person in the middle seat is getting a raw deal. So I think you d'armor aren't. Yeah. Look because you get your arm rest on the side. And then you don't have the sandwich. Go in there. I'm also in the same place. There've been some very vehement arguments on Twitter saying that you shall not lean back in your seat. Soundary? That's on lean back. I I strongly disagree. And like if it's a really big do somebody like six foot, or, you know, check, whatever. Okay. I'm I'm a nice guy. Sure. So I won't lean back. But if it's one of those bratty kids just just regular person, I paid for that paid. Honestly, it's really not that far, and you can lean years back to understand that it's effective lean Bex. That's how the plane domino effect. There's also the like the vicious lean backwards like not slow or gradual just like you go from zero to and now you're all sitting in my lap. Yeah. I do have problem with that that happened to the girl next to me on the flight the person in front of how and almost not water onto the girl. Listen, you've got to be aware. You gotta be aware. Let us know what you think flying etiquette. I know we've got some business travelers out there, you probably want to get people through that check in lane as fast as you can I get it. Take your belt off before you go through the metal detector hit us up. You know, how to get us adage, I'm radio, actually, I've been soccer dot com. Big show for you on this Monday, dumb Canir of the San Jose earthquakes is going to be on the second segment. A lot to talk about with him. I personally very interested. Ask them about what he thinks of some of the things you're in Clinton has been saying, I'm sure dumb has a few opinions on that. And then three peas in San Jose. They're gearing up for a new existence so to speak that new brand hit last year of a new stadium this year. We'll talk to him. We'll run the rule over them last segment. One guys. It's all about the US men's national team the winless run it was only five games still in the international stage for a team like the US that feels like a long time. It is over five games beating Panama to nothing. Michael Bradley with an Olympic oh Clint Dempsey feed from jesse's artists. And he rounds the keeper, and does what do does let's just start with general thoughts here since you are the guest of honor, shall we say mad start off. Well, first of all the term olympico. I did not know this comes from nineteen twenty four when Argentina beat Uruguay believe in the Olympics. I learned that on Twitter as scored from front owner, it's called. That's why we have you here for days. From from Brian Strauss. The Olympic funny because I'm such a proponent of pudding Bradley in the box and having someone else take set pieces because people don't understand that one of Bradley secret superpowers is his ability to get to the near post. He can be anybody to the near post. And he's so smart with the way, he redirects those headers. I mean, we've seen it from run a play remember the Mexico game last year. But if you want to go back to twenty eleven Gold Cup within the first ten is he scores on a near post header Donovan kick, obviously is set pieces have been phenomenal. But I still kinda wanna see somebody else there him. And this thing was set up. You saw them go to the near post on the corner. Kick before Pinedo LA galaxy fans cringing out there during this game. I'm sure flails at the near post. It doesn't come off. And then the next time you make the hard runs to the near post. It's in Josie back and a perfect perfect Olympic this. Looks intentional is intentional because things Josie is there. I think the intent is to put it on. Frame and maybe Josie gets to I maybe potato flaps either way a big goal for Michael Brown. Another fortieth for Clint Dempsey. But it wasn't really about clinched move. Right. Got really excited. It was. It was Jesse making that run from the right flank and pretty much blowing away the entire midfield. It's pace. They had no pace in the World Cup had no speed. They don't have any options on the wing. And now finally you get someone who's going to run at players who's gonna take the space who said in his quotes. I know this field. I know there space. I know I'm comfortable. He runs into that space and then Dempsey makes the right run. And it makes it's not that hard a goal in the end. If you make the right, Ron if you time it, right? And you play him through Dempsey has the confidence of finish it off. But you have to make the right pass two years ago when jesse's planning to left wing for LA. I don't know that he makes the past. I don't know if you have as has head up. I don't know if he even sees the I think you're probably right about a lot of that. This is something we talked about before off air. He's he's starting to complete not just dangerous passes but dangerous passes while he's on the move. And there is nothing more American than that. That is how we've always been for the last twenty five years. That's how we've always been at our most effective at our most dangerous. Landon. Donovan was absolutely savant, edit and guys like Tab Ramos, Ernie Stewart Clint Mathis for the fifteen games. He was healthy. So it's nice to see that czars. Has that in the bag? I still think he's a forward. I still would rather see him get more time there. But if he's gonna play like that on the wing even against bad competition, and let's face. It. This Panama team was bad. You gotta beat teams like that. And Concha calf. It's nice to see us get it done. And Michael Bradley came out after this. And this is something the jesse's artists looks very proud of you came out and said that without a doubt Artis is a guy that has to be in this group going forward that that was interesting to meet here. Michael Bradley be that definitive with decision. That's not his he's a few times over the last year and a half. Also. I mean, he said it with Donovan going into the World Cup kid. He's I think that's part of the way he's responding to the way Clinton coaches a lot of it's done in the media. A lot of the conversation is done in the media. And I think he's saying that because we saw on both these games. I thought these were two of the better games. Michael Bradley played under your in Clinton because he had options in front of him. Also, he wasn't hurt. I think that's one of the things that that people forget about last ears that he played the entire year hurt. And if he's going to be healthy this year, we're going to see the Michael Bradley that we saw through the first half of the hexagonal who was the best player in Concha Kath. And when he has in front of he drops these dimes over the top. Like, he does a faming Johnson. The first twenty minutes he had three or four crosses over the top which is his game, which he hasn't been able to do when he was playing with just Clint Dempsey in front of him. And in the game, it was yet linen. And in this game was artists. And let me ask you guys something whether you think this signals a shift back toward what I would consider more of the traditional style of US soccer where you have these great deep lying distributors guys. Like Claudio Raina who had people look at his stats and CEO, he only had twelve assists. He had about thirty five secondaries the ball before the all right guys. Like Thomas Dooley. Was so good at that. Do you think Clinton is finally impressing? That or do you think this is just a one off? I don't. I stuttered there. Because I I'm not willing to try to predict anything. I just can't I can't do it. But when you see mixed screwed, and Michael, Bradley and those two holding roles that's immediately. What you think those guys other than maybe Bradley aren't in their necessarily be BULLDOGS and focus on the defensive side of the ball. They're there to open up the game for the rest of the guys and it gets to Panama that works because you're going to have sixty five seventy percent of the possession. Mike question is does that work against the good teams? Does that work against the chili eight teams of the does that work against the Belgiums? Does that work against the teams that you have to beat in a knockout game that the US has at one in the last time the US one knock out the US men slash boys. Wanna knock out round game in any competition was the two thousand nine Gold Cup any global competition. Not counting regional Kaka. Caf tournaments. You seventeens you twenties Olympics. They'll say confed Cup. Right. Yeah. Confederations cup. Gold toe. Let me try to give the last knockout round knockout round game. We won in global competition was a two thousand nine Confederations Cup. And we did it by sitting deep in hitting hitting with speed against Spain. Obviously there's been huge turnover in the player pool. But I think if you look at the strengths of that player pool, and what we have now I think they're largely the same. I think you can improve upon what Bob Bradley did. I still wanna see we'll trap get time. And do those Kyle beckerman things you talk about another guy who could spread the game out. I just I look at the pieces, and I think they fit and Clinton to start using them the way they should be used one of the questions one of the pieces Miguel Barra. He finally played. We finally saw him play heavy minutes. I thought he played with some confidence. What do you guys think about his future? We've got a lot of questions about this. Because we as as we should have been accused of being making Judd's judgments. Let's say that we couldn't back up. Now. I'm the first to admit that don't watch a ton of and I've been chomping at the bit to see this kid play. He's fast. There's no doubt about that. It was clear that he was a willing runner. He had some good touches. The question for me comes into that final third on those those wide areas you've got to be somebody who can create something special at a given time like jesse's artists. Didn't that one point? Now starting to spend most of the game in a more deep lying position than he borrowed. It actually started more running. Now, it's just a matter of seeing that final product and Clinton, I hope he sing it and training to keep keep him around. But I think there's something there. I don't know what it is. And whether long-term it's intern. National towel. He reminds me a little bit of dilly Duka at this point a guy who I really liked for the Montreal impact and Duca has worked himself into a good provider in the final third. He wasn't when he first started getting high level reps. Bara still has a little ways to go. But the raw material is is impressive. And you could see what Clinton likes about him. My question would be okay. What happens if you're playing against watt Amal, and they're bunkering in the whole time. Do you have that specialness to make something happen? Not just when the game is big. But when the game is small here's another question. I have about me go bought everybody wants to know if and when he might come to Emma less, and there were discovery clams on the guy signed a new deal with Minnesota United. So it doesn't seem to be going to happen soon. He says I'm happy to go back to Minnesota. That's where I'm headed. But now that his stock perhaps has risen based on these US men's national team reps and his presence in camp. Does that make it harder for teams to go? After the other question, we got. An Email from Matt and Saint Louis about this about watching the game is is there. Because now he's a US national team player is there different allocation order. To come to a great. That's a great question and one that I would have to pass onto the competition committee and go make a few phone calls to answer that after this. I would be surprised if this was even in the regulations having seen we haven't seen this scenario before evidence, maybe with CLYDE Simms when he was with with Richmond before he. He ended up being called into a national team camp because he didn't play but he didn't play. So this is a little bit different. Does that matter last? We had heard it was the rebels who had a discovery. Yeah. We'll see that wants to watch Mike moon wanted Simon to eat. Some crow will Simon is joining us today. But you you can be guaranteed or the next time. He's on here. We will serve him very very healthy. Serving Spro crow hunted for food in Malta. So I'm really. See what I'm willing to believe about Malta? Scott cannon also hitting us up on Twitter. He wants to know why envy Lee is not getting more time with the US. What I would say to that is that the US spine pretty set. And I think that Lee win is maybe just in the wrong place at the right time. And I talked about him going into the World Cup because I thought he should have been part of the camp at least the Miguel bar role. I think is perfect for him because the complaint about him is does he do enough defensively? If you put him out there on the left if you have to holding mids, and you allow them to flow in create I think he has enough pace to run at guys, and they think he has a finishing touch. I think he would fit that role better than me. Congested in the middle because Dempsey wants to be the guy that floats in those areas that win was so successful for New England. That's I mean that would be my concern about pairing those guys together. But to me, that's what friendly's are for especially with the Gold Cup coming up. I really wanted to see that triumvirate of win Dempsey and Josie with win impure number ten role and really kind of disappointed that we didn't get to see at least forty five minutes of that from these two friendlies does he did some get these opportunities coming forward or was this the time because now you're kind of alluded to it. We'll see which these guys can hack it with the group that gets together. And a lot of this wasn't a group for Mexico and then into these European friendly's? I mean, every anytime you get a chance to impress is the right time to progress. What happened this time we don't own one of us were at camp. But I mean, maybe there's some just third or fourth division kid in Germany who's just lined up for that role. Whiten it up we will we will see about and bomb dropping bombs US finally getting a win on the board. That is their first in five games a not so great Panama squad. But a wins a win to nothing. That's one you expect them to win every single time at home. Let's go to some other Yanks abroad news here guys AJ sores apparently is training or not trialing. It depends on who you ask starbuck under. Bob, Bradley, apparently that that Verona move is not necessarily working out what we had heard and what I have not been able to confirm with his agent yet is that Rafa Marquez had some sort of clause in his contract at the club. Got another defender. He got a raise is that the most Rafa Marcus thing that could possibly happen. Even if I made that up it would be like the crow eating of folks would believe it MLS career has passed. But yet he still from the dead reaching back in haunting America, it's amazing sores. We'll have to see what happens with AJ. Jeff cameron. He came off the bench to get the game tying assist against Newcastle. Four-stoke this weekend. Jonathan Brooks going to be under a new coach. Remember that old coach was the one that had really pushed him, although that seem to be working out pretty well. Lately. Let's see you also have a result that you wanted to drop on us here US women's national team was a double header the first double header since July fourth last year when the USA US women played Canada and the men play Germany, the US woman fell two zero in France. I haven't watched the game have it on recording. So I'm gonna watch it when I get home. But not a lot of people are happy with what happened going into this World Cup. Very similar conversations to what you hear on the men's side with Jill Ella Twitter was aflame with that one for an MLS note from Africa, David calm, the Chicago fire lost. In the Afghan final to the Ivory Coast. I don't think he played in this game. It was an epic PK shootout. Unbelievable. Every I actually paused the US game to watch the shootout, and I can't help. But I know that I know that the goalkeeper the second-string goalkeeper is like this hero figure, but I also just wanted to kinda strangle them the whole time the multiple dropping for injuries just to get up. And so frustrating to me. I don't know. I don't know if you feel the same day. I think it's I thought it was beautiful town has a lot of theater. Always what else? The right way to put it. I have never seen PK. Shoot outs. Go as far and I've seen multiple of them happened in the Afghan. There was one in Egypt with Cameron Ivory Coast thirteen kicks. I don't know how they do. It. Amazing. I think. Maybe kind of Simon ish suggestion, but I think for all penalty shootouts, it it should be written that both goalkeepers go first for their team. I think you have to start penalty. Shoot outs with the goalkeeper's just for the entertainment value. You gotta think goalkeepers take a lot of PK's because they act this crack on each other. So there's no pressure. But you gotta think it's not like that foreign for them to step to spot take shot. I feel very bad for Raza did not stop a penalty. And then he had his safe to lose. You could see just the he was distraught. Walking out the field too bad for the gun goalkeeper. Another quick note from Africa before we get out of here. Remember Dom near coming up in the next segment as of now, I think the numbers about twenty five fans killed in Egypt trying to enter a match our thoughts go out to that situation. And hope that it is resolved and hope that there's no further violence. Of course, that's a little bit of a trend going back the past few years thing about that read up on it during the break when we come back at his very best. You want wanna hear from you? You're encouraged to even extra-time MLS soccer dot com for tweet at extratime radio with EMI comments questions oriented. Hey, this is on one hundred from the US national team. And you're listening to extra time radio. Extratime radio with the guys. Well, the guy and our new boy here. Mattdoyle David Goss. I'm Andrew Abby. No Simon board on this Monday. Jerry is disappointed. Simon's chairs at comfortable yet. He's very comfortable. I think he takes good care of it. Because the rolling action is solid. He did appear to bite a chunk armrest. It gets a little bit antsy. Normally normally during the show, he has a pack of MLS tops cards. He'd just like shuffles through really order is this is this like to soothe him. It's very like Rainman where if you threw them on the ground. He would be able to tell you where everyone is we would probably need to stop the show. Look we're onto the last section here. Folks, we will have dumb near the San Jose earthquakes coming up in just a second that talks about his first year in charge out there via stadium new stadium. They rebranded. They've got the road. Coach back. We'll see what they can do with this season three DP as well. But we'll get it on just a second. First of all another DP going on the shelf that would be germane Jones. He played in that friendly. And then he posted an Instagram video saying going to have surgery on Tuesday, which is pretty much how news breaks videos phenomenal though because he starts videos if he's mid conversation. He goes. Yes. Surgeries tomorrow as if we all knew he was in having the surgery road. It's and then he just ends it. It's just it's very he is a social media MVP. He is he's certainly DP in that sense. The time line is going to be determined after a seizure to sports hernia. Those are pretty common. So out to see what happens, but he says he could be out for quote unquote, a couple weeks which could rule out of the opener, and certainly seems will rule them out of the desert diamond Cup. And this is this is problematic because Jermaine Jones is he's an older guy. He's thirty two thirty three now and sports hernia and turf do not mix we've seen so many guys never really recover their top form after this type of injury. Now granted that was mostly six seven eight years ago. I think scientists come a long way sport sciences come a long way in treating this. But if I was arrives fan. I would definitely be a little bit worried about this especially because it seems like he played through it for the national team or maybe even in the playoffs as well. On a slightly similar note. I plan turf all the time and probably will never discover my top level. So that's how it goes. Eddie Johnson also out. We don't know what he's doing. He's not training. That's for sure he's going through some tests. You kinda if you pay attention to the news, there was a little bit of a even know how to put it like a question Mark next to his name because of an undisclosed reason. Now, it's starting to trickle out. There may be some issue with his heart. Maybe a pre existing condition there. And of course, DC taking it very easy with Eddie. He is not doing any sort of fitness at all right now Ben Olsen at this to say yesterday. The team of it might concern for Eddie. It is not about us at this point. We just have to wait and see what the news is when he goes to this last appointment, that's the doctor. I assume and then we'll deal with it from there. If he's good to go great will work him back into fitness if not he'll have to go a different road. Hopefully, okay. And we can start moving back into fitness that doesn't sound great for DC and the amount of money. They invested in Eddie and also the production. They need to get out of him. Because they haven't made a ton of moves us off season. You're going to have to spend list spin suspended for a while. Are yet does your next option? It seems. Up there unless Chris Pontius turns into this forget Luis Silva. Well, I think who's both came with fob though. Exactly. So they are going to have to find the right pairing for the first three or four games as well. Too. It is a worry for for DC. But you know, you hear news like this. And it kind of pales in comparison to the worry for Johnson. So I just. Okay. Speaking from a place of ignorance on this. If we have any fans, I know about this. It's every once in a while you see this with a player where it happens ten years into their career where if it's something that you would assume teams would find I remember in them Cotino Moby had it when he was like thirty three you would assume teams would find unless maybe just technology there inches. There are some conditions. I know this because of friend of mine passed away tragically at twenty eight that just don't show up unless you've like literally go looking for that specific condition. I believe that's what happened with Kirk Urso as well. And it's look it's always scary. When you hear about an athlete with a heart condition because these guys push themselves, so hard physically so just thank God. They caught this. If it is something thank God. They caught it before it became something fatal. And hopefully, he's getting all the treatment. He needs a good look daddy. Hopefully health comes comes around hope. Everything's okay with them moving onto another. Eastern Conference team the union we've talked about the Carlos fell does drama. He is back on loan again once in Huda that's pretty much like the January February dance out there and Phillies where will Carlos vowed does end up personally. I hope he doesn't come back to me. I know that sounds harsh. But at some point you just got out or you just got to cut the cord. Anyway, they made a move to shore up the centerback position. Steven Vitoria, a Portuguese Canadian centreback from Benfica arriving on loan. It's year loan with an option to buy admittedly don't know much about him. It seems like he has a pretty decent pedigree. It's definitely an area of need for them. Six foot five. He's big. He was raised in Toronto. So that's all good. He's another one of these Canadian guys who chose to try to play for somebody else. So he definitely stirs emotions in Canadian national team fan base. Yeah. As you said, his his pedigree seems to speak well of him. He wasn't good enough for Benfica. But there are a lot of central defenders. Who are? So I think this makes a lot of sense if you're the union, I think the bigger question is does he get welcomed into Canadian national team camp? He plays. Well, big question there. He did I believe play for Portugal at the youth levels at the UEFA uniting championship. And also that you twenty World Cup in two thousand seven so he made by the way in Canada. I mean, I remember that that was one of the first international tournaments that really got me going, Michael Bradley with hair, Freddie to do. It was a big one. That was any sits Tele Danny's Attala stars houses up. The other thing about him is PK specialists had eleven goals for esta real. I don't know how to pronounce it the Portuguese that he played pretty decent. Do you guys think that Maria do as a centreback or center fielder right now? I always preferred him as centreback. I just think he so good when the games all in front of him. And he can get a jump on the play. He just snuffs out everything that they try to build through the middle. That said if you look at the makeup of this roster. I think he ends up being number six. That's the way it's looking it'd made those noises current especially at said centreback, he's the best part of centreback. He can shut down the big players in this league. If it's not him who is it is it even white is Austin berry. I mean Austin Barry fell off the face of the year last year trade bait even white. I think comes in probably as a starter curtain seems to really like him. So it depends on what direction they want to go in the middle that midfield middle of that defense still looking for a forward as well in Philly land, they had a deal with a week to forward. Go down the drain. Unfortunately for them. Seattle's back line is in a little bit of upheaval as well Ozzy Alonzo not in the back line, but he served protects it he had surgery. He's going to miss six day weeks that rules. I'm out of the beginning of the season. That's a big blow for them. And now there's news that Brad Evans is moving to the backline. But not at right back not where you'd think to replace Yellen, but possibly centreback that's at least where he's been on preseason long. Do I don't remember bread ovens playing center back though, I think that he certainly can I think they need they need someone to. I don't think they can get through another year. What's Scott is the full time starter? I don't think they can play at the level. I wanna play on the different fronts of competition with Jessica Scott. They didn't improve the position. So it kind of is the only logical move. I guess they have I'm going to give you a Simon Borg hot take on this whole scenario right here by moving Evans to centreback in losing Alonzo for the first month and a half. Maybe two months of the season. Seattle is giving up on the support shield. They're giving up their defensive supporter shield, but this is going to make them better. Come the playoffs in giving them a better chance at winning MLS cuts. Not that hot. Take which is the goal. I mean, you didn't deliver it with like you needed some bird, really, he hilt. So I'm going to pound the table. And then you also need to put someone on a side that they're not right. Smith hates puppies. That's what I've actually heard that About Schmidt. Like, honestly, I think if Ozzy Alonzo's out for the first two months of the season, the Sounders me, so wait is it Andy rose now starting at center mid week in week out Michael zero Andy rose, I actually gets probably rotation. If you're at home, you probably confident enough to start rose because he's a little bit better going forward. If you're on the road zeros, you're bulldog and place Ziggy ball, man. I've heard Seattle fans feel like Andy rose, and maybe a player that's going to take a step. I've always thought he was a good player. I don't know that there's much more of a ceiling. But I don't think I think Seattle fans believe a lot more when the opportunity strikes gotta take maybe he'll get one here at the beginning of the season before we get to dumb can here. Really quickly here. Montrose headed down for the we talked a little bit about. The American teams and Cecile in last show. But there is some news ago with this the Whitecaps by finishing in the highest place while MLS teams last season. We'll get the twenty fifteen and then in twenty sixteen they'll go back to the Voyager Cup. So just a little bit of a note there on that one for you. And that's for US fans. We think that the US is a mess. Good luck to our friends and kid. I think part of the reason is they have the women's World Cup. They have partially the Gold Cup and the pan. Am games the country's fault? They have no room to a hygienist Kennard is the second largest country in the world. Just in terms of acreage find a field and play the voyageurs Cup. And the winner goes to the CC L. That's the way you've always done a polar voyeurs cop right up on the edge of the north. I would watch that in a in a subject go if this if this company was paying I would definitely go quick programming note as well. I would Yara former World Cup veteran and former captain of the French national team on trial with Chicago fire over. There in England. We'll see what comes of that that kind of been pegged as done in dusted. I talked to the club. That is not the case. He's just on trial. Seeing what's up kicking the tires a little bit bring them on. Now, the head coach of the San Jose earthquakes heading back home dominant. Canir dom? How's it going? It's going good, and your how are you? I'm doing very very good. I'm sure you were heartbroken that. There's no Simon Borg on this show. We will we will try to keep the energy high for you. But let's start with with the one that I would think about if I was heading back home. What's that one thing that now you have or that you can get that you couldn't get in Houston that that kind of like that down home comfort that you used to have every time you went back to San Jose. I can play outside in June, July and August with my kids. That's that's pretty big is this going to change the way you do training in the summer because in Houston. I mean, I had to go at like seven in the morning sometimes. Yeah, you're right with that are trained times was was early. Then obviously during the summer months training little bit shorter too. So I mean, whether in the bay area is easier for training and probably starting time of saying it's very possible that you could train a little bit more, which is good. You know over the years, you know, before I go on anything else. Want to get the fans the front office, including Chris Canetti, the players ownership Philippian sheets, and they g get all these guys that a ton of things because I had a great nine years there. And there wasn't any I expected I took off from two thousand five so you're back now, and you had an idea of what the quakes were before. And now this is kind of this this new iteration of the quakes since that there's a via stadium. You have a little bit of a rebrand there. It seems like a little bit of a new era. What's the biggest difference? You've noticed from when you were there before till now. Well, obviously, you know, has changed a ton of those nine years the stadium being the first thing, I think, you know, when I left saying, let's Jose in two thousand five till now the only remaining player on that team, San Jose. That was there. Then if there now Chris wanted allows, so it's a huge everything's changed. My sister coach was John. Now, he's a manager. You know, Emma, Lassus chains league has grown so much. But like I said probably the biggest thing, you know, even we did enjoy playing sports stadium. When I was there was the stadium. It's fantastic. I'm sure you guys will have a good time come down a Bizet. MLS has changed so much from my perspective on the sidelines. I think the league has actually improved quite a bit. Technically, a not sure if it's advanced tactically at the same rate. I'm not sure the recognition team wide. Has I think it's gotten better. But I don't think it's maybe improved at the same rate that I think people wanted it to off on that by your estimate. I mean, kind of hard to answer I think when you look back in those days in two thousand five I mean, really everyone played four probably bar New England, but you ran out that three five two more so successful with it. You know, so even talking about taxes, she talked about formations, and and, you know, line of pressure, and etc. So I think the league has advanced Hon as far as that goes, you look at what Peter RA me Kim city like coming out that really aggressive for three kind of had to change their from nations to counter that we were one of those teams over the years that of had to match them that way. So I think when you look at the the league is a lot more expo ex players who are coaching them sidelines. Now, I think that fan is probably more tactical savvy, and therefore, you know, and if you look at, you know, some comments at our everyone has an opinion on how the how the game she played. So I I don't think it's a it's as bad as you think that I think the weakest kinda grom there's different. Effectives on how how teams should play. So I think it's a little bit. How do you think that this year is going to continue that progression? What are they going to be the maybe the developments that we see this year? What we see new things this year? What do you think kind of the tactical theme is might be from two thousand fifteen just trying to look ahead. Oh, you can't reinvent the wheel. That's for sure. Andrew, you know. And I think the formations formations I think, you know, you're not gonna run out a three six one or two four four two backs and really go for we still have jobs and games to win. So I still think that teams we'll go out, but not kind of throw caution to the women forward has some smarts to it. So I think the big thing over over the last five years, and it's regular Peter Mead, some credit is, you know, his in that four three three out there and a lot of kind of kind of copy that and some of them really well at Portland that I with Caleb had a real good success. But when it comes down to the you'll Boyd come tramps oftentimes, not and and even the last five years, you know, most of the time the full floor two teams of the finals have it. Let's turn to your team right now. And you've got three designated players all attacking players to work with. Of course, Chris last you mentioned Martinez. Perez Garcia pull in the. Strings in the midfield innocent Magana who's come in. And he's at speedster up top. How how do you envision using all those guys? And how do you get them on the field at the same time and get the most out of them? And then also make sure that your rock-solid back there defensively where a loaded question. You know, I it's kind of funny going back to Chris, you know, when I left in two thousand five Chris to lousy wasn't apprentice player, you know? And now, he's he's a DP. So talk about changes in last. He's the prime candidate for for the big changes. I think they're all good attacking players, first and foremost to get him on the field seeing time you have to mull healthy and available and unfortunately for us and preseason we haven't seen Chris one loss you one day because it's participation what the US national team all was an honor for him. And then we've had innocent and Matiz Perot gercy on the field a little bit during these games. So we have you know, it's kind of a little bit of a crush here. The last four weeks. So to say, you get these guys, you know, going on the same time you have. Ford's hockey midfielder, all good players wanna finish the other two or kind of a little bit more of the ball players. So it's exciting. And you kind of throw formations out inside your head of staff, you know, realize when you have the ball into plane while you're gonna cost problems coach talk to us. Tell us a little bit about innocent. He kind of came out of nowhere. How does he end up in as John? And where did you guys come across him and how did the process start of bring him in? Yeah. As your John? I don't think I've ever even broach that question because it's kind of a weird one. I mean, how does anybody know playing there? You know, I'm sure it was big money for him. You know, I don't think he stayed there. Very long, you know for us. We would give tip by scout talk about innocent. So did a ton of scouting on him. It was kind of really easy because he was on trial with Hamburg and Dubai tournament with Nancy shelter. So you kind of watch really recent games and watch him planes would give it gets real good competition. Talked to him he really didn't know much about MLS if anything besides over. Martin's was playing there. And then just kind of threw out some things with him excited to come and play. And so far preteen that could even press this what kind of player you looking at their speed is what stands out on on the highlight videos. It inevitably go around when these guys get signed. I assume that he's a guy that gets in behind and maybe opened things up for the rest of you. But is there mortem you kind of described him as a ball plan guy? A guy who can do some of the combining to open up space for others. Yeah. Absolutely true. I mean the first game we play him was against against Houston. And we call them slow underneath the the back four bit. And you found some nice pockets and did some good things. So while we know he can do that. Obviously, you know, when it comes down to it. You wanna see him kind of lead the line and run away from teams again behind his wealth that come into the ball time. So yeah, I think we'll do both things with him. I think he has the potential to be that runaway forward as techs come underneath. He's got real good technical -bility. So we just about find him. In the right spots and making sure all kind of haven't faced in the goal to up people. Speaking of technical ability. You have a youngster on your team. Tommy Thompson who has fans abuzz because he has just about every trick in the book. Where do you see him fitting in for you guys this year is someone who looks like he can get big minutes for you? Yeah. I think so I really join watching them play that he's a little playground player. You know? And he does a law things you can't each to really enjoy the game. He's got a real sweet I touch and he's not afraid to take chances. You know? So I mean a good under twenty world qualifying for the World Cup. So you know, he has that hopefully industry coming up this year. It's always good to have attacking players. You know? So I think is the season goes on you never going to be winning every single game. And you're not losing every single game. But once rely on Tommy will be given a chance to play this year. And I think every time you steps field. He treats it like. He's Chilean join themselves now one of the not complaints. But one of the observations of folks with Tommy is that that final product the final ball the final shot not quite there yet. And I know the players that have that are are the players getting paid the big bucks. And that's what you hope from young attack and players. I'm more curious. How do you teach that how do you actually develop that as a coach when you see something like that is just reps? Is that is that training reps game reps? How do you do it? For me. It's a lot of training on the field. And you know, I think it's always encouragement, you know, no matter if it doesn't pull off stuff there. Encourage him ever, the kids only nineteen you know, so and I think if you're gonna be around, and you can see this big smile. Fades out in the field and seem to enjoy playing. I don't you can kind of say, hey, you know, when you're close to goal you really need tone down and play safe. Also, median courage him. Whether it be training in game situation and tape down and showing them. So for him. It's just experience. You know? I think he has been around some pretty good players. The guy seemed to really enjoy him and like him youthful energy that you bring to the team, and he's one of those I guess they're nineteen it's not be too pushy. But them that I always encouraging certainly urging them and those twenty games as well. Hopefully, we see him in the road Cup of his health stays good to go through this first part of the season before we get out of here. You were one of the first guys I thought about when I was reading some of your Klansman's comments over the past couple of weeks, and you had a lot to say as you generally does and. One of the things that stuck out obviously got jumped on us. And by fans, everybody else was this idea of fitness and his suggestion that play long enough. And maybe it needs an eleven month season, you're the guy March and these guys through their paces on the club level. You've one titles. You've done it on MLS. What do you think about that assertion is that a legitimate thought of legitimate solution to a problem, and do you see it as a problem the fitness side? It is tough to have guys going to camp in January, especially guys offer two and three months, and you know, the the thing is to own those is the well-known union rule. These guys have to have six offic. Ation the ops. He's you can't touch them. You can't organize practice. So that part is there the other side of it. It's somebody's dies. Go home in the offseason, and may not have the money to to hire a personal trainer. So it's one of those a lot of it relies on the individual himself and what he's doing because he he is going to have six weeks off. No matter what. But it's tough ideal situation. You want to be aligned with the rest of world playing ten months Eason's that makes it easier for everybody. It's not ideal situation. Here everyone seems to have the answers. But when you look at it, it just kinda makes those those questions remain. So for me, I understand where you're coming from keep him say say as fair. My job as coach nemo less. Try and have my players. They're called up. They need to go in and perform. Well, obviously, it looks to the club look better and makes staff team look better and for us. It's just there to support your everything he does. So I mean, there's been some comments in the last, you know, four or five months, obviously over the public going back and forth between the Commissioner, and you're a non this one's come out and your comments that he just wants a quick conversation with what we're doing. Now. I mean, we love to Spain and Germany and he's playing sixty games years not possible. But maybe with scheduled turns around if if it ever happens to be even harder to do so many don't have talk about the future. Six-week rule is probably going to be news to a lot of our listeners. Certainly a big part of that you stick to the contracts last one before we get you out of here. Dumb. He also you're in cleanse men. He likes to reference the butcher and the pressure that comes with playing in Europe. He says and kind of that exterior pressure from fans, and maybe even internally within the club as well. And. To me. He's kind of implying that pressure is not yet there in do you think that we're that we lag behind in that sense that maybe players aren't under enough pressure? Does that ring true to you? Let's be honest. Yes. I mean, the pressure of playing for Manchester, and I don't Saturday and the pressure from playing Emma lessons is completely different. I'm not gonna say the same. I mean, that's the easy one. But I still think there is pressuring MLS. There is pressure for these guys everyday form. Well, I mean, you look at what we're doing. Now games are on TV all time squad are getting a little bit better more pressure day-to-day to have homegrown kids pushing into kind trying to get them to play. So I mean, yeah, I mean the the pressure from Champions League to conference Champions League. I mean, we can't compare the two but say that we don't have pressure. I'm not too sure about that at all. And I think when you look at MLS over the years the way to provided our national coaches boost through Serena Bob route with successive players in World Cups. You know, I think just down individual individual weekly and how he kind of presses himself while with club. Pressure's on all over and unless right now trying to get ready for the twenty fifteen season Duncan here doing the same with San Jose. Good luck. These last few weeks a preseason Dom, and then have fun with that new stadium. There looks beautiful. All right. Order team. You guys down there soon and thanks for your time. All right. Thanks. Thanks for joining us there that is something that not many people know about that six week period where you simply can't that's part of the contract, of course, CB negotiations ongoing as we speak, but quickly standouts from that conversation very quickly before we get to the back. To me. I think we blew it. We need to ask about the field with because that was always the big question about Houston because Houston always had a really technical team people like to pretend the dynamo always boom ball. But they weren't they headed technical team led the league in possession a couple years, and we're up near the top it. She has generated and they played on that sixty eight yard wide a bowling way. We should've we should've asked him about that we blew it. We did we did blow it on that one similar note. The field in Houston is getting wider under Owen Coyle. So that's good news for Houston fans. And maybe wanted to see how that would play up their compass stadium. Let's go to the mailbag. Let us know what you think, you know, how to get out at extratime radio into it or extra time in soccer dot com via Email. We'll be right back. Want to hear from you? You're encouraged to even extra time MLS soccer dot com for tweet at extratime radio with any comments questions oriented. Hi there. It's show Maloney here from Chicago fire, and you listen to extratime radio. Back now on extra time, but radio with the guys Simon board. We dragged him into the office here. Matt Doyle, David Goss. I am Andrew review into the mail bag. And it is quite the mailbag the highlight here is folks guessing what noise Simon was making in last Thursday's show and then. This. That was the night before we do that can someone explain it. I know Matt you're into music what's different between the record and album. So when I saw an award at the Grammys for best record invest album. What's the difference? I think one is a song you think then don't speak. I'm trying to in album is is is definitively like. On. Yes. This rubber soul is an album and the record can be physical vinyl of it. That's that's clearly not use it people use it interchangeably. Like in record seems to have several different. Did you watch the Grammy's? Yeah. It was watching him with very disappointed. Yeah. Cited me. Oh, wow. You that there's a singer now who doesn't reveal her face. That's fascinating to me. Chandelier which has famous music video with this girl like dances around the room. They did it live at the show, and she stands at the wall and stares the other way, you know, Jim Morrison apparently did that for the doors when he first started he was on us. I think it lasted just maybe five ten shows. Actually, he turned around. It was from the movie does she does she perform live because if she performs you gotta think she was facing saying that was one song if she has her own concert. You think at some point the turn around you'd think I don't let us know? I'm sure somebody out there knows they also know that Nostradamus likes jam and therefore people think that maybe Simon is a descendant of Nostra dumps. They sent they sent us this article Nostradamus at his pot of jam terms out one of his famous books was cookbook and the main parts of it were different jam recipes and the most important one being love jam. Yeah. Which is sounds hard to make. Gotta be honest. I did try to research the ingredients. Knows I could use the excitement how to hit. A few faulty test cases, it just didn't work out description on the in the book is very obscene. I would expect very very obscene. Let's move on Cody C in Galicia Spain. He says if Clinton is in charge of two thousand sixteen the Copa America will be an unmitigated disaster. He says you discussed this Gringo Borg on tier libra few weeks back. He says he played division. One college water polo and second division rugby in Spain better resume than mine. Certainly, it's obvious. The Clinton has no clue on fitness. Besides what Lomb and other Germans have said about him. Here's something else. Three days a month before the World Cup. The loud are exhausted and picked up needless, muscular injuries, yada, yada, yada. We know what happened with all that and all the the hamstrings and whatnot. So he says he's overworking the players, and that's why we're giving up late goals thereby Copa America. Embarrassment can rehash. You're you're hot takes. They're trying to take Matt. Did it didn't work out for him to rehash Klinsmann is doing a great job as long as the players keep cutting out wins like they did against Panama. If you don't really don't agree with Klinsmann, fitness regimen. And all that just all you have to do. Lose to Panama or draw panel forgot that layers in total control here that they could have given up on the field that case gimme like your. Players thrown the gay. He pretty much advocate for that. If you really are against the coach the only way to do it. Yeah. This step it up. I let warm rains. Fifteen seconds together bar go. I thought he was replying ten minutes about that five seconds. With ten minutes. I mean, he may who was making errors. He did a lot of running but running does what does it count for on this stage? Wow. I didn't even expect that we would you say that or maybe Miguel bar agrees with you about your in Clinton. He. Maybe mccully badeah Simon hired workout for me the bar that he was shown as he was artists on the other side, they're rating would you give McGill about all go out of ten. Yeah. I'd give them a five. That's not good. Let's be clear. That's that's not good. What would you give them five five four point five? Boy, boy, you went right away from where we were out with what were you gonna say about it? I think he clearly he clearly was not ready completely for the international level. But there's some raw material there Clinton's. That's what's going to ask. 'cause you heard Simon make that noise right there. Yeah. We could barely barely keep it straight on the last show with him doing that. We asked you to guess what it might be. And we got some pretty good guesses the best. And I think the winner who will be sending some prizes to David christianson. We hear from him quite a bit. He says that he thinks Simon was pretending to have abou- will mute movement throughout the podcast you fix to excited. And maybe it just slipped out. He says he thinks it was because of the Billy Ruben lots of Billy Ruben, just so much Billy room. I thought we'd get a note from like someone who knows biology to tell us what Balu Ruben now he didn't thought we joke to give a shout out in the Mench, their Nesto ocular who did actually get it. Right. But you were doing, and I don't know how he got it. Right. Because you didn't sound half left was the right answer. Here. We also called the puberty laugh. Okay. The fatty Patty taco on Twitter thought that you were doing an impression of Tom Brady. After the last interception of the Super Bowl. Oh, so well done or Nesto. Also, David christianson you win for accusing Simon of soil himself on the air. That's that's that's more my style. There. Did it again? Yeah. Also Simon is a Cosmo's fan. According to guy guy, you'd wab. I hope I did not that guy. I really think I might have. He says that he knows what team fits you one Simon things of a player strongly disagrees with the manager or the coach he should stand up for his own opinions and take it to the press or otherwise fightback to you also think that a superstar player in this case Ronaldinho should bring starpower not just to on the field performances but off the field as well by clubbing and drinking and hitting the bars based on this evidence that you're in a style GIC for the nineteen seventies York Cosmo's aging stars unafraid. Dow trying their managers coaches owners lighten it up at studio fifty four. So there you go you've outed me where you where you alive in those. Who was I live just checking first soccer game. My dad took me to Giants Stadium. I've. Hated it. Like, I was anti-soccer man when I was thrilled with be if these NYC players came in and we're like the old cosmos. If mixed disc rude was down. I don't even know what he's got to go. He has to go with the with the Mustang mixed describe it would be the area. To be is not going to be a family, man. I have quiet nights at home. But makes us going to be the wildest kind of the bunch because I don't know that mixes that wild either seems a little he looks like he could be hip, but I don't know these wild. I don't know. I don't know. They gotta Slovakian in there. I don't know much about Slovakians. But maybe they got a wild streak to you would be thrilled, though, if these guys were out on the town's entertainment Campbell the world be entertaining. Be entertaining. First and foremost, would you go out with them Simon? Where would you take your if I don't wanna go out with them because then that would ruin? My perception. I don't want that to be ruined. I want to have an entertaining personality in my head. And I don't want to know the inside. Yeah. You don't wanna you don't wanna somewhere with them. And then they're. During drinks and going well of Simon takes them out, then they're getting boiled fish with boiled with boiled vegetables. So everything's held the no salt in the back of a Greek restaurant. So it's a little different the back. Why am I going? You'll sit in the front you don't want people to see you from the window read on. Yeah. You don't want breathing. You don't want coming through the door actually thought us because they wouldn't let him sit up front. Everybody has their own opinion here. Big thanks for joining us on the show big things to Matt Doyle as well. Simon. Thanks for joining us here. David Goss as always, I'm Andrew we we will see around next time when ETR.

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