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Baseball tonight, the podcast this is the baseball tonight podcasts for Tuesday September eight two, thousand, twenty producing from his home studio in the foothills of Connecticut. He's Taylor Schwenk on buster only working for my Home Office in New York. We got sad news on Sunday night just before the start of the Sunday night baseball game, Hall of Famer Lou. Brock. The cardinals base-stealing icon passed away at age eighty. One we're. Going to be talking about him with Tim Kirch in coming up. Marley. River broke the news that Major. League baseball is going to lead players from Puerto Rico where number twenty, one on Wednesday to honor Roberto Clementi other players will be allowed to wear a decal of number twenty one as well and Tim, and I are going to talk about the implications of that the Yankees are an absolute free fall. Foul. Booted by. Everybody, say run. First Pitch Fastball mad about surfing. and to avoid publicly score. To less around the third world tricks while the other way for two single and it's a one run game. Any lines? Fail for. Romero had to see if it were drawn, me stops at third blue chase have come all the way back. Shaw Rent A CENTER FIELDER BASE Geraldo. To Six That's my friend Dan Schulman on the Blue Jays television network. The Yankees began to the bottom of the sixth inning with a sixty two lied and they allowed ten runs requiring sixty seven pitches. So the Blue Jays win the game and I saw a headline and I wish I could remember the writer who did did the story but there was a great line I think it was in York Post the blue, Jays are the American. League's best new. York. Team because of course, they're playing in buffalo as of now the Blue Jays two games ahead of the Yankees in the wild card race, the Yankees game and a half had a Baltimore for the eighth spot two games ahead of Seattle they're hanging by a thread and they are playing really poorly the padres in the rockies are tied zero zero going the tenth inning in this is what happened for the pod. Race. Matteo will pinch and first base say what would be really nice to see somebody split a gap year. Run here is pro far who's grounded out to third grounded out to second and last time single to center profile lights into right field. That's GonNa get in rural torch the quarter Matteo Tayo headed for third Matteo be weighed around by Hoffman that throw the plate will be. Walking bits got. Jerks Bro said Oh what. What nothing? Deal I. Don't know if you watch that highlight Oh my God, how fast is horry Matteo rounding basis score that winning run that was really fun. He's gliding around the basis and everyone knew it was going down. It was a lot of fun. These padres man, they're awesome. They did get bad news yesterday has Moore suffered a fractured index finger trying to bunch the estimate last night was that he'll be out to six weeks in a lot of it will come down to pain Management Zach Zach is back in the Cleveland rotation and yesterday was excellent. Looking good fastball by police say role than I folks four days four scoreless sitting. So Cleveland, wind yesterday, and as of this morning, Cleveland and the White Sox tied for the American league central lead with Minnesota game behind in a wild game between the phillies and mets gene girl came through for the Phillies and the tenth. Had not done as well. There's a line drive out towards left field on the rudders Nimmo he's not going to get it. It's GonNa. A two run home run for. Up and the phillies really take the lead at. Nine seven game here the top of the Anthony that was a bullets. Oakland Sean Murphy got a big hit for the athletics. Hits the Center and that's it. Well, springer going back springer still going back and at that babies go. To nothing as a long home run. By Murphy. Line, Kuyper with the call on the athletics television network at the end of the day, the athletics leading the Astros in the American league west by four and a half games. Now, before we move on and talk to Tim Kurkin into Sarah Lang's fantasy focus football is back weekdays at ten am eastern time Matthew Berry Field Yates to find you bell Mike Clay are here to help you dominate your fantasy league. Watch a show on youtube twitter the ESPN APP in listen to the show wherever you get your podcast. Don't forget to draft your team compete with your friends and take on the crown by signing up now at. ESPN DOT com slash fantasy football. 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So come to shell and get three things done once I fill up with Shell v Power Nitro plus to help keep your engine running like new than save up with fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again, and finally snack up within store rewards to save even more at the pump. Okay time to wrap it up make the most of the stop you need to make with Shell in engines that continuously you shall be power nitro plus premium gasoline C. full terms and conditions at fuelrewards dot com. Heads rejoice not. Timmy time this a great game or what with ten Kurkin on Baseball Tonight and Tim Coaching covers baseball, ESPN, and Tim. We've got a lot to get to today the Yankees in an absolute free fall what an interesting weekend for Mike. Rizzo. Kidding thrown out of the Ballpark by an umpiring crew during the course, the game. But boy, it's been a tough week for the hall of fame. Last week, we got word that Tom seaver passed away of course and it's just a few days later, Lou Brock and other hall of Famer passed away. You wrote a really nice piece about this on Sunday evening I met him once I think I interviewed him once. But I didn't really gets nominal. What were your interactions like with him? While there was one that stood out I took my son Jeff to Cooperstown for the hall of fame induction and we saw Lou Brock in the pro shop of the golf course there. So Liu and I start to talk and he spent twenty minutes with me, my son talking to us about baseball. Says you have a great smile. Make sure everyone sees that smile as soon as possible smile can disarm people better than anyone and we don't smile up in this world. That's what Lou Brock told my ten year old son and it's all true and I thought you know Lou Brock's got better things to do than to spend twenty minutes with me and A. Ten year old but he did because that's who he is. When Lou Brock dive my son texted me said four I wrote anything for a said he said I'll never forget that conversation. That's what Lou Brock did for people. So whenever I see or think about Lou brock rest of my life, I will smile because that's what he did for us that day. Is it possible that the trade that he was involved in which incredibly involve these two rivals the cubs in the cardinals is that trade arguably the most one-sided deal in history it was the Ernie Braulio going from the cardinals to the cubs and thereafter Ernie Braulio in his career with the cubs seven nineteen with a five point four, zero era in Lou Brock went. The other way had a tremendous finish that nineteen sixty, four season cardinals when the world series he he goes on and has over three thousand hits and sets the record for stolen bases. It was that the most one sided trade in baseball history. Frank Robinson from Pappas. Was Pretty bad but I think the brock trade is for this reason, the championships they want buster. I'm little bit older than you. So I vividly remember nineteen sixty, seven world series and sixty eight world series how great Lou Brock was he was basically the best player on the field for those two world series combined don't look at those postseason numbers by Lou Brock he changed games with the way he ran the bases as you know he always went in feet first 'cause that was the quickest way for him the safest way for him but no one's slid into second harder. Than Lou Brock and he was such a good player he had tremendous power and bustard that stolen base record lasted me. He broke a record that it lasted for seventy years. That's how impressive it was, what he did and I think people under overrate him as a player I think he's underrated especially with the way changed the game with his legs only player. Well, he's the first player to steal one hundred bases after turning age thirty, which really tells you something. You know it's amazing and thought about this weekend. When you watch Lou Brock played in his air I thought he and Joe Morgan were two guys. who had that great base stealing arrogance like you felt like Lou Brock knew that he was going to steal second the guy most recently I've seen that with was Billy Hamilton who just you know I remember talking to billy when he was playing in the minor leagues. I think he stole six or seven bases in one game and I asked him you know how often did you go on the first pitch and he said all but one like he didn't care he from his perspective if they were going to, you know try to throw you out Lou Brock seem to have that and I loved the. tweet from Johnny Bench over the weekend talking about how trying to throw out Lou Brock. Was One of his greatest challenges right was very proud proud man of what he did buster. So Joe Torry told me once the final day of the Nineteen Seventy Seasons Joe had ninety nine RBI drive hundred run on the last game of the season he looks at the lineup and Lou Brock is not in the lineup on the final day and it wasn't him court game and said I'm not I feel very well, I'm not gonNA play today Joe and Joseph Louis half the play I need one hundred RBI. Bays. So he looks at the statue and Lou Broadcast Ninety nine strikeouts and he was so proud that he did not want to strike out a hundred times. So he sat out the final game of the season and maybe you can't look at that any other way than meaningless game and I'm not striking out a hundred times better than that. In a lot of ways. That's who brock was tremendously prideful in the way he played but especially the way he would seal the base. So Tim over the weekend I wrote in my Sunday column about how in the use of pitchers. This was actually I wrote it in the aftermath of Tom seaver passing away in the USA pitchers the analytics are driving the sport off a ledge because the analytics that are being used suggested you know what? It's better to bring in this parade of relievers and they all throw ninety eight and they all throw curveballs down the zone and they strike out the strikeout rate for the entire sport. This year is higher than Roger Clemens is strike rate in his career that's where we are and I. Feel like that Lou? Brock you know would be another example of a player who in this era would not exist because I'm looking at the you know right in front of him as baseball in front of me, the his baseball reference page he got thrown out a decent amount like you knew not front office is now if you don't steal successfully eight, hundred, eighty, five percent, they're basically saying we don't want you to run I don't think Lou Brock would have been given a green light tim. Absolutely not buster and he didn't walk enough. So therefore, he wasn't an effective player what people do what you can't measure is what Lou Brock did and other great base stealers back then to a starting pitcher. Savy. Kovacs, basically acknowledged that guy shook me up. He bothered me when he was on the basis I, wasn't exactly the same when he got on because it annoyed me so much that steel. So easily that matters buster and yes, you don't want to give away out on the basis but with the way we run the. Basis today we give out all over the place and no one sees bothered by that to get caught stealing a few times. Oh, you can't run you don't walk out. Oh, you're not good enough. This is where the analytics are not measuring anything and disruption that Lou Brock caused by being on the basis. All the time is is something that mattered but cannot truly be calculate. He was he led the National League and getting thrown out in seven different seasons. The first year that he went over sixty for stolen bases nineteen, sixty five. Caught he stole sixty three bases and he was caught twenty seven times the current front offices they would shut that down. They would basically say you're not allowed to run anymore and it's I. You know I I up Sandy, Alderson's voice in my head saying it's entertainment. That's what we're selling. We're selling entertainment. So maybe something for folks that think about you know where we're going sometimes some analytics to me generally speaking, I, love them but boy in different parts of the game I. I just can't stand it another hall of Famer being on this week a really cool gesture. Marley. Rivera was the first report on this Major League, baseball is going. To let players from Puerto Rico to honor. Roberto, Clemente will wear his number twenty one in games on Wednesday other players will be allowed to wear a number twenty one decal tim I I I I really feel like this is just one more step toward that day when they retire number twenty, one in perpetuity the way they did with number forty, two for Jackie Robinson. What do you think? Yes and I think they should. Now let's let's not mistake Jackie. Robinson was even more important in baseball history than Roberto. Clemente if we're trying to honor our greatest players ever and if we're trying to show exactly who did what at what time that guy was a hero? He was just a hero because of his baseball we'd know what happened and I think it's great that baseball is doing this. We were just to stayed in this game we're just and we need to to present it in a different way and let's not forget buster. He's the greatest defensive right fielder of all prime. He's the greatest throwing outfielder I've. Ever seen and he's one of the great hitter. We've ever seen I asked, Larry Bowl. What's who hit the ball harder than anyone you ever played against he looked at me like chuckled lap because Roberto Clemente who else that's what he said that's how good Roberto Clementi was given the entire body of work I. Think it's wonderful what's going to happen on Wednesday and I hope it becomes something permanent I. Think just if you remember that the first year in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, seven when Jackie Robinson's number forty two was retired initially a lot of players didn't participate a lot of players didn't wear forty two. And then over time, it got to be a popular thing and look there's no question that Alex Rodriguez with roots Dominican Republic said on our air last night like Roberta Clemenza hero to him. You mentioned your little bit older than me. So I'm curious I do have a very specific memory hearing on the radio at age eight that Clementi had been killed in that plane crash new even know one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, two, what you remember about that. Well, I. was in the Living Room and my father walked down the steps that my father was a great baseball man tremendous feel for the sport and a really good player in his day I. Didn't see my dad cry very often in my time and he walked downstairs the happiest man in the world to and I hop what's wrong and then he looked at me and he told me what happened and I just started to cry it was terrible. It was like oh My Gosh how how could that happen? So I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when my father told the that Roberto. CLEMENTI guide and again I was old enough to understand it and appreciate it and appreciate him. But that was just a terrible moment in my life and of course, in the lives of so many others. So the New York Yankees might be in trouble they started this season sixteen and six, and since then five and fourteen and Tim. You know after hearing concern in the voice of Aaron Boone on Saturday and on Sunday, the game they played yesterday Oh my God there ahead six two and they allow ten run inning, which is just full of walks misplace. How how much trouble you think the Yankees are in at this point Well I think they're in big trouble and I think they're going to be lucky if they get the eighth seed at this point. Now, if you look at the rest of the teams, they should get the eighth see. But I watched that that six sitting last night busters sixty seven pitches that was torture for I'm not a Yankee Fan obviously but that was torture for any. Yankee. Fan To watch at amount of you know is a really good pitcher and he got clobbered that team looked dead and this after what Buni said over the weekend and It was so clear ten games in the next twenty against the team they have to beat the Blue Jays and then to lose lead like that and lose it the way that they did playing poorly in that inning that made it even worse. So I still think they're gonNA make the playoffs, but they are in deep trouble right now because they gotta get everybody healthy and they gotta get everybody hitting in order to do damage with the rage the Indians the White Sox, the twins, even certainly the as and maybe even the after that is a. That is a loaded group in the American league and the Yankees are in trouble against all those teams right now they got get some people back and Aaron judge is getting healthy Giancarlo Stanton is getting healthy. They seem to be making progress but I gotTa Tell Ya you know a couple of thoughts from yesterday one to read the post game comments where there conversations among the Yankee players about the pitchers couldn't see the signs. And that you know suggested that was an issue tim I just cringed like I hated that mindset because I'm thinking to myself? Yeah. Okay. So if the pitcher can't seem the signs because the lights in buffalo aren't that great that probably means that the hitting conditions for the hitters aren't that great. and they're all playing under the same rules and you know that whole thing about being able to see the signs that's not a new problem in baseball like they figured out a way to deal with that with with Nail Polish and the other thing too that's I. think really distinguishes this year's theme from last year's team. We rightly gave so much credit to the be teams so to speak on the Yankees. In the way that they performed when all these other guys got hurt, the those guys generally tim this year have not done that well. Mustard, they're be players, for reason, I off being a be major leaguer is pretty damn good. Let's. That but be major leaguers usually do not carry a team two years in a row there. There's a reason you're a fourth or fifth outfielder or a second D. H. or second first basement. All right. Because it's a really hard gained play and the do that two years in a row is really hard to do as far as excuses about not seeing the signs. Sorry Buster I'm not going there either there are no excuses in this season. Everything is off kilter and you have to deal and adapt be flexible with everything and to blame the the signs because we can't see in Buffalo. Sorry at that's not gonNA fly. So I mentioned Mike Rizzo had really interesting weekend, I. We got word that he got a three year extension You know he came into the year with just one year left on his contract. So he gets a three year deal. He says now that his priority is to work out a deal with manager Dave Martinez and then on Sunday, he got a check for yelling at the empire from a luxury. Sweden Atlanta with longtime crew chief Joe s telling a reporter after the game enough is enough. I wouldn't take that from a player. I wouldn't take that from a manager. If it was Donald Trump, I'd eject him too but I'd still vote for him that one thing I'd say is this is not Mike Rizzo's first interactions with empires. He kind of goes out of the box from where other GM's would go tim. Yeah and he's not afraid Mike Rizzo's bidding the game forever learned a lot of this from his dad who was in the game forever and he's not putting up with it but neither is Joe West it's just a May. Be. That guy was the private doctor got chucked out of game now no, there's no excuse for any of this camp role guy out of that spot in my mind however buck showalter told me during that fan list game in two, thousand, sixteen, fifteen against the white sox he said, we have to all be really careful what we said because not only could the the other team here everything we said because it was silent in the ballpark the buyers could hear everything we've said so we had to be extra extra careful, and maybe Mike Rizzo wasn't being extra careful but I don't think he thought he had to be from that this way and not in uniform I know you. Agree with me that the most fascinating races we go down the stretch is not the Yankees. It's the American league central because you have three teams basically running neck and neck Cleveland Chicago tied with Minnesota. Just one game behind them and because of the new playoff structure this year, this two thousand and twenty playoff structure. There's a lot at air tim like you obviously want to win the division and then you get Homefield and then you would hope that if you finish second in the division than you would be the number four seed, it looks like in all likelihood. But if you finished third among these three teams, you're going to be the seven seed. and. So you will not have you know theoretical home field. WHO's GonNa win the central. Well I. Think the Indians are going to win the central because they're pitching has been so good for all that we blasted that cleese Zach about it and he deserve every bit of it is one, thirty two he won again last night shade Bieber is unhittable at this point and I love the white sox and they're going to roll into the playoffs and I want. No part of them in the playoffs if I'm another team twins are making the playoffs, they went one hundred games. When they get healthy again, they can hit the ball out of the ballpark with anyone. But I think the pitching of the Indians is just that good that I think it's in a very, very close race between three teams. I think they're gonNA. Win It. All Right Tim. Thanks for doing this. Great to talk to us. Always. Okay. But Sir talk soon. Before, we move on, we need to mention our friends at Shell. Shell knows that between every up layup and batter up that you can't wait to catch up with your favorite podcast. So come to shell and get three things done once I fill up with Shell v Power Nitro plus to help keep your engine running like new then save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again, and finally snack up with in store rewards to save even more at the pump. Okay time to wrap it up make the most of the stop you need to make with Shell in engines that continuously you shall be power nitro plus premium gasoline C. full terms and conditions at fuelrewards dot com. Before we continue, we need to mention our friends. At Shell. Here's a fact for you not all synthetic motor oils are created. The same crude oil is like a bag of midst match rocks, all different sizes and shapes coming together. Natural gas is more like a bag of marbles all. Uniform size and shape designed to work together reducing friction in your engine. That's why he went pennzoil reinvented motor oil. They started with natural gas, not crude pennzoil synthetics. Base Oil is ninety nine point five percent free from the impurities you'd find in crude oil. So the next time you need to change your oil remembered as for pennzoil synthetic motor oil made from natural gas it gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil based on sequence Ivy, a test using sae five W. thirty. Numbers game. Day reported or produce Melby Dot Com and Sarah. was start with this. I was asking Tim Kirch, and who's going to win that crazy American league central. Gosh you know I I'm GonNa go with what I want to happen. Even if I'm not one, hundred percent short will happen but I want the White Sox to win this division I. Just think that would be so much fun and I feel like we talked about entering the year how it seemed like they were a year away and with the new playoff format and everything else. It feels like they actually are getting their chance here and I think they might be the most overall complete team there with the fact that the Indians off I'm sorry the twins offense has not been what? It was last year we know the Indians offense is really not there. They have better pitching but I think the white sox might have the best met like Mesh of everything. Yeah I think I agree with you although it's interesting and just in talking with general managers, managers coaches in the last couple of weeks they've talked about how Cleveland would be the team. You would not want to face in the postseason because Sheen Bieber's that good like he is. We think of those postseasons that were dominated by one pitcher or hershiser nineteen eighty, eight you know Mike Scott you know is incredible. Back, in nineteen, eighty, six before the Astros got knocked out and everyone was afraid him Madison Bumgarner. Bieber looks like he could be that guy in the postseason where he just completely shuts down teams from day to day. All right. Let's play the numbers game number three. Number. Three is one. So Kyle Hendricks went innings yesterday just one run to the cardinals and really felt like a crucial win for the cubs there with how they'd played against the cardinals in the previous four games of that five game series. It's the second time. He's gone at least eight innings this year he had a complete game shutout on opening day. He and Erin knoll are the only pitchers to go at least eight innings multiple outings this year and neither of Knowle's were complete games and for Hendrix was the eighth time since the started twenty eighteen. Is Gone at least eight innings and allowed one run or fewer, which is most in the majors. In that span he has three starts like that against the cardinals in his career, which are the most in the majors since the start of two thousand fourteen and if they're going to win that division, if they're going to go deep in the playoffs, they need ace number one in ace number two, Kyle Hendricks Darvish and Hendrik showed us again last night why he can be as number two or number one wherever you wanted to find him number two. Number two, ten to the Blue Day scored ten runs in the sixth inning against the Yankees last night it was the Blue Jays I ten run inning since August thirty first twenty, ten inning that was capped off by Jose Batista Home Run, which was his forty third of the season just roll a throwback there, and it was the first time the Yankees allowed ten or more runs in an since May twenty third twenty. Fifteen against the Rangers when the Rangers scored ten in the third off of CICI's about the s meal Rogers, but it was the First Time Inc. Bowl Penn allowed ten or more in an innings June twenty second nineteen, thirty, two against the St Louis Browns that was also six bending last like last night it did not include any home runs because this was nineteen, thirty, two baseball, but it was capped off by triple. Number. One. Number One is twenty one. So I feel like I may be setting a record for how many consecutive weeks come on this podcast and talk about Fernando Tattoos Junior but I'm going to keep doing it because he's having this absolutely outstanding season. So twenty one is his age and he has three point one war on fan graphs right now, which is zero point seven more than any other position player and he has two point eight on baseball reference, which is just point to behind mookie betts for most among position players the. Point here is that it's time to start talking about the MVP award with him. No player has ever won an MVP in a season where he was twenty one at the end of the season. So when he was twenty one years old for the whole season as cities will be the youngest mvp ever the current youngest is by a blue who was the youngest of four guys to one in a season where they were twenty two. So by the Blue, turn twenty two in July of that season. So he's the youngest the. Other twenty, two year old MVP's Bryce Harper in two thousand fifteen johnny bench in Nineteen seventy and Stan musial in nineteen forty three, and there have been five twenty one year olds to finish second in the voting according to Elias, might chat was the most recent to do that in two thousand twelve also Alex Rodriguez in Nineteen ninety-six alkaline in one thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, five, any Mackie's nineteen fifty, three I'm Bob Feller in nineteen forty and I really think the team is going do something historic this year as he's been. Doing practically every night. Yeah. He would have to completely collapsed down the stretch to not win the award because I think in part he's gotten so much hype which is going to help with the voters like he is top of mind every single day it feels like because he's playing so well, and so he's got a huge lead and it's hard to imagine maybe if he got hurt or something like that where he wouldn't win the award real quick before you go do you think the Yankees are in trouble? Really. You know before yesterday I thought maybe it was a little overblown but after seeing that and obviously that's a bad ending. That's just a blip. You know again it's away from you but it does feel like you know I know that people were talking to the last few days. The next man hasn't stepped up I think that was something that Michael Cases on TV a couple of days ago it really feels like it's very hard to do this when your team has been hurt for basically to your straight and some of the contributors like Gary. Sanchez and others just aren't contributing. So I do think it's concerning. I'm not sure that the mariners or any of those other teams that are beyond that a seat in the American league are going to come in you know overtake the Yankees but I do think it's pretty concerning down the stretch and you have to wonder how that three-game series will look for them. Yeah. I'm shocked with Gary Sanchez with how what forty eight strikeouts in one hundred plate appearances some crazy number like that. All Right, Sarah, thanks for doing this. Thanks for having me about Sir. Bleacher tweets. Are you buster tweets for Tuesday come in with sterling at stir ride seventy-three. He writes in Hey Buster I. Haven't heard anyone mentioned he Oscar Hernandez and the MVP discussion would you place him in the top ten currently and then he followed up with nevermind jinxed it Sergey OSCO get healthy soon. It's interesting. I'd love to hear from Sterling. You can tweet us again and tell us whether or not. He really believes in superstitions or just sort of making an aside right there. 'cause i. let me tell you something. There are people absolutely believe in that Taylor. You one of those of you send in a tweet asking questions like data about particular player got hurt that you would somehow bad something to do with that. Absolutely. Not My friends get on me they call me the human jinx but I I don't I don't believe in such sorcery now I'm with. You I I I just know not related, but I get forty percent of the world will bark at me. If I tweet out after five innings at somebody's got a no hitter because they're convinced I've jinxed it to him a buster. Well, I'll keep an eye on that for you. John you'll is up next at j buell nineteen. He writes an era made an interesting comment on. Sunday. About the padres maybe getting the MVP the rookie of the year in the NFL with Jose Abreu you seemingly leading the pack after winning player of the month Lewis Robert Being Ridiculous In the AL possible to yes there's no question. Both of those guys in position to win their award depending on how they finish last one up for today John Tied Joe in with all three divisions in the AL being led by a team that was not the preseason favorite rank the three leaders based on talent watch ability and likelihood of holding on to win the respective divisions easily American league central one I think because idiots like before the season started, we're talking about the Yankee so much that the American leases probably Second Oakland is leading Houston by four nab game that division seems like it's put to bed. Yeah Lot of a lot of Yankees, come up in over here on this podcast. I'm not mad about it though Hashtag bleacher tweets on twitter about really. Who would of guessed that we'd be talking in the last three weeks of the season about the Yankees having to fend off the Orioles Tigers in mariners for the play offs it's Gain I know and the mariners surging. Dave show and field high trait. Now, let's go out the cheese He probably is GonNa take a week off and Go out and hang outside the ballpark and be just screaming and listening to the radio cheering on his team. I could see it. All, right. That's it for today. My thanks, Sarah Tim detailer have a great day everybody. Thanks for listening stay safe and remember hate inequality based on skin color Su something that we need to fight against every single day. Now before we go, I want you to listen to a little bit of Lou Brock's hall of fame. Speech given listen. To this day I believe that. I somehow may true to my inner feelings. Why so many peer groups lost their own suffer themselves and the turmoil and anxiety of those years. I used to seek out those who shared my views about baseball and if my. Peers shared my views. I was open up speak Bhai language if they didn't. Want, only speak there's Leaving College I along with my group realized that we had to make a choice. I made a choice choice to follow my dream. Entity Tommy Major League Baseball. Player. Upon entering the big leads, I discover I. A Joel and learning and then sense of accomplishments. Not only enriching milestones but also in media ship. I tried to. Take Baseball with me everywhere I would ago. But it also seems out of place by newfound friend. Found it extremely difficult to explain why. The pursued AMAC, slam it desire to itself with special to me. During the day of my career, I discovered that there are three factors which calls one to Spain any kind of of success. The first one is. The ability to put it all together. Many times you hit expression nobody ever tell you what exactly It is. Minute players can run many hit minute can throw. But when they put it all together the media referred to them as superstars. Was the other factor to remain at the top. One must believe that he could be the best. Third factor that became very important to sustaining success is something called the support of the keeper. Many times I have said, there is nothing like the roar of the crowd to start a rally. Player expert, Ed's. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're playing fantasy baseball, forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN DOT com slash. POD Center. Baseball tonight, the PODCAST.

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