16.5 Jessie Gaskell and Mike Sweeney


Hi, my name is Jesse Gaskell. And my name is Mike Sweeney. And I feel hungry about being Conan O'Brien's friend. I'm just hungry right now. Oh, I'm starving about being a Brian thread. Mingo. Walking. Loops. Hey, Conan O'Brien here. And welcome to a very special bonus episode of Conan O'Brien needs a friend. I'm being joined today by two of my terrific writers. They're all great. But these two are just a little bit better, which will make the other writers hate them. And that's why I did it. I'm talking about Jesse Gaskell and Mike Sweeney, and they have a special podcast that they're doing which is called inside Coenen a very important Hollywood podcast. And it's all about the inside workings the sickness the madness that goes into making the Coenen shell. It's really wonderful idea. The perfect people to spill the beans. And of course, assisting me as always is the trustee Matt Goral? Hello, matt. I love the way you're dressed today, by the way. Well, this is the medium for complementing people's clothes. I'm sorry. Really? Good job. I'm sorry. Illegal job. It's like commando. Casual you, look amazing. What are you talking about? I'm just wearing sort of an RAF green sweater. And I'm wearing a vast sort of a down vest. See we got it explained. Yeah. Also, joining us is someone who gives the full twenty percent every time she helps me sonum obsessing. How are you Sonal? Why would you introduce me that way come on a BI here because? Twat Sona Sona people love you because you are a chill millennial. You're just a chill millennial. I'm jill. Yeah. But also, you're a bond tote in oh my surf Ryden. Let's taco chump in. You know, you star. You're you have a good time. It's all hate me for that though. Right. I don't envious today. You even said, you're happy stopping happy. What is that? Like, I am jealous that I'm jealous. If you because you're happy all the time. I like it. I like life. When wrong didn't I sincerely tell you? I was happy that you were happy today. You don't ever tell me anything? Sincerely. All right. Yeah. Yeah. I forgot who I was for a second literally forgot who I was. I thought for a second. I was the was the father on a nineteen fifties sitcom, you're really bad at positive reinforcement. I'm going to say not interested in it. No. It doesn't interest me. Twenty percent are gonna make me wanna do any better in this job. Well, actually notched you up to twenty percent. I thought it was Gowrali that I love so don't you? Yes. What was that noise? You straining at stool. What are you doing over there? All right. I'm doing okay at girly. I just love what you're doing today with your look, you imagine the rest everybody, I'll send you a drawing through the mail. I'm gonna quit on air. Oh, please. What and go back to Long Beach, you sold your house there. Well. You told me that you sold your house along. I don't forget a thing when someone reveals actually I told that to Julia you east dropping. Yeah. I heard that you say that you sold your house at Long Beach, but you didn't finish what most people say is because I moved here, and then got a house there. You didn't say that part? Which makes me think you're wondering the beach picking up cans, and then building a house and living in them at the end of the night any way, you look great. Thank you. I feel good. You should I'm wearing my what did you call it? My commando. Casual you look like Roger Moore and for your eyes only when he climbs the mountain. Yes, I don't think you look Roger say something. Yeah. When Roger Moore, I want to get this off my chest. Okay. Stayed being bond. Probably too long us fifty seven when he stopped when he stopped. He was fifty seven, and there's actually a scene I think in the last bond movie, and it might be viewed to kill which by the way has the most awkward insert of the name into the dialogue that you've ever seen in any bunt movie. Most bond movies, they call it casino royale or they. It but they never say thunder. You don't have to the name of the movie in. If you kill. We can reenact it, right? Christopher Walken is in this zeppelin. That's going to destroy the world. And he's with grace Jones. And someone says there they go over this mountain, and they look at the city they're going to destroy and someone says what a great view and Christopher Walken says. Yes of you to kill what what is that mean? But the only reason I bring this up, and this is the beauty of the podcast format as you can follow these wonderful gossamer threads. I spin is that he hung onto long. And I forget what the name of the last one. He did was was it viewed will kill and in it. There's this sexy girl and instead of having sex with her she falls asleep, and he puts his jacket over her Tanya Roberts. Yeah. Tanya Roberts, and she and he takes care for the way, an old woman would take you know, what I mean, you're like what JAMES BOND became this guy. Who was like will not for me. I've had my. Fun in earlier times put this check it onto the warmer and hope a suitable bowl with the amount of testosterone can combine satisfy. But in the meantime, just make some cookies in the next room. Do you know why that is on the set they realized that he was literally older than Tony Roberts? He felt bad about you can tell that they made a change. Go look at that scene view to a kill and watch. Roger Moore's JAMES BOND, take it supposed to be the sex interest. I think and instead of instead of moving on her just she falls asleep in him just putting his jacket over her. They have sex in the end there showering the movie and the robot comes in and spies on them. You're asking the right guy. I'm sure robots buys on them. Well, not I'm not the right guy about robots spying on showering about JAMES BOND. Yeah. Anyway, that's probably what you were kicked out a Long Beach. Do they ask you to leave because you're looking at people in the shower? They did. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Crate you guys have really cool hip. References wanted to. I wanted to add that airs the old sarcastic. I'm saying is you settle yada names that nobody knows and when knows Chris walking anymore. I mean like Tanya Roberts. Wait grace. Grace Jones is big in the club's, right? Yeah. I don't think we mentioned my name's nineteen Eighty-three. I just saw grace Jones at the Hollywood bowl. Really? Yeah. Yeah. She was taking tickets. Oh, come on. We're going to get an Email now. See anybody now. Okay. Cool. Cool. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to I know you guys to talk more about movies that were made before most of our audience was born. What was the movie that? You're watching today at work. It come on. It's was it. It's called she's out of my league. I think it was made in like early two thousand you're on the cutting edge. Good for you. So. Oh, okay. Oh, okay guy. No, come back. I don't know. Do you know what Netflix is? Yes. I do. Hey, just starting thing that comes up on the screen that I haven't figured out yet. Drifts by and I get confused sometimes don't know which side to pick. We should always pick my bags. So. Yeah, we need an alliance. I know be good. But sometimes afraid if I don't pick his what do you? You don't fear me. You don't think? So no have hosing thinkers, how am I am posing? I'm a gentle fellow with maybe the quickest mind anyone's ever seen. Boy, this is what I don't. Just put myself to sleep. Hey, should we do a podcast? Are we doing okay too late? But was like yes today. It's Mike Sweeney and Jesse Gaskell. Oh, that's right. I forgot your whipping this oxygen so hard that. Sometimes I forget what we're going. Yes. How could I forget they're sitting right here? We're talking about Jesse Gasco, Mike Sweeney. Two writers on the show who've taken on this great new endeavor inside Conan where they are going to expose the deepest darkest secrets about our show and welcome Jesse welcome Mike Sweeney. Thanks count in high Conan. Thanks for having us in the building. We spend all. So Jesse Mike? I've been at this a long long time. I think it's been three months three months. No, it's it's been three months. And I I can't say I know anything about doing a podcast. Do you think you really know how to do about gassed? I don't. Are you high are you? Hi, nice swear. I'm not you always asked me that when low and right. And how many times my right when I ask you you've been right twice. Okay. Yeah. Both professionals so three times. But yeah, this is this is podcasting. I don't really know. I think we need specific questions. I'm very glad that you guys I've worked with you. Both for such a long time you've done all the travel shows with me, your we're all very close. I think we can finish each other's sentences and probably will to an annoying degree. And I think you guys can probably explain how the show works. Very well. So I think is a good idea for podcast. Are you guys excited? Mike you excited very excited. Telling me, it's gonna help stave off to mention. Winning to get an insincerity filter for the microphone and how about you Jesse. Yeah. No. I I mean, I think a lot of people ask me often about the show and how and the sort of inner workings, and how the sausage gets made. And so this I know that there's a market for this. Listen to you. Market. My god. We'll sell some merch international, Mark. Yeah. Well, I think listen, I'm not someone who worries about is there a market or is there a profit? I see the canvas and I paint. Happens happens. Do you have any specific questions about podcasting? Maybe I can help you. I'd like to think that I I have some knowledge or at least good instincts. Yeah. You do you have some instincts? You're doing really well, shown them. I want a Cup of coffee or something. Yeah. We have a bit. Wondering how you know how long do you record for because the the episodes are about an hour. And I assume you maybe record for twelve hours to get down to that. God. Okay. No, no. We I don't think we I mean met Gowrali, our producer extraordinaire can weigh in. But we don't edit that much. Sorry. I know reads are out of control. No, I'm not. Some of the interviews. The interviews what I'm saying is. I don't think the interviews are drastically cut. I don't like interviews ago onto long, and I have been on podcasts where they're interviewing me, and it becomes clear. There's no we're not throwing to commercial. There's no end here. And they just keep getting asked. What else? What else what else and then you realize it's been two hours. And there's no end to it. I always liked to know the dimensions of the pool I'm jumping into. Yeah. So I like there to be a specific amount of time. I don't believe in blathering on for six hours to get one hour. Great will then we're done here. All the way over with that set our ad reads, though, do need a lot of editing. We ramble we ramble I've tend to ramble and go down were a lot of. It's about the brands I've been at addresses, and I love the rambling connect get released separately somehow because I think we get a lot of the rambling in there. Yeah. I think we try to capture just how sick I've become and through ad re address. It's kind of if you can imagine that Colella the ancient Roman emperor occasionally had to read an ad I want that to be with the ad sound like a power mad delusional. Yeah. With Mason the back. He's he's made his his horses. Senator. He's nude. He's played by Malcolm McDowell. He's absolutely crazy. But he has to read. Yeah. You know, an ad for the mattress company that I love do you think I have a question for you guys? There is a little element of trust. When we do the show you can show them somewhat. How the sausage is made. How honest are you going to be and I'm being serious here? Yeah. Well, and I I mean that was also something I think we wanted to discuss with you was whether there's anything that's off limits because at this point we have been we've been conducting interviews with staff some people in this room, and we want to get some of the inner office dramas. And I wanna know what happens if pursued are we indemnified by your wolf. I should point out that Mike Sweeney. In addition to being used the head writer for very long time. Now, he produces all the travel shows, which you can see on Netflix. Please check him out there. Mike Sweeney before that was a lawyer, and he always manages to work his legal knowledge into his comedy pitches. It comes out we're going to good suit. The word indemnify into a lot of who would be suing you, I wouldn't SU. Well, we're talking about limits to how far we can go. And that is a good question that a lot of stories we like to tell around the office that oh. There's plenty of things in the writer's room that we could never ever we couldn't really the funniest thing. I think that's the whole point of this podcast shouldn't say is that you should get those on the air. I think some of those things should be said. Yes. And I think that is a reason for people to listen, and I think the more sorted the more dehumanizing. Potentially destructive. Yeah. To my career up to the show in general. The better this podcast is going to be. If you want listeners you have to deliver the goods stories about curricula Colella slash Conan. The mad host. Gone off the rails and to be taken down. Yeah. To be honest, because I'm always honest, unless I'm making a joke or telling a lie, but I don't wear contact lenses. I wear glasses. 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Go to butcher box dot com slash Conan butcher box dot com slash Conan. But your box when you want meat, you don't need to use your feet because it will come to you. I apologize. Office stuff that goes on here. Just this fantastic dynamic that I think very relatable, no matter where you work. Yeah. There's a lot of upstairs downstairs stuff the second floor. Lording? They're nice snack. So yes, wait who has the nice necks? We do wait. First of all, my office is on the second floor because you know, that's that's right. Can be protected. I'm like, you know, the president's day test protected, but. Second floor. I'm sorry. We would know what I'm saying is follow me here and someone's going to untangle distant editing and good luck to you. What's snacks coming 'cause I don't ever get any snacks on the second floor snacks rate. Snacks mac. I thought this next. We're for you. I know. But I gotta them. I think that's what people the second floor say. Get said. Yes, here's what happens. Let me let me let me cut through the fog for just a second. Here. What happens is I make a joke on the air often and ad-lib, and I just mentioned Doritos and the next thing, you know, we get the next day nine men come in. And they're each carrying eight boxes of the newest Drita flavor at least. Yes, it's never been released. Fang me for mentioning them, which I did in advertently. I never get those Doritos. All I see is everyone in the office. Suddenly has an orange face. But I don't get the Doritos even eat those Doritos. I mean, I don't think you usually eat I maintain the body. I have no I could not see just cleverly mentioned thereto. Does again on this podcast doesn't stop 'em Twix should take requests. No. I do mention things and every time something comes we mentioned Apoel loco recently. Bait and on Twitter, and it was just a joke and a ton of polo came excellent food, by the way. But it's a very strange work environment. Because if I just say something it shows up at the office the next day. Yeah. And trust me. I know what you're thinking. And I've tried it with Porsche and tried it with the Escalade, I've tried it with various Cartier bracelet. Yes. And it doesn't have to send you a token. Like, no, Shane absolutely nothing. If it's a high end brand, I get nothing. But if I mentioned a sugary or Corby snack. Yeah. Boy, do we get it. And we get fast. But it's amazing to see the people in our office jump on that as if they had never they had no access to this relatively inexpensive food, and these people who are no Sonal people here. Indentured servant now. They're not. But in our in our defense. No one has really ever tried Pringles with ridges before. And they sent me and it's delicious translator. Yeah. There. Are is what is the ridge out of the flavor? I don't it doesn't add much really to the flavor at all. I would never have been exposed to the Pringles with ridges world unless you brought it up in a in a in a monologue joke. And then now, I know what that's like in my life. And I think there's. Pringles with ridges just a ruffles. It is. I know it is appropriate. It is so comes in the cabinet Chorley. We're not gonna get any. To tell you that Matt Gourley the producer was six hundred yards away. Loping? Yes, he was looking at a sonogram of his child, and he dropped it and came running over to intervene on the on the ridges controversy tomorrow free sonograms at the office. Thank you Conan. I like being on the second floor. There is definitely there next. Yeah. We're Jesse iron the third floor west were all the writers are yes. And you know, writers they need your complain a bid. So if there's one bag of Doritos. Comedy writers. Let's let's be honest copywriters are the are the crankiest crafts of all time. And and and they always find in a lovable way a love immoral upper east side Jewish men in their eighties. But that's all of the women in clear all have a little old Jewish man inside you who's not happy about the way things going, and I should have been cut in on the ruffles. Have you been done to compare to three people think life on the second floor so much better than life on the third floor? And we use it as a one benefit on the third floor of being kind of at a safe distance from your office. But then you recently. What's so bad about being here? My office beyond just see what's wrong with being with proximity to Conan. Well, you kick doors open do startling. That's the way I open doors. You have a loud footstep that. I hear you lumbering down the hall, and I and then a large man a six foot small animals scurrying fear. Yeah. So awful rally the police department open to precinct right next to your house. People. And then you make them high five you after my favorite thing to do. His mock someone and then get them to high five me after I mocked them. The it's fantastic to get someone to high five you after you've just sort of made a silly joke at their expense. Man. That's weak. Well, but the point I was gonna make as we were we were sort of cocooned away from your office on the second floor. And then recently you opened a new office on the third floor fixed. My my office. My office is like a subway subway sandwich chain just keep just keep opening. No, I opened an office upstairs. Because when I was about to go on tour. I wanted to really tiny office with no distractions where no one could finally could really lock in and workout my set for the tour. And then it stuck with me. So now, I call it stations zebra cure for sure man, goalie knows what I'm talking about. But it's was Howard Hughes's favorite movie. I watched repeatedly later in life when he was saving his urine with the shade shades. Sean and being attended to. By Mormon acolytes. But that's neither here nor there. Kind of is here. I call it ice station, zebra. And that's where I that's where I that's my getaway that is. And so I go there now do you hear me in there? And it's what you hear here next Jason. So you're next door to my office. What do you hear? Well. I mean, I only hear when you're having meetings in there. I hear people hear people laughing. I hear. Your laughter means Conan's around is that what you're saying. I hear a fist making contact with flesh. I do hear that. I do not. That's me hitting my fist into the palm of my hand the point very declared. Yeah. I hear you yelling out of the office for people to bring you things in the office torito's from two to three. What do you mean? You hear me yelling and demanding things you brought me I might ask for my lunch. But I I do it. In a polite way. I mean. I don't know if yelling can be polite. I grew up in a large family one of six, I guess. And one had to enunciate to be heard. Oh, and so sometimes I just shout out to would you like me to ultra that behavior. Jesse? Well, it's funny. I mean, it's it's honestly, I it's never really been directed at me. So I'm fine with it. Oh, I love you having an office on the third. Yeah. You know, you're happy. I love is. I'm away from you. Yeah. You're like I'm gonna go to the third floor, and I'm like, okay. What do you do you do so point now where I watch full feature length films? You there fulltime ever put me on hold. So you could keep watching scene. No seriously. Yeah. Continue watching. I just wanna see the end of this. Great. But if you if you if you're like, hey, if it's before the show, and you're like, hey, can you bring down this thing to my dressing room? I will sometimes finish watching whatever I was watching. And then take it down to you. There's no sense of urgency, of course. But I I'm I could say remember the time he worked in the hospital and all those people died. Thing getting your phone. I think it is. I think it is. It's the same. I think that when I needed split pack, which is a little snack pack that has. Butter and jelly, it is akin. It is a kin someone who's on dialysis needing a fresh treatment before they think it's exactly the same thing are those little things, you're always sucking. Clear. A little energy boosts. Yeah. Those those little things. Butter and jelly. But it's, but it's, but it's got almond butter and peanut butter thing, you give to kids that has yogurt in it just like that. It's like a snack. You those around. They keep my energy up. But you don't mention those on this show. No, I don't want him very inexpensive as you know, what? And you know, what you can finish the sentence for me. Remember what gene Simmons told us from kiss, no free rides. Once asked him to mention one of is the kind of stuff we can talk about on the show, we asked gene Simmons once since when he was there. We asked him to to to just do a sketch and all had to do was mention one of it was Richard Simmons secret headed mentioned another celebrity in it, and he he would refuse to do it. And we said why and he said no free rides. I don't mention other people because that would be a free, right? Gino jeanson issues refused to mention other select kind of pressed about I played them. I'm like, I'm sorry, no free rides Mr Simmons. And he goes, no free rides. These other people are welcome to mention me as many times as they like. But why should I mention them and give them free publicity? Yes. It was absolutely amazing. It was as if if a famous person punched him in the face and ran away, and he told the police, and they said who did he would was like, I can't tell you. Why not no free rides? Wait, we'll arrest him. And then you can be settled and you'll be paid for your bills. I can't tell you know, free rides. If I mentioned Willem Dafoe, you know would give him free publicity. So in a scenario. We'll we'll into fo punched gene Simmons. If by self I would've Willem Dafoe side guys. Let me tell you something. This is the kind of stuff that people want to hear about they wanna hear this backstage. Intrigue the? Casually wanna hear about a celebrity really can't come after us. I mean, she can't come dressed lives in town. Listen town. I see him. I play Racquetball with him twice a week. I often I need to wait to get there. And he says, no free rights. That was pretty good. His all worth the walk. Great. Tell me some of the things you were thinking about discussing on this podcast of yours. I mean, well, we we have a segment already called off Goss where people dish on the steamiest office. Gossip knows this. You know, people who are maybe romantically hooked up with. Wanna get separates that? Yeah. That's not that. Okay. No. But that's that's definitely fair game. But also fishing on who have there been hookups? No one tells me they're telling been hookup on our show. There have been babies. Well, people have been married and stuff like that. But I mean, I don't know. I try not to know about that stuff. I don't wanna know you do kinda wanna know. Right. I guess, but I did a podcast if they're if they're sexy. Do you wanna know what do you mean if the two parties involved are sexy? Oh traffic yet. Does that make it more interesting? No, I think people being together is just inherently beautiful. I'm now, I'm I'm just thinking the way a lawyer would. Welcome to my side Conan. Thank you for all this. Well, it wasn't a lot of advice on hosting podcast. But there was my main thing is hell, I told you anything of use are there perks like does your wolf have a beach house that we can use private jet podcast union that we get to join right? I have seen a little I'm going to be honest with the little upside chest. It's joy -able. It's really enjoyable. I I love doing it. And it is a very intimate medium. I mean, I've had people come up to me and say, oh, I binged listened to a bunch of row, and they I think it is a way to get to people that's quite different from the TV world that we've been mining for, you know, twenty five years you haven't down with me that long Jesse. But but Mike you've been with me for most of it, and it is a very different thing. And I actually kind of find that to be very cool that things resonate at a different a different decibel. And I kinda like it it is more intimate. I think I I I'm actually eager to learn about how some of the departments on our show work. I don't think I ever was fully trained. I've been here five years. And I don't think I ever went around and met everybody on the show. There are still people. I've not met everybody. I just at a certain point you do it. So long people come people go and there every now, and then I'll see someone go. Hi, it's nice to see you. And they'll say I've been here nine years. I everyone I've met everyone. I'm going to say, no, rush guys. Nice job. I think it's I think it's going to go very well. I think you guys are gonna make hundreds of dollars. Looking forward to it. They told us it was a brand new medium, and we're getting on the ground floor ten years late in one last reminder, please describe to our podcast inside Conan an important Hollywood podcast. It's out. Now. Our first episode is out. Now, you can go there immediately. It's been out since Friday. But don't. Yeah. Waiting this long? Mom. Conan O'Brien needs a friend with sonum of session and Conan O'Brien as himself produced by me. Matt gorlic, executive produced by Adam Saks Jeff Ross at team. Coco and Colin Anderson, and Chris Ben and at ear wolf special. Thanks to Jack, white and the white stripes for the theme song incidental music by Jimmy Gavino. You can rate and review this show on apple podcasts. And you might find your review featured on a future episode got a question for Conan. Call the team. Coco hotline at three two three four five one two eight two one and leave a message it too could be featured on a future episode. And if you haven't already please subscribe to Conan O'Brien needs a friend on apple podcasts, Stitcher or wherever fine podcasts are down. Eighteen cocoa production in association with Newell. Hey, guys, wile, won a grey episode of the show that you listen to whatever you were just listening to that were cutting into welcome. Welcome Louis word. We were listening. Welcome the where. Yes, we were listening to the show as well. With you. We love the guests. They had a classic guest on their someone who always feel like this show you were to really finding its feet. They started great. Yeah. Now, they like know exactly what they're doing and still innovating after all this time, and they had a new gas who I wasn't really sure if they could keep up with the host. But they they actually really did sometimes sometimes you're bested them. Yes. This this is Sean Hayes from Hollywood handbook being of shows finally finding their fee, we we are Hollywood handbook hosts, and we have never really known what our show is or done a good job at it. But after six years a phone and get in. We've decided that this month we're going to try really hard. And so we have big guests. We have weird Al and there's going to be three other people plus your premium subscribers can hear live episodes from our boy. Gone bad for every Friday starting March eighth, but we are only trying for one month. And then we will never do it again and Stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast and Kevin made us do it.

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