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Jan 8, 2020


Hello and welcome to sword and skilled daily. I'm your host ride Williams. It's Wednesday January eighth and this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily. In Connecticut photos delos the husband of Jennifer Deloitte host who has been missing since May twenty fourth two thousand nineteen was arrested on Tuesday and charged with capital murder in her disappearance. Deputies in Pima County Arizona have arrested Dylan Jacob Thornton on auto theft and identified him. As a person of interest in the death of Stephen Mark Sheer Brassiere here was reported missing last month and his remains were discovered last Tuesday and Pima Canyon and finally in Manchester the United Kingdom thirty. He's six year old reinhart's Sinaga was convicted of one hundred and fifty nine offenses including one hundred and thirty six rapes all. This and more coming up on sword soared and scaled daily. Taste it on Tuesday morning Connecticut. The Kiss State police descended on fifty two year. Old photos do Laos's Farmington home and arrested him on charges of capital murder murder conspiracy to commit commit murder and kidnapping and connection with the death of his missing wife. Jennifer do Laos on the same day officers also arrested forty-five-year-old forty-five-year-old Michelle trachomatis. Delos live in girlfriend as well as can't Malini an attorney who has represented delos and civil matters. They were both both charged with conspiracy to commit murder duo. SENTRICON had previously been arrested in June and September and charged with lesser offenses related related to the disappearance. They pleaded not guilty to those charges. Jennifer Delos a mother of five was last seen on the morning of May twenty the fourth two thousand nineteen when she dropped her kids off at school. She was reported missing at seven pm the same night at the time of her disappearance. Rinse Jennifer and photos were in the midst of an acrimonious divorce and custody battle. The arrest warrants reveal new details about the case and the investigation and according to the court documents when officers searched Jennifer's home in new Canaan. They found bloodstains on the garage floor and on a vehicle in the garage. Gosh Jennifer's car was missing and was discovered later that night in new cannon park blood evidence was recovered from inside and outside of the vehicle. The blood discovered and the lack of any financial or digital activity on her account. After may twenty fourth led investigators to determine the Jennifer due. Los was murdered and her house was likely the crime scene on the morning of May Twenty Fifth Police attended interview photos Delos. He arrived at the station with his lawyer but left without giving an interview. His cell phone placed him around Albany Avenue in Hartford Connecticut between seven and ten and seven forty on the night of May twenty four. Th surveillance video recovered from local cameras. Captured a man who looks similar to do las driving a black pickup truck and stopping toss bags and a several garbage bins and a storm drain. A woman who looked similar to Michelle Trudeau Connie's was also the visible in the truck. Officers ended up searching the storm drain and they recovered a set of altered license plates. They say they can tie to do lows you on June first. Michelle and photos were both arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution during June second interview so Michelle Suco honest admitted. She could not vouch for photos. His whereabouts during the morning of May twenty four th the following day in a search of Dulas Farmington home. Uh investigators found what they refer to as quote alibi scripts for both voters and Michelle to use when talking to police the so called alibi hi scripts also had camp. Mohan's name on them next. Investigators had discovered that employ photos own a black pickup. Like the one seen in the surveillance video. The employee said the photos had access to his car and in the spring after borrowing it voters had it washed and told the employees. He had to sell the car or get rid of the seats. Botas even offer the employees replacement seats from another vehicle according to investigators instigators when they found the discarded seats the ultimately tested positive for Jennifer's blood during an August interview Michelle Connor said. She woke up at six. Forty am on May twenty fourth and Delos was not at home. She stated that she not seen him until noon that day she she confirmed that photos borrowed the black pickup and had it washed and detailed without the owner's knowledge before returning it. She further stated that she saw photos clean the vehicle goal of what he said was spilt coffee but when he handed her a towel he used the cleaning. It did not smell like coffee. The the documents further state the surveillance cameras on Jennifer Street. Show Jennifer's car heading West round ten thirty A. M. This lead prosecutors to believe that Fotis notice was driving the car and transporting Jennifer's body a gag order has been issued in the case but in an interview given before it was issued Dude Voters Delos told NBC Connecticut. But he was not involved in his wife's death and that although their divorce started out acrimoniously they were on better terms terms beginning in April and even were discussing using mediation instead of the courts. duos criminal attorney norm pads spoke with reporters outside the Farmington residents saying quote. I haven't seen the warrant. I'll be surprised if they can win. It Mr Delos contents. He was not involved and I don't think the evidence will show that he was photos. Do LAS is currently being held on a six million dollar bond and Michelle tricon is is is being held on a two million dollar bond. Our next story takes us to Arizona. Where deputies from the Pima County Sheriff's Department identified twenty one year old Dylan Jacob Thornton as a person of interest in the death of sixty-six-year-old Steven Mark Sheer Thornton was arrested on suspicion of stealing a truck? That belonged to the victim. sixty-six-year-old Stephen Maher sheer was last seen in Bartlesville Oklahoma. On December seventh. He was driving his truck to Arizona in the company of another man on December eighth for sheer was seen dining at a restaurant ron and a Tucson mall and being picked up from the parking lot by another man. He's not been seen since nor has he been in contact with his family. which they say is unusual on Tuesday Arizona? Game wardens killed three mountain. Lions who were discovered feeding on human remains near the Popular Pima Canyon hiking trail. It is not believed they killed the man whose cause of death has not yet been released although the remains have not been positively actively identified. There's a SPEC. Did to belong to the missing Steven Mark. Bushier officers arrested Dylan Jacob Thornton on Friday on suspicion of stealing Beshir's shears truck. The Pima County sheriff's department requests that anyone with information on the case contact them or crime. Stoppers you after the break in Manchester thirty six year old Indonesian. PhD Student Reinert. Sinaga was convicted of one hundred fifty nine cases cases of sexual assault against primarily young straight men and sentenced to a minimum of thirty years in prison it off. Hey I just wanted to ask how many of you have credit cards. It's I'm sure that most of you have at least one if so you know there's no better feeling than paying them off but you know it feels even better paying off off those high interest credit cards getting a lower rate and saving money. That's what you can do with livestream. Did you know that. The average interest rate for a credit card it over twenty percent. 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Apply now to get an additional interest rate discount. The only way to get this discount is to stream dot com slash scale. Oh that's light stream dot com slash scale for an additional discount L. I. G. H. T. S. T. R. E. A. M. dot com slash lashed scale subject to credit approval rate includes point fifty percent auto pay discount terms and conditions. Apply and offers are subject to change without notice. This visit light string dot com slash scale for more information now so for our final story on Monday thirty six year old reinert Sinaga was sentenced to a minimum of thirty years in prison after being convicted. It one hundred and fifty nine sex offenses including one hundred thirty six rapes perpetrated against forty eight victims. The reporting restriction on the case was only lifted at sentencing which means that despite being arrested in two thousand Seventeen Sinaga has now been identified the Crown Prosecution Service. This believes that Sinaga had many more victims and said he was quote the most prolific rapist in British legal history. The convictions relate only to crimes crimes. That Sinaga committed between two thousand fifteen and two thousand seventeen. Sinaga was born in Indonesia to a wealthy family and moved to the UK. Hey in two thousand seven the study urban planning in the University of Manchester in the years since he has pursued other advanced degrees including a Ph PhD and geography at the University of Leeds but remained living in the same Manchester apartment. This apartment was located near city centre in area. Full of bars and clubs. Sinaga preyed on young intoxicated men and who would often visit the nearby venues. He would leave his apartment late at night and find victims who seem vulnerable befriend them and offer them a chance to take a nap or charge their phones his apartment then he would offer offer them drink that was dosed with GHB and when they fell asleep he sexually assaulted them. Sinaga videotaped me of the assaults using his phone. WanNa most of his victims ever knew anything had happened and even thought of him as a nice guy. One victim told the court he was quote. Approach by young. Asian gentleman had a vague recollection of explaining that my phone was dead and I was trying to get a taxi but the taxis were passing me. I I think I can recall a conversation along the lines of would you like to come inside and charge your phone and have a quick chat soon. After being offered a drink he could not remember a single thing thing until the next morning Sinaga was caught in the spring of two thousand seventeen when a victim regained consciousness during an assault foss inaugu off and called police the final victim a teenager Masunaga outside the factory nightclub the victim had gotten separated from his friends and Sinaga suggested he come to his apartment and tried to contact them. The next thing that victim remembered was waking up while being sexually assaulted by Sinaga Doc. He pushed his attacker away and Sinaga began shouting help intruder and then began to bite the victim. The two struggled old and the victim his Sinaga several times before fleeing and calling the police. When officers first arrived at the scene they believed the Sinaga was the victim mm-hmm and arrested the team for salt? This changed when Sinaga is behavior in the hospital began to arouse suspicion. Sinaga kept insisting testing that he needed a cell phone from his apartment officers decided to seize the phone as evidence. When police searched the NAGAS phone they discovered a video video of him attacking the teenager? In addition on this phone and another discovered later they found eight hundred videos recorded of assaults asked S. an August House officers also found physical trophies. He had taken from his victims such as phones. Id Cards and watches assistant than chief. Constable Maps Hussein told the BBC the Sinaga likely had many more victims quote. We suspect that he's offended. Over a period period of ten years. The information evidence we are going from is largely from trophies that he's collected from the victims of his crimes dozens of victims that were traced by police based on the personal effects. Many of the victims were not aware they'd been assaulted. Prior to the investigation the vast majority of victims victims were straight their ages ranging from seventeen to thirty six sonatas defense was that the sex was consensual. In spite of the fact that many of the videotape victims were seen snoring. That's Today we'll see you tomorrow and until then stay safe Soared and scale. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your your host was Ryan Williams researching writing by Gar Barack executive producer. Mike if you like the show subscribing leave us a review and if you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily sword and scale DOT COM

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