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Trump's Fear-Mongering Oval Office Address & Schumer and Pelosi's Awkward Rebuttal | Barry Jenkins


The you're listening to comedy central. January ninth two thousand nineteen. From comedy central's world news headquarters in New York. This is the daily show with Trevor Noah, here's the. Everybody tuning. Thank you for being here. I would guess not. I'm such a big fan of his he is the writer and director of if Bill street could talk berry Jenkins's, he everybody. Remember him? You may remember him from last year's Oscars when he joined lowlands award out of their hands for his school moonlight. So we'll find out who's Haas guy. He's gonna take away the sun. It's gonna be fun. But first, let's catch up on today's headlines. The government's is shut down. But the mullahs investigation is still going and yesterday we got a surprise look at where it's headed a slip up by Paul manafort's lawyers has revealed new information about his contacts with a Russian during the Trump campaign while Paul Manafort was serving Donald Trump's campaign chairman the documents reveal that he was in contact with a man by the name of Constantine Kalinic and associate US officials believe is linked to Russian intelligence. These new details come in a document that was filed by manafort's lawyers. Some lines were blacked out or redacted, but it turned out because of a clerical error. They could easily be read simply by copying and pasting them into a new document. Oh, wow. Okay. I don't judge. It's hard to enter the PDF. I don't know if you guys know how to I don't know how to do it a second of all that. Sure sounds to me like Donald Trump's campaign manager was colluding with Russia and giving Russians polling data. So that they could target American votes would have been vital because you know, Russia didn't have much luck with their own polling. It was probably them on the phone like L will Mr. Williamson the Steve from glorious polling in this three. Who do you want for lead, a strong, Trump or Clinton walman? But the funny part of me is that we found out about this. The only reason we found out is because manafort's lawyers didn't know how to end a PDF. That's insane. So Manafort was colluding with the Kremlin when he should have been colluding with kinko's. That's funny should have been moving on. Some other news diamonds the little stones that we strapped onto our fingers. Kind of weird when you think about it like that. But people love them. And now they can feel good about it to Tiffany will begin revealing the origins of its diamonds to show the so-called conflict-free starting today the region or country of origin will be displayed alongside the selection of diamond rings customers can store employees for information on all new source stones for some most will be one to have is to have customers that few in buying a diamond look only forty beauty and this value but go so Ford with us about Soviet supply. Chain sounds amazing. I like this guy, basically, his new ad campaign is shop here we. You didn't kill any Africans. I like that. This is good news. You know, of course, knowing rich people. I wouldn't be surprised if the new fed is going to be getting the most unethically sourced diamonds. There's gonna be some rich lady. Who's like, oh my God. Ashley did he buy your diamond. It's three carrots and six dead Congolese. Oh my God. He's the one. It's good that they're doing this for diamonds. But they should really be doing it for all products. I think we should try. I mean diamonds just get the attention because everyone so blood diamond right, which exposed the corrupt exploitation of native, laborers and also the cashiers horrible, South African accent. Maybe you guys don't remember that. But we Africans will never forget. He was like we gotta go back to those blading get the dorm in get the Blidi join ins, what are you drunk or stray? And what are you doing? They should make a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and forest Whitaker's character from Black Panther. And then they could just you like bad accents together. All the Blidi diamonds in the students of the. The hell is Blick. Moving on. Of the. The what's moving. Here's a story. That was big news over in the United Kingdom. Are you guys fans of Harry Potter? What happened is that offer JK rolling decided to announce for some random reason that hug what's didn't always have bathrooms and in the old days, which is an and wizards simply relieved themselves wherever they stood and vanished. The evidence. Ready J game wherever they stood. I mean, it's great that you vanished your Dookie. But I I had to watch. You squeeze it out for like eight minutes in the middle of potions class. I mean, the flow is clean, but my mind is scarred for life. Why don't you make it disappear in their tummies these wizards? I don't understand. So. Yeah. Basically, according to Jacob rolling wizards were just shitting everywhere. And that doesn't make Harry Potter more appealing to me. But it does make New York City CMO magical. Yeah. Because I'm like I post the wizard on the way to work this morning. All right. Let's move on main story. Today is day nineteen of the government shutdown the streets are piling up with trash food is going on inspected. And in the capital, they're being forced to use both sides of the toilet paper. The Washington Monument is even walking the streets just to make ends meet. And nineteen days. We're only two days away from this becoming the longest shutdown in American history, which I think Trump is secretly going. That's right, folks. Mine is the longest. So today at the White House, the president met with congressional leaders to try any go she ate an end to the shutdown and Trump shut that down to. When fortunately the president just got up and walked down. He asked speaker Pelosi. Will you agree to my wall? She said, no. And he just got up and said than we have nothing to discuss and he just walked down. This was what President Trump had to say about it. And you said, quote, just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy a total waste of time. I asked are you going to prove border security, which includes a wall or still barrier? Nancy said, no, I said Bye-bye nothing else works. Say what you want about drugs. Some of the things that he does a pretty bad ass. Right. Because that's always been a dream of mine. I'm not gonna lie. I've always dreamed of walking into meeting me. Like, are you guys gonna give me what I want? No this meeting's over by by. Like walk out. I'm out. Yeah. Oh, sorry. Wait who've antedates parking. Because it's like two dollars. I got a ten I don't break. Now, if you are disappointed about the breakdown in talks, but you must have been really disappointed last night's. When President Trump went on television for his very first Oval Office address in primetime all day. Everyone was speculating was he gonna declare state of emergency. Was he going to reopen? The government was he pregnant and Mexico was the father. But when nine o'clock rolled around all we got from Trump was basically, another immigration, stump speech, and like, not even one of these fun ones way. Like jokes. Imaginary giants or whatever he's doing. Instead. We just we just got a a low energy Jeb version of Trump, my fellow Americans tonight. I am speaking to you because there is a growing Umana -tarian and security crisis and our southern border. All Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. The federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only because Democrats will not fund border security. This is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul sold. Crisis of this whole you don't Trump to practice that word hard because he's never said it before right? He was probably reading a draft of the speech. Like a crisis of this show sold sold. You guys just make up this word. I love it. Give me more nonsense words like this. I love it. So. And look for all the hype the speech wasn't even that long. It was only ten minutes and eight minutes of it was just Trump's sniffing. This barrier is absolutely critical to border security that defends our borders. And we opens the government Democrats in congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis. You're slipping so much. It sounds like he's trying to get all the drugs off the street himself. I'll get rid of that bring them to me. But even in that short, ten minutes, President Trump manage to pack in a lot of scaring the shit out of people about illegal immigrants. Our southern borders a pipeline for vast quantities of a legal drugs meth heroin cocaine. More Americans will die from drugs this year sex crimes, violent killings murder. Raped beaten, beheading dismembering blood blood could not so much violence thing was on TV at nine pm doesn't belong network. This was an HBO speech should have put up one of those content warnings first. So you could get the kids out of the room, you know, and now to be fair to be fast. You can read I like that. Scooby fair. Trump isn't making up these crimes, right? Let's be honest. The sad. Truth is some illegal immigrants have done very bad things. But if you only listen to Trump, you get the impression that everyone is crossing the border just to come in murder Americans. And we know that that's not true. You could you could just as easily pick stories to make immigrants look flawless. I can show. You a headline about an illegal immigrants who save someone's life story can show you another story of an undocumented business owner who went on to create jobs for Americans who story and legal immigrants who even went on to become the first lady of the United States. I'm sorry. I missed I'm an immigrant who maybe didn't have the right papers at the time. She was working in this country at the time. But as a nation America said we can't let those cheekbones got away. We need those cheekbones America can be best, and she stayed and Democrats New Democrats knew the Trump would spend his whole speech fear, which is why they demanded equal time off the his speech to give their counter arguments and right away in classic democrat style. It was well-intentioned, but real oakwood that eating I appreciate the opportunity to speak directly to. Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. Sorry. What the hell is this guy? Why are you sharing one vote him? You guys really are socialist, what are you doing? So why you look so grouchy? What is this? It looks like the hostess at I just told them. There's no senior discount. I'll be honest with you. I'm gonna waste your time. You don't even really need to listen to the democratic response because for them. It was also the same things that they've been saying the whole time immigrants. Good are bad emojis. Are problem attic, it was all the same stuff? So the truth is we didn't learn anything yesterday except that American needs funding for a second podium and breathe right strips. That's what we do know. That's what we do know. And right now, it looks like the shutdown could go on for a very long time because both sides feel like they have a mandate from voters, right? Trump could say that he won the presidency promising a border wall. So he has a juicy to build that wall. But on the other hand, he'll promise that Mexico would pay for it. The Democrats could say that they just won the midterms in landslide. And they ran against the wall. So they have an obligation to stop its. But the one thing everyone should be able to agree on is that none of this should shut the government down. This is politics. This is what you're supposed to be discussing. It's your job and disingenuous for President Trump to try and blame the shut down on the Democrats, especially after saying this in proud to shut down the government for border security. I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not gonna blame you for. Unless it goes bad. Then I'm blaming you guys. Bye. Bye. And the frustrating thing is that illegal immigration is a nuanced complex issue. Right. Something I feel like we've completely lost now as people, right? It involves asylum-seekers visa overstays, DACA kids, the dreamers so much more easy issue. But because of Trump no one is talking about that anymore. The whole debates has devolved into wall or no wall caveman congress. There's one thing we know it's that nothing will stop immigrants from trying to come to America place. That people dream come to because people were trying to make a better safer life for their families will do anything to achieve that dream. And I know Donald Trump understands this because of this video we found from fifteen years ago never ever give up. Don't give up don't allow it to happen. If there's a concrete wall in front of you go through it, go go around to the other side. Control center by Kabo is the one remote that does it all this holiday season. Help your loved ones. Take control their TV with the gift of control centre, control centre, cleans up, your home theater. So you can control everything connected to your TV with one easy to use remote. 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I've tried and now Amazon is finding new ways to keep you coming back. Amazon is sending shoppers free samples curated to their tastes as part of the companies push into advertising, axios reporting products free of charge that you may like are gonna show up on your doorstep, and it's all based on your purchase history on the website. Okay. I like the idea but house Amazon going to send you a supple of something. I mean, I get how that would work with food or shampoo, but Amazon sells everything gonna send you like Hoffa TV. The handle of a coffee mug just the tip of a dildo. Like if you enjoy this sample, you'll love the shaft. But but free samples on the biggest story about Amazon today because just this morning, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and the winner of capitalism announced that he and his wife MacKenzie getting divorced. This is a huge deal. Jeff Bezos is richest man in the world and under Washington state law. He has to slit everything he's earned during their marriage. Fifty fifty MacKenzie bazo will get sixty six billion dollars. Yeah. This is the biggest transfer of wealth since Warren Buffett left his debit card into McDonald's drive-thru. Six billion dollars. I can't imagine having that much money. Let alone news ING that much money. And you're really rich. Trevor I mean, there was a whole week where you just paid us to speak for you. Jeff basis will be. Don't worry about Jeff as okay, he'll be fine. He he'll he's still going to have sixty six billion dollars. I mean, he's not going to be one of those divorce dad's eating spaghetti O's over the sink of a studio apartment. He'll be eating spaghetti O's over the Mediterranean from the third story of his yacht. Which reminds me this story is brought to you by spaghetti os. Spaghetti O's too this hard. But so is boiling pasta. Actually, does he some of us like spaghetti O's for the flavor and the shapes, you know, but whatever you think the divorce settlements is fair. Oh, yeah. Definitely a marriage is a partnership MacKenzie. Bazo spent twenty five years, helping her husband grow his business and grow his swagger. We look at that. He went from pleaded pant salesman to jacked up arms dealer, right? Yeah. It's totally fair. But that chapter is now closed. Okay. It's over now. And this next phase is crucial. You have a wealthy person. Navigating a painful time in their lives unsure about what to do next. And here's where I cannot stress this enough. It is so important to get married again right away. Spine some someone blonde who will take care of you know, like like a city gal who also feels at home on your private island, someone who will divorce. My husband at the drop of. Oh. Well, we'll wait great. Does. He does he come up with. Come on the show to pitch yourself as a spouse for Jeff Bezos. Well what? No, how dare you Trevor. No, I am pitching myself as a spouse for MacKenzie basis. Yeah. Is beautiful. She's an accomplished author. She studied under Tony Morrison and Princeton. And now she's worth sixty six billion dollars. Elliot's. She writes. Yes, no, yes. Now, she is worth sixty six billion dollars. I mean, you says she's a whole package MacKenzie. Komi I could be on a plane tomorrow or today if you use prime. Mackenzie. Everyone will be right back. Welcome back to the daily show. My guest tonight is an Academy Award winning rights producer and director whose latest film is the critically acclaimed. If Bill street could talk please welcome Barry Jenkins. Welcome back to the show. How much congratulations on the phone? First of all, we don't just lost night you received an award. I mean, the film has been nominated for everything from Golden Globes to kademi awards Regina one that amazing golden goal for her performance. Let's start at the beginning. If Beale street could talk based on James Baldwin novel that is not an easy thing to achieve to turn. Not just a novel. But James Baldwin book into a film, where do you where did you even stop? Yeah. I started without the rights to the novel. I'll say that up front. I just went to Europe and decided I would adapt it and not thinking we'll have to get permission from someone. This is the published tax. I'm just gonna do it. So I did it and came back and realize oh, and now you have to actually legally be able to do this. But for me, Mr. Baldwin at many voices. He spoke in the two voices that were most prominent to me, the one voice was obsessed with sensuality romance and a personal relationships and the other one just as passionate about stomach injustice and. And this book those this relationship between this young couple Titian Fani, and I felt like that was just like the best vehicle to blend his systematic injustice. All these things he said about American society and the things that bond us and bind us and living in this country. They would just fusing the story of these two kids, right and many people may know James Baldwin. You know, obviously is being brought up in conversations around Tallahassee coats, people may know, his essays. But but not many people familiar with him as a novelist, and the story was really interesting because as you say, it's a story about Tisch and funny, it is it's a love story. But it's a love story that is taking place in a time in America, which is familiar to some today, but was really more intense before when you really could not be a black person living free in the United States. You know, we talk about like aggressions microaggressions. I think to think of this period the early nineteen seventies is a period where you know, black people with now arrived. We're rights movement has sort of come and everything is great and Vietnam is happening, and it was almost like clapback, whereas. Okay. Now, you have these rights. But now we want to show you just how we can still act. You know, all these aggressions this young man in this book Fonte gets caught up in the system that is very easily manipulated. And that's system as I won't spoil anything in the movie for you. But what happens very early on? We learned that funny has been accused of raping a woman. Right. And the story takes place in Harlem and the Bronx, and he's been accused of raping a woman, and he has an alibi. He's alibis this because they are black people, unfortunately, and you see how the story plays out. But what's interesting to me? The story is you have characters who his family who feel for the woman who has accused him of rape when you writing that. And when you creating that why is it so important to have that moment where you have people whose lives of being destroyed because of somebody else's accusation. And yet they are still sympathetic to the women's cause. Because in the movie, there's a scene where one of them says, do you think she was even raped and the woman her friend? Turns tissue sisters too. And said system don't have say that. I know what women go through. She's not lying, but I know funny didn't do it. Was that difficult to create and why was it important? It wasn't difficult to create. I think it's a function of James Baldwin to be brutally honest. And I think, you know, the book is about trauma in a certain way. And I think these things were going through in America right now are also about trauma talking about acknowledging it, and then creating the tools to deal with it. That's what thing in this book. You have all these human beings because he's Baldwin who have access to their full humanity. Right. So acknowledging this woman's trauma. Does not mean that were also denying Fanis innocence interesting and really when you break down with happening in this book find he's not falsely accused of anything these people have never met. He's been placed in a police lineup by a cop who you see has been dead against him right in the system is so easily manipulated that all the takes us for this cop say this person was here and now you're trapped. Right. You caught up in the system, and what I loved about making the spill, you know, I'm not a woman James Baldwin is not a woman. Check, my direct Royal ego and trust Regina king KiKi lane on new Ellis. Tiana Paris, Rio's all these women. And there was a point where I was like can we really do? What the stuff, you know? Can we really touch all this very sensitivity of grenades has left us? Right. And to a woman they all said we have to acknowledge this. If we don't acknowledge as women's trauma that is more of a trigger than trying to remove the trigger from the narrative. Right. And I think when you process it that way, you can very clearly see songs treating everyone as a human being aknowledging -nology. Everyone's trauma can really get at how these systems just the franchise all of us. What what was interesting about the movie as well is that I've seen many movies that tell the story about black people's pain or suffering. What I haven't seen a lot of stories way, you are experiencing black people living life as a combination of pain suffering joy, you know, love passion, all of these things taking place similar Tena asleep. A lot of the time. It feels like it comes with the filmmaker. But do you think that it makes a difference in who is telling a story as to how they see the story to be told. I think it does, you know, this is a very simple story. And I think we've seen a version of the story where character Fani is dehumanized right in the wrong hands. That's the version that ends up reaching the audience. I think the hands of James Baldwin and these actors, and I guess alternately myself the humanization of characters comes part and parcel. So you're right. There is joy. There is love, you know, there is birth to be honest, despite the despair that the characters are undergoing into me that was a part of like really sort of endeavoring to bring Jiang's ball screen, and he's a very interior writer so about the interior life for the characters. Yes. But what I love about working people like yourself, you're wonderful actor as well as you can take all that interior language. You know Hemingway before it towards the iceberg, all these things the surface and bring it out. So a person who walked to the auditory, but understand that young man like fawning, which Stefan, James place Fani base. A lot of his character on the ordeal Khalif Browder, and I'm sure. Your audience knows exactly actually Browder is. And you can see these two hours with this whole world of possibility that is unfortunately being corrupted corroded by the system one thing that's really powerful about the entire phone. And I honestly would tell everybody to watch it. It's not just beautiful in the way, you've shots at congratulations to acting phenomenal the storytelling beautiful in different. You know, we we live in different times and in different periods. It's not just linear. But when I really found fascinating and different was that. There was no bad guy. Right. It it really was a story about a system that has been created, and we all living in and experiencing different levels that seemed like a very conscious choice because it was these families were experiencing the system, and it wasn't like there's the bad, man. That's get him. And then the story is saved. We we've been telling stories cinematic least for about one hundred years, and somehow some way over the last twenty thirty years, the the format of those stories have been reducing been shrinking, you know, there are good guys and bag is. And that's it. You have it that way is really easy to stand outside the story and go, okay. I'm with the good people, and those are the bad people. So this problem is not mine. Right. There's no bad person. You know, when everyone is very gray. And we can see how we all play a role in the system, then it comes from the screen, and it goes into your life. You can understand. How would I go to the ballot box? I am now empowering the system even to participating in it. I definitely am James Baldwin published in nineteen seventy four he knew all about systems as why the story is still relevant to today. It's an amazing story. You're truly one of my favorite directors again. Two is now in the nationwide, and tokens everywhere genuine, you really wanna watch movie Jenkins. Everyone. Daily show cover Noah. Here's what's valley show. Weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy, central and the comedy central watchable episodes and videos at the daily show dot com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and subscribe to the show on YouTube, exclusive, content and move. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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