November 12, 2019: Randall Saito Escapes


Today is Tuesday November Twelfth Two Thousand Nineteen on this day in two thousand seventeen fifty nine year old randall. Toshio Saito walked out of Hawaii state. He'd been committed there for three and a half decades decades after murdering a twenty nine year old woman in a mall. Parking Lot once hospital staff reported his absence to the authorities. A nationwide manhunt was launched. Welcome to today okay in true crime. A podcast original today. We're covering murderer. Randall Saito's escape from a Hawaii Mental Health Institution. Let's let's go back to the morning of November twelfth two thousand seventeen just after nine. Am in the morning staff in. The hospital. Were still trickling in for their shift. They were distracted by their paperwork and processes so randall simply waved good morning and kept walking. They were used to seeing him roaming the halls on his own. They knew he could be trusted into mind his own business as long as he checked in at the end of the day once he made it outside onto the grounds. Randall took a bucket hat out of his pocket and put it on shading his face. He resisted the urge to break into a sprint. Instead he he calmly walked to Honolulu's Kane'ohe Hey community park about a mile away. He retrieved a backpack from its hiding place and sat on a bench then he pulled out the iphone tucked away in his pack and dialed a cab company. Randall could hardly focus this on. The woman's voice on the other end of the line too distracted by his own pounding heartbeat. The taxi would be there in ten minutes. When randle climbed into the yellow taxi minivan? He told the driver is name. Was Bill the driver for put the car in gear and said where we headed. Randall asked him to drive to the airport. He had a plane to catch an hour later. He landed in Maui but the island hop wouldn't be enough to secure his freedom he had to make it to the mainland. Only okay then could he truly disappear. Randall had taken a private charter flight from Honolulu. It was expensive. Fifteen fifteen hundred dollars but allowed him to avoid the TSA security checkpoint. He wouldn't be so lucky with the next leg of the journey. He knew the hospital staff would report him missing eventually. Perhaps they already had and his name and picture were on some kind of watchlist which which was exactly why he'd ordered a fake driver's license off the Internet he just hoped it was a passable fake. Randall walked up to the Hawaiian Airlines lines ticket counter and talked to one of the agents behind the desk. He told her he needed to get back to the mainland as soon as possible as cheaply as possible astle the agent typed and clicked on her computer. There was a flight to San Jose leaving in ninety minutes three hundred bucks and and he could even have a window seat. Randall pulled out his wallet. He'd take it at seven thirty. PM Pacific Time. Randall landed in California. He walked out of the San Jose Airport with nothing but his backpack which held one change of clothes. His iphone and a portable charger again. Randall kept his composure. He casually walked to the taxi. Taxi Line outside the terminal waited his turn. Then ask the cab driver to take him to stockton seventy five miles away from San Jose Eh. Once there he checked into a hotel in the room Randall let the delicious ecstasy of the freedom. Rollover him in waves he laid down on one of the double beds then the other then back again. Randall hadn't slept don anything larger than a twin mattress. In over thirty years he spread his arms and legs making snow. Angels in the comforters Doc. He went into the bathroom stripped naked and took a long hot shower. He didn't even wash himself with soap. He just let the streaming streaming water pour over his body. He almost started to sing afterward. He perched on the bed and flipped between news is channels looking for any reports of his disappearance from Hawaii State Hospital but he found none. Randall sat for several several moments in a state of disbelief. He'd done it. He'd actually done it after more than thirty six years in the hospital labeled an incurable violent psychopath randall. Saito was a free man but it would only last so long coming up the authorities catch up to Randall Saito. Hey Friend I wanNA tell you about the new three dollar Littlejohn from Jimmy. Johns a skinny mini version of any original sandwich. For only three Reebok's it's littler than a regular sandwich which is perfect if you're not super hungry or if you want to try a couple of different sandwiches or if you like bragging that your lunch only only cost three dollars order. Three Dollar Littlejohn at Jimmy. John's dot com or with the Jimmy John's APP participating locations taxes and delivery fees. Extra extra now back to the story on Sunday November twelfth two thousand seventeen fifty nine year. Your old Randall. Toshio Saito walked out of Hawaii state. Hospital caught two different flights and started a new life on the Lam in Stockton Stockton California however his freedom was short lived while the staff at the hospital. were slow to report Randall's disappearance they. She did eventually call the police about eleven hours after he'd walked out the front door it gave him enough of a head. Start to reach California but by the next day a man hunt was underway three days after his escape on Wednesday November Fifteenth Eighteenth. Randall took a cab from his hotel room. In Stockton to a local Walmart he'd purchased a new cell phone there the previous day but realized is it was defective and wanted to return it after visiting the store on the ride back to the hotel. The driver asked Randall if he'd mind stopping for gas. Yeah along the way while the cabbie filled up randall went inside the convenience store when he came back outside. He was greeted by several police officers. The taxi driver had recognized Randall from a news bulletin and called nine one one while he was inside the Walmart Walmart. Randall was arrested and extradited back to Hawaii to face charges of escape and identity theft but even after his his capture. Many questions remained unanswered Randall. Saito was clearly abetted. In his escape someone had had stashed a backpack in the park for him with a change of clothes. An iphone a portable charger and over six thousand dollars in cash. He also also had to false driver's licenses issued in Illinois and Washington State. Finally his charter flight from Honolulu to Maui are we was pre-booked. Indeed in the wake of the ordeal seven hospital. Employees were suspended for a month without pay in in the course of their investigation. Authorities learned that Randall was given Special Treatment Facility for years. He was allowed to roam the grounds unattended on an honor system as long as he checked back in at the end of the day. He was escorted off site multiple times to see his wife and engage agents sexual trysts. Randall was also involved sexually with three different hospital staff members. He allegedly traded sexual favors favors for access to cell phones and pornography though the details of exactly how he managed to acquire a stack of cash. Fake driver's licenses and a charter plane flight have never been released. An official report on the matter determined the absence of comprehensive procedures to account for patients whereabouts the lack of communication between staff performing different functions and the relaxing of patient oversight contributed. Not Not only does Saito's being able to escape from the facility but to an eleven hour delay in reporting this escape. Randall was originally committed in nineteen eighty one for the murder of twenty nine year old Sandra Yamashiro. He was sent to the hospital instead instead of prison after he was found. Not guilty by reason of insanity. Randall had approached Sandra in a mall. Parking lot shot her in the face with a pellet gun then stabbed her to death in the trial proceedings he was determined to be pathologically violent. A sexual oh sadist and NECROPHILIAC who quote fills all the criteria of a classic serial killer even though he had only killed one person so far the doctors who evaluated him. Were certain he'd kill again if given the chance. However after the two thousand seventeen escape attempt Randall? Saito claimed that he had intentionally exaggerated his mental health symptoms in nineteen eighty one. He wanted to guarantee he'd be committed to a hospital instead of prison. He insisted that he wasn't a psychopath. At the time of Sandra Yamashiro murder Randall was a heavy user of LSD and PCP. He claimed that his excessive drug and alcohol use led him to murder not mental illness. He advocated for his release several times during his three and a half decades of commitment but was repeatedly denied therefore he mounted his escape. He called it an act of desperation. Randall alleged edged. The true reason he left. The hospital was to prove he wasn't a danger to society he said this was about buying myself time. I am in the community to prove that I could be in the community without doing anything. Wrong establishing a track record that I could be out for a month and no no one was hurt by me. However both Randall's attorney and the state of Hawaii disagreed with his reasoning? A two thousand fifteen fifteen medical evaluation stated that assessments of Randall. In the past have shown problems with lack of empathy lack of remorse and failure to accept responsibility he continues to be superficial in his relationships with others and manipulative. That last statement certainly only proved true. Two years later in two thousand seventeen when Randall convinced those around him to smuggle in the means for his breakout wrote. He's currently imprisoned in Honolulu awaiting trial on his escape and identity theft charges as of May of two thousand eighteen team officials are still unsure of his accomplices identity. Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson today. In true crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today. Intrude crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only spotify already. 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