Memorial Day, Diet Rage & Douchecapades


Eh. This is oriental in our ski, the host of what's your deal. The show where I read tarot for special guests to find out where they've been and where the going this week. I read the tarot of comedian and host of Adam ruins everything, Adam conver-, a very interesting episode since Adam is pretty dedicated to debunking things that may or may not be true. This episode is out now. You definitely don't want to miss it. So check out what's your deal wherever you listen to podcasts. It's all shit. It's all just I'm gay politics, America's got gotten kinda why. But we're not gonna let it go down like that. Because we got a down gay podcast Adum gay political podcast. We probably don't have all the facts. But we got a pin them with backtrack. That's dumb gay podcasts. Adum political podcast. It's all should it's all shit. Social. It's all shit. I don't know. I three I am. Shape of this shit is in the. This shit is Trump teeth. Are you MP eight an ES? What? I don't even know. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Deng gay politics. I'm Julie and I'm brandy and this is the podcast where we talk about the week in politics like we're talking about reality TV, and we are going to Washington DC. Yes, we are in like a few days. It's really logistic few days away. And it really is the perfect time to go to DC as we celebrate our troops. That's right. Are war fallen our, our fallen soldiers or people currently working in just more? I mean, Memorial Day could really be memorializing anything you want. But it is supposed to be about the military right technically speaking. Yes. But I thought it was Veterans Day. Exactly. So veterans, I guess would be veterans specifically. And I suppose if you're in the military, you're not a veteran yet. So we don't celebrate you on Veterans Day. I guess if you're if you've died in the military, you're not a better in either so veterans for people who are living, right? Well, I'm glad they deserve two days to. Celebrate we. If you've listened to this podcast late, if you put it late in your podcast, rotates, Yonne. We know everyone has the rotation. We don't think we're the only podcast you're listening. But really, if you wanted, you could download our patriotic and sign up. And then you would have us twice in the rotation that it's correct. But if you're listening to this late in the week, we might already be like arriving to DC, because we're doing a live podcast we are at the DC comedy, loft. We're going to have a special guest Scott Dworkin. We're also going to have a special guests. Drag performer. Yep. So if you guys look up Scott working on Twitter, he's like a resistance a leader on Twitter. He's, he's. It's we're pretty lucky to get Scott, especially for the live show. So we're looking forward to that. The shows at five pm on Saturday, June first, so get your tickets. You can go to DC comedy, loft dot com. Or you can go to our website, Julian, brandy dot com. And there's a link there, you want to get those tickets, though. And I mean, there's lots of people going there people going solo see, I will definitely have we know you're, we don't you know, you should download our patriot like I said and sign up, but we have patriotic people that are going solo in meeting up. That's which I love hearing, the ups are meeting and meeting for the first time or whatever because of the podcast, that's exciting. We're gonna have a meet and greet, and then we're going to take the party to another bar. I think we're going to go to Nelly Nelly sports bar. Okay. Tarver told us to go towards doing gay Geisen and their feelings. Right. And then we're all just gonna. Take our we're going to take it to the next level at Malley sports bar, but rooftop patio we're gonna just Uber on over there. Yes. And keep going we're going to keep if I can going. Yeah. So that's exciting. And I hope he does get your tickets. Get your tickets now. Yeah. Oh, god. I hate live shows. I don't want to do it. I wanna cancel. It's like I start it starts to ruin. It's already started to ruin my week in my life, my life. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll just be even minding my own business, and then it will occur to me that I have to do that this weekend. And I'm like, no, I want to not be remiss to mention the drag Queen that we're having okay. Her name is kabuki Bukowski. And she's a local DC drag artiste, who has who said that she would be interested in doing it and she's excited because to make her debut as Franken furhter because she'd been wanting to do. Right. That's right. And I guess that she. She's a part of like a drag group and they're going to be performing at the Kennedy Center. So it's just like a whole thing. So she's excited to be a part of it. So we're excited to have her. Yeah. We are we got some, some packages in some cards. We did, which is exciting. So Sarah decker, and uncle Brad accidentally sent us a package from Oetzi. So we got St. sent us a Email on our the form on our website, read the Email man, this is like this is like last week. We got this Email. Okay. So the Email says Sarah decker and uncle Brad here. Well, I'm a complete fuck up. First off, somehow my fucking pay pal was linked to the patriot and it didn't have enough. So now I have to wait until pay pal takes a transfer from my Bank that takes five days to go through so no. Patriotic for me until then. This is a common problem. It is. So don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. Sarah. And you obviously, when you re sign up you can just listen to the backup so it's totally fine. Fuck up number two. I just ordered myself some. Pins from Oetzi and didn't change my address, and somehow save your address as default. I didn't catch it in time, so you'll get some Grateful Dead bands and a Walter Sobchak, from the big lebowski pin. Go ahead and keep them. I always say everything happens for a reason they might look cute Julie's, Jean jacket lovey girls forever. Did you buy them for your Jean jacket? Sarah. Sarah, and uncle Brad are the celebrities that like to do whip it before Grateful Dead concert, which, I'm, I know of, of all the things I can't remember to do. It's so annoying that I can't remember to get the whip. It's I think if one enjoys whip bits they probably can't remember a lot of small details. That is true. Well, we love Sarah, and by the way. So sarah. The, the other celebrity that you that you bought the pins from. He's a man on Oetzi named Luis Bayden. He's got his picture on his car, and he's got a full monthly dash four four one five. Holy guy Arp. So if you guys don't know four one five is the is area code for San Francisco. He's definitely like a Haight street, stonier VIN tastic pins grateful stickers. Magnets, funky Galea patches Easter eggs, more gave wrapped your pin, Sarah in. Scrap paper from his printer that he had made notes for his writings, I'm putting that in quotes, he wrote in an rainbow marker Julian brandy. Thank you for your order. Enjoy the bonus stickers. Please leave. Five star feedback or a message if there's. If there's if there's something if there's something coupon code order. Again saves you fifteen percent. Oh, see you at the shows Louis. So the free stickers. You got Sarah are the gluten free bar, a Starbucks sticker. And then a dead Inco, which doesn't cool. It's like Vegas. So should we send these to Sarah? I wanna keep the big lebowski Penn for my Jean jacket. Okay. But should we send the rest of her pins or we should, so she or do you want? I mean they're they're cool. Very cool and bear. Julie wants to put patches on her Jean jacket and. That's correct. Want to let you know that I've decided that on the patriots should anyone sign up. I will be reading I will be doing a reading from the script said notes that was sent via Oetzi via four one five. Yes. Holy guy, art. Yes. Because the notes aren't just scribbles. They are notes for a script. Yeah. He's got. But then he's got handwritten notes next to it. Handwritten notes notes and a script written quotes. I will be reading it's three tiny pins and three stickers. The motherfucker wrapped it in paper, a magazine thing, a piece of newspaper. Another piece of scrap paper. Another magazine cut. He's ripping pages out a magazine. It wrapped like the package. He probably to send him an padded envelope, quite frankly. And it was the amount of, of trashy detail that went into this. He's definitely like, look, an interesting guy that Lewis order, again, gets you five gets you fifteen percent off Sara, and you can get. He wants that five star review. Hey, and he deserves it. You know what he's attentive? He's detail oriented. He's giving he's goes, the extra mile you know what I mean? I mean like the one she ordered the crystals and the fucking crystal eighty that's right. And even say who they were from. Nope. Nope. Sarah's a big fan of Oetzi that we know about it. Yeah. So we should send these b-actor because we love her so much. Now then we got a card. We got an Amazon. Gift card gift card and a pick for the drug den from meg's right now. Mag, we wanted to read your card portions of your card. So we're not going to say your last name because you didn't specifically say we were allowed to read this. Right. So but we just liked it. And you know, it's like. We're just we've just been cons. We've been in as many of, you know, we've been in our feelings since last year, we kind of, like dropped into our feelings, and the summer life, took a turn and got crazy and what's almost going to be a year. We've been battling through coming back and scrunchy nineteen. But it's you know, we certainly have moments and, you know, when we lost Oliver money in Asia, and then lost Oliver credit area, we have no free real estate leapt on credit cards, kind of drop back into her feelings wondering about her life choices. So it's nice to get these cards. Right. Because it affirms that maybe the life choices good, and also, we like hearing other people are in their feelings. Yes. When we hear that other people are in their feelings, and what other people are going through. Yeah. You forget, when you go through your whatever it is that you're going through. And then someone says, well, I'm going through this or bullets like you have the common ground, you have what you can relate to. And then. Wow. They're going through that. Yeah. It's yeah. Everybody everybody can keep everybody into in perspective. So she says, hey, sharks already a win. Yeah. Okay. I'm not a big fan and I've been listening obsessively since I found DIGI GP I never do cheesy cheesy shit like this. But you two are pretty fucking special over the last year. I've gotten fired divorced. And had a major falling out with some really close friends. I'm living alone in my mid thirties. For the first time ever, I feel bad. I hope she doesn't mind saying this stuff. We could. Her name's Megan Murphy, right? Right. Meg Megan Ryan Murphy. I don't know how it exactly happen. But you have become my best friend therapist, and people who I live vicariously through on a daily basis. Joining the patriot was one of my best decisions the world really sucks right now. But you guys really keep me laughing. Brandy. I adore how much you hate everyone and immediately felt a kinship when you stated quote being rude to people as a cornerstone of my personality on an old episode. Julie, you are a goldmine of laughs. My fav- episode is no shirts off in my class, please, sir. And when I when I'm particularly sad, I q it up to you, and brandy singing about shirts off and mats, and I die every time seriously though, thank you. Okay. So. She offers to do drugs with us, which is her own drones so nice. And we I we wanna come to Denver because Lisa Natalie have their food truck and Denver. And we wanna fuck rock upon that food truck. Well, we are we are in the exploratory phase of Denver. Now officially? Okay, good. Yeah. I mean, this is all it takes one, one single person requesting and we're like, okay one person on the fence or clamoring. We must go to that city. We must so Lisa Natalie came to the Austin show. But still, I'm sure that they would find their way out. I hope so with all their food from their food truck, we have there'd be amazing. We are definitely going to we. Are we are it is in the works? It is in the works. Okay. Good. We'll make. She said a beautiful picture of herself with this little baby, and it's, it's not her baby but she didn't kidnap it. But it's so cute the baby in your so pretty Meghan. Thank you so much. Thank you for your card. It was just it was nice sorry. You're going through anything and nothing lasts forever. Nope. Nothing lasts forever. Even the good stuff. So. And we're only stronger from these things. I mean it's just true. It's, it's all trite. But it's all true. Allison, and Katie Kovin sent us a box of Japanese tr- candy treating, which is so funny, because before we left, we were like eating tons of sushi and Japanese food, and we had bought those little panda cookies. Yeah. We'd bought them before, and we love them. So if you guys are, if you don't listen to the patriot and you should, but we told a story about Katie and Alison, because they, they gave us a book, when we were in New Orleans called is my cats smarter than Trump. It was like a test book, and we have a whole story of the adventures of that book. And of course, we remember exactly who you guys are you bought shirts and you bought, I'm pretty sure which was for Steve, you bought a drug shirt for Steve, and they sent a picture with Steve and stormy Daniels. I mean come on a picture of stormy Daniels with Steve. She looks like she's has bald midgets in her in her halter top stormy Daniels. It's alison. Katie, Steve and. And stormy Daniels in two bald midget. Yeah. It really is. And Steve, we appreciate you listening, one of our straight gentlemen. I mean giving you know, we always love to hear. I loved them saying, we're they're buying this drug shirt for their friend, who's a lawyer. Yeah. Because they're all lawyers or whatever, and I was like, I love that the lawyers getting the drug share, of course. So they wrote a long thing, reminding us, who they are, and you never need to remind us, and they said that they have only been listening since cavenaugh ty- by nature, which was literally. I think that was last September. Might have been August the end of August, but God, you guys started listening, right? When we got sober, how I'm surprised you even like this shit though. Episodes before that were drunk all the time. One part of their card says we truly adore you both and you have helped dozen times when we have been very in our feelings. Keep living your credit keeping your incredible selves. You are loved and appreciated more than words can express much love Alison, Kadian, Steve. They said they have their each of their own patriarch. But I think it was Allison that gave her her. Her patriotic password to Steve, he love when people share the page around, we don't care. We love that. You gotta get yours. Get your life, share that dollar. Exactly. Like for people to listen to it have access to it. So now we know we have we've got like three maybe straight guys that listened to the patriot. And, you know, listen, you've never felt so special in your life. I would imagine are straight gentlemen. We love you guys so much. Thank you. Like, honestly we're going to we're going to label your picks and put them up on the drug dim bulletin board. Yes. Last episode. Johnny McGovern was in here and he saw the drug, Denver bolts and board is real, Honey. It's real. It is real. It is Israel, Israel, and it's getting full. I mean, basically, there's not much room but sending them because if we keep getting it, we'll buy, we'll just get another red bulletin board. We just go on Amazon. We can use. We can use the Amazon card that makes sense by another one. XL. Yes. Now, you won't be eating the ba- candy and I won't either until we get back from DC. And we talked about it was probably not even a good patriotic. But we're, we're doing a weird diet called the GM diet should be called the B M diet. And maybe we'll talk about it on the next patriot. We can discuss the updates. But basically, it's like a cleanse kind of went eats Pacific only one type of food and one day it's all fruit one day it's all vegetables. Right. Well today on just bananas and milk. And I'm in a very bad mood. And I got my period. Yeah. So bananas and milky period. I mean, it is so gross. My stomach is a rumbling, and we opened up the box of Japanese treats and we were like we want these treat bad Liden start when you started so because I needed to drink all weekend and then clan. So I'm on fruit only. Brute only is like state compared to just bananas and mill. I'm just. You know, I'm I'm mature. Yeah. You like oh yeah. You like the texture. I'm a I really, you know, an fruit, it was still hard, fruits, fruit's without something salty, and crunchy it really the day just as in a day. No. And also, I'm more of a temperature gal. Okay. So fruits, hard for me, because you're not eating that hot. No, there's nothing hot during who time. No, nothing. And that, and you'll find that when you don't change up the temperature of anything that you're eating your mouth. Uh-huh. Like a like a weird cavern. Fuzzy's hinny. Well, there's al- also there's a lot of sugar and fruit. And when you eat sugar coats on your teeth teeth, get sweaters, yes. By the end of the day. I was like. You do know you can brush your teeth mid day that is, that's an option that is available to you. There is gum to yes. But you mean you did the thing that you have never once done on any diet? And that is because I mean, we did a straight up juice cleanse, and it was fucking expensive, and it was only juice. And it was like three days, you still drink coffee with sugar. Yes. But this time it said, no sugar in the coffee black coffee and you did it right. Uh-huh. And it's. Gross. Yeah. It's not good. It's not it's not what you want in the morning when you sit with your both hands around your mug, and you're like. Oh, it's chilly out or whatever it. Nope. There's not even a joy to be had not one. You're just doing it. It's so become be on their acclaimed black. It is. Maybe that's why my stomach is at the point now where it feels it's rumbling so much. But it's low in the low rumbling and it's low near my butthole. Yeah. And pushed the bottom of your colon. It's an it's like burn that must be cleansing. I mean, does this fucking cleanse actually work? I swear I got over here. I had some fruit I've been so gase I peed four times. I'm like, how could this already be going already cleansing me? Yeah. I think it is. I think it is. I think it's well, it's weird. We, we went we board everyone on our patriot. And they're not always they're not always that, that single minded in boring. But we were just got we got it in the cable of this, goddamn GM diet. Yes. And we got Johnny doing Teddy's doing it. Their, their head of you there on their online. Meet or their pass me their past meat. But I, I know that it's it is at least weight loss wise. I mean, I think it's working just think of it. You only have to suffer through milk and bananas for twenty four hours like anyone can do it just literally just go outside. I I'm gonna I'll have to like just drive around because I don't eat while. I'm like, in the middle of the day. If I'm busy, I'm home. Right. I yeah, I just got to keep busy, right? I mean it's weird. I feel I do feel I do. Yeah. Like you seem insane. Yeah. I do feel and that's period too. And but I do feel on. You know it's not just like any I don't know. There's something about eating the, the one thing, the one thing, and I'm yeah, I can't explain it when anyone tells you about it, fruit one day vegetables, one day fruit and vegetables together, milk and bananas. You always think I can do it because you've just eaten just eating like a normal person. And then you go I can do that. And then you also think fruit and vegetables, it's still healthy. It's good for you. I love that. And then you realize, wow. By you know two pm three pm. It gets real hard. Yeah. No real hard. You can't even have soda you can't even out now. I did get seltzer. I don't know if you can have clump club soda, but you probably have any I mean I did have Globes ODA. Yeah, I did. I did. I did I had bubbly slash blackberry club soda, but it's just infused doesn't have any calories or sugar. And it does not know it's a clans. We're doing it. The GM diet, it is the General Motors diet. I mean, I don't know who it's for I don't know for like factory or what I mean, we have no idea. We didn't even do the research, Julie didn't even Google the damn diet, like she's like, oh, come on milk and bananas. And it was yesterday. And I you're on fruit and vegetables, she's like, oh, okay, I'm like, bugle the diet. I did after you told me that I was like, what am I doing? I'm just I don't even. Like just going from like YouTube videos, we walked, yeah. Well, exactly, okay, let's get to I of the shit storm. She didn't take some shit put up on the wall chicken. You take shit bought off of the Washington, put it down on the floor in the glass bowl. She'd take some book and put up on the wash. Okay. Oh now Berlow energy, and we're starving. I hate. The political shit storms have gotten a real, boring post Muller reports the curtain pulled back and reveal the political side of politics and it's nut cute. There's nine hundred different committees in congress investigating every area of Trump's life. And he is working twenty four seven to block subpoenas for every financial document, and every requested testimony. But he kicked it up a notch this week when he walked out in the middle of a scheduled infrastructure meeting was speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, and that in a nutshell started. The shit store was right walking out of the meeting. So apparently Nancy Pelosi had done a news conference before the meeting, and she said that Trump stonewalling all the subpoenas amounts to what they believe is a cover up. Okay. So this was the first time that Nancy Pelosi has gone on record and basically said that she believes that he's a fifth straight criminal and Trump was so pissed off that. He confronted her at the infrastructure meeting, and then told them at the meeting that there would be no deals until the cough all the investigations, and then he flipped around tosses fucking hair and stormed out turned on his heel. Yeah. No. So after he stormed out him and his Fox News media team shifted their strategy to slandering, Nance Pelos. I mean it's getting hot in the kitchen, and he will do anything at this point to prevent his taxes, getting out the unredacted Mullah report getting out and his financial records at Deutsche Bank from getting out so Trump did nine million different press conferences. He made sure to say that Nancy Pelosi has lost it. And clearly isn't the same as she used to be then he tweeted, an edited video courtesy of his media team at Fox News that said, Nancy Pelosi stammering her way through a speech, literally taking like a twenty Fox News taking a twenty minute speech. Or even longer and cutting up just putting together every time she stammered or stumbled over her words. I mean, God forbid, if someone can take this hour, long podcast and forty five minutes of it would be loops at it. Well, then the Khuda gras okay by a right wing group with a Facebook page called politics watchdog. They posted a fucking doctored video of Nance where they made the bitch look drunk, okay? They literally slowed down the speed to seventy percent and then altered. So when you slow down the speed of a video Wong, too. So then they put her pitch back up. So they had to go into pitch and make her voice go back up high. So it was like. So it sounded like her, but drunk and slurring. Okay. So Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani Guliani tweeted, the fake video, and, like eight million people or more. It's just climbing every minute viewed the shit on Facebook. Fucking Facebook man fucking Facebook. The whole thing is so fucking gross, and so fucking stupid. It's exactly why Facebook is the world's biggest asshole stay refused to this moment to take the booking video down. And by the way, I now know especially after Elizabeth Warren is fucking coming for, for all of them, Google all that's doing, and I love Elizabeth Warren, and I will vote for her because of that. And but all of that's doing is sending all those tech companies including most importantly, Facebook with all their money right into the arms of fucking Republicans who are going to promise that, if they give them their money for the fucking re election of Donald Trump that they won't put regulations on. Right. So. So just like Facebook doesn't want any fucking regulations? That's the reason they're not taking the video down. Right. And Mark Zuckerberg already has said like they keep hiding behind free speech and they hide behind. Well, people need to make their own decisions about what they're watching we can't police that. And it's just like you, you know, that that's shit is fake, and it's not just fake news. It's it's beyond incendiary and it is. I mean, wouldn't that be considered libelous you know what I mean? Right. Like Facebook is literally like we have a, we have a clip of like some bitch, who works Facebook like way, high up, she went on Anderson Cooper, and like tried to the only person that went on the news and she tried to defend like, why they left it up. But Facebook is literally literally, the number one most popular website for news, by far like it's like nowhere even near CNN Washington Post any of those places. Everyone gets their fucking news. First and foremost foremost from Facebook. But they do not have to follow. This is just fax. They don't have to follow the same rules that, like newspapers. Have to follow websites that are affiliated. With news broadcasts, like CNN Washington Post, New York Times Facebook does not have to follow any of the rules. This includes advertising, this is why fucking hate Instagram. Their false Vulcan advertising. This dumb shitty booking Chinese company goes on their posts fake pictures that they've ripped off of some fashion bloggers website. And then they sell you some crack dress. That was made for two dollars and Instagram isn't isn't responsible for that, right? Because they're saying that they're all just people putting stuff up just their social media accounts. Yeah. You just have to decide what you know what you wanna do about it. It's not their full. Meanwhile, it'll say paid advertisement. Yes. Sponsored by that Instagram got money for. And that's Mark Zuckerberg because we all know, Facebook owns Instagram. So less anyone out there be like I how many people realize that Facebook is owned by our executive order. And it's like a every one knows there isn't anyone that doesn't know. So when the thing goes around delete, Facebook, which it did on Twitter, the hash tag came back with a vengeance. Yes. The minute he fucking said he wasn't taking down the Nancy Pelosi video. It was like delete Facebook Oliver Twitter. And of course, there's always those fucking skanks that gotta come up from the fucking bottom dwelling basement. They live in and be like, do these people even know that Facebook owns Instagram. And it's like, yeah, we do we all know that we all know that we're not going to be like delete, all your social media's and go fuck and live alone, and a whole, right? It starts with Facebook. That's how it starts and Facebook is the most incendiary of all of them, period. There are the number one news source rates. Exactly now, I'm sure that there are Dr Trump videos so kooky, Coulter Democrats share and believe in those should be removed, too. And there should be removed to like the there, I've seen fake videos for sure. And if it's if it's put up his news, like it's one thing, if you, you know, somebody makes some parody or some sort of satire. Fire or whatever. That's one thing I do think. Yeah. Like Randy rainbow, let's say, right. Randy rainbow. We all know Randy when rain or does the thing, it's like he splices in the actual person, and it's him. And then he turns it into a song, and then we know that's not an actual news broad raced, so but when you're saying, like this look at this, this is an news outlets are saying, this is real, this is real, and it's like, and it's always extremist wings of both parties. And by the way, it's no one. It's Russian troll. Heather, it's Russian trolls, who invented a group called politics watchdog and came in fucking post this shit. It's rush and fucking trolls. Right. And even if it's a fake video, Donald Trump in some far left group, that's a crazy insane far left group. That's Russian trolls to. Right. Right. It is. It just is. It's when it's on social media, and it's crazy like over the top fucking like tribalism like political tribalism. I whole heartedly know it's fucking Russia, barrels it just is just because who has the time. Who has the time, right? Only people who are paid by right? So bas- books in a Representative to talk to basically what it is, is. There's two things happening here. Okay. The insanity of Trump and his clear unfitness to be functioning as president of the United States. Okay, which is being showcased and was showcased through his week long fight with Nancy Pelosi. Because don't forget, Trump tweeted a video the Fox News made. It was an edited video, it wasn't a doctor video, but it was edited to be misleading. Trump tweeted that, and then says she stammering away through speech, then he went on fifty different press conferences, and and rose guarded getting on the helicopter in the fucking west wing in the losses. She's lost. Yes. She's lost it. She's she was listen. She's actually this. Do you think Nancy's you think when he when he says them by their first name, and he any only under the he ever says, Chuck, Chuck Chuck or Mitch Mitch Mitch? I think he just says Nancy, you know what I mean. Yeah. And he's always like you think Nancy's the same as she was he by just her first name. And I'm like you're one hundred two are you writing that she's what senile is? She having a senior moment. I'm sure you recognize it easily you're insane. Exactly. It's like it's an old person calling another person old like are you fucking serious right now? So he's really showing how crazy is. Okay. That's the first thing and then the other. Other thing is what we were already saying, which is Facebook's involvement, which displays they're insanity and unfitness to be considered a new source. So that's what's happening. It's like an it's happening at the same time and, and the shit storms kind of like combined. So Facebook sent a Representative to talk to Anderson Cooper, and they which she attempted to defend leaving up the doctor video and Trump interrupted a news conference. He held about farmers receiving federal bailout, to let everyone know that he is a stable, quote stable genius. He says this and I actually, he said it as a joke, and I thought it was pretty funny. But, like, like people are basically saying, people are saying, I'm all over the place. But I'm not I'm stable, staple genius, and then he goes, literally he has his like fucking aids lined up. It's like Kellyanne Conway Sarah Sanders all the assholes. He has them lined up. He's out of podium with dumb fuck farmers behind him with big old cowboy hats on. Like, well, where's our aid? And it's like fuck off. He goes down to each person and says talking about that he stormed out of the meeting. So he wants to make Nancy Pelosi look like she made up a story and he wants his whole staff to then confirm that he didn't storm out of the me. You got you will not believe the video you going to play for you. But if you see it, it's. Nope. Resonated mystery of note, but he and he's notorious for doing this, where he's we've seen a few of them where he has them all all in the demeaning cable. He's like, oh, well, you've, you've done an amazing job. Mr President, you're the best president. We've ever seen Mr President your so whatever. I mean it's like he makes them tell the cameras it truly is astounding. It is it really is. It really is. So here's this one. I was just dying. So I just want to let you every time I go into a room if there aren't cameras. They come out say, oh, he was yelling. He was screaming Kellyanne. What was my temperament yesterday? I hope. Probably she's like smiling. Lawsuit. Because everyone was. Com. Jason, you can be common. Still have a temper tantrum. A temper tantrum storming out meeting. You didn't have a temper tantrum today or dawn D. Yeah. Whatever you didn't have a temper tantrum today. You were good today. Normally you do have a temper tantrum. Yeah. And it's a tantrum if you leave a meeting a scheduled meeting where you're supposed to sit and compromise and discuss and you can't do it. You, you throw down a fuck in ultimatum, and you spend on your heel and toss her hair and go. The cable Cedric. You want to hear this when they wanted to ask. See he doesn't t speak news. Voice, you said, oh, God Kellyanne. Talk about instruction. They made them right? And I just don't know what she's going to do when you see it's going to be one of the great trade deals. The great Larry. Could you should not a television? He said, more live calling up. Larry didn't even remember he's at the meeting. No one even knows. Larry cudlow is. So they have this narrative that they want, because I saw a crying Jack yesterday, and he crying, Chuck. That's what he does. And he was this, that Larry, you were there, there were many people there, by the way, many, we can get twenty twenty other people to say this, what was my good. Get us twenty other people because we're enjoying it. Very calm. You laid out. Contributed germs Pimm on layer. Larry, he's National Economic Council director. Thank speaker, insane anything, they couldn't they have time. Well, they didn't have a tantrum then. Much calmer than Senator crazy. Exactly. They know that when the twelfth Democrats here, thirty for the first meeting. They went out to the six and address best, and I think you should go back and play speaker Pelosi's comments Mezei, because she made very clear that it was projected constructed move toward infrastructure. And some of you asked her how you investigate him in org on infrastructure. And she said we didn't talk about investigations. We're here to talk about infrastructure so that changed yesterday. Now she came here. Russia. Just come forward as anybody knows now. It's Sarah Sarah Huckabee Sanders to soak in both the meeting today. The narrative was, I was screaming. It was terrible much Nancy and she was all craziness ends and everything. The bego. Just curious that you were there. Very calm. I've seen both and this was definitely not. Or ranting very calm and straightforward and clear that we have to actually get to work and do good things for the American really. And it's going to be impossible to do that, for spending all of our time fighting, so, so that's why you get you just leave the room. Right. Even have a conversation. Yeah. That helps the American people that motherfucker she has learned from Kellyanne Conway, and they will spin, spin, spin, God, it was all about just getting getting to work for the American people. A well I've seen I've seen both when you act like a fucking asshole. I've seen both those things. And that was you were not acting like that. You actually just we're calm. When you had your this is this is a calm tantrum. Not a temper tantrum, right? Oh, everyone's just shut up. Yeah. They just the word tempers really guess they're taking umbrage with so what they're trying to do. Now is spin it that because of all the house investigations that now no legislation for the American. People can get done poor American people with their grows in their bridges roads and the bridges the roads and the bridges, and it's like okay, well, we all know relief and by that, I mean, ten people because no one else even knows or cares nothing gets done, if it can't go to the Senate floor. The house has passed over one hundred pieces of legislation that have not been seen by the Senate because Mitch McConnell will not allow them to be seen. The house can go all God day long without even getting Donald, they didn't get Donald Trump's permission to do the equality Bill. They didn't get Donald Trump's permission to pass vote the voter suppression act, but they did it anyway. And then it all just died in the Senate because Mitch McConnell's grim reaper, and he's America's number one enemy. And so they want to spin it, but it doesn't work because it's the Senate. So we don't it doesn't matter if they're investigating him. They can't get any of their bills to the floor anyway. Right. They can't. Because when on all of his base, and all of the FOX people, and everyone who will only hear what he has to say, and they'll believe what he has to say, like, well, I don't understand why there's not. Five hundred fucking incriminating videos of Mitch McConnell floating around, and they wouldn't even need to be doctored like the one where he fell down. But all we do is just pussy foot around and focus on the wrong thing. How your messaging be about Mitch McConnell, every single person don't even have them going without talking about Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell make him the enemy, if all of Trump's supporters love him, they don't know shit about Mitch McConnell. Exactly. Just say, we can't get anything passed because Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell won't let us see anything, Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell make his name fucking like like anonymous with nothing getting this. It doesn't matter about Trump and if Nancy Pelosi wants to get up and she can simulate all day, and she just be like look Trump is whatever he is, and we're going to try and work with them. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter because Mitch McConnell's the one who's pulling all the string. Yeah, that's what she should say sheet, that is what she should say. And that's what they all should say. And have the guy's name, you household name, like not like Karl rove or nobody even knew who he was like, make sure people understand what. He does and why he's evil. I mean definitely, though, at that time you heard that Karl rove was evil while he was the Bray, he was the he was, so it's like, but people are not hearing this about much, and I know they're not because it's so hard to get through, like right now is the time to for people to learn about politics because they're paying attention more than ever. And I don't know. But their messaging needs to they all need to get together with their messaging, and you hear that all the time, and I finally finally, understand what it means because I know that if every fucking time there was a camera on their face. They said his name things would start to change area. Then you start threatening him the way he threatens them. So now, Facebook, okay, Trump was asking a press conference if you knew anything about the misleading videos, even though he tweeted one and Rudy Guliani tweeted, the other one he's, he's never he doesn't know about anybody else. He doesn't know about anybody else. Right. Youtube took down the one that was clearly doctored and fake Rudy Guliani deleted his tweet. Okay. But Facebook refused to remove it, and they defended it to Anderson Cooper, and people are just like no one can believe no one can believe in the wake of the two thousand sixteen election. Obviously Facebook has repeatedly told congress the American people that you're serious about fighting disinflation faking this. Yet, this doctorate video that I think your own fact, checkers acknowledges doctored of speaker Pelosi remains on your platform. Why? Well, first off, I think the suggestion is that we haven't taken action, and that's not right. We have acted anybody who is seeing this video in news feed, anyone who is going to share it to somebody else. Anybody who has shared it in the past there being alerted that this video is false. And this is part of the way that we deal with misinformation. We work with internationally certified fact, checking organizations that are independent from Facebook. The thoughts based in Russia. That'd be making decisions about whether something is true or false. And as soon as we get, and we did in this case as soon as we get a rating from them that content is false. Then we dramatically reduce the distribution of that content, and we let people know that it's false. So they can make an informed choice. What why we did? Yeah. We think it's important for people to make their own informed choice about what to believe. Our job is to make sure that we are getting them accurate information. And that's why we work with more than fifty fact checking organizations around the world. If there were misinformation that was, let's say tied to an ongoing riots or the threat of some physical violence somewhere in the world. We would work with safety organizations on the ground to confirm falsity and linked to violence, and then we actually would remove that misinformation. So most information about the beer that doesn't promote violence, but misinformation that, you know, portrays the slander an promotes distrust in this country, and how do they know not gonna try to kill her. Know drunk or somehow impaired. That's fine. You know what's important to UN's is making. Sure, you have the accurate information to make their own choices. And I think if you look right now at the we are telling people that this is false. You're not putting or powerful than you're right. But the video is powerful more powerful than whatever you're putting under the video. Well, actually what we're seeing is that the conversation on Facebook on Twitter offline as well is about this video having been manipulated. I mean as evidenced by, you know, my parents today, this is the conversation that conference because of other people not because of you this video is that they're discussing the fact that it was manipulated. And that's the conversation that people should be having. And that's what we want. We want to keep the video up. So people stay on Facebook Zeigler. They continue to talk about it. That's on there. And so that they continue exactly to art. Thank you to argue to start fights to keep fighting so that we can put up other ads so that they can see those ads while they're either fake. Yeah. And also Lou Vincent, Pachulia home of people fighting, but Facebook should be called fight book, exactly what we want. And when we're offline off Twitter off Instagram, and behind the scenes, what we're talking about is fighting. And we hope that people just continue to fight on Facebook, so Anderson. I mean, you know, so delete Facebook when all around. Hitter again Facebook kept Alex Jones up so long after YouTube banned him like he didn't interview with the New York Times, Mark Zuckerberg where he's like, we we're going to keep up Alex Jones because I let people on the on the platform who deny the holocaust, and I'm Jewish. And it's like you ask all you are fucking asshole. I it's so fucking toxic. Like even the people who are affiliate who made billions off of Facebook. There's like this group of billionaires that got rich from Facebook, okay? Brian acton. He's the one who was like the co founder of what's up. He said, it's he last year, he did hashtag. He's at it's time to delete Facebook, Sean Parker. You remember him from the Facebook movie. He was a Facebook's first president. He said, God only knows what this is doing to our children's brains. The former head of growth for Facebook described social media as quote, ripping apart, the social fabric of how society works in the. Most recent and highest profile act of derision Facebook, cofounder Chris Hughes, who was also in the Facebook movie. He was Mark zuckerberg's roommate at Harvard, he announced this month that Facebook should be broken up by the federal government. We're getting into a situation where it's like it's, it's a massive massive corporation. That is absolutely dominating dominating the space. He buys every single social app that comes out there's no he stifles innovation. He owns everything. It's a complete and utter monopoly. And that's a legal. Exactly him. And Jeff Bezos needs to be fucking they do and Amazon's gonna have to get broken up to. It's beyond okay? I can't the fact that it was already appalling to me the fight between him and Nancy Pelosi just because it really showed he's just so deranged. He's just unstable the fact that he said he's a stable Jimmy as we know he's unstable. Right. He's unstable. And I feel it and it makes me feel unsafe. Yes. When all you're worried about is Nancy Pelosi, and you're not he's just he's unstable. And then you throw in Facebook and oh, so many people were playing old videos of Rudy Giuliani during two thousand sixteen talking about going going. Facebook, just Google news. Google Hillary Clinton is sick and you will see so much information about how sick she is. And it was all bullshit, all bullshit about her being sick. And now they tried to do it again with nouns pillows, but everybody is to fucking savvy for that. Everybody's fucking onto you. Now, people know about the Russian trolls, you're not gonna fucking do it again. And it's just that's where. I can't think straight, it's because of as book. I'm so glad that we're off Facebook. Yeah, I'm your number on it. But, but our podcast is off your personal account is off me, too. I mean I am. It's like the only thing it's where everyone is headed you guys can put it off. But I mean, really you should just try it. And just go Twitter and Instagram and just try to slowly back off of it. But the good news that we have, and the only good news is that Trump's been trying to like block all of the subpoenas. That's what he's been doing. That's the whole thing with Nancy Pelosi because she's the head, she's the speaker of the house. She's the head of the house of representatives, and they are the ones with all the investigations. All of his legal work to block. The subpoenas has basically failed. Right. So there's the White House is appealing it. But by basically, we think the end of the summer, which gives really gives Deutsche Bank and all of them another shrug, and they'll throw their in like a VAT of acid, it'll fall in a fire. Place. It'll fall in some white out and some new numbers. Right. But they'll doctor the documents. But if we can possibly by some miracle if Justice is actually served, and the government does, it's fucking job. We will see his taxes in his Bank rubber records and the unredacted Miller report by the end of the summer, and then by bitch, 'cause you criminal, you occasional before you've been went to office so by wig. We want to tell you guys about this cool show. That's happening in New York City. It's the only night one night, only, it's all like gay comedian ladies queer comedian girls. And when do ever get to go to a night where it's all like not just female comedians, but queer comedians all in one room and they're all hilarious, like Gloria Bigelow and Emma. Willman. And if Obree genie Yasha Ray Sydney Washington, it's going to be hosted by the Solomons like this is unprecedented. Yeah. It's basically it's project L pack, the sales, the ticket sales benefit project, L pack, and they're putting on the show with all clear, ladies because they're a nonprofit group, dedicated to funding original research about LGBTQ women as a political community, and that's so important, because we want in general the gay community community in general to be considered a viable political community consumers all of it. A lot of times, people don't take into account the gay community as real in viable, and, and certainly with queer ladies, they never think we're ladies have any money. Yup. And you know what they do? They like to buy things, and they like to they are political, and they're getting more politically, active and project L pack is dedicated to researching that so, you know, you're tickets are going, your ticket money is going to a good cause. Tickets are available at project, L pack dot org slash levity. You can just go to project L pack dot org in go round their website and check them out, and you can look for this show there, and I'm sure it's there, but project, L pack dot org slash levity is where you can get the tickets ten percent off with code stonewall fifty. It is the fiftieth anniversary of stonewall Humpty, and you will go and they're partnering up with L pack and it's just a night to, to nut Psomas. Yeah. And it's all girls. Let's we're all wanting to support anything, that's all girls. They're also focusing that night on the mayor's the queer women mayors who just got elected this year in, like, Chicago, Tampa and Madison three women mayors that are all gay like so dope. And they're, they're celebrating that, that night too. So it's going to be fun. And funny, you can't really beat that lineup. Right. And hopefully you guys make it out on June twenty fifth. That's go to project, L pack dot org slash levity. And remember to type in stonewall fifty and you get ten percent off. Now it's time for just the tip of the iceberg. Well, this week, the prime minister of England Theresa May step down after failing for the final time to deliver a workable Brexit deal. She may be gone, but as far as England's problems go, this is just the t to, to to to tip. To two p girl. So in two thousand sixteen. Politics in England went to shit on an almost identical shitty path that sent America into the Trump should of a referendum came on the UK ballot proposing that the United Kingdom separate itself from the European Union. No one thought it would pass the thought of it was as crazy as Trump becoming our president, but thanks to Cambridge Analytica Vladimir Putin and a building full of Russian internet. Trolls, British citizens stunned the world by voting for fucking Brexit. That's right in a nearly identical political strategy to the Trump campaign, pro Brexit, strategists use the coke brothers funded company. Cambridge a Liga to scour social media, and pinpoint disenfranchise unemployed people in depressed areas, sound familiar, then through the use of Russian troll farms. They fed them, fake news about immigrants taking over taking all of their jobs, but a little bit of this is exactly how Trump got elected. And after. That election, the UK found themselves up shits creek. Yeah. And we were up there with them. We were at the we will shits requests, you could make it come on just like sitting in our own boat with no paddle, like we're fucked, too. So at that point in the summer of two thousand sixteen them prime Minister David Cameron. So he had called for the Brexit vote for some like political reasons and never thinking, it would actually pass. And when it did he resigned. So Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London emerged as the front runner to replace David Cameron, but Boris Johnson's campaign manager like turned on him and ruined his campaign, and that left only Theresa May as like the only viable candidate available. Right, so, and that was pretty much the beginning of then for Theresa May, because there was no viable or realistic deal to be had for Brexit. And it was supposed to be a fake choice on the ballot like just like Trump. And it ended up passing because a gazillion ignorant. People knew nothing about politics. And we're tricked by social media fearmongering and noticed. I don't call them dumb because these people aren't done. They're just uninformed which is ignorant. They're just uninformed and got had. On facebook. They got fucking had on Facebook. Yup. And a lot of the people are, and if you watch and I watched a law of Brexit stuff this weekend. And when they interview people, it is literally, you could put you can put make America maga- hat, you can put. It's the same shit. They're taking our jobs. Why are we're a sovereign nation. We need somebody to lead us, whereas our jobs. I wanna make more money. It's the same shit. Literally, I'm going to read this member. The lady on meet the press doors curtains, the from the orient. Yeah. Yes. In a of jittered pressure, children, though, when you did like her legacy so doors curtains, she was on meet the press again. And she said, she's click summed it up in wasn't about Brexit. It was about America but it applies and I put it in my phone because I was like so into it. So she said that when this happens like where we're at right now in America, and definitely where they're at in England. Happens because prosperity when prosperity isn't shared like an democratic nation when there are people who are disproportionately like so lucky and so well off, when that prosperity isn't shared people feel left out. And then there's a disconnect between people in the cities, and then people who like live out in the country. So when people out in the country suffer they blame immigrants and then they vote based on fear and democracy for democracy to work there. There has there needs to be a way to share the prosperity. Right. And that definitely comes with rich people, fucking pain. They're fucking taxes. Absolutely. And that's what we're experiencing here literal. And exact. Yeah, there's too much prosperity for two few and not enough for too many, and those people out people who live in the sticks or even just in the middle. They have their own. They're living in the city, but there's no jobs for them. Well, and they blame immigrants. They're told that the immigrants took their jobs. Right. And especially when in America, I. Think farmers, let's say factory workers were esteemed coal miners. Like you're, you're, they kind of felt special you were like the backbone of the in your known. Is that you're the backbone? You're the blue-collar you're the you're the worker you're the, you know, the we can do it and all that. And that has been degraded completely. Yep. And now they don't feel special, and they're not yet, and they're not jobs at Jonah, Oregon, and the factories close because they moved to China or Mexico wrecked. And now now not only are they taking our jobs here. They're being put out there. And then you're going to take someone out there who's gonna come in here and take my job. Make America great again. Yeah. So then you're fucked. And that's exactly what's happening in England. Exactly. And it's so sad, and it's sad for tree Somme. Okay. Basically, the European Union is a political and economic union of twenty eight states. Okay in Europe. It has an estimated population of like five hundred thirteen million. So they have like their own market, like with their own trade system, their own laws. They can go in and out of every state. They don't have to like people in Ireland, can go to England and they can just move. They don't have to fucking deal with passport. Yeah. Like everyone lives in one country. Yeah. And they have their their their European passport. I got in the union, and then I remember I went to. England, and like two thousand one and it was still the pound. And it was the year after that, that it went to the euro in two thousand and two nineteen of the Member States came together. All went on the euro. So it's such a big deal for them to leave and Theresa May thought she was going to be able to handle it. You know. Yes, she did she did think, so when she tried to from what I can understand. She tried to go in and have a compromise. It would be like, I guess, dealing with it is, literally like dealing with the Senate and the house gets same shit. Like they have a conservative party. It's like parliament and the conservative party that were like split in half. Right. And because of the way it went down. It was like these people had owned the parliament, and it's like and they'd been in the European Union for forty years. And she had to try to like make her way through like a parliament, that was like split between people who were like hardcore like Brexit. And then people who like wanted to stay. And then there was the whole liberal party. And the some of the people are theorising that had she apparently what she tried to do. I was work within the conservative party only. So she had worked within that in the only that party so you have the Brexit IRS and you have the conservative people within the conservative party and she tried to deal with them alone before she dealt with the whole other liberal party. And so what they're these guys are saying, our, you know, had she gone to everyone at first she might have been able to make a deal, but she only worked within one section for too long. And then it became impossible. Yeah. Well. Let's she gave her speech. I watched the whole speech, I really liked her speech a lot. And obviously I'm not involved in this could be like there's another me sitting in England. The British very sexy version of us in England probably saying that they like Donald Trump because they're not a part of it. I don't get the vibe that Theresa May's like Donald Trump. You know, but I liked her speech, right there shuttle think they see her like Donald Trump. But they are other there's other character actors. Yeah. Have emerged that are like Donald Trump like Nigel Faraj, and that guy Boris Johnson is like Donald Trump. So they're having like they have a very Trumpian. Yeah. I have those guys there. She's not. I mean, that we don't know the ins and outs. So we just like are based on whatever, just her talking. But here's the end of her speech where she, she gets choked up, and I thought, I mean, I was touched by her speech. Politics, maybe undestroyed, but there is so much. That is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. I will shortly leave the job that it has been the owner of my life to hold. The second female prime minister, but certainly not the lost. I do so with no ill-will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country. I love. And then she broke for a second turned around and walked away. Just you drop the mic and said fuck you got us base. And we know what it was mind boggling the fucking like terrain. She was going to have to navigate to make this deal happen. She wasn't able to do it. She proposed five hundred different ways. Nothing past and whoever her successor is isn't gonna fucking find a deal either. No. So let man go takeover and washer, man fuck and not do it. Because that's what they all want. Right. That is what they want. And the one of the things that was so gross about watching that the coverage and hearing them a lot of different people talk about her. They all talked about how she never showed emotion. She this is the first time we saw her show emotion, and then they pan right to her husband, and you see him kind of go like west. She did that. And it was like a little there. He goes, you could see that she relooked and it was like what would they ever say that about one man, never clear? Somebody would ever say that he doesn't show emotion. She's the fucking prime. Minister of the fucking of fucking England what he wanted to do. Be like Brexit. Oh, no xactly. She's the leader of an huge dissect America. Yeah. Like give her fucking break, and the whole thing limit as they sweep their feelings under the rug and stiff upper lip and all that. Like I mean, and yeah, they wouldn't say about a man, and if he did show motion than they would be fucking like when Jimmy Kimmel cried and was home. We can call them like a woman. They say now when I was like a woman. Good luck England. I'm happy that Theresa May's in her feelings like us. Yes, you know, she's not she's not having the best week. No, no. And it was like Bill Browder said Putin wanted to destabilize the west and this was how he did it. And you and you know what mission accomplished? All right. Well, we got just but t I p girl but now it's time for douche capacities. I think know show is on. I guess. These. This segment is called douche pads and it's pretty self explanatory. It sure is. Okay. So there are some massive massive douche bay. It's happening at the top of Mount Everest. Okay. And the whole thing is just fucking vulgar, this whole episode is about social media, and how it's ruined the world, this whole episode. So you've all probably heard about it, 'cause you're all in social media. But if you haven't seen the photo, or if you haven't done a deep dive, then you might not be aware of exactly how do she the whole thing has gotten. Okay. So over the last week. Two people died at the top of Mount Everest while waiting to get in line while waiting in line to get to the summit and three people died on their way down. If you haven't seen the image of the line waiting to get to the summit, please, Google it now, I'm going to show it to me for the first time to let you guys hear her real time, reaction this is of the douche campaigns happening at the top of mount. Everest, this is the line to get to this. Oh my God. Oh my God. Can you fucking believe that and they're all just going up there to what takes fees? And then when you get up there to the people lined up in puffy jacket chest toback chest back on the edge of fucking cliff the highest peak in the whole world waiting in a line that is over three hundred and fifty people deep Google this image right now. If you haven't seen it, then you get to the summit, it's the size of two ping pong tables, only fifteen to twenty people can fit on it out of the time. They're jostling an elbowing to take the fucking perfect selfie, and people are in wearing oxygen. You can't even be up there. If you're not an oxygen tank, they have oxygen tanks and their oxygen tanks. Run out. They run out of oxygen and they die and people this woman that died waiting in line. People are stepping over dead bodies. You don't even go up to the top of Mount Everest, without seeing a dead body. You don't they see dead bodies on the way down. People are dead, what the fun it's fucking. What's and I go fun. It's clearly because social media p. Weren't even going to museums. We have this, this museum, and lack Ma in L A that has all these lamp posts out in the front of lock Ma there's like they're lined up. It's like all these lamposts. It's hard to describe it's like an art installation. The lack mutt would be a ghost town. I lived I've been living out in LA for a long, long time. And it was not until Instagram, you can't drive by that museum at any time of day. Morning noon middle of the night that there's not motherfuckers. They're taking self fees in front of that museums all over the world have become places to be because everybody needs to fuck in have their status symbol and Mount Everest became the ultimate status symbol. The guy that died, ma'am out. Yeah, he posted on fucking Instagram, of course, because it's whole thing is about thirsty. Graham, the whole fucking thing is about to Graham, he posted with a single route to the summit delays caused by overcrowding. Could prove fatal. So I am hopeful that my decision to wait to go to the summit on the twenty fifth will mean fewer people. Unless of course everyone else plays the same waiting game. He's dead. He's dead. And he jets is because of no oxygen or do they fall off to. Well, they're taking a couple people fall off and on their way down. People die. They have heart attacks because of because you're up there you are. You're not in your right mind. It's like the atmosphere is like Lord of the flies people because social media already makes people simply at fucking trader Joe's like tunnel vision. Myopic, everybody's pushing their car, nobody sees anyone else come single-minded because of social media. And that's what this is they've like we've hiked and whatever for however many weeks, and we're finally getting up here and they will not be denied to get that picture. They will not be denied and then ended up eleven people have died in two thousand nine hundred alone. It's only may oh my God. What who go? What do you, I don't even I can? I can't I honestly I can't. I mean healing you like an eye. Fucking -rageous. I'm like fuck in this guy. This guy said there's a picture of this guy sitting down he has this giant crowd behind him, and he's holding he's covered his whole body is covered in, like a snowsuit, and they has an oxygen masks. You can't even see his face, and he's holding a sign that says, I love, you mama. I'm like you know what I'm gonna do. I'm going to take that picture and say it's me because you can't even tell who it is. Right. And then all you see on the summit of fucking Mount Everest the top of mount. Everest is twenty other people in snow suits, milling around, and doesn't that make it less special. You. I know that for people who climb and whatever other like I'd climb Mount Everest. I'm amazing. Well, it's like we'll pantley anyone can unless you die with it or no. They're not seasoned climbers because of social media. There's become this whole black market of, like, tour guides, and people that will sell you shitty oxygen for cheaper, and they'll take you up there, because there's no one like, there's no officials up there. There's no regulations wherever amount, ever, ever says like around fucking like Tibet, or whatever the fuck, there's no like there's no laws or anybody regulating it. They just want tours money towards money there. I'm looking I have to. I look. And apparently this asshole climbed up to camp. But the jet scream Jetstream and return, closing the summit after only two days. So I decided to base camp. Or one hundred climbers did summit in those days with sadly two deaths. An Indian man found dead in his tent camp, four an Irish climber lost. They started a gofundme page for the Irishman but it's a futile attempt like that guy died. He said, oh, the one who wrote this. Yes, he said he's dead. And good. You know what a good read it I'm sorry. I know that's hard core. But, like straight up our fucking out of their minds. You're sitting there, Instagram. Ing about people dying and you're, you know, you're fifty five right? It's like you, you aren't a seasoned climber. You don't know if you can handle that altitude. I watch my dog said at the end of the bed at my parents house, in Arizona and practically dia fuck and heart failure. I'm like this dog is. Breathing at the end of the bed about to die and take him to the vet on Thanksgiving Day. And it's like you eat people who have to get to go even just like a few thousand feet. I don't even know how I can't I can't deal hashtag, Everest hashtag Evers twenty nineteen hashtag, I'm about to die. I mean in today's I mean just standing there you're standing in line behind someone and they just collapse. And you're like oh, and then you just you're so fucking hardcore that you step over the body. I read this other thing where this woman's like a seasoned climber, and it's like you see they see people going down, and they're suffering in their out of oxygen. And so you have to you wanna give them your oxygen, but you, you only have a limited supply. So then you have to, like try to help, but then you can't and you're having to be callous towards like what is the point or what, what is the point, not like you're on? You're not having to serve you didn't just get. D- deserted on an island. You're not surviving. You chose to do it to climb something you went to north face and bought a jacket for selfie for selfie. You wrote a sign that says, I love you mom to pull it out for a selfie like you died for a selfie. And it's and the mountain is covered in trash. It's like I said, there's a whole black market that sprung up around it. The government is becoming greedy and making unsafe conditions in order to get more and more money, people are thinking that anyone can do it and it's just like douche Hades being on, I mean, the on that was, you know, I, I didn't know that the I'm I that's not what I expect, I know. That's not expected. I couldn't wait. I band Julia from looking at it because I was like I must be the one, because I know we are so callous and insensitive. But I'm just like it's to me, it's a sign of the times, and it could never be more clear than this. And it's like I mean wake the fuck on up. Now it's time for. So there's that. Okay. So this is the part of the show, where I give Julie the task of finding a, so there's that moment in all of the stressful, and scary shit that's going on right now. Bitch us to do it week after week and it isn't easy, especially when all she's had to eat today's milk and bananas. We're very, very diet rage. Okay. So tell us what you came up with me. I'm out. Okay. Well, once again, I want to tell you something, this is impossible. Yes. Now just when I think all hope is lost. Some little gem does find its way to me now we it's funny that it's coming on Memorial Day week. I should say because I forgot that it even existed. But the universe must have been talking to me because I the last sort of couple days from watching the news and this is something I've thought about a on and off and I just thought that I've had is. I just I have often wondered why anyone joins the military. I don't understand it. I don't relate to it. And I've spent many, many years, judging it, and after doing this podcast, I have to tell you, I've been open to a lot and just in general just a lot just opening up. Now even though I will judge Julie something and someone to shit. I have also come to realize there's a lot I have misjudged and I have just been way to dare. I say judge. Gee, I think, after the two thousand sixteen election. People got so grossly divided in either got more judgy and more staunch in their judgy judgments, or realize that just because you have a farmer's tan, or where huge gauges or vegan. We're all Douches ultimately, the point is we're all Douches. And once we all come to terms with that, maybe we will find some middle douche ground for us all to stand on, and we can start changing some shit, and hopefully, the ground isn't on. Mount abbas? Exactly, exactly. There's a SP there's a do spectrum, and we all are on it with that said the military now I know there are many ado, in the military men, mendacious, women Douches gay, Douches, transducers, Jewish Douches, Christian Douches, Muslim Douches, and everyone in between. I don't hold our troops your identity your religion, your gender or the culture of service above or below anyone else's job or journey in life. I don't believe everyone is serving altruistic reasons but on the same token, I do. You believe some people are. I also believe that regardless of that everyone deserves the same shot and everyone who wants to serve should be welcome. If someone wants to serve this country, they should be able to do it. The transplant is so utterly offensive and grotesquely insulting. The fact that trans people are willing to stick their necks out to continue to fight is truly confusing and also inspiring the military is historically misogynistic Dennis toxic masculinity. And rape, I appreciate anyone in there fighting the good fight in order to change it and show us that there is some good in the world and some people actually trying to serve and to protect our country has a long into mulch history with the military, an America loves to put it on a pedestal. And we romanticize for those who love a man in uniform or a woman in uniform, or imagine the guts, and glory, and who arrive at all we relish, the pomp and circumstance and tightly tucked corners, the military provides, I've been guilty of enjoying a military type movie, especially when there's a woman in the forefront fighting for her right to kill just like the guys, you know, GI j. Rain. Most underrated movie of all time Demi Moore deserves the medal of honor. Well, dummy, this year, would make you proud because West Point just graduated the most diverse class in it's two hundred plus your history with the most exciting revelation that they've had the most black women ever in its history. That's so doubt it needs to be said, just quickly that the military does have a delightful passive segregating soldiers. And then, of course, not allowing women to serve in combat at all and the amount of rape. That goes within the ranks with that said the recent graduating class of West Point is quite incredible. And extremely extremely inspiring West Point military, academy. The big military academy in America, just graduated thirty four black women and two hundred twenty three women total. I highly encourage you model it, and check out the picture they posted because it's called slaying. I was watching the story thought why the fuck would they want to be in the military and during this presidency. I also should be said that their commencement speaker was Mike Pence. God vomit vomit. That's like having a rape survivors convention, and having well Mike Pence speaking, any who it really gave me pause. I really realized not only are these black women who will serve in the military. They're going to graduate as lieutenants, I suddenly felt safe. I know that these women are going to serve, and how many of our politicians have gone through the military. Now, we've got some of that, you know, there are some politicians who observed who are Douches and a little, but there are some that aren't if we're lucky these women will serve they will travel the world. They will see combat that which will change them forever. They will see the horror of war in a press cultures and men being disgusting, and hopefully this will turn the next generation of politicians who will come from such a deep understanding of the world and be deterred to war and to oppression and be turned on by democracy and equality and truant ending freedom. I see these black women in particular, and I feel they're already coming in from behind, and when you come from behind, and get to the front of the line, and become a leader. You know what people feel and have gone through and your gratitude and empathy. Don't go away, but are strengthened and emboldened. And I look at that picture. And I am like. Yup. Yes, really as much as this is this is a so there's that for us. I hope that it's. One for them to and they go into their future, and stay strong and get fueled and filled with the power of fucking fierceness for change, and don't get jaded and hurt and PTSD and be the change. We're all dying for you to be. So there's that. So that's it for this episode of dumb gay politics. Thank you guys for listening relea-, if you're on the east coast. Don't forget to buy tickets for our live show in DC, this coming Saturday, June. I it's five pm at the DC comedy laugh and tickets are available on our website are on their website, DC comedy, loft dot com. Or you can go to our website, Julian, brandy dot com and link from their Twitter resistance superstar, Scott Dworkin is going to be our special guest and the show ends at six after the main greet were hitting the bar and keeping with Artie and I know we say every time but don't forget about our pain on us. You can sign up for one dollar a week at W W dot patriots dot com slash dumb gay politics. We don't talk about politics, and even though it's not free. It's an hour long fun thing to keep you company during the Muendane parts of your day or when you're standing in line at the top of Mount Everest waiting to die. Exactly. And as always it's been real. And it's been. Fun. But mostly it's been gay. And it's been and dish. She. Do. Maps mine. Little bro. When you. She thought she whether Ken. Don't get song out, by the way. To judge by con. Much of a man, but a lot of. One. The justice. Vest train sexual. Let me so you. Play site. That one something physio? To this. We take an Steve Reeves move. I'm home. Good. We use your phone. Both in a bit of a hurry. Right. Will just say where we are. Then go back to the car. We don't want to be any worry. Where are you with a world? About then. Well babies don't shoot. The civil. Two. Justice. Suck shoe? Don't you stay for the night. Maybe a. I could show you my favorite obsession. I've been making a man. Blonde hair and tanned. He's good at the relieving man. Tensions Justice trans. From transsexual. Guy. Sucks. So come up to the left and see what's on the sled. I see you shiver with an. But maybe the right. Really to remove the. But not the symptom.

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