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Yesterday in arizona. I love this matchup. Cuyler murray against tonga vilo and there are two of the more exciting players in the nfl. And this is the second season for murray. And i think we were pushing for that. Mvp candidacy along with josh allen in buffalo. And he's in his second season. He's in that conversation to is in his second. Start in the nfl and murray look great. Threw for three hundred rush for over one hundred. Miami came out on top. And you can't help but notice that these aren't your traditional quarterbacks. They're short for their position. And they're riding a wave of similar style and size. Quarterbacks this goes back to drew brees actually goes back to fran tarkenton fran. Tarkenton was probably five nine. Five ten played for the vikings played for the giants. He threw for three hundred and ten touchdowns. I think and over three hundred touchdowns and if you watched him you would have thought. There's no way that he's going to be able to survive in the nfl but he was a scrambler. He didn't run for yards. He kept plays alive. And i always thought about that. When breeze came in he came. Out of a joe tiller offense at purdue that was a spread offense and he was lighting up the big ten but he was not tall and went in the second round and then because breezes success russell wilson got a shot and now baker mayfield gotta shot went number one overall. Now you have murray now. You have to in their young players. Who probably thought. I'm not going to be able to play that position. And now they get a chance and when you watch you know murray in two or not the same guy. Murray is mobile. He's the fastest quarterback in league. I'm gonna guess him. Lamar keiler is probably the quickest. That's for sure and two ahead some runs yesterday. Maybe you should learn to slide to a but they're fun to watch. That was great. As we redefine the quarterback position it was on display. Yesterday there are losses. There are good losses sometimes there are bad losses and then there are devastating losses tampa bay buccaneers fall into that last category national. Tv at home. You're already lost to the saints to start the season. You were on a roll brady and tonio brown. The defense was getting credit. The offensive line's getting credit. Everybody's talking tampa they'll be hosting the super bowl and then all of a sudden the saints just rolled them. It's rare when you watch tom. Brady game and you go. This isn't competitive. We might say it when it's the other way around. There was no comeback. There is no. Hey twenty two three. We're coming back twenty eight to nothing. You're not coming back but that was a devastating loss yesterday. That's one of those that kind of stays with your psyche a little bit longer. Like how when you get pressure on brady. You beat brady. If you don't get pressure on him you're not going to beat him. The saints put pressure on him got to him a couple of times. I don't know who's folded is with some of the interceptions want it looked like receiver stopped and but still he did not look comfortable at all. Here's brady after the loss last night turning the ball over against good team never helps you know. Just didn't play the way we're capable of plan. Everyone's gotta do a lot better and it starts with me and get back to work tomorrow morning. Try to try to make it a better week. Any got swept first time. He had been swept by a divisional. Rival the saints with win last night waves in the afc east. And chances are you wouldn't get swept by divisional rival in the afc east but that was impressive. The steelers are eight. No but i don't know how good that eight no is eight for the first time in history their last three wins by three four and five and in each of those games. The losing team had a chance to win the game in the final minute dallas fan and i watched that game yesterday. You have to go. Why aren't we like this all the time just competitive. That's it just competitive but steelers pick up the win bills. Beat the seahawks and that to me was the eye-opener russ going east coast and josh allen played. Great bills defense did a pretty good job containing russell wilson. The chiefs are quietly. Eight in one. They lost the game. I don't know how good they are. But patrick mahomes to me is still the mvp. I mean i think he would be the leading candidate now. you know. i'm not big on this halfway point or after the first month talking about the mvp. The only reason why i bring it up is i think we forget how great patrick mahomes is. It's weird. That was quickly like after two years. We sort of moved on and went. Okay we got. The the new story was an old story. That's russell wilson now. We tried to get column. Marie in their josh allen in their brady in their aaron rodgers in there. And then you start to look at home and you go. He's still pretty good. you know. Mclovin system quarterback. Yeah his own system. But the guys who don't have like you said earlier like there's nowhere to on the screen terry kill. He's opened by twenty six yards other. I could have thrown two touchdowns yesterday and the chiefs. Get i don i. Could've they were that wide open. I could have thrown a twenty yard pass. If you say to the defense all right you can get to me. But you can't well. They wouldn't have gotten to me because the offensive line was blocking and he just threw two touchdowns where i went. Where's the defender. They very simple but his numbers are spectacular. I still think that they're better than last year. They haven't shown yet this year which is scary for the nfl. A normal time to route routes tyler. Tyreek hill is not not a special wide receiver. Once play breaks and he decides. I'm just going to break a direction. He's uncomfortable. it doesn't matter. If the best defensive back is with them you can't cover him and when he zigzags these guy weapons. They're all else fails. i mean. Nobody has more weapons than patrick. Mahomes does but it feels like we exhausted that story. Now we gotta move onto another story. Notre dame takes down number one clemson. Double-overtime indiana beats michigan and As i mentioned. We'll talk to brian kelly. The notre dame head coach. It will join us coming up a little bit later. I was also looking at the ages of the quarterbacks right now now they're nine. Nfl teams with at least six wins of the nine teams. Four starting quarterback over the age of thirty five brady brees. Rogers rothlisburger of the nine three have quarterbacks age. Twenty five younger mahomes josh allen. Lamar jackson only two of them. Have middle aged starting quarterback so between twenty six and thirty five. That's russell wilson ryan tannehill in the next five years. You're not gonna have. Rogers rothlisberger breeze brady next three years. You're probably not going to have rothlisberger briesen brady and we're ushering in a whole new. Nfl because of the rules the the changes in the rules. And it's all offensive driven. It's it's for fantasy. It's for gambling. And you're just seeing these quarterbacks coming in who are able to keep a play alive dual threats not afraid you know to. It wasn't afraid of the big moment there. That's his second start. Yes mclovin can can this. Last these i saw the mark. Jackson take tube hits that were gigantic yesterday. How do these guys gonna have tenure careers if they run this month. Well you run but you slide. You run but you get out of bounds. Eventually they're going to take a cheap shot and hurt you though. Well it feels like it'll be next man up when it comes to these quarterbacks because you've got another wave coming in you got four quarterbacks maybe five quarterbacks it'd be taken in the first round and you got one that's a sure thing. Trevor lawrence justin fields appears to be zach wilson to byu. Come on down kyle. Trask at florida. Trae lancet north dakota state. These guys are ready. They're ready to go. I don't know jordan. Love can play but green bay thinks he can. It's come on in and getting the lineup. Justin herbert look great again. Joe burrow's played extremely well. That's why baker mayfield right now playing for his job. Jameis winston lost his job. Marcus mariota luggage. They want to know right now. The next two years usually bakers in his third. They want to know because these quarterbacks are ready to come in and ready to play. It's no more of this or you're not tall enough. You're not this. You're not that. I will say this when i want to put is it. Looked like he tries really really hard to throw the ball art. It's like every ounce of energy is in those throws and i started to wonder about this. Steve young to navigate arm Jim zoran was not a big arm. Guy these left handed quarterbacks. Maybe it's something about them. I dunno chris simms. I'm going to guess he had a pretty good arm. But some of the great left handed quarterback. Michael vick had a pretty good arm at times. He had to strong arm. You lack touch. But i'm watching that yesterday. I'm thinking men is to put in every bit when you watched al lighter pitch and when he was with The marlins or you would hear him grunt because he was trying to give everything every time he was thrown. I'm gonna guess to a sounds like that. Yes he looks like. He takes his whole body and puts it into the throw. And it looks like it's gotta go seventy yards and it goes ten like dang. Let's a huge wind up. Yeah he puts a whole lot into it but that was. That's that's a big win. 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Okay what was the biggest lashley which team took the biggest hit this weekend. Clemson michigan losing indiana the box or the seahawks losing to the bills so the biggest hit the biggest loss this weekend clemson michigan the buccaneers or the seahawks. That man. that's a four we have now. You could add to the list view. But those are the four. The jumped out to us Let me bring in. Chris simms profootballtalk live co host on peacock. Nbc sunday night football analysts. Who took the biggest over the weekend out of that group. Well okay. Can i mean michigan. Oh we know michigan was michigan. I mean. I don't know that's not that big of against indiana. Well i don't know. I don't know if they're that special michigan this year. So you're right. That was a bad because maybe indiana. I'm not going to throw them in the class clemson. Hey that hurt. But i mean if anybody puts them outside of the top four or national championship contention crazy without the best player in college. Football play seahawks. I dunno same old seahawks. They have no defense. And they rely on. Russell wilson every play. I think the most concerning the bucks and how they played and how that looked overall last night. Dan why did you get out of hand so quickly. I think that the thing just for to keep it simple. I mean look like the new orleans saints went out there pissed off for lack of a phrase. We're a team battle-tested we've been in these positions before you guys are the new kids on the block. And you're reading all your press clippings and it's like new orleans got in their face from the get go on the and defensive side of the ball and just controlled the line of scrimmage now sensibly. They just picked it apart with threes and short passing game. That's kind of how they do it at times but defensively. I think that was the shock. I mean people. The line of scrimmage in your face coverage and not being able to get any separation from the tampa bay receivers and then never even really tried to establish a run game. I mean go back and look at the play. It was like they thought. Oh it's grunk it's brown it's evans is good when you can't match up with us we're too good and kind of just backfired in their face. Obviously i wondered about the game. Plan there and yeah the addition to tonio brown. What did you make of that well. He looked good. I mean i can't get over. How damned good. The guy is without playing football for so long. I mean he's he. He will work his way into having a spot in that offense now him and brady were off sync on that one interception. You know where that's about reading the coverage the guys too far off you hook it up. The guy's close to you go deep. They'll figure that out. I'm not concerned necessarily about that. The one thing. I just look at it. The bucks is and where. I've always been so excited about. Them is their versatility on offense. And it's like last night. They fell into the trap of like. Oh got weapons. So let's get in the shotgun throw it every play but if you really go back and look at their year. They've been at their best when they add a little balance and they run the ball and then brady has the play action. Pass the gronk over the middle of those things and last night. It looks like they got away with it and just got a little too obsessed with the wide receiver position if you had to pick right now and i said the saints buccaneers packers seahawks. Who's going to the super bowl or other in the nfc. No i think. I think that's teams that really. Come to mind right off the bat. I think those are the four main football teams really until the last two weeks. I would have been saying. The buccaneers you know. It's two weeks in a row where i know. They beat the giants. But you know i know. That wasn't a good look last week. And they got physically pushed around by new york too. So right now and i can't believe i'm really saying this but the way they won last night miss hard not to pick the saints with you know that team that coach the defense. I've been saying this a lot. Dan the defense has been good all year. It's like they let three or four plays every game they dominated dominated the dominate. And then they let up a big task player. Too big pays. It's been issues like that. And you know they can execute like that offense a those big plays on defense. Then i am going to pick the saints. Steelers are undefeated but yeah. They've won their last three by three four and five points and the losing team had a chance to win the game in the final minute here. Yeah like last lackluster is a gets disappointing by the steelers defense that they let the cowboys run the ball on them like that kind of control them. It's two weeks in a row. The steelers defense has been pushed around a little bit too. But i think the other thing that you know offensively the steelers. Just not a machine yet. Either you know i expect. Their defense is still play at a high level again. It's human nature. I think they fell in the trap yesterday. Hey we beat the ravens. Were the best team in football the cowboys. who's this playing quarterback. I've never even heard of them. We're going to run them over. They fell into that trap. Dallas is desperate and fighting for their lives over there but the offensive. Thing is the thing that i look at pittsburgh. I do just because dan. there's no run game. it's always like we gotta figure out how to finagle a pass game on a weekly basis and a lot of the times they figure out the correct formula. Eventually but it's not pretty and it's gonna come back to bite them in the but at some point what about the chiefs they yeah. They can look incredible one series and all of a sudden. You're going carolina's got a chance to win this game in kansas city like You know. I think another case of a team. That's maybe a little sleep taken for granted not used to being the bull's eyes on your back every week kansas city. You're the greatest show in town. Everybody wants to see a kids tune into watch. Patrick mahomes achieve super bowl champs. All those things. I think that there's no the can't let down when you're the team in that position let alone sloppiness. At times. i mean. Hey i know. They went to the fake punt. The carolina panthers. Chris jones had a few bad penalties on third downs. Things like that to where. There's so many times during the game dan. I know you watch where you just go. There are about to put them away what they did that. They're about to put them away. Why would they do that. There's just too much of that at times I don't lose face in them. No i i do think there are one of those teams kinda just rises to the challenge has great believes and there's just too many good playmakers team for me to think much less of them pro. Football talk live co host on peacock. Chris simms. nbc sunday night football analyst. I was watching the cowboys. And i don. I don't know how a cowboy fan will feel about this. I came away going. They cared like they played like they cared. Is it that simple that it's hard to explain. Given every all the odds and the obstacles and you're you're putting in a quarterback who hadn't played and you're going against the steelers. Yeah no. I think there's something to say about that. We saw the two weeks before that we weren't sure if they care the two weeks. I'll say this the last two weeks they showed they cared the eagle game. Hey they did. They did some good things. I think you would agree. They had a quarterback that was really really raw and they just didn't take advantage of the opportunities they have but at least they showed fight and yes yesterday they did. There's no doubt about that. I mean that was something. I think we were all a little concerned about the cowboys. Even when dak prescott was healthy there was moments where you just go. Where's the edge the attitude the physicality to this football team and the last two of some of the cool things they've done in the run game and things like that to give them a little edge. I think has made them a little bit tougher. And they are answering the bell and mike mccarthy credit. They're they're not a real good football team but at least they're they're fighting to against tyler was great. What's what it really was a lot of fun. it was. I mean i off. Kyle is unbelievable. He just a game changer with what he does with his big arm and his ability to run and when they dial up. A few design quarterback runs from or special. He's got who who wins in a race between him. And lamar jackson. Who do you think wins in a race between those stuff. I think keiler is quicker right. I don't know it depends on how long the race is. I think you're right right. That lamar would probably catch him if they went past sixty yards but but schuyler is quick man. All my gosh. I mean he's got you know. I always say the floor. He's got three rockets up as it's unreal. Not really is not literally. It might be uncomfortable but yeah that was a fun game. Kind slide. a couple of moments. Where him of all quarterbacks cuyler slides that baseball mentality. I don't understand it with you quarterbacks that you know you're going to take on We had josh allen on two weeks ago. I said you gotta slide. He goes i know. But i want to run. I go no. You have to preserve your. I don't care who you are. There's somebody bigger than you and faster than you. Yes i it's part of life and football. I mean if you wanna be. Tom brady drew brees right and have a long career. Look at what they have done. They don't let people kill them. They never let the defense get off that way. Like all look it. I got a flush that way and their greatest importance of their team has their availability. They know that some of these young quarterbacks because they it's this new age where they can run and make plays with their legs. They're wired a little differently but they are still football players to you're right. There was one of the biggest concerns for him. Coming out of alabama was sometimes his awkwardness with people around him. I would like them to be careful but man good for him yesterday. Like you left handed. Quarterbacks are putting everything you possibly can into your throws to. It looks like he's the energy he's throwing it eighty yards and he's actually throwing it sixteen. Well he doesn't have a very strong arm. This is something that. I argued with a lot of people through the draft. And this is where you know again. He's doing well but they're calling plays that fit just him right now. And how long will they be able to do it. We'll see but you saw the game enough yesterday right. It was bootlegs. Oh here's a dumper or a ten yard crosser. Oh here's a screen and then oh it's one on one of the outside. We'll just throw a little fate. Go ball right up there. I mean that's basically what their game plan was and my big thing about taking part in the college draft. A little bit was just that what you're talking about. Nfl type throws people around you. You can't get your whole body and give it the whole like hundred percent effort. Are you still going to be able to make a throw with people around you. A twenty yard in cut or anything like that. When that does happen. I don't know we'll see but either way he's gritty. I love is and the dolphins you see why they had to make the switch. They made the switch not only because they want to want him to get the experience but they knew they were good and had a chance to go on a run here and they were in danger of putting themselves in. Why would we give up on ryan. Fitzpatrick were nine three. Were doing great. And i think they realized that might have been an issue and that's why they pulled. The trigger is getting to in there. Dan any chance the jets. Screw things up and win tonight. I don't think so I do think it'll be ugly. But the jets offense is not good enough to take advantage of the weakness of the patriots decision. Their run defense. So i don't think that's a great like advantage jets. I don't think they'll be able to throw the ball jets. Defense does a pain in the butt as we know. But it's not real talented. And i think eventually that patriots offense can run the ball just about anybody and they're just a little bit more talented to where i think they win. Like a twenty four sixteen need out twenty. Three fourteen type of game dan. What are you thinking when you throw an interception or as a quarterback and then you may have to tackle somebody philip. Philip rivers didn't didn't have a good day yesterday. Peyton would famously just sort of fall down. I get that right. Andrew luck wanted to one of the hardest hits i've ever seen in college. Football was delivered by andrew luck in a game where he threw an interception and he closed on this guy and just annihilated him yeah. He's built like a linebacker back in his college days so he had a different mindset than me. I know that for sure. All right i mean my d- to answer the first part of the question when you when you throw an interception you throw it you see it you just. I can't believe. I can't believe intercepted. I can't believe i throw it. Then he starts to run around. And you start as a quarterback. At least i did. I was like come on somebody. Make the tackle somebody make the town and you're really hoping somebody will make the tackle and you're just staying alive just the hope you don't have to do it and of course that time is gonna come where you're gonna have to at one point. I made a few. I think in my. Nfl career belong labor check and see. Chris has tackles chris. there are some interceptions. you know that eight picks no tackles. that's being smart protected. The brand low. You know what i did too. I think i got two tackles actually on fumbles by the by the running back where he fumbled. And now i'm there. And i believe it was frosty rucker back. In the day the carolina panthers he picked up a fumble from cadillac williams and he was running right at me. And i was like i don't know what to do. I just know. I'm not gonna win this so i just got low and let them run over me and i stuck out my hand. He'll he'll fall down and he did good to check in with you chris. Oh is great to talk to you thank you thank yes bigger guys see everybody. That's chris. simms. Pro football talk live co host on peacock. Nbc sunday night football analyst. Be sure to catch the live edition of the dan. Patrick show weekdays at nine. Am eastern six am pacific on fox. Sports radio in the iheartradio app. Ross tucker former. Nfl offensive lineman of course host of the ross tucker football podcast westwood. One nfl analyst. Tony dungy just tweeted out about replay. Well i feel like dan. They've done a better job. The last couple of years in terms of what a catches or is not. I feel like i have a better grasp of it but there are always going to be cases that are very difficult and when those cases come on. And you're not quite sure it's tough to tell you. Keep the call in the field. You know i'll tell you what i don't like and i feel like i'm the old guy saying this. That notre dame clemson game and i know we're talking. Nfl right now. But we've gotten to the point where we're replaying seven. Plays in like a ten minute. I was so annoyed i was. It kills the game. It kills the flow. The i know we want to get it right but when we're replaying seemingly every other play that game was like five hours and overtime was brutal with the replace. Just just brutal. Let me start there. We have brian kelly coming up top of the hour. More likely to play in the national title game notre dame or clemson clemson because even if they if they win the rest of their games. They're going to go you know they're going to get sort of the trevor lawrence didn't play mulligan. I still think they'll be one of the top four teams. I still think they'll go. And while i was impressed with some of the things that dame did. I just don't envision them being able to win back to back games against an alabama type of team you know notre dame has more talented. They've had dan. But you can still see like when the clemson wide receivers are in. Open space or covered. Notre dame still doesn't quite have the perimeter speed that the truly elite teams at they typically have a better. oh line maybe a d. line that's comparable but they still don't quite have the same level of overall depth and speed with the skill kids. We talk about some you. Let me get to jim harbaugh. And then we'll go to the nfl. Because if i always thought jim harbaugh was a college coach. I just thought that he had fun. He was a raw raw corny. he could blend in. It could be one of the guys. And and maybe not relatable in the nfl. Now you get that sense or least sense of maybe. The next job is going to be in the nfl. Not college football. What do you make of that. I think it's likely and i think it's because he's never really been able to solve the quarterback dilemma at michigan and the irony is right is that's why he got so much credit in the first place. You go back to josh johnson. University of san diego andrew luck at stanford and of course the forty niners. He resurrects alex. Smith's career colin kaepernick. All of that stuff but yet michigan. I mean they've tried transfers. They've tried all kinds of guys he has not been able and i actually think this kid joe. Milton has a chance but he has not been able to get consistent performance from that position. And here's the thing. Dan eights nut talent. I follow the recruiting stuff. They recruit top ten recruiting class. Every year you look at the amount of guys. They've had drafted the amount of guys that go to combine from michigan. It's fifteen twenty year. Mean they're pumping out a lot of talent. They just haven't quite able to get a quarterback that can play at a trevor lawrence just in fields type of level pac. Twelve plan at nine. Am local time. How how desperate is the pac twelve. I don't understand this at all dan. I'm so glad you brought this up. I think paulie will be with me on this one. I've said for years dan. That one of the group of five conferences or an fcs conference like you know something. Like with delaware william and mary. You know richmond. They should play at nine. Am or at least ten. Am or eleven. Look the ivy league game of the week. let's bring it back to my dudes the ivy league game of the week. Saturday at nine. Am you can't tell me that there are people that would rather watch that than watch. The game shows. I think playing at nine am fine. I don't understand how benefits the pac twelve. I mean and they're playing at nine. Am in the west coast. Well okay. that's nude on the east coast where there's already a bunch of good. Acc games big ten games. I don't really see how that benefits and pac twelve. I try to own. Maybe friday night at nine o'clock saturday night. Nine o'clock i tried to get the late window. They're not going to do any damage in the early window. There should be east coast conference though either group of five. The sun belt or fs play or at least ten. Am even if you do ten am. That's two hours where you would be. The only game on tv and people still would prefer live sports over pre-game show no matter how good college game days he's ross tucker former. Nfl offensive linemen and host to ross tucker football podcast and westwood one. nfl analyst. The saints last night blew out the buccaneers. Because while it's not even a question it's ascendance you want me to finish because they kicked there but all over the field you know that is. That's one of those games than where i am very curious to see whether it's just a one week flush it doesn't really matter you know. Sometimes that happens. Or is it a game where the saints are able to really benefit from that and carry that forward and go on a run here and conversely does it affect you know the bucks confidence do they go in the hole after this. I know this there are years. I think it was one thousand nine hundred ninety four. You know. I grew up outside affiliates. Eagles fan i wanna say ninety four and you guys can look this up. The eagles went to san francisco on like a monday night. Game and beat the niners by twenty. They smashed the niners still won. The super bowl by thirty points. Didn't matter but that happens every once in a while. And i think what's really important. Moving forward is how both those teams respond from last night. I've been waiting for that saints defense all year. I mean they have talent everywhere. I don't know why they haven't been able to play to that level that they did last night. That was awfully awfully impressive. Forty eight was the final score. That was that. Monday of the eagles. Oh my wasn't that bad. Yeah yeah. I remember that. And think about that and their early garner on. Charlie's them charlie garner running back. Yeah yeah so. That's a good. I'm glad you have some quick stats. Guys was that mclovin or was that i don't know anyway. That's bali well. Here's what i would say about though dan. It's a good lesson for everybody this morning to not take any one result and try to. I know look. I know we're in the media. You gotta talk about the next day. But they're not take any one game especially middle of the year and try to extrapolate that for what's going to happen the rest of the season but ross. When did we start this with. We gotta start talking about the mvp like. It's the heisman after you know after the month is september. Who's the mvp. I don't remember doing that until recently been felt like. Hey brett farve wins it or peyton wins it and we'll just wait till the end of the season. It feels like this is almost week by week. Who's gone up and who's going down in the mvp race. Why is that yeah. It's a good question. I it does seem like it started the last couple years. I don't remember that when i was playing. I don't know. I guess dan because it's easy. It's an easy thing to talk about. Who the mvp who's going to win at something that you can take the temperature of every week and now russell wilson turnovers mahomes denson. I'm a home is in the lead. I dunno. I gotta be honest with you. I've never cared that much about the mvp. I feel like for whatever reason. The heisman is a much bigger deal. That nfl mvp. I don't know why that is but i. I've always been more interested in the heisman conversation than the nfl. Mvp one but it feels like in the nfl you're gonna earn the mvp whereas in college football. It's you know criteria. Who am i voting for. Best player on the best team. I love voting for the heisman. But it doesn't feel like it's as scientific as maybe the nfl is. I think that's fair. And i think once them that's a fun. Exercise is to go back to the heisman winners over the last twenty years and you look at some of them and you're like wait a minute. How did how did mark ingram win over whoever how did he. Which because when you go back into. Even if i'm not just talking about their nfl careers you just kinda remember the players knowledge and then you look at their stats and you think how did that happen. And usually how it happened is in november and december the games that are nationally televised. It's going to be the best two or three or four teams and it's going to go to the best player on one of the best two or three teams. Even if andrew luck was more deserving than i think i think it was andrew luck and mark ingram. Maybe you look back. And you're like oh my gosh. Andrew luck carried stanford to a a big win in the bowl. He was a football player. The mark ingram was that year but ingram was alabama's running back and they were the best. Yeah it just feels like gotti stats now for quarterbacks that you there are players who might be the best player in college. Football may not be trevor lawrence. I mean shocker. There that there might be somebody who turns out to be a better football player in the pros. But if you put up these gaudy numbers you're in you're on a good team and you you go in the final four. You're you're gonna have a great chance to win the heisman trophy. That's not always the case in the nfl. Well i think at this point that i really do based on the rule changes at both levels. And based on what coordinators figured out in terms of the arpaio's and zone read some of the things you can do to really put defenses in a bind. I'd be surprised if there's an nfl mvp or a heisman winner over the next ten twenty years. That isn't going to happen. is i mean. Look at the top five for both awards this year. It's russell wilson mahomes blah blah blah. Maybe josh allen. Aaron rodgers in college football. It's field i. i'm not sure. And when the next time we'll have a non quarterback with either one of those awards to your point. yeah i'm lithium because let's say berry. Sanders was playing now in rushing for twenty three hundred yards. Which is what he did. Is that enough. And he wasn't on a national title contender. He was on a good team like dalvin cook at florida. State was awesome but an awesome in the nfl. But he's not. You're not playing for a national championship. It's rare when we single out a running back or wide receiver anymore or defending michael. Thomas set the record for catches in a season last year on an awesome team and nobody really in the nfl. We've gotten to this point. Where if you're christian. Mccaffrey michael thomas. And you have a great statistical season. Somehow that puts you in the category for offensive player of the year. But not in but then the mvp is an offensive player. But he's not the offensive player of the. I mean we've totally screwed this up. I'll give you another one dan. Nobody's talking about big ben from bp because he coming back from injury so we've already put him in the comeback player of here comeback player of the year bucket. Oh yeah. Give that to big band or alex. Smith don't even talk about him for. Mvp it's a joke. Good to talk to you buddy. Thanks for joining us. We'll talk to you soon. All right sounds. Ross tucker former. Nfl offensive lineman tucker football podcast. Westwood one nfl. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio app at fsr or stream. It live on the peacock out and knew they were going to kill him. This fight night. A new podcast from i heart radio. This is the story about two guys from opposite sides of the street. A hustler blamed for robbing the most dangerous gangsters in the country issue of deaf. One for me so about and the cop who tried to save his life they thought. Robin did liz man. In this country. Gaza would not hesitate. Blow your hair. In nineteen seventy mohammed ali triumphantly returned to the ring. The hustler's party that followed gangsters from around the country were robbed of a million dollars. This story from atlanta georgia has been reported for fifty years but now for the first time. You're going to hear what really happened. The from the people who lived it. listen and follow. Fight night on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. On september seventeenth two thousand nine twenty four year old my trees. Richardson disappeared without a trace. In the woods. Near malibu california. She had been arrested beachside restaurant for failing to pay tab and take into the lost hills sheriff's station. I mean she's not from that area. And i would hate to wake up to a morning. Report lost somewhere with her head chopped off. The police released just after midnight with no car. No cell phone no money. She doesn't know the area she's never been in your area. Well i think she's the press backed would have the more than just okay. My trees disappeared into the darkness and was never seen alive. Again i'm katherine townsend host of the podcast helen gone. We're going to try to find out what really happened in my trace. Richardson school humans and iheartradio present. Helen gone season three. Listen to helen. Gone on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts head. Coach of the fighting irish notre dame with the double overtime win against clemson next up. We'll be boston college on saturday at boston. College coach congratulations. Have you looked at the game. Film broke down yesterday. Dan we were already on to Be seeing said well still a bill belichick on. how long did it take you to pronounce. Dj who young delays name still haven't got to the heart just called him dj or that number five. That really really good quarterback. I said i'd like to have your problems out those quarterbacks. I don't know how they get any better with either one of them. I mean they're just to outstanding. Quarterbacks how do you prepare or did you prepare differently. You know the system of offense kind of you know is what it is. I mean they've been running the same weather. The shawn watson was the quarterback for You know trevor or or dj of you know you really defending the system and then the player makes it. You know obviously go. And and both of them are just outstanding butters. I didn't know if you pick your poison with travis at tna to either. I'm gonna let him be runner. Or i'm gonna let him be a pass receiver. What was the The defensive philosophy well. it's a little bit of both. i mean you. Can't you know you really position. Where matching him up. One on one with your linebacker is not a good match up so we had to keep a safety in a position where he could get some help over the top as well so you know obviously you could tell by our game plan. You know travis et. Tsn was was a guy that we were focused on They have other weapons. That certainly hurt us In that that's really the nature playing the number one team in the country. They have more ways to you than just Just one guy. But we felt like travis at dan was the guy that we really have to focus on the late fumble by ian book. And i don't know as a coach. Do you need to say something. Is that sometimes better to not say something to the player who just coughed up the football you know. His his resume does not get the kind of scrutiny that it should he leads us to so many late. Comebacks in wins. You know as somebody. That's twenty seven three as the starter. You have to win a lot of games late. And so i thought it was appropriate that time to go up and say. Hey you're gonna win a game force here. We're going to need you to do that again. And so i just thought the timing was appropriate to give him some positive reinforcement at that time and again. He did what he's done. So many times foresee a ninety one yard drive with under two minutes in the game To get the tie replays. Killing the game coach. Tell me about it you. You're preaching to the choir walk. How did we get here. This would be a long interview if we really wanted to get into it I think we have really over analyzed the game the extent that you know everybody wants to be perfect and there's nothing perfect about any sport i it still has that that element of Going to miss a couple here and there you just hope you don't miss them big and i think we're trying to be perfect and you can't be perfect in the game and perfectionist slowing this game down to a point where it is absolutely brutal. If i said to the coaches you vote you can have replay or no replay. I would say can we just have replay on scoring place. You know where where they can be absolutely Game changers but to to be nitpicking. Every single play is just look. There were so many stoppages in that game. I felt bad for the poor kids kicking the extra points in overtime. I mean i could hear myself breathing and overtime you. There's nobody in the stands and those kids are kicking extra points in their stopping the game for four minutes to two replay again and again again. It was it's got change it it was. It was unfortunate. Okay the fans come on the field now where we're all those fans during the game. Are those all those on campus. No no no no. We're not that good Now they were the fans in the stands and look our job. Obviously in that situation is to do the best we can to keep them from going on the field you know. We protected cleansing. I had alluded to my team. That when we win this game that they're gonna like most fans throughout the country. They're going to they're going. Come onto the field. Was their last home game. Because we closed down school next week it was really their last home. Game because they will be here for the december fifth game against stanford syracuse. Excuse me so. They took the opportunity to come on the field. And you know we did the best we could under. Those circumstances reminded me of justin turner in the world series. That emotion overtakes sense. Yeah i look again a would. We have liked it to have been different. Yes all those students were tested earlier in the week for covid You know again. It's hard to stop students coming over the fence. We don't have all the personnel to to make that a situation where nobody can come over the fence and onto the field but again we got through it without any ill effects. Is brian kelly. Notre dame head coach fresh off the win over clemson at bc. Coming up next saturday when you face clemson and in your mind. I guess you have to be prepared to face them again in the acc title game. Do you put everything out there like you want to win. You needed to win this game. How much do reveal of your game plan playbook in a game like that and try to hold something back if you meet them in the acc title game. Well then i think now becomes a game of adjustments right. It's it's what you did in the game and what they did defensively and and each team now is looking at how they gonna make adjustments for example You know what wrinkles will we have in our protection you know. What are they going to do differently. that they did in the red zone against us so i think this is if we do in fact play each other. It'll be much more. About what adjustments will you make to your game plan more so than anything else in the second matchup if in fact. We're lucky enough to get who'd to trevor lawrence remind you of man. I mean you know. He has the athletic ability to to run. Like any of the great running quarterbacks That that we've seen out there He's just a hybrid player. He's got great size arm talent. He could look. I mean i think he's that unique of a player that that he is the number one pick in the draft because he's hard to compare like it's easy like when you asked me about other players i can immediately give you a name of a bland. Say he's like this. It's hard to compare him to somebody because he's got great athletic ability but nobody has the length and nobody has the similar traits that he has. I think he's a guy that doesn't come around. Very long reminds me of andrew luck. Well he's got the makeup of an andrew luck andrew as you know was bigger and thicker and stronger from that standpoint. much more of a pocket guy You know i. I think love is is going to be seen in the. Nfl is a guy with with great escape ability. And they're gonna move around a little bit. You'll see him run as well. You always hear this. There's a big win and then you got next week and everybody says oh. There's going to be a letdown. So how do you tell your kids. Don't let down against bc. Yes so you know what's a letdown. A letdown is not living up to the standards that we have set here for the last four years right. I mean so. It's been the consistent application of our process so all of a sudden we're going to go away from what has been consistent for us. I just you know our our guys are too smart for that. They know how to prepare will go back on the practice fields and will prepare the right way in. Play a very gritty tough. Well coached boston college team. And look we know the history time notre dame number one team they play bc and loss. So we get all that we. We read the newspapers. We know the the history clips so our guys are cognisant The practice nope prepare the right way. Coolest thing in your office is what. I have a surfboard on my ceiling because well. Who would ever have a surfboard in southbound. I mean when parents come into an office. You gotta have something different to talk about. So if you come in the office out and you look up in surfboard. You got to say wow. This is a little bit. Different in south bend. Well lake michigan can get a little turbulent there. But i but i'm trying to compare i know harbaugh doesn't have a surfboard. He's got other things to worry about in his office there. i'm not smart well-done. Hey congrats on the win. Good luck against bbc. Thank you coach. Take down that's brian. Killing notre dame head coach fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live extremely active brothers. Insisted you already know what it is to gangsta point. The lane from oregon all the way down to mexico to all my essay brothers and sisters be awesome the kings the chronicles is a whitby podcast hosted by former gang banger and made james mcdonald ref. Mca myself norm steel. We'll be we get together and have conversations with everyone. From former gangsters drug dealers bank robbers to police rappers and politicians games. The finals podcasts. Glimpse into a world where society is rarely allow access nothing ever scripted in this one hundred percent real. We don't work for the game. We simply educating the form of the world was goes on the streets of urban america gangster. Chronicles podcasts available. I heart radio app apple podcasts. Wherever you get your podcast is brushing podcast. Network kinda yesterday. Alex turbomeca passed away at the age of eighty. I had been in touch with one of his good friends for the last couple of weeks. He gave me a heads up. That alex came in this was less than two weeks ago and did his final episode of jeopardy. Everybody who was there during the filming of it knew that it was his final episode but they said alex was alex. That's just who he is who he was and great admiration for the man and also the game show host as well and we thought this would be a great time to bring back the interview. We conducted with him back on august eighth of twenty fourteen and i started the interview asking alex back that if you could host another game show which would it be and that would be hollywood. Squares hosted the show very similar to squares once it was called battle stars and instead of squares triangles. We couldn't Come up with the same budget that hollywood squares had so we had only six celebrities instead of nine but it was an ideal show because you ask the question and the celebrity gave you a funny answer and you reacted and laughed so you got credit for having a fun show even though the absolutely i mean what a great way to make a living. Hey you tell. A joke. And i laughed. Give me the check plays. Thank you very much when you first started jeopardy and you had been part of a lot of game shows and i don't know what it does to your ego if those game shows don't succeed and then you get jeopardy had well. I was lucky with some of the other game shows the first game show. I did in. The united states was wizard of oz in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy three. It was cancelled on a friday. And i was disappointed of course and it was replaced. The following monday by show called high rollers which i also hosted and later on high rollers after two and a half years it was canceled and it was replaced by another show which i hosted so i have the either great honored or dubious honor of having replaced myself on three different occasions. I also had the honor of having hosted three different game shows at one time classic concentration jeopardy and a show that i tell audiences was one of my favorites because the first time in fifty years as a broadcaster i got to sit down as the host and that was to tell the truth but that was fun. You don't you don't sit down on jeopardy. Well now. I do okay. Since i blew out my achilles tendon a couple of years ago and injured my left foot by dropping jackhammer on it and not being able to walk too well and stand for long periods of time. I was we had a water leak at the house and i finally figured out where it was and it was under a concrete Part of the patio. So i drilled it out and found it. Don't want people to do this for you. Well yes but. I like to do things myself. And unfortunately some mechanical things ladders in particular have it in for me. They will abandon me at the weirdest moments and one ladder. When i was working on the roof decided it was going to slip out from under me and i hit the brick patio. I lay there for a few moments. And you guys were talking about it or at least at least alluding to earlier as to how bright am well. I'll show you how bright i am. A when i hit that deck. I lay there for a moment and i said don't move. Your say are very very short. Yeah but are you play trivial pursuit. No i don't haven't in years okay. For game breaks out. You would walk like you're supposed to know everything supposed to yes. But i'm at that wonderful age now where i can say. I knew that i forgotten it. You see yeah. I it but i have forgotten. How would you do on jeopardy against my peers. Probably very well. But as i tell our audiences a good thirty year old would clean my clock any day of the week. Let's say faster. They can recall the stuff. More there faster on ringing in with the signaling device. So they're going to beat me in that area. I mean there are days. When i have trouble remembering what i had for last night so trying to recall all this. Arcane information is not easy. what role does sports play. Has it played on jeopardy probably less than it plays in society in general We tend to we feature it from time to time but not as much as you would encounter in everyday life where people enjoy talking about sports because they have a vested interest. They have a favorite team. So if i said dream category sports related. What would it be. Gosh for my myself. I don't know. Nba basketball. Maybe but i. I'm not as big a sports fan as i used to be. however having said that this year i've suddenly become a baseball fan because of the success of the dodgers and the angels two teams. That have come alive. I mean there at the very top of the league's and they provide exciting entertainment. It's fun to watch. And that's really what sports is all about your into i. I have been a lakers fan. And i will not abandon them. Even though they have fallen on hard times and will probably remain In hard times for a while. Where do you sit at laker games. I attend one laker game year. And it is in the sony seat under the backboard. You're not over by jack. Nicholson no he's to my right. He would be where the policy is here. And i envy you so much. You have your posse and you arrive in a helicopter. Yes i've got an. I don't mean this with any disrespect. I've got johnny gilbert. You know i don't even have vanna you've got four guys and a helicopter i drive in there's one similarity between your setup in mind. I drive to work in a dodge ram pickup truck. People go out. And i said where's your car. They're looking for a rolls royce. Bentley or pat sage pets. Hr has a four door porsche when he pulls out of the driveway. It's like a jet taking off. He's got four mufflers and here. I go with my fifteen hundred dodge ramp. But i've got a hemi that yeah i brought you a present you did. Yes this is a crayola and people who attend our tapings when we do jeopardy say alex are you. Keep writing down. I say i'm not writing anything. I'm crossing off the clues. As i read them so that i do not in error. Read that same clue again because you'll discover when you do sports jeopardy. Some of your contestants are going to want to jump around the board. They're not going to take the category in order. And if you haven't crossed off the clues you might very easily read the same blue again. So i wanna protect you from that mistake. Well that's that's a very expensive. That's twenty nine cents in california. I don't know what it is here. I think it's fourteen fifty in new york. I think you're passing. The torch is what you just did. Sports wants no. I have one more or less. Do they look after me. They give me to a year now. They you can't hear it either. No so that was the problem Initially i used to use a sharpie and people say we're picking it up on the micro sh sh so they came up with crayola and some brilliant people there. Yes yeah just been an incident in the studio sports jeopardy like contestant angry or any any friction in. They're not really in the early stages. When i was producing the show and looking at all of the incoming mail we had a contestant who lost and wasn't happy with the decision made by the judges and sent a. I think it was a one hundred page letter contesting it a manifesto. Yeah and i wrote him back. And i explained the reasons for our judgment call and he wrote back seventeen more pay and so i never heard from him after that. But i talked to merv griffin about that once and he said alex Let me tell you how. I handle the mail. And he picked up a letter and he crumbled it. Put it in the wastebasket well. I never did that. Because i want to show respect for the viewers and if they take the time to write in. I'm going to take the time to respond. But i don't do the responding now. We have our our staff that deal with problems. You guys were wrong or what. We weren't so they'll handle do have kind of a bedside manner when you tell somebody that they're wrong. Well i want to appear to our viewing audience as a good guy and i think when you're the host. It behooves you to do that. My guys made a mistake on a on an answer. So so so. What if you were here such a there. See if you're going to be the mean. Alex trebek's like if if if you were going to be a different alex trebek's and these guys had the wrong answer. How would you respond linking. Who is george washington. You're not serious really. Did you not get passed fourth grade. Did you not make it. Remember your grades six graduation. You got your driver's license that year. Remember wow did you kind of Didn't you finally got it. Didn't you kind of got not prickly but you had a hockey question and they answered magic johnson and you being a hockey fan and a basketball fan but sometimes the responses as you indicated in your last segment. The responses are so far out of line that it. It's almost begging you to put down the only. let's see. i'm just trying to recall. The only time that i can recall that i deliberately did put down was for lynn redgrave in a celebrity jeopardy thing and she was not doing well and said oh my signaling device is not working very well and i looked at her and i said it's not your and i and to tell you the truth. I regretted saying that afterwards. Because i come on you're the host of the show. You're here every day. Your job is to run. The game helped. The contestants do their very best. It's like The military commercials be all you can be. That's my job as the host. So if i'm nasty the audience will not like that. They will think. Oh he's being smart ass. he's being that we don't want him anymore and i want them to want me. Well we want you to stay for one more segment. If you can't watch can you. i'll have to say more words. Yes you will. Okay all right well i wanna ask you about the cheers episode. Feel things Rian white men can't jump. Yes yeah you've been in a few you've had some camps yourself to which sometimes it's very difficult to do well not for me because it requires very little effort on my and also just a modicum of drugs. That's that's in your writer there that you have to. Of course we'll continue with. Alex trebek's continuing with alex trebek's for another twenty seconds. I'm no because you're on a delay. Well leave and come back in twenty. Well i'm worried about your language. That's why you're on delay. Okay have you ever slipped on jeopardy with language but there have been occasions when in the early days after having taped five shows on one day and five shows the next day we were recording. Promos and i was not having a good time and so the somebody got hold of the video and they put it up there and they say travek drunk cursing well. I wasn't drunk. I was saying many bad words. We've all done that. The cheers epa sued. Yeah that was a lot of fun. I'm still ask about that. And that was years and years ago but the categories. The paulie gives the categories or cliff cliven cliff cleveland. Yeah mailman civil servants stamps from around the world. Mothers and sons beer bar trivia and our favorite celibacy and still he blew it in final jeopardy. Yeah of course he did but that was. That was a lot of fun. And it's just an indication of how jeopardy has come to be accepted as part of americana. What about saturday night. Live same thing. They they do bother by. I was not bothered at all. That's not the best. Take off of me. That i've ever seen the the best one was done by. Sctv and eugene levy. Yeah was alex rebel in the early days and then and then i guess they said oh screw this i i mean we all know who it is so they've introduced him as alex travek and he had the dark hair and the dark moustache which i had at that time so he looked a lot more like me and he could portray an exasperated host much better than will ferrell will. Ferrell is kinda cool. You know he's seething inside whereas gene levy was exploding outside all eugene levy's character is not the one that would say ooh sorry. None of that. Did you talk to wolf feral about the role when he portrayed you well only on his appearance on saturday night live as a regular because they had me come in and do a walk on and he's a just a charming easy going soft person very nice and What was strange is that i had shaved my mustache. The year before and Lorne michaels the executive producer still had will with a mustache. And i said lauren. You realize. I don't have the mustache anymore. So they took it off the dress rehearsal and then he had them put it back on for the show. Even though i was coming on at the end of that segment and people would see that i didn't have the mustache put that was like an international incident. When you shaved your mustache yeah. I don't understand that there was a lot going on in women who have looked like crushes on you like if like your boy van tiep jeopardy groupies. Yeah but they're in their sixties seventies. I didn't say that's not the point. You got women who have crushes on you. I guess a lot of them want you want me to have the mustache back. And we have a surprise in store for them as the new season begins full loan. I'm going to let my eyebrows grow back. It'll be it'll be a new look. I any advice for me for sports jeopardy have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously because you're not the main focus of attention. It's the game. Have you seen that my photo. Well i saw your photo and in response to what you guys were wondering about of photo shopping and all that stuff. They did that with his picture. That's my that's my body. That's his head and my body. They used to have heidi klum on top of my body but they didn't go so just have fun. Don't take myself too serious. So sort of what i do here. Yeah i don't think this is gonna work. Well you want to appear to be a little brighter on if jeopardize that'll help me a little brighter. Wouldn't glasses that might do it. But getting rid of these guys might help because they put you on the spot and in the early days of jeopardy viewers would come up to me and they figured. Oh you're so smart. What about this. And this and that and they kept throwing things at me. And fortunately i was able to come up with the correct response. And after a few years that stop he's alixter back The great alex. Trebek's thank you for stopping. Alex means the world to me. And this is the Criolla torch here. Her sports jeopardy. That was august of twenty fourteen. And i still have the creole. Because he told me said. Don't use a sharp noise it'll be picked up by your microphone in if you do this dark. Crayola type of pencil there. Then you'll be able to x. Out your clues just so. It's easier to find it on your big. You have this age piece of paper with all the clues all the categories there and once they go to a certain categories certain clue you exit out and then you read it exit out. Go to their answer. And then come back and then repeat but was very generous and i mentioned in the first hour when i first got to los angeles i was doing sports jeopardy and harry freedman the a great executive producer of jeopardy suggested that Alex and i go out to dinner. And i getting up. We had to be in the studio. We're up at like four in the morning. Four thirty got to the studio. And i said can alex go to dinner at five o'clock and he did and we were in the restaurant by ourselves. Nobody goes to dinner at five. O'clock certainly not in la and we went all the way in the back and we had the room to ourselves and he just was. We just talked because he said you can do this by my advice is just you know. Have fun with it as he said. Don't take yourself too seriously and appreciate it in that. That was really it. And i think that that's what his mindset was. Every time he did it is he didn't take himself too seriously. Had fun nudity was doing and he made it look a whole lot easier than it was so rest in peace alexander back. Thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine noon eastern or six to nine pacific on fox sports radio station for the dan. Patrick show at fox sports radio dot com or extremist live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f s are or stream it live on the peacock when law and orders the headline. What does it mean us. Williams and attorney and former public defender and host of a brand new podcast. We're going to cross examine news-making cases famous faces to understand the context. And i'm dustin ross. I'm a tv writer cultural observer. And i am thrilled to be co hosting holding court with williams. This is not a podcast about the law. this is a show for the people to help us navigate. A rig system teachable moments from the so-called law and order headlines. Listen to holding court with ebony. K williams on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. This jisi. urban philosopher philanthropist in the host of the recession podcast a production of the black effect podcast network. And i heart radio bring you wrong conversations about systemic racism mental health life on the streets and much more. So join me on the recession podcast by jisi. That's r. e. s. e. s. r. o. n. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or whether you prefer your podcast.

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