120: A Sad Week In Cycling


You listening to the cycling podcast in association with rapper the fastest clothing in the world tour the home name cycling with character ride. 'em watch with rapper in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f education fast and canyons throb sir. My name's richard moore and you're listening to the cycling. Podcast is a very sad week for the sport with the tragic sanjay death of bjorn lomborg at the tour of poland on monday. Lionel bernie is to holiday this week. I'm here in london with daniel free and daniel we do sadly have tragedies in cycling and we've had to cover the deaths of writers in racist before on the podcast and it's obviously all was extremely signed an extremely difficult and this one has i think hit people particularly hard because lamberto was only twenty two. He was very fresh faced kid really in only his second season as a professional with law sydell world to a team of course an awful tragedy m. I and i think a few things have shocked. People am about his age of course his promises talent. I'm not sure how much these should be fighters and how much we more than someone's death breath but he was a great talent fourth and flesh wound this year best young rider and the dolphin a bit later on second to dig bernal matured l'avenir a couple of years ago and bernal now of course being the recent third of france winter so bjorn lomborg was someone who was very much on our radar wasn't a and we were watching his progress with great interest yeah definitely definitely was rich and he had been since a very weight had a a sparkling amazon career he has to ten professional lost year <hes> <hes> and wasn't supposed to ten professional but he looked at twelve do a number of his peers guys who competed against the law as an amateur lights burnell <hes> civic off who had turned professional <hes> and that sort of changed his mind so we decided at the start of last year two thousand eighteen that would time professional it is the curious incident when he went to his first right what was going to be <unk> told under in two thousand eighteen i mean he hadn't been signed signed up to the u._c._l._a. Testing pool following to be eligible but he went there anyway <hes> wrote i think in front of the race read the whole rice <hes> so that was one thing that immediately brought him the people's attention but since then he really distinguished himself with result sudden he and he was nicknamed when nine matchbox <hes> a very diminutive rider small in stature and but was inclined toward fronts as we started in brussels this year and it's it's been how long has it monte seventy-six lost belgian told france when i did a little feature fry t._v. Talking to people about the likelihood of <hes> of a belgian tool when i in the near future and always name it came up with kind of n._f._l. But another name was bill lambreks yeah very sad indeed. M <hes> happened on stage. Three of the turpan stage four was neutralized. We've seen this before as well. It's the cycling's way of paying tribute. I suppose if somebody dies mid midway through stage race and i remember him take third final concert tally when he died during the <unk> franson ninety-five the tribute have you paid by his motorola teammates and this was similar where you know the the teams wrote a long procession lots of signal led the my and came in to the finish stop before though i am for a minute silence i mean really really hard to watch <hes> the bunch just sort of moving along in silence silence and appraise slow pace and then this this tribute at the end just before the line i mean you you really shoulders walking in the bunch and and writers rubbing their eyes and and and crying as they expect and i think lots of pseudo team have been offered the opportunity to carry on in the race and it seems that some of them will am speaking became the day after that tribute unbearably saadun and is the news obviously has dominated this week in a week where we thought we were going to be talking mainly about another young belgian remco remco even the pull in his incredible. When the san sebastian classic we will talk about that a bit later on we'll hear from john. Peter delete the journalists at news on both bjorkland breath and on remco evidence pull a little bit later on i must speak a bit more about lumber but the husband of course other news since the turtle the fronts and some racing and which will will cover now am i mentioned the san sebastian classic comes a week after the turn of francis is a great race on prey prey challenging course on a really surprise as surprising winner this year in nineteen year old ramco ever nepal great things have been expensive and but not not quite so soon and he won ahead of greg von alvarez fellow belgian mark hershey the young writer at teams. Someone who is also twenty i think has she and overloads may be that performance but that that was pretty store near remember he put in some very strong performances start the year in the three classic in particular i bulletin at the finish there and you know he from beyond his expectations there so third at san sebastian a phenomenal result for him and evan pull was was very impressive indeed. We'll talk a bit more about him. Later on in the first edition of the women's race in san spicier it was won by lucy kennedy of australian mitchelson skull the head of janaka and and sing on paolina roy akers am in london the right london classic elliott vivian any one the bunch sprint their head of santa and his teammate and leader man decoding quests that michael moore cove the women's race the previous evening was run by lorraine a- we after a cursing wheel was disqualified paid for a dangerous maneuver because the big crash at least osama was second corn rivera was third at poland obviously has been overshadowed by tragedy the sweet but stage one one by paschal ackerman the german sprint bronze grow stage two by luca mez sketch of michigan scott unsafe three also by <music> ackerman <hes> the two of us. Tom pitcock was the winner there a his freshman testing and big mountains. There was a stage at lop launched table fee that he won again. Another writer of great things are expected and i'm going to mention <hes> another event that is not something we really. We cover in the regular. Podcasts are explore series over the winter will definitely cover this but a few coping are one the transcontinental race. She's a twenty a four year old medical student from germany. It was her first race and she's the first woman to win transcontinental race. I'm not really a lot of people's imagination heard on radio for this morning nine an incredible story on like say. We'll definitely have an issue with her. In the explore series later in the year or at the start of next year <hes> a bit transfer funds for news as well august. I of course is the date on which teams are allowed to nine signings for the following year matthew trenton to c._c._c. from mitchelson and scott. We expected that miquel landa to borrow morita from movie star expected not to <hes> brandon mcnulty team emerets gabriel colleague league. The young british writer is joining movie star from team wiggins lacolle. M elliot vivani fabio sabatini takover this from decoding quickstep is that we also expected that for a long time and laura's nelson joining his brother oliver nelson a._g. To our lost more at transfer news what's more transfer news as well and will try and keep you abreast of the big transfers over the coming weeks the fastest clothing in the world tour the home of if cycling with character ride and watch with rather in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f education fast and canyons rammed. It's difficult i can only i speak from a male perspective but it's difficult for the modern mail to feel confident when wearing spandex and or lycra my name is taylor phinney and i read for e af education. I pro cycling team therefore your comfort and your and your confidence. This is essential. When you're when you're putting on your your bicycle clothing i will admit that this is the most comfortable in the most confident that i felt. They're the best bib shorts in the world. Thanks very much to our headline sponsor rafeh very grateful to them for their support on a reminder that you can follow the e-education first team through the films that raf have been making. You'll find them <hes> the rafa channel on youtube or raffard dot c._c. Few from the <unk> france <hes> including the man who direct which follows their sports threat to the charlie we alias andreas clear earlier and tom southam which an interesting insight into them and and the work that they do so you'll find that rafeh dot c. r. youtube and we were talking earlier on of course by the awful tragedy this week and bjorn lomborg sadly passed away just twenty two years of age during stage three of a tour of poland. Am i spoke this week to belgian journalist. Yom petered league of news about lumberjack than reaction to to his death in belgium. Here's what john peter had to say. Yeah i mean j._p. It's been a week of real contrasting emotions in belgium. You had started the week with you know that celebrate thing even polls win in san sebastian the last twenty four hours of sue a real shadow must have fallen over belgian cycling. Yes that's that's exactly what it is. We we have <hes> the black and whites coughing on newspaper today. Where yesterday's newspaper was all the optimism and do free about <hes> euphoria about even pool so the contrast is indeed indeed huge and it is like you say everybody big epic tragedy what happens to our comic lumber quite unusual belts and right away. He was a climber and and you know tip for great things and say jason so on. I mean how much how much did you know him and knew about him. I didn't know him personally. I knew him as a second journalist would would no. I knew about his result about about the ardent classics where he finished fourth in the in the flesh balloon he wanted youth cassation and dolphins year <hes> but he appeared on the the very popular talk show even below which is broadcasting during to france he was invited as guest and really. Everybody took a big liking to him. After this <hes> this show because the way he presented himself he's very very humble and and very <hes> eager to talk with <hes> with the other guest was. I think it was a deep lanka. He listened to his story. He had a certain naive fifty about him. That made him very very sympathetic very likeable team law to pseudo you know again. You've got a a week of contrasts emotions in belgian cycling book for that team a summer of contracts after their incredible tour to france you know they eight hundred real successful time there with stage wins and the tim wellens in the polka dot jersey as well for a while. You know flat team. It's a real belgian. Institution institution isn't that they will have been very hard as well by the death of off such a young rising belgian talent the tour was was a big success due to win three stages with caleb you and than the stage win of tomas the hands they you had to have been <hes> quite harsh criticism of of lotto pseudo before the tour and then they kind of got the best possible result out of it and then <hes> to contrast that with what happened to columbia right now this is must be must be terrible and i'll also also the they've had earlier experiences liked it with stick luke's which is very beautiful very very tragic story at the same i so for a lot of people involved like like much agenda general manager. I think he bring back a lot of uncomfortable memories and his yes my thought analyzed sympathy are really with with him with everybody a- with within the local salty pizza leaguer at journalists <hes> had used a talking about bjorg lumber. 'em and the the awful tragedy of his death and he mentioned his team lost to saddam who had such a an incredible difference with their four stage wins there. I'm and we're on a real high after that and annette to see them the team that handled through poland dealing with something you know none of them i mean some of the most poignant <hes> social media posts were pictures from the breakfast table in the morning of of you know of sage three bjorn lomborg sitting there you know for those riders to have him as a teammate in the morning and then carry on in the race with i am i. I really don't know how they have they deal with on how as a team they can cope with us not returning something. We maybe underestimate an a. Applies not only to the riders team but was the whole peleton to to and get back on their bikes and we think finished tour poland <hes>. I think that's that's gonna be really tough for everyone. Competing that for lots of pseudo i mean this is the the lightest really in a series of very difficult episodes for the team in two thousand fifteen chris bushman's that riders thing was salata teams called at the time crashed in the vuelta and he subsequently coma for a week after that <hes> he made a full recovery is actually writing now. Roy was writing loss for vitale concept retired. I think <hes> now and of course there was the ice in the involving a stick brooks the two thousand sixteen tour belgium and <hes> an even worse crashing he was in for seven months and he's still very much recovering from that shots <hes> he actually came to the tour de france share was in to lose it was the first time he'd been to <hes> a major bike race i think since he's crossed and that was a very poignant moment name environment speaking to a couple of belgian collies day jellison and they said that it was actually quite difficult. It was a difficult experience for a lot of the writers white is also. I think some of the families there a few of them have departments their their children there and it was not a comfortable oh feeling necessarily for all of them to have a guy who had an almost died and and in fact people still refer to recovery and and the fact that he didn't is a bit of a miracle recall he was almost pronounced dead after that crash <hes> and and that was that was quite uncomfortable. I think for some of the riders to have him there and when there was going into battle the tour de france and and now they the team has another heartbreak to overcome. It's a real family team in a sense as a real family emily vibe about it the way they've kept that stick brooks as part of the family since his accident. 'em is certainly reflects. Well on them and i'm sure it'll be the same here with v._r. Glommed brexit. He'll remain a part of the family. I was one of the really sad things again to read was his parents where they're in poland in with them. <hes> they'd taken a holiday overseas to follow him in that race. It was going to be a a build a build up to his first grand tour the vuelta so am heartbreaking and that's a team. That's been a team. That's been around for a long time run by mark. Sorry john you do get the sense that this is more than just a cycling team that there is this kind of this this family dynamic to it. The cycling podcast is supported by sciences sports. Science and sports healed by science. Thank you very much to science sport for their longstanding support of cycling podcast and of you you can get twenty eighty five percent off. All your scientists port bronx sciences sport dot com with the code s._i._s. c._p._i. Twenty five at science in sport they'll come and now daniel obviously this week's news and cycling overshadowed by the death of your mom breath but we had thought we'd be talking about another hello young belgian writer of huge promise and that's remco evan the pull and the nineteen year old who went to san sebastian and one in quite as sensational fashion i mean he was dropped in the race he as he got back carney collected bottles from the team car that 'enrich mass the defending champions ulan l. a. felipe who who dropped out pretty early masters obviously the writer the m evan opole was thinking about as he collected bottles and and even think has he followed thomas queens when the trek segue freighter right are about twenty kilometers to go and i think he was following him and just to mark that move to to help mass in the finale but but ended up being mass helping a evan because on that very very steep final climb before the dropbox diane into san sebastian. That's the the the mughal tonk torah climb. It's a really narrow steep road up to twenty two percent and places. I've actually climbed up at myself at kind of an of fashion. I mean on a bike with lou. Enough gears tell him to gallop but dropped by diner still quite long way back in san sebastian evans pull for such a small guys very good time trials as well. He dropped screens on the way up the climb screens of course just like the tour de france and which was pretty amazing. He looked really powerful. All the way up the climb and the kind of just stayed the same it was thirty forty seconds evan opole helda all the way back into sun sebastian it was it was a phenomenal performance performance on nineteen years of age. We've really not seen anything quite like it before knowing not standing pedigree. If you've of <hes> rice for a long time i mean i'm really precocious performances that come to mind am thomas love chris. Remember him two thousand four sacred lesotho he he won a few days off these twentieth birthday and garage sale like winning the national championships beating the air example in two thousand six as a teenager <hes> and he subsequently went on to win the world championships under twenty three world championships later that year but they were fairly good examples of of flames the burn on very brightly early on in their careers and then faded slightly. It's it's difficult to avoid or not the conclusion after seeing the weekend and <hes> the hype is is very justified in this is someone who's not just going to be a good writer but he's going to be potentially dominant ride in psycho which for me <hes> this is not you know if you think about emerging sort of stalls dominant figures and guys who can really reign supreme remove recycling i would. I always imagine that the next one of those figures would come in different package in the sense the <hes> <hes> i cycling broadens its reach across the world that we would see someone come from a part of the world or someone who who looked very different like ah for example the same boat in sprinting came along and he was something <hes> the though while the eighteen look like sprints are look before he was my toilet around in a different way. I always thought that that would be the case in cycling. It's easy to imagine that would be the case event. Opole is is acquire an unremarkable looking guy physically. He's he's a small but it's not a typical climate billed as <hes> as you say look very powerful of the weekend but he's certainly not the <hes> doesn't have the bill. You decide it with a brilliant. Tom charlie's so i it's just quite staggering really what he's managed to do. So early and you know you go back. A year and people were starting into sort of murmur about this phenomenon wasn't genie ranks one pretty much every racy taken paul in for a couple years and when my since he started cycling having had a very promising football career and at that stage a year ago the people i started talking about him turning pro <hes> and skipping the under twenty three rights completely and it seemed like a preposterous idea and ashley quickstep unpopular federal criticized for any he is skipping under three ranks. I mean he's still eligible to ride in the under twenty three order. This has been a controversial in the past where writers on world through teams have taken part and under twenty three road race and time trial and he has said he doesn't want to to do he wants to ride the senior road racing in yorkshire this year and you'd have to imagine these great trump's gonna win it. Wow i mean i think all he's performances so far of everything he's achieved. I'm the performance that will always stick him. On the east riding the junior world championships she's lost year in innsbruck where he coughed the back on pretty much right through the whole field and and then won the rice <hes> he won't do that. Obviously in the senior championships in new york ship bought <hes> already getting to a point where uh uh he's very much in contention for a leadership role in the belgian national team. Isn't it yeah i mean you would have to think so i mean san sebastian is two hundred and twenty seven kilometers. It is not a short not quite as long as the world's and this year in particular world. Championships is is a very very long road race. 'em cyril gilmar the legendary former director m still coach. The of the french national team isn't a am eh said of evan we can. He's not the new merck's but merck's plus keno with a taste of bernal and killing combat. Pay the kilian mbappe. There were one invite race the french footballer. I mean not a little bit hyperbole there. Perhaps from mcgee mar yeah. I mean that's ridiculous. Isn't it really <hes> econ econ. E e can say already. We don't really know wise. Limits arts so to suggest that he <hes> you know the three writers plus plus. A footballer through an end seems a bit fanciful one. I think is a nice counterpoint to that. Typically self-effacing roger de blaming said something along lines of well. I was also good as nineteen year old he just having he lamented the fact that he wasn't allowed to turn professional not young and how how done so he would have produced similar results else yeah development <hes> throwing cold water on the event apple hype and obviously n._f._l. And his exploits will now be be subject on scrutinized by the whole belgian cycling community <hes> the the the pundits like developing her always trotted out whenever there's a big story slacking so in belgium in the one one one slight reservation i have about event oppo is a worse place to be precocious young cyclist dan belgium. Maybe he's moving to monaco andorra or some other tanks even apparently he's he's moving to. He does seem quite a level headed guy. I mean has performance at the junior road race in last year was beyond you know convincing crushing dominant it was it was unbelievable. I mean you know he had been held up in a crash two minutes off the back chased them got back on and he doesn't seem to tire. That's the thing i mean i think even on this this climate that we can this very very steep climb and he just had bundles of energy and and it's hard to know i we're gonna hear a chat with young pizza again but even who he knows very well and it's a hard thing for the couldn't quite set to manage him over the next few years because at nineteen he got me thinking about him. As a twenty five twenty six ciro twenty-seven-year-old right are not just the next couple of years and how'd you manage his his progress on on his own. I guess desperation to write. Some of the biggest traces could be another three years before we see a grand tour for example and but here's what young peter pflieger said. He's a cycling correspondent. I hadn't used bond or one of many me and say he knows even on fronts. He wasn't in san sebastian as we hear a probably quite soon gonna be the remco poll correspondent one of one of several news baden j._p. I saw you in san. Sebastian lost year chasing after greg von vermont and the this this year a belgian one this year and you were there. No no no we made a big mistake and we won't ever make a mistake think again. We discussed during the two trials. Should we go to <hes> south of boston. Yes or no and because of my experience of lost you were indeed. I try to chase dreadful and then get him. We gotta decided that it wasn't worthwhile since we don't have sunday's newspaper as well in belgium and the reason on saturday so does no real urgency so we decided not to go which <hes> of course a big stage but you couldn't. I mean van verma assayed. Did you couldn't have expected even poll shirley to win such a big race so young exactly well. You never know oh but this to expect this would be kind of a bit ludicrous even think to to suggest that he would win say bostian given that he had <hes> never raised that this dense that he never done a world who race so that would be yeah very very something that you couldn't come. Nobody was what was the reaction like in belgium to his win very euphoric of course it's. It's been the ultimate confirmation. I think of his obvious talent before there's always been reservation small reservations when he he wanted to what happened series. It was only the hammer series when you wander the baraza belgian tour. It wasn't a world who race and now it's just a race where there there are no possible reservations patients what he did was so amazing so so unthinkable that that everybody just finally gives into this hypoth- real bill and yeah there was a big big optimism about neligence future and especially with the the talent is obvious but how does ee seems very kind of mature level headed. He speaks very well this his personality come across in belgium just like you say he seems to be very mature and wise before is is used. I i interviewed him after his double world title in innsbruck and already ten. It struck me like often when you interview really really young young. You guys are young writers. There's certain when it comes to dealing with the media he doesn't have that at all. He's very aware of what he say what he says and he wouldn't surprise me if as a as a football player he had some kind of media training because he was in he knew how the game game were very obvious and that's very rare for an eighteen year old guy and maybe that's a bit of a dangerous well because he the and it takes a bit away of his authenticity. Perhaps <hes> he always plays down his victories and of course what you're supposed to do but it seems like he he's very aware of the image that and the importance of his words after a race and in that way his mature at that this continuity or knife is not not really there. I think it's interesting isn't it. I mean what do you do with a gamut. The pressure will be enormous. The expectation in belgium will be enormous that he's the next tom boonen or the next addy eddie marks. He's still only nineteen could be three years before he rides a grand tour high. Do you think patrick lefevere unto kernan enquist that will will manage his career over the next few years. That's an interesting question <hes> this season that they would keeping him on very very small race program but he so talented that kind of buyer because of his talents they have to give him more races and bigger races so he's been ahead of the schedule i think for his entire life and and indeed like you say what they think now is to <hes> do the tour de france three years for the first time but honestly honestly. I don't think that we will wait. It will take as long as three years before we see him toured france. There's a big expectation dictation or a big question mark in belgium right now. What can you do in the tour and to think that it would trees before we see him there. I i don't know but i think perhaps it would be a wise thing to to wait with the biggest possible race for another trees that would perhaps not be a bad idea but there will be a lot of pressure to put them into earlier. I think i'm finally on the poll. How big the figure is he already now in belgium in the kind of sporting landscape <unk> much coverage to get an how am hope poplar uh-huh major figure has he become already. I think one of the most prolific writers or even spokesman in in embarrassment at this time my friends who are not into cycling they only talk to me about what is he gonna win. How good is he. It's it's difficult to overstate the impact. He has already like we had up to five or six pages in our monday's newspaper about his win and celsius so he's really really big if you see the the best <hes> clinked pieces on our website. If even a pool is in the headline people click all it. It's it's really he's very very big at the moment. Does he have a nickname yet. No that's where you come in. Fact podcast is famous well. We'll get to work out with that milo burning call them connie ball. Then was yeah yeah he is. He is small isn't quite diminutive for which makes strings. He's such a good time in the is quite small but if i may add there was an interesting piece i told the belgian newspaper where they say that the shadow broker is a bit above even a pool at this at this moment and i think that is true because everybody in cycling seems seems to be very cautious not to add too much to the hype and not too over hyped and you could even <hes> in the country on the live broadcasts saturday the caller who was a very knowledgeable commentator he he was a bit reluctant to to add credibility that even a pool would would win the race. He said if any other writer would be like eight case to go would be in this position would be super excited but because it's even the pool we kind of play play down a little bit and that's that's the sentiment that a lot of people have not not to over hype and not to contribute to the high because everybody the little bit complacent to what happened to phoebe and nobody was to make the same mistake again. I think shoot shoot that i i. I think about cars team. The back of the facts lee said p._k. Voice of race radio at the two fronts interrupts this week's episode to remind me to tell you that it is sponsored insert by locker at lock is the community driven bicycle shooter game changing concept to ensure your bike and gear in which you only share the true costs of of damages and thefts with other members of the lack of community. It'll take my word for it. Let's hear from alaka customer night. He had a recent experience an unfortunately speeds which he had to make a claim. My name is chris owen. I've been lucky customer since early two thousand eighteen and i do do the road cycling musk's racing track racing turnhill and commuting. 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They're talking about ramco ev nepal and you made an interesting point well th there's a a slight parallel here with someone else who is who's come to cycling from another sport and other disciplined enough <unk> h <hes> <unk>. He's coming to sports sports discipline. You say this is the first sucking pause world exclusive tour de france partly premiums robots used to ski jumper <hes> however <hes> not that i was speaking to his manager <hes> swiss gentlemen cooling matia galley at the jiro on we talked about rogue lychees <music> trajectory his <hes> of his career so far in cycling and my saints me that one of the key things in his view is that rogue lich has always had a positive the positive postive momentum because <hes> he's he's moved through the the different steps and he's moved up the ladder very quickly and smoothly <hes> you <hes> he always had positive experiences <hes> he pretty much one i did on than he had success straight away when he turned professional and this is kind of created a feel-good factor pose an internal kind of positive momentum which has probably fueled and helped his success success <hes> thus far the difficulty will come as it may be rogue later this year when for the first time he ceased to exceed expectations <hes> dan and i think the same will probably happen with available at some point <hes> you know i it's it's easier to succeed at something when your aw you coming off success <hes> the the the motivation tends to flow a lot more easily says it's also you mentioning that unusual nature of his emergence from a country like belgium where am he's. He is clearly uh on a liar <hes> he's from a country with this great cycling tradition and culture and yet unusually perhaps for a belgian cyclists. He's come to the sport quite late. Yeah <hes> i mean four years ago is still playing football for belgium under sixteen on the left on the sixteenth just a little bit business before we carry on leap back on the on the tour de france and we've got a couple of friends specials one has it's just been released. The jeeter rosa diaries with lizzie banks and taylor wiles early great listen available to friends the podcast and coming up lunch with jonathan jonathan voters <hes> lionel went for lunch john varas as the title suggests during the third fronts and that's a really interesting listening as well touch on some of the ah things covered and authors recently published autobiography buys a really. It's a really good lesson now. I'll be coming out for friends of the podcast very very soon. A couple of episodes woods coming out this week. 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Thank you very much indeed to all your support for those on a sadness you nominations for good causes for the vuelta please. Email is best contact at the cyclic. Take podcast dot com now. Daniel will see a lawyer that because you were you were you were. You were all self-important with a camera crew following you around everywhere you went. You know you always had your your your your team. My sirens wailing tour on there like a fireman guy kim kardashian the tour and hey what's up all right. She has a camera crew falling around all the time anyway at the end of the tour you gave it four y. You're famous. Wayne glossed prostrate thing <hes> you gave it four still two three sons i as the only five star to of all the the tours that you've covered am i'm surprised to i guess if you had a four and a half star rating it might have gone <hes> if you had a seven star rating seventy gloss rate thing as as we adopt this stealing magnus courts hotel rating system and then it might have been you know on its own somewhere nudging towards the maximum score it kind of been too far off well weeks ago was convinced that it was going to get five stars but the odds were a big disappointment because of the the imponderables the weather there was an element of that i mean i suppose a christian prudhomme. A couple of days is from the end and he made a convincing case or strong case for the the the inherent drama of the landslides and on the state to team the adding to <hes> the the magic of this torture franz but i think that added to what came next shorten states the next stay which wasn't a fantastic speedco the <hes> i thought that it was a bit of an anti climatic was a bit of a <hes> a meeting no on ways to end one being a fantastic tool yeah predom- spinning things a little bit there the you can't polish a landslide. Can you can't polish a mudslide. I mean it was obviously you see disturbing for the race and just the weather and the ops was disturbing for other reasons as well. I mean the fact that has never had that in its in all its history history and it was i said before but i was in the car just had the race in the the the way the the weather transformed from being very very nice and sunny and clear blue skies into this can agree house scape it was it was amazing with solid ice beneath us. I am cars skidding off the road cars stopping it was it was it was almost unbelievable. You compare them as kim kardashian. I had the helicopter. I had the the two and a helicopter copter on just occasionally. It's just easier daniel to get get from a to b in a helicopter. I probably no. I'm i'm not that's not become a habit <hes>. It was very very much a one off. I can assure you and the other thing that you were talking about before we started recording was the the the pino documentary was released on the final weekend of the tour <hes> and not really call people's attention not just cycling funds but in in france in particular thank you had a huge impact well an and taught franz many fantastic captivating storylines <unk> favorite was though tiba peanut story and it was captured brilliantly silently by franz television. <hes> documentary should add on the phone sunday. I think would advocate tibo <hes> it was supposed to we're supposed to be out documentary but they had some good footage in the story. Roy was so so captivating acting they run into forty five minutes in the end and everyone pretty much knows the story. <hes> knows how tibo tool when <hes> the some fantastic highs. I think the state's insanity in the last half hour of the state's son was probably the best half hour remember told france in since i've been covering for las eighteen years with filipino of the front on a stage where you wouldn't really expect too much to go on as far as the general classification indication was concerned and then <hes> from this sort of triumph of that day to the despair a couple of days later of the stage <hes> pinot lost harming crosswinds to albay and one of the the really fantastic segments of the abbot tibo <hes> documentary was to serve debrief the postmortem after that and very very rural footage of pino getting on the bus and and really tearing strips off his teammate antony ruined i sort of muttering to himself about how useless they were and how useless antony root been when william bonnie and stefan kuntz kept him safe for two hundred kilometers between them antony anthony roux would not monitored for even twenty kilometers and you know i just thought it was a it was a fantastically raw antidote to some of the slightly more contrived sports documentaries. You mentioned that we're seeing now which have their own have value <hes> little stuff being put out now while net flicks and i was in prime <hes> focusing on american sports some very very good. You'll essentially a airbrushed a bit diluted whereas this i believe it was it was very rural and <hes> i know some of the people were on the documentary. <hes> nikola j the repulsive fronts television was very <hes> very much involved in and told him this week harshly about how it it'll come together why <hes> pino decided to let a camera crew film pretty much everything <hes> the tour and apparently and pinos must be when i was a huge football fan and lost you. There was a flammable documentary from the world cup of the french national team team <hes> filmed by some of the people on pino loved it so much that he had suggested. I do something similar for <unk> francais. The initiative apparently had all come from him. I'm an any it was a bit of a surprise to me and a lot of other people incl- including nicola <hes> because peanut always someone who is. He's always been kind of shunned. The limelight doesn't revel in doesn't like social media. Particularly <hes> is quiet private person quite discreet individual do <hes> but for some reason he thought this was going to be something that was worth doing very much was but something that people always have at pino is he's very authentic. Character earn strikes me that this was a very authentic portrayal of of his struggles successes and struggles at the time. I guess thoughts wjr signed up to something that would offensively show people and it seems to have done and and i think you know there are people i know my wife is that isn't really into cycling didn't wouldn't have been able to pick table of <hes> a lineup of you know people <hes> she washed and was absolutely captivated by an captivated by pino himself and i think we'll have done you know when we talk about. I don't know if we talk about crisis and french cycling clean buck. There'll be a lack of heroes a lot of really identifiable stars. I think it will have taken peanuts a whole new audience and on the sport as well on on the back of pino well. I certainly rich in in an era in age. When people suspect the along the way sport is presented is quite cynical contriving arriving quite synthetic and we do get a lot of athletes <hes> portraying that image of themselves on social media and people get a little bit weary of some aspects of i think peanuts authentic authenticity does come through and did come through really strongly and it did. I think the documentary people focused on the were very emotional seem remote mattia which was also fantastic watching people were a little bit cynical about it. They suggested that maria was humming the cameras. If you know my <hes> i think he he has a similar the similarities in his view of the media in his approach to the media <hes> to to wait tiba penafiel n._f._l. About i mean he's not particularly interested. He someone who i think if he was to do a list of the values that he <hes> <music> holds most dear and thinks most important authenticity would be at the top of that list. I'm an anonymous was authentic in documentary so i think on an emotional level the scenes with him and peanut really will connect with people did connect with people but also just on a very granular level. I think sometimes people i'm a bit naive about the tiny details go into <hes> winning race or success or the dictate success or failure in a race and the stage the scenes on <hes> the stage and i'll be in the crosswind really brought into focus. How <hes> whoa been a tiny mistake so an it'll happen on this. What became his magic. This infamous roundabout that had cost pino almost was two minutes and not ultimately could have been the difference between him winning and losing the tour and and they all came down to basically whose fault was it and was it the fault of the dart tapes who yes yes had given the riders maps and had briefed them on that particular part the cost but they hadn't gone into enough detail on that roundabout was it the fault of the the individual who most teams now have someone who goes ahead of the race on the day of the rates and feeds back information so would have seen the way the roundabout was setup was it therefore was was it the peanuts teammates for <hes> anthony rule. You know i mentioned and often we do look races and sports inventing we <hes> would broad we paint with broad brush brush strokes. We say and we resort to cliches peanuts. It's not good in the third week. Pino is to follow in this respect that respect but it really eh comes down to these tiny sort of pixels in the in the huge pitch <hes> makes up the total france and i think that's why this is a tour weather's five wine glasses are now. It's a tour we will return to backtracking said about predom- is right in a sense. I think that stage nineteen in particular will be dissected and luke ta and you know the the wafts from that stage numerous that the drama of of the weather the decision to stop the race to the top of these are her decision was has made who made these are the things that will return to the crosswind sages another one. They're all these things that went on that. Will you're almost crying. Cry out for us to go back and revisit already and discussing. I think that's what will this tour one for the ages in a sense you know it's afterlife will be will be long long and very very interesting and you know what's going to happen with egg bernal in the future as well yeah muslim affairs far as the fringe concern on is this this will be this could unfortunately be the high water mark in terms of drama emotion hope expectation for the next <hes> an opportunity take for the next few years because <hes> someone was quite difficult to to imagine suddenly peanut on dollar philippe being in contention <hes> to win the tour again in the future when you look by now you imagine panel's going to be stronger next year. Crease-free might be back. He might be as strong as he has been in the past and thomas there again do milan might be back and he'll be you would imagine strong again <hes> you would think that after the success from a french point of view of this year the cherry groove new christian prudhomme the two guys are essentially responsible for designing the tour will will be something similar but <hes> does lightening strike twice in the same way that it's this year. I'm not so sure they'll be just waiting for david go. Do i guess the french m daniel warp finally before before we go you mentioned the rumors of his move to jimbo vs my what do you know about that. Sun web seemed determined to keep them. They've gotten under contract and they're sequel pressure coming from you movies my who seemed to something quite a bit money swilling around yeah i mean i had during the sort of i it was a done deal pretty much <hes> but done in the sense the it was decided that he was gonna leave and he was going to go by this but the details were not sorted on happened salted yeah. I think that's what will happen. He will be writing for them next year but that raises other questions and they will then have three leaders three gruntal leaders in rogue lich cries why can undo milan <hes> who i don't imagine attention will be willing to share out the three grand tours <hes> and each league one of them. I think that probably all gone. I on the tour de france next year well before we go this week. I mentioned the friend specials episodes coming up and we'll also have two different road trip available at some point <music> so vast that it's going to take weeks to to hammer into shape m. the g. rosa diary is definitely worth a listen and lionel's lunch with jonathan vaulters simulate really really good listen our thanks to a few of you have signed up as friends the podcast recently neal huff graham tough then fell organ rhyme these names feeling devlin evelyn irene robert robertson adrian murray paul mortimer alister campbell building. That's the campbell might be ben bartlett. Paul mullen mulinuu matthew busby oliver could lexi brown elizabeth levitz richard worley under morris says are holler meal <hes> andrew gifford mar blackford. Thank you very much to your and we're very grateful to you for your support. Thank you very much daniel see next week. Thank kirk's. You've been listening to the cycling. If you enjoyed this episode please write us some lever review on facebook and i just search online for the cycling podcast. This episode was edited and produced by adam bowie.

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