Ep.1 Nude Photos


Yeah. Difference between do yourself and do it for a living at the Home Depot. We get that. And we're hued help froze, get the job done with the products and brands you trust technology to keep your job on track job site delivery to save you time. And both pricing on over four thousand items every day to save you money when you've got a job, we're on the job. The Home Depot. More saving. More doing. It's your tweet little ass over here. Yeah. Yes, that's what I'm doing right now dot if you listen to this Fisher, you make two minute twenty nine south where I talked about some competence. Well, it would beat the shit out of. I'm gonna say new next time me. All right. Friends, this is the someone's gotta podcast. And you know what it means means things that people want to know where they don't wanna talk about, and basically, the premises, I crowd sourced of bunch of topics that nobody ever wants to talk about. But here we are. We're going to talk about them because everybody wants to know about them, and we're gonna have a rotating guest panel which starts, none of us are experts at any. But it's going to start with Marissa and Casey. Hi. That was a sensual. Tell us about humorous. Okay. What, what do you want to know? I don't know. But speed date. Okay. My name's Marissa. I'm twenty six I was born in Germany, moved to the states claim to be a Colorado native because I moved here, and I was six months. But some people said that doesn't count. And if you were an expert in anything, what would it be can I cuss on this? Yes, yes. Me. Professional fuck girl. Oh. Hello. Okay. Casey. Now you gotta follow that up. I don't know how to professional fuck players that. Tell us about you. I'm twenty six moved here to Denver about ten months ago. So claim sees a native is why do clean that. And Casey is my resident not boyfriend. Everyone in the office thinks he's my boyfriend and he's not. So I like to call them the resident arm peace, but he likes his name better. So we're going to stick with that topic. Number one today is nude pictures juicy. Casey was like I don't think I should be on this episode. I've never sat one. I was like, that's why you should be on. What is true? One not even one. Not even once not even a shirtless pick. I've gotten a shirtless picture of you. I don't think Snapchat. You just weren't wearing a shirt, I think, lucky you then. Wow, that's. What would your mother say? Listen to this. I know I'm always like dad dad, don't listen to this. I write a blog too, and I'm always I start them with Dodd over this. Maria. What about you on the nudes? Oh, huge advocate. Sounds like you're partly a women's March. It's an advocate advocate of the nude. Yeah. I feel like there's a market for everything. I know that I could never run for political office, because I have no idea who has my nudes. At this point. Do you feel the same way? Or do you think it's gonna change? No. I feel like it's the same. But it's I do it for the thrill. Like I'm like, oh, this could come back when I'm Cam. What do you think you would prevent you from doing in life, or running for office? But I have no interest in doing that. And that's it. Yeah. I think eventually we're going to find someone that catches up to now the internet is out there. So what about Anthony Weiner called up to him just saying exactly he just was running for political office? Yeah. So I think for definitely political figures in general. It's a thing to think about if you decide to do that. But I'm not she's not. Yeah. Well, but also like with our generation though, like when they do go to run for office, Amy if you're running for mayor something like ten years on the line, and your nude comes up. I want to vote for you more. Nude is good. A plus always call it the gallery because, you know, it's takes a lot to take those photos and you just save them know your angles, remember what you told me about the date. The photos how you, you have to like get rid of the day or screech out the photo. So they don't see when your life hack. Yeah. People need to know that so okay. So when you send a new to somebody whatever it's the first day you take when you send it, they're going to keep it forever. They're going to see it in their cloud, and it's going to show up on the date that you sent it. So what I have found is that if you send an old nude in year man, saves it or whoever you're sending it to it shows that date. So it'll you can have it like super old and it totally like all those too old though, I would say six months. Oh, six months, I'm rocking two years. So this thing we update this sometimes I like my hair's. Not that logging same. Same same. I'm like, just cut one. Sunshine's when you get a nude, it's not like they're really gonna notice your hair is a little bit shorter longer. Right. I always say not like you're looking at my hair, right? I dislike so I feel like when I do when it's like from my collarbone down. Yes. So my hair could be out for all they know. Right. Well my hair used to be PB pass boob. So you just can't get rid of it. You know. Right. How do you how do you decide who gets a nude and who doesn't everybody gets a nude everybody? Wow. Do you find that there are certain women that send nudes versus not sending nudes as a guy, it's tricky, because some some girls are into it and some rules or not. And you kind of to gauge you know how to ask for that. Casey is seen my news. I have I've never seen your new. I'll show you some new. Okay. I, I always liked to go with the less is more approach, because really, they saw hall of me would okay? No. Or not going there. That's me. I just think that, you know, when you give them a little hint. It's a lot sexier. Like there's an air of mystery option. Yeah. Like what's under that? Okay. You know what I mean? I respect that I love that resident man. I agree with that. I think you need to leave a little to the imagination. That's that's still point that, right? It's got to be hot and make me wanted to see in person. He's like he has about right now. Out, I am hiding detailing asleep listening to Casey DOE. He's like, yeah. They they're really good. Well back to this really quick. So if you're going to send if you're going to repurpose an old nude, the hack is you need to screen shot it so that way your most. Recent picture has today's date so that when you send it and they save it to their phone because let's be honest, but also they all save it even when you break up. And they're like knowing your new false year liar. I know you saved it because it was so good. Right. My ex husband. He like two months after we broke up mentioned that he you know, how to good time with the photos and I was. Well Awo you need to delete, those. I thought that was like an I deleted every picture of you. And he was like, oh, I thought they were mine. And I'm like excuse me. Oh, yeah. So the common courtesy to delete them. You should start deleting them now. Okay. Right. On that. He's still eating. News folder of news, older of moods. God. Okay. So you've never sent a nude, but you like getting them. Yeah, I think I appreciate sediment, for sure. But yeah, I've never sent one myself because I don't know, I guess I could turn back to you, guys you like to see a male nude. There's a tasteful way to do it. And I think there's a very fine line. I think ninety percent of them are very aggressive. Asking for. So here is that sexual assault? On at least harassment. Yeah, I've gotten some at dinner before. And then I'm like, hey guys, so for. Dick, a Sephora guy. Unsolicited nudes are off the table. Yeah. You guys don't appreciate just a random Pena's bobbing up. Absolutely. It's never funny. No. Because you don't want your man's dick to be funny. You know what I'm saying? That's fair. I agree with that. When they send him off, like just randomly. And you're not turned on then. Yeah. I think it's very distasteful. Yeah. Agreed. But there are some moments when I'm like, oh, let me see it. You know what I mean win are those moments heated conversation, and you're like, yes, please give it to me. Right. Right. Sounds. Like so you say ninety percent of men are on the Mark. But then, when it's a heated conversation, they need to know that that's happening. Well, they'll know he'll be like, you know, more your dick. Yeah. Okay. Sometimes, I've gotten them like one time I was talking to this dude about the weather like literally, he was like. Oh, yeah. I think it's going to snow tomorrow. And then he signed me, a snapshot of his dick, and I said, why did you do that? And he just never responded ever, because he's embarrassed. Yeah. Maybe I'm barest think he wasn't barris. Would you be embarrassed? Yeah. Probably if a woman reacted to your dick, and that way. Yeah. But I mean, if we're talking about the weather, then I feel like I wouldn't have something in the first place, right there. There is a time in place. There isn't time and place when it comes to mail nude now for female time Henny anytime is the right time. There's no bad time. Never. Okay. But then how does it make you feel to know that like fifteen year olds probably send nudes discussing? But like we taught them that behavior didn't we? I don't know if our generation taught them that behavior but like. India. Yeah, I see snow. Oh, yeah. Is snap chat for Newt's hundred percent. I've kind of respect if you if you add me on Snapchat, and you message senior, like what's up? What's up? I know it's coming and I probably won't respond. So when I give someone my Snapchat are they assuming that I'm going to send them news? Is it are you is it a what's the context? Sure like a from an online dating website in. He has my number. But I'm like, Jeff Snapchat. Is he like, oh, yes? Yes. That's a guy. Yes. Yeah. I think you get into day not right now. I feel like if you are meeting, someone and have their number, and you propose Snapchat as a mode of communication. Or they're married. Everybody note, or they're married. What do you what do you because people talk on soundtracks disappears? Oh, yeah. Yeah. So they're either married or they're going to send nudes. I like that one yeah. Married. Mersa just burp gross. Yeah, I think south chat can sometimes be sketched also because you can now save images and save, like conversations. Can you delete ones that you have sent that were saved like in the chat? Oh, that's a I don't actually know feel like that's a safety feature. We should implement snapped out. We're open for endorsements. Yes. So we're looking for or looking for sponsors. And I know you love this. Nudes. Okay. But then how do you know like there's, there's a difference between when you're sending nudes to be like raunchy, or you're sending them to a significant other do disagree? Yes. And no. I think like when you're in a relationship with somebody, you can send a modest one or you can send a nasty one like if they're on their way home from work and you just like, really want to get their Jimmy's in a bunch. I think you could do it. People say that all right, if you want to get their dick hard as you mean. Okay. Also, then you don't have to be as worried about, like year photos, ending up on some like raunchy website over Snapchat, or to your significant other to your significant other. I don't know if play when you're sending Snapchat, like I don't think you can really think about the future or like when you're sending nude I don't really think you can think about the future. Like if you're going to do it, it's wrong, and there is, it's, it's wrong but you're yeah, I had air quotes, you're being vulnerable yet. You're being vulnerable and also like there is risk there like there is a possibility that this could end up on a website or this could be used as blackmail. And like for some people like I think the risk, and the thrill of it, right? That's what gets them. You know, I've talked to two people that have had it like come back to blackmail. And one of them is my like hot bird. Dish boyfriend. I want him to boyfriend you blackmail him. No. But he told me and I'm telling his story, niobe doesn't listen to this. He has who's going to be like, I trusted you. I trusted you, I don't know how he talks. But he said he was talking to like an older woman who is like China bat shit crazy. And he sent her like one picture. And he black she blackmailed him with it and was going to send it. Well, no, she sent it to his family and friends. And then I have another friend who I was casually seeing in, he told me that he didn't want to send nudes because I was so into him like every night, and like I've had sex with him in a bathroom obsessed with them. Yeah. I just wanted to see it and he's like I don't do that anymore. And you told me that someone's screen shotted, and like, told him blackmailed him for money. And like had it all queued up in his Facebook to send it to all of his friends isn't that scary so scary? But backed here I friend. Okay. Yeah. His family and friends did. Yeah. They saw his. Okay. So what happened will nothing was this family xactly. Yeah. I think that's the worst thing that can happen to you is your employer or your grandpa. Parents or your parents get the nude. I don't like could you Graham burns or old? I'm so sorry. But okay. So your family gets it. Whatever you must up, you're not perfect. It's the digital age. Like I hope you have, like understanding parents because they were not perfect either, like if they had solve was back in the day, they probably would have done it. I'm more worried about the employer. I don't know. It was that, like, could you get fired, if they were sending if you're sending it to your co workers and you had like. Depends. I mean, what if you're a teacher or a CEO of accompanying, then you have to really, you know, tried water there? But again, I think it's like you can't control that situation like it's not you can control it, though by not sending the nude, okay? Yep. Okay. Say the play and narcos Archer main point. There is a risk with every new that you said. And if you're going to send it you've got to be willing to take that risk as I have gotten more tattoos. I've been like I need to keep these out of the photos because they identify me, who has it apple who hasn't gone down their arm. You know what I'm saying? God, it when you send it to when you send a new to somebody, but then also like tattoos are very suck cruel. You know what I'm saying? So it's part of my sex appeal. So then I'm always like, well, I should just trust them are tattoos sexual Casey, he's excellent. That time a tattoo on her finger that she's now showing Casey, and it's like slightly faded. I'm hiding under the desk. He's he he, he wants to tell people not to get too with Ben he thinks they're so hot. Skiing. Why am I will never have to find them very hot but not for his future wife. I feel like it's very weird. It's right. He wants his future wife to be modest. But then right now he wants to bang fucking weirdos ticks. Pats. Are you ready? Oh, as a female and this is for you. Casey, d you think less of a woman that sends you a nude? You don't really okay? Not at all. When I first started talking to Casey. I was like, terrified of what he would think of me as, like a grownup adult that sent a nude. Yeah, maybe I was just like fucking weird and like didn't have my life together because they're like sending nudes. Right. An alike sexting, and I think it's all about the attention at the end of the day, right? Thing them for sure. I think it ends on the person. Yeah. Getting him horned up and stuff. Yeah. Yes. Louis, I think everyone wants to feel sexy, so right? I feel like some people send nudes for themselves to validation just they're like I look, I look fire today. I'm going to send this someone's going to enjoy it sometimes I'd take them and have no one to send them to you that I'll just like keep up in the gallery. Keep them in the vault. But I flashed like the entire staff today too, so on that could have been a good nude. Wasn't I? Telling you on accident, I forgot to wear an undershirt in, like my cleave is Rockin. So it just kind of kept separating the shirt of like. It was the best. So also on the topic of nudes. I think they're for dudes out there Casey. I think there is a right way to respond when you receive a nude. So what's that acute? So, okay. Yes, baby. I fucking love that. Yeah. Exactly. Amy that responses exactly what you want. So there's some people out there that you send a new to your man, or vice versa to your woman, and they say, like we're, we're Chit like, thank you. It's like. What telling him hot? Tell me also. They can't do is. That's hot. Yeah. I fucking know. It's hot. Yeah. But that's the end of the conversation. That was one of my questions like, do you does conversation ensued after that? What do you want to happen? Yes, conversation. Definitely ensues. Yeah. I want a sexed after that what it has to be the right conversation. Well, it's not going to be should we have chicken wings for. Don't make don't be weird about it. But, like if someone sends you need, like that's them being vulnerable over. You've just said it twenty nine thousand nine year being vulnerable, and like they're opening up to USA lake. Appreciate that, like, yes, it is a raunchy nude, but they're also like exposing themselves to you, so you want to be like, wow, like you're so beautiful. I can't wait to see like something. So freaking cute, you can't make super dirty, but actually go for the dirty. The sweet stuff does not go with pictures of my nipples. Depends on the resistant full. I love your hair in that photo. Yes, they can't wait to take you to dinner. You know what I mean? Like I want to know that I made you hard. And again, I think that depends on the nude like if you're sending the raunchy ones like you are. Then we'll you my news right now. Let's review. Yeah. Working to live on air. Well, okay. It's not live. Where is the coordinator draw the line between raunchy and sensual, most of mine are central 'cause I can't do raunchy? But if they're of, of the downstairs, they're raunchy air raunchy. Yeah. And I try not to send those off to look through my gallery. Stop it. You do not my nude safe. Tasteful is my favorite one to start with. Yes. Tasteful. Oh, tasteful. Yes. Queen so tasteful is basically what they're showing me is still cloth, wearing lingerie not on new, though. I won't send like fully nude until I like, no that the person's clutch, so there's stages of own ability. Yes. Oh, that's by year cases like seeing it. Without a higher. Little nude. Yeah. And I'm like trying to get better at aspects. You take aspects. Yeah. I can. So we'll host a workshop probably ladies, listen to all workshop, nude workshop, also the men also yet love men aspects is the best one I've ever gotten was from. That guy was telling you about that got blackmailed. He sent me one ever, and it was a Snapchat. And he is his body is like rock hard and he was standing. And I love a man's ass. You know what I'm saying? So the mirrors behind him, and it was just like of his full like back, and he is just so muscular, his ass is just, like, yes. Yes, oh, that I was like, please come over now. You know, so Nazia response is, yes, please. Come over now. Toit little ass over here. Yes. Come on baba over here, baby. Yeah. So, like, maybe some man aspects if they're if they're tweet their toys, men listening. That's what you start out with. Are they? There could be I like when a dude has his hands in his boxers. Oh like he's grow Xers though. Yeah. Saying his managers need to be a little more creative. And like work into it. Like don't don't show me the dick send the. Starting with the fucking vagina. It's like okay. Well, all right. Thank you. Thanks. I had one that was like an Hombre dick one time. Yeah. And then you're like, how do I respond to this? An Hombre Hombre dick. Yeah. I don't know. And then like, if it's circumciser, not circumcised, how do you react to? I mean like I don't I don't know anything about this about, like my wheelhouse. I hear about them all they got this cast them out. But we could add that to the topic list, uncircumcised, definitely don't want to see a picture of one. I mean I don't know again. You're right. I, I know nothing about them. Casey, what if anything would get you to send a nude, send nude? Yeah. Like you do. Oh, me a nude some day like we do have a deal. But someday, he's going to send me a video of him doing helicopter, dick, because that's just hilarious. Yeah. That is great. Yeah. It's not an attractive thing. Whoa, whoa, slow. It's not. I don't wanna see again, your dick is not a joke. That thing can fucking own me. That's what I wanted to be like. I like to make me laugh that Marissa's like on. On thinking about helicopter, that's funny to me, like I like it. I just can't think of Dick's that way. But I like yes, twirly yet, we're really. I don't like was like a pinwheel dick. He wanted to make the noises too. This helicopter noises. Is that it I don't know if the Mike pick that up who no, that's not. Rila now. What is? Casey knows, you know, if you totally encourage me, you put a YouTube video on the background of Alec after is truly thought this through. That's funny. See day. That's good Dahmer's is going to get it before. I do probably. Okay. Would your parents be upset if they knew that you sent nudes? Yes. One hundred percent. Yes. See, my dad is very European. I don't think he wants to see the nudes but f-. That's gross. Yeah. He always encouraged me to be proud of my body and like feel sexy. Right. I think you could definitely spin it. That's what I'm doing right now doubt, if you listen to this measure, your make it two minute twenty nine. Itself. I talked about self confidence. Oh. Well, your parents, you don't you haven't sent to new so they're proud. They are God. That's incredible. That was a credible. The best part of this podcast. Also, like I've siblings, and I don't my siblings very open their sex lives with their partners. So I've never been shamed of that. Very open sexual family though. It only push the side. Well, we don't talk about like we talked to ago. But like my brothers are very into their wives Bush should be. Yeah. My family's very reserved. My parents like touched each other all day long like not sexually, but like they were very affectionate. What do you mean? Like the kiss. They shower Taylor every day. Really? Yeah. And not like like they didn't bang. I don't know if they bang the char, but I know they had a lot, and we had an outdoor shower. My family's like very European. I said, so they'd like shower outside together. Yeah, that is European thing. That's not my family all from Iowa, though. So. Oh, god. Really must robed up on her on her. Oh, god. But, like I just I think I've always thought about like sexual permit skewed a little differently because my family is is not like they go around talking about all the time. But they're open about it. Right. American general is pretty prude on stuff like that. Marica. I don't know. Yeah, my family's not like that at all. They if, if my news tuna right, other conservative that they are conservative. What if Waylon new availa would beat the shit out of me? La. What is that the? Oh, god. Sorry. Jeez. Oh my God. It's, it's a say how much do you have a lot? It's just so like when they take off their shoe and they beat you. Banik thing. Spit on, you know what? I don't know. I was just like being about humiliation. Like, sometimes like if you're about if you've got to do something that they didn't. They don't want like my mom would take off her Santa like, slap it on her hand just to make the sound and we'd be just scared. See my mom would do that. But she do like Shannon little pincher out, and she'd go under your arm. And then she twist your arm fat who. She didn't come my brother and church in, like it was so quiet. And he was making noise she did it and he goes out. Church and she'd never did it again. I was like you are the goat Matthew go. How did you get disciplined? Yes. Daddy. News coming out. Oh, I don't know. PC's perfect. He's running for president tease never sent a new. I'm gonna send a new next time to me. Ooh. One did I will get back to you on how goes though, okay tonight, one romantic though, fucking helicopter. Yeah. Interest, none. No. What? In your like almost married, if my husband sent me a helicopter dick, I'd be like. Okay. Now did. Yeah. I'm like he did it in the bedroom might laugh. But like if you send it to me, and, like, try, here's a thing like I think that people are self conscious enough about their bodies. The I don't ever want sex to be a joke. Like I think like honking boobs, and like all that stuff is really weird. It's hard sing. Cussing new. Yes. My ex husband would do it all the time where he just like wanna do like Laffy things during sex, and be like, no, that's I don't like that. Yeah, it's like humiliating, and I wanna feel sexy. Sure. Sure. So, maybe if you do helicopter dick after we have sex all laugh in. It'll be really funny. Like I don't none verse nude. The last cheeks, I knew. And it's something that, like I think if you're gonna like helicopter Dixon vide-, or like it kind of, like it's either got to be a really good friend has to be a friend or she's significant other that you've been dating for like a very long time. True true. True. Yeah, you're right about those nodes, right? Right about those new Amy, you want to describe a tasteful nude for all the men listening like a of a girl, no of do give. About my rock-hard the atom or two, and then the hand number rows, bekker's browser water Frau's. Trousers trousers. Oh, yes. So if you're going with the hand in the trouser you have to be wearing some type of sexy boxer no fruit of the loom. Yeah. You know what I'm saying, Calvin? Oh, yeah. Oh, shoot. One of those ones shopping list, right? Plaque, calvin. Underline black. Folks are out on the soak. Boxers are out there is a brand though. That's like oh, they're called Saks. Those things are sexiest hell. They're really soft Cup your balls. I here where do you get them? Any fine retail destination. Okay. So we're looking for podcast annoyed. He's probably. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. So I think you need to step up the underwear game and really for me. I have a double standard because like I'm not super skinny, but I need to see a guy with a six pack. Okay. I don't I know that that's something that's wrong with me. I don't care to see your nude. If you don't have much going on. Okay. I mean, I'll see you naked but I don't need a picture of it. I know that that's really rude body. The. Oh my God. You like. I think it comes the confidence like if you own your nude. You tell me. But if someone was like six foot three fifty you'd want the new pick it own it. I think you could own it. Okay. I think there's a way you can own. I don't wanna maybe I'm just I don't think nudes are anything to like. To bash body. Shame like this is you've you can't think nudes are for everybody to send in to receive when wanted on both. Take that away. Sunt is sexy. Yes. Unsolicited is not okay. No. I'm speak tools harassment. How're assessment so boys less you warm up. I the but pick. Hick? But in back on back on there were pick. Yeah. Keep the hand in if you wanna put the tip out a little bit. I'm gonna Ford was hot to me. I'm like. I think you gotta build up to it. Of course. Yes, can help a lot of men out there. I honestly dudes pick. I wanna see the face, which I know girls wanna see the or guys wanna see the face to. But I don't I don't need to put the face and there, but I want, I don't you don't. I've yet to meet a man that has an attractive, Otis. But even if they're just like biting, their lip or something, I'm into it. New. Never. No. I think that's just like my preference. Because that's how I send my news is that. I don't put my face in it. So why would I ask you to I'm a big two way street kind of personnel. What Casey wants told me? What had Casey wants faces better than everything? I know I've never forgotten it that is the most beautiful thing I've ever boyfriend though. Not. I know at you know that, you know how I feel about that. I know. But yet the faces everything I guess, for dudes. They like the face someone asked me for face today. Just a picture of what I was firing. And I was like I don't I haven't done my hair yet agree. I like to see the face point was that you said you like to see the face high case listening. Hi, thank you for joining us that of the podcast. Wow, we're gonna have a podcast on communication as well. And you're going to be the absence of that one. No, no star of that one communication is. Choice that is, you know what section were upper communication. Boehner's for planning planning. That's the podcast. Thank you for joining us next topic is going to be drummer. Periods. Oh fuck. Casey's noggin. Talk about periods sex. We're going to have my friend day of it in my friend, Marissa's lot of people wanna talk about periods sex, again, is the someone's got a podcast, the things that everyone wants to know but no one wants to talk about. Now's the time to find your color your pay and everything to get started during red white and blue savings at the Home Depot, transforming your room is easier than ever with the best deals online, and in store. You can confidently select your color and the tools for your decks, paid project. Get a colorful new experience in the right paid for the right price. 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