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That that was kind of the armament or that okay. Maybe this group is not that large. But it's definitely voting and they absolutely love our product. It's helpful this is the square one. Show it today. Our guest comes from clear across the world in Armenia. His name is Mikhail Khachaturyan Chatrier. CEO of wire stock that I. Oh It's a stock agency where you can upload one place and sell your photos on multiple content places like Shutter Stock Adobe Stock Doc and much more boy found them after uploading my own stock photos to multiple places and realised how cumbersome and time consuming it was in. There has got to be a better way than this so I kept looking but I didn't see the solution. I was looking for until someone from wire. Stock contacted me about the platform now. Oh I could upload my photos to one place quick and simple and they would keyword and tag them and send them to all the major stock agencies. The saved me hours of my time. Name and the Hassle of Keyword in each photo just takes so much brainpower to that well. They were quick to respond to my questions and I was very impressed with what they were doing and how they were problem solving and how nice they were. Someone had found a simple solution to one of my pain points. Isn't that what we're trying to do right so it was telling Dave we really need to have them on our show. I think they have a great story behind what they're doing and I reached out in the CEO. Mickael got back to right away and said yes. I'd love to be on your show. So in today's episode you'll get to hear more about Mikhail his background and how they're providing solutions and helping creatives create and they can save time doing all the administrative ministration stuff. Here's our conversation with Mikhail. So so what is your background and then As more like technology or or finance maniac. Yeah I was more that I would. I would always had I was always passionate about mathematics and art. Statistics saw. Aw when I was going to school I sort of had this focus on statistics and not the matic sending I got to finance. I started my career at in finance more specifically like trading and and portfolio portfolio management. And things like that. I realized it was to kind of Board created for for my personality Sorority. Yes I got into technology more and like product development very early on in my career so so you have black kind of creative and scientific brain at the same time going there right. Business Technology like Like scientific statistical mind in a way. Well it's fascinating looking back at your story and knowing that you have kind of that creative brain in mathematics brain and you ended up starting wire stock completely make sense right for that time when we time when we we got into a stock photography specifically because we were like like I said we I mean we always loved shooting photos and You know teach inch Creating content when we're traveling and college but like when we got into the business side of stock photography specifically's when am One of my co founders had this man social dating application back in the day We had to buy a lot of stock content. Like we like it so we were promoting like off line Dates dating with our at. This was a few two years ago and we we had to a US stock. You know stock the content so we used to buy a lot of like A images of happy couples and so you had experience using that end of the the photography photography world. Yeah and requests come from. Yeah I mean we saw tremendous value in this kind of this kind of content. That you just click on a few buttons. You have a piece of content that you can use in your ad banner immediately in just a matter of seconds Keep in mind. This was two thousand sixteen and fifteen and we didn't have this three image download sites backing day. They are like super low quality so stock photography back down was second no brainer. You had to use it if you want to do affected marketing shooting fast so I know that the prices of stock of a jogger fear going way down Even you know twenty five cents here or ten sends their for someone to use a stock photo. So how as a creative. How do we take our time and recreate these beautiful images share them with the world world? How does that work supporting our family doing that? Or doesn't it. Do we need to find another job. Or how do we be creative. Make an income on family wise to support ourselves we promoted promote our service as an opportunity to earn. Ah Extra citing doing things that You as a creative person law with onto view it as a as a main in source of income for anyone at least at scale right I mean some people some race may be able to achieve it. If they open up studios and do it likes full time and focus on it but I think for most of for most of us stock photography can just be good weight Like extra extreme. Come doing things that you're going to do anyway. So yes I like now. And that's why that's why it's important to have a service wire stock that takes away all this adleman kind of word away and so you can. Just it's like okay. I have this contents I was gonna I mean I wanted to shoot. Some Christmas photo is now in my family whatnot. And then you just have this content and with a few clicks able to list it on this marketplaces and you're able to earn income. Where where the return on investment? It is more reasonable as opposed to doing it at all the way with all these websites. In all forms and nutcase return on investment. It's just a poor so that's our vision. Actually Yan Sen. What part of Your Business would you say your most passionate about? Are you I'm trying to provide that service or is it the the quality images of the art or like what is driving you Everyday when you go to build this business I think at the culture of our company and our team is one of my more problem solving with a touch of creativeness so we are sounds all we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers so when when we come to work we sort of come to work with the mission of solving real problem helping people achieve something at that they would otherwise not able to achieve saw we We have a very strong technical team. engineering wise. Half of our team. Are you know have background you engineering and we like to. We don't. I don't mind being challenged with enough sort of a difficult tech problems. And we'd like to solve them at at the same time. Hi We we absolutely love seeing amazing content and and and and creating content ourselves for fun saw so it is a combination of the two things on. I love that. You're so focused on your customers. You're not focused on. How are we doing? What is is this company giving us it? Sounds like you're very customer focused and it sounds like you have a really strong culture where all of you are on the same page about that. Can you talk a little bit more about what that looks like in your workplace. I mean it sounds like you're very hard workers but maybe like to have a little fun and be creative to Tom It's it's an interesting culture at like collaboration and strong like constant communication. So we would try to be. SS Errand as possible. Whenever one of US comes up with an idea the Or comes across problem that one bar in customers has reported we immediately immediately share it and we like all we have this problem. I had had this other customer report the same issue. Let's have a meeting. You know discuss it and his. We think that if if we can solve a problem for one person that can apply to thousands of people worldwide and speaking culture you have lived in quite a few different cultures that's you grew up in Armenia. You're in Malta. Sometimes too and you went to school in the states right. So how has the living in each of those different cultures influenced infantile. You operate today How you look at growing the business? I think it's helped me a lot first of all like living the. US helped me understand your mic culture. Better and where I was coming from much better and then Like you mentioned. I lived in Europe for quite some time and and I got sort of familiar with that perspective culture and vice style as well and then it just helps you communicate so much better and an understand people and things that they're going through the daily basis on just another level I'll just give you an example. I personally think like when you're building product Like consumer product like wires. Doc You have to leave your customers live in a way you have to be able to injure yourself living their life. You know. Sort of like what happens when they wake up in the morning. What happens when they go to arrest Ryan when they meet with their friends? Being able to picture in indigenous things Absolutely crucial regardless of whether you're building photography platform or a or a taxicab or whatever it is and when when you have this perspective of different lifestyles and different cultures You can first of all communicate much much better and second the second of all like understand problems on a global scale from from global perspective and and it comes with a sort of would would've price When you listen to too many places that are sometimes find yourself in a situation where you don't fully belong to none of these spaces but I think overall it's it's it's my duty me good day? Yeah I think that's pretty awesome that you have that global perspective and you can because your your company is a global company right so you're reaching people in all those different cultures so to be able to communicate. Effectively with Egypt is huge. Yeah Yeah So. Where do you see things going for the future for wire stock or really for any of this collaboration culture you where do you see things going in the next few years our vision for Wire Stalk I'll start with data's sensually we we want wire stuck be placed for photographers are able to earn indifferent and multiple ways was started with the most basic an Afghan monetization channels just photography but we want to expanders and in the future? We want to add like brand projects other things like that as well as as well as provide targeted with some real live gigs that we can get from different platforms and our vision is we want. We don't don't WanNa be a we don't want to work end buyers at closely we want we want to be working with large platforms like stock stock platforms. We can work with this with similar wanting a other areas other industries and agreeing green as much work as possible for for Tigers Video Greg illustrators and automate automate Adleman at work as much as possible. That sort of our vision to create this one show one stop shop for photography monetization. That's fine of RS vision and In terms of vision overall in terms of the future migration suture of content. General It it's very similar to what I just said I think creators have to do as should only be Focus on on creation and on on the creative aspect of the work. Because there's so much the gas to sink often take care of and for you to worry about this other business stuff right. Business administrative repetitive edited calls emails. All this stuff so I think it goes beyond photography it and actually applied to podcasts and on Youtube content the other forms of contacting the think there will be crews evolving in the future that will ah eight this extra work and we'll help people focus on on the creative aspects of work. So that's how I see it personally. Yeah that's amazing. I think being able to see how collaboration in the future is going to be. More seamless as well. We'll be interesting. I see a lot of a a lot of creative working in their own. Little pods you know. and and how do you connect with a client. And let's say there's three creatives that have three very distinct. It's things that they do that are able to bring that one. Client three different creatives together in a way. That's that's cohesive that's great for the end client. Yeah so like one thing long idea. We had what we were thinking Ok to create like awesome. You know commercial content a you usually often need models in your photo shoot whatever it may be and usually are in traditional ways that after higher model and you have to pay them And then you take the royalties it from from your from the licensing. But this one idea we had is that you could basically collaborate in a way that copyrights or the rights to on the ownership rights of content sort of divided between target for the and model. And maybe there's an editor or someone our manager and then whenever the shoot is done and you can just like split out the ownership. Bryant's royalties payments. It's kind of split up between people and that kind of can issue can create a easy to use. WHO's a tool for that? I think I think it could be very artful. So I told you much easier. Yeah Yeah because there's a a lot of people. There's a lot of amazing creatives that I've met who are fantastic at what they do but they may not be a great business person and so they suffer because of that their art is amazing. But how do they get in front of people and collaborate with other people and get paid for their time. So yeah I definitely see. That's that's all that we want to experiment sweet for sure. This idea of of simplifying are making collaboration. Easier like legally and Technically Easier yeah because legally right now. They're still that pain point of having to fill out the release forms and it's the same information that you're you're filling out and you have to get them to sign it. And how do you do that easily. Getting your clients to sign off on something and taking a picture on your phone of the thing they signed in and uploading it. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's something that actually on our roadmap that something we won't have an a feature. We're working on right now. His we WANNA we want to like make this mother released creation is completely digital so we wanted digitalize old process. So you don't have to physically prints your and then like you have your model sign and eight. And then they make a mistake and they're like all. You made a mistake here. I have to print it out of Japan. I would do think friendly wire stuck experience. We think biggest most painful element. And that's what we're going to focus on next is like this digitalization aspect of it. You know the candy with your With your desktop computer. Yeah well good luck with Adam excited about seeing that seeing that. Yeah well I have another question question for you. What is this like behind the scenes for you personally going through this whole process I mean? Are you working all the time. Or how do you find time to kind of feed your F- yourself because there's a lot of creativity that you love how to give back to yourself and stay healthy that way you know me and my cofounders were also friends so we hang out together so I think with sort of evolved into this immersive states of like warrick in life of immersing together you know with our families friends saw wire stock is just part of our lives. You know. That's how we view it and we don't treat it as as as like this song kinda tedious work that separated from our life and we treated like something that we have. We just have fun doing Because otherwise honestly wouldn't be possible. I don't make sense at all but it's your passion so it doesn't feel like work as much as what it sounds. It's what you guys love to do and you do it together with people you enjoy doing it with although it can be more difficult in some ways when you're doing the friends because how do you guys manage that when there's a tough decisions that have to be made and like how do you come to agreement and some of those things. Yeah It's it it's very very Teamwork base so we like like pretty tragic if you will so we just kind of. There's a there's a disagreement between any of us we just put it on the table and we disposed on it. And that's that's how decisions are made. We tried to make sure that no decision is sort of like against somebody's kind of opinion completely or like the way they see it so it kind of create problems in the future but so far You know I got. We've been in in Pretty well it sounds like when you said when you mentioned earlier about transparency being able to be transparent with each other and say well I may not agree with the fat but I trust you guys and I'm going to go ahead with it and for the best. Yeah exactly like like like I have the position of the CEO but I still think that kind of major decisions Are Better to be discussed the with with you know with our team because you get so much so many insights and opinions and like it can affect you obviously Make the decision you go in. You have to make so many decisions like honestly like we do this that you know should we. You should Redo the project a project. The you know almost always better. It's always better to choose one and not do both. So it's always attitude all with project a project B not both Spread Yourself Sane and you do both pretty reportedly you make a decision lifted Hopefully do it quick enough so that you can rebound do something else if you made mistakes. So is there something you could share. Maybe a mistake or a hardship that you've been through that you could share that how you got through that like at first I. Yeah so it goes back to what we discussed about. This is e submission thing so we went through some phases of a product headman with livestock saw. When we first started our idea actually was that we're going to create a tool for the existing stock photographers? So I mean we were thinking we would build something that existing photographers which portfolios hike thousands thousands and tens of thousands of photos use so our was that they would switch over their portfolios to wire stuck in star licensing their wire stock but when we when we first started Danish version. I I started doing workshops here in Malta and defeat bag I kept getting was that we don't need your service we already. You know we have been handling this for years you know we have some of them already hired the people that were doing this submission thing for them. Some of them you know had work their way. It's using some tools some other like efficiency tools and long story short the feedback we got was that we don't need you and so it was. It was a painful moment realizing okay you just build something that nobody eats and then yeah and then I realized at some point I kinda in a look back at one of this workshops I it and I was like wait a minute there. Was this guy who actually was pretty excited at. He uploaded some photos and some of food photos actually saw than so. Who is this guy you know? And I started kind of going back to his story and kind of analyzing NAM his behavior and his kind of like customer persona and what I realized was that this guy was. He had an account on on splash. Or I'm not sure. He told me he had tried using You know stock. Photography sides didn't like it out. I didn't think he was officiant NAS and and he was the one. We're actually loved. That sounds like we could make one person happy. We are product. Maybe there are other are more people that love our product. So that's why we switched to other sort of communities piece and other demographic and generational kind of You know the groups of people and communities and started talking to them and realize okay okay. These people are way more receptive of with what you're talking about you know and that's that was kind of the moment or is that okay. Maybe this this group is not that large but it's definitely evolving and they absolutely love our product and they see why it's helpful and how how it can help us but that moment that initial moment of kind of a little bit on annual disappointment and frustration was was a bid was something really overcome You know early on. So what would you say. You're more of an optimistic person. Ignore when you face that situation did you still have that hope and look at the bright side or was it devastating. I Yeah I really try to improve and be able to sort of I I tend to like I tend to overreact. Nah took problems to be honest with you And sometimes you go into this piano few days of like download Kind of like a student rights the regime but I always I always tend to come back back with new ideas and I'd like us to get like a piece of paper empanel start going things kind of coming up with new ideas like Tad's help but whenever I come dumping I'm always optimistic. All this is going to work for sure. Yeah Yeah. Happy founders. Who are super optimistic? Because honestly that's one. That's one advice that I would give to to entrepreneurs tour's is that like always try to find founders are at least not like pessimistic that especially the technical into nearing people. If you know if if you get this kind of like pessimistic you know like a pragmatic position from them than it. It can really drag you down happy about that. So yeah that's huge Osama McKay al.. Thank you so much for your time. I loved all of the things that talking about and really talking about kind of the human filth very human aspect of your business. You know. It's not just out there trying to make money but you're out there trying trying to solve problems and you love your customers in your learning from it and I love that hats you wear for like all questions chance on me you guys. I mean Jessica so like you're the first person in our community that I'm talking such detail so you know I mean is doing a podcast. I had some calls with some customers but never this detail like talking about our vision. So this is the feedback. I hope to great sharing sharing your story and sharing your heart behind. What you're doing is so important that I think people people need to understand well? Where's this going whereas wire stock leading US insight? I really appreciate your heart kind it. We've come a long way. I mean when we first started we just had like honestly it was just our portfolio of images that we shot ourselves and then now we're getting a on new marketplaces. You know that are trying that want to work with US outside of the main marketplaces and we're adding that every every a new channel that we add we feel like we adding value for our targeted community and it just office up and keeps US going. uh-huh keep going because I'm loving loving solutions that you're providing right you so much rusty. It's big tire. If people are interested where can I go to find wire stock. Where can they go to find you? And connect with you say link thank yous lengthen a lot. And and might be you know so. It's an Mikhail champion. I have a hard to pronounce Armenian last night at the wire stock. Dot Co Mit A.. Y. E. L. at wire stock dot. Co I am usually quick to respond and might lengthen age also active there and Yeah if any of our community members or your listeners onto connec find out more when I would be happy Feller L. are stories and the website has wire stock dot. IO STUFF DOT IO is free to use you can submit your content start earning gene without having any subscriptions or anything and you get paid for every download We work with all major stock Martin faces and anyone swap between. Hey thank you appreciate it appreciate your time. Thanks for Having meet today and guys are awesome wishing you good luck so an US well explore dream. mm-hmm discover that's what we're all about here sharing people's stories and engaging with each other we hope you found this conversation helpful and encouraging. Well we'd love to keep in touch which we just created a facebook group where you can connect on a more personal level. It's called the square one lounge. You can find it by going to our Website Square. One show DOT com. I'm just looking at the top and click on the lounge well until next time. This is David and Jessica Lewis. Enjoy your week

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