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John and ken show john kobylt ken. Chiampou kfi am supporting live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Welcome everybody who have one more chance on this. Show today to get the keyword to text in for the thousand dollar chance. That's coming up in about fifteen minutes of poll has come out that gavin newsom down to forty six percent approval rating. More and more people are interested in recall. We'll be talking about that at five. Oh five along with the numbers on vaccines injected into arms and california versus recall signatures collected. Tomorrow will be a big day because wednesday is when the recall people put out their official update on signatures the former san diego. Kevin falkiner as many official. He's in the race to replace. Newsom recall or year in the actual general election for governor the los angeles skull uprising. This is a group of parents who are sick of the schools being closed. It's almost been a year and It's been a disaster by all accounts and the younger the kids. The bigger the disaster. I heard the other day the that the percentage of kids even bother to go online is really low and the ones who do go online. Most of them pay no attention. And it's it's been terrible. Know i heard today. They were looking for some kind of precedent for this new orleans. Hurricane katrina the schools were closed for a year. They found when the kids came back. It's a bit. it was if as it was if they were gone three years. Oh you know. I wondered about that. What would be the boss here. In terms of something quantitative it was as if they were gone three years. That's because the kids just forgot everything. Oh so a imagine imagine. Your kid loses three years of education because it builds on itself over time. And there's a lot of repetition that lasts from one grade to the next the next and this is terrible. This is the biggest disaster. It's completely unnecessary. The science proves that the data proves that. But what we have here. Guide austin beutner running The l. a. School district actually. He's not running anything. It's the teacher's union. The teachers union cruelly has decided that they're not showing up for work. Just keep sending the checks Let's get ross. Novi on he has one of the founders of la school uprising as parents who are saying enough. Ross how are you. Hey thanks for having me on the show really really appreciate it all right. What's what's your group about here. So i am a parent of two kids. I have a sixteen year old daughter and a fourteen year old son and they were really into learning. They were doing well And then the shutdown happened few months in you. Start to see all the problems. They have They're depressed. Stars have psychological issues and you talk to other parents difference going through the same thing and it's just getting worse and worse so to certain point. I said well someone's got to stop this insanity and i started this nonpartisan. Grassroots collection of parents were furious. And we're all pushing to reopen in person learning in los angeles this semester. For all those wish to attend you attended if you have a high risk parents. If i was teacher. If you're just scared okay. Don't come back but for the rest of us. Let's get back to doing school right well. Beauty at a press conference yesterday said no way. No hurry nothing's opening. Of course not i mean he. He hasn't done anything. And you look around the country in the world and else is opening up. I mean everyone in los angeles things like how do we figure this out. I don't know pick a phone. Miami called germany. The uk france anywhere else. That have done it. There's nothing to figure out. Ross how much of this delay on. The teacher's union united teachers los angeles no fan of return into the classroom either. Look there's definitely. I'm gonna say like i work in tv. I'm part of a union. But what are union. Did with been different. Is we worked with the studios and producers and how to get back safely people tall day on days when we went back and figured it out aberrations to figure it out and i do not see that happening But ultimately you know newsom in general managers they gotta get it under control so right one. That can make this happen. He's the one that charring the parties together and work this out. And you're right. They're just giving up. It seems like i e- well because they don't wanna teach. I mean it's clear they don't wanna teach because it's been proven and added many other districts around the country as certainly the private schools that you can do it and no there's no outbreak bay drought breaks. The virus simply hasn't happened. They have a lot of research they have. They've hundreds of thousands of kids have been studied over this. It just doesn't happen so once you've been presented with that case. Everybody's still saying no you have to say okay. Then it's not about the viruses. It is about something else here. Well been they've a terrible job presenting case right. So i mean i feel like i worked on the office back today and i feel like we have the gun from under mifflin actually running our pandemic. You got with the same hair as new author angela. It makes no sense. And then i told him just in the back mumbling doing anything. That's the cruelly running our. He's like how many folks do you have your los angeles school uprising group. I'm glad i got to laugh at you so we you know it's like i don't even watch the office but it's a good one one of my sons episode three times over concord. I've seen a lot of that. Yeah it's okay. Good good humana quite your voice inside of quality so now we have like about. Three thousand people participate through different facebook groups through petitions. You know it's it's a weird way to organize reach out across all these platforms. And i have people in every part of the city of that smart doctors from ucla. We've got a lot of motivated. Parents are sick of nothing getting done. Well talk about what you said. You have two kids in a unified. Yeah a sixteen year. Old girl. Who i mean that's tough enough anyway as a parent and now you're gonna lock her up nine months. I mean it's like caging a tiger and my fourteen year old son who's a freshman who's never stepped foot on his campus. Yeah i know and the depression only the missing the structure of school. And then you start worrying about you know your future. You know what college you're going to get into. Are you going to be qualified to go anywhere. And then in the loss of all the adolescent rituals just being with your friends meeting members of the opposite sex in a going through the normal development in life is all shut down. And you're what you're in your room looking at a wall i. There's a lot of depression going on with with with with a lot of kids of all ages. So i don't know if you guys were this way but i found myself at that age like fifteen sixteen you figure out like what are you good at. What are you into like doing clubs activities association all those things and none of these kids are blossoming. Now they're just stuck inside doing the worst thing just on screen any to talk in their head. Yeah really bad yeah it. It's terrible and and it looks like nobody cares. Beauty doesn't care. Teacher's union doesn't care. Garcetti doesn't care newsom care. They know all this mental damage is going this emotional damage. They know. everybody's gonna come in and be two or three years behind intellectually handling the work they know of this. They're told that every day don't care they don't wanna take the political risk going against the teachers union. That's what it is and that's what it is to stick up for the principle which is so obvious to the rest of the teachers. Union pays every politician. They signed every campaign. And if you're not with them then they fund your opponent and you're dead principles. Their political life is more important than the lives of your children. I think you hit the nail on the head and that's why we started with union. But we're going to go through all these. Take them all down because when you get parents upset you push our busy lives to have to focus on this to be doing this job other things. I want to be doing all my talking to. At fort of ed meetings now boring. Those at meetings are awful. Now i gotta sit through them. Talk we're going to go after all these people who have the worst catastrophe of kids that i could ever remember well in addition so we're regaining people every day and we're gonna do a bunch of calling campaigns. We're really just bond each of these individual people. We've i'm also part of a statewide group. That's putting its attention on newsom open schools california and we're gonna do Rallies at a certain point also and they're gonna be creative stuff. I'm not a guy likes to sit on the street corner with a sign. I wanna do things that really changed the math. And move the needle well. I've looked at elliott school uprising. Dot com to get a lot of information in there. And it's also you have ways to help pick at least three involving how people can join the movement ross. I think we're gonna be talking to you again. Sounds like You may be on to something here. It's it's the only way to go so you're doing. You're doing great work air and anytime you need us this call. I appreciate the attention if any parents still frustrated and others other people out there doing the fight. So thank you guys for letting me talk. That's ross the navy. He's the founder of l. A. school uprising. And that's the website l. a. school uprising dot com. They are asking for austin. Beutner to leave has school superintendent and they want safe reopening of schools now sued and is he said. Talk to the other states. Where they're doing it. Find out how to do it safely to get off the ball. Here do something. I cannot believe how inert and ineffective austin beutner is a. He should be sh- yellen all day and night into every media microphone can find challenging the teacher's union and telling the stop this nonsense in fact what they ought to do outta do what ronald reagan did with the air traffic controllers forty years ago where he broke that union they. They went on strike and he said fine. You're all fired just fire and anybody who wants to teach show up at the teachers will show up. Anyway trainees will show up. All kinds of people are out of work or qualified to teach. Just just just bust the whole place. The judges sorted out. We'll tell you what they are doing. A quote successfully la unified. You'll have a chance to two thousand dollars. Stand by for the keyword to text. Johnny can't kfi. John and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou cam. I am six forty. You can text to win now for your chance at a thousand bucks text. Nationwide keyword hope h. o. p. e. two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and info standard data and message rates apply and this nationwide contest. That's hope to two hundred. Two hundred brings answer. It might be the money likely coming from the five one three area code. Next chance to win at six twenty with tim. Conway new keyword. We've an opportunity after the news at four thirty to talk to the father of a man who was murdered by a gang member in a premeditated assault is still money. And the reason we're talking more importantly is because towards gascon. The la county district attorney has decided that he's not going to pursue the special enhancements. Which could put this gang killer away for a much longer time. This is part of gascons directives issued when he took office back in december is like a story every day every week about what he's doing to dismantle real criminal justice in la county. We're going to talk about the mob ryan after the news at four thirty about this terrible terrible story we were just talking about the la unified school district. We had a listener. Come on the show. Who's making an effort to organize parents against school. Superintendent austin beutner to get those schools reopened or announcing yesterday that There are no hurry to do that. They're not ready. What is what is the story here. I why can't he at least be honest and say. The teacher's union doesn't wanna teach why why can't why can't he can't do some be honest about this. He was condensing around a couple of days ago. The teacher's union they don't want to teach it's something union. It's the teachers. Union is the teachers. They don't wanna show up for work and a lot of other people are a lot of people much more dangerous situations are. This isn't dangerous. It's proven by the science and data. I i you know. And the thing is and this is really sick. Part in l. a. eighty percent of the kids are in poverty. They're mostly minority kids. Parents lot of them don't speak english lot of marnie citizens. Those parents are intimidated and afraid to fight. Now that's what it is and so the teachers are taking advantage of. These parents were compromised by their lack of legal status their lack of english language skills and the just the general fear. They have through all this. But i mean you don't see any media taken taken on the teacher's union no politicians. I mean every single politician in this state is bought and paid for by the teachers unions. Every single one. That's why i mean. Can you imagine a whole year. There's no school a whole year and then we're getting only stories about all the depression and the mental illness and the intellectual disability. And now they're going to be three years behind when they finally come back and it goes on and on okay so wow among the rope. The wo- crowd the pandemic of victory over concerns that the most disadvantaged children are falling the furthest behind within by the way. The one thing lost was proud of this week. Is that la unified. School district has provided this number. I couldn't get over one hundred million meals okay. Does that show you how poor they are. Wow the kids got one hundred million meals for some reason. The parents are so poor. They can't provide food. This was the grab and go program that started last year during the pandemic eighty percent of la unified school district. Students come from live in poverty. Eighty percent there are six hundred thousand. Students enrolled in la unified school district. So you can see. This is what we're talking about the other day with regards to neighborhoods that have been stricken with covid. Nineteen we have a large immigrant population living in poverty because they take low wage jobs. That was what employers wanted right the low wage labor but living in homes that are very crowded. This experiment is worked really well. The illegal immigration led to all these people getting abused by the employers. They're paid garbage wages. They're leaving ten people to a room. Everybody got sick. Some of them died. The kids have been out of school. I don't wanna hear any of these fake phony idiot. Politicians start talking about well you know. We have inequality gap but aj education and in the quality gap in wages. You don't really care. You never would've allowed this to happen if you actually cared. That's just a talking point to run for office. Raise money same thing with the activist groups. You don't hearing activist groups complaining right got. How many minority activist groups are their children activist. Groups are there you notice. They're not saying squat about this. They're saying anything no criticism because they're fake and their phony and they don't care about the kids. Don't care about minority kids. They have care about poor kids. They don't care about any of it they just use it as a campaign issue to gain power and to raise money into enrich themselves. When we come back another parentis coming on the show. Bob ryan is gonna come on and talk about his son. Bobby ryan who was murdered along with another man is double murder by a gang member who wanted to steal their money and the update is the la county district attorney. George gascon is dropping special enhancements against this accused gang member which could lead to his release at a much younger age. More coming up john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Today there was supposed to be a court. Hearing the la county association of deputy district attorneys had filed a lawsuit against the new la county da. George gaskin over his directives. Many of which they are dangerous will lead to dangerous people getting out of jail prison much sooner than they would've because one of the big directives was to drop special enhancements special circumstances charges even against murderers. If you can believe it and then on the backside of this the prosecutors are not to go to parole hearings and plead with the pro board to keep the inmate in prison. Another director from gascon and one of the stories we played last week was from bill malaysian at fox eleven dealing with special circumstance trump that were dropped against accused gang member a double murderer under gascons reforms. It takes us back to the end of twenty seventeen where this man is accused of murdering two men who lured to his home so he could rob money from them. Bobby ryan jacob. Dominguez were the two victims Ryan had four thousand dollars cash that he had gotten from an insurance payout. After his car was totaled gang member knew he had the money lured him to the house and eventually shot both men to death of then carjacked a van and drove up to victorville bodies in the desert. So we're going to tell you the worst of the worst. Gonna talk with bob ryan and he was in bill malusis report His son was one of the two murdered and gascon taking away. These enhancements which would lead to a very long prison term is scott. Bob obviously very upset. Bob ryan welcome to john and ken show. Thank you thank you for having me on your show today can you. Can you explain for the first won't go. You go ahead talk you. You say what you buy just kind of say. You know the whole basis to our whole Meeting here is to talk about a lot. About george lasko. This man is coming into los angeles county and putting on a one man show and he's not representing what the victims feel. Only what the criminal feel. We feel like we've been robbed from our Any any chance of justice we have with this man Los angeles county is about to become the most dangerous county in the in the nation if he gets to keep on going and we can have these horrible crimes with absolutely almost no consequences. Were you there when the judge agreed to drop these enhancements where you on the On the call. Yes we have been asked to to read a statement. And i think i said to you today I save for myself. But also for rachel domingos the grandmother of the younger boys jacob which was eighteen at the time of the murder. I we both read our statements in court but being perfectly honest. I don't think even listened to a word we say. I don't think it meant a thing. he was more concerned with doing. Was what george going wanted. And i really honestly. I don't think he cared about our stories one bit. He didn't even look at us when you read the verdict. What's the name of this judge It's rob be like bob and i don't know how you pronounce it blaze. I just be as in victor. I l. e. v. a. and he just had no interest in in what you had to say i am i'm amazed at the lack of interest in sensitivity to this on the part of gas cone and on the part of this judge. It is pretty shocking. That they're just dismissing your position. Here with totally shocking. When our first. Whenever case i m to be Back in december of two thousand seventeen after the arrest of this gangster which are already in custody for previous crimes that he committed so quite easy to arrest him. Money is already in jail You know we. We were told right in the beginning. This was the death penalty case. Yes we might get the death penalty and this is what we're looking for and then we find out that governor newsom said we can no longer how definitely but we can have special enhancements which means possible a life without possibility of parole. Okay so we swallow that pill. I'm okay with that. Now that's okay then only go into court last week and be denied that now. Now it's what maybe twenty years and he's at a prison correct and he's already served three show he'd be on in seventeen years Would put him on the streets back on the streets again The leader of the gang at forty years old. I guess at forty years old is very young to be back on the streets. After you've murdered two people was brutally murdered him. I mean he wasn't nicer body shot in the head and then mp the rest of it weapon into my son's torso and then created them. Like common trash took him out to victorville and the desert dump them like somebody would up trash in the desert in the dirt covered them up with the curtains set up of house and the body were discovered for almost a week. Laying there in the dirk was raymond gonzales. A friend of your son. No he had been an acquaintance Apparently from having some pills and my son had created a A habit of taking the pills. And i believe that's what that's what the business was. You get more of pills. See how your son would buy pills from gonzalez correct correct. This gang is known for selling drugs in that area right and that's what he was doing in my yeah okay. He had a little bit of an addiction problem. That doesn't mean that you deserve to die To be honest with you. Bobby had an appointment in two days two more days if he could have lived after the shooting. He had a bad opening for a long-term Rehab thing but he never got to do that. you know. Jacob domingos big goal. He wanted to be a marine. You never got to be that you know the boys never about fathers. They never had a family. Did they miss out on so much. Yeah i was. I was asking because your your son does seem like a good guy. And i wondered why he would even know Radio that's what it was the dependency on the pills. And and of course he had boasted about x. Amount of money enough to pay for the bills. He was getting and then. Of course raymond gonzalez cooked heart. Well we need that to this. Murder was strictly one hundred percent holiday generally for greed greed. Only that that gang probably has the next day it was gone. And that's your boys lost their lives over greed or four thousand dollars. Have you been able to talk to guests. Gone anyone in his office. Any any of the prosecutors. You're supposed to handle this case. No no they. They have had zero They've had zero have plenty of opportunities but they haven't taken any opportunity to talk to me. You only people. I hear them talking to or victims families and and how happy some of these victims their loved ones. You're coming home after committing a horrible crime. Now they're coming home. This is so psychotic this is so show chris. We appreciate your talking to our condolences at the loss of your son bobby and this outrage and hopefully there are other judges that don't let gas. Do this dropping enhancements. Were sorry this judge wouldn't do it in your son's case but we're glad you're you're you're speaking out about this. Thank you for coming on. Well we are we. Have you know matt murphy. And it seemed cooley on our side and or not giving up. We're gonna fight on for my son and jacobs live keep fighting and keep making it public there. We'll have you back will elements beg you so much for the interview. I really appreciate it and hope. Good word will get out by bob ryan. His son bobby was murdered by a gang member. In fact he killed two men dumped their bodies in the desert to steal money and the development is that guests gone does not want special circumstances premeditated lying in. Wait all that kinda stuff. So the murderer could be out in twenty years when he's still younger than fifty. We got more coming up. John and ken show kfi. John and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Go well hang around. We give your daily update on the number of vaccinations that have been administered in california versus signatures collected on the recall. A new attempt. And there's news on that including the official announcement for the former san diego mayor kevin falkiner that he's into replace newsom whether it's this year or next year and pick a lot to talk about in the five o'clock hour we've been talking about a. County district attorney. George guests gone whose name comes up on our show probably several times a week specifically since he took office in december and issued a whole bunch of new directives. We were just talking to a grieving. Father whose son was murdered by a gang member and his son was dumped his body in the desert Gascons people decided to drop special circumstances allegations against this gang member in this double murder which could make him eligible for parole in. What is now probably pat seventeen years because he's been in prison for three years murder murdering two people. You'll be out in seventeen years you'll be forty. This is what gas gone doing. Another one of these directives tells prosecutors. They're not to show up at parole hearings. In order to make the case to the parole board that the inmate should not be released. Nbc news did a story that this is already affecting if you can believe this. Let's actually coming from channel four here locally eric. Leonard and andrew blank stein. This is affecting the manson murders. There was one by the name of bruce davis and there was a california boorda. Parole hearing for this killer this month and a woman by the name of k. louis joined the video conference. Call her cousin. Gary hinman was tortured and killed by manson followers. Back in july of one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and for the first time that she's made this effort she learned that no one joint her she was be no prosecution. The la county the district attorney's office to make the case that this guy should not be released. She was on her own a manson killer guests. Scone will not even have exceptions. His people show up to make the case for a manson killer to remain in prison. This poor woman k. Mart is eighty one years old eighty one years old and she had to do this by yourself. I the only good news is. The davis has gotten paroled six times but newsom and other governors keep saying no but that may not happen forever or until the person dies. So why would you do that. Debra tate quoted to remember her sister. Sharon tate probably one of the most famous people killed by the manson followers. She said my jaw drops. I'm outraged and we've had her on the show many times. She has been front and center trying to fight the release of any of these manson members. She's not going to get any helpful. La county da's office. Listen to this wack job who works for gas gone alex bastion. He's a special adviser. He's claiming the prosecutors role ends at sentencing. There's a tug of war between public safety versus equity and bastion says his. Aw office is now focused. On providing trauma informed services when a heart wrenching crime occurs. What does that mean. i don't know i've never heard of this. What do you do. You have a psycho who committed the kind of crimes committed you. You have to get the psycho in in prison until he dies preferably you should kill the psycho but if you're not to kill a at least keep them in prison. Now listen to this. This is the new philosophy in any case where an individual has spent nearly a half century in prison. The parole board has likely reviewed generations of behavioral health evaluations and has determined that a nearly eighty year old. Elderly man is not the same person he was when he was thirty years of age. The people's interest in continued incarceration and extraordinary cost. Taxpayers is likely to have informed. They're released decision finally bastion told. Nbc news that we have. What's called a victim advocate who can attend the virtual hearing but the woman we talked about martin lee said no told her about someone like now participating in the hearings there was no victim at. You could offer it to me you. Have you have an office full of sociopaths. Working with guests gone. They don't care. This is not about having a different philosophy. This is a bet people for cold blooded and don't care. they have no interest in your victim status there knowing criminals. Yeah they're on the side of criminals. It's been it's been a a hostile takeover of the justice system by gas going in his gang. This is like a gang and they're holding. The hostages are the Victims or their surviving family members. I when we come back. We'll give you the daily update on vaccines versus recall signatures new numbers in for the vaccines john and ken show. Debra mark has the news. kfi am six forty.

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