Foodies in Madrid Best bites (& sips) plus why do you listen to When in Spain?


Hello everyone my name's Paul Bird. You're listening to another episode of the winnings fame focused in this episode. Something a little bit different. Actually it's GonNa be a best of episode. I've never done a best of episode before at what I thought I'd do is put together a best of food and drink so we're gonNA hear a few snippets of filtering Madrid. People doing interesting things with food right here. What have done is put together a few clips of past episodes to give a little flavor of Spain. And especially this time of lockdown when we maybe trying to think about the future when we can eat and travel in our beloved Spain so coming up. We're going to hear from Margaret spurling. Who runs walk and Eat Spain? She gives food tools around Madrid. We're GONNA be talking about that amazing Spanish Delicacy Hamon then. We're going to be looking back at Spanish wine with Luke dark coat and Iraqi Madrid. Do you remember those guys? The Spanish wine experts. You've got their very own shop coke popping distance from Madrid's platform from wine to bear. We'RE GONNA be talking craft beer scene in Spain with David and Patrick from Laos Sita right in the Center. Madrid on the famous tapestry. Come about her. They're also founders of the also Brew Company Brewing. Their own craft beer right here in the Spanish capital and then from two cookies cookies baked by closeted nuns nuns. In one of Madrid's most famous convince El Convento. Dallas carbone eras right in the center of the capital. You have to find a wooden door which I'll be doing in the clip and Following the secret passage to a wooden hatch where you can buy these beautiful delicious cookies baked by the nuns themselves to join me for that as well and around off the episode. I'M GONNA BE TALKING TO SAM and veteran from alternative travelers dot com about the Vegan food scene in Spain. So let's get on with the episode his music so food and drink in Spain. Also in this episode of you comment reviews that you guys are listeners. Have left me Recently I asked people to get in touch through the facebook group and the winning Spain. Instagram page. To tell me why they listen to the winnings. Fame podcast now. I imagine at the moment. Lots OF PEOPLE LISTEN TO PODCASTS. To how transport themselves to places that they can't be at the moment due to the lockdown and Corentin situation with Kobe nineteen so I put it out there to the in Spain. Facebook group and instagram followers of why they listen to win in. Spain where they listen to it and that kind of thing so dropping in a few of those comments that people were kind enough to get back to me with about why they listen to the wedding Spain. Podcast as well but anyway. Let's give the episode and where better to start than that Spanish Delicacy Hamman with Margaret. Spurling King of these products is without question. Haman and when we talk about common There's all different pieces to that puzzle which we will get to but when we're talking about the best of the best we just have to start right off the bat with the greatest thing that you can get at one of these stands which is Hun Ebay Deco they iota Which means it is common from the back dry cured leg of the pick. Ebay CO refers to the Iberian breed of pigs and Yada means that these guys for the last couple of months of their lives. They only eat ACORNS. Y'All toys on a coin so they foraged for Acorns and that's what they for the last few months of life. Free Range Animals. They're out in these beautiful landscapes which are called they assess which are just these beautiful open spaces and so you have these gigantic pigs just gorging themselves on eight cars. Now importantly acre injure their favorite foods traditionally. This is what they've eaten and this is what they want and so they're out there. I like to imagine myself like if I was out in the field of pizza. What would happen to me? And this is sort of the experience in her field of pig pizza which is acorns so the best way to get from on ebay recall thereby iota which is fun to say and fun to eat. Which is my favorite category of food is to go to one of these amazing butchers so our Komo NATO here saying nephew. He has a beautiful leg of the homeowner vehicle and one of the most important things. When you're going to get from anybody go. Is You want to look at the color of the foot. The foot is going to be black. It's oftentimes called bought by mega which just means blackfoot so we gotta have our blackfoot so we have our blackfoot. It's set up here to be cut. Pathan legalize kind of indicates equality the blackfoot refers to this animal. And they have black. That's one of their characteristic markings so north on so we're going to get a little ham now. This is quite an autism. There I've heard of people go to sort of institutes actually teach people how to carve ham in a very fine almost thin just like a millimeter maybe two millimeters thick exactly and this is the thing is that folks spend a very long time. Oh my gosh. Yes spent a very long time. Learning to cut ham hosting matthew. Grew up helping his father and then he's been cutting ham for years one time. I met Carlo Nomo. Gordo Shit you got any physically says that. He's had this day on himself after his father retired for about seven years. But he's been helping out Since he was a kid and so he basically grew up. Learning how to cut this stuff and you can really see the pieces. Here are absolutely beautiful. Another thing that's really amazing about the hormone. Is that again? Everything about making him is an art and a science. And you have these guys who trained for years to cut it and also to be able to recognize when it's ready piece of Paper here with a few slices. Come on right. They're looking. They could have let him theaters of Miki. We're asking about how long the Ham cured. This is extremely important and now each ham has to have a special ticket and so this one says that the animal was slaughtered in the. Eighteenth Week of two thousand fifteen while Susu Pacific. So we're in the twenty eighth week of two thousand and one thousand nine so it's a little over four years and this is a really amazing part about the whole process that when we talk about the art and a science there is the art of cutting serving in presenting but the science is absolutely necessary when we talk about ham talking about pork salt and time because it needs to cure as you heard from minimum of three years to be considered a phony beatty. Go into these sold with that. Special Label. But you know there's all of the different factors. How much salt. How long. It's it's cured. The humidity level the air circulation. All of this is so you get these perfect lakes. 'cause we're eating raw meat. I mean let's. Let's make no bones about this. This is eating very fancy raw meat and so you have salt and then it hangs whether they normally hang them to cure okay so now this is done. It's a highly regulated by the European Union. They're done in factories with again. Everything regulated to the level of humidity to the air circulation to the temperature. Because again we're eating raw meat traditionally. This would be made. You know you'd have a special part in your barn where there was lots of a cross ventilation too. You would hang the legs from the rafters but enough of the history. I really think we're going to have to try this. Let's dig in okay. Let's look at these pieces when you get home. One particularly a very good piece of Komo anybody go. You never want to be afraid of the fat because I think maybe certainly in the UK people isn't sort of thing that people cut the fat off their me or a bit squeamish about eating too much fast when you see this white marshalling people who just avoid eating that exactly for all of us who grew up in lean protein lean protein protein societies. I'm this can be quite a shock but sometimes people who've had ham and they totally took advantage of me. 'cause I'm a foreigner and they put a bunch of fat on there and you're like men out if someone loves you in Spain they give you the fatty it can be the fatty bit of the Ham. The fatty bitter the roasted lamb. Whatever it is fat is truly flavor. I mean I know we've heard that but that is absolutely the truth. And when we're talking about the KHAMMONE BEATTY CO. It is absolutely crucial. A good piece of beatty go should be about the size of a credit card and it should be ribboned without beautiful marveling. There's gotta be a good balance of the fat to the meat because that's where you get the magic. Since these animals eat acorns on the ACORNS. Just do this incredible number on the meat as it as it ages for like three to four or five or six years even and so you get all this wonderful properties where you look at the site. I mean yes. It is a warm summer day but the stat melted a much lower temperature. So it's glistening the feeling of eating from one radio is that this magical earthy meets where you can taste. Essentially what the animals were eating. Just melting your melts in your mouth really does anything. It's really cool to look at it. As you have the crystallization of the salt and again the salt is what's us to preserve this and so since it sits in salt you WanNa think it's about a day in salt per kilo of meat at the beginning so winds up being about two weeks immersed in salt then. The excess salts is dusted off. Then it's hung by its little foot to dry. And then several years later we get to eat the MAC. Crystallization of the salt as the moisture evaporates and assault concentrates. Almost like when you bite into Chaka Parmesan cheese and you get almost that like shattering effect. That's the same kind of thing. Let's off the talking. I'm going to get this in my mouth. Yeah I'm just going to China and it's so good it's really good Every time you eat communicated go you think to yourself. This is why we pay for quality. And we're talking about because this is not Deli Ham this beautiful piece of meat that has been aged with care and love for years and so this is a real delicacy delicacy and we talk about the price of a delicacy. We're talking between about eighty to one hundred fifty or even more euros a kilo. I'm because this is stuff that you know. The animal lives for a very long time. Because they're these traditionally raise pigs that aren't like hormone injected farm animals or just grow grow grow grow so the animal lives for a long time so it has to be fed and the acorns than the aging process has to be monitored and there has to be stored and then our fuel hand cuts the leg usually like big old night that we're his father's everything about it from the slaughtering the animal to the preserving the serving is this whole process. And when you taste it. There's just no comparison between Scott. The Dick you can taste almost the ACORNS sweetness to it. It's got the earth and like you said it dissolves in your mouth. He's not chewy grisly. It's not it's just absolutely beautiful tender mouth-to-mouth totally and that's the thing is you've got the balance between the meat and fat and that's what gives it that kind of magic mouth feel and it's really it's just so so good yes how mony. Barikot was absolutely delicious. One thing that wasn't mentioned in that clip is where you should go and buy Hamilton to try and While market and myself both agreed that the best place to go and buy on when visiting Spain is to go to one of the municipal indoor markets find a ham on stole and order yourself about two hundred and fifty grams of Ham. They will cut it. Slice it up for you. Present it to you and you can eat there. That is our advice for finding good quality. Hamon incidentally when things do eventually get back to normality and people can travel again Do Go and book tour with Mario spurling's does a fantastic food tour around Madrid. And why not let her know? You've found out about her walk and Spain tools by listening to the winnings fame podcast. And if you would like to find out more about mortgage tours than head across to her website which is walk and eat. Spain DOT com. Incidentally I must say that Maga at the moment is also making some fantastic foodie videos on her instagram account as well so go and find walk and eat Spain on instagram. And she's putting together recipes. She's doing lied videos cooking up some amazingly delicious typical Spanish recipes from Hamadan to be no coming out. We got an amazing chat with Luke data cart and rocky Madrid. Who instantly also have podcast called the Spanish one experience. So if you're looking for a super detailed podcast about Spanish wine. Go and check out the PODCAST. Spanish one experience. They have their specialist Spanish wine shop in the center of Madrid called Madrid and Derek. And at the moment check out the website. Well this only applies for living Madrid. I guess but important to say that. Obviously it's a difficult time for small businesses at the moment but that Luke rock wind delivery within Madrid delivering the boxes of the fantastic winds the sell in their shops. And they are also doing virtual wine tastings as well via the Madrid and Derek caught a website to believe and through instagram. Go and find Madrid Darah caught on social media and they are putting together fantastic fun virtual wine tasting. I opened the bottle talking gone then. Why not why not eleven? Am on Friday morning but is it right. That Spain is the number three or in the top three wine producers in the world normally symposium three sometimes can change three or four years ago. We were the first because French. We love French people. They had a terrible weather ear and they lost their position which I think is fantastic. Top three but isn't Spain. The largest exporter of wine globally far in the world in Europe. I think one of the largest in the world number three producer largest of land dedicated to vineyards of any country in the world lunches the largest wine region. Yeah I remember one of your podcast and it was a statistic. That really surprised me. Actually like La Mancha is bigger than the whole of Nightmare Napa valley or something is because it's just wall to wall vineyards late you when you when you see these maps that can be a bit disingenuous. For example you see the size of the big orange banded Iguana in Extremadura. It looks massive right. That's a huge area. It's almost as big as having said that the wineries very spread out so they might actually might. It's more the area where the do is cover. The domino theory is covered not necessarily move completely full. Lemon IS ABSURD. It's just olive trees and vineyards as far as you can see. Most of the line is pretty bad. They're changing their brand. That was Ruckus at the bulk. Wine needs to level they go. They OUGHTA the winery of Europe produced so much so the big. Do in in Europe or in the world the biggest deal in a wild really on the planet is Lemon Chia. How many victims of whatever I believe it's an F. Time with you would say in in cool kids speak I. Actually I think I have an down here. I think I was looking at it. La Mancha hang on a second I might not the most productive the most likely should be real right most productive because there's about eight hundred but almost half the wine of paint counter orients. I think we all kind of wind that most people still outside of Spain. Maybe weren't the best wines in the world. Come from real hope but real highest at dreamland for wine is protected by mountains from north. I'm from the south. And you know those mountains the pure knees and the mountains from Cantabria and protected from the cold weather that comes from brexit land and Yeah House. Hectares in La Mancha almost fifty percent of all the planted vines Mancha. It's amazing almost fifty percent just in a lament here I wanted to say is a super perfect wine and sometimes perfection is boring. How many Dios all their seventy one? There's lots of seventy one in muddled. The befuddled sort of designations per seventy one is the latest count because last year they introduced a couple of new ones in story. Congas became A. Do but then someone else said. It's not it's like well someone's going to be right. Hey it's really confusing. I think by thinking they got upgraded and then in English was something of that. GonNa cover all the whole audience in one go. It's a bit bit stupid for the listens. You're not sure. Do is denominator theon dominating Orgy Rican. It's like it's like the French. Have the Appalachian Control. Just means like a winery which has regulations of what you can grow. Alcohol Yields Per X. Y. Hectares just basically means if I'm in Britain or firemen movie theater if I'm in Timbuktu wine has its own kind of geographic style. That makes sense so the idea of these regions was if you comply anything anywhere. What is the point of a wine region in the first place to California? Used to be like you do what you want. I want to do. A blend of pain agrees Yo. And Cabernet Sauvignon to preserve to protect the style and profile of the wine of each region. Otherwise if you follow their needs of the wheels of the market All away would be making the same way. So it's a way to protect the personality of each area okay. So Luke's opened a bottle And poured US each little slug of wine hats later one from mentor. Which is a small region. The wine is called Tau next rigid. And this is three now forceps out sub zones are Ganda Novell Coronado Sammartino and now the new crime. I didn't know how Malaysia Malaysia. Yeah this this temper Neo Sarah and got nacho. From twenty thirteen of them agreed wine twenty mentally. I read a nice thing the other day if Tempera Neal is the scenario the Lord of Spanish. Grapes Gardner is the lady because quite a John. Hey my I wrote wind joke. You want to hear this all right. Ready ourselves for grown got mad. Sir Is quite a thin skinned variety. So don't insult it. Come ON CHEERS. Cheers right now fully appreciate to that job for wine. It's too early for that job crashing on someone coming to Spain for the first time. Can we give some recommendations drink it? I think you're going to your average old man by the tasker. Default Wine Madrid for example is going to be bad there or Or the various. Probably if you go to bar Us If you ask for for red wine. Ninety-nine percent chances they will offer your your wine okay if the waiter offers your real Hawaiian ask him. What else can you offer me? Okay don't settle for real. Yeah I would agree with that because I think real real is fine. But we always tastings. We never put Ryoko 'cause we say you don't need our help in finding rockies right because they might have something else I think also the bars are trained to be like. We have to have real as if it's like we can't not have you. Can people will if people WANNA red wine? They'll order red wine but they think they have to have Ryoko famous so yeah asking. People like precautions or another thing. Most bars now have real or rebate. They have like a couple. Maybe and they're usually a better bet. Close far fewer wineries in the quality generic quality of these higher whereas is is like. If you say New York San Francisco or something like that to fairly modern liberals completely Barscelona like West side story with you when you do enough at anyway. What about whites white wines? Probably Trade Probably. Medea will happen the same with they will probably give you red. Wine is the moment to ask. What else do you have? Probably the second option would be Albania from advisers. But it's I think it's a better option. I mean because the river in the bars in Madrid tends to be very bad. I tell a personal anecdote about Albania because this is the grape which actually got me into wine the first place and it was before I came to Spain wine as an Englishman wine. Was that stuff you have dinner? Maybe and it was that stuff which gets you drunk faster than bear university. I didn't really I was. I like my cider and beer. I was went to sort of like now. In crayon done simone territorial I had some I had some I would pay three years not one but I didn't care about what I just drank. Those notice will buy like my family's Big Red's my dad liked to big red so I just drank big reds. So I'd like to give me a boatload Ryoko it'd be Butler Rivera widow and it was. After the first year I went to do a run in Guadalajara. Say Run five. K Charity Event runs to just get free. T. Shirt basically and pretend I was fit the day before we went out with the with our friend who lived from Guadalajara and she took us. They asked me. My friend hadn't arrived to goes to a restaurant for rough conduct vantage. This nice lobster. Rice pious Jew. Very nice now sounds good cultural and she was like she gotta white wine and my head. Was I drink? I wasn't really a white wine guy I read and I was like yeah. Of course why not? You know you're in charge. And it was a bottle of Martin Dash which is now sadly of Alberino's a bit more in the industrial big scale. Wineries there but at the time it was ten years ago. Zabit smarter production as mounting Albury new. And I'd never had really much. I never had Albanian before I if I ever had. It was just like you said in a bar and it was a combination of this beautiful crisp aromatic Galitsin wine. And the you know. Unlike in these films with the light can have oh comes through the clouds and show. I understand no and it was that moment. Salary still is my favorite. We have a very strong hand. Pick selection of Alberino's here late harvest Alberino instead of September. The great left there. Until the end of October soup aromatic raising uncharacteristic of Alberta's quite minerals and minerals very fruit. Forward lots of aptly melanie less less citrus. Another one's quite around but very crisp acidity even the French. I say this doffing my cap to them. We're going to give them a compliment. Which is very hard for Englishmen to do. Even the French have said that. It's the best white wine all the French. The industry has yeah. That's probably the best pairing wine for for seafood in the world and that is surprise surprise. Let's see what grows together goes together for anyone. Who's coming to? Spain is considering choosing maybe a region to go visiting vineyards or wine producers. Is there any way that you particularly suggest real real? Close the obvious one to easy one is amazing. You have lots of wineries. They're full. Stop your to have lots of wineries which have tasting rooms were. Sounds obvious. If you're American listening what does very what a cell but one of the problems is in Spain. We don't have the setup. The money to finance Riyadh does so you can actually go to a Ryoko winery. So here is the most well setup so you can go to some of the big wineries if you go to Lebron you on the by the town of Arrow you will find Kuni Kunai famous or Muga. These ones you can find these. In America and Britain they will actually have a tasting room. You can go in. You can drive up. You can try the wines you can buy if you want most of them in most Spain. It's like a one man job. I was a very small family. Run thing and you have to call the head. It's more like let's do the visit at the end will try some wines. You can visit anywhere behind the plan more best. If you just touring reoccur by far rebel does pretty good as well. Galaxies has got a very good set-up. Riyadh by as long as you call the head but well I think one of the best option should join one of our excursions one day excursions to the to Madrid. Wineries if you want to see a winery here and also have an amazing foot ever in. Madrid in China. Actually we. We've used to our. We have a few wineries. They're Francis and we really have excellent time rocking the Madrids or in Spain in in general never been before any dues and does would you advise someone just to wander into any bar and asked the advice of the waiters just to walk in an OSCE advisable? Wait turn your average bar or should they. South is the average bar won't have a selection of wines. Probably I think even though we hate on Basilan or luck the locals aren't as friendly. We think there's lots of tourism which is both I think true. I said that not with any kind of because you live in Madrid. I just think it's been ruined by tourism. A little bit having said that there are lots more wine centric bars in Boston. Surrounded by eleven dios great region. Please drink catalan wine. They're fantastic but Madrid. We most bars don't so I think it pays before you come to do a little bit of not research but just how google like wine bars Madrid because the sad fact is if you go into a normal bar unlike the wine region places like Ryoko you go in every crappy bars got about fifty different reorders. If you go into an NBA go what? Why do you have like Rear Hari Betta Marvelous? That's it so I think actually Madrid. It's not necessarily the best idea just to walk into random bar. The more modern bars have more selection as well subscribed everything you said like you should subscribe to the in Spain. Podcast HIS GAS. Luke comments from The facebook and instagram from you guys the listeners. Who when I asked. Why do you listen to this podcast and you know what does it do? Does it help transport you to Spain. Which is really my goal at the moment You guys listed maeve notice that haven't actually like many other content creators in spite of the moment. I haven't actually put together a special episode about the coronavirus situation here in Spain purely really because it didn't think I've got anything more to add and I don't really want to add to the noise You know the situation here is very very similar to many other parts of the world but what. I really Keen to do at the moment with the podcast is to help transport you to. Spain debut Forget about the situation as much as possible. In how bring you here to Spain? Virtually I know. Many listeners have been in touch to say that they had Trips and holidays planned in Spain About now and of of course unfortunately had to cancel their plans and rescheduling that trips for a while later near or indeed next year so for those guys as well especially I really liked to try and make up for the fact that you've suddenly had to cancel your plans and in some way transport you to this magical country so let's look at some of your answers. Nancy cushing spat show Says I listened because I love Spain? I can't explain why exactly I just do. I usually listen while I'm working since I'm working from home these days all before falling asleep to help. Mitri about Spain. I love the episode about your flat tire. I just think it's a good memory that you will have forever and no matter where I am. My heart will always be in Spain. Thank you yes the episode where me and Cara drove up into a studious and go to a serious puncture stranded in a tiny village in the middle of night. We had to go into someone's house which turned out to be the local Bar For a population of village with a population of about eight people it was a super surreal experience. And well I made an episode about it so go and check back in the past episodes for the episode about Asturias and a flat tire. Quite an amusing story. Really Sinead O'Connor says listen. When I run it makes me escape. The pain and dream of being in Spain love the Malaga episode. A dream of spending half my year there Mary Pascrell Cartier. Says I listen on the train to work. Nothing makes you forget the agony of mass transit but learning Spain helps of course now. I have a luxury of listening while I'm cooking. Yes I guess. Many people listen to podcasts. When they're commuting I certainly used to before I moved to Spain. Listen to things about Spain to help transport me here. Miserable Commute in the center of London Saint Maria. I can totally associate with candies. Eyeglass has just started listening have been meaning to for a while. I listen while I'm jump roping on our rooftop during lockdown. I look forward to it excited for your episode about Valencia. Well the episode about Valencia was the last episode. So if you haven't listened to it yet you want to know all about Valencia. Go and check it out. It's really nice. Virtual walking tour of the city With photographer Paul Knowles David Denny. Says Listen when out walking. It reminds me of all the positive and quirky things about Spain that I love so much and David Says I particularly enjoyed the episode about Spanish. Tv programs. Yep Go and check it out lots of clips. It was a rundown of my favorite and not so favorite Spanish TV programmes and series. Nancy Baker says I listen when walking or on the Streetcar Brackets in the days. When I could actually take the Streetcar Object to Spain in May happen but was still planning to go as soon as we can an Nancy ads. I've loved the on the spot episodes like the walking tall of interesting streets in Madrid. And of course the eating episodes well great this episodes for you then Z. yeah well. As soon as I'm allowed to go out I will be bringing you most sounds from Madrid and Spain. Lots more on the spot episode. It's Ted arrears says. I listened when driving walking on the beach over rainy weekends. Listening more during this pandemic really enjoy the varied information about different places. One episode that I enjoyed was the Madrid. Tapa STOLE A may not have considered neighborhoods mentioned. A now they are on my list for my next trip to Madrid. Well that's what we aim to do is give you guys inspiration little insights in places To explore when you come to Spain that you may otherwise over look also showed Peres whose patron a long-term listener high Oswald. He says listen to the podcast as it's the closest I'll get to Spain without getting on a plane. I'm listening to the podcast in New York City. Unusually do towards the end of the day. I love the episode of Christmas in Spain as it showed that there's a lot more to the holidays in the country besides L. Sort Dylan. Rv that absolutely really really very true. Alexander Chapel Alex is also a patron was recently in Madrid. Unfortunately we didn't coincide but Hello to you Alex. She says I started listening. Because we had a trip planned and I was looking for insider on the ground none touristy knowledge I hit pay dirt. I don't know what that means. Anyway your episodes really brings Spain and Madrid in particular to life and made our trip more memorable. We felt at home as if we actually lived there. Full time during our trip. We definitely look forward to returning. There's always something in your podcasts. Leaving me to want to see more of what Spain has to offer so from wine to beer had the great pleasure of chatting to David and Patrick from Laos seater bar they craft beer bruins they also our founders of the also Brew Company. Bring own craft beer. They recently got in touch with me to say that at the moment again this applies to any listeners who are living in Madrid. They just launched a new web shop to deliver their Craft Beers and If you'd like to order their beer head across to also BRUSCO DOT COM FORWARD SLASH CRAFT CONTRACT COVERT. So they are donating a proportion of the money they earn from selling their beers to charity which is craft beer against the cove. It nine hundred virus. Fantastic 'cause go and check them out and here. We are last summer in the bar talking about the craft beer scene in Spain and how they make the rim beer history goes back beyond British bit. It's at five thousand kicked out by the Raymond's through coach and say there's a long history. Now there's a nice sense of More autism bring. That's been going on for the last ten years but really started mentioning last for three or four five years starting off about Selena but now really ratcheting up in Madrid. Some really great gruesome really exciting stuff going on and it's only going to well. That's what we think I mean the Spanish you know. Obviously like they're saying something they drink every day and so much good response to the base that we it'll say to all the other bills that we have on the bar from whole range whole gamut of different types of people and so it's not just young hipster types who some people might say with Coughed Al it's couples in the sixties seventies all kinds of people and that's the most encouraging respect. I think about bear in Madrid. Awesome Bay Madrid and the pilot in Spain. I think is right for bitterness for more happiness more punch being added into his Pov daily life for a lot of Spanish people say very exciting about the basic that you brew to that you actually in house bears. I'm drinking the moment. We have to be honest. I've tried a few times before this one is called citrus cream ale and I think you sets me before. David reminds me a little bit of a Clara very commonly drunk in Spain. Which is a bear mixed with lemonade? Shandy I suppose. But he's obviously not a shanty but it's refreshing with citrus element citrus notes. Yes I think. That's one of the reasons we Fitted in moving back. Just set this up because this ause that. We've always brewed of been session -able stalls. Cnn said that not sit behind alcohol. They're the kind of things you drink by the pint which I guess what? We've grown up with Drinking the UK and say yes. So two stalls that we started with is the citrus Crema which Which will drinking cream. L. is kind of. It's an American style really of a bit of a hybrid in the main influences in American brewing. Which should be British isles? And it's German bloggers and as people moved over there initially is what the Americans Cooler lawnmower bear on your on your Sedonia. Sit on your Bloomberg around. Have a couple of days while shouldn't do Kind of during his stuff and and the cream an part of it really just comes from. It's very smooth in the body and the texture than taste or any in that and then. Yeah we decided to put some orange and lemon peel announced because like you said it's kind of aimed at the people who might WanNa Clara or Sandy Walnuts refreshing easy drinking beer but it is. A beer is brewed lack of the whole process. Is it kind of fits him without cross autism philosophy of Sort of doing it the proper way. You're not just boiling it and adding some lemonade. And then the bottle around that kind of thing. So that's One you've got there and then the table again. It kind of The style of Table Bay really is it's like the VANDA tablet domestic kind of idea that it's it's a bid that isn't a really complex enough to think about it too much. We just WanNa make a Nice Bay that you have by the pilot. I guess it's like a sort of light. Hoppy go now kind of would be the closest star this but it's really not constrained by style. What we're trying to do is just every battery. We're just trying to get that drink. Ability wanted to be interesting that nothing. The facts too much of a pension in any way. It's just sort of a an alternative to somebody wants to just drink A logger or blonde or whatever and again lower alcohol. How do you develop a beer? How'd you come up with the idea behind it? And what is the kind of creative process of imagine trial and error in the brain process to get the project that you saw today in the bar? I guess like with anything stage one is to always be trying you business and try different. Things and everything will win with his bottles cans. Kegs will be having a taste. We'll we'll discuss it. What do we? What do we think about that? What it'd be like about that whether we we are on here we get festivals. We try things all the time. So that's that's always the first stage so that's one side of it. The other side of is you just think what I'd like in that kind of maybe less price as well not side. You just kind of think what would be like. What would we would? We WanNA BE DRINKING RIGHT NOW. Past experience we come to know as a pretty good basic base recipe for something like an IPO for an adult or whatever. And then you get where. This is kind of the base. Then how would we? What do we want you know we? We use brewing software as well. So we've saying okay we maybe a little bit more color so let's not individualist more or we want a bit more buddy. So let's change the temperature we mash up. Which is the stage of the brain where you had the grain and her water will increase the temperature of that. So we've got less mental sugar so more of that. Cactus as in the kind of thing. So then it's just sort of you know these small batch so you know we really these seventy latest while quite a few rallies batch bachelor and then yeah yeah and then there's always trial and error. I think you know you obviously hyped. The more you do it less strong definitely less era before it's just a tweaking and perfecting and building on what you get more right first time the leader of Lissa but then sometimes we'll begin for in. We'll have a quite a few different. Biz. We're looking to release this year. Yeah I guess that's it. We start from Kobe style. You know this is a good bit so this is a good idea. This is a border and then we kind of just see. How do we want out touching it? Tell me how does the global scene compare for example between Spain the USA in the UK in terms of the beer scene specifically and micro brewing in terms of you know the US led the way official A lot of people trying to brew old English styles they can really find out Sort OF ESPN was a real sort of early on that people wanted to. Yeah stopped during a home and then people You know it's still not cheap. But as it became more affordable to set up A smaller kits. And so on. So you know the US talking. I suppose close to thirty years ago. Now say Wall scruffy. Who's a new thing it's it's really there And a lot of those have gone on to become very big very successful Berries and yeah in UK would probably you've got Brady dog which I think was two thousand and seven and then yeah this sort of two thousand eleven twelve started to pop up the US as a huge market in the UK. It's it's it's still growing. An there are fifteen hundred thousand birds now in the UK Significantly fewer here. But it. Stephanie Changing what a lot of people do here is sort of know matt brewing as the caller said they'll go to other people spurious and Bruin. That's a good way of sort of sharing resources that allows people to pop up and and do what they wanna do and and so to get it out there here. We still have a lot of imported bits. We never less from the US which is a bit more headaches either but we set a lot of UK. Scandinavian business French Biz and say tens of comparison. I think we're gonNA see what happens. Is it kind of follows a bit of the trajectory of the US market but in each market has that kind of Sort of how develop. Yeah it was kind of a at the moment. I think we really liked the model way. You Hebrew selling signs Great for freshness great for getting that extra two straight to your customer and getting feedback and creating that nice atmosphere. That Madrid is a kind of hub for micro brewing in Spain and for the kind of craft beer scene more than Barcelona. While I didn't I've asked lead Madrid. I mean we we probably say is still the hub and definitely started earlier there. You've got some considerably bigger breweries around the boss. Lena area than you do here. The moment the last year or two betrayed. It's really started to take off and I really think that you know with Madrid. Having that You know reading strong demand for local. I think As as options spring up I think it definitely has the Opportunity to take it. Boss landed putting more international city Eve readymade British American Australian everywhere. Customers already kind of May I think it's just waiting for those options to to really get out to people but yeah the last two years? It's grown a lot. So it's definitely becoming a hub for for Spain but also for European as it's been in a couple of articles recently about the best bid cities in Europe. So yeah it's it's definitely going. I mean it's a great city to go out and eat and drink. You know I think is famous for that really isn't it? It's famous lamarcus famous for going out and eating drinking probably more than that. It's not a capital city monuments like Paris or Rome know it is a city for La Vida. The enjoying the enjoying feed and drink can add something to that other invasion going on in Spanish cuisine and and and fit and drinking general. There's a lot more small wine producers emerging as a lot more international feed of developing in betrayed which having kind of touched on earlier this tastes. And you little bit. People were coming a bit more adventures with Spicy Food. Perhaps awesome flavors that sometimes This is a bit of reluctance. It takes it takes some time maybe I think in the U K. Maybe three terraced heritage wasn't as strong. We were much more open minded to International cuisine very readily very quickly as I think Spain so very very much the traditions of their food and drink companies have to be in a very particular way. We do get a bit of that when people come in and say you must put on this by you have to do this. Which obviously that. We give free tap because we think that's a great idea. We use great Spanish products for that. We Wanna Spanish. Because I'm not but at the same time I think there's room for adding something you yourself and your touches on. I think Sunday going to really start to Mesa over the next few years while what I wouldn't give to be perched at their bar right now sipping one of the citrus cream ales beer two cookies cookies baked by nuns. You have to find a wooden door following a secret passage sir. I have located the door. Couple of other people waiting. Outside as well and the buzzer three houses Has which has was his faculties which is for confessions. One has a page of a light bulb and it says Bente Doerr says he is open until one o'clock. I'm going to bring the bow. Nothing Allah Paddock compared to just walk into a very dark passageway inside the passageway. Little sign saying ordinal which means Lazy Susan. So it's it's going to be one of those wooden revolving doors in the wall. Which means you won't see the nuns and the nuns here. This common. I've made a vow not to have any contact with the outside world. Not Make any contact human contact with people so when I buy the cookies and no context tool so I imagine what's going to happen toward now. Which is the wooden kind of revolving Lazy Susan? The toward now I will. I will place my order. The biscuits were replaced on the revolving spray. And I will then put my money on trae on the money will swing round and disappear. The payment will be made a few people in here. Outshone quite surprised. But I'm just in a really beautiful courtyard with little pot plants in a couple of more palm trees and terra cotta pots. There's also the emblem of Madrid bear. Bear it'll the strawberry tree and there's a tired picture of Christ carrying across in blue and yellow tiles on the wall. So let's go and buy some sweet goodies so just for another passageway into another sunny courtyard which is painted bright yellow lemon yellow more palm trees. There are a group of People standing in the courtyard who've just made their purchase. It got a big white bag with couple of boxes inside of cookies. And there's another brown wouldn't away where the Lazy Susan or the Serving Hatch is myth on a kilo the nineteen you about an emphasis. Montecarlo harass Portugal just bundy table around my biscuits miraculously appeared wrath. Yes yes lazy Susan Spins Round. My cookies miraculously appear when really miraculously nuns. As you just heard behind there and I placed my ten years on the revolving trae traits been drowned and my change appears innocent. Lives that okay. Cookies in hand. It's an interesting. Experience is quite surreal into this passageway through two little courtyards There's just like wooden hatch. No-one there there's little menu on the wall. I wanted orange cookies called his but unfortunately they run out of all of the cookies on the menu and the only ones that left was Mankato the sheriff. Which is the ones I bought. Twitches like Sherry shortbread and the other option left on. The menu was passed US Detaille. Which I like T- sentinel teeth flavored pastries. So for the for the Mantica. Does it says ingredient is a Fokker headed Seco- Cynthia Limon manteca impulse sore. So the ingredients of these on the box it says is flour sugar headed Seco- which is the dry sherry wine so they doing pleads alcohol lemon essence and the Mantica which is well a step up from butter deke. Mantica is actually animal fat. So it's Loud to round off. Then let's talk about the Vegan food scene in Spain now. This is really interesting because maybe we associate Spain as being a country of big meat and fish eaters. Well Hal listen to Sam and Varun from the alternative travelers dot com blog. They've also written a book about the Vegan food scene in Spain with tons and tons of recommendations of restaurants and places to go to eat vegan. So do go and check out their website and indeed the instagram alternative travelers. If you're going to go and eat tonight where my each is. We're going to go there tomorrow. There's a there's a place called on Dodig which is a Basque word for vegetable right and so this guy that runs the place. It's very it's a very intimate experience. It's like a tiny little hole in the wall but doesn't look like a hole in the wall and I would say it's like it's like a Bistro but he serves you personally that he doesn't he doesn't have waitstaff he has like maybe another chef that works with him and he's like a trained chef. I think he trained in Barcelona or something like that and eventually became Vegan or something so his food is like it's next level of music normally would not end up on something like this because I feel like this kind of food would be in a much. Bigger classier not that. He isn't classy. But like places with tablecloths and Sam hates anything that has tablecloths so like yes but what he does is he kind of bridges. The gap between like what is good about like fancy food because there is a thing to be said about food. It's very like of a certain standard. Has new attention it and he takes with you the like kind of feeling of like a home cooked meal but he'll still have things that look like just so well put together in delicately flavored. And he's it's amazing that he's not he's doing well but like most a lot of people can come here and not even see this place and he just. It's such an experience going. They're eating his food and talking with him that it's been one of our favorite places to recommend. People also makes cheesecake that I can. I can quote. I've seen people who are not being eat this cheesecake and I ask them like honestly tell me he's like it's amazing and I wouldn't ever think that it was Vegan if you pulled me and that's what this guy strikes for the chef there Julia on he's showing you Vegan food doesn't have to be boring flavorlessness mushy in whatever uninspired stuff it can taste really good in everybody can like it anywhere else in. Madrid. Thanks because we could just go on about this place. Forever cheesecakes incredible but Yes dont definitely In terms of burgers place called Viva Burger is amazing. Yeah and it's It's one of the only one of two. I think being in places actually have outdoor terrace. Wonderful quiet little plaza. So we love to recommend that one. Because it's just like it's such a nice experience eat outside and quiet area. Their burgers are amazing amazing. I took took some Spanish friends. Well in a few times I think it was last year. Actually and some reason they had not realized that it was a Vegan restaurant thinking that the Burgers with me and you realize these are not meet. There's no no you know. What are you talking about what he does not meet so flavors of it so I said well? What do you think compared to a normal personally for me? I have got way more flavor than your than a normal normal bag for me. And like you said it's Blah Blah Blah. Lovely outdoor seating area. Yeah that's a great recommendation. Beaver Burger Yeah Burgers. Have something like eighteen ingredients or something like crazy. I mean they're hand formed so I like to describe these a very good vegetable burger. It's not trying to convince you that it's me. But but has the same flavour and richness and experience of eating a burger. It feels like rich in savory and just like at Pax Punching Sink your teeth into it is not an wishy being patty out of the camp and I mean. My advice is huge as well. I mean they are big if you have to really hungry to that place and I would say if you don't agree. Maybe a burger to share between tier before I really fell in was going to say if you ever one of our favorite things to do. The New Delhi in Spain. And if there's a place that has great top us but we almost always go there for the menu. Is this place called big? It's around the corner from here And I guess we're making suggestion of things that feel. Kinda like they're great but they'll do their own different thing and with Vega they have. I think the whole thing is that all their food is. Eko like organic is what we call the states homemade. And then there's like another thing. I think a lot of it's very gluten. Free friendly very easy to go there and free if that's a thing for you to but they have just a great sense of flavor and making various if you stick to the Spanish dishes. The very Spanish inspired or Spanish dishes. You'll be good. I always warn people against trying too much at a place. That's not an international place. The international dishes not that it'll ever be bad it will just be Spanish sensibilities and you might be a little disappointed in my not. Curry won't be spicy example. He's never spicy. I struggled coming from. Uk We love our currys currys on national dish. Now trying to get a really packs a punch and even so to say. Can you please make it really? Spicy comes out in the snow spicy and I think the most important thing that you're coming to Spain you WANNA try things go for Spanish food. Whether it's gluten free vegetarian or not any of those. If you go for Spanish food they just have such an interesting simple sense of flavoring and seasoning food and the way they cook and prepare foods. That's where you'll get the best experience not to recommend because Tortilla Tortilla Spanish Tortilla is obviously such a traditional thing. And there's quite a number of places that are making a Vegan wants now 'cause they normally it's made with like potato and egg and onion and one place that we love makes an amazing a Vegan. One is called the street and it's love peace and they make the Tortilla on Saturdays. 'cause it's so labor intensive so they make a few different kinds on Saturday and it's so delicious and we've taken people there Vegan or not. Everyone loves it. It's just so delicious. It's really tiny spot but you can also get the Tortilla to take away and stuff like that and so we love that and they also have like a sister restaurant around the corner called Latino Carlotta and that's like more a little bit upscale not super like a little more trendy they call it like a gastro bar and they have like some great fun do and different things like this definitely. Love that place to I just want to add the places. Recommending these are places that impress everyone beginner not and even though we have some other favorites and stuff like there there might be a place that like for example bittered essays a like a classic place that people like to go to but it's like all the junk comfort food that Spanish but made the again so it's good. It's really good but it might. If you don't already have that I've experienced this when I wasn't thinking you might not appreciate. The food is much of the first things that we recommended. These are places we take all our non Vegan friends who come to visit friends that come to visit whatever and all of it. They all have all of these places. I commend B Thirteen B. Thirteen one of one of the first Vegan. It's inconvenient dive bar. Spanish food all the traditional Spanish. Like through dickey Leslie cheap. It's so popular that there's a line out the door before they even open and when it opens it's already full because the line has just so you gotta get there. It's so popular. It's so cheap. Though so good I I would recommend that to people that are interested in junk food because it's not healthy whatsoever. It's like it's like a fried chicken patty or like Burger like potassium. Dr Is there like all those kind of like more bar food things. So like yeah. I think I think it's always important as we've learned recommending food to people over the years that it's really important to realize what people are into because like. I hear people go there and be like Oh. It was so greasy and Friday. I'm like well that's what it is so you know otherwise. Go somewhere else. You know what I mean so like. I said I guess the disclaimer is. It depends on what you're into one more recommendation. I'll stop because that was way more than five. We actually was. Okay well we. We did write a whole book on Viga Madrid so obviously we have so much to say one more. I would have to say that the being seen in Madrid is so diverse. That's why it's like. We're struggling to recommend all these different things because there's so many great things here like there's two Vegan donut places here one of them's called Delitzsch and one of them's called bite me. And they're both great. So here's a few more of your comment about why you listen to the one in Spain. Podcasts and Where you listen and your favorite episodes on these are our listeners. Who left comments on the winning Spain? Instagram Account Maasai. One says because I want to study Spanish language in university so I should know all the things about this coach and this country. I haven't listened to all of the episodes yet but they are fantastic. I don't feel the time passing while listening to really glad to hear Mosey one. I didn't know what your real name is is it. Most I think Christine Samantha. Says listen because after being there for a month for school a few years back. I miss it. I usually listen. Driving but since being quarantined listened while. I do some online work or just hanging out at home my favorite episodes are when you go out and around Madrid and make. It seem like we are walking around inherent all the sounds of the city. Nothing specific I can think of just love hearing more about Spain. My Pleasure Christine Gabriel Alley and also a winning Spain. Patron thank you to you. Arleen She says I listen while working or cleaning because he transport me to places so dear to me. I love to hear an episode in Salamanca. When it's safe to travel of course thank you yes. I'm absolutely no actually. Salamanca is really must see city in Spain. I've never been to Salamanca. Power has one of the most spectacular platform yours of all of Spain not to Madrid about two three hours drive. I guess but I've never been in. It's also the home of Madrid. Oldest University is a very student. He City I've had great things about Salamanca. Let's hope that at some point in the not-too-distant future. I'll be out to get up and bring you an episode from Salamanca. Randy retired Randy Randy. Who's also a when in Spain Patriots? I thank you to you randy. Randy's ever since Robin Leach Past I've been searching for someone else to give me champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I found that in poor and his Spanish lifestyles of the rich and famous. This made me laugh Randy Say Robin Leach was a journalist He passed away a few years ago but he was quite well known in the nineteen seventies and eighties and he had a TV show Called the lifestyles of the rich and famous From what I remember. And he Had this saying champagne wishes and caviar dreams while as I replied to Randy in the threat I said his two more champagne wishes and caviar dreams or maybe in my case. Kabir wishes carver wishes and Calamari dreams. Or maybe Charlie James either but yet thanks for your comment. Randy did make me chuckle. And thanks for supporting the GAS MATT AUSSIE SAYS. He listens in lockdown. While out on a walk just the right timing too. He says a new listener so now going back over earlier podcasts really enjoying a thank. You hoping to move out there in twenty twenty permanently looking to buy and so yes. I'm hoping to put an episode together soon with a property expert so Mac keep your ears peeled for that episode Miss Yvonne Lopez. I listened because Spain is my favorite place in the world. Your podcast is so awesome which I went for a five mile. Walk today and you're focused. I was my company. Had To rescehduling trip. We had in March to October. So I'm hoping things are better and we get to go. Yup Well Metoo. I really do hope that any of you have had to change your plans really make it to Spain. As soon as is possible. Lorraina FRITO says. Listen on my walks. I love learning about the country and coach and my dad was full blooded Spanish brackets and Lucienne so listening and learning really helps that connection. My soul fails to the coach. Well glad that is my job to try and connect you to the Spanish culture. Katie Peaches eighty-five Katie. Says I discovered your podcast around two years ago. Now I think I wanted to brush up on understanding. The Spanish coach as my partner is Spanish and has deep roots from Andalusia San Luca debate Amita to be precise I found your podcast. That perfect missing link for me to truly understand the INS and outs of Spain to pick up some fantastic phrases and here in inverted comments When asked US Mangas Berries Which is a bit like well. It's a bit late now You can. It was a bit a bit too late for that. Now or maybe well in Assam Catholic Way. Better late. The never There is a whole episode about these colloquial Spanish phrases. Check back. I take you to my Spanish class with my classmates and we talk about well. Naughty words colorful expressions as well as again. Check back for that if you like to learn colloquial Spanish. She's I love listening when I'm puttering around in the garden working commuting or relaxing on a summer day in the hot tub. You literally transport me to a sunny Spain no matter what our lovely UK weather system brings. Yeah I just love to hear the everyday life in the background to the hustle and bustle of the streets the AB well s nattering. Even the sound of the shutters is comforting. Thanks for bringing an informative and positive corner to the Tinto Web. Thanks to you Katie. Thank you for continuing to listen. I'm really glad that it helps transport you to Spain. Jacqueline Newman or just Lynn. Jessop Lynn. Newman I'm not sure. She says I listen because I'm in love with Spain. The coach of food people traditions architecture. It all inspires me and excites me. Next week. I was supposed to leave for a two month trip to Spain that I've been looking forward to so much after a very hard year listening to your podcast always made me feel excited for the trip and helped me learn more details about the coach. I listen on Apple. Podcast up while I get ready for work or while cooking my favorite episodes are out food. I've loved the episodes with a host of walk and eat Spain. Well they go. You just heard Margaret from walking each Spain again. She's on my level the excitement for food and you guys seem to have fun together yet. We do Manga listening to this way to do more food related episodes with you in the future. Let's definitely do that. And yes jacqueline. Sorry to hear about your council trip. Let's hope that too soon as things get back to normal. You can make care as soon as possible. Thank you so much guys. Cube comments Just to say but went in. Spain does have a facebook grit with about three thousand members. And we're on instagram. And I'm trying to pose more videos. A new photos everyday on Instagram facebook to help kind of transport us to Spain So do you go and check out inscribing winning? Spain one is the handle when in Spain number one and just search facebook you can join the group. They're great place for sharing photos asking questions of other Spain funds in the group as well so I think that's about it really enjoyed the little roundup of food and drink spanner off other food related episodes as an episode where talk about mini India This woman I talked about the more modern Emerging restaurant scene in Madrid. Do Go and check the back catalogue of episodes to find those and indeed if you enjoyed the clip that you just heard go back and check out the full episodes with all of the guests that you had A little excerpts of in in this episode and well staying with the theme of food and drink in the next episode. I've got a fantastic guest and we're going to be talking about that famous Spanish Tipo Verma or better mood and I'm really excited to talk about it. It's one of my favorite drinks. It Super Spanish You know if you come into Spain any points in the future you have to have a little glass of Vermouth as talking all about everything you need to know about the history behind the different varieties when you should drink. We're going to be bringing you some recommendations of bars. In Spain to try we're going to be bringing recommendations of brands and styles of Ando say recommendations for fantastic vermouth Basel. Better Move Terry. S Right here in the Spanish capital there for this week just to say that if you do enjoy this cost a date forget you can support it by becoming a winning Spain patron and to do that only do is head across to patriotism on dot com for slash went in Spain to sign up to become a patron and you can play it as little as one dollar a month to help support the podcast and work that I do in bringing it to you so guys only the stay safe stay world wherever you are listening around the world and until next time.

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