The Great Gildersleeve 50-10-11 (377) Bullard Runs for Mayor


Birdie. Roy. Elect another mayor and some field. You think I'll get fired as water commissioner. Wouldn't fire him. would. Deny then the six of new fall and winter series of Wednesday evening broadcasts the Kraft Foods Company presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. Join the Great Gildersleeve and his friends in just a moment. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you tonight. By parque margarine that wonderful margarine made by kraft that millions prefer because it always tastes so good, and it tastes good because it's always fresh. If you live where colored margarine is sold, you can now get yellow parque margarine already colored and ready to serve in that wonderful new flavor saver package each golden quarter pound his. His individually wrapped in flavor saver aluminum foil to seal freshness and flavor in keep odors staleness out no fuss, no mixing just unwrap and serve in other states. Get Park in the handy color. Quick Bag, regular package remember park gay is the margarine the taste so good because it's always fresh. The A R K A. Y. Parque margarine made by kraft. Get some tomorrow. Let's see what's doing with the Great Gildersleeve. Our Water Commissioner is a little late for breakfast this morning, but things are humming anyway. Leroy is occupied with pancakes and those lovebirds. Marjorie and Bronco or May I quit sugar in your coffee honey? Honey. Car You. Don't need sugar. You're so sweet anyway. Birdie isn't that murder. Cream she egger. Thanks! You're welcome sugar no much. Pack the Marchani Leroy. We're not having much you. Mush all over the place. De this honey and much this. Family. Morning little a much tickling buddy. Don't pay any attention to Michael. Morte Good Morning Mister Gildersleeve Bronco. You'll been living here six months. You don't have to reach across the table and shake my hand every morning. I like to be friendly together slave. Pass me van case. Yes Sir you by the way, marge honey I won't be home for lunch. Our new club is having its first lunch in downtown new glut. That's right Mr. Gildersleeve, we just organized a new civic club. We're going to do summerfield a lot of good. Isn't Ronco Wonderful Lanky? He's president. Oh brother. Yes indeed bind boy Bronco. Club The junior thinkers of Summerfield. What. Thinkers so I thought you should. Since you're the president. You're the biggest. Ankle more. You know what Bronco and the is going to do. I can't say that. I do Kelly Bronco. Will Mr Gildersleeve we're going to think. the way we see it Mr, Gildersleeve, the people of Summerfield aren't giving enough serious thought to the way. This town's being run well confidentially Mr Gildersleeve. We're meeting today to decide whom we're going to support for there. Shouldn't be any doubt in your mind about that. We want to reelect merit well. He's a smart man. He avoided me a lead support. The man who supports us. I mean. All, we want Mr, Gildersleeve is to see the busman's man's elected. Well, that's. Squad commission to thank you, my boy, it'd be hard for people to imagine anybody else being water commissioner Mr Gildersleeve. Thank you. Bye Young fellows are pretty straight thinkers. Let's shake a leg, Leroy! I have a water department to ride. Environment School. Happy to do it. Why cannot just a on backing out of his driveway across the street? He wants to go I. Would a neighbor. Well I started out I. Guess he has much. Of New Cadillac with all cement mixer. All He. Can, get you. Back. Layer I. Don't do. Enough to get along with. Hello Mr Belayed. You. He's got his car. From showing mad about him. If! He raises his voice to me just. Walk. Of this well nice to see you. Mr Bill Nice of you to come over. Gildersleeve this isn't a social call business business. What happened to the water pressure this morning? That I was all lathered up halfway through my shaven the water cut off again. I'm when I turn on the Faucet. Nothing come out but a light breeze. What do you propose to about this ridiculous trickle? We getting the wanted Hartman well I'm on my way to the office. On your way out of it. Watch it blue electric. Gildersleeve point. Why did they want to cut off this morning? Well, maybe they're working in the water main someplace someplace. You don't even know if I were to will again. I'd have you out of their passenger and make a head swim, but you're. Learning Open. Bullard if Roy wasn't present, I'd make you weep those words. You. School. Point, A. that. Just because he put man down the south city officials. Him Right back. You can't hurt me. I'm not running for office. The mayor appoints me. Point me again. By his office and make sure. Anybody here. I been in French nine, o'clock sharp. Yes well I would have been at night job, but I've been talking about customers about ways to make the service. Good idea, just leave. We all want to be on the job. There's an election coming up. You know I know you don't have to worry about a thing. Mr. May I. Don't know indeed in fact Mr Man. I've done considerable campaigning for re election. I mean you're where the administration needs all the support. It can get leave. There's a new civic organization in talent has me worried? Yes the junior thinkers of some of. You! Don't have to worry about that. You don't think so. Mr. Lend me your ear. What is it gives leave guess who controls the junior thinkers who? My son-in-law. School? Usually, yes. I know you worried? About being reappointed, Walton, commissioner, me Gildersleeve. Lend me your ear. Euler as good as appointed. A, you told your son in law who? Gildersleeve Yo quite card will marry my Dick. You're the as. Do, you say. Leave your clever. Little. Judge, why Taylor Mr Bullard called up. poop he did. I'm glad I dropped over. John Leroy High. About an boop. How would you tell the judge how you stood up to Mr? Bullard this morning, you. Want, my advise guilty. You try to get along with your neighbors Ranson. Beretta's are very important man someday he may go to the mayor about you love good it'll do. I've never been on better terms with the man in fact I was closeted with him honor all morning. What were you doing in the closet hiding a few of the city skeletons? A change of administration could mean a change of water commissioners you know. Gory judge. Pretty hard to change any administration these days. Yes. In fact, the good mayor assured me reappointment already has guilty. How'd you get in so good with? All I did was use my influence one group down the swing the election what grew up? Could the water commissioner influence the Meteo Readers Union. Practically control junior thinkers of some. Are you deal, you bet. Broncos the president and they wanted to back somebody for marriage so I through my weight around. Jagger. Bronco. You have your little meeting. We sure Michigan loosely. Follow your advice about selecting a good man. What did I tell you gently, but I didn't follow your advice about. Roller did. They took my advice and selected the man that I consider the finest most civic minded man in Summerfield. Bronco I have done a few things for the city. Used to Gildersleeve your neighbor Mr Rumson Bullard what? You turned off your own water. The Great Gildersleeve returns in just a moment. It's fresh prom really. Always read. That's why it tastes so good. It's parque margarine made by kraft. There's just one big reason why millions of women serve parque margarine on their tables and use it liberally, and they're cooking. It's wonderful as a spread as a seasoning for hot vegetables as a flavor rich shortening for everything you Baker Fry, they caused. It tastes so good, and it tastes so good because it's always fresh. Yes, fresh. Fresh really fresh, always fresh parque is made fresh from top grade products of American farms. It's rush fresh in refrigerator trucks to your store. It's sold fresh by your grocer. Every pound the park a is flavor, dated and grocers stocks are regularly inspected by craftsmen. That's why craft can positively guaranteed to you that no matter where you buy or when you buy a margarine, it will be fresh. Really fresh, prone always fresh. That's why it it tastes so good. Let's better say seeing flavor crushing margarine tomorrow get P.. A. R. K. A. Y.. Parque margarine made by kraft. Well. Let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve our water commissioner assured his honor, the mayor of the support of the junior thinkers of Summerfield, but they had thoughts of their own their backing the one man Gildersleeve. There's Rumson Bullard. Where does that leave our hero? Right in the middle of usual. So. What did you say? Nothing much. Nice of you to walk down your old uncle. Well I couldn't pass up the sale at Hogan brothers. We need so many things before the baby arrived. We have to get ready for the baby. Need any money I think I have. To Take it while I. What a commission as well could run dry. By. Thanks you? I'm sorry, Broncos, club isn't supporting mayor to Welker specially since you told them they would. I'll he does that. Put you in a bad position. You. Can explain it to the mayor cashiers I'll try. Iran along. The baby with your five dollars I am a book that somebody should have bought for me. To win friends and influence people. Hanky and good luck. I hate to face. and has to be done. I think yesterday we were such good pals laughing joking together. Say. Were probably still. We've had our ups and downs before, but he's always giving me. Just, my my son-in-law, the thinking people won't support it. He'll understand. What a? Little. You're. There is eight. Drag more vigorously, you'll paypal attendant. Mr Mayor Your honor. Look at me like that I know I promised that broncos. Club would support you, but you predictable youth. Is You believe that? Don't you Mr Man? I will vote for Bullard. I'm stuck with you, I mean. I'm sticking with you like we agreed. We did agree on that anyway. Say something. I. Don't say something Gildersleeve. Out. You mean you're not going to appoint WANNA commissioner. Free I wouldn't point you dogcatcher group. What am I heard that before? Hello. Mr Jones Lean and. I can I knew veal morning. You'll be a toll coke. Ran? Is wrapped the ice in a Napkin. Put It on my head. I just left the city hall and I've got a bad headache. Coming election. FELLAS young. No matter which way the election goes. I'm out anyway? I! Not GonNa Marr- thicken teams legit. Not, anymore, I had a fight with mayor this morning where you could be reappointed if your neighbor Mr one eight is elected. At a fight with him yesterday more. Remind my! Guy Should do. Your! Engine Jinan Marine. Go the Foreign Legion. Don't think you have to worry. Oh, you always run a good reservoir. Avenue lot of friends I suppose you noticed marriage poster in my window to. The right by the rat poison. Michigan With that poster up to help reelected mayor and keep you on the payroll long. May The water commissioner? Way, All right all right and that what is it together? Water Commissioner, wave the I know he and I rather like. Thanks. I believe in supporting customers. Because as you point me you good for you by Judge, L. The mayor about you, it may help. fating. Go ahead Mister P. B.. You remember me. I can't shaded I do a few years ago. I used to come in here and read Comic Books Alvin Beaver. Remember. Alvin beaver! GROWING UP ALVIN CATERINA COMIC OH! No, now I read thought provoking books. I'm a junior thinker which is. Thinking beaver. Very Good Mr. I'd very good. Wasn't that good that boys up to something. Mr Phoebe on behalf of the junior thinkers. I'm like to a picture of our candidate for mayor in your window. Else knew it now. Isn't this a fine picture of Mr Bullard? Look at that Noble Brow and that determined Chin looks like fearless Fis Dick. Beaty married. Young man doesn't realize you already have a candidate new window, or we're going to get rid of all that deadwood. Water, commissioner that model waterlog will go to. Don't put up a poster van remember. I'm a good customer Mr Peavy. We junior thinkers are two hundred and fifty one strong, and we're all shaving now. I guess you won't hurt to put your posted up by the shaving cream. View my goodness speedy. You can't support both candidates. You can't straddle the fence talk. Politics Only. Those junior things can sway PD. They're pretty powerful. George. There's only one thing to do. Get Bronco and his junior thinkers switch their allegiance to mayor to. Appeal to him as a relative. Oh Bronco August together slave raking the leaves icy yester- This is clean up year. Rondo! The about US supporting Mr Bullard for. As the code deal that his election might affect. People knew and did you. Have you ever thought of voting for mayor to. I'd give that a lot of thought Mr Gildersleeve. I'm fond of you very calm. But. I can't support your boss. I sincerely think Mr. Board is the better man and we in the junior thinkers club. Have the slogan, thank. The thought you think is right. Then depend the hot with all your might. Be the. Brother. You say we think the city of Summerfield needs a change. So what if you do make the sacrifice in the name of good government? Usually a martyr Bronco nor heads may roll, but try to see it our way. Can I stay without ahead. Buddy. Feel well, let's give. Terrible Gordy. From the political? Has No chance of being reelected. I'm true water, commission or Mr Guilty. You give too easy or just pretty, if I got pushed off the water wagon like you climb on the bandwagon. You're going to get if message is going to be. Mad Polish apple with Mr Bullet Very. Stupid, yeah I was pushed off the water. Wagon Dot Com bandwagon. Believe. Push. The Van Wagon. WHO Was it was that easy? Say. I wonder if it is that easy. Just go up and have a neighborly talked with bullet when he comes home. Why not? Just, take the easy chair by the window and watch rescheduling. A. Share feels good. A. Little Chat. Is One thing she'll. He can't get another man with my experience. Actually, I'm very fortunate. Water is all I know. Is You're tired. But close? Might even take bullard that goal pleaded plus it. The pipeline people sent me. Yeah. He's nuts about gold. In uses a paperweight on the mayor's desk. Doesn't answer the doorbell. MR, Belaid. Yeah, your neighbor, please. Please don't remind me of it I'm about to eat. And the only reason you're still. My neighbor is that I couldn't buy your house now. Mr Bullish. There's no reason you and I can't be as close as well. Match I used to be Gildersleeve. What are you getting at well when you take officers, man you look a long time before you find a water commissioner with my experience. So I thought you, my services and solid gold waterfalls. Gildersleeve after all you've done to me. How can you presume that I'd ever appoint you I commissioner? What am I don? One, you live across the street. To last year you back into my Cadillac three, when I was painting my house white, you burn rubber tires and turned it gray well, Har. Are you ruined my petunia bed playing detective? Five and up, you want to point no. I won't find Nincompoop. That would again now. I'll get up to watch it go my arm. Wake you up. Oh Ready Mr Bullet. Here is now see here. You can throw me out. You're not even married. What are you babbling about me? Oh. Well I I'm sorry to interrupt you. Give me, but when I'm elected I wanted to offer you. The water commission his job. I am not ungrateful Gildersleeve, and I know somebody had to convince your son-in-law and his junior thinkers to back me for mayor. Out Gildersleeve. I know you're so close to the present mayor that you can't admit it. I can't, admit. Hello. Neighbor? Your still going to be the water commission. Good Ole boy. No use giving the gold plated force it I'll keep it myself. The Great Gildersleeve, we'll be right back. When you buy margarine, the name to remember is parque margarine made by kraft in states where colored margarine sold, get yellow park in its new flavors sabre aluminum rap elsewhere. Get parking in the handy color. Quick bag regular package in any state in any package. Parque is the margarine the taste so good because it's always fresh yet P. A. R. K.. A. Y. Parque margarine made by kraft. On. Brought me off at the library. He. People do crazy things. Election time visiting. wrongfulness clinkers running around town with posters. Mr would be nice to you. She'll help them get elected. You'll be nice to Mr. Bullard to you. Keep Your Job Leroy not that way at all. Junior. Thank is a flying group. Good thing very young people to take an interest in there. Mr Bullard bulletin me. We're both grown man both too intelligent. Suddenly start being nice to each other simply for the sake of politics. Watch driveway. Back. I aboard back on his driveway. Only. After you. A. After you old friend. you. Know you. Walk to the library. The! Great Gildersleeve is played by Willard Waterman. The show is written by Paulo West John. Elliott Nandy white with music by Robert Armbruster in put it in the cast or Walter Deadly early rob. Gale, Gordon Stanley Ferrar Dick Brener Stephan Lillian Randolph Earl Ross and Richard Grant. This is. Saying good night for the kraft foods. Makers of famous line of quality food products, the shorter listening again next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Gildersleeve. Here's a secret for making dull meals interesting. Craft prepared Mustard Winnie meet they hot or cold and see the difference hidden flavors pop right out because when you have little mustard, you add a lot of Tang. Two kinds of mustard. You know kraft salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer milder flavor and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added have both on hands or remember with any meat dish. When you add a little mustard, you add a lot of pain. Craft prepared mustard. For a half hour of spine, tingling excitement! Listen next Sunday afternoon. Do the Falcon Station Check Your newspaper for Time of broadcast and here the Falcons solve the case of the careless plan. Laugh next with. Three times and good times on NBC.

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