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From ABC News this is perspective a closer look at this week's top stories and the stories. You may have missed. I'm Michelle Franson coming up the Senate quits president trump ending just the third impeachment trial in American history. Now we have gorgeous word. I never thought a word would sound so good. And it's called total acquittal. Democratic presidential candidates moved to New Hampshire after a chaotic weaken Iowa. When I left Iowa I said it was too close to call all and it still is but I feel good? I didn't sleep on the plane. I am very excited about what we're going to see your in New Hampshire and we celebrate astronaut. Kristina Cook returned home after her historic trip to space walk into the actual reality of the space station like it was like walking into a movie reset all ahead on perspective during a time when every Newsweek seems monumental this one stood out there was is a lot going on. President trump was acquitted by the Senate during an impeachment trial of a sham investigation. A partisan basement. It's over America America. The Iowa caucuses were held and were a gigantic mess. That happened was president. Trump delivered his State of the Union. Address is to a very divided union. Let's start with a historic impeachment acquittal. And what's ahead for president trump and the country. ABC's Kiro Phillips leads us off Supreme Court chief Chief Justice John Roberts bringing to a close only the third presidential impeachment trial in American history. This is Jill Lebron guilty Mr Graham Mr Graham I am not guilty. The vote was historic for more than one reason. Republican Mitt Romney becomes the only senators ever to vote to convict a president of his own. Own Party I take an oath before God as enormously consequential I knew from the outset that being tasked with judging the president the leader of my own party would be the most difficult decision I have ever faced. I was not wrong. Romney voted guilty on one. Count Abuse of power. The president's attorney Jay Segula president one one. The office of the president won the constitution. One President trump declaring victory. We've been going through this now for over three years. It who is evil. It was corrupt it was dirty cups for more than an hour during a White House. Event President trump lashing out at opponents especially Democrats Adam. I'm sure is a vicious horrible person. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person and she wanted to impeach a long time ago when she said I pray for the president. I pray for the pros. It doesn't she may prey but she prays for the opposite. Inner weekly briefing speaker. Pelosi fired back. They can say whatever he wants. Say what everyone's but I do pray for him and I do so. Oh sincerely impeachment is over so now what it's possible. The House could issue new subpoenas over the president's phone call with Ukraine and some Senate Republicans have called for board investigation into hunter. Biden's work there once the face of the Republican Party. Mitt Romney conceded. He'd face backlash after voting to convict. President trump on one of two counts. I'm sure to hear abuse from the president and his supporters. Andy sure did say a Lotta the people of Utah and tell them. I'm sorry about Mitt Romney. I've saw okay. But what about Romney's constituents. What did they think? And how about the State of Utah which Karami serves to answer those questions. Let's bring in reporter Paul Nelson with our affiliate. KSL in Salt Lake City Hall. Thanks for joining us. How our citizens of Utah reacting to Senator Romney's impeachment vote? Well when we first heard that he was when he was making these comments the comments that were coming into KSL overwhelmingly negative and it seems like many. The people of his party just couldn't understand why he was making that decision. There's one lawmaker from southern Utah that is planning and drafting legislation to officially censure Mitt Romney now essentially i. It really doesn't have any teeth to it. You know. It's not recalling him or anything that it's more like an official finger-wagging shame on you kind of a thing. But he's drafting that and the reason why he's doing that is because he says he wants to send a clear message of support to president trump but on the other side of it. You have a lot of people that are now coming out saying. Oh my Gosh Mitt Romney. I fully support what you did. So it's extremely action on both sides and matter of fact it seems like the local reaction is getting Kinda muddled with the National People that are coming in. Apparently there's a Virginia group that starting a Hashtag campaign called recall Mitt Romney and and matter of fact there's also a group called Republicans for the rule of law they're going to put up a billboard honoring Mitt Romney but that group is part of a project from defending democracy together. Gather and that's Bill Kristol's group so it's not just Utah Reaction. Apparently all the national folks are coming into the state to react as well Senator Romney of course he was elected there Orrin Utah. Give me an idea of what his popularity was like in the state prior to this vote and how that might be changing long-term. Oh it's definitely changing. It is dropping one of the latest polls it came out was from Utah Policy Dot Com and they say his overall approval ratings dropped ten in points during the impeachment process and matter of fact this poll was taken before. He made a statement saying that he was going to convict on abuse of power his approval. Right now it's at thirty six percent approval. Forty nine percent disapprove in October of last year. Forty six percent of utahns approved how he was doing his job so his approval rating has taken a massive hit. So as we move forward were less than a month away from Super Tuesday could Senator Romney's decision caused some voters is there to rethink. How the cast ballots have most people sort of made their decision or are there still some undecideds there? There are a lot of unaffiliated but that doesn't mean that they're undecided from some of the reactions that I have seen one would immediately just jump to the conclusion that most people have made up their minds now when it comes to do Democrats in the Senate basically in Utah. Democrats don't win Senate Positions Republicans do that. It's been that way for a very long time. But when it comes comes to how they're going to vote in the Super Tuesday definitely. There's a lot of people that are coming out saying. Hey Look I. They thought the process against the president wasn't exactly fair air that it was partisan as well but Democrats are also bolstered with a little bit more renewed confidence about well. Maybe there's a little bit of hope maybe I can can if if Republicans are starting to break ranks. Maybe that's a good time for us to kind of come and now Mitt. Romney is not up for re election for four more years. He has four more years to kind of rehabilitators militated image among the Republican party but if sentiment stays the way it is now I would be stunned if he actually made out of the primary. We turn next next to the state of the Union Tuesday night. The final president trump's first term members of Congress. We must never forget that. The only victories that matter in Washington. Uh or victories that deliver for the American people the country's divisions on full display the president not shaking house speaker. Nancy Pelosi's hand before he delivered his message passage and Speaker Pelosi tearing her copy of the President's speech right after it ended it was a in my view manifesto of mistruths. ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers tells are Sherry Preston. It may be a while before the nation's wounds begin to heal. You had some really great analysis Karen Travers on the the idea that a lot of this was was a show. President trump is a former TV producer. And you could certainly see it in his third state of the Union address. It certainly seemed like like he was producing the state of the Union. You know he keeps that hat very close by and likes to do those made for television moments and I think in many ways those moments largely overshadowed any bit of policy. He was talking about if you quiz people the day after. I don't think anybody would have any memorable agenda item that the president laid out. It was a very broad broad speech and and look Sherry. It's election year. There is very little chance of anything getting done in Washington no matter who is in charge in Congress and in the White House. That's just how things work here because everybody's focused on November but that speech on Tuesday was not a bipartisan outreach. That was red meat. For the president's supporters that was essentially a campaign campaign stump speech with a laundry list of some small ball policy items thrown in there for him the takeaway are those big surprises. The splashy moments ends where everybody stands up and cheers American moments. He'd rather have that be the takeaway than any agenda item that he can move forward on. Let's talk about some of those moments. One are the ones that both sides of the aisle stood up on was when that deployed servicemember kind of showed up by surprise those viral videos that we see from all over the country. The president began talking about this family saying that his two children had not seen his face in seven months. And honestly you know I I feel like the president well enough. That should have been my clue that something big was about about to happen because then they turned around and he was coming into the House Chamber really emotional moments very compelling moment that had a lot of people applauding wiping tears away because that soldier them was reunited with his wife and two kids and that was just one of the moments that some people on social media on Tuesday. Were comparing to oprah bre moments. You know what's under your seat. WHO's about to get a car? You had the president giving a scholarship to a little girl from Philadelphia. Who can't go to the school she wanted to go to present isn't using that to talk about school choice? And of course giving rush limbaugh the Presidential Medal of freedom which is the highest honor. You can give this country to a civilian. There have been a lot of talk about about that leading up to the speech there were reports. It was going to happen but rush limbaugh certainly did his best Taylor swift there and was very surprised by it and it was a moment where the first lady then presented him with that metal. Do you think that we will ever go back to those days of decorum at the State of the Union address the capital. I think it depends on the tone of the speaker one thing we have seen seen from the presidential primary campaign in two thousand sixteen to the three years that Donald Trump has been in. The White House is that nobody can out Donald Trump. Donald trump trump many have tried and people have tried to rise to his level or sink to his level. However you want to view it and they have not succeeded? He has a very unique ability to commander under stage to make these very viral moments and also with the insults that he lobs. Nobody else has been able to do that and actually have it Not Stick to them. The the Democratic presidential field doesn't seem like any of them could get in there and give that exact same speech and we haven't seen any politician be able to do that so perhaps when there's a different type type of president giving the speech from that podium things settled down in that Very hyper partisan audience in front of them coming up. We're going to tell you about everything that happened. Happened in Iowa and how a new APP failed many of the state's voters and sent a ripple effect throughout the campaign on perspective after this. Oh so you just woke up. Your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications and a text from your mom saying how do I click this okay. Maybe that's just I mean but if you want to get up to speed check out the new podcast from ABC News start here literally. The ground was shaking. I'm Brad Milkey and every morning we're going to take you into the stories that matter with fast. Fresh insight. Low Robert Muller Michael Cohen Calling All in twenty minutes start here. Listen for free on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP. This is perspective from ABC News. And coming up we'll preview the Oscars and tell you about a female astronauts record-setting trip to just space but first we turn to Iowa. The state's caucuses were shortly. Up ended due to the technical issues and confusion on the ground. Results of the race trickled out up throughout the week. Mostly coming in by Thursday afternoon when Democratic National Committee Chair. Tom Perez suddenly called for the votes to be re canvassed. It was wild week in the Hawkeye state state one that led to calls for the caucus process to be eliminated altogether. I think we have to have a conversation about being dead. I mean first of all the state does not reflect the diversity of our Party. We have to make sure it's not for a second. This caucus thing is really unwielding. ABC's Ryan Burrow was along for the ride caucus night. He tells us about all the chaos on the ground. It was a frantic race to caucus night the candidates crisscrossing Iowa trying to get as much facetime with caucus as possible. I'm here one more time to ask you to caucus for for me on Monday. February third three Senate candidates held in DC to the impeachment trial trying to make up for lost time off the campaign that is going to bring about the largest voter turn out in American history. Mother surrogate made headlines. I don't remember if you guys remember last week when when someone by the name of Hillary Clinton said that nobody. We're not GONNA BOO BOO. We're here we're loud Bo. Bo and supporters canvassed every block. Just trying to make sure we talked to as many people as we can and get make sure they come out to caucus what are the interactions like. I'm honestly for the most part. Very positive doesn't think a lot of people are just looking for people to talk to in person and get some information straight from another human being by caucus night. It was time to finish the job. Take Care Basement in Cedar rapids with four hundred. Thirty seven caucuses. The first alignment left mayor. Pete Senators Warren Club and Sanders and former vice president joe bided as viable candidates by just squeaking in with two votes above the fifteen percent percent. Cut off in the second wave supporters of Bloomberg Gang Gabbard. Terrace and uncommitted made their second alignment in the end. The large paper at the front of the room showed Buddha judge on top with one hundred and fifteen votes followed by Warren with eighty-six cloture and sanders with eighty each and Biden at seventy three. But behind the podium. There were issues the precinct secretary with supposed to enter in all of the results via in APP but it wasn't working the backup backup plan they needed to call in the results to the party headquarters in Des Moines. Linda Langston was the caucus chair and we are still sitting here waiting. What what exactly are you waiting? What does the frustration? And I I think the we we learned a couple of days ago that there were some challenges with using the APP that the party he had provided and so we were asked to call in our results on the first call that we made we were told to only call in once when our caucus was concluded. That was just a recorded message Now when we have called in we are on hold. And it's one of those lovely Muzak recordings that tells you that your call will be taken in the order in which it was received there are seventeen hundred precincts in an island. Some of them may have used the APP but I suspect that there are a fair number. That are trying to call in has got to be frustrating night when pretty much everything went smoothly smoother. I mean there are few spoiled ballots but I mean and now you're sitting here waiting waiting and I think the world is waiting by eleven PM. Two who hours. After the second alignment was counted in an empty venue. The secretary remained on. Hold thank you for calling the Iowa. Democratic Party's caucus hotline all all of our representatives are currently busy. Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. We look forward to talking to you soon. Bye Eleven fifteen. The Custodian entered and told us we all had to. I believe one hundred percent of the precincts wouldn't be officially tabulated for days. The secretary telling me on her way out she would remain on hold as long as it took I. Democrats blamed the caucus turmoil on the APP designed to help party officials report their precincts results. The State's Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price said a coating issue with the APP caused the results to be delayed. But David Goldstein. The CEO of Progressive Digital Consulting firm Togo labs says says the Faulty Code underlines a big problem with how politics and the tech world intersect ABC's. Mike Dubovsky sat down with Goldstein. To find out more David to the best of your knowledge. What was this APP supposed to do? Short and then we can start talking about what actually happened is supposed to provide a very real time reporting mechanism For the various Cox in Pre saints happening around Iowa so they could report into a central repository where The votes the delegates could be counted up In a very quick efficient fashion And basically delivered out to the press as soon as possible So that is what we've seen in past years where there've been delays or there've been problems where they've been a last minute changes could basically be avoided so basically. This is an APP that was not intended to be used by the average caucus-goers cower. This was for the people exactly that back to the park officials with that in mind. What went down on Friday night from the the people with whom I've spoken And some of what's come out publicly. Our it's very clear is there was a extraordinarily short development time Some folks are saying about two months or less Doesn't seem to be have much resources. Invested in the actual build itself And the engineer is behind the project a lot of their experience. Syrian seems to have come directly from politics which can be tough because A lot of the more advances more fluid at builds a really coming from more of the corporate world these days. Would you say the short development time and the lack of perhaps more tech savvy engineers on this. This APP is unusual when it comes to technology I wish I could say that. It is But unfortunately I can't What we've been bedevilled by on on the left Particularly since Twenty sixteen is the fact that there's too many teams running around trying to do too many things with too little money in that is offset by what they claim they can actually do There is simply isn't a guided set strategy for technological innovation and Development that that accurately reflects the fact that all of this is trying to do can be extremely difficult considering you have to have apps that can be used by your grandmother And by twenty year old college student at the same time both out in rural Iowa and in downtown Des Moines. We're starting to see more of these types services play a role in our elections. I'm thinking one about the reporting APPs that we've seen in Iowa. We're actually going to see. It seems again in Nevada. Oughta what does the Iowa Caucus story tell us about our relationship with APPs going forward should would we be worried absolutely. We have a highly dysfunctional relationship with APPs We have a perception now our smartphones our phones and they're not their computers when you you take the complexity and you all of a sudden scale it out to needing to perform perfectly statewide on one night that should have struck fear into hearts of anybody anybody who'd been exposed to software builds at any point in the past and there's a reason why everyone who has deep experience within software with Intech even non on engineers like myself get terrified at the amount of technology that's been brought into our democracy because it opens up for not only you know the kind of basic screw ups ups but allow for actual malicious treason You know security that you know we can take that can take months to figure out Simply because there's not the time and resources just put in place to make sure they're secure. It's antiethical to how quickly people want things and the kind of scale. They wanted to play the Matt in such a short period of time. Coming up up we had the two battleground states and discuss the political racial divisions. We witnessed this week on perspective after this when it comes to hiring hiring. You don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post. A job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs. New users can try for free At indeed dot com slash perspective. That's indeed dot com slash perspectives terms conditions and quality standards apply offer valid through March. Thirty first twenty twenty from from ABC News. This is perspective a closer look at the week's top stories and the stories. You may have missed. I'm Michelle Franzen. Coming up an Oscar preview and a conversation with a record setting astronaut but I as results from Iowa trickled in throughout the week twenty twenty democratic. The presidential candidates shifted their focus east openly and aggressively drawing contrast between each other in New Hampshire where the primary voting will be held February. Do you worry eleventh. ABC's Aaron Katersky as watched the back and forth on the campaign trail for much of the week. He joins me now Erin Michelle. The Iowa caucuses were supposed goes to clarify the race instead. They confuse things and a couple of candidates declared victory. You have shocked the nation. I come from when you get the most votes you know. Candidates dropped out. The National Front runner pulled himself out of this state on the eve of the debate ahead of the primary. So things are a little bit jumbled and now there are candidates who are crisscrossing New Hampshire ahead ahead of the primary the first in the nation primary hoping that it can finally bring some order to the Democratic race which is a bit jumbled candidates. Don't want Iowa to follow them but the results and the contested results now are in fact in play in New Hampshire. Can you explain how that's changed. Is the dynamic on the ground. There certainly things that the candidates don't want to repeat any closure for example does not want to you come in fifth again and yet she has been counting on support in more rural districts in more conservative areas. She actually did pretty well in Iowa in conservative precincts and she's visited some of the rural counties. Here in New Hampshire hoping for a similar kind of support. Because that's New Hampshire is is a much different state. It has a strong libertarian. Streak manufacturing and fishing the powerful industries. It has a complicated relationship relationship with gun policy and a high number of independence and so that doesn't always make it a natural fit for some traditional Democratic candidates and it's very different different from the Iowa caucuses but at the same time both share history in the tradition of our election system. Explain a little bit since there's talk about maybe both of these. You should go away. The significance of having these caucuses and primaries in these states. They've done this for one hundred years. And the Secretary of state expressed confidence. There would be no snafu like there was in in. Iowa and New Hampshire has a law a state law that says it must go I in in the primary very pecking order. It does play this outsized role. Because it's I and because of the retail politics but I'll tell you Michelle. I'm having spoken to so many voters here. They have the very same concerns. That caucus goers in Iowa did it takes a bulldog ball. I think Bernie has we need to be a little bit more towards towards the center to defeat trump. They want a candidate who can best beat Donald Trump. And I'm I'm so struck by how much voters are are starting to sound like cable television pundits. I met one woman at an Elizabeth Warren Rally. She told me she wanted to vote for any closer. So I said okay. Well what are you doing at the Elizabeth Warren Rally. And she said well. I just don't know that. That club has the national appeal or has the campaign infrastructure to carry your through a national campaign. I mean this. This is just an an ordinary woman in Nashua New Hampshire thinking ahead like that and and it's almost as if the voters are scared to vote with their heart because they want to make sure their vote counts beyond this one st so in those final few hours of canvassing New Hampshire. What do candidates need need to do this? A joke in the North country here in New Hampshire Michelle that there are more Moose than people. And and that's where the true swing voters may be. And someone like an Amy Klobuchar has been working hard to win them over. Someone like Joe Biden. Hasn't been to all ten counties. There are only at the moment about nine nine hundred fifty thousand registered voters statewide and so the candidates are just out to meet as many of the responsible. Now now we turn to another battleground state Michigan which in the two thousand sixteen election highlighted the nation's political divisions this week in Michigan however we witnessed the country's divisions Asians over race when one parent at a local school meeting was caught on camera directing a racist comment toward another crying because he was a new school system. And why did you say Mexico. The Pyrrhic was speaking about his son's experience with racism when when he was interrupted by that comment. ABC's TJ homes has more on that story a meeting about racism in a Michigan. School erupts when Adrian Areola who immigrated from Mexico Mexico when the one thousand nine hundred eighty s was interrupted as he described his son's experience. I went to his bedroom to say nine and he was crying because of the abuse. He wants a newer it in this school system in. Why did you say Mexico that's indicative of what our kids and that's scored right now? What our kids are experienced parents in shock doc? They turn their eye or to the parent who asked the question as Erie. Ola tries to hand the mic over and let the man speak. The meeting was to address racial show issues in the school district. After a group of black football players was targeted with racial slurs on snapchat. One of those football players fathers was the first to come to Aereo was defense events at a natural reaction which was the stand up and confront them but by and large. Everybody was supportive. There's lots of tears. Lots Larsen and I think it was an awakening for those people that were unaware that racism exists. The offending parents eventually takes the MIC to make this point to see what happens. You know. He's got her off after the meeting. Arriola told us. The incident felt like an old wound. Being reopened for me from Ola kept his composure and eventually answered the man's question which resulted in another outburst. Talk here because this is the greatest country in the world it is about the school district did put a statement says in part that this type of bigotry goes against all the values and beliefs of our school system says we will continue to listen to parents and students now the man who spoke up in there and made that comment his son actually put out a post on facebook distancing himself from his dad which he actually says his views of hate in no way represent my own. This is an overwhelmingly coming white district. He has been complaining about this for quite some time and the complaint now was confirmed. They're saying this is the type of stuff. We are. Subjected too often days after the incident occurred officials in the town of Saline announced a plan to host a community forum and begin a dialogue to help the community heal me. Now we're going to talk about. The Oscars will reflect on some of the best films of two thousand nineteen and remember a Hollywood legend. Who passed away just this week? Tehran perspective after this honest unflappable oneness. Real what could Luke Bryan Tim Tebow Kellyanne Conway and Raza Ostlund when all be talking about find out on journeys of faith a podcast where we learn what faith means to some of the most influential people out there. Join me all affairs. Every Wednesday as we dig deep into how faith has guided them. Listen and subscribe to journeys of Faith on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast broadcast. Welcome back to perspective. I'm Michelle Franzen. It's Hollywood's woods biggest night the Oscars area on ABC. TV's Sunday night or discussing some of the most popular films of two thousand nineteen and the best performances. We turn back. ABC Sherry Preston. Who spoke with our veteran entertainment correspondent? Jason Nathanson this Oscar's not his first Rodeo. ABC's Jason Nathanson. We are hearing that. This is the fiftieth breath awards. Show that you have covered for. ABC News is that right. Yeah The fiftieth major one. So we're not counting MTV movie awards and we're not counting American music awards and things like that the big ones the emmys. The grammys the Oscars Golden Globes Blah Blah Blah. This Oscars will be the fiftieth one that I've covered for. ABC News. Tell us about that. What's it like when you cover the Oscars I? It's a very very long day so you you get there around. I don't know about eleven to get to the red carpet to get everything set up technically and everything and then you're just waiting for the stars do arrive. Of course the big stars don't arrive until closer to three or four then you go backstage quote unquote backstage. The actual awards are in the theater theater. And then we're all at the hotel next door the lowes hotel up on the floors and that's where they have to bring everybody back there and everybody's kind of five the wave little number and you hope that you're the person to be called on and for US radio. People were broadcasting live during the actual show so while Brad Pitt or wall Quentin Tarantino or somebody might be coming back you know. It's the biggest moment of their life. They just want an Oscar. They're very excited. People are asking them questions. We're in the corner loudly. Saying and the winner winner for that Blah Blah Blah goes to and we get dirty looks sometimes okay so Jason. Now we're GonNa talk about some of the films that are up this year. What do you think think is the tightest category? Probably his best picture of this year because nobody really knows what's going to happen and we've seen that for a couple of years now but this year really really. You got a lot of different films that have won a lot of different awards. Nineteen seventeen is probably. The front runner in that. Category is a direct order to call off tomorrow morning's attack one one the producers go to war which is the best predictor of. What's going to win best picture but parasite also won a couple of big awards jokers want some the big awards. Do you have any thoughts. I love you really. Don't know what's GonNa once upon a time in Hollywood also could sneaking there as well we really don't know what's going to happen in that category and there's a lot of great pictures of the twenty acting. Nominations in all categories. Best actor actress supporting there are. There's just one person of Color Cynthia Revo nominated for Harriet husband my family. I'm just a stranger in a strange land. If I'm free day should be and what we see with a film like parasite which is so fantastic and one of the reasons that it is is because it's different. It's a different point of view. It's made by different different people outside of the normal Hollywood system and when we talk about inclusion and giving other people chance to tell a story that's a prime example of what happens opens when you do and they make great work. I look at to actor in a supporting role. All of these guys are so strong. It's Tom Hanks for beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony Anthony Hopkins were the two popes Alpa Chino and Joe Pesci both for the Irishman and Brad Pitt. Once upon a time in Hollywood Tom Hanks that whole movie was about him. Why is he in a supporting role in enacting? Roll well because the movie was actually about the reporter who talks to him in the film. Mr Rogers I'm here to interview you. It is so nice to meet. You know it's it's not necessarily standard bio-pic of Mister Rogers. It is about the store in this relationship. Attention between these two men and the reporter character. That's the that's the lead role in their the studios. Get to choose where they put people and I think they felt they had a better shot of him getting a nomination and possibly a win in that category which is proven to be true. He's gotten the nomination at every major awards ceremony for the supporting supporting role for that but he hasn't been able to take home a win. Well I have to tell you. I think that the selection of movies that are up for awards this year at the Oscars are stunning and there. I think it's one of the best asked years that we've had in a long time. Yeah looking at all of them. Ford versus Ferrari his main one reason fire. Everyone starting with an underrated and I think not a lot. The people are talking about is a great movie. Irishman is a great movie. Joe Rabbits Fantastic jokers been divisive but also it's a very good movie. I loved little. Women tend to make my own way in the world though one makes their own way. Waste of all women. You'll need to marry well. You're not married because I'm rich. I thought it was a great retelling of this story framed in a way we haven't seen before marriage story I think is very strong for me. It was a little too much like a play but you know hey nine hundred seventeen is fantastic fantastic once upon a time in Hollywood. That's the only one. I don't think it's necessarily best picture Oscar worthy and then you have parasite which is just so mind-bending different nineteen seventeen with its single shot. Take type thing once upon a time in Hollywood just doesn't rise to that level okay. Well it's a really strong year here for the Oscars Jason Covering it for an award. Show for the fiftieth time for us here at ABC News. So congratulations and have a great time. Thanks I will. It's a fun job and just days ahead of the Oscar's Hollywood lost a legend Kirk Douglas. WHO ushered in Hollywood's Golden Golden Age passed away at age? One hundred three this week will remember him and tell you about the record setting astronaut on perspective after this you have a dream but don't know where to begin. I didn't want him. He Limited looking for wisdom for women. Who've already been there you will constantly constantly be given the opportunity to lose yourself? Welcome to ABC's no limits. I'm your host Rebecca Jarvis and each week. We're talking to the game. Changing women about success. Lessons learned along the way and of course the worst advice I really thought about the worst advice ever. You can hear new episodes of no limits every week on apple podcasts gas or your favorite podcast APP perspective from ABC News I'm Michelle Franzen L. Legend and humanitarian committed to justice. That's how Michael. Douglas described his father on instagram where he announced that a one hundred and three year. Old Kirk Douglas passed away. ABC News Entertainment correspondent. Bill deal looks back on the life of Hollywood icon born into poverty of Russian Jewish immigrant. Parents Kirk Douglas Rose goes to the highest pinnacle of Hollywood stardom with a unique screen persona and distinctive voice in countless roles. Want anybody to own me you or anybody on. Douglas emerged as a full-fledged star in Nineteen forty-nine champion playing an unscrupulous ambitious boxer. I'll make the biggest server snowing in this town. You're going to be good because I put you in the hospital for a long time. It was a rule that would win. Douglas Bliss his first Oscar nomination. Douglas earned another Oscar nod in nineteen fifty two for the bad and the beautiful dig into turn me inside outside. Dog Loose received his third Oscar nomination for playing painter. Vincent Van Gogh in the nineteen fifty. Six Film. Lust for life should talk Christian. I once asked Douglas what he considered his favorite role. I think Spartak is wonderful. A great movie for Big Spectacle Picture. It should because the characters all came through. What's your name slave spartacus? And asked how he viewed his images and actor. I don't know about that. I just know you try to play a part. That you like. Douglas's son Michael. Douglas told me His dad was unique. He ate up the screen. He just burst out at you. Well Kirk. Douglas never won a Competitive Competitive Oscar in one thousand nine hundred sixty received an Honorary Academy Award Steven Spielberg presented the Oscar Douglas and then Kirk. Douglas struggling from the effects civil stroke said this in his acceptance speech. I thank all of you for not one role year. Thank you thank you and finally we turn to space or return from space to Kazakhstan. Where American astronaut Kristina Cook landed safely on her record setting trip back to Earth now after three hundred twenty eight days in space and at one hundred thirty nine million miles for Christina? Cook and two hundred days in space eighty-five million miles for Luke apartment. Tano no no and Alexander score twelve expedition sixty one crew officially home NASA making the call is cook and her crew touchdown and Kazahkstan after leaving the International Space Station officially officially making cook the woman with the longest single trip ever into space on the ground tired now cook talked worked with ABC about seven on the space station walk into the actual reality of the space station. Like the fact that it actually exists. was just. It was like walking into into a movie set. I'm talked about setting the record if I am fortunate enough to do that. And if that's something that inspires people on the ground then of course that's something that is also my honor to be a part of now. Now she is after spending close to eleven months in space from ABC News. This has been perspective. If you want to listen to any of our past ask shows you can subscribe to the perspective podcast. Give us a review. If you've got the time tell us what you'd like and what you'd like to hear in the future you can find it on apple podcasts spotify stitcher or wherever you listen to podcast you can also find perspective and other. ABC News shows that ABC News. PODCASTS DOT DOT COM perspective is produced by Eric Malo for ABC News. I'm Michelle franzen tonight. The first debate after Iowa and the last debate before New Hampshire votes which Democrats will take the stage Hula merge the ABC News. This debate tonight live at eight eastern and special pre debate coverage at seven. Just ask Alexa to play the debate.

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