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Samantha Bee Sings About Vaccinations On Musical Radio The Howard Stern Show


The stern show. Should I play a musical radio? Starring Samantha B. Sure all right. I know we got a celebrity on musical radio. She's a fan of our show so I think she just agreed to do it. But here she is Samantha B on musical radio and welcome to musical radio celebrity edition. What's your name my name is Samantha. B in Song. Please my name Mr Mentha be I host a show so my question to you is are you pro or anti vaccination dairy pro nation and some people claim vaccines weakened immunity. It's just not true. There can have read a kate. Terrible diseases where are you crazy? Don't you think doctors are just looking to make money giving shots paranoid ever heard? What if your child hates skit shots? But it's too bad taste shot some people claim vaccines cause autism. Vaccines don't cause Teza. That's what the proper science says is only a few crack. Patu thing that so. Don't listen to thin. Jenny McCarthy said there was a connection and she was on MTV when it was good. She's not a scientist. She is and she definitely had an experience and I don't take that away from her but millions and millions and billions of children will be compromised if we don't vaccinate our children. The herd immunity is very important. It's critical to the survival of species as Don't know what we learned. But thanks for the debate. Sh- pretty good to do that. Our D- stearns.

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