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Finding Your Life Purpose


Hello everyone welcome back new energy healing with me heidi lane. I have a couple of quick announcements to make so this will be the last episode until hill july twenty ninth. July is my birthday month and my son will be school so i just really want to take the time to chill as much as possible facebook especially with how busy the last several months have been. I'll still be around on social media. So if you want to connect with me you still can my second announcement is that i want to start doing a community episode. Once a month where listeners send in their personal stories and experiences this is related to intuition psychic phenomena encounters with ghosts or spirits or anything else pertaining to the spiritual or even paranormal normal. I'll read your stories to share on the community episode. So if you have one you want to share you can email it to me at heidi at heidi energy healing dot com so in today's episode. I'm going to tackle a topic. I get confronted with often many many of my clients grapple with the question of what it is. They are supposed to be doing with their lives. They feel lost and and wonder what they're calling is. This isn't something that s- isolated to a specific age range this comes up with clients who are in their twenties thirties forties fifties. There isn't a magic age where we all suddenly figure out what we want to do. I like an a calling to finding your soul mate. A lot of people who believe in soulmates think that there's just one personnel they're meant for them and i happen to. I believe that you can have several soulmates and they aren't confined to the role of significant other. I believe friends can be soulmates so much like soulmates. We aren't stuck to having one calling that. We must discover. We have several callings callings throughout our lives. I was called to become a rookie practitioner. I was called to start a monthly women's circle. I was called to write a book. Ah called distort this podcast. I don't know what it feels like for everyone but for me when i answer a call. It feels like i've come home home. Things seem to click into place and it allows my life to flow with more ease. We put a lot of pressure pressure on ourselves to find this holy grill. We wanna know her life's purpose but the harder we look for it. The more deludes us. It's like trying to find an object. That's gone missing in your home you look for it and look for it to no avail and then finally you decide to give up the search zhou then lo and behold a day or two later passes and the objects seems to have magically manifested itself in a place where you happen upon it. I think finding your calling is like that once. You stop trying so hard to find it and stop putting pressure on yourself to find it that's when it starts to come into view their sys- truth bomb card. I've had a my refrigerator for a couple of years now. It says if it doesn't doesn't light you up then you're not the right person for the job and that's really what your purpose does. It sets your soul on fire by doing doing something you love you. Raise your vibration a. Lot of people mostly in paths have this idea that they want to help people which is great great but if that's your main goal then you're going to drain yourself by doing something that sets your soul on fire. You'll end up helping others as a result assault so for example i love working with energy intuition and the spiritual side of things and also sharing that knowledge with others as a product of that i ended up helping others by aiding them in their healing and giving them tools to help themselves. You may find yourself in a position where it's not realistic for you right now to quit your job to chase your dream or to chase your purpose this or calling and i understand that but it could be in the form of a hobby or something just on the side if you are at a job you don't like try i to find things in your job that you do like this will help you. Raise your vibration in a line your energy with the job that you want. If you have no idea what you want. Here's some things to think about and try figure out. What makes you happy authentically authentically happy. A lot of people don't know this answer for themselves so take some time to figure out what makes you happy and also yeah no that you deserve to do. What makes you happy. This requires loving yourself. Ask yourself what your truth is. What are your values values. Are you living in a way that aligns with your truth. Your purpose will become clearer. The more you speak your truth. This also requires you to release any fear. You have surrounding speaking truth. Get out of your head and stop overthinking. Sit in your secret shop akra and your solar plexus so down in your abdomen there and ask yourself what is in my highest good about my purpose. You may get a one word answer. Maybe an image will pop in your head or maybe you'll feel something when i asked this question a couple of years ago i got the answer education at first glance i was like <hes> but then i realized i enjoy learning teaching about things i am passionate about like spirituality wallasey and it's very much what i'm doing today. An exercise you can try it is to make an intuitive vision board so set in attention before you start by asking that same question what is in my highest good about my purpose then go through magazines cut out images and words that call out to you and when you're dangling them down sit with it and see what comes through for you keep a gratitude journal to appreciate how far you've come and to shift your energy from a place of longing to win a fulfilment and lastly meditate see you can hear are your intuition more clearly so finding your purpose is a lot of energetic work. It also takes surrendering and letting go of control. You are in control of how and when a calling is going to turn up on your doorstep right. There isn't a step-by-step manual on how to figure all this out. All you have control over is figuring yourself out getting more connected with your authentic emotions being aware of your thoughts checking in with your energy throughout the day to see how it's feeling and where it's going and taking actions to bring you closer to your purpose being unveiled to you over the next several weeks. I challenge you to do just that figure out. What makes you happy. Align your energy with it and speak your truth more and live in fear less as always always if you have any questions or topics you'd like to hear discussed on the show email them to me at heidi at heidi energy healing dot com you can find out more about me the work i i do as an energy healer book ascession and browse handcrafted products at heidi energy healing dot com and you can connect with me on facebook and instagram at at heidi energy healing until next time mind your energy by.

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