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Buckle up you are about to enter. The draws cast podcast your host author and motivational speaker. Jeff drope says he will transport you through the world of motivation and leadership. Oh is keeping an eye on having some fun too sometimes with a guest other times just jeff either way. You will leave better equipped to succeed sooner than when you came in here. He is the dress. Jeff Present Ski. Hello everybody welcome back to the show. This is a leadership hip podcast stor leadership blogger leadership trainer leadership coach and leadership author. Jeff Draws Taos ski and. Welcome back to the draws cast. PODCAST folks before we get into the last podcasts for twenty nineteen. I do WanNa tell you about some changes that are GONNA become down the road and that is the draws cast. PODCAST IS GONNA be coming more guest driven. We are going to be bringing non people from the world of leadership from many different realms that includes business that includes sports that includes retail That could could include the restaurant business. It can include leadership for many many different realms and I'm very excited to be turning the page on on this format of the podcast which was primarily a one person driven and that was me talking about different subjects and I wanted wanted to open it up to a different viewpoints different Thoughts of mind and just many different ways that people can think about leadership. And I can't say that I have done two interviews to date that will be That I will be downloading voting here in the not too distant future and I really think you're gonna like the format so just to briefly touch on something before before we get into today's Final I'll call it me episode words just one voice me talking I do WanNa tell you To continue to go back to DROSS TALKS DOT COM. I am a professional speaker That speaks leadership from many different angles. And I also have author two books The most recent leadership one golden nugget at a time. which is a quote and illustration `lustration book on many different quotes from a credible leaders over history? And the things that they do to continue to be successful successful or were successful back in their day. Today I WANNA talk about my most recent visit to Bristol Connecticut Kit. Most of you probably think when I say Bristol Connecticut which is really kind of rural. It's a smallish town of about sixty fifty thousand people you say to yourself what be what is Bristol Connecticut all about well like I mentioned it as a town of about sixty thousand people but it feels much smaller than that. The biggest industry and Bristol. Connecticut is sports and when I mean sports I mean Bristol. Is the headquarters. Orders for what is called the worldwide leader in sports or ESPN or ESPN standing for entertainment. Taint and sports programming network. The expansiveness of the campus is quite impressive. especially given the size of town incredibly most of the talk shows and new shows that initiate out of the ESPN family of networks are housed in these buildings. If you're a sports fan you've correct names. Scott Van Pelt. Dan Patrick Rich Eisen. Mike Tirico Chris Berman and there are dozens and dozens of others that have broadcasted out of Bristol or continued to broadcast out of Bristol. Bristol venture to say that per capita capita there have been more celebrity interactions in the small town of Bristol during the ESPN era than any other city in the country. The success of the company began with founder Larry Rasmussen in the early nineteen eighties. Now Hilarie was the founder but it was the leadership that was created later on and ESPN that really catapulted to worldwide prominence. So my visit to Bristol. Got Me thinking about what type of leadership style was really successful at the network after all when we think of broadcasting in Sports Cele- celebrities ladies we think ego and managing that ego. The most successful leader to date at the network was a gentleman by the name of George Bodenheimer. Ford is his story and leadership philosophy when George Retired as executive chairman at ESPN in May of twenty fourteen eighteen. He wrapped up a remarkable thirty three year career which began in the company's mailroom in nineteen eighty one so he started from the the very bottom and worked his way up to the top consistent and substantial growth define Georgia's career leading to unprecedented success so the network as leadership style was simple but effective and power all employees to take charge of their careers and to base decisions on the company's stated mission which was serve sports fans anytime anywhere folks. That mission statement. Is that simple. Simple serve sports fans anytime anywhere. George was an ESPN and cable industry. Pioneer and and as the company's longest tenured president which was thirteen years he led an unprecedented period of global growth. He oversaw all multimedia sports assets of the Walt Disney Corporation including ABC. Sports from two thousand three two thousand eleven and was co chair of of Disney media. Networks from two thousand four until two thousand eleven. His father managed a department store and his mother was a bank teller. He calls his his parents says heroes and credits their inspiration and his success. He earned a degree in economics. At denison university. After graduating he wanted to work in sports and entertainment. He sent letters to companies like Madison Square Garden and every Major League Baseball team in the United States. I got twenty eight letters back saying I don't think so George Remembers the advice of a family. Friend led to an interview view at fledgling cable TV network called entertainment and sports programming network. Or as we know now. Espn George recalls in intimidating human resources sources director sizing him up. I was standing and he was sitting and I don't think he looked up at me once George recalls he said I was qualified to be a driver kind of a big blow to his ego. I'm sure so. George began delivering the mail and working in the mailroom. He also served as as a driver for on air personalities in his memoirs Georgia specifically talks about driving often for basketball announcing icon. Dick Vitel Bitel and many many others during his tenure as driver. If you're not familiar with the name Dick vitale. Perhaps you remember number. His nickname dicky these still broadcasts today all these years later. It was a perfect beginning for the enthusiastic youngster. Mr George Remembers I got to meet everybody as ESPN expanded. George applied for an open sales and marketing position and hit the road selling the network to local cable operators across five states. I learned that every town in America considered itself sports town and every city in the in the world thinks the same way. ESPN was tapping into that. George was quoted as saying working his way through the ranks. He became executive vice president of sales and marketing in nineteen ninety-six before being named the networks fifth president and Nineteen Ninety Eight. He held this role until twenty twelve when he stepped down from day to the day operations while President has vision led to company and Industry leading innovations in integrated sales and marketing original programming acquisitions positions and new technologies at the same time he solidified and enhanced. ESPN's position as the worldwide leader in sports. Georgia's Tenure Espn saw explosion and cable sports broadcasting as the ESPN family of networks grew from a single channel to multiple domestic stick networks and dozens of international networks as well as hundreds of radio affiliates and a massive online and publishing presence. He also oversaw for some major investments in new broadcasting technologies. George elevated companies. Numerous corporate outreach initiatives most notably the V. Foundation for cancer research which was founded by ESPN. And the late basketball coach and commentator. Jim Valvano the V.. Foundation has raised more than one hundred and fifty million dollars since nineteen ninety three and one hundred percent of cash donations go directly to research. He also championed an impressive increase in. ESPN employee volunteerism during his tenure. As president highlighted by more than thirty thousand hours of service given as part of the company's thirtieth anniversary Sri efforts even retirement he continues to serve on the boards of several corporations Denison University the foundation. It's a very competitive business. This were in but our culture at ESPN is something we can control. I think of it as always operate with integrity. Respect for your co workers and passion about what we're doing. That is a quote from George. Now that would be a great story about the network in and of itself but but as I researched ESPN. I dug deeper and deeper and found two other items of interest that are profound and professional development one one is philosophy of career development at ESPN and the other is the leadership philosophy of one of the most popular of on air personalities at the the network so first professional development when we think of networks were really only think of the people we see in in front of the camera but in order to make those dozens and dozens of people look good in front of the camera. There are hundreds of people if not thousands of people people behind the camera that do things to run the networks that we never see. They are employs like any other company and those folks folks need career development. Those departments include places like Human Resources Advertising Marketing and legal. ESPN subscribes rested. The seventy twenty ten career development philosophy for their employees. So what is seventy two thousand ten good question ahead not heard of it myself until I started doing the research. You may have heard of it in different forms but in this form it's called seventy two thousand ten. The seventy twenty. Ten model of learning and development is a commonly used formula within the training profession to describe the optimal sources of learning by successful managers. It holds that individuals obtained seventy percent of their knowledge from job related experiences twenty percent from interactions with others and ten percent from formal education events. The MODEL was created in the nineteen eighteen eighties by three researchers and authors. Working with the Center for Creative Leadership a nonprofit educational institution and Greensboro North Carolina. Lana the three people. Morgan McCall Michael Lombardo and Robert I king. Her were researching the key development experiences of successful managers. The seventy twenty ten model is considered to be of great value as a general guideline for organizations seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their learning and and developed programs through other activities and inputs. The model continues to be widely employed by organizations throughout the world the the models creators hold that the hands on experience or the seventy percent is the most beneficial for employees because it enables them to discover and refine their job related skills. Dell's make decisions address challenges and interact with influential people such as bosses and Mentors Wall at work settings they also learn from their mistakes aches and receive immediate feedback on their performance employs learn from others about twenty percent of the time hence the number twenty through a variety of activities including social learning coaching mentoring collaborative learning and other methods of interaction with peers encouragement and feedback or prime benefits of this valuable learning approach. The formula holds that only ten percent of professional development optimally comes from formal traditional course where her instruction and other educational events it position that typically surprises people from academic backgrounds. There have been some updated data that may suggests some fluctuation in this model but not enough to change the model at this point. So That is the seventy twenty ten model of career career development the last item about ESPN. I WanNa talk about as one of their most influential on air personalities. A gentleman by the name of John Saunders Sanders. John exemplified tremendous leadership during his thirty years of broadcasting more specifically he was an exceptional servant as leader. And for those of you. Who have listened before you know that I subscribe heavily to the Servant Leader. Model of leadership. And I I also think that it gets misunderstood that it is not a productive style of leadership but that is farthest from the truth breath so back to John if the concept is new research over the last forty years has found that the best servant leaders who are no strangers to driving driving results require and generating profitable outcomes led first by serving the needs of others. John John Surprisingly passed in August. Twenty sixteen based on reaction was quite evident that John was well respected and Hetty Servant leadership style. I some of the people that knew best talked about his character. Baba and other iconic figure at ESPN colleague of Saunders for three decades said that that he was a generous man of character and very proud of his family. An African Canadian heritage. John filled our lives with his considerable talent but most important the size and strength of his character and Persona Mr Lee said of John Character is what every company with strong mission should aspire to have in their leaders so few actually commit to that as a top priority. The rewards are many a leader that operates from character gains the trust of other people other. I see him as dependable and accountable for his actions and as trust develops and people feel safe in that leaders presence. He or she gains influence. Another great trait of John. Saunders was his influence saunders. ESPN boss John. Skipper said in a statement. He was one of the most significant and influential members of the ESPN family as a colleague and Mentor. Influence is really a two headed monster on one side of of the equation and influential leaders show up and be strong and competent but they must balance that with their other side which is being courageous ourageous showing their humanity more than anything specifically things like warmth and compassion and surprisingly enough scientists given even the edge to the softer side of influence. Many studies indicate projecting warmth is really the key to having influence research. Research shows that leaders who are rated low on the likeability scale have about a one and two thousand chance of becoming regarded as an effective leader. Only after they've achieved ability should they focus on displaying competence. John Saunders had the gift of drawing people all to him because of his magnetic warmth and his younger colleagues responded Jesse Palmer who worked with Saunders as an ESPN college football analyst and has since become a food network personality says this of John. People that were lucky enough to work with John. Saunders understand his infectious action personality. John could light a room up that warm smile. You just want it to trust John Saunders. He was very inviting generous in Gracious. John made me so much better at my job. And I'm very appreciative of that but I'm even more thankful that John made me like my job even even more and as I mentioned this earlier of servant leaders competence is huge and competence was something that John Saunders was so the other side of influences competence but being competent doesn't mean that a leader knows how to do everything but rather that he knows what to do went to do it. WHO's involved and how to get it done John. Saunders was a prolific craftsman of the broadcasting trade and he showed great competence. ESPN colleague Rachel Nichols one of the country's most prominent female sports journalist said that Saunders showed skilled versatility anchoring anchoring shows doing play by play and various sports and making it all look so easy. Lee also called him an incredibly skilled broadcaster again. John Skipper says of John. Mr Saunders was an extraordinary talent and his friendly informative style has been a warm welcome to sports fans for decades. His wide range of accomplishments across numerous sports and championship events is among the most impressive. This industry ever seen John. Saunders was also an incredible mentor Stephen. A Smith a provocative on air talent said Saunders was pioneer and pave the way for other African Americans the late Stuart Scott may not have had the ESPN broadcasting career. If he did not know Saunders said Smith Stephen Smith goes on to say and that's when it hit me what stands out and Smith's eulogy was is a defining leadership trait of saunders that is so effective in capturing the hearts and minds of followers and today's Workplaces Smith also lauded Saunders as being a mentor and Advisor Djamil a young co host for the ESPN show his and hers with Michael Smith said that Saunders had a tremendous impact on the cruise of many because he invested interest in them. Folks that is the story of John. Saunders Servant leader. I really enjoyed the research into this part of leadership and I hope you did too again as we move into twenty twenty the format for the drive. I 's cast will change with more guests young and old from a wide range of business sports retail and restaurant backgrounds. I often twenty. Twenty will be a popular popular and successful Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Business Odor Maureen Ruben. Your support of the draws cast is much appreciated. Tell your friends. The draws cast cast podcast. It's your place for motivation leadership and don't forget my youtube channel either jumped Rostowski. Thanks bye for now. Kyla take it away. Thank you for being part of the dress. CAST check out. Jeff's website draws talks dot com to find out more about booking jeff for your next event also at draws talks dot com. You can purchase. Jeff's book inspired power differences are changing the workplace or inquire about Jeff's training programs and Personal Executive coaching. All of Jeff's video blogs can be seen on his Youtube Channel Jeff Triscuit. Thank you and bye for now.

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