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Episode 219: Democratic Primary Debate In The Bronx's 15th Congressional District


Hi this is Ben Max from Gotham Gazette. Welcome to a special edition of the Max Murphy. Podcasts MY CO host Jerry Murphy of city limits in I recently organized with some other partners especially the point up in the bronx a debate among Democratic candidates for the Fifteenth Congressional district which is a seat that is opening up due to the retirement of longtime representative. Jose Serrano. So what you're about to hear is the debate that we hosted with eight Democratic candidates who will be on the June ballot folks should know that primaries are coming up in June. The Actual Primary Day is June twenty. Third there's early voting period beforehand and due to the corona virus outbreak. All voters are allowed to vote absentee and will be sent absentee ballot applications. That you can also Order one online to make sure you get one So folks who either care about or interested or of course can vote in the fifteenth Congressional district in the Bronx. This debate is for you Eight candidates participated as I said and had a lively discussion that was broadcast over. Zoom in facebook on Thursday may fourteenth. It was an interesting discussion about a lot of ideas and records and I hope you enjoy it. So here is the Democratic primary debate in the Fifteenth Congressional district in the Bronx enjoy welcome to the Democratic Primary Debate for the Fiftieth Congressional district sponsored by the point. Cdc Gotham Gazette and city limits with Hunts Point Express. Modern Herald is partners. I'm jared Murphy. The editor of city limits are S Kuchar WanNA traditionally on an Espanola Vento No but does Siete on way safes zero zero wound up on a quattro. Cat Ocho Horford Mirror attributed facebook dot com slash city limits. News this debate features candidates who will be on the ballot for the Tuesday June twenty third Democratic primary who reported fundraising to the Federal Election Commission. And who accepted our invitation? Eight of the twelve candidates on the ballot will join US tonight for this to our debate. They're speaking order. Has BEEN DETERMINED BY RANDOM draw? There are primary elections across New York State. June twenty third multiple offices are involved L. Most contests are Democratic primaries. Some races involve other parties. Go to voting dot nyc to who can vote and who's running in your district because of covert nineteen. The state of New York has said all active. Voters will receive an application for an absentee ballot. Which each voter must fill out and return in order to receive an actual ballot to mail in in pursing voting at polling. Places will be available as well. Fifteen district is the only congressional district located entirely within the bronx west of the Bronx River. It covers virtually everything south the Ford road between the Bronx and Westchester Creek. It covers everything south of the cross. Bronx Expressway only Democrats can vote. In June twenty third primary. The winner of the primary will be the Democratic nominee in the general election on Tuesday November. Third Whoever wins November will serve the fifteenth district. Us House representatives for two year term. The district's current number of Congress represented Jose. Serrano is retiring this year. Having served in the House since one thousand nine hundred eighty the point. Cdc is part of a coalition of Bronx community organizations. That have worked for months to develop a Bronx People's platform for this twenty twenty election year. That platform helps to frame. Tonight's debate the North West Bronx community and clergy coalition will host community led forum also informed by the People's platform featuring district fifteen candidates on Tuesday June night at six PM check at North West Bronx on twitter or North West Bronx Dot. Org for details. Now tell us a little more about the people's platform. Here's Dr Yellow Rodriguez Director of community development at the point along the evening. Thank you for everyone watching tonight and who's participating with us As Jared said I am the director of community development at the point. Dc In hunts point. we're so excited to be able to call host this debate along the city limits and Gotham Gazette over twenty five years in hunts point we have been offering after. School are photography circus programs for local use As well as organizing campaigns such as the Sheridan Expressway and the creation of several local on water from parts. A lot of our work is about ensuring that our community is leading in the decision making processes that impact hunts point oftentimes engaging directly with our local elected I also wear another hat today tonight. as a participant and a member of a coalition has been formed Bronx Wide Coalition of a dozen and a half organizations that have contributed to creating a platform and others that have signed on to endorse of many years of work in the Bronx has led several month long a several month long process. Amphora is being co convened by the point North West Bronx community and clergy coalition and the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative Look for details. We are social our social media. As Jerry mentioned we have been working towards a community led at design Have designed the forum that will be taking place on June ninth. During which time we will invite all candidates again to participate. This time this form will be facilitated and let me completely by community members and community organizations across the Bronx We all share and are driven by a commitment to racial justice at Economic Democracy Something that looks to us like building community ownership and control shared wealth. We engage in a participatory process to align on the final Platform with delegating representatives. And we will release the platform in the next coming weeks on by the end of May two candidates. We really hope that we can you on that. We'll see you again on June nine so on that some information a will also be sharing some more details about the actual platform leading up to the June of ink. You thank you ella. Hi everybody to suspend Max. Everybody hear me. Yes good I'm the editor of Gotham Gazette. really happy to be a co host of this event. Thank you to jared Darya in everybody from limits and the point who helped organize this and of course Our other partners who you'll hear a little bit from as we get going we're going to try to start with the candidates right at six ten. We have about two more minutes. I had most before we get going here. So candidates get ready. I'll just go over a couple of the quick overview ground rules the way things are gonNA run here. I'M GONNA do my very best to make this a smooth event and we're GONNA go right until eight o'clock. Give our large group of candidates here a really good chance to introduce themselves to voters or inform inform voters more about themselves their platforms. Why they think they should be the representative from this district. Moving forward things are GONNA get a little bit. Tricky in terms of the order each time candidates get to speak. I'm going to my very best to make sure that goes smoothly and call on candidates one by one and then spotlight them in the main screen so that everybody watching on or facebook can see them can hear you very well so you'll be able to watch that and see as your spotlighted when it's really time for you to get going in and talk. We're going to start very soon with opening statements of one minute. Each every other question will be about five rounds of questions. Maybe six depending on how this goes every other time. It'll be about a minute a half each to answer questions. And then we'll have one minute closing statements at the very end. So right at about seven fifty. I'll make sure that we're transitioning into those closing statements for the last ten minutes so very soon. Be starting with opening statements than various questions from our panelists. And I'll be helping to guy that along As I kick it to our panelists and our candidates to get going so we are going to start with opening statements in just a minute. In this order I will be Mr Ritchie Torres Than Misamis Lopez. Mr Tomas Ramos Miss Melissa Mark Viverito Miss Renee Chev ONA. Mr Donald Rodriguez. Mr Michael Blake Mister Franjo by Sora. That will be the order for the opening statements. I'll say it again coming up soon. But that'll be the order of the opening statements. And then we'll switch around the order each round and I'll introduce each and give you a chance to to jump in but candidates. Basically the gist is berated. Ready to go at all moments and when your name is called we'll make sure to you and get you spotlighted and we're going to start that in just a second. I WANNA make sure that everybody knows who is going to be asking the questions. Along with. Nita's evening we have. Three panelists will be asking questions. They will be Parker Quinlan of the Hunts Point Express and Maat even Herald Daniel Power of city limits and Sierra straker a youth activists who lives in the district and is part of action. Points Youth Organizing Program Listed the candidates quickly. We have eight joining. Us tonight and you're going to hear from them in just a moment again and we're going to do our opening statements in just one moment here Before I kick into the candidates for those opening statements Jared Ariella. Anything else that I didn't cover that you WANNA make sure to jump in here with. We're good okay Candidates just one more thing. I don't know how familiar with zoom but I just WanNa know if at some point you feel like you've been mentioned you've been attacked something like that. I will try to note that. Give you twenty thirty seconds to respond. When I get a chance. If you feel like I'm not getting to that you can throw up a hand literally or you can also hit the raise. Your hand function in the buttons of some of you may or may not be familiar with but just be ready to do that. Please If the time comes if you think you need to jump back in a really gonNA try to avoid a lot of back and forth immune is just too unwieldy so keep your attacks to a minimum. And we'll try to keep the those rebuttals to a minimum as well all right so let's get started here with opening statements in just a second. We're GONNA come to council number Torres and then Miss Lopez you'll be after that and then I'll keep introducing people one by one as those one minute opening statement so without any further do Councilman Pretoria's you're up. Thank You ben and I want to thank my my opponent for being here. Will the community based organizations that were instrumental organizing this debate City Council Ritchie tour? As you're born and bred in the Bronx you know I. I ran for the city council back in two thousand thirteen was twenty four on food stamps. Openly Algebra thousands of doors went to people's homes or their stories and I won my first campaign on the strength door grassroots campaigning. For seven years in the city council I've built a record of delivering change for people. Raise eight addressing the opiate crisis protecting tenants from harassment requiring the phasing out of also fuels running on a platform to ensure that every New Yorker is access to save decent affordable housing while any healthcare. And we need to investigate infrastructure to create the next generation of drunks and mitigate the existential challenge of climate change. That's running okay. Thank you very much miss. Lopez were coming to you next. And you're up hi. My name is Somebody Lopez and I'm running for Congress in the South Bronx Somebody Lopez solit- Bronx. I've always been this community. I spent my years of my childhood in a homeless shelter because my mom was a domestic violence survivor. The shelter system saved our lives. I spent many afternoons after school. At my mom's sweatshop where she worked as a seamstress because she couldn't afford child care for me so those early experiences shaped the land so which is the world my commitment to social justice my life over the past decade. I've built housing here in the Bronx and beyond everything from acquiring sites to financing affordable housing to working with architects and contractors to get the buildings built and opened in our community. Because I didn't want other children to have to live in the shelter system in the streets like I once did and that's I'm fighting for homes guarantee so everyone can have a roof over their had universal childcare so every working parent can have children safely. Look back and I WANNA take big money out of politics because we've had enough of corrupt politicians who answer more to the real estate industry instead of our communities were also funny for Medicare for all and the Environmental Justice Movement with the implementation of a green new deal the implemented by the local environmental justice groups that bear the brunt of environmental injustice here in our neighborhood and that's why everyone in the grassroots movement space is supporting me from Alexander or tests to the Working Families Party to the sunrise movement to the Democratic Socialists of America to Tiffany and to the North Bronx Racial Justice Coalition. I have endorsed my campaign. And it's an honor to be here. Thank you and we're going to go to Mr Romo's yummy. Yes sir. Go ahead love good afternoon when I started this. Sorry about that. Hold on one second. They're hold on one second there. Ben. We've lost his. Yeah someone else will come back to him or her. Yeah let's get Mr Ramos back in. Let me let me bring him in here. I think got him back in there. You are okay. You're back here. We go hold on sorry about that. Start AGAIN OUT. When is a At Soy Pretty Seo. No now see. I'm in my name ensembles enough. I'm a first generation Dominican American. I was the first person in this race. Even before Congressman. Donald decided to retire. I do not jump into this race because I'm looking for another job or to advance my political career. I decided to run because community deserves. Someone was actually going to do the work and produce results everyone in this race Pretty much has the same progressive policies that we will be presenting except for one person. Who isn't here? We know. That person is The difference between candidates that you will see is our character so let me tell you about my character. I have been a leader. I've been a fighter my entire life working at the Bronx over community center. I saw firsthand. Howard children were getting left behind when it came to access to broadband in technology that is why I secured funding. I created the first ever technology center in Public New York City public housing my whole life. I have been known as a problem. Solver with family started complaining about Housing Issues I sprang into action secured. A federal block grants to advocate for families living low income housing. Emma's Romo's that's that's a minute So we'll come back to you for more very soon. We're going to go to Miss Margaret Marito. LemMe on Mutsu. And you're up. Thank you so much for the invitation. my name is Melissa. Mark very proud to be here tonight born and raised imports dope equal but the Bronx has always played a very special place in my heart since my mother was born in Lincoln Hospital and was raised and returned to Port bookie gladiator. Fifteen years of age. I'm very proud of having represented the Bronx for twelve years as a councilmember Speaker beating the charge to establish community land trust one of which was established here in the south. Bronx implement implementing a citywide young women's initiative to deal with the incredible disparity. That young women face are restoring parks and green areas. A participatory budgeting other participate between mechanisms to shore greater participation of constituents in decision making and now we are in an accredited time where our district in our community needs a fighter. Someone that has a track record of success that has been unwavering and unapologetic in my progressive principles. We need to fight for more more justice. That's my life's work has been about and that is why I'm industries. Thank you. We're GONNA come around that we're GONNA gun to Shabana Newsom now for your opening statement. Thank you for having me. And it's a pleasure to be here. I am a revolutionary leader. So I don't have the same politics as everyone else. Avid history. A standing at the band guard for people in all marginalized people in this is what the Bronx needs as we see during this trying time we see who's on the ground we see who's standing out to the NYPD with social distance. We see WHO's going door to door feeding so it's not about endorsements is not about large donors is who want to be there for the Bronx because it seems to be forgotten so we need a wheel candidate someone who's a revolutionary leader. Someone who was not injured for politicians were career. Politician was actually built. Something like black lives matter breeding New York. Someone who got justice for Eric Garner family so when organized you climate strike someone who has been there without the title without the job grass without career politicians friends or being one. So that's why am in. That's why I'm running in this race. Thank you Mr Donald Thread Rigas. You're up there. You saw him come. Seen the by now made up. Em being a safe shadow a we read girl being arrested. Thirteen with simulating Holy Occupy Wall Street. Shop Bill anyone that you call it. I didn't think the navy out will be going to directly nineteen hundred as Handed is in. Dc People's ago. He was very proud of the way since. Nineteen ninety four where he wants to elected to Congress now I another. Dominican is going our blocks Asian Puerto Rican. Cuban daddy joining the person is the only one to have more than forty years of fighting for such just. The Person W co-funded better go to night school and Washington High Up. The person dies following brothers Leaving not happened. They have gross most of the people in the fifty Galicia. This they have Hispanics of the first lady I can Roma rates bondage and connected with my brothers and sisters from the opera afro-american Asian in other Agni Bug. But one thing that people should know. These district is so London. I also speak Spanish. We're GONNA have to stop you there. Thank you were Onto Mr Michael Blake Let us make sure we get you and your up. Good evening everyone not I thought. Oh My name is Michael Blake. And I'm asking for your vote for Congress because we believe in the Bronx you know we have to understand right now that the fact that we have in debate happening on zoom shows that times of different as because Donald Trump doesn't care about our communities. I don't care if we're alive. He doesn't give our business survive. This moment means we gotta go from paying the promise means we have to have leadership in the Bronx leadership in Washington because it matters who represents us in Washington. I'm born and raised in his district and in burnside nine one. Eighteen de what Clinton had the chance to work with President Obama where we lead the affordable care act and the Recovery Act in the Assembly? Minority women owned businesses diversity in medicine public affordable housing just to name a few things. So if you believe that it should be easier to make sure you have lead free paint set of unleaded gas. I'm asking you join us if you believe that we should focus on neighborhood basic income in cradle to career. Join US IF YOU BELIEVE THAT. A man must be and should be a feminist at the same time. Join us if you believe. It's wrong for police to throw us to the ground. Join us so if you believe your block won't block your blessing and your Zip Code won't deny your destiny. I'm asking for your vote. My Name is Michael Blake. I'm asking you join us at Blake for Congress at NYC. And I look forward to the conversation that we're having tonight. Thank everyone. Thank you and we're a to our final entrench in the opening statements. And that's Mister Franjo. Zero one of my name is Fran Hill Bustle Alabama stubby on hill. I am born and raised in the bronx grew up to a single Spanish. Speaking mother What I represent in this race is someone who understands and has made it through the hurdles and the difficulties that borough holds that includes having spent some time in a transitional housing unit as a child our vision for Bronx includes a host guarantee legislation that makes housing human rights for all it includes healthcare as a right particularly in the Bronx with that means is addressing the mental health crisis in includes a federal jobs. Guarantee them for the low income in the poor. That makes it possible so that our families can be lifted on already. I know the Bronx the reason. Why running is we cannot have with the Bronx has had If things are going to change has to be us the people wanting to step up and make sure that were representing each other In office and I think that we can do that. It's time to make the Bronx go from being a placeholder in Congress to leading this nation. Thank you so. We're moving on to our first question from one of our panelists here. Everybody's GonNa get to answer all the questions unless there's just a few minutes the end tonight and I throw a couple extra questions in there but So we're we're basically going around in the same order but we're skit you know we're we're moving onto who's going to start for so this round Miss Lopez you'll start I and we work our way around again. And and this is a long Break for you Mr Torres but again you know things will come around again. Everybody's GonNa have some of those longer breaks between talking but obviously everybody should Stay on their feet and ready to go. So for the first round of panelists questions on kicking it to Parker Quinlan of Hunts Point Express and Maat Haven Herald Parker overdue. Thank you and thank you for everybody for Community to me tonight So the first question Please evaluate the better response to the virus crisis in terms of the several packages that have gone through Congress so far what has been good and bad about them. But what's been passed so far and what happened next to address the needs of this. Congressional district. Thank you so we're starting with Miss Lopez on that question. That will go to Mr Ron motion so on so Miss Lopez Europe. Yes in terms of the current ivars response. I wish that at least in New York state it would have been led more by science and not by the politicians. I think that when it comes to these times we to center signs we need to send the medical in terms of outlining our response to the crisis in terms of the stimulus package that have been passed. It's a travesty. I mean the undocumented community has been left out Essential workers have been left out. You know And we need to fight to make sure that everybody is included in the stimulus package. Because right now we're facing a pandemic and it's unfair that you know people don't have the resources that they need to get by in our phone banking in the community. What we've seen. Is that the number. One thing that people are experiencing is hunger and they're afraid to go to the hospital because they feel like they're going to get a big. You know healthcare bill. That's why we need to use this crisis that we have right now to envision something different because the current system that we have right now is not working for us at all. We need to envision a paradigm shift and fight for things like universal healthcare universal housing. Because right now having lack of housing is a public health crisis not having access to soap and running. Water is a death sentence in the time of the corona virus. We need to continue to fight for better. Stimulus package that You know impacts in the lives of the people here in the community and have directly impacted be the ones that shape. The stimulus packages that are set forth. We forward. Thank you over to you. Mr Ramos. Everyone's going to answer the same question if anybody needs a reminder when we get to you a kick it back to Parker to recruit repeat the question go ahead Mr Rama's yes so when we look at the federal response from day one. Donald Trump In February was still calling this a hoax. We saw what was happening in China. Then we we saw what was going on in Italy Specifically Italy because thousands of people started to die the Bronx as we all know is the unhealthiest county of New York State. Sixty to sixty two. We have the highest asthma rate. I WanNa know what was the federal response when we knew this was going to hit our community hardest in Bronx. And what was the representation on an advocating for those resources? So we can at least help these hospitals. I'm getting a quick with the right resources. Nobody did anything. In the beginning of March I launch initiative. Now is able to in the in. The middle of the worst prices of our lifetime sprang into action secured three million dollars in less than a week to help increase. Bronx is overall. Is you capacity by thirty two percent? This was before Governor Cuomo to shut down the state's so this shows example of leader our leaders failing us from the day one or federal government did not equip our hospitals to expand and increase issue that capacities. Which literally is the lifeline of people? That are getting sick. Recalled the nineteen. We were able to secure over twenty thousand and then you five masks in middle in the middle of March before the apex hit. This is very very very important because we need a leader. That's going to have the foresight and understanding that a crisis. GonNa hit our community. How are we gonNA bring in the resources as quickly as possible and mobilized units? And make sure that we save lives. And that's where our federal government failed us in that way myself as a leader coming in you that bring up making the changes needed to save as many lives fossils. Thank you. We're GONNA go to Miss Mark Viverito next. The responses so far have been just pathetic woefully inadequate a the bronx and the fifty district in particular have been on the receiving end of policies. That have been promoted. As the national level that basic need promote inequality that are based on politics and policies that are based in racism and so now that inequality obviously is front and center In this district and really has been magnified by this when we talk about a package that does not include a mixed status families does not include are undocumented Neighbors and friends and families doesn't include hazard pay does not include any type of assistance with regards to medical services or medical coverage when talking about that he does not allow for any sort of loan. Forgiveness Rep Moratoriums Rep forgiveness loan forgiveness. There's a lot that is in a that is missing in that in that package is all of them. Small businesses are completely left out so to me it is just indicative of where we are as a country and the systemic change that we must enact on to ensure that we are uplifting all and so to me the fact that we don't have a universal basic on what should be considered in a package like this for the extension and the extent of this hamic where people can have that coverage. And make sure that everybody's taking care of for fat families and individuals don't have to be so concerned about having to risk themselves or their special the most vulnerable those these were woefully That were overlooked in this package for me. Those are areas that I would want to focus on where the energy has to be. Housing has to be a priority in Ohio area coverage has to be a priority so those are things that I believe should be part of the next package. Thank you miss. Miss NEWSOM EUROPE. Well is an absolute war on the poor. And we see this from the left federal level to the state level to the local level now as a community organizer. Nacip right's leader. There's only so much I can do until I'm elected. But on March twentieth I wrote me XY Pelosi in Charleston humor in ask for money because I'm the first person in this race to support universal basic income calling for all citizens undocumented workers to receive twenty two thousand dollars per month for the region of the pandemic in twelve hundred thereafter. I called on Governor. Cuomo to ask for additional testing sites on able verse to the Bronx because the match was showing lacking round. People were dying a higher rate at also bed so our current needs knew what was happening. They knew thousand sixteen will legionnaires came to the Bronx that with our aggravates where we in our own insecurities what virus like this would do and no one made any attempts pass current legislation. And this is why you need new leaders. We need leaders unapologetic in unafraid. To stay and to be your equal and needed the people in Washington as well as New York state have forgotten who is their job to. Sir is not their jobs as their real estate developer corporations to advance your career. Your job is to serve the people of the Bronx now. We know that people in the Bronx are at the bottom. That does not mean. That we are not zillion but thank you finances. That's where some of our people getting sick I'm going to have to move on to Mr Rodriguez. Now you're up. The thing that we have is doing this on the Porno viruses that anyone can get going virus by the words. One of the one died so definitely in these birds that we saw in west. No money for Bank who control the money for police business by the small business mobbing by the beauties announced will they they qualify and he's not only the federal government won't feel nut also they see. Dsp has also had being able to business navigate and give the hub of the navy. I also feel that when we saw yesterday at the city level we the first meeting or a hundred four members on that of the top. Four other major creative only four of those. When there's a million Dominican city only fourteen percents electing so he's not only what happened up to now is also vision in federal label. I will be supporting. I settling congressman is the following his latest. So be sure that we support speaker. Panelists will be sure that we've been knapsack real money. We should money to provide three rings so then it s more business slowly six long. Now what I would do what I'm from for in the League demeaning and I don't mind over to come up. Were doing at the moment. They seem went on the way will lamarche. And I'm rechargeable that I ended up Brooklyn. Thank it. People say miss. It goes beyond this evening. No East socking Seguela Lou Gaddafi Secret of thank you. Thank you and Mr Blake you're up. Our people are dying. Our businesses are being lost and we need to save our home. You know I lost one of my boys forty six years old. He was a rising employees. And when you think about what is happening there was a pandemic poverty institutionalized racism before the Cronin buyers pandemic it. So your question what did we do. We helped launch the Bronx community relief effort and I appreciate. The point was raised early matters what people do now. Because in moments of crisis crisis you need leadership we've been able to raise funds to make sure we have close to us one million meals we've given out the bronx throughout central kitchen the p. p. e. to our local nurses and healthcare workers. Thank you for the endorsement today from the nurses as well as our wd. Su We released on our website. Cronin virus plan which included a hundred billion dollars to make sure we had direct basic income as well as additional support. When we think about what has not happened we did not protect our small businesses. Enough which is why we're partnering with Third Avenue Business Improvement District Sport that we did not focus on education enough because it doesn't make sense that only eighty four percent of our kids in the Bronx are engaged which does not mean. They're showing that they're learning. And when we see that virus hunters impact on us in the Bronx this makes a global. What do we have to do next? The Heroes Act being voted on. Tomorrow we have to make sure there's direct stimulus money that gets the people we have to protect our emigrants. There has to be immediate housing support. And we have to make sure that we have changed when it comes to food and food security. And lastly we have to make sure on the ground. As we're watching social distancing being implemented by people should not be implementing it as a black man. I'm afraid every time walk outside so the city must change the mass law. So that you don't have people being attacked for no reason other than being black and Brown. Thank you and Mr Bush Laura over to you thank you. So let's let's here's something clear cove in one thousand nine is targeting the Bronx Cova nineteen aspects of targeting African Americans and Hispanics from nuts to the over policing And I think that the people have not been prioritized. The federal government has failed the people the Bronx and the people nationally. Twelve hundred dollars is not enough. Housing is a crisis waiting to happen. It's not about just freezing. Rents it's about making sure that our people relieved of it are small. Businesses have been abandoned tragically when we see the Bronx. We see our guys. We see immigrant communities and a lot of our beauty salons. There is no way out for them. So a lot of our vision is and a lot of what our priorities be has to be for the most vulnerable people which exist in. New York team has the money and the resources need to make it to our communities our homes our businesses and our people. I think that the Bronx has always been last. Unfortunately we see it again and the only way that things are going to change not we stand up move forward. Thank you and to round out this question on evaluating the federal response especially what's come through Congress so far on what needs to happen. Next door's the trump administration is how the worst response in the world. Donald Trump has known about the outbreak of the novel. Groto virus since the beginning of January and. He went two months either downplaying or denying the outbreak and he did too little too late. We did the opposite of South Korea. South Korea took action early on conduct. Widespread testing isolated. The infected trace their contacts warranty exposed promoted social distancing among the population and as a result. South Korea has fewer than three hundred fatalities. We have more than eighty thousand and the federal response. The lack of support has been. A business is no hazard pay for essential workers. No housing support for renters on the verge of fiction. It's been a disaster so there's nothing the United States has had the worst response in the world and it's an embarrassment. Okay we are going to move on to our next question Mr raw motion going to answer i. This time for that question. I'M GONNA kick it over to Daniel of city limits Daniel take it away on Daniel. We can hear you there. You go go ahead okay. So some of you took about Immigration I will not know What are your plans and basically? What's your outline for your they immigration reform. Okay Danny wants to know your plans for immigration reform Elected to Congress What PLAN. You've put forward for Immigration Reform Mr Ramos for starting with you. Then we'll go to Miss Margarito and so on Mr Ramos Europe yet so as a freshman member of Congress we all know you're limited in what what you can do. I will stand beside of our members of Congress and make sure that we passed the dream. Act That is the act should have been passed already and will continue advocating for that Furthermore we have to look at right now. What's affecting our communities I worked in the restaurant. Hospitality industry a lot of my friends are undocumented right. Now they're calling me asking me demise. What can we get because we're struggling? There's no jobs we don't have the stimulus bills do not include undocumented folks so that's why. I initiated face two of my initiative where we secured one hundred thousand dollars to help nonprofits anomaly with food but also the undocumented population to get them at least some some groceries and some stipends. So it's a reality of you know when you get into Congress. What are we going to do is what we're going to be collaborating with our other fellow. Congress members but right now we are faced with a huge problem in our communities. And I'm I'm I'm doing this now. As a member of Congress the Dream Act will be my first piece of legislation that. I'M GONNA help. Try to advocate for broken out Local Mutual Datino gain associated demo. High on the represents. You will have only Governor Ganic on those kinds. Looking with like ammonia Sandal Mubarak is still hold data. You tell your family attic evening casing Opel Mentos Zona that populace which are not thank you overdo. Miss Mark Viverito your immigration reform plans. I'm extremely proud of the track record and the foundation that I have a put forward as a council member and speaker in the city of being incredibly passionate strong and effective of immigrant rights advocate in the city of New York and I want to be able to advance similar policies that we enacted here in the city nationally. I believe that we should have an amnesty program. I believe each abolish ice. I believe that we need to shore that we do provide legal funds for those facing deportation proceedings to show that they have representation making sure that we do provide a meal representation for unaccompanied minors. There's great work. We have done at local level that we need to obviously expand without to be that continued fierce advocate to push backing administration at literally has us where we are dehumanize each and every day we have children who are dying in custody on and we have obviously adults in their family members as well so our immigration system is woefully inadequate. Obviously I have major concerns with the number of deportations on the prior administration and in this administration with the dehumanisation. That's happening so for the presidential candidate on the Democratic Party. I have not heard enough about what it is that they want to do. When it comes to integration so there is a lot of work to do that passion and advocacy that I bought to this. Aw Council district the city of New York as speaker accomplishments that I have a policies and investments that we were able to make. I will continue to advance that at a national level. Thank you over you. Miss newsom needed clear in defined pass to citizenship with the seven million undocumented workers. They leaving your every day. We had not had policy changed in over twenty years from now children living in cages and we also need to change the face of what the world sees in terms of immigration is not only Latin next thing is not only below the border but we have African people in the Bronx. We have people on the Caribbean in the Bronx. The Elon written your on the front of the rest of my team. Some of my team were resident trump. I implemented the Muslim ban. Could we need someone that old to DC with that same energy? Who WAS UNAFRAID? In who get would needs to be done in that making it a clear easy path to citizenship. Thank you Mr Rodriguez or immigration reform agenda report most be billing as just today in a member would file legacy and I will become allegation I would final or the governor's member fighting nationwide. It is so sad. The last thing they bridge on while don't by ruining Regan and from their own we ask so many decades already to pacify it is unfortunately that when the democratic chance to the immigration reform. We failed to that by the city level. Also other municipal boarding by. I like to be what can only I already spread spreads speaker Johnson during the debate from the speaker that he supported municipal motorized that we should bother municipal rice that will allow New Yorkers greencard conversion to vote in municipal election. I will respond the nationwide's ascent as a council member. I also have another and bill nice related to support the immigrant to create a job and I will be sure to send deal that. I have holding up this bumpers on Monday. They jostle by will that will allow immigrants who owned business Or to have turned his when they negotiate the lease so that they now until at least a year lease become a national model. So I feel my soul. Y'All soy illuminates. Even I am the only one in this group that went to twenty six plaza. So we you my green card of Eighty. Three related abandon. I the only one as thank you teacher for thirteen year that worked with immigrant students. Thank you Mr Blake on immigration reform. I we always want to convey and I appreciate the com those earlier as a son of Jamaican Immigrants Immigration Impacts. All of us. And so the question I. What have we done? I was a CO sponsor of the dream. Mac that we got passed and signed into law as well as pushing for the effort to make sure we supported drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants well on a federal level we must of course pass the dream act on a federal level. There's no question about I'm as well now. Beyond that gotta go further. There has to be a bill writes that helps immigrants and particularly when it comes to minority women owned businesses. We have to make sure it has healthcare regardless of citizenship status. You have to reject any efforts. That trying to penalize santuary cities. It's the reason why the relationships in Congress will matter on Day One and the eleven members of Congress endorse us are for that language access it has to be in Spanish but also our language that impact the Asian community which saw also supported us as well as French because of the African Community. Ufc W and our issue. The grocery worker is of course the immigrant narrative that exists there but also for Griffin that we have to celebrate when we talk about immigration United African coalition. All these pieces demonstrate not just the policies but also coalition. We have to build. This cannot just be district for one. Anyone that represents this congressional district. Everyone and that's the reason I'm running for Congress and that's the vision that we have when it comes to immigration. Thank you Mr Becerra Yes so I'm a first generation American. I come from an immigrant family. My parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic comedy. Almost those. It's not. It's not not not only saw this this they're not gonna it's a matter of restoring the integrity of our nation. That's what defending immigration netted states has become about right in Congress. I pledged to not only introduce and help as a more daring version of the dream act but also Make sure that the the DACA is protected and reinstated. This is about the criminalizing poverty decriminalizing immigrants. Making sure that we roll back. Trump's vile and disgusting use. Social programs are against Our permanent residence here. And it's making sure that we give people a clear path to legal residency and citizenship. But yes imagination is very much back on of our country and protecting it is protecting the legacy of our nation. Thank you Mr Torres. On Immigration Reform Agenda. Look the the immigrant community has been the hardest hit not only have. Many immigrants lost their jobs in their livelihoods. Many of them are ineligible for federal programs whether be nutritional assistance unemployment insurance many immigrant families are on the verge of destitution so we have to expand the eligibility of those programs to create a safety net for immigrants. We HAVE TO END. Families operation the practice of separating parents from children and children from parents and detaining them in cages. It's profoundly immoral. And we have to ensure that immigrants have access to healthcare dom supporter of the affordable care. Act The phillies. He'll of the affordable care act was the failure to cover undocumented immigrants. I would argue. That extending preventative. Healthcare to undocumented migrants is not only good morals. It's also good economics. It's more economical to provide everyone with preventative gear and to have people go to the emergency room. Which is much more expensive so we have to do right by Imigran communities thank you. We'll go to Miss Lopez to round out this round and then we'll be going on to a question from Sierra after this Miss Lopez as a daughter in an Afro Dominican woman who experienced dictatorships when she was living in the Dominican Republic. I am definitely onboard with the immigrant experience. And it's definitely one of the lenses through which I see the world in terms of how I would handle. It would definitely abolish ice demilitarized border. Keep Families Together Institute. Right to counsel in Immigration Court repeal the nineteen ninety-six immigration laws and provide whistleblower visas for immigrants that are undocumented that are organizing for better working conditions. Because what's happening in some places in the country and New York is when the undocumented immigrant community it is the the bosses and up. You know sending ice to deport them so we need to put a stop to that because you know undocumented workers Immigrants are the ones that create the wealth of this country. And we need to put a stop to that. In addition to that we need to pass Federal Labor Protections Banda criminalization of undocumented. People Expand Daca a support pathways to citizenship in the form of the Dream Act and repeal discriminatory hunt policy targets mis mixed status families. And I also WANNA give a shout out to our team and our website if you go to our website. We've prioritize and been very intentional about language justice so I think that we're the only campaign in the city that we know of. That's translated our website into Spanish. French Bengali English. In honor of the diversity that exists in the fifteenth Congressional district so in addition to that. I think that we also need to look at foreign policy and look at the military industrial complex because a lot of these issues are because civilised happening all over the country so we need to look at you know supporting a Palestinian rights. It need to look at lifting sanctions from Iran and Venezuela. Okay Okay we. We're going to go on to our next question here. Our next round Answering I this time around will be missed. Mark Viverito and then we'll go onto miss. Nusa Mr Rodriguez and so on to ask this question. We have Sierra Straker. Who's sixteen years old in a high school student who lives in the district that you're all seeking to represent. She's a youth activists in action activists coming to inform our neighborhood. Which is the points? Youth Organizing Program Sierra Takeaway Hi Maime this year stricter. I'm sixteen years old and ten high school while living in the hunts point community also participate in the Youth Activism Program called action after point. Cdc especially now with Kobe. Nineteen we're experiencing the burden of environmental justice issues like poor air quality more than others in our state in this country. Our communities have been on the front line of struggles for decades for. Many Years Congressman. Serano has been the champion for EJ and other organization campaigns that address. The root causes of these injustices. These campaigns have been mostly led by young people like my peers are how you support us. Live campaigns that address infrastructure and developmental issues that create harm in families like mine. Thank you Sierra. So we're GONNA go to Miss Margarito. Start this round If you if anybody needs Sierra crux of question please Say so will kick it back to you. Sierra for a quick repetition Miss Mercury Rito. Thank you so much for the question and for your activism and I've always been a firm believer I come from a youth leadership development background on a firm believer in facilitating as an elected official assimilating. The voices and uplifting the voices of those impacted right so I've always created opportunities or deep consultation community members coalition building with those who are organizing around issues. That they care about this case. Participatory Budgeting is a prime example where we also included young people as young as routine process of civic engagement and decision making about how taxpayer dollars should be invested saying he our concept that you're laying out that a young people who are creating a dialogue a conversation about issues that they care they care about like environmental injustice are ones that. I would definitely support join and I would allow them to help. Facilitate what direction. I would go in on those issues. We have too many waste. Transfer stations impacted by that. Don't have access to an open space in the South Bronx and two playgrounds that have deep investments and parts invested thirty five million dollars in Saint. Mary's arc of taxpayer dollars on we to ensure that we creating opportunities where we are supporting the vibrancy and the health of unity so as young people. Whatever it is that you lay out as a plan that is deeply personal to you and how you should address. It is something that I would support. Elected official and my whole history and trajectory has been as a coalition builder and also facilitating That might work be led and directed by the voices that I represent. I am what to see that you are part of a greater coalition and I will definitely love to hear more about it and look meet with all of you Once I get elected into office Thank fashion thank you. Miss New Simone. Environmental Justice in youth led activism. Thank you so much Sierra. You actually remind you of Nepal key blue with my meds and the current president of black lives greeted New York. She started as a part of you. Coalition in now. He's the number two activists after Bamberg in regards to environmental justice on as organizers climate strike. I send about a dozen kids out to ISLA so they can plan for this so by going to. Dc are actually have the resources to help more kids in power than to read. The new leaders also create workspaces in New York City. Once Kobe virus was goes away. Hopefully we are going to need the last year. But I'm just so proud to have your answering this question and this is my life's work awesome. The legislation at you. Pack has put together has been presented on the war as well as rewards for social justice in against lease tally so my mission has been about. Mooney. You is nothing that I would have to work on or try and work towards two or data. Answer this question. My Body worked proves that I will do need to do that. Into Sierra. Mr Rodriguez over you are you in you remember me. You'll the word that we have on we so many you remember my daughter now. Thirteen assault that all also of fighting Justice a when we Michael Fleming justice are marched together with inclement assist. The grew the having organizing for plumbing justice also as a teacher that I watch for thirteen year. Find a pool added. Getting my whole life is looking at you. I was you myself being a city cottage with two eighty nine ninety one. We WanNA fight. Agitating is fighting for right. Sorry my woman In neither in a The students I have so many. Mostly no student from purity that they helping me to make that they filed this but definitely the reality. Why isn't the only reason why I got as in December this seventy nine when I rhyme biking February for album in the Bronx and I got fifty? Five hundred vote in the rose is because those borders the naked. We might fight for coming just as we might fight for for Social Justice Industrial Working with decision like you and those who order that unfortunately some elected official fail by making the forest one in the whole United States merge that will be part of the past when we elected together in Johnson. Thank you Mr. Blake on environmental justice issues and youth activism Thank you an- and I bend if I can because specifically My district was just mentioned. There I I would say that for anyone that lives outside of the Bronx and represents a community outside of the Bronx. They should probably run for Congress outside of the Bronx rather than talking about what's happening in our district now as your question I Sierra our proud of you and you show US wind matters. You remind us of the work that many of us have done over the years. I remember in high school when I was volunteering with North West Bronx Community Clergy Coalition or Davis a community center of Justice League NYC. It's the reason why we new Leaders Council Renaissance you've center and Drain Yard just to name a few specific on climate change. Here's why I want to work with you on. We can talk about this but we realize it is the existential threat of our generation. It's the reason why I'm a cosponsor. On the Climate Community Protection Act which was passed. A New York State is the reason why we of course have to go further on the federal level which we will when we get to Congress. I was the policy director for green for all as well go. Further the net bus emissions. We have to make sure that we focus on what's going on. Select bus service reduced emissions from buildings. And that's why we collaborate with block power address asthma as an underlying calls which is important to me because my mother suffers and battles from that so if you go to Blake Congress at NYC and our mission you will see our vision on climate change from imposing a moratorium on new fossil fuel development the limiting fracking to making sure we transition into clean economy so we create good jobs and focus on clean water as well so I'm looking forward to working with Sierra and everyone else because we understand because Wong Corona virus it is not just a pandemic that happened before. It's how do we transform and make things better for our communities moving forward? Thank you over to you Mr Becerra. Thank you by the way you remind me so much. I have a younger brother and younger. Cousins are incredibly impressive in how they are leading or justice specifically mental justice on behalf of all of us on the thing. You know you inspire us. Environmental Justice is a class issue. It an ethnicity issue minute. Structural all right when we're speaking about Flint Michigan when we're speaking about health here in the Bronx environmentally related health in the Bronx. I think the environment should be approached. inland in lifting our communities. When we're speaking about addressing climate change right. It's a matter of making sure that we understand that climate change this proportionately effects lower income and poor communities in communities of color. So it is very very important to me. What's also very important to us and our vision. Awkward Congress is making sure that addressing environment also brings jobs in. There is an incredible opportunity to make sure that our lowest income Americans are employed through the environment and so that is very much a priority. And you so much of the question and everything that you're doing thank you. We're going to go to Mr Torres Mysteries Tories. You're up so here in the Bronx where living through the intersection of environmental racism. In covert nineteen the communities the Kremlin communities that have the highest of pollution have had the highest rates of opened nineteen morbidity and mortality. And so we have to dramatically reinvest in America on the scale of the new deal. The Great Society we should invest in green infrastructure in every sector of the economy buildings agriculture energy transportation and that would achieve two goals at once. Not only would. It mitigate the impact of climate change and create more climate justice but it would also create the next generation of jobs that will enable us to recover from covert nineteen. Young people are going to be at the forefront of the For climate justice. I want to congratulate Samolis on the sunrise. Endorsement Sunrise powerful example of youth organizing into service abiomed justice and so I've been inspired by. The young people would play outside role in raising consciousness about the greatest challenge of our time which is credit Climate Change thank you and that's a good segue to you. Miss Lopez one second. Thank you for that question. I'm a strong believer. In Youth Actually co-founded at Youth Development Initiative called Velo city that exposed me to a lot of the organizations in the Bronx that are doing amazing environmental justice work like Bronx from reliance mine. Pj at the point CDC. So I just want to thank you for your service and for being involved in our environmental justice movement here locally. I absolutely agree that we need a green new deal. But we need a green new deal. The implementation of green new deal has to absolutely be informed by the frontline environmental justice communities that have bear the brunt of environmental injustice and we need to take leadership from the existing environmental justice community in terms of a path forward. So that's what I'll say with that because the South Bronx has the highest rates of asthma of respiratory illnesses in the entire country. And a lot of that is due. Because of bad economic policy choices at our political leadership has undertaken for instance freshdirect and not being attention to environmental impact. Study that the Haven community organizing against for years. So we need to listen to the community and to activists on the ground that are organizing these issues and listened to directly impacted people and the movements based in anything that we do in terms of applying ice laws at the federal state and local around environmental. Just thank you so much for asking that. Thank you and Mr Ramos is going to close out this round. Then Parker you'll be up with the next question Go ahead Mr Obama's first off the ad thank you for that question As as the only actually educated right now that is running the young eat youth. Young people is the reason why running the first thing I would do is create a task force with a diverse group of young people So they can come down in Washington actually advocate for some policies that we need in our district when I worked at the Bronx over community center for an organization called Children's Art Society Workshops. I actually established the first mixed advisory board we actually had. Our youth are high school students in our meetings. Talking about what's going on in the ground floor We have to be inclusive with that that because for so long a young people have not had a voice in an Israeli just disheartening to see what's going on right now in our communities and our young people that summer I will be without. Sap Our young people will be without summer camp And that's something that's going to effect. Our communities are extremely drastically. I if if I may say we have to ourselves right now in also for the future. Does that look like remote learning. Something that we are are are are are experiencing firsthand. What we were not well equipped three years ago. When I fly I applied for a when I secured a grant for the first Tech Center in public housing identified. An issue identified. That we'd had we did not have broadband communities a lack of tech resources in. That's why I fought for that as a community organizer when get into Congress? I will continue advocating for youth ensure that every single young person has voice across the board. Thank you thank you so just take a quick moment before we go to Parker for the next question for just a little over halfway through our Our time here so just trying to take a quick moment to just reset for one second. We're going to continue to go along pretty much. The same half. We have a couple more questions. If there's a little more time at the end I have a couple of extra questions to maybe go through on the quicker side and then we'll get to closing statements. I just wanted to know for everybody. moderating a lot of these debates in person. Usually I try to jump in a little bit more. Ask people to be more specific when they're being bay or more closely. Answer the question so I haven't really done that here in zoom setting but I might try to jump in a little bit more If folks don't seem to be answering the questions directly or being a little bit big so everybody just be a little bit more ready for a little more active a moderating in the in the second half year to make sure that we're getting all that we also had a little bit of a quick instance of a little candidate back and forth. I really don't WanNa take a lot of time on that again if somebody feels like you know. They've been attacked and they really need to respond. Maybe just make note of that and next time it comes around to you. Take fifteen seconds at the top of your answer. You know to to comment But I rather really take the time that we have to go back and forth and rather give people really a chance to answer the questions and be substantive So we're going to move onto that Miss Lopez Raise your hand. You have a quick question or or something you want to jump in with a quick question actually for Michael Blee. Let's let's not do that when you do that. When you when it's back around to you if you need to say something directly to Mr Blake. Go ahead when it comes back around to you. Thank you Okay so Parker Parker's GonNa take it away here with our next question we're GONNA start next. Answer Round with Miss Newsom than Mr Rodriguez and so on so parker takeaway please many of you have made fundraising pledges of various kinds If you've made a fundraising pledge for example Not taking corporate pack money. Please explain the pledge and why you made it and if you haven't made any fundraising pledge. Please explain that decision and then all your answers. Please explain If you think a politician could be swayed by campaign donors okay. Thank you Parker. So if you've made a fundraising pledge of some kind what is it If you haven't made one why not and Please tie that into you. Know sort of a more general answer on whether you think Politicians are swayed by those donations. Miss Nuisance go ahead hold on one second. We met to make sure you're on mute. Here hold on go ahead absolutely have me a pledge not to take any jerk money that would be real estate money any corporate money. All of my donations are small donations from individuals. Who believe in my work in believe that I will go to as a true rat illusionary as the second part of your question absolutely we. We see what happens when politicians are often. We seen what happened when we bring in tons of trots into our community. This already in Asma Al. We we see that he will. Districts are using housing excessively while they're continuing to take real estate dollars of course when we get to see what's GonNa stop you from selling people will swing to stop. Why is from coming with bills? That are already prepare to destroy your community. So I'm my records are pretty clear. Cut and dry is a former financial advisor who served black and Brown. Keep to create. Retirement is create college savings in generation. Well ABC never sell out. Mac Nudity in AMAC capacity at black lives matter greater work. I've never we'd never taken any government funding any corporate dollars every single being raised including the people who program where we're going in eating people during the Bronx Including Immigrants Da. All grassroots is all click. It's all cash at every single thing. I do about mobilizing empowering people. Thank you Mr Rodriguez over to you in a I kind of rephrase the question or or just repeated the question in quicker terms but if anybody needs the question again like I said before please let us know and I'll kick it back to Parker for the question Mr Rigas go ahead. The most important source of the nation that have our our immigrants in the working class than anyone that we now. The future of the browns should be based Turning in Congressional district edition what class will live with? Live with dignity would have they into the middle class. Now known not Manhattan on the First Time. All the school is with this. Moly Adam group performance in reading vitamin MOB and size robotic. And not down this thing that I would do when I get here us. This oldest number in fifth Those contribution that I gave my working people more they really Nevada future is again. One time will allow me also to support that not in February last year I ended with us in the second place on the Public Albacore raised last year. I is not about one particular area. I got fifty five hundred in the last election. Because donors are working. They are immigrants. The I got for no they. Thank you the Asian. They've got lucky. Thank you Mr Blake. I I just WANNA say before. Answer your question Ma. I have no idea who has the audacity of calling people nigger on the chain for whoever is doing that. You should be disgusted for the actions of what you're communicating. It is offensive to not just a black person but if should be offensive everyone here that we should make sure to be conscious of Mr Blake's referring to the chat of from the Zoom Somebody's doing some discussing things there. We tried to leave the chat open. you know to let people throw things in there but some people have done very disgusting things. So I'm jared. I'll let you decide if you WANNA shut that chat down or we want to keep it open for a few more minutes Looks like Jerry shutting down all right. Thank you Mr Blake for for mentioning that Unfortunate that that's something like that would would happen And whoever did it should be Obviously ashamed of themselves. Go AHEAD MISTER BY COMMON. It started time. Now thank you all of us. Who are running for. This seat are doing this because we care about our home and we just have different visions of how we want to get there and when we're talking through the question around contributions. We made the pledge of not taking any fossil fuel money and also being very mindful of any money that comes. Nfl's inappropriate obviously to return that. But I want to be very clear. The question also around housing is tied to this because when we talk about developers there's a big difference between the community groups that are doing the work on the ground like dominos so just phenomenal work or the large developers. That won't pay qualley wages here. We think about the work that's happening in this district. It's also around infrastructure because of the carpenters and painters and others endorse us. Because whoever wins this seat hopefully us has to be thinking about. How do we have that protection? So what are we doing? I called for the cancellation of rent commercial residential while we're in this pandemic equally saying that we should use security deposits to pay rent right now. Someone is unable to do that. I call for neighborhood. Basic Income Area meeting income because it makes no sense that Westchester and Rockland other counties are being impacted in terms of affordability in our community. There has to be accountability. Comes to opportunities owns so that you don't have large individuals from the finance sector being able to profit and be able to push out are black and brown communities but there are also has to be the peace Ben and everyone around student loan forgiveness. Now people are asking. Why would that be relevant? Because at the end of the day we have to make it easier for all of our sisters and brothers that are going to school especially for the five colleges that within this district to have the chance to have affordable housing. So all these are intertwined and I thank you for the question again for Congress at NYC. Mr Becerra any fundraising pledges If NOT WHY NOT In and what's your general stance on on how Campaign donations impact Candidates and elected officials are yes. Thank you So as as for one of the questions can a politician be swayed by donors. I think absolutely yes even if not intentional. I think that as politicians and aspire autism leaders we need to recognize that we're stepping into the structure that's been created for a long time. That big money is very much a part of that structure and that big money has had very much. It's place in keeping our people down and in harming our communities From the very beginning I it was very important to me. That in the one of the most vulnerable areas and districts in our country in the most low income district that. I'm very careful about money that I would rather take the donation of a space a donation of someone's time rather than succumb to just lot where we've been seeing in politics. I think particularly especially the case and it needs to be the case in the Bronx. I personally do not comfortable with people who fifteen years ago did not care about borough. Fifteen years didn't care about a community but are now stepping in and contributing very much. Try to sway the vote of some of the most vulnerable people in this franchise people in our country so so yes. I think that money politics and politicians. It's not our fault. It's structural but it is something that we do need to lead by example who able to answer the question my next door. Obama that yes. Sorry about that Overdue for yes. Sorry about that you've been so I've taken a note or prepacked. Pledge I've been running under the campaign. Finance system historically the city system where corporate contributions of prohibited so I decided to apply that pledge to congressional campaign and as results won the support of citizens united which is a champion of campaign finance reform nationwide. And I'm proud to be part of a city council and this is true of bliss. Such to the city council has passed the strongest campaign finance reforms in the country. The system we have in New York City is the gold standard and if we had that system in Washington DC we would certainly have cleaner system. We'll call to Miss Lopez Europe. Thank you for asking question. It's so important to take big money out of politics in our campaign. I'm very very proud of the fact that we've rejected real estate developer money with the history of preying on our communities restricted. Repack money pharmaceutical money. Charter school money. Fossil fuel money because this district is experiencing gentrification and displacement crisis and money politics go hand in hand so we can't send representatives to Washington that are in the pocket of Rodney and the real estate developer industry because it's just going to accelerate the displacement of our communities because you can't have your cake and eat it too so in our race we've raised seven thousand we. We have seven thousand five hundred. Individual donations and over eighty percent of our donations are small dollar donations. And that's given US independent to fight for the issues that matter and I don't have a history of taking You know money from racist players like Daniel. Loeb like you unfortunately reaching out done in your race so I challenge all the Corporate Democrats that are here on this panel to return all the real estate developer donation all the corporate PAC donations. So that we can. You know have a race. That's aligned with the values of the community and respect the Housing Justice Movement space so that we can be real advocates in fighters in Washington. So we can fight for homes guarantee and fight against a real estate developer community. That's pushing our communities out and making us visible so we need to destroy the corruptive force of big monument politics in our democracy once in fall. Thank you Mr Torres your mentioned by name. It's right after you went. So it's not gonNA come around to for wild. You WanNa take just twenty seconds. Pleased to respond if you'd like to know congratulations. She's running impressive. Campaigning has an impressive as well donors in respect that as the elected officials. Oh okay thank you so We're GONNA COME BACK TO MR here on to start his answer to the question. So our campaign took a pledge no fossil fuel money corporate pack money real estate money but there's something even more important that nobody is talking about and obviously we're in the worst crisis of our lifetimes pandemic started to hit New York City our campaign suspended all fundraising activity. We have not raise. We have not actively raise the dollar since a pandemic all the efforts that we have been doing was to bring financial resources to our community the most impoverished correctional district in the community in our entire country and we assured that every dollar that we secure is for our community for people. Nobody else in this race has done that. People have fundraisers last night. People are actively continuing to fundraise for their campaign while people are dying in our community. That's disgusting and that's an asset. This campaign is about character is about character that shows you the character that these candidates are at a time where we have thousand thousands of people that continued to that people are struggling our communities and this race should be about character what you can do when a pandemic happen. I've done it. I've stopped seeking financial contributions for my campaign and I actively any any kind of contributions for our community with ICU. Beds at that capacity. So now allow you. This is not your sorry. We're just GONNA have finished up. You have about fifty more seconds still sending emails out. People are still making phone calls and the time were our community is getting hit the hardest entire country if not the entire world that is disgusting and our campaign not actively seek contribution move forward any anything For our community because every single person is herbs. Better egging and to to ran out this round Before we kick it back to Daniel for the next question Miss Margaret Reto on the question of fundraising pledges and money in politics. Over to you so I am not accepting real estate developer. Money repack money Fossil fuel money And I think that when we talk about New York City right we have the strongest campaign finance program in the country. We've talked about the need to have that. At a state level or federal level. There is no such program that limits the influence of money in politics At the state level or at the federal level. So that is why I decided to make a very conscious decision to reject certain types of money right predominantly older ones. That in some have been mentioned here as we said about also fuel for accuracy developer. And I think it's because of again that we don't have that type of structure at a federal level so the decision to not accept that money is a real testament to what your values are and what your emphasis and your focus be which is on the people of the Fifteenth Congressional district so to me. That's highly important. And yes. We do have an undue influence of corporate interests in our politics today. It needs to be flushed out. I mean it needs to be flushed out in needs to be uprooted And that to me is really important at this moment at someone. We're talking about creating systemic change to deal with the systemic racism that is deeply embedded in policies. That have been that have been at the receiving end right of this congressional district and that has to change. That has to be the focus. There's no time to be dilly-dallying towing an around the edges. This is really serious. We are in a crisis moment in time and I think that where we get our money from is really reflective of where our interests are which for me is deeply in the constituents of the fifty years thank you and so that brings us to the end of that round I want to thank Parker Quinlan. Who's asked a couple of questions now? Parker is with the hunts point. Express haven herald encourage everybody of course to read his work in the work of of those publications And all local news sources especially in this district that everyone is buying represent Speaking of local news sources of course is city limits Another host the event. And we'RE GONNA kick it over to size Daniel Para of city limits for a second question from Daniel Daniel. Fay So housing is major issue in the cystic saw from portability state of public housing to Liberty off quality calcium. So we'd like to know what's your house plans. I and please be sure to include what you believe needs to be done about Snyder. So we're starting this round with Mr Rodriguez will go to Mr Blake and so on The question of course as you just heard about housing what you would do and be sure to include at least a part of your answer about nature go ahead. Mister Rigas Funny Housing Crisis in line that. Give me a magic Camp from the public again to leave at once in four Sherman Avenue Five voice five There my mom and that we know what it needs to leaving over. Got a farmer recently when we come out with his house about twelve people living together in one apartment one of them is feeling the hospital dilemma disorder viral out. We know what we know over fathers. And when we see most of the people died because they on the corner viral being the Bronx Manhattan for every would is about housing so naturally we will bring money and I will be show. What will be disclosed now? They should be money for housing. In order to provide more Speight or New Yorkers Americans so leaving the pirates also I have a resolution on the concert is college floor my colleagues in Congress which I will follow it Congressman Laboratory Nights. GonNa to reduce funding to the military and use more money for portable housing education in such service. You think they may in Kosovans up or young to seek that. Get your way of the month. The yarmulke a book of that but I got my the antibiotic Cubic within every one leaving the housing my mom leaving one of those. I'd be Mussoorie in the public housing in two thousand nine one in my mind not Leaving the diamonds so I know what it is to visit my mom to see my ma dealing with John MacLean. I will bring the resources to include to improve the quality of life Thank you Mr Blake Housing and in particular Nitra. It's impossible to tell people to social distance when you have five six seven in a home right now and housing is very personal for me. When I grew up crested in burnside within this district we sold dinners to pay our rent. My mother was homeless in Jamaica. She slept on church views. And when we think about also the connection of this between this housing crisis. What's going on now at Corona virus? You know it's hard for us to tell a child that they're gonNA take a test at a school in the fall when not everyone's had access to Kobe. Nineteen tests right now so on housing. What have we done? What will we do? We secured funding. Lgbt housing specifically through sage to be the first in the city effort to make sure that provide that opportunity for our older seniors that BTU veterans housing. Because why should you serve in the country and come back home and sleep on the street Which is why. We've been amplifying the work when it comes to our veterans as well. I'm the chair of the Mitchell almost subcommittee in that state State Assembly which secured funding for conquest village from mailbox and key-fobs and Woodstock for nine. We have on the federal level at least thirty two billion dollars when it comes to. What's going on as relates to mold and and heat and hot water went. Andrew Jackson houses had lack of Hot Water. Two weeks ago. It was unacceptable. Which Danny Barbara? The of the city council president endorsed our campaign. People need to go to jail. Who'll run night show? It's been absolutely unacceptable. We have to empower tennis associations with nine channel so close take orders pastor. What have I done what we do? Even further neighborhood income instead of EREMITA income as well as lead remediation. Why is it easier to get unleaded gas and lead free paint? Which is why secured hundred million dollars? Last year in the state assembly to make sure we focus let remediation and collaborates with the Federal Monitor. That's the thank you Mr Bizarre overview. Thank you so I believe that And we believe that permanent secured reliable and undignified. Housing is a human rights. Housing is very personal to me. I I grew up on the grand concourse. Our family was led by single mother and we part of Archer trajectory having experienced a housing security having experienced the system in New York City. The places families into housing. I want to give him very much shoutout to Fox House. He's Harlem they home single mothers and children. They are an incredible place in your city I think that our nation needs a homes guarantee legislation again needs to become a human right especially for low income and working class Americans. I believe in the fall state and federal funding of Niger. Niger needs to become a priority for the federal government. We have the federal government has the resources and the money. But it's a matter of making sure someone. There is very much pushing those boundaries. I am I would be. I'm very wary of privatizing Nitra. I think that brings its complications. That affects our tenants in. Congress are visions very much to work with everyone to lift to making sure that housing is prioritized. I believe in Harris's fair chance and Housing Act of nineteen along with many other different legislations that have been proposed. I think that to being Americanised. That's important sorry Mr Guide. Ninety Ben Cellini affordability crisis is the greatest challenge here in New York City one in half the residents in the South Bronx. Hey more than half their income for their rent and that was before the outbreak of the corona virus. I know several candidates Stanley's in particular have spoken about being homeless. I would have been homeless. Were not for public housing and disability gave me in my family. I see Nitra housing as the greatest out of affordable housing in the United States. And it's in the central mission of my life to preserve public housing in so savagely de funded historically at every level government that the state of public housing is demolition by neglect of shippers. Niger estimates that we need forty billion dollars worth of capital needs in order to bring Niger into a state of good repair. But it's not enough to rebuild it in the same form. There's a historic opportunity to make night. Show the greenest city in America. We can build so solar panels we can re skin public housing. We can electrified heating systems right night. Show become the gold standard of affordable housing development and energy efficiency climate justice with the right amount of investment. I'm also a huge afford or of the section eight program every family in each should have access to a housing belcher that ensures that you pay no more than thirty percent of your income towards rent and if you have no income at all the government should fully subsidize rents those powerful tool for creating a thousand for those who need it. Thank you Miss Lopez on housing particularly nitrous at something. That's near and dear to my heart just because I experienced homelessness for years before I came to the Bronx so we need a home guarantee like straight up. We need to modify housing. We need to take the prophet element at a building housing. We need to target speculative land practices at artificially inflate the cost of rent and displaced our communities. We to once again revisit. The conversation with big money in politics because it has an impact on our ability to advocate to the greatest extent. I am totally against the rental assistance demonstration program which the acronym for that is so we need to preserve our housing stock and we need to call out low hanging fruit in the form of governor. Cuomo right now that toiling millions of millions of dollars from the nitrous base in addition to fighting for what we need at the federal level for night gets do we also need to look at the city and the state government and now a coordinated effort so that night you can get the funding that the residents need to leave lives with dignity so we need to again de commodified housing. We need to figure out like the low hanging fruit That's their take guidance. From the Housing Justice For all coalition the Housing Justice Movement space which was instrumental in creating the most progressive pro tenant. Rent Reform Laws at New York state has seen in a generation so the kind of political leadership that this district deserves is one that is being willing to be led by a movement so that we can create the right political conditions so that the housing movement can take precedence in near state and in the rest of the country. Thank you Mr Ramose over to you on your housing plan and particularly night. Show hold on one second now so everybody's Wants to a blue cise nightshirt all of a sudden when the disinvestment has been going on since Ronald Reagan Years. So every every politician every elected official. That has been in office. Had opportunity to do so. Now that you know nights is in the forefront. It's everybody's political talking points as the only person is actually worked inside of a night show know center community center for four years. I know firsthand what our families are going through I tell you this right now. The majority of people under wouldn't lasted day working on nature facility. Why because our communities are going through the struggle on everyday basis you know. Our young people child has born in. Niger is born into poverty in the psych was continuing to repeat itself and nobody has created the infrastructure to actually break that cycle For me as a community educator and organizer. I've done the work. I created the First Tech Center public housing why I benefited a problem. A problem that we don't have broadband twenty twenty. That's a problem Kobe. Nineteen has shown. Our community are shown the all of our issues and shown all of our problems right here. It is clear we need someone that has been doing the work at results. Not Talking about when they get there. 'cause another thing right now we have him. We need results right now. Not Tomorrow thank you are. Thank you Ms Smart Burrito over to you on housing in particular nature. Yes well thank you so much you know. As as others have indicated and I fully do support The homes guarantee and I signed on to that as someone who supports it. I believe that we need to get rid of the opportunities which is basically influenced right now. also basically. I believe in like you had some great points in his housing plan about having Entitlement Program Section eight subsidies vouchers a entitlement programs in our budget that anyone who needs it can access it as truly important. I'm very supportive community. Land trusts as a way of community developing community. Well community ownership. That is something that I supported as speaker and now we see land trust the process of war And at a time when it was not sexy to support Nitra going back to two thousand six. When I came into the city council under Bloomberg there was almost no investment. I believe it was zero investment from the city of New York into public housing to historic record investment in public housing. Not only at the city but at the state level he to local advocacy. What some of which I believe I. I'm very proud of that work now. Is it enough to obviously not? We need to have a trust fund that is invested in every year with his dedicated amount of money every year into that. Trust them to deal with the capital from his that are needed in public housing. It is a priority as been said. Nitra is the cornerstone public. Housing is the cornerstone of affordable housing in the city in this country. And we need to do everything possible to defend. It continued to investment. That is a commitment that I've demonstrated that remember. That could continue to have thank you and to close out this round on housing. We're going to miss newsom than we're going to go to. Sierra for the final question of the night before Closing Statement. So this'll round this round. We have two more rounds to go. But they'll both be out one minute answers each but we want to round out of course on housing night show with miss. Newsom go ahead. Let's make sure you're muted. Hold on one second. Had My hand rates were while before. Start MY QUESTION. I just like to thank Michael Blake Com forgetting the chat. Shut it down for taking a stand with Sony music in word and as the only woman who's been in this race a long time as emphasized size in understanding discrimination that we experience so that why allows us to help other marginalized people now to get your question in terms of Nigeria and affordable housing I am a housing justice advocate for all against some of the most powerful heat one politics in New York City taking bowl in protesters to their office to get the New York state At one hundred people in the Bronx or getting a big day. Now you'll go to. Housing is one of the cornerstones of my platform. And it's something that we truly need. Yes I am never homeless and you don't have to be homeless to understand that housing is a human right if you were born and raised in currently live in the Bronx you understand the struggles when you speak to the people in that their biggest worry. That's right Colt at the beginning of the program deming to cancel rant Abington. What I'll do once I'm elected to office I think was needed as to bully on nicer from a federal level because we see that New York state in struck a ball in the last half of the budget were there was no money for Russia also to have federal guidelines because yes we're looking at it from England rocks. People live in rural areas. Are well are facing a housing prices. So we need to set certain standards needs to put developers to a national standard. To where if they if they want to build something in area it has medium income immediate income in this district is twenty thousand dollars per year as opposed to the whole city calculation which semi agree. We need some conscious of that in some work on that. Thank you thank you perfect. Perfect timing with the end of of your time there in. That's actually a really good segue into our final question. There will be closing statements after this round. But our final question Miss Newsom just mentioned Income in the district and Sierra is back with us for our final question which is about jobs old on Sierra on mute you here go ahead for one time the Bronx has gone on recognized for its deep historical roots and community organizing efforts. How will you gain more jobs for this community as well as is is so important to add district of history? Thank you Sarah. So we're going to start this round With Mr Blake and go to Mr Basra and then Mr Torres on Mr Blake on bringing jobs to the district and enriching the district. History if you can if you can try to make that work. We're tired of hearing that. We are in the poorest congressional district. It's time to go from paying the promise and specifically our vision has to be now in the words of Bryan Stevenson. The opposite of poverty is not wealthy. Opposite of poverty is justice so our entire vision is jobs injustice vision and. Thank you for your question. I we need to think through. How do we have an implement a minority women business bill of Rights on the federal level? Because as we saw this federal relief bill many of our businesses in particular restaurants did not get the support and funding that they needed. We have to make sure we focus on community development financial institutions so that local and regional banks like Spring Bank impulsive bank. That are helping our people on the ground. Actually get the resources they need. It's the reason why the main piece of legislation I was able to achieve and St Assembly around this issue was making it so that businesses got paid in fifteen days instead of thirty days. Because the faster you get paid faster employees get paid there also has to be in the justice agenda making sure that we have workers rights and making sure. Our unions are being protected as we continue to see through Janice and other actions unions being attacked every single day but this is also tied Ben and Sierra around healthcare which we have not spent enough time around because as someone who was born with a heart murmur. Someone's father was eleven nine nine member. Some who saw happening year the health disparities tied to the economic disparities. So while we need to bring more job opportunities here while we need to raise the wages the has to be a federal minimum of fifteen dollars and beyond. We have to make sure we make it easier to protect our healthcare and address the economic disparities. At this time we do not want to be called poor anymore. We want to be known as rich in resources. That is who we are. That is why we believe in the Bronx and that is my vision of what we want. Cheap when we get to conference. Thank you Mr Becerra. So I am a big believer in the federal jobs guarantee legislation. I think that Bronx means Is a federal jobs field station caters and focuses on lower on low income families. I think that a job in America. should not be a privilege but a rights and it is how these escaped poverty and live themselves I believe in empowering and protecting our borough small businesses I think that in Congress what our vision is to make sure that me give the small business men and women in the Bronx the tools to continue succeeding economy. Bronze works is that it's very much divorced from the national economy and our people have responded by building early so I think that we need to continue to empower that Lean to protect small protect beauty salons. We need to protect taxi drivers. We need to protect very much. The jobs that are going by the wayside and of the federal government is not prioritizing so yes address poverty ny fifteen by making sure. That holding job is right. Thank you we'RE GONNA go to Mr Torres. The story of the South Bronx is a story of struggle. But it's also story of overcoming. You may even before it was a green new deal the bronx rich iconic tradition of environmental justice. Greatest Legacy of Jose Serrano was the cleanup of the Bronx River. And so I would be honored to continue that legacy as a congress person. There's only one formula for lifting country out of a depression. It's public investment need reinvestment in America on the scale of the Great Society. New Deal we have to green infrastructure. It is an opportunity agreed. The next generation of jobs to revitalize labor movement to provide just transition to those who have been displaced and one thing that I truly care about is vocational schooling. I think we have to rethink this notion that everyone has to go to a four year to traditional Liberal Arts College in Learn Shakespeare some people prefer traits people developing skill and financial assistance like upheld branch should be every bit as available to occasional schooling as it is traditional. Liberal Arts Education. Thank you miss. Lopez on jobs and the district's rich history definitely so we absolutely need to fight for federal jobs guarantee on need to generate living wage jobs through homes guarantee. Green new deal for Niger. We need to make sure that we educate our youth the next generation to access the jobs of the future which is in this green infrastructure space. We also need to invest in worker cooperative so that the community can have a sense of control over the job creation process We need to continue to raise the minimum wage and we can't be so desperate for economic development that we bring companies like Amazon to the community like many of the elected officials that are sitting here in this debate tonight have signed off on Amazon as a bad actor. There don't pay their fair share in taxes they have A collaboration with ice that terrorizes our communities so economic development is a good thing and work with cooperatives are a good thing. But we have to bring economic development in a way that centers the values and the needs of our community is brain companies. Like Amazon into the mix is not the way to go. So we need to invest in a living wage Worker Cooperatives Federal jobs guarantee and look to the homes guarantee the green deal of Nitra so that we can identify local hiring practices in the community and identify local people to access the job. Send rebuild the community. Thank you Mr Ramos over to you. Mr Rob Moose. There we go so I fully. I fully support a federal jobs. Guarantee I also support saving our Street Act that Congresswoman Presley and Senator Harris Introduce Our small businesses are the backbone of our communities right now. They're getting hit the hardest. I believe many will not be able to reopen as someone that has worked. Small businesses work in hospitality. I know they`re. They're hurting the employee people. Uh So we have to also look at private public partnerships. And what does that look like for the future We are. We're going to need a lot of a lot of financial resources of partnerships and collaboration on getting the private sector involved in helping our low income communities in job creation. What does that look like? We don't have to make Amazon an enemy. What we could do is Saddam with Amazon. And say if you WANNA come to our community I will wadi lay down the infrastructure investing public housing invest in Tech Center vocational schools. And now we can start doing workforce development in our communities in his. Start building a pipeline. And I was ready doing that as a community and organizer when I get to Congress I will start laying down the groundwork right now. Thank you thank you. Miss Mark Viverito on jobs at Sierra. Thank you for the question and I think when you talk about the history of struggle and activism or you have to do is look at the history of the young lords right that took over Lincoln Hospital to make sure that Super Colossus let detection was happening in a community that was being severely neglected. Fat Is many other struggles and examples of that we talk about a lifting communities. I talked I've talked about the historic and systemic inequity which Bronx and the Fifteenth District have been recipients for decades. When you talk about the platform that I've been speaking to an alluding told that I support and embrace right a minimum wage of no less than fifteen dollars. An hour is critical. We're talking about uplifting communities healthcare for all I believe in Medicare wrong thing as my part of my part form we've talked about a homes guarantee and when we talk about quality housing and dignified Housi- We talk about environmental justice right and also issued the green new deal and new jobs that can be created out the quality jobs when you look at all of that together in fighting for that and making that a priority is a way that we're going to ensure that we level that claims will create greater equality for everyone. And when you talk about education and affording an opportunity or kids are not saddled with a thousands and tens of thousands of dollars of debt writing free quality education advocate who twelve and beyond as to are all the reasons why I believe in combat obviously quality jobs the art of conversation but the minimum wage Which obviously is nowhere near where it needs to be needs to be kiosks and priorities of this of this campaign as well. Thank YOU MR. Newsom over to you. I think it's really difficult to talk about. On a federal jobs guarantee as we see the nearly thirty six million people who are currently unemployed also as we approach the fourth industrial revolution. The way that we were is going to drastically change meaning. Automation is going to come. Meaning that most of the people were essential workers. Now who do the task jostle heavily rely on? They are going to be out of work and wildcat will increase We need to find new ways to help people through this new time that we'd never seen before earth universal basic income which ordered on March on. That's the way white low and unhappy that everyone's jumped on it as we approach this but also needs and visit greer jobs as we discussed here on this debate tonight about environmental injustice. We need to find a way to creamy. Do New work at will be beneficial to them. Meaning solar harms urban farming so if we can create ourselves we innovative ideas in relying on the scene policy. Titles that most people will not if they were to be elected. It's just not going to help people the Bronx were the people of this great nation. Thank you and to close out this round. We have Mister Rodriguez and just so people can start getting prepared after Mr Arenas talks about jobs and the district history. We'RE GONNA move into one minute long. Closing statements will finish just after eight o'clock Pretty good out for everybody At those closing statements will start with Mr Basra and go around until we finish with Mr Blake will get the last word. This was all done by random drawing in that went up debt. So Mr says why. Don't you finish the round on jobs and the district's history all move us into closing statements but go ahead? Please will win this election. Go to the twenty third. I promise you I will connect all the effort Ohio education in Google Bay job and I actually what I had done developing northern Manhattan unity when he constant knowledge. I challenge all my colleagues in government to compare numbers and the seating is eight clipper of school in my district all of the standards onto technology in robotic no-one on my Collie is citizen thing or that they should that I represent of connecting phonology. Do everybody. I'm very proud to say that the school that I was a co-founder go to high school. We never wanted only. They won a steak additional body. A roll my son Sen and finalized for the nationwide petition. My Look is school to a school. Not Him unhappy. They are all knowledge. I'm happy to sit on the top of my hat for me. Being the School of Engineering venues give more from Columbia University Informant Dino City cottage Survivor and number older beams to notch. Ready to say we would put a twenty three year plan on Lebron's so be sure that we create Gupta job around to non-energy also would be sure now. We build affordable housing will be sure that ore school in put into action when we look at abyss fifty Russian this and being the poorest while for the last year there's a lot of people responsible I we challenged the youngest eighty to donate ten percent of their revenue to create good pay job in the surrounding ankle. Could win us at the medicine. I e what. I Love Ian. Thank you so We're GONNA move closing statements as I said we'RE GONNA start with Mr Bush Laura I just WANNA take a minute to quickly We're GONNA have a couple of thank yous at the end so hopefully everybody who still watching with us. We've got many many people on facebook and we've had over one hundred on zoom as well where I'm looking but I do WanNa take a minute to thank everybody who's been watching. We're GONNA move to closing statements and just a couple of quick Comments after the closing statements. But I WANNA thank Certainly Sierra who just asked her second question that's Sierra streaker. Sixteen years old high school student lives in this Congressional district and is an activist with action activists coming to inform our neighborhood out. Which is the points youth organizing program? Sierra thanks so much for your participation in questions organizing So let's go to to are closing statements and Mr Becerra. We're going to start with you a one minute. Everybody please. I'll try to give quick low key. Thank you as you hit a minute if you got there. Thank you might WanNa think everyone who was part of this viewers the panelists stations and the price. You know who we are in the Bronx is resilient people. Some of the most powerful people at our country has seen and I WANNA congress. Because I think that it's time for Washington. Dc to feel our power. I WanNa make the Bronx. I wanted to make the bronx a leader in our nation. We WanNa make sure war that we passed a homes giving you WanNa make sure that jobs are families is a right and not only would wanna make sure that our people have the same opportunity as everyone else and that historically we can fix the country. This is very much a people's campaign. This is very much a Bronx People's campaign and I'm very proud of our efforts. Thank you so much for to us and you can you want from me. Sean knows on front on Twenty twenty dot com. Thank you and over to you. Mr Tour is for your closing statement. Thank you look. I've been in the City Council for seven years. I've been effective public servant. I held the first ever. City Council hearing in a public housing development which helped pave the way for three billion dollar beam invested in public housing part of housing rights initiative to expose the corruption of Jared Kushner trump. Emily but more than my record. I have lived experience. You know the struggles of the south. Bronx are not distraction to himself. Who struggled with depression was family? Grow justice system who grew up in poverty with a single mother and non elected office and often elected officials. Do Get out of touch and I often depend on my mother to hold me accountable and to make sure that I never forget where you come from. Nothing has been handed to municipal platter. I've had to fight for everything I have in my life. I'm fighting my heart off for the cell phones. Thank you and over to you miss. Lopez for your closing statement. Yeah so so much for organizing. This debate on our platform. Monarch Campaign is inspired by the Young Lords and the Black Panthers It's time that we move away from describing the South Bronx as the poorest congressional district in the Bronx. I think we're much more than that. Where resilient were strong in our campaign video not only talked a little bit about our My personal story but it was also the South Bronx that we wanted to elevate as part of that conversation and give it. You know like the beauty and the respect and the dignity that it deserves. So look you've heard from a lot of people here tonight but at the end of the day I'm the only one who's grown up. In the homeless shelter system I've lived on in the streets spent afternoons with my mom in a sweatshop and I'm running for Congress without healthcare because I can't afford it and I'm from the Bronx. I've never left the Bronx from Manhattan. I'm not from Queens. I'm not from anywhere else. I'm from the South Bronx and I will lead that way. In Congress. I have built housing in the community that some of the people on this panel have signed off on so have experienced in affordable housing development affordable housing finance and that's driven my personal experiences of living in the shelter system. And I promise you if I win this race I will fight for home guarantee unapologetically and put the lives of the community. I and continue to reject the politics Mr Ron Moss over to you for your closing statements locomotive at the now. Lebron metal said See Getting represents decade When DECA may go to get inside been wherever you sit in. Political data will done both uncle me. India is Donald Bamboo obeyed On without Yoenis through dollars Your ax Janas McDonald's. We cannot sit here and talk about what we're going to Congress but the reality is that a community needs help right now when he's someone who a real fighter were proven results are communities. Tired of hearing what our candidates are going to do. It is time that we like someone that is doing. You can find more information. Demoss FOR CONGRESS DOT COM and. It'll be an honored to receive your your vote. Thank you thank you miss. Mark Viverito over you get us. Yes I thought look at tongue. Equa TRENDALL accuse Roy. Alex only potentate jacket with brain surgery circles. A syrupy download a C can eat another person former David. We are in a critical moment in time. Where what we need is a fighter and not justified. Who's GonNa talk but a fighter who has a track record of success? I am an activist and a coalition builder. I was raised within the feminist movement of of Nico. I've been fighting my whole life and fighting against the system fighting against the old boys network fighting against interest that don't WanNa see progressive policies that are inclusive and that uplift communities and we have been on the receiving end of those policies that have created incredible inequity in this country and particularly in this district so it is about systemic change. It is up about a routing racism and racist policies that continue to you all but income inequality and great divide and this has really shed light on that so it is about those who are going to fight unapologetically who have that experience and track record of success and take that heights Washington so I hope I can count on your support that I miss. Newsom over to you for your closing statement. It's about the people truly want. The people of the bronze star in a genocide is a war on the poor. Everyone senior inspired. And I'm gonNA live Rizzi Kobe to be two hundred people a day. You WanNa talk about Expire Body Young Award Camper where is everyone besides that Hashtag when lagging round or eating every day when little Latin x rays cannot come out sears issue bottom newsom out there eating? When women's rights were being held to get back we'll stop a band. Shibata news was saying always wear in demanding justice. Everyone happy promises pretending to be activists pretending what they're GONNA do. It is not going to happen. You all read the being apoliticial you dream onto the White House. You go into Congress and it's just not going to happen. Most of the people in this race failed from the public advocate race. They were in firearms at Party. Never back them. It's time to give it up. The Bronx needs more with these wheel. Biter assume rights activists in revolutionary. Who has never met in? Person is so Newspaper Con so the Hassle Damn Justice. Thank you and Surat. Rigas over to you for your closing statement. Progress a Congress member. He side Seventy one join my team. Anyone real number know that selection between my salt in India if you want to step back seventy version and be far away inclusive effort based on low in nodding. Hey Join my team on the African May Latino. The Asian community may tiny community. That has already join. Munti your number colleague. My number know why believing candidate I would be Miss Gomez member because when the borders were nothing February I got close sick Azam born in the fifteen congressional seat asking those types of people come back to eats and be partly history. How are we get on elite Thank you Kwoh-ting Amnesty but or not yet wound those by you and Mr Blake is going to rounded out for US school. Everybody police stick around for just one more minute once we wrap up here. Mr Blake losing statement. Obviously everybody Listen for that and just give us one more minute at the close. Thank you go ahead. Mr Blake hold on there. We got a pandemic of poverty and racism before the Corona virus pandemic. And we're looking at right now is do you still believe. Do you believe in the Bronx. Do you believe in jobs in? Just these are not normal times. We've got to acknowledge that as we're seeing people that are hurt or losing friends that the courage is not. The absence of fear is the assessment. Something else is more important. So in the middle of a crisis leadership matters it matters we send to Washington everybody. I grew up in this district born and raised Kristen burnside. Ps seventy nine. Eighteen de Witt Clinton. I went and had the opportunity to work for President Obama. We work on affordable care. Act The recovery act. But I came back home so we could focus on raise the age and my brother's keeper and minority woman owned businesses and standing up. If you believe in our unions which I'm so grateful for the endorsements of so many eleven ninety nine thirty two thirty two. Bj DC THIRTY-SEVEN RV UFC w carpenters painters. Csa saw so many rock with us and of course the nurses thank you for the nurses then join us at Blake. Congress got NYC if you believe that it should not be easy to have unleaded gas and lead free paint join us at Blake for Congress NYC. My family went from no house in Jamaica to the blackouts northwestern to the White House in DC to the State House in Albany. Now I'm asking you to send me to the US House in Congress. If you believe you'll block won't lock your blessing. Zip Komo deny your destiny. Goto BLAKE FOR CONGRESS DOT NYC minority Nobel Blake. I'm for your vote on June twenty. Third Thank you and thank you all eight candidates for participating tonight. Thank you everyone who's been watching zoom facebook. Everyone who's been listening on the Spanish translation line. We really appreciate it. We appreciate everybody participating. I want to thank all the candidates for for making it a pretty smooth event in for sharing all your thoughts with everybody Been a pleasure making sure that we could do this event. I WanNa make sure as much as we can during this terrible time. Voting is happening in June. Everybody so people should be ready to vote. I WE WANNA make sure to get information out to people in. That's of course what all the organizations here are doing Thank you candidates. Thank you city limits. Jared Murphy kick to now for one more final thought. Jarod did so much to organize this and make it happen. So thank you. Jared and thank you city amid limits for for making this happen over to jared for the final thought very much ben thanks to you our moderator and to all the panelists are co-sponsors appoint in Gotham Gazette. Our partners at Mont Haven Herald and hunts point express to see video of this debate and reporting on this and other twenty twenty races. Be sure to check out. City limits DOT ORG and Gotham Gazette Dot com now a quick reminder the North West Bronx community clergy coalition will be hosting a community led slim also informed by the People's platform that are cosponsored. The point helped to write featuring district fifteen candidates on Tuesday night at six PM for details. Please check out at North West Bronx on twitter or North Bronx Dot. Org most important. Please please vote on June twenty third. It really really matters. Thank you and good night.

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