Episode #23: Direct Connections - Chuck & Matt McMurray


Welcome to episode number twenty. Three of talking Mo- pars and the first edition of direct connections. My guest today are Chuck and Matt. Mcmurray the founders and brains behind ready chassis DOT COM and HEMI PAGES DOT COM so without further ado. If you are a MO- pont who's IUS than you are in the right place? Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best part is driven podcast on planet earth. And I'm your host Chris. Albrecht better known as the Mo par and this is talking. Mo- pars direct connections. You're listening to talking parks with the car. Hunter your direct mention all things. Mo- part all right introducing my guests for the first edition of direct connections. Chuck mcmurray and his son. Matthew mcmurray guys. Are you doing good good and happy Easter by the way Yeah Happy Easter? Do you guys to before we get into your current mo par endeavors. Let's rewind time a little bit and chocolate start with you. What got you into Mope ours. So it's an interesting thing. There was a A nineteen eighty eight hot rod magazine. Maybe it was car craft and they had the the top ten fastest cars of all time and they were measuring the cars in various road courses in quarter miles and things like that and so you know at the age of thirteen. I was really into like Lamborghini. Coon Tauch Ferraris did not the cars and car that owned the quarter mile for that particular top. Ten that they did was a sixty two Max Wedge Dart Right which is the opposite looking of a Lamborghini coon touch and I was just completely floored that something that was that ugly could be that fast and so that kind of caught my eye and from then on I just started picking up reading magazines and kind of following the Mo par story and of course once you get into the four twenty six Hemi content and you realize how many engines they own in straight line racing. They've been pretty much the dominant force when it comes to top fuel and those types of engines and things and so I stuck with it then Got Into my own cars. When I was fourteen. My Dad let me by a seventy four valiant with three hundred bucks out of a walgreens parking lot in Chicago knew nothing about it. You know toward the slant six out and and learned the hard way and After that got into a sixty six cornet and from then on it was it became pretty natural to me to be able to fix stuff was always kind of good with my hands and just fell in love with the brand which was weird because in the early nineties you know. Mo- par didn't have nearly what they have today. Or what the late sixties so sure it was definitely a hard time to be the underdogs so to speak. Definitely Matthew. What about you? Obviously your dad had to have some sort of influence on you and your love of no go ahead. Go ahead and tell your side of the story. Yes so I mean I've actually got two different peaks Because I'm interested in both old offers annual And the the new generation are and actually both have to drexel cars that he's bought so that goes twelve years old. My Dad Decides to tell me. Hey we're going up to Wisconsin and we're GONNA TALK HUNDRED DOLLAR. Nineteen Sixty six dodge. Coronet THE ROAD. Kill the road kill influence. We actually did have a pretty big influence. And I can't leave that part out because I started watching roadkill with him and that definitely sparked the interest in him to want to go and fight in this car. So it's kind of whole cycle on. We started with them. And so when up to Wisconsin? We bought this car and drove at six hours home and it was incredible. That was we almost did. Maybe almost didn't make it. We ended up. You ended up getting home all right and we spent six months with that car before we decided to try it out for our newest nineteen seventy-three Dodge coronet which we still have today. But then so that's my interest in Olmo parts. That's how it all started and now since day. I'm actually driving a nineteen seventy seven plymouth. Which we bought on Saint Patrick's Day this year green current Saint Patrick's Day in and right around the same time my dad decides to get a two thousand ten dodge challenger Archie. And I'll be honest at first I was not kind of it. I was Kinda weird new car. He's always had cars around and then we decided to take it out to route. Sixty six raceway out here. Julia took it down the track. And I for some reason to seeing the car out on the track comparing its other cars. My Dad was out there I was like this is so awesome just the track experience everything about it and pretty much that moment on just seeing the cargo down the track during during a testing tune into it was awesome. Was that your first time at the drag strip. No I've been since I was like three dragged him out every summer and spring we would go down there and go to the MCA events and took him to the Shows when he was so young. The only thing you wanted to do is by matchbox cars and free ice cream. I think the influence of seeing enough of it you know. He started to kind of pick up the hobby and took to it. Pretty naturally right on right on well now that we have a little bit of your background. Let let me ask you a couple of questions. We get into your businesses journey. What do you guys think about? The current mopey marketplace as far as where pricing is for not only project mopeds that are classics but also fully restored Mo- parse. How do you feel about that? You know it's interesting Because you know we've done worked for retailers in the automotive market we've kind of followed where the investment Moped level cars have gone since you know after the economy crashed in two thousand nine and it really got inflated right. It was almost frightening to think that if you wanted to go out and get a four forty four a barrel automatic body that you're GONNA be spending at least forty thousand dollars for something so that was crazy but I am happy that the market is recognized that these cars important enough to put the money into them and take care of them because so many of them just got left out in the weeds and crushed and everything else. So it's been interesting to see kind of how that's continued to change over time but what? I found what I found really interesting where you know. The price of the aftermarket is gone. It's actually a lot cheaper now than it was so many years ago to be able to build engines and get parts. There's you know we went to. Sima last Fall and you know you go to the Diamond Piston booth. And there's four different piston types just for the four hundred in a low deck engines. There was stuff we dreamt of twenty five years ago so I think that's great and the new stuff has certainly respond generation in the market You know it's challenging that hell cats. Are you know to get into one now? If you're going to get into a used one you're probably looking at forty forty five thousand but the demons you know. They're still at that inflated price is you know even with all the incentives you're still looking at a seventy thousand dollars. Eighty thousand carbajal are also buying a ten second. Turnkey Quebec killer so I guess that does make sense. But it's it's really exciting time and I think It has never been good to be a mope or guys it is at least in the last couple of years and my personal. I definitely agree. What about you matthew? What do you think about? These prices are the crazy. Or what for me definitely barely for anything that any of these cars I see him? I'll go on facebook marketplace a lot. Just dream you know. Look at Ebadi's I'll look at peabody charters and stuff and I'm just thinking to myself like if it weren't for the fact that he was into the stuff I would just continue to dream and but I think that it's words at is pretty good because if you look at the comparison of other domestic vehicles New prices used prices. They're they're pretty expensive and I mean it's when you're in the restoration market alone. You're looking at expensive prices anyways. When you're going to get into a project you know you're GONNA be spending money but I would definitely say that. For where things are you know. Where the economy is. I think that the prices are very reasonable and and for some cars for some. I feel like you know the demon. The inflation should go down. I'm hoping it goes down as I just I mean. It's an incredible carbon. I just one hundred and thirty nine hundred now. Let me ask you both this. Do you think that 'cause I I've been seeing almost a divide between modern moped enthusiasts and the the old school guys for lack of a better term. Do you think it takes a little bit of fun out of the equation when you go out him by say a demon or even a hell cat or a hell cat red eye because they're already fast out of the box so like you know you dump will say fifty thousand or a hundred thousand plus on a car you know unless your pockets are really deep. I mean how much modification are you really going to do? How much fun are you really going to have aside from just turning the key in going? Do you think that those cars take the fun out of it you know? It's it's a twenty to say that because we've we've really Invested in in both old and new and having a two thousand fourteen thirty eight that ran he got an eleven ninety. Three out of it with soft tires out of the box mods and It was neat. Because you know out of the box you can go that fast but at the same time. There really wasn't a lot that you could touch easily. If you'RE GONNA make one modification you need at least a tune and with a tune in a few modifications if you put the Karni Eleven's then you need to start trason Dr Line making improvements and so it's really never just a bolt on. It's a few thousand bucks so you know I'd say that it's reinvigorated the market but I would agree that there seems to be kind of a divide between the folks that did restoration and were part of this for thirty or forty years and what the new market has done but in some ways it has kind of taken the fun out of. I think you know when when you can get in a red eye in run ten teens or high nines to do that in a body would require a lot more. Yeah so it makes it easier if you are not mechanically inclined and you don't have tools but at the same time it has reset the bar for. What is a fast car? So it's a it's interesting right but they're also forty six hundred pounds. So you know the safety equipment. My concern with a lot of those cars. What happens if you do have something happen at the end? I mean forty six hundred pound car versus twenty. Eight hundred pound. Cars is a lot more inertia definitely. I'm sure the insurance companies don't really WANNA know that you're out there banging them up on the track either. That's always would be an interesting conversation with the GEICO lizard that's true that's true all right now before we one more question before we get into your mobile business endeavors What are you guys is favourite? Tv or movie. Mo- pars. I sure you have your. I'd have to say the White Challenger of of pointed vanishing point. Thank you. Okay Matthew What about you? It's okay I if I have to choose from sixty eight charger between the bullet car and then and then Generally in fast and furious forgot about that way. Too I I'd have to say generally just knowing the story behind the fact that they had so many of those cars produced like seeing those lots where they had like twenty of them just on backlot and knowing that they crashed him in almost every episode and and in the movie and stuff. So I mean I just think that the generally is probably one of the coolest things they ever made. There's a lot of anger around dukes of hazzard because they wrecked so many of them. And I'm like I I don't know how I really feel about all of it. chargers right now. They're the most expensive. I don't know they were they. Sixty eight or sixty nine hundred sixty nine six hundred for you so now. Now it's like they're so hard to find and they were just reckoning back. Then that you know has how much of an impact a lot of people have asked this question. How much of an impact has the Dukes of hazzard actually had on the charger marketplace? As far as how many are available on what you can get and all that. So that's always been interesting an interesting topic for me. And I'm actually glad that you guys both had different choices. For those. Because on talking mope ours have a segment called high-performance parts where I pick a car just randomly a moped from TV movie history. So I thought it'd be interesting to get. Your guys is taken. See what you guys would choose so very cool. I like that all right. Let's let's get into. Let's get into ready chassis. Why don't you tell us a little bit about ready chassis? Sure so ready. Chelsea's been an idea that I've had probably since my late twenties You know I always thought it was really difficult to try to get us in a good certified race car that also could be considered by mo part purists to be something that they'd respect. I mean anybody can cut up a car and turn it into a chassis door. Car But to challenge. How you run different rear suspensions and things like that I. I always thought that it could be done better. And I've seen so many for lack of a better word you know really junk race. Cars built and raced in some cases crashed that I thought it'd be neat ideas if somebody would produce something that served the. Strip market and Used to build a lot of those cars when I and I had a shop in the two thousands and I I sold many of them But never really did. A lot of the heavy tube chassis conversion work. Cut My cars Stock Floor Plan Stopped Floor Pan Stock steering locations and things like that and it kept the resale value up. So I've been at it for a while. Just wanted to be able to offer the market volume where you don't have to spend sixty seventy thousand dollars to get into a car and then once Once mascot involved and we started looking at you know. Would there be a demand for something like this. I mean think choices you've got drag pack too expensive for most people hell cat redeye. That car comes with a warranty in. Its turn key for at least five years of your life unless you've got the extra money to spend but there doesn't seem to be an intermediate play and so that's where we really like. We can fill. The market was something that the people get into for a reasonable price but still get a high quality product. So I could bring you say my sixty nine Dr and tell you what I wanted to do within you guys. Could bill me Certified Racecar Urkel. Yeah so what we've been trying to do is isolate two or three different models where we can go out and collect course paint them in very popular colors set them up so that they can accept three or four different type suspension system. So if you WANNA go road racing. There's a kit for that if you want a ladder bar suspension. There's a kit for that if you want to run a leaf spring car. There's a kit for that And our cars Come out of the box with you. Know the underside. Already blasted and painted the wheel wells under coded So really you're just not. You're not having to do the dirty work as much as you are. Just picking out all the fun parts and doing a lot of the bolt ons were a lot of the other. Nhra certification welds and the other things are already done for you so it really allows people that don't have the tools in some cases that time or even the expertise to not have to deal with a chassis shop. They have a faster and easier way to be able to get into a ready to go rolling Jesse or a complete car course of if you want the drive train to yeah very cool now from what I saw. It looked like you had three different stages of build that. If so if I brought you my car I could choose one of the three stages depending on how crazy I wanted to get. Essentially is back. That's correct yeah. Something anything from body in white to a a fully a turnkey ready to Rock Racecar. Very cool now. Do you guys take care of the drive train and stuff to the engine work and all that so I I could give you a check and I get a racecar current correct. Yeah very simple. We try to do on the engine and drive line. Is We stick with a couple of different packages that we know perform. Well in our Chelsea's so we've right now we've probably got three to four different engine types that you can select from and they kind of come the way that they they are right there like like crate engines. Big Block Small Block lead. Gen. Hemi is kind of those three choices and then on the big block front. It's really do you want a street strip Cardi on a pure race car or pure a race piece and so those are the choices and so what we did in our research is. We found that so. Many people had invested time an investment in the engine and transmission. They may have twenty thousand dollars in the drive line and they don't even have nearly that much into the race car and you get underneath it. And it's dirty and the wells aren't good. That car doesn't certify they've already got the investment in the drive wine. They actually just need like crate chassis. So that's kind of what we brought. Market Cool Yeah. I've always had this crazy idea. I'm so obsessed with the Hurst Hemi darts that I always thought you know especially with the modern. Hemi coming out always thought what if I sat and I could be completely dumb for even thinking this but I always thought it would be so interesting to set it up. Exactly how they were from sixty eight with the exception of Gen three Hemi. I would love to see what how the car would react to a modern modern power plant but vintage suspension. I could be a complete train. Raccoon knows but that's always been like I dunno it's like a little pipe dream of mine I guess sure. Yeah the the word that I heard. So folks that we've shared some of our prototypes with I heard the word race duration used. And I like that because it's a restored car that's really set up for more of a street stripper strip situation. So that's what we've seen them as race durations. That's very that navy already taken. There's a company in England. That's doing those two triumph. Tr sixes and so forth. Yeah I like to refer to Roddy Roddy Mo- parts that you go and get and just get safely running and driving. I call that a restoration. Fully restored. cool well. That's so now I also thought I read something on ready. Chassis DOT COM. That said you could actually replicate an old superstock car. So if I wanted like say say I'm a huge fan of Dandy Dick Landy and I wanted to replicate his sixty eight charger. You could build me replica. That's that's actually one of the so we're going to the model variations that we're going to be doing a sixty seven sixty nine. Dart Barracuda so the superstock cars will be replicating. We're going to have a lower dollar. Seventy three to seventy six duster. 'cause there's a lot of them in in the body style is still lightweight and then we're going to have a drag pack type. Challenger that'll be built off of an ex Essex t chassis But yeah you'll be able to so over time. We're GONNA release additions. Where if you want the Real Dick Landy? Dart essentially without the HAMMY. You can get the car so if you've got a good running for forty and transmission. You know you can look and drive like that if you want to put the the superstock hanging in there. That's obviously the increase in the investment. But she could get it that way absolutely while very cool. You got me excited. I'm like Gosh I might just have two in a few years of this. Podcast ever takes off. I might be calling me and sending you something. Awesome all right. Let's move onto Hemi pages now. I don't know how many people I don't know how much you've actually released to the world How much information. You've actually released so far. So why don't you tell us about what Hemi pages is for sure? So how many pages is Think of it easily as the YELP or the yellow pages of the mot part Suzy's community. There's a lot of options out there when you do. Your online research obviously can go to Google and you can start to search but if you're going to start looking for. Mo- par specific engine shops transmission. Builders people that sell parts you know. Be IT NEW ORLEANS MODEL. It's actually difficult to find one place that has a lot of that and what we found is in our research when you go to facebook groups form boards is that most of the information doesn't necessarily come from certified shops but the other thing is it comes with is a lot of comment. Terry. There's not a lot of neutrality. That comes with a facebook group. Post you get a lot of political talk Some negativity lots of opinions. And so when you go out to just try to figure out you know who polishes blower snouts help. Cats ended up getting two hundred posts. That are you know just other people's opinions? Are you know that kind of thing? So we we sought to create neutrality. But really we wanted to provide an all in one place for people to go to be able to find businesses services classifieds. Of course we'll have a foreign board but A place that I think will probably end up replacing something like mo parts or some of the other forum boards that are just out there and beginning to age and it'll be a new place to find information is it is Hemi pages solely for the modern mopeds or you guys going to integrate some sort of Something to do with the classics as well or are you going to. Is it specific to modern or we're going to we're going to serve the whole market okay? we started out with when we originally came out with the idea We started a page called h three am. I thinking that the third Gen Hammy would be where the information would be mostly desired but as we started to look at a lot of the businesses that are out there we felt like offering a larger data set to a broader audience would make sense so we renamed it Hemi pages because while the hemming is the engine of the new powered vehicles. But it's also the legend of a lot of the older ones so I'm hoping that that branding isn't misleading. But it certainly is going to be a page that will serve both enthusiasts markets vintage and modern awesome awesome. Very cool How would a business go about getting listed on Hemi pages? Sure well so in most of the research that we've done we've populated what I think are most of the popular shops engine shops retailers. We have all of the dodge dealers We're going to be bringing the market very soon Era Engine shop members. That's about two thousand shops. But if somebody wanted to get their page listed they can just sign up Get A business listing even for free and then of course if they want one that's fancier where they can do articles Gain classifieds be able to share videos other small increase in fee In many cases if they're already listed they can just claim listing. So we do a little bit of work to make sure that when someone claims the listing that they are in fact business owner 'cause we don't want competitors claiming each other's listings so we do need a little bit of proof but once that listing is claimed the sky's the limit and they can really use it anywhere that they want to very very cool. I'm sure that. How long has this been in development? Well so funny ask We actually started something called. Rpm X one thousand So that's the the symbol that you see every tachometer in the late nineties before the web became what it was and the technology wasn't where my idea was so we put the idea back in incubation round? Two Thousand and seven. We tried to launch it again and we called it wrench list and we found that mobile devices just weren't where we needed them to be now with mobile technology. Everybody's carrying around a computer in their hand. You know if you have location services on your phone you'll be able to go to how many pages and say find me a car. Show fine me dealership. Find me somebody that selling some parts and by ZIP code it would find those nearest events classifieds businesses dealerships. Even if you're broken down you might be able to find A car a tire dealer or something like that. So that was the concept. But it's been it's been in thought for twenty years. It's just that now. The technology is there for for us to realize the true vision of what we wanted to do. Awesome now this is kind of question for both of you guys. How do you think that? Hemi pages is going to impact the MO- Park community. I think the idea of actually creating any pages in the first place. We always worth thinking about the modern stuff but I think that when we realized that we want it to be more of a general position for everything I think we Kinda came to the conclusion that we we want to be whether or not people want to pay for listings or whether or not it becomes a free thing. If people want to advertise their we want one way or another to actually end up being helpful even if it's like the smallest thing like getting businesses in one place or maybe it's like helping people transfer from the the complexity facebook into like a neutral area And I think it's just about making it like a safer more reliable environment for all the businesses that are involved in this community whether they're new or old To have a place where they they feel like they're gonNA benefit from it I would say I would say from the survey that we did that I actually asked a question of survey that we're going to really soon You know are are you or would you find a directory yellow pages for the moped enthusiasts community helpful and about ninety percent of the people that took the survey said? I'm looking forward to it. You know the choices were also. I'm not interested at all and we did get a few of those so I think it really depends. I mean you can solve your problem today through Google searches through facebook through form boards through racing junk through Mancini racing through books. The problem is is. There is no single one place to find a good body shop. That Mo- par guys would consider to be a place they'd get their car painted. It's really hard to find an engine shop. That knows what you know. A four forty is to set up and so I think I think the community will will respond. Well whether or not it's GonNa make us you know a living or it's GonNa make matthew a living will be determined. I think what we do with the content but I do think that there's a lack of that centralization and neutrality in the market that I think we're gonNA bring to to bear your. I absolutely agree with you. The amount of questions I get from people from one hundred page. I get messages all the time like. Hey working I get this part. That part. Do know of any good restoration shops. I am so happy to finally have one place to send these people because I mean there's so many you know it's like I. Okay where are you? You know 'cause like asking the question you know. Where can I get this one trim pieces like okay? Where are you you know? Have you checked facebook groups Craigslist EVEN E bay? You know a lot of people I've found are just not that Internet savvy. They don't like me if I need something I will scour the Internet. You know every dark corner I can find out. I'll find what I'm looking for but some people are just not that resourceful so I think hemi pages as a resource for people like that would be amazing and you know as far as the neutrality. I love that because you know you ask a question on facebook thread and it is like it's a zoo. It can get so crazy and with so many different opinions. It would be nice to have you know. Hemi pages the resource that you can go to and feel like you're getting legitimate feedback you know so i. I think that's amazing. I don't think you guys will have any problems keeping keeping the ball rolling with you know advertising because once you know once you guys get that word out there. I can't imagine any MOPE Har- related company not wanting to be listed on Hemi pages. Because you know from what you guys have told me so far. It sounds like it will be the go to resource for anybody. Who has a you know restoring their car paint bodywork engine work machine work things like that. I really think you guys are on to something cool and chuck when you reached out to me to tell me about it. I was like wow. I'm surprised nobody else's thought of that or nobody else actually perfected it. I think a lot of people you know that maybe have tried similar things I think they they didn't need down. I think you know they went too broad. I think they need down. You Know I. I don't know of any LS LS resource you know that specifically for LS cars or anything like that so just the fact that you know with how popular all that's all that stuff is it's it's going to be amazing to have a Mo- par resource so thank you guys for all your work that you're doing for the most part I mean. I really think that you guys are something. I think it's going to be huge. So that's I'm excited and I'm not even you know so I'm really looking forward to see you know how it grows and how it evolves over time and I like I said I can't imagine being a Mo- part business owner and not wanting to be on Hemi pages so anything I can do to help you guys. Get the word out there. I'm more than willing to do because I. I'm always about the moped community in helping helping you know. Pull us all together and I. I'm really excited about this. Plow the other rating yes exactly brotherhood. I like that well. You know it's one of the reasons I actually reached out to you because you know we had thought about from a community perspective. You know. We're we're GONNA be advertising and giving people place to go but when it comes in For for example when when we went to look for riders I started reaching out to some of the freelancers that are out there and I'm extending that hand saying if you'd like to write for us we'd like to be able to give you the chance to pick up publication space but also if you think of the problem that exists out there for a lot of the small businesses. They're not very good at you know using the web or managing a lot of their own pages. There's of course shops. That are very savvy but a lot of smaller businesses. That just don't have the time to manage a wickes or a wordpress site or you know let alone write content for it so if we can bring writers together. We've got a podcast. This is why we wanted to create the relationship for you because we thought heck if we could create a voice for the market. Let's let Chris do that And there's plenty of people to interview and there's a lot of companies that want to get that Pr. But the one thing I wanted to mention is you know. We're trying to create that community so if there are people that want to write or they WANNA publish. You know we'd like to make that available to them and if there's a way that they can make money through the site by becoming freelance writers for small businesses or writing articles for brands. That have new parts. You know we'd really encourage that. Because again I think the concept that they brought to market with the help cat in the the Brotherhood of Mope or. I think that's kind of where we'd like to see it. Go the one thing I did. Want to mention on the neutrality piece of two You know we haven't ignored the fact that we know that user reviews very important so the site does have the ability for people to write user. Reviews I'M GONNA try to tone down people that have a very negative review. I'd like to at least keep it clean and professional but the other thing that we've engineered into the technology is yelp reviews if you already have a yelp at at the address of Your Business that already comes into emmy pages so you can see the yelp review that already exists. We plan to do the same thing with Google reviews so you should be able to go to one place and then see not only reviews that had been written on how many pages but reviews that are generated by other sites for the same business along obviously is the same address sources. I think Another thing that actually would be important. Point out is we did have the idea of the people who might not be so tech savvy and even people who don't want to go on their phone alone and we We just decided that maybe it would be a good idea to also have like print issues so even if we do that on an annual basis for people who want to access to stuff maybe through a book instead of online pages on paper. I mean pay as pages. So we're going to be doing. We'll be doing it printed edition where we plan. Since Matthew has time he'll be driving out to the race tracks and setting up the small booth and handing out those editions. We get the word out there. That's not a great idea to man. I can add matthew. How excited are you? I'm very excited okay. I'm going to be able to hit the road. I'm excited people. Talk to the people one on one absolutely. Yeah it's it's it'll be exciting and he wanted to be a journalist so this'll be his chance to really open that book. I really like the idea of you opening the door to freelance journalists in the automotive community. 'cause there's so many. I mean I have a couple names in my head right now that I'm going to have to have them reach out to you because they're young for me. I really liked to promote the younger generations. Getting into Mo- part. Because I almost get scared when I go to these shows because you know I look around and see a lot of the owners of these cars are you know getting up there in age and I'm wondering what's going to happen to the community as a whole wants the generation of people that were sixteen when these cars came out as far as the vintage mopeds go. I'm always curious to see where where the whole community is going to go. And you know one. Social media got big and I got to see how many young people are actually involved I think that's really cool. Especially like on social media you get a lot of people of influence on instagram. I'm really late to the INSTAGRAM game. I wish I had given up on facebook and just went straight instagram because instagram filters out a lot of the garbage that you get from facebook but you know. I can't talk too bad about facebook because it helped me get to where I am now. If it wasn't for the MOPE one hundred. I wouldn't be doing this so I'm I'm excited with kids like Matthew. That are getting involved in this. That's awesome and I know a couple young writers that are probably going to be pretty stoked about this. I know they write for some other platforms. That are out there in popular platforms. But I can't imagine if if you're freelance you might as well get your workout as many places as you can. So I think that's really cool Is there anything else that you guys wanted to say about? Ready Chassis Hemi pages or anything of the like I. I think the only thing we actually like to save the market is for the businesses. That might be listening. You know sign up. Get a listing or claim your listing in it. At least be able to own that part of it because you can get sales leads and customers reaching out to you with ready chassis. I'm just hope that we're able to provide a product that everybody is looking for and be able to continue the scale as a lot of these Older car bodies are continuing to age and they're either getting restored or in many cases they're getting cut up so we we definitely WANNA save enough of them so there's quantity out there But what I would say is. I'm very excited to see what we're going to be able to do with the L. C. Chassis which is the challenger because the used market is now creating enough volume that will be able to create accessibility to cars that are truly designed to be stripped ready vehicles not to say that the hell cat demon art because they definitely were designed for it But cars that have axles roll cages. And just all the components you need to be safe and go fast very very excited awesome matthew. What about you I would say? This is more from a perspective Just we have an official date on when we WANNA actually make ourselves known of the public which is four. Twenty six is kind of a toast to the culture heavy-handed happy holiday absolutely and of course as soon as we can be making it out to the modern streaming shootouts. We will be so we want to have someone as myself. I want to be on hand. Be there for the people who have questions about because I know that for some people word of mouth in having the interaction is also very important and so I just WanNa make sure that for those people who see the market different way. They all get a chance to get the experience of being part of this this culture and this Brotherhood awesome very cool so for everybody listening go to Hemi pages DOT COM and chuck. I know you have a number to call. What's that number buddy? It's eight three three G. O. T. H. Three. Am I or eight three three God. Hemi awesome very cool. Also there's ready chassis. So that's ready. Chassis DOT COM. You can go there to get up to speed on all your race. Car needs from Chuck and Matthew Before we sign off I do have a little segment of direct connections that I like to call the six pack and it's just a speed round of a I don't know if this makes any sense but this or that question so I want both you guys to answer these so it's really simple. It'll only take a couple minutes. You can go in-depth with your answers or you can just give me a one word answer. It'll be pretty quick and pretty fun so the For all right okay. Ready all right. The first one dodge or Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth. Alright Four twenty-six Hemi or Hellbent Elsa four twenty six twenty. Six nine nice okay. Here's here's a good one hurst. Hemi DART or Hurst Hemi Barracuda Barracuda. I'll say dirt absolutely Barracuda. Love it. Love it now. This one is a little controversial. Because there's so many different opinions six point one. Hemi or six point four Hemi. I'll have to go patchy six point four all day. I I guess I think I gotTa go six four. Because I've I don't have a whole lot of experience to six. I've I've heard I've heard rumors that the six point. Four dozen handle boost very well. Now I don't know how true that is because I'm not as experienced as a lot of those guys involved with that but I've seen these six point one emmys get crazy amount of power in some of these like for example the W K one grand Cherokee. Rta's I've seen these guys. There's a couple of companies out there that have hundreds of thousands of miles on these jeeps was stock bottom ends putting out you know four digit wheel horse. Our which is insane to me and the and I've heard through the grapevine that six point four don't handle the crazy amount of boost like that as easily so I don't have you heard now it's actually true the the cast aspect of the Pistons and the powdered rods are really the biggest enemy. But if you go with a good h beam rod and a forge piston in a six four and especially if it's be BG block. It's is in some cases as good as hell cat stuff but the good part for all of us is that the markets continuing to make a lot of aftermarket choices. So that we'll have million hemmings to start working from And I think that's the part we need to rejoice is that we've now we've got quantity absolutely. I agree with you on our percents. Okay next one modern challenger or modern charger modern charger. I I like the modern charger because I I like the idea of the four doors and still having a ton of power. It's just it's it's been a cool idea to be ever. Since they came out. I thought it was so awesome. I'd I'd have to go challenger only because I feel like we're still celebrating the e body designed by supporting that car but given I've got so many children actually should be choosing four door. You know I I. I'm kind of torn. I at first when the charger I came out. Of course I was like afford. Or what are we doing here than the Challenger followed and I was like okay. Well that fills my need for the two-door and I love them. Both I think that the designs of just gotten better with time. I think they're doing a great job. Actually sit here. I'm scared when they decide to go outside the box a bit. I don't know when that's going to be. I heard in twenty twenty one or two or three something like that. They're going to redefine the car. That's scary to me. But hopefully they don't change it too much but I've been saying since the start of this podcast. I want to see a new KHUDA but You know with Challenger. I've always thought. Maybe you guys can give me your opinion on this with the if they came out with a new cooed. I would wanna see something completely different than the Challenger and I. I wouldn't mind I went. I thought that something similar to the sixty seven to sixty nine Barracuda a little bit smaller a little bit more compact especially with these power plants that they're talking about you know the turbocharged four cylinders and the six cylinders and things like that. I think there's a lot of room to work there. If you had the option of you can kind of like with the The new challenges and so you can get a v. Six or you can get all the way up to you. Know a six point zero Aamir. A six point two supercharged. Hell cat engine so I would like to see a car that speaks to more than just the muscle heads. Because I know that there's a market out there that just for some reason. I don't think that Lopez has gotten to yet. You know as far as the tuner market goes and I think the Barracuda or the KHUDA would be a pretty good foot in the door for that now. What do you guys think about that? Yeah I like that idea. I think too in the absence of the viper that they would they would have an opportunity to be able to fill. Where the where. The hole in the market exists today because I would agree with you heartedly the Challenger and in many cases the charge are very very much feel like muscle cars and back there labelled as such but they don't necessarily have a sports car and they've got the power plants to make it work so I'd say go after it and makes something unique to agree with you feel. I definitely say one thing I think would be really nice to too is the fact that they could go with an entirely different platform. Instead of like the traditional fastback looked at both cars have calendar in charter. They could go for something different from a side profile perspective from the front end or even the rear in just kind of not necessarily go away from the brand look but alternate a little bit because they do have the viper like he said You know they they really could change up a bit if they if they if they yeah. I agree one hundred percent I. I'm sick of all the fat kids. Look at the fad kids. All right okay. The LX Jesse's you're not like event. That's why I think they could just shut the game down and bring out a a modern KHUDA. That kind of you know not only has the. I just want choices. I WANNA go. Hey I wanNA turbocharged four cylinder. See where I can go with that or you know. Let's throw big. V8 in it. I like the idea of having something that can handle like crazy and still have that must but more like chuck said along the lines of more sports car feel. I like the idea of that so I'm always here a CR. Khuda could be a new model. You've just invented all right. Chuck run out to run out to write a letter to Mister Mo par. Okay last last one Hemi Khuda. Now this is referring to the vintage Hemi Kudos because there are no modern Hemi Kudos obviously or demon I'd have to go S. RTD man. I've been so I'd say that I've always loved you. Bodies it's been a dream car mine. I gotTa go to four twenty six KHUDA. I mean that's I was glad that both came on because that is brought an interesting dynamic to this conversation and I love it. Yeah as far as that one goes I as crazy I actually saw a e five blue demon on Friday on my way home from work and I was actually coming out of a parking lot and I saw it going the opposite direction. That was like an I almost almost wanted to just chase them down but you know obviously not GonNa catch him so you know there's something it's weird with those modern cars you know you. Can you'll see you know. Even scat packs are regular. Rt's all day long. But when you see a demon you know. And there's quite a few cats around locally but when you see a demon there's just something about that car. I love her but you know I'm also vintage guy so I would have to go Hemi Khuda just because you know I always get a demon down the line. You know what I mean the Hemi Khuda. It's like okay. Well that's Kinda like the The Unicorn you know. So I'M GONNA I'm GonNa have to stay vintage. Is there anything else that you guys want to talk about? While I got you on the Horn or you WANNA shoved his showdown now I just I. I'd say we really appreciate the airtime. And we look forward to listening to more of talking Mo- parse because I think the format that you've got and the reach that you've got is really I think enthused a lot of us to be able to have something else to be a part of you know if you think of what motor trends done with video and you know for the most part television shows. They've definitely produce some content but she can't watch roadkill when you're on an eight hour drive to the track but with talking. Parse you've you've got a format that I think people can really be entertained. Buying it caught up on when they've got ears only so I'm looking forward to hearing more awesome. I appreciate that Chuck One last time. Why don't you guys tell everybody where they can find? Hemi pages ready chassis and everything that you're involved with sounds good while I'll let you do. How many pages? So Ready Chassis as ready chassis dot com and the online store is ready. Chassis dot shop And then we'll also have a A paper catalog. That will be able to mail out on. Of course you can follow us on social media and then we've got heavy pages. Hemi pages dot Com and then you can cost our phone number. Which is eight thousand three Awesome guys thank you. So much for coming on the first edition of direct connections. It was a pleasure having you and I hope this isn't the only time that I get you on. Hemi pages is launched and ready chassis gets rolling I want to have you guys back on. And let's let's talk some more shop all right. That sounds great. Chris appreciate it was a pleasure having you guys on and that was direct connections. That does it for us here. On talking Mo- pars. Thanks for joining me for the first edition of direct connections for more information about the show. Please visit Dot Com please rate and review it. And if you want to send in your Mo- par story or if you just want to reach out to me for whatever you can reach me Chris at Talking Parse Dot Com. Or you can leave me a voicemail. Two zero nine twenty eight Mo par and in case you already forgot visit ready chassis dot com and Hemi pages dot com to see what my friends chuck and Matt are up to. Thanks for listening folks. We'll see you again next week. I'm your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- parse direct connections. Thank you for listening to talking. Mo- parts your direct connection to all things until next time. Remember no more part left behind.

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