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Hey what's up this. Christopher of rome the missed. Entertainment the podcast. You're listening to is part of the s. J network go to s dash j dash network dot com. That's s. dash j dash network dot com for more great podcast and information on those shows as well as information and able ability to contact. Publicist steve joyner. For more information. Go to a website and check out the family ladies and gentlemen then enjoy the show. Hey bill today's guest. Shannon wilson is going to be in halston on net flicks. Wouldn't it be fun to wear designer clothes all day. I wouldn't know we're only voice. Bonds what would i know about fancy labels. I guess you're right she also works for. Qvc you can buy clothes there. What a great idea. I'll do that now. Blow high qbc. I'd like to order one exercise bicycle. Three thousand spaghetti trainers and snuggie. Something tells me. I don't even want to hear an explanation. Can you offer some better jokes. Attention rebels of the shirt pollution. Today's podcast is being brought to you by audible. You can get a free audiobook. Download and a thirty day free trial at www dot audible trial dot com slash sherpa. There are over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone android kindle or mp three player. And now mr bruce will lead you into the sherpa chalet as a reminder. Please don't disturb the ac coming to you from scheppach. La beautiful downtown man podcast. It's time for entertainment interviews in the sherpa screening room grab a nile seat and a bucket of popcorn at don't crunch too loud or you'll miss the show. Now he's your host. James duh podcast vais and welcome to the show for screening room. It's me jim the broadcast sherpa. And we've got a wonderful guest today. We had so much fun talking a lot of fun with my guests. All the time donated and today is no exception. Her name is shannon wilson. She's been a dj a model a singer and most importantly she's an actress and he is currently appearing in the movie snow babies. It's movie about drug addiction. Really powerful stuff. Now you would think a lady in such serious roles would be very serious but that was not the case with shannon. We had so much fun so much laughing. Of course what else happens here at the show screaming. What's having lots of fun. I think you're going to enjoy hearing about this lady and keep an eye out for her because she is really counted so without any further. Ado let's have a listen to my conversation with shannon wilson. Hello there herbals. We are here of course in the sherpa screening room. And you know it's a small room but there's a lot of talent in here. That's kind of crowd mean with my guest today. Her name is shannon wilson. She is an actress. An author a songwriter singer. She's been a model. He's been a dj. She's a producer. You hope sit on. Qvc is that right here host more. I'll be there tomorrow actually. Model the fashion different products for started out as a model for. You were acting right. Yes i the avenue on five ten by ten thirteen. And i went to the shopping mall in houston at the northwest and they had earned. It was the gallery at had a modeling contest. So i entered it in the agency likely into beyond so that i started modeling at that age. Pretty young you never you get your little segment on. Qvc like what would you do without these. Get only wish. No i all because they were really hard those out. The hosts and hostesses are all the time they were their butts off. And i'm really not that hard of a worker. It sounds like you listed all out. It sounds overachiever. But that was all done. During a long period of time it wasn't it was his last week or anything in years is the making originally. You're from texas. Yes from houston. And i don't hear a southern twang in you at all. Did you lose it or did you not have a thick one or now did as i said the other day you put a red solo cup in my hand with beer in it they will come right back just for an expired thousand i i. My friend moves to utah when we were thirteen or fourteen out to visit her in utah in ogden. Utah and i was the first time in my family's also from the carolinas from south carolina and that was the first time someone said with the way they looked at me. Listen how she talks. Oh my gosh. What did you just say scindia voters that it was the first time somebody pointed out that i had an accident. Which was you know. It's a life changing. You think you you think you're talking like everybody else. So i'll never forget that like i guess especially when you're specific regions to people and your and your ad that region then all of a sudden you sound so foreign to everybody else either on the utah. I mean they had never experienced anybody from houston nor experienced anybody from offense so who is a mutual fascination between the two cultures and it was we. Were taking your your mom and your dad were. Both teachers did they. Teach in the same school no My mom my mom time catholic schools. She also tired public schools. When i was a kid. Dad started teaching later. When i was in middle school or high school. He always wanted to be a history teacher and he actually just passed away at three about a month ago. He could anything about history the war. Who's just bookish about. Die in really instilled in me the love history. So he was. He was a high school history teacher in an inner city school and just really loved it that passion for it. We were saying earlier before we started recording. The both of us are surrounded by teachers in our families and this is a real time for them right now man. I can't thank our teachers enough for what they're going through any teaching our kids and making sure they're they're on top of things. They are a lot of their own kids at home. I mean the teachers last year. The end of the at got ray gifts for the her from from us for my family because you were so appreciative. Everyone thinks of teachers absolutely so to shannon career. Little bit so the modeling was probably the start in your public exposure. Yeah i always. I'm kinda shy person. Believe it or not that. I always wanted to do feed her. I actually with my mom to be state willing. Wish you were a stage. Mom would have given anything but she was so opposite of that and there was a theater. Great theater program in houston but we couldn't afford it. I remember seeing so sad we can. I couldn't take classes there despite being Plays to be awesome. I never really pursued acting full-time endow about six years ago. Went into newark. Until my husband. I said i think weren't us. I wanna take classes learn from great teachers and so it's of late late starter. You could say but always been fascinated by yes for dancing. I think was a runway. The of people that i liked. I liked that. But i didn't necessarily do that. Do i mean my whole life. I had a company where wasn't in the public eye at all out that you you're running your own business. Also right yeah. I learned a new delay for a couple of years. And i did a lot of runway at work and learned about this whole promo world reeds to be a brand ambassador promoted items. Pass how things and i have a lot of money in. La as many people don't and so. I learned how to. I learned about promotional business. When i moved to the east coast. I started my own company stock for marketing companies. For a long time. He had employees in an office. This was allie business. So is it can experience after you do the modeling. Then you started doing some theater work. What was your first major screen production. You remember or your vision. Only got i really. The arrested did some improv. But i should have done better. Yes my first audition for the michael j. fox shipu. The being i'm gonna dishes. Did lowly hiding agent philadelphian. Our team will do local spots and commercials. in new. york's big time ray. I got called in for the michael. J. fox show which was about six years ago. That was my first audition with russ meyerson. Forget he was the first person that called me for role Shows i can't even tell you and you just don't book them but then those same casting directors will call you back in different parts. You may get a callback. You may get pen for the role. They cancelled the roles of all. These things can happen. That's why it takes so much love by pounding the pavement and do the part in elementary. Right you played a sniper or a female mercenary mercenary. my biggest. I was so excited. When i booked that that was with mark sacks casting who cast good wife and yeah i was. That was my first big attack. Years ago through modeling agency. With david. Morris was on. Cbs and now is my first television rule. But i wasn't pursuing acting someone. I poked alimentary. Like i've understood for so many parts. I'm so happy to book. This is his two It was words but it was my first time on on a television sad series with with all of these people so that was that was really an exciting time. And i saw the scene. The you look like kick them series. But we i mean and i was so nervous earlier i mean literally had to sit in a closet with jonny lee miller the star of elementary that was built talent and then we're off to the side of the sat in a little room closet size like broom closet so i had to walk out of the onto the said and in the room with him and i was so nervous that i was sweating and relating does to know anyone investment by two words and i think to him i said He said only really sweaty. He's like that's nice. How was trying to remain cool and collected. Because i really like him as an actor. So was great and also. I just noticed something you when you went to college. You were a nighttime grunge. Yes yay ninety one. Kfi did you have like a gay name or did you use your own shanta funny because my sister is six years younger than i am and she married a guy from nacogdoches texas where my college was and he remembers me. He's like oh. My god we listen to you all the time because i had it ten pm twelve. Am our grunge was pearl. Jam and grunge and enriches so on to be a college dj at that time with that music nirvana and that was a really good experience. Could you do a little sample of you. May be introducing like a like a ninety dollars grunge any matter and coming up with pearl jam that better dissidents one of my favorite songs tracks you guys talking about here in the day with a record so i remember like the record skipping did you ever. Dj i tell you to story one time. I was dj jiang and it was a cd player. And when i was playing the bride and groom song. The song was skipping so it was like okay. Are you going to dance fast. Aurora say we grab during their dance. So i think a lot more than my armpits hilarious. It happens and i was looking at your resume. And i see that you can do. I know you can put you have to put down like every skill that you have. You do a long island and russian accent. Would you please grace with. Did you have to combine them the problem so you're saying about any of that so anyway it was walking down the street. Thought he'd better pass me. He's literally like five. Till i mean fire to by ten. He like literally came up to my waist but he was so looking. So that's like a long island accent. And then you want to rush in rush. I only hope for concerts concerts rush if they are not concerts. And shall we go but we do not know klein like we got some of your movies. Because i know there's so many snow babies that just came out recently on amazon video on apple. Tv can you can stream it that way. This is supposed to be theaters with covid at but and you play the mother of a drug addicted donor. Yes she's a sixteen year old sweet kind. Straightway catholic school overall and he is a declare janna quite a mom and it's a very intense though to do is independent by first feature that i bought. I'm really proud of a female director. Smith and mike walsh wrote it. And they just didn't want to research on on x and had their stories incorporated that into films People see is real life. I mean it seems dramatic stories. They took so yeah. It was a great experience that i hope that we hope that helps people. Didn't you do movie. Were you also play the drug addict addicted to drugs. I have cancer. Yeah and my father had dementia but we were in that. One of that went to a lot of festivals. That was the short film and that was. I love playing that part. Because i were wigging out a ball at for wine on a lot of additions where you look a certain way or they you kind of get pigeonhole which is fine. A mind that if it's helping me get work. But i'm seeing now where i can be can look how i wanna to look haggard. I wanna be able to look tired or have these roles. Where other than the right one of comes. I was addicted to opioids. Yes as a pulp offer from eighties. Yes i hear a wounded deer. Okay yeah i wrote down with a question mark next yourself right. Yes even rosenberg at that. Yes of course. I mean it's interesting. You know facing the topic of drug addiction on really both parts where you're pair or someone to ordinary your the addict yourself. That must be something for your mindset when you when you have to film scenes like that where there's just so intense and yeah snow babies. The one for the opioid is the pill hopper. It was short film so it was done. We went to michigan up in michigan. Nowhere restarted in this cap and yes. That was tired of some snow. Maybe longer shoot. I had really deal with water content and fourteen year old daughter so my daughter in sixteen so this to visualize Katie kelly place daughter. Such a great actress that i had ptsd scenes. You really had to go to places emotionally and how kids two teenagers it was. I came home. And i'm like don't you our try. You don't ever have never take more pain medication scary. Yeah i guess yeah especially as a parent. You're playing apparent in that situation than coming on your own kids. Yes that reality. Just kinda stabbed at it does it say was yeah. It was scary. There were Tire to snow babies in. There's a reason for that because the siegburg reshot sometimes out of order so it'd be like really testing. We're headed cry. Ally in deals a lot of emotion in wrap it up you know he can just turn that off and then we had to go shoot something where i'm happier with my head for five minutes and you're going to be in upcoming netflix's show called halston and could you tell a little bit a little little bit about that yes. Fat halston was a iconic seventies fashion designer. He was just unbelievable. Really innovative fashion best friends with liza minnelli and was really part of the new york scene in the seventies and you mcgregor is playing halston ryan murphy production and i'm lucky enough to have booked on apart on that show and the person that i'm working with my husband had been announced his name yet but he's been around a really long time someone that everybody knows and he is. The nicest person has been in. It is so content. That's an intimidating situation. Walk into sure especially when when halston had being played guy who played. Obi wan kenobi and he was so sweet moment one day. They got shut down because the kobe monday but he was very nice. He he's he's very sweet. And i find i find most people really are the especially the ones that have been around a one time that i've come into contact with or maybe have parents that are pretty famous are really really down to earth. Really nice. that's good to know. And also i know a lot of pending projects Everything held up because of covid but a lot of things. We'll probably be seeing the light of day hopefully next year. Yeah next year and twenty one. Yeah and twenty twenty an hour thirty Announce starting to cape auditioned spell before you had to go into offices but it's it's neat to see for anybody who wants to get into acting better. Old army unite started late. I was so much older than everybody else. You try on their early twenties but on the pavement you work hard and your digital editions may have no words you don t just act something out and then you'll slow lazy chip away. You start seeing progressions. It's pretty cool in you. Also doing movie cold finding christmas. Yes that's Babies so that'll be a christmas movie. And i play martina the white of the mob boss from south philly philly conceal they philly. I love accents. I i can do many accidents for me. So i'm going to be like addressed. Adriana from sopranos are the also used to play a really fun character. It's interesting. I mean as you're talking about all these different parts you're probably going to be hard for them to pigeonhole. You'd probably just do whatever role you can said you're feeling she said you're chameleon because i feel it can be a little material and think at first was where people like upper east side woman the affluent country club which is not me late. My mom was a single mom. I love loco bars. I mean i can hang out with. I just love theme rights. That's really me so bad and waiting tables right. You have to embark on. You'd be able to talk anybody. That's a that's absorbing people in place bartending. Absolutely we can get another italian actors. Yes would have a very big part in that That stars markman chata markman chocolate chocolate china. Ozark in. he's been a of stop. He's such a good actor. That's a horror movie and that's the same producer from snow babies also too. They were nice enough to put me in. I in a bit part once you get somebody you got engaged. That's due to promote your career. Than that i loved them. Cato said gonna retaliate. Who should she coming out. Next year. your first time producer for the obscured yes thriller and i was looking for something to produce Ns woman who. I really like on twitter. Our and proposed. She's one just a bunch of awards lords done so many things in so i reached out to her and she's still looking for a little bit more funding and help as producer. So i jumped on board and stuff that the concept is really smart week. it sounds and she said I really liked it. So if you'll be on on the other side of the camera. For the first time. I think i think i like it. You know there's less pressure the pressure when on the camera. I some of the stuff that i've shooting coming up for one of my shows. I'm really nervous about. It's a big scene in its with. You know think. I thought about nonstop you. Just don't stop thinking of us wanna do a good job right anything that you do and he just want to show that you could be agreeing new to the neck. Newer to this. In many people also said approve. Prove yourself yeah you know. I think people sometimes their career only really kind of started flourishing like within the past few years. But it's it's fine. I guess once he kinda hit the ground running and you understand what's behind that momentum as you're doing more things it just becomes a lot more comfortable in the probably in a faster fashion when we would you say so by us to more comfortable. I think that you don't feel like you're chopping block in the business times where you like at anytime. He could be fired. Or they'll cut your part and a radio shack commercial Radio shack marcel ryan from entire christmas. And i made job of my husband. I said oh my gosh. The radio shock. Mersal runs every time. It wasn't gonna go. Ching ching my car cut out. So i don't watch the commercial. They run for a month. And a half and i was. I didn't the residuals from itself as one. Somebody only wants my manager. Said never tell anybody. You're something really until you see yourself. Offscreen cutting room floor absolutely. I mean there've been lots of scenes even with with a lot more famous actors to like. I know what kevin costner costner. Famously in the big chill was asked to being there. There were a few other ones too. I know that's alliance talks about filming Filling movie Two weeks or something in the she wasn't in any of it so i looked up. One time after suv been cut from parts. I probably look after greg radio shock and there are a lot bad that you would it make sense. I did a short film and where scenes was cut and it makes complete sense. I saw it didn't make sense with the rest of the movie. So sometimes he can't take it personally. You know our story line didn't line up with at and they were trying to move this way along. So sometimes they sort of say give continuity and and sometimes you don't want that subplot that they might feel takes away two times. I understand that yeah. It's not the actor It's not not reasons so remember that when it happens to you growing also. I know that you like to write and you actually have a published book. Will the littlest peanut. Ooh this was based on personal experience. Yes both my kids were premature so created after being in the running that if you re time and i have written poetry. There were no baby books. If you have preemies at the time were baby books that match the milestones that premature baby house first time changed their diaper for Hold them when they got off their c-pap us. All those things are important. Parents premiums created a book. My brother-in-law illustrated net and it. Certainly but you fill out for baby for premiums. Get a lot of feedback on that from people who've who've experienced that as well with worse yes i mean i published at about five years ago. Our fourth addition. Yes a my on the reviews on amazon. They're always so sweet I do have one star for a woman. i swear. don't court she just saying it's been there for like five years. She bizzare page. Which is i mean. She told i trying to get that review and they don't amazon the logic that review and it may not like meeting today. This is funny story. I got off by someone driving a subaru today again. Their license plates at hippos. It just cut me off Turned into the sea as becoming an attorney who said yes and they're licensed hippos away sieber on hip us licensed. You might not want to approach that car i started. I was so mad when i started cracking up. That's a potential song. Hippopotamus into subaru. The environmentalists hippo and you also a songwriter and we were talking earlier that you do have some songs on itunes and spotify people wanna check it out under your name under shannon milk. Yeah at the yes. They can go on the some of them. I realized yesterday the dot. They're older than time though so fast. So i i one asia write songs. I found out there is a music guy. That was a studio musician. Nashville with the and brad caisley nashville for all the years in tower over for me so unbelievable pilots sixty sixty by john heffernan until he proves the songs and some guitarist but not like he is. I texted him yesterday. And i said i haven't. I saw a report. I haven't worked for a few years. So i'm excited to write anyone. Sure routed i just needed recorded. And i was telling shannon. I was checking out some of the songs last night. And it's definitely like a country folk kind of vein if you like country folk music and it's really good stuff thank you. I advise everybody to check out her pages on spotify and applebee's thank you so it's fair to what is next for shannon wilson shoot. It will start. I'll start working on halston for alexa. And then i don't know just take it day by day. I mean like. I said i'm a qb. Tomorrow i'm gonna do fashion modeling and you can't this present day. I'm working on being grateful for what happened now in terms of like my kids and all about work and not try to walk more is that makes sense only balance. Yeah think i'll have gotten auditioned in our our had some additions. And then you you know my manager will say oh they moved you up and casting hear anything back in have to remember just to be great stuff. I have not tried to because everything's moving a little bit slower these days so i don't know what's next. We'll see maybe our cortisone there you go. Well the hippo subaru idea are you gonna do s siesta chills. Me in the subaru. Cut me off. And i was going to. Cbs because of my cough higher uranium. My next song shiver studio presents presents. Her name for the podcast. That'll work all right. So why don't we let everybody know where the people can follow you on social media. And if they wanna learn a little bit more about us while we kind of touched a lot of things on the surface and there's there's so much more to be found thank you Yeah they can go mishaan. Fha in a n wilson and that will pop up all of my stuff. You know the book and the music and my immediate package. Follow me on twitter. In as a nick wilson. But i try to be better about social media. I'm good at it. Like people come up with such witty stuff to say. And i just i start writing something Stupid so i just don't really so you know what i mean. I've you're asking career being stupid. Know you're not stupid but twitter h. Theory tweeting winning way stuff. Not most tweets are like when we're done. I will go on twitter. And i'll say oh. I talked to janet wilson. Yeah but there's sort of a by weird sense of humor in there somehow check out. I like weird sense of humor. You a big fan of british humor. Yeah oh my god my raise. My dad's my kids monty python. John cleese their whole the way they deal with death and the hewer in. That is just brilliant. Sure on monty python. Did you watch fawlty towers and the towers is that. That's another one in. What's the other are those. Were nice to watch cold. Are you being served. And it was a store it was about a british show and it was about the people that work in the store. Oh amy surf so what happens watching the story than it was like being sued the whole kind of british class. You know how they operate department stores and it's it's very different from what we would see in the. Us is the intelligence level of money python. Those guys just so smart and still are still john. Cleese east cracks me up when he is on. Talk show is ready to step. I was hearing him talk about his mother. The other day is going to have her stuff and put her in a quarter. Because i told her that she was like ooh and then he said my mother must be so hard to be ninety. Two when you get up in the in the nursing how you go get your custody and you come back in the plus you're talking to you is dead and the custer is funny about that whole funny and something completely different if you definitely want to check out of work mike. Young check out his website and keep an eye open for snow babies. because it's going to be some powerful stuff there amway. We will be keeping our fingers crossed with halston mr. We won a great mystery husbands that you can't say who it is yet. Stern husband santa wilson. Thank you so much for coming down to the sheriff's screening room. I glass thank you for having me. Hello there zits me jim. The podcast sharper interrupting my own. Podcast which you know about another podcast. That i've worked on. It's a little mini series five episodes coal too many eighty songs and i didn't work on it alone. I got a lot of help. With my buddy bruce you know him better as mr bruce and me here with by far podcast call too many eighty songs and talk about what else eight songs. And it's just a lot of unscripted conversation. No other silliness little trivia and a lot of music so please check it out. New episodes debut. Monday four or five weeks through january and february and you can hear all the songs exclusively on spotify. That's the only place that's playing the two eighty eight hundred songs. Shout little hint. If you don't get to hear disown merit hired on spotify. Check my social media pollution on instagram twitter facebook for the late to all the so we looted in some that. We didn't predict fan of as easy. And you've got a special eighties request or dedication. Send it to me and we get enough requests. We're going to come back and do special request and dedication shelf. Hope you listen if you enjoy it so much unless you're pollution up from you hired a phone don't wanna be then cloudiness in my head fades and i'm left with my day full of didn't make wrong honestly. No credits pamphlet there glass. I keep on goldens futures past pray info. Gold nepad a month sifting through the with another. But hope 'cause i know you is a strain from new console far a drama focus on just one Sometimes carnot beauty and grace zone out there some away. Now old three info go to nepal mud sifting through the rocks with nothing. Hope because i know you exist as estranged from looking so far the trying to folkestone just swamped gold and the puddle. The mud through the rocks. With because i do you from the trans folks own. Just one me absolutely. Nothing but hole exists john onto me. Patch dot com there. You have it. and thanks. So much to shannon wilson for coming on down to the screening room had so much fun with her and we will be back with another show for you you know what. If you like the shell favor. Go on apple podcasts. Or stitcher dot com or iheartradio and leave a nice little review about the show by the word about the sharp aleutian. We can do that right. Shore and if you wanna check this show out online you can go to my website. Sharp pollution dot com. Okay mr bruce. I guess were done with today's interview. You know what. Let's head on out in a subaru. And let's make sure there are no hippos inside of it. 'cause you know they tend to take up a lot of room in the back seat see rebels. Next time vivo sharp pollution. Thanks for listening to the ship. A screening room. Don't forget to subscribe right review and share this podcast. I'm mr bruce and this has been a sherpa loose studios production viva la chapelle aleutian.

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