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f5: There Are Some Things You Just Have To Experience


Here it is another farm five on farm small farm smart. especially you know with with Margaret guarding reading. I think even if you know everything and you have a way better starting position than I had like. There's still things that you just GonNa have to experience variance. Even if you know the whole round to the point you know. There's nothing left to learn that somebody can teach you. You're still we're going to have to start off and have the experienced his. I mean you know just social skills going to a restaurant and talking to them you know maybe the first restaurant you go you you talk to them and you weren't that well composed and you came off to them. That's something you just have to experience. I when I first I started my first year. I really had no idea of successions just because you know starting and in May and ending in September. Really if you're growing longer season crops you know crops it have a longer day to maturity. You really don't need success it's just there's no way to cram it in But my second year definitely I had some moments especially usually in the spring where you know. I've planted something say like March fifth and then played it two weeks later later on like you know the nineteenth of March and both of those things still came to maturity all at the same time. And that's definitely tricky and I think it's going to happen to anybody because you can even have in in the beginning of the spring. You have one cloudy week and things kind of catch up with each other Which is pretty common around here? I would say got better over time with doing it. Just planning every two weeks but even even and this year I've gotten tripped up where just thinking that I had enough planted and something going wrong or crap having to be copped out of the bed alive faster as from me off but I think now definitely. We're about up to little under a quarter Acre. I think that we have enough space that I'm not necessarily surly willing to miss a planning and I have enough space that I can hit a planning almost every single week of every crop that have I have not necessarily run up space which I think is really helpful especially if you're dealing with his father space that can kind of inhibit you from taking the chance of planning right before you know. It's forecast to rain three inches. You know overnight and things like that which is something that I've experienced in past that really kept me from Taking on more risk. That could have been capitalized on.

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