Tatum Super Max & Hayward's future


Welcome to an offseason addition another offseason a sad offseason addition of the garden report. All right off, but it is what it is. It could be the values could be the worst time could be it could be what my fear is is going to be a boring time. I like off Seasons, but the Celtics again seemed like a fairly well structured team where you're going to have a thing or two that happens, but there's still there's an offseason checklist in the potential for drama. So wage. Let's just run through some of the things that they have to do here first order of business. It seems to be guaranteed at this point is Jayson Tatum signs a supermax deal, which he now has a right to do because he made third-team all-nba and that's going to lock him up until his age 27 season because it kicks in after his final year. I believe of his contract before it's dead. To to pay out at that level. So right essentially it's an extension. It's after next year takes them to his age 27 season and sets him up for another monster deal at this point. So everyone assumes this happens, right? Is there any world in which it doesn whether it's from Tatum aside or the Celtics side? I can't see it. I'm just throwing it out there to you guys cuz this always seemed like a done deal but just I'm not trying to Stir It Up but there's parts of me that I've always wondered. You know, this guy want to be you know, you know like oh, no I again we assumed it's dead. I don't want to assume anything. So I'll just throw it out to you guys. Yeah, I think it's safe to say I mean, yeah from what we've seen from How The Team feels about Jayson Tatum from the progression. He's made year after year. He wants to see this thing through and of course it's always do as well. Rest even does, you know, they would have to get to the NBA finals. I think at this point. It's the next season's a bus that they don't, you know, I think we gave them that leeway for this year's. And they surprised us regardless of how you feel, you know, after seeing them get eliminated but heading into the season that it wasn't the goal. Right and B if I was in certain goal, they surprised us on this one. So yeah, I think that was a safe bet is Jayson Tatum. Yeah get it done. I agree with Joe swear. I think I think Bob is going to agree to I mean, this is a guy that you you build your your team your franchise around, right? I mean, it sees the right position. He's at the right age. He's a you know working he's improving. I mean by by all accounts everyone would say that this was you know a great season for him. I think after a year or two is when you started here a couple of questions, like, you know always just got really on the trajectory to supermax or Superstar type player, but I think this season kind of put those Whispers to rest and you know kind of show kind of prove that you know, he is going to be if not already V guy in Boston moving forward and they're going to have to build around himself. Listen. I mean the Celtics are 1,000% going to you know, make that offer and I don't understand why it makes you know, I think of a good reason why Jason stated wouldn't accept it. So I'm sure thing I'd be a terrible move if he did it. In fact, this is the possibility he could lean for four years versus the five-year extension that they're able off. Last year of that fifth year is a $47 million-dollar. So that's why you do it. It's it's I'm sorry 49.5 Bobby that that last year. The first year is 37,000 of of that extension in the 2122 season. So it depends on the cap will see where the cap it is that so if it keeps increasing what you're probably won't it gets the 37. I think it's going to be more like 33 in that first year if they keep it flat but still I mean we're talking five years Max salary he's going to do it he's going to do it but that's it. So you're tied to Tatum a guy which means he's your boss car and I like I like John how you mentioned it sets them up nicely for the next big contract is right. Well, well, what's a 27 Jayson Tatum Public Library? Oh, he's just entering his Prime. Oh, this is you know, he hasn't even peaked yet. That contract is going to that's the one that that's the one who's going to leave you then he becomes that guy who just signed one-year deals over and over and over again funny dog. Spot for some for some Los Angeles team in each year. He comes free. You're just crying these tears of like come back to us case in any won't while entered like type get you signed it, you know, he's can opt out after two years, right? So, I mean, I'm not saying his going to do that but there are players already with that sort of you know, I want to make sure I keep all my options open and I don't want to make anything crazy but at this stage Jayson Tatum and the Celtics are you know, they're matched. They're they're going to be in a relationship long-term here. So it makes all the sense in the world for both sides to to do that. So but you're yeah, yep, no drama here. Unfortunately, we can't we can't I'm not trying to manufacture it either we're just going through the list and if it does get to that point we've seen players Flex that leverage years in advance of their free agency. So realistically if things went to hell, he could start making noise two years ahead of that five-year deal completing and maybe force his way out of here for that regard to that. So there's no down. At the signing that deal. Yep, he's not going to Toronto man Joe. Hey Louis team to go to either need to tell everybody at home. Of course a wonderful sponsor. Jimmie cash Shield a shield, right? They're everywhere. They're everywhere. So again for those not familiar at home. It's America's number one Auto protection Company Computer Systems in cars are the new normal from electronically controlled Transmissions to touch screen displays to dozens of sensors. My car. My car still has roll-up Windows it could cause if you got to fix something and now is not the time for expensive repairs carshield has affordable protection plan that can save you thousands a year covered repair including computers GPS electronics and more than a joke. 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Nothing here is real at all. Everyone just puts the pieces together. Well, he's from Indiana. Maybe he wants to go back. Yeah, his family's there. Oh, not only that but this is what they do. They they put they say trade a guy just cuz they want to get rid of them. They don't think about what's coming back. They don't think about where it's going to put the team. They just find the guy who and they the fans girl. Critics of them that they find someone that dissatisfied with and they just say freedom but it's like for who they throw Victor Oladipo out there and you don't even think Victor Oladipo is played 54 games and two years and you think hayward's injury-prone drives me crazy. Yeah hayward's bad luck injury-prone all the Depots got some problems that like you're wondering if that gets better off here, right? Yeah. He's he's risky we talked about Myles Turner. I think Myles Turner is a classic guy. If that were a deal the classic guy that you would hate like twenty games into the deal and be like, how long did not sign this guy for? Yeah. He's one of the like amount reincarnation. It's included you bring him here. You start figuring out where you want to trade them, you know, like oh, so this is why India was so eager to Thursday. Okay, we do shoot threes. I can see it now. Oh my God. Yeah, I would I would be I would be interested in a miles turn off. IPlayer young athletic big who can stretch the floor. I mean, we're just you know, these are things that the Celtics need so if he were to be available on a serious note what I what I you know, what if I'm I'm obviously picking up the phone and seeing you know, what type of a package they're they're looking for and yeah, Gordon Hayward is kind of like that play where people are like trade on but there is wasn't when we use talking about Jason system. He's a Cornerstone player. You're not getting an adjacent to him. You're probably not getting rid of Jaylen brown, right? So you start going down the line you have to do want to do want to I'm not going to say the word improve. But if they do want to switch it up and trying to prove right you look at guys like going hey when you look at guys like and I'm going to say it I'm going to say this. I don't want anyone's head to pop up. I'm going to say Marcus Marcus Smart. I'm going to say I don't want any Celtics fans to chop my head off Jimmy. I'm glad you say things because I want to make it clear that I don't think any of us as opposed to trading Gordon. I just think we're looking at I am I am a list. Are you I'm going to go ahead Bob. Car I'll hang up. And listen. This is I mean and you know, this is how Danny Ainge is going to look at it. He wants value or Surplus value for this guy if you're trading Hayward now integrating. What are you sure? Yeah, you either get pics and kick the can down the road as John said or you're essentially treating us as a salary dump. So you're getting a bad contract back or bad per se like that Oladipo thing makes sense. But I look at Home Depot and say you're getting a worst player back over. Hey ready? Let's not forget Hayward shot 50% from the field 38% from 3 85% from the free-throw and he was awesome last year. I agree. I'm I'm actually looks like this guy and he's got back back back right in the sense that I'm not looking to trade him either and like you said, he's going to be in the last year of his deal. So it's hard to like get value like that for his situation. He's coming off injuries and last year of his birth. Money like what are you expecting? You could keep what's wrong with keeping this guy? Right? No, I mean, he's very serviceable. I'm wondering what his role is going to be next year when we come up to bench know I'm starting lineup. I think you just reset it. I think you run it back. I mean, you know my smart willing to go back to the bench or do you think he's a starter if he's not then you trade him. So let's talk about that because Joe sway mentioned it. Okay right now just ways, right. The only thing you can do here is if you deemed this cast not good enough or incomplete in some way. You have very little flexibility to make an impact move unless you find a way to trade Hayward and get something that you think is an upgrade not trading in perspective trading if it's not a or smartphone, that's it. That's what you got. That's it and that's it. But it's really a couple of weeks from the year before two years before but not going to get much value there. That's all your heart this place. It's not Kemba. It's one of those two guys. That's it. I mean I've been talking, but I don't I don't think they're going to move one of the four core for because like you say, they didn't get the full lineup together all year long to get to work on the best side. I think there's a case that that best I've never going to work. They're just too small. They don't have a center like presence as part of it. So they educate your train smart try to get a bigger player in this place. Anyway of a contract the question again, though. Do you get a guy who's better than him defensively to even get a guy that's better than her pensively I gets I don't see them moving any of these core four guys and getting better like about the kicking the can down the road or getting rid of a piece is just like seem to indicate who might not want to play the role. He's going to be in next year and I don't think that's the case with a necessarily it could be. I don't know. We'll see. Nora speculative and we're not saying you're going to get somebody it's not that easy old age obviously wants to get better. But you know, you might get a guy that fits better. You might get a guy that fills a void or fills a role. Maybe you get a game player on top of that to even out the fact that he is on all defense team, you know what I mean, like or a pick or something like that. So I'm again. I'm not trying to trade Marcus Smart, but I'm just saying if you're Danny Ainge and you're looking for ways to improve, you know, you have to look at only you only have a couple of guys to choose from here. Yeah. I'm telling you guys in your guys's value writing those since you guys and I'm I'm not I'm reluctant into I'm reluctant on the idea of a trade-off. I think that's the one that's a that's a piece for the future. I don't think you sent yourself or a deal and that's why I think a lot of that noise that was you know, made over what happened throughout that serious. I think that dies over in the end during an offseason, but if you see an opportunity to trade Gordon Hayward right now, which I think is really really not it's just not going to happen. I mean, let's face it if that does happen. We're talking about the trade deadline maybe be able to sell yourself to age. Be the kind of player that we saw last season and the only way I'm even considering that is we're talking about one of those twenty-four twenty-five year old big guys who could come in and and really helped maybe not an All-Star but an everyday player the thoughts smart that I don't that I don't know is I I view him as one of those players that I think has greater value to you than he will to anyone else. The only the only the only thing you could possibly need for smart where someone may overpay or trade a higher level talent for him is is a team that wants to change culture and they might view him almost as like page again. I do these cross Sports references all the time, but like people love signing Patriots cuz they want to bring in a little bit of that winning culture and they're like if I bring in these guys, maybe they'll get all my Knuckleheads to play, you know, but is that wrong Marcus Smart? I mean is that really isn't a sense of time Patriot? Like I think our company's plays hard. He's talking about the computers, you know, they said to me a lot of birth. In place yet. Everyone talks about him as a heart and soul type player. Like how many how many how many coaches opposing coaches have we heard when we've been down at the Garden, you know covering games and they talk about Marcus Marcus the heart and soul of that team even yeah, they always say ask the players who they hate to go up against guys in the country kind of I agree. No, I agree with his style of play and that's contagious and they'll play nice loving and coaches seem to love him to opposing coaches. What I'm trying to say. Well I'm trying to say is in terms of like his I mean John you we we've talked about how he sometimes can take over again when not necessarily anybody really want him to I mean, we know he has a kind of a temper his his gift is kind of his curse at times. So I'm not sure if if a team looking to you know change the culture, I don't know if they if they see him I don't need smart is the leader that maybe a team would take a flyer on yet. I think he has those leadership qualities. I don't know, same again. I mean, this is Chad places out there like Sacramento that could probably We'll look to invest in a guy like that and they thought about it when he was a free agent. I think they'd be a market for him. I just don't think it's a greatest idea in the world trade him or any of the core Ford, but we go back to it. They're the only guys with a guy on the roster like maybe Daniel theis has some maybe Robert Williams has some but very minimal and their pics don't have any value. So if they want to make a trade you do at work for the little guys. All right. Well, I'm like always willing to listen Okay, so if anybody wants to overpay for anybody that's fine. It's just your Prattville GM and you come knocking on this other store. You're looking to Jalen or Jason or you're looking at nothing exactly. Right? And that's it getting those guys entree something above you're not you're not getting those guys you guys getting those guys that's dangerous. No one's giving you more value than you're getting from Hayward and they go to the Wizards and ask about Davis bertans the Wizards probably asking for ground and it's like seriously and that's what they run into every time. They go to the table Yeah, and right and now you don't have I don't think Marcus wants a problem. I don't think I think that I think a lot of doing things that it was, you know, again an offseason will kill all that down arrow to be wearing their Marcus Smart jerseys and their tee shirts and all that fun stuff when seasons change Smart's not the problem Brad is not the problem. But Brad here we go. John's partner for Crusade know it's Brad just has to rain Smart in that. The only problem is smart getting to do whatever comes to his brain at any point in time smart has value to you. He just has to stay in his Lane and if he does that when he's on the bench and he'll be back on the bench boss. He'll be back on Monday and he's a more responsible role in the bench and you wanted to be a little bit more assertive on the bench. You just don't want him jacking 23 Footers with you know, eight seconds into a shot clock when Tatum and brown and camber on the floor. It makes no sense.

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