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Answering fido a fire. I can blow things too. Long austin dillon. What's no playoff dog. A battle i liked battle and grind things out. Tell me i can't. I want to show you can arcaro. Npr prn's garage -pez. Have you written a book and wanna get it published then call page publishing a sap. We're looking for authors of all types of books and unlike most publishers page publishing. We'll take the time to review each and every book submitted to us. And if we like what we read. We will get your book into bookstores and for sale online at amazon apple. Itunes store barnes and noble and other outlets. We handle everything editing. Cover design copyright protection printing publicity and distribution. So if you've written a novel children's book cookbook inspirational work poetry or a biography and want to get it published called page publishing now for your free author submission kit eight hundred two nine six one two nine four eight hundred two nine six one two nine four eight hundred two nine six one two nine four once again. That's eight hundred two nine six twelve ninety four. Picking up a hard-fought. When at texas austin dillon made the nascar cup series playoff for the fourth time in the last five seasons while many thought he'd get knocked quickly. Dylan open the championship chase with a runner-up at darlington and lead fifty five laps. On the way to finishing fourth at richmond he made the second round. And dillon would eventually wind up eleventh in the final points. I love to compete. I'm just a competitor. Tell me. I can't no i want to show you that. Can i battle. I like the battle and grind things out and that's why i'm good at the longer races. I believe because mentally. I just i keep working. Keep working as a team got a team. That's behind me. That believes in the. And that's all i need. Is the confidence from those guys. In the playoff dylan's team live by the acronym fido forget it drive on given to them by a military hero who paid a visit to the campus of richard childress racing. He's a military vet who had lost his arm. I mean just tore up. But he medal of honor winner. Brought a bunch of people out of battle believes vietnam and he spoke to us at our lunch and it was probably the best lunch we've had as a group just an unbelievable speaker and i think it really hit home for me because you know A fire guy. And i can dwell on things too long instead of moving on and that acronyms just Easy reminder like a men's over there's no need to Play it back or wonder why we're in. The situation ran. Just get the most out of everything that i can so Yeah forget it and drive on. It was cool to hear him. Say that if i learned one thing from this great game of baseball. It's that she'll humble you. You think you've got it figured out. Check the standings and you're in last place again. I'm eric rubino fantasy baseball. Gm and i can put my team in position to win every single time. But i can't play the games people at least progressives name your price tool as options based on my budget it never lets me down unlike my pitching staff. Amateurs good options based on your budget with progressive. Even if you're not a legend in your own mind progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage committed by state law beating nascar cup series championship chase elliott and kyle busch truck series driver time jesse when the fifty third annual snowball derby in pensacola florida. Elliott wound up third in the three hundred lap super late model race with bush coming home. Seventh martin trevor junior. We'll have a new spotter in twenty twenty one. Drew herring is longtime spider clayton us. We'll move over to front row. Motorsports to spot for michael mcdowell. And we're hearing jimmy johnson's longtime spotter. Earl bargain will move with him over to the indycar series. The arians garage pass presented by progressive. Home insurance get your quoted progressive dot com today.

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