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Hour 1: 11/21/18


Great news. There's a quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. And it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. The pride passion that pattern tree of college. Football leaves here. The Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. Welcome on this day before thanksgiving. I'm Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul Paul as most of you knows in Colombiana, Alabama near Birmingham today attending the funeral services of Tammy Bullard, Tammy a beloved member of the finebaum family was killed in a horrific. Traffic accident last week compounding. The tragedy was additional news. The Tammy's three year old granddaughter was also killed in the crash. There were memorial services this morning, followed by burial at wilsonville city cemetery. So today Paul is where he's supposed to be and the rest of us those who came to know Tammy through this show aware, we are supposed to be hopefully, you're already with your loved ones getting ready for thanksgiving. And if you're traveling today, please please please be careful arrive safely. So here's what I want us to try to do today. This is a special weekend where we give thanks for all the blessing. In our lives. Thanksgiving is a holiday where family food and football all intersect and we start that show right now. All right. Welcome back. Everybody. The Paul finebaum show again. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul. And you know, it's a holiday weekend. There's a lot going on it's robbery week. But we have no shortage of major headlines. Let's check them out right now, let's start with the fact Damian Harris expected to play at Auburn member. He was in the Kucuk concussion protocol would they were concerned about him? But he is ready to go. And that is one more thing in Alabama speaker in this game. Now, how does Auburn feel about all this? We forget that I'll when was the last team to beat Alabama. They don't fear the crimson tide at all they tell us. Well, let's go to some big game. Sound what did they say? This is the greatest rivalries in college football, reenter fifty five eighty year in this state. That's what people talk everybody's either Auburn, Alabama beggar Saturday, Alabama all year long. You know, anytime you play. You know, anytime he played really stand out physical path both sides football at its highest. Players. All know what happened? I think. They don't feel great about it. And feel good about last year. They've had to live with it for, you know, three hundred sixty five days. All eyes on the iron bowl based on. How those teams are playing right now, there's an bubbling up. I can't remember a game where this much concern about Alabama's ability to win certainly, you know, no different this year Auburn hired bold. And that's what makes us so epic. Twenty four point deficit. The iron Auburn Alabama. This is always a game of significance. Be a special game. I've got a bunch of iron bowl. And I'll tell you the great thing that I like about it is that you you can't assume what's going to happen. They're special heroes van Tiffin Bo over the top. And I'm looking forward to this game very much. Now. Let's go to another big headline down in my part of the world. Georgia's defense, they're disciplined to be tested against Georgia Tech's triple option on offense. All you Ella. Bama fan. You saw what that triple option can do and Georgia. I know spends a lot of time getting ready for this not only this week. So what is Kirby smart have to say about focus concentration effort toughness, competitive hours? I mean. Arrivals. I mean, who's not. So it's like next up. We got we look at our schedule. It's like, everybody's a big, rabble rabble. And we've got two good job against them. Because it's a tough match-up. It's a tough game to play and. Seniors out the right way. Let me tell you a great story. This this happened in nineteen seventy six when I was a student at Georgia Georgia getting ready to play Georgia Tech. They've already won the SEC championship golf was a quarterback and was asked. So who's Georgia's biggest rival is Georgia Tech. Georgia's biggest rival and Ray Goff said. Well, no, we've got Auburn and Florida and all these great robberies. Well, Georgia had to get a fumble. And field goal was just a few seconds left to win from that point on Ray Goff said you know, what Georgia Tech is Georgia's biggest rival if you don't believe it try losing into them. So I I think this Paul Johnson. Georgia Tech coaches won two straight in Athens. I think because of their their option ability the fact that they've now they're seven and four to one and three start. This could be with the noon start. And we'll talk about that later. This could be a tough game for the university of Georgia. Now, like, we said at the top this is the weekend thanksgiving, food, and football and fun and family all intersect and that creates a lot of memories. So what what? Things. A want us to do today is talk about favorite memories. I'm gonna give you three of mine right here. Thanksgiving Day, nineteen seventy-one. I'm a freshman in college. I'm at home. And I'm watching the game of the century Nebraska at Oklahoma. The game came on at noon during the game. I got a call from one of my friends who's got an extra ticket to the Georgia. Georgia Tech game in Atlanta at grant field that nights it. Hey, do you wanna come? And I said, absolutely. So we drove over from home. So I got to do a double header one of my favorite memories in nineteen. Seventy one the kick six game in twenty thirteen folks. I wasn't there. And I've never been so happy in my life. Here's what happened. My granddaughter was barely a year old. She got sick. We had to take her to the emergency room on thanksgiving night. As a result. I was working for CBS at the time couldn't go to the iron bowl watch the first half of the game in the hospital room. She got better we were all excited. Watch the second half of the. Game at home. And my wife was before the infamous kick, she says what is Nick Sabin doing. And I explained it. And she said can they run it back? And I said, yeah, they can run it back. And boom, she looked at me and said is the game over. Yep. The game's over darling that was an incredible memory and finally Thanksgiving Day nineteen ninety two the iron bowl at legion field in Birmingham. Got a call at midnight before the game telling me that Pat dye was going to resign after the game. I will never forget being in that locker room when David how's all the sports promotion directed. The consummate professional stood up in front of everybody in the media area and said, ladies and gentlemen, the head football coach of the Auburn Tigers Pat dye knowing that would be the last time that they would ever utter those words, it was an incredibly emotional, emotional sink. One more I want to throw in and I wanna get yours at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. One. I have to throw in there. And that's December second nineteen eighty nine. The first time that Alabama had ever gone Auburn easily the most emotional day in college football. I can ever remember the tiger walk. I was standing there in the near the tiger walk, and it was an incredibly emotional game. Of course, Auburn wins the game to share the title absolutely incredible. So we got a big show on tap today. We've got a great lineup of guests. I guys have been working really hard. Brandon Marcello Arwen sports twenty four seven going to talk to us a bit about the iron bowl. Seth emerson. If they athletic a good friend that has a great story on playing noon games, which the Georgia. Georgia Tech game is Seth Walder will be here to break down from ESPN analytics breaks down the college football playoff in a lot of different areas. And of course, our good friend Ross Dellinger talks about he has a good piece on sl dot com. Tom about JIMBO Fisher. And how not once not twice three times JIMBO Fisher almost became the head coach at LSU. And that's our show for today. We're gonna have we're going to have a blast. We're gonna take a couple of calls here. Let's go to the top tank in Texas, happy thanksgiving tank, high Tony happy thanksgiving teen your family first off. I just went tell you telling me, it's a it's been it's honored to talk to you, sir on may a special exactly on from Texas, sir. And I liked I liked to sent out to the Paul finebaum callers. And everyone I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. And I wanna wish there want to be safe out there. And I wanted to tell Cami that to the family members might thoughts in my purse family today, and and I wanna wish life on a safety there today. And and I. Want? Tell you Tony I'm thankful to talk to you, sir. And play six sports, Tony softball basketball volleyball, track botchy in golf, and I just wanna tell you Tony. Thank you for for what she do. And I'm a big fan of Tony. And the Paul finebaum nation show. This is my second time calling the show I called yesterday. And I'm just I just love the show very much, Tony and very thankful, sir. Thank you. We appreciate your call. And you have a good thanksgiving. Let's go to ROY in Tennessee, ROY happy thanksgiving. Roy. They're doing. I'm doing great. Donnie, he cut me off guard. I little bit. Listen, happy thanksgiving. All you guys. Absolute I listen every day, I guess has someone or somebody one about it as much go fund me account as everybody set up that somebody got something like that going for her Tami's daughter. Yes. Various there is a gofundme campaign that that is a lot of people have asked about that. But there you can do go to search, and you should be able to find it. That'd be great. Another trying. Just I haven't had a chance to say it to you guys that are Colin Powell about it. But I pretty much taking my call. You guys have very show. I'm really do. Alabama fan spent most of my time in mobile and living in Tennessee. Now, Jalen hurts. You know, somebody really needs to maybe give him some, you know, no, they have. But it's just to me. It's such a different atmosphere to see what went on at how he handled sales. And you know, how proud I was to see him decide to stay in and and take the high road in. Oh, and you say it was some of the other teams get in no nine but just to see him whether he was hard or not and just his commitment to stay at Alabama and be a team player. You know, you never know when it might take him to to really fairly and an indecent things just like the character there. And and stuff is just a, you know, he really deserves paddle back and incitement for being able to make you feel. Comfortable enough to do that. And stay in this ground. You know, as far as you know, we we might need would like you to stay. But but to go starts, you know, and for a lot of credits he does role. You're absolutely agree. Thanks for calling. I hope you and yours. Have a great thanksgiving. Folks. We're gonna take a break. We'll be back for your calls on the Paul finebaum show. This is Tony Barnhart sitting there. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. All right. Welcome. Everybody back to the show. Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. It is a holiday week in. And we want you to give us a call at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. We are talking about memories memories that were thanksgiving in college football intersex. What are your favorite memories? Call us. And we'll do it. Then let's take a call. We're going to vet Lee am I pronouncing that right vet leeann Kentucky. Yes, sir. You are. How can I help you today? Vet lee. Yes. I wanna talk about Auburn Alabama, Dan this week and have the thanks giving to everybody out there. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Thank you for letting to call the show. I appreciate it. Yes. I kind of concern does do you think Alabama logo with the two quarterback system because they got Georgia coming up and as you see championship game. Then they got the playoffs. Well, I I don't think there's any question that you want to you're going to play to Tonga below as long as it's necessary. If it's close game he's going to be throughout the question is how long does that go. Jalen hurts gets back on the field last week. I it's like anything else Bentley. It's about the tempo will the game. How's the game going that will determine I would imagine that. We'll get see Jalen back on the field because they they may need him somewhere along the way. How do you feel about it? Yes. I feel the same way or whatever I noticed I noticed things like last week's game when they played whatever they kinda startling that that first half, whatever when I seen the score ten at ten. I was kinda surprised. I was like, okay. I know this to end the season people kind of get rugged a little bit about what they do. But then the second half they temple that. That's what my concern is whatever because I know it's coming down to you know. You know, every game is coming down to big town wins you need those winds at the end of the season. That's what matters you come. And you play the games, and you gotta be tough every weekend. All right. And that's why my concern is when he kept on getting hit and LSU game. How much thank you. Maybe. Oh, his knees going to you know, buckle and give out. And that's why Jalen hurts is a very good prospect. I washed him the last two seasons with Alabama. I think the very good tell and the kid got future to hit him like everybody else on that Ella. Bama swat valley. I appreciate your call. And you have a happy thanksgiving. Let's go to Gary in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Happy thanksgiving. Gary. That'd be missing from Arkansas not say, but I'll take you make you. To give thoughts and prayers having family and that tragedy happen with them. 'cause I remember I've been listening to show for years. Tammy would come on. And sometimes that would change it, you know, 'cause it's like who is this woman. Screaming more damn eagle, you know and going crazy and whatnot. But what our that happened her when I seen you said something about it the other day, and it was just my heart kind of thing. Call him thoughts and prayers to that family and was gonna ask what you happen to think about the last weekend's Mississippi State Arkansas football game because I had a buddy who said was thinking it was all about the coach. And then I was wondering what you thought if it was coaching are still a lot of players trying to play in a tad more system. Thank you, Gary. Appreciate that. No. I it's it's the latter. I mean, everybody talks listen when you get beat fifty to seven it's not it's probably not coaching. This coaching is a factor. But the fact of the matter is is that Chad more simply doesn't have the players right in a fit into his system. And that's you gotta go. There's only one way to solve that problem. And that's to go recruit. Let's go to Greg in Athens. Greg happy thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. Tony thank you for taking my call. I just got home from ten screen roll. It was a really wonderful service in like got to meet some of her family, and it was just a real a moving ceremony, and you know, polled dinner family will with his part of the eulogy that he delivered. It was a very touching ceremony there. Well, I I can't Greg. I can't tell you how many people that. I've heard from who who said, you know, I didn't know Tammy. But I knew Tammy, okay. I knew I knew a new she was passionate and sometimes she was kind of over the top. But there was no doubt about where her heart was and the sincerity of what was what was going on. And it's really been. It's really been interesting. How many people are touched by this? I was on a call with a friend of mine in Chicago and told him that I would be here because Paul would be at the the at the funeral. And he goes, oh, yeah. Tammy I remember her so ten Tammy's Tammy's voice has been heard everywhere. And we are we are really going to miss her. But thank you. Thank you very much for calling. We appreciate that. Let's go to Ed in Greenville Mississippi. I have been there at how are you happy thanksgiving? Hey, tony. How you doing buddy? Don't even listen. Thank you for the wonderful job. You do and pop filling out of power fon, Bob. I really do. Enjoy your commentary, and you arrived on what I wanted to say. Is this Tony the Mississippi State? Oh, miss game. You know in the past has been debated whether the game should be moved to Friday after this is just wonderful. But keep it because you have to wait all the only way of the spotlight thanksgiving night. And could you tell me what what are the line on Vegas in? What are you in John? And Mark thank about the game. Boy, do y'all see it. Well, I'll tell you what the way that. I see the game. Is that everybody understands that old MRs struggling to stop the run? Okay. Everybody who plays them. Fitness up lane with a ten pound bag ice. It's just it's just really really. And when you can't when you can't run the ball, and you can't stop the run in this conference. You got a lot of product. Well, what does Mississippi State do? Well, they run the ball exceedingly whale with Nick FitzGerald. And they've got they've got heiress Williams and and running backs that I that I really really like. So to me it's hard to see how old miss wins this game unless they hit a bunch of big plays. And somehow they learn how to slow down the run. But I I agree with you in that. I love having this game on thanksgiving night. 'cause you because you've been with family all day, and it's been an so at seven thirty eight o'clock you get to turn on this game. I think it's right. Absolutely. Tell me what do you think about Joe Moorhead because to me, you know, Mississippi State in the past there floss has been playing straight ahead runabout smash mouth football in this man fits it. To to you believe he is a great asset to Mississippi State. Will do a lot Foley for the team for the university and for football. Thank you. Don't. All right. Thank you had done. I think Joe more has a really good football coach what he found when he got here was that nNcholas Gerald is great as he is running the ball has limitations thrown a ball. That's just a fact that's just a fact and he had to sorta figured out how to work around that is Mississippi State had a disappointing season. Maybe by by the standards of where they thought they were going to finish up, you know, finish. You know, second or third in the SEC. But when you look at the season, I think it has been a pretty good one. We have time for one more call. Let's go to one let's go to John in New York. John happy thanksgiving. How are you? Hey, tony. Yeah. I just have watched you years ago, Tim Brando show. And and I haven't heard from him or seen him and a long long time. And I just kind of wondered where he was and and do you still keep in touch, and he had Paul finebaum only show every day. And and you were on every day, and then, you know, just kind of his show went away. And then Paul started his show. And and I kinda wonder where all that was and wanted to speak a little bit to the tradition of if he football, and I know you're Georgia grad, and and in the media, you can't really root for Georgia. Overly. But but everybody, you know, I grew up in southern Mississippi and. Pro mess and wanted to Mississippi schools to do well and and had some cousins play for Alabama and bear Bryant was there. And I remember when Notre Dame beat them back to back at me three and seventy four, and I I was I wrote it against Notre Dame from that point on up until today. John, John, let me interrupt you. Let me let me before we've got it. We got to get to a break your. But let me ask you a question real quick, TIMMY, TIMMY, Brando, alive and doing great. He's working for Fox Sports now is doing a game every week stay in touch with him on a rarely only on a frequent basis and think the world of him back in the old days when he and I both worked at CBS we had a blast. And I enjoyed being on his radio show. Okay. We're gonna take a break. Now when we come back. We're going to have Brandon Marcello of Auburn twenty four seven sports to talk about the iron bowl. Don't go anywhere. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul fine. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. All right and welcome back and help us be the radius. We welcome Brandon Marcello of Auburn twenty four seven sports dot com. Brandon. How you doing today, my friend? I'm good Tony. How are you? Man. I am doing great. Let's let's start here. Everybody wants to know the same thing. Brennan give if you cover Auburn give me a path give me up. What is it is? It throwing the ball. Is it running the ball of heard it both ways? What is the path if there's one for Auburn? I think they've got a run a throw to set up the run and set up some third and shorts that way. I I don't think these is in Auburn sees built as it has been in the past where they have to run set up the past because of the offense of wine being just a bit below par what they're accustomed to. And also the running backs kinda struggled a little bit at times as well as far as consistency. But when you have your strength, and that street is a future info quarterback. And you've got the receivers around him. Give got up throw the ball setup. Run. Auburn's been doing that a little bit more often here in the last three to four games. And it's worked pretty well. But they're still getting into some third and medium certain longs. And they haven't been able to convert third downs even last week against liberty. That was kind of their achilles heel, the only converted to third downs. And for a while. It was only one third down. And it was about to be a program below of believe or not against a former FCS opponent and liberty. So they've got to be a throat or to run. And they've gotta figure out a way to get these third doubts. If they do that, I think they can move the ball, and you know, be able to score some points because this album defense, Brandon how much of a factor is it. You know, we talked earlier in the show the fact that Auburn was indeed the last team to beat Alabama. There's a certain part of plane Alabama people say, well, you you're you're you're scared of going against their talent. And all that how much of a factor is the fact that hey, we we we're yeah, we're different team this year. Understood. But the fact is we have lined up against Alabama. And we have them how much of a factor is that I think there's a little bit of factors to that. Especially for obviously the guys are coming back. But especially the players who were the big factors and the game last season and specifically Jarrett's did on in that. Defense most the defense returns from last season, especially in the front seven, and when you got stood them back, and he knows what he can do against us. Alabama S throwing the ball. The defense knows that they could slow down the run game. And then also kind of force them into situations some certain longs themselves they prove last year that they could hang with Alabama now Alabama. I think is completely different. I think they're more different than say even all at this point auburn's worse than they were your ago. I think Alabama might even be better that comparatively. How auburn's become taking a step back. They got different quarterback. Obviously Jalen hurts started that game last season than the key to that whole entire victory. All started with the Auburn defense really getting Jalen hurts. He had a horrible night throwing the volume we had one hundred twelve yards. And that's what kept him in check their unable to convert third downs. They will throw the ball. And then that gave confidence auburn's offense. They were able to do the exact opposite. They were nine of eighteen on third downs and move the ball down the field. So I think that the the one factor. There's you mentioned is the guys that had success last season. I get Saleh Bama are back. But for Alabama. I think they've got some better players specially to at the spots that they kind of expose last season ran on. We all know, Kevin Steele. We know he's one of the better defensive coordinators out. There comes up with with very good game plans. Here's if you're Kevin Steele. What am I if I've got to pick one that I've got to focus on is it not letting them get bitchy with the big place because that's what Alabama's done they. They just beat you to death with the big plays is he saying, you know, what I'm gonna tell my guys we're going to do as best job. We can't. But we cannot get beat deep in this game. I. That's part of it. But I also think they wanna go after two quite a bit. I think they're going to try and come after him and just just try to rock his world a little bit. They wanna pressure in now that can be dangerous because too. I mean, we see what he does when he can escape pressure. Even makes them tremendous throws no matter where he has is on the field. Where's feeder set or not? But I think Auburn has enough trust in Maine. A man coverage that they can bring you know, five-man blitz if they need to and I think that in the game like this. When all really doesn't have anything to lose. I think there'd be more willing to take chances on defense. I would not be surprised by what I hear that. They come after two quite a bit. You know, one of things I wanted to ask you about when a new going to be on a day when you think, you know, history could be rewritten. If Auburn found a way to win this game how you view this entire season would be different. If Auburn finds a way to win this game. But here's my question. You think when all is said and done and you sorta right? The history of the season. It was is it's simply a matter of well year ago. Auburn head carry on Johnson the offense a player of the year a year ago. They had a veteran ofensive line that blocked really really. Well, those two things did not exist this year at Auburn is it any more complicated than that. I don't think. So it's the only ethic yet the nail in the head. I think it's just those two things that have held over back. And as a result is, you know, ball Teves when no when you have one week unit, and it affects other sorts effecting other things the offense affects the defense time of possession affects the defense. Auburn's offense has been on the field very long. So as results the defense has been on the field longer and all that's been giving up more yardage here late. I mean, they allowed to SEC opponents to rescue more than three hundred yards against them which hasn't happened since two thousand twelve and we're talking about offer. That's I think is one of the best. They've had in the last ten to eleven years. So just because they're office of line is taking a step back as you've mentioned the mid loss all those veterans. And of course, kerryon Johnson, I think was their best running back. They have since Trey Mason. It's changed really the entire look that offense. And it's a lot of pressure on. Jarrett's them. And you know, listen, just like the human body. If you have a hurt angle ankle or leg it puts more pressure. You start compensating on the other side of your body. And that's what happened with offer. And it's making billion tire body weaker than that really should be Aubert's really trying to figure out a way going into this iron bowl. They think if the office of line it's gotten better. But I'm just not sure if it's good enough to be in a game with Alabama and be within, you know, even double digits at this point Brian last question about about thirty seconds. I asked this question last week of Cole cubelic and deals. Jarrod stood him. What is what is Jared stood future? At auburn. Do we do you expect to see him back at Auburn next year? I don't think you'll be back at Auburn. Whether it's he decides to go the NFL, which I think is what it also only do this off season. Or if he becomes a grad transfer goes elsewhere, I don't think he'll be back. Auburn. I think the writings on the wall he's going to get married. I believe this upcoming summer to his longtime girlfriend who is the daughter CEO, the Houston Rockets and Auburn is heavily recruiting Kelly Bryant, Clemson grad transfer, and they're also looking at other options, I think the writings on the law audience wanted to go a different direction or quarterback. I think you're still wants to go with different directions this career, and that's probably the NFL here next. Couple of months, Brandon Marcello, the turn senior writer at twenty four seven always great stuff. Thanks for being with us. Thank you. All right. All right. That's it. We'll take a break. We'll be back with more of your thanksgiving memories. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paula fine. To and listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Wouldn't tracking the domestic dust bunny? You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to socks due to sudden, although scarring off what's ugly fess meeting about the dust bunny is that although they're not actually sensu creatures when they have people money, but also has ninety seven percents customer satisfaction writing this obvious to them you should switch because. Yes, switching Geico is a no brainer. Oh, no. It's the dust bunnies. Own natural Prentice on the lung dust on his run along. All right. Welcome everybody back. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. We're taking your thanksgiving memories. We got a little bit of time before we get to the break. So let's go to Allan Allan. This is Tony barn. Alan, how're you. Thanksgiving Tonia bene- fan ears for a long time live in Madison, Georgia Morgan Channy. I'm no, you probably worse at my mother lives in Madison. Yes. I know. I know. Yeah. Well, I George game. I went to eleven years about nineteen sixty one and gone to a lot of games without ticket. But in nineteen ninety the season file against Georgia Tech. It was Georgia was up a couple of scores and. Tech quarterback name Kelly could sling it pretty good so touchdown pass of of Scott water to get within one score of the game light in the fourth quarter. But anyway, kicked off to Georgia and the second ply for scrimmage Herschel, sixty five yards for touchdown to bright comedy door sets record freshman rushing record. I I was there. I was there. Yeah. It was I never seen the studying like that at this went wild. But anyway, that's one one share with. Well, Alan the reason that I remember that game. So well is that I was working in North Carolina at the time, I was working for a newspaper up in Greensboro, North Carolina, but came home for thanksgiving and wanted to see if we could get in the game, and you can imagine the tickets for that game to see Harsha would just absolutely hard to get. But we still have we stood outside. And we got we did get tickets right on the thirty five yard line sitting next to a narrowly gentlemen, and his wife has his kids couldn't come. And I will never ever forget that day. Allan. Thank you very much for calling Ken in Michigan kin. I've got a few minutes. How are you? Pretty good. How are you? Tony. Thanks for taking my call happy thanksgiving to you. I just have a question about the wrinkles. About UCF and Boise in Utah states, if nobody thinks that they're ever gonna make it into the final storm. What is the purpose of even ranking in the top twenty five well the root can the reason the question is why do you even write them in the in in the college football playoff rankings? It's really important, really simple. The highest rank of the group of five team gets an automatic bid into a new year. Six bowl UCF last year was the highest rank of all the group of five teams they got to play in the peach bowl against Auburn. So that that is extremely important to those teams. Now, they're gonna make to the final four. You know, we're gonna talk later on in the show about the rankings. And is there a path for UCF? I don't I don't think there is even though they've done incredible job. But as you sit there and look at the rankings, you know, they're in the top ten. And to me that is significant so began, that's that's the reason anything else. Thank you for your outlook at school. All right. Thank you very much. All right. We've got rich in Denver, reg. We've only got about two minutes, my friend. How are you? I'm fine type thanksgiving. I heard you speaking about Georgia Tech and Joe Georgia. I can remember I go back. I remember your Joel tech would always favor over Georgia special in Bobby Dodd which there and take it one time with Tennessee's biggest rivalry. I I think album ahead tick is their best route, but Georgia dick was always a good thing to Bobby Dodd live, which is a big mistake as far as out over in Alabama. I I live in Birmingham visiting near Denver. But I never have been able to take that game is strong would Alabama Tennessee or or a Georgia Alabama. I don't know seems like there's always more riding. On on those those games than than it is the iron bowl, but it's big for people out. Bama. And but I you know, I do sit game when I was at the graduated there. Johnny majors. Kicked about sixty yard it by game ended up six to nothing. Didn't say over thick. A lot of fun members of tech and n Georgia Georgia just seems like they suco when Bobby Dodd. Tell me wrong. Thank you for your time. What thanks, reg. I appreciate that. You have a happy thanksgiving. All right. It's you know, it's interesting about Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech was an original founding member of the southeastern conference when it was founded they elected to leave the southeastern conference after the nineteen sixty three season Bobby Dodd legendary coach thought the Georgia Tech could be really the sort of be the Notre Dame of the south. And so they made a decision then to to leave to leave the SEC when you talked to some of the old tech guard. They will absolutely tell you that was the wrong wrong thing that have now it's worked out fine. Georgia Tech spin in the for longtime. They won a national championship in nineteen ninety. So, but I know the old line Georgia Tech folks, miss the days when they could go down to Bobby Dodd stadium and watch Georgia Tech, play Tennessee, or Alban and all that. So we're gonna take a break we come back. We'll have your calls. This is Tony Barnhart sitting in for Paul finebaum. This is the Paul finebaum show.

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