4am Fire


I live in an old apartment building. I've been here for about two years and my roommate and I've had very few scary experiences so far except for this one. That happened last summer around four in the morning when we were woken. I'm from a dead sleep by the fire alarm going off throughout our entire four story apartment building. Seen this place is occupied mostly by seniors. First we figured someone left the pot on the stove again. Grumbled and blindly grabbed for blanket. Last time we he had a false alarm. I was left shivering and barefoot on the sidewalk waiting for the fire department and I wasn't about to let that happen again. Oh my roommate and I put her shoes on. I grabbed my phone and keys. We poke our heads out into the hallway. Nothing seemed off. The hall was empty. No one else had come out of their apartments yet reluctantly. My roommate and I walked down the hall toward the lobby. We figured our neighbors would soon follow suit. It was on me when we went through the lobbying out the front door that we realized something was actually wrong. A handful of people who had already come out of the building were running and shouting about how the building was actually on fire. This time we follow them around to the side of the building is more and more. People fled in their pajamas and to our horror. We saw an apartment on the top floor take belching out flames. People were frantic searching for water. A ladder anything. Someone remarked that there was a lady who lived in the apartment who had mobility issues and she needed to be rescued now. And where the hell is the fire. Department may roommate. It was quite disturbed by the whole scene so we decided to go back to the front of the building away from the fire on our way we saw guy jump off his balcony to the ground and he rolled when he landed. But I think it's still really hurt. Judging from how he sat on the grass and grown for a while he was lucky to only be on the second floor war. There was chaos yelling screaming an odd mix of panic in disinterest especially the among the senior citizens who didn't want to leave the building because using the stairs was so difficult. The Fire Department arrived much quicker than they ever had before for seeing as this was a real emergency and it wasn't long before the elderly ladies and nightgowns were being rescued via ladders and wheeled off to the hospital next door at one point. The man who live below the apartment on fire had a screaming episode one of the landlords. The one that looked like like a walking skeleton with an oxygen tank and a scooter by the time the Fire Department got everything under control. It was around six or seven. AM The sun was up and people were beginning. Their morning commute the fire department had blocked off our whole story which must have been a pain and the entire population of my building sat on the curb in pajamas and blankets. Little kids old people broke. Oh College kids the works. The community really pulled together that morning. The public bus service gave us a couple of buses to sit and warm up instead of standing around on the chilly sidewalk. Paramedics handed out blankets and assessed injuries the people in the surrounding houses. We're kind enough to bring us water and snacks. One Lady brought a serving tray with mugs of tea from our own kitchen and offered a tenny when she could find. Aw My mom came down to rescue my roommate and I even though she lived in our outside of town and hadn't even showered yet. She brought US breakfast and change of clothes. As we didn't know we'd be allowed back into the building the most disturbing details of what just taken place that morning came to us as we were waiting on the bus everyone was talking about the fire. Of course aw. But one man had a particularly horrifying detail to add hear through the grapevine that the lady's apartment catch fire never made it out of the building sadly we suspected as much with her mobility issues. Aw but there was more. The firefighters apparently founder founder in the hall. She had made it out of her apartment but couldn't escape the smoke whether she died from smoke inhalation burns. We aren't sure but one thing that demands it sticks with me is that someone said as they stood outside and watch the flames. They heard the woman screaming screaming. Help me I'm burning. I've always been afraid of burning to death. The idea that my neighbor may have had such a horrifying finance is deeply disturbing. I know the man who lived below her heard her screaming. He wouldn't stop talking about it. I think he ended up with a form of PTSD from this event. And I don't blame him. We were all brought to a community center. Where where the fire department and Emergency Response? Volunteers helped bring some clarity to the situation and told us what to expect. Everyone was very kind and sympathetic. Attic to us. Whenever we needed they provided for us. I think all of that was pretty standard procedure but still. I was extremely thankful the kindness of the volunteers firefighters paramedics and good Samaritans. It was pretty surreal to be in a situation. I like that almost nothing on us. My roommate hadn't thought to grab her phone so she had to borrow mind. Let her family know she was okay. We we had no money. No I d none of the essentials and we had no idea how long we would be homeless. I hadn't been so I'm happy to have my mom with me in a long time. I felt like a scared little girl even if I didn't show it. We were lucky. The fire happened on the opposite end of the building from us. Our unit was totally an affected. Now we were one of the few allowed back into our apartment that same day. The building stunk of smoke for weeks. Even though the fire took place on the fourth floor and a single apartment. The damage was extensive. Even on the ground floor the walls were blackened with ash when they attempted to start fixing up the building they found. It's bestest in the walls. Few people were forced to move out of their apartments. Now we're talking about people Oakwood live there for around thirty years. I remember the night we were allowed back into our apartment. I wanted to box up my most important possessions and and keep them in my car. As if I thought the building was going to catch fire again. My home didn't feel safe anymore and it wouldn't for several weeks. It would take a long time for us to hear anything about what caused the fire. Last I heard a space heater was to blame but I don't know for sure. In the days that followed the fire was featured on the front page of local paper. The family that lived down the hall from us. We're featured in the picture. The article spell out the details that I had already heard it labeled a guy that live below. The fire is a hero for Tempting to save the lady upstairs. It was a valiant effort but there was nothing he could have done without endangering himself. I feel sorry for him and I often wonder if the guilt keeps them up at night. Sometimes I think about the lady who passed away in this building. I listened to a lot of go stories so I wonder for spirit haunts this place. Her sudden and horrifying death the be the sort of thing to make a ghost linger on earth. Wouldn't it so many things left unfinished regardless. I hope she's at peace and I hope hoped my neighbors have been able to find some semblance of pieces. Well four months later we've regained a sense of normalcy. Things are back to how they were before. If you nor the orange. Tarps are on the side of the exterior the restoration fans that come and go every day and the security guard stationed in the lobby. The damage is still closed while they try and sort out these best to situation but for those of us who live on the other end of the building. Things are relatively normal. I hope they stay that way. Well it looks like you never know when things are going to get a little too hot to handle. And you're at risk of being burned alive

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