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Not Your Mother's Holiday Movie Roundup


First of all when Elsa I uses her powers and her parents are still alive. Right okay. Those mansion wooden floors must have been ruined and all of that in that beautiful castle. One hundred control those hardwood floors were row. Ed It's not like when it stops being cold it just disappears. How are they going to get that water out? That's why you have servants. They don't even have paper towels back then. Scary Fees Husky. Mommy speaks Kerry. I am so excited about today's episode. It's all about movies and TV and you know that's my favorite thing in the world to talk about. I really do not know how you have so much time for. TV movies. I my TV maybe and I used to love TV. And I can't hardly have any time to watch it anymore. It does feel like because I'm the one who is talking about things it does feel like I have an obscene amount of time to watch TV. But I I really don't watch it during the day. That's like Sebastian domain. So it's nighttime you currently have two devices out and I'm not convinced that you are not watching a television show on one of your. Ah Now as we record you know you never know you're good multitasker so you could anyway. There are lots of movies coming out during Thanksgiving so we're going to talk about movies and do a special cartoon tune confidential on frozen in honor of the release of frozen to. We weren't parents during that frozen era right we I mean I definitely went to the movies to see. See it but with my friends kid helping wrangle the kids in the movie theater so I missed a lot of it so we really had to go out of our way this time yet to really see it. But we're also GONNA talk about last Christmas. And that's episode starring Amelia Clark Tokyo Dragons. It is the perfect holiday movie for a mom and her daughter and and we mean adult daughter. Definitely I mean. It's not terrible for kids but adults. Don't send them say yeah. We're GonNa talk about dark waters starring. Mark Ruffalo this. This one is dark and maybe not one. You WanNa bring your children to title dark. It is dark It's definitely not a feel good film but it is. I think it's a very important. It's very important movie. It's it's important to learn that you know you're the best advocate for you and your family is yourself Yup and and it's based on a true story right. It's based on a true story that has some really important information that every parent should. Now we get to see a lot of heroes on screen and today day we will also interview one of our scary Mommy's about an everyday hero that she encountered in a parking lot and our favorite part of the show Kenan fashion. So make sure you stick around for that. Because they're fun. Okay but I can I ask you a question region ask away you know what new diapers I love Ash. Tell me huggies special delivery their huggies softest diaper ever here feel it come. Put it on your face Jason. Okay all soft it is. Oh Wow I can take off my Mascara with this. Only let me tell you. These diapers were great during the day and overnight plus they're the softest plant based diapers twenty three percent by weight to be exact. I love it. Can I also give props to huggies. There's finally a data on the box. Yes take that. So if you're a new mom no a new mom or ran out of cotton to remove your eye makeup. Go Try huggy special delivery diapers. Trust me you'll feel great about it when it's it's on your baby sweet little sensitive skin. Just look for the black and white boxes with the red huggies. What is your all time favorite Christmas movie? All right well loaded question. I know I have. I have a couple everybody you should one I mean I love scrooge and bad Santa I think I think my El- I'm not into the classic Alf Shelf is my number one as legitimate. And he so good or not he so As I love well Farrell will. I mean it's it's will ferrell at his most genius he he is so innocent and childlike. And so good. He's just the best and I love home alone. All right I just I love home alone two so not to. I mean do like home alone too but I like home alone to maybe better than home alone while I was lost in New York but only because of that scene where where. He's on top of the brownstone throwing the bricks. I remember as a little kid to never laugh as hard as I did in that scene so I have some very very refund news. I went to a screening this week for last Christmas. Emilia Clarke is like this woman. WHO's down on her luck And she works at had a Christmas store so there are no dragons but she is consistently pretty much in an Elf costume my God and she's tiny two. That's probably the cutest thing and then Henry Henry Golding is in it from crazy regime handsome so handsome handsome. Emma Thompson isn't love her. She is not only plays like a very Eastern European mother. Okay who sings very eastern European song. But she wrote it. Oh I didn't cheer right or is this your first writing. Babies is not you said so there was a really great. QNA afterwards with Emma Thompson and Paul fee who directed it Paul Office. Yes freaks fixing Geek love freaks and geeks female ghostbusters lady. Buster's is I like to lady buster. She said that she had been working on the movie for seven years. Oh and the entire soundtrack has George Michael. Okay which is superimposed. Okay I love George Mike does it so hard and I think we should cut to a little bit of Emma Thompson and Paul feed talking because perfect. All right we so anxious moment everywhere uh-huh and we need to have seen some where people are being kind to one another and learning how to be kind and tolerant and giving using unaccepted familiar movie about you guys. I Wanna I wanNA skill different. So let me tell you a little breakdown breakdown of what actually happened to the screening. And then afterwards they brought us into this really pretty like library room and we all SAT. It was like a little tee. A little like T. They had mimosas. TC images and Then we got a nice little photo op with the mother of Dragon. Amelia cars so cute and Henry golding she is the tiniest was she like micro person not is so tiny that I just WanNa like. Put Her in my pocket and feeder. gummy bears probably the height of your arms. So I go up to take this photo between the two of them and I did something. You're not supposed to do when you interview celebrities. Good what did you do Woah. I trust you with anyone no you can't I said Hi Amelia You are kind of the quintessential mother you. You are the mother of all mothers. The mother of dragons I work for a mom media company and I would love if you could say tricare scary. Mommy and she did ED and it's super bootleg. It's kind of like a like a mix album used to buy like in Herald Square exactly but okay let me yes. Paris scary mummy. Thank you so much Colucci George. Michael Hawkeye from crazy. His agents. Emma Thompson like dat is a winner. Right there anything better last. Christmas is such a great movie. It's it's in theaters everywhere now. So where your best elf shoes jingle all the way to a screen near you cartoon confidential Cart Art so froze into is coming out and we've still got let it go let it go don't Homemade sorry I had to have the song in your head do now should we recap. Let's recap the movie before we go. I don't know how you can live on this planet and have children and have not seeing this movie at this point but just in case you haven't frozen is about two sisters two princesses of Airedale. Who Guess what their parents die their parents I every single cartoon about children? It's the only tragedy judy that kids can really understand their like. We'll never leave you. Don't worry and then cut to death them dying right turns out. Elsa has this magical ability ability the eldest of the two sisters. It's not a curse it's an ability its inability where she can turn things into ice and snow and she can freeze them. That's a better way of say they. She freezes them great dermatologist. She would threes that mole right off but she can freeze things and she ends up when playing with her younger sister. Anna ends up hurting her out. How and they take her to the magical troll people? He's turned into troll and they fix her sister. But you gotta be careful because it is only gonNA grow stronger right and your emotions are like out of control so you better check yourself before you wreck everything and another stirred becomes recluse right. Their relationship gets Turkey it suffers. It gets tricky. Yeah and hilarity ensues coronation. Day comes and Anna meets a prince also becomes the Queen and then she all hell breaks loose when she turned summer into winter. Yes she's in charge of global warming. It's all our fault okay. So let's let's start this thing first of all when Elsa I uses her powers and her parents are still alive right okay. Those mansion wooden floors must have been ruined. All of that is under in that beautiful castle you cannot control those hardwood floors. were row ED. It's not like when it stops being cold it just disappears. How are they going to get that water out? That's why you have servants they. They don't even have paper towels back. Then your servants. I know I've never seen a paper. Talented Disney movie ever not even like Toy story which is current day thing. I know paper towels dollars. Echo else's dad right before he dies tells her to calm down. Ok Lesson men never tell a woman to calm down. You'll know that already do. Never tell a woman to calm down when she's upset because it will do the opposite also. Don't tell US crazy. That's my husband's made that one also don't say conceal it don't feel it which is a theme but also he like perpetually like censor away into her room couldn't have just punished her and been like. Listen we're going to get you a special therapist. WHO treats who turn like gets you? Hardly Mr Megie who like teaches you. Oh how to harness your power so you're not just fucking things up the head space APP. She needed a meditation up the call me at home APP. I feel like that that that was very severe. I think Diane Keaton also has this frozen gift. 'cause she's always wearing gloves she is. I did see her in person at the weight me once and she was wearing gloves. So maybe maybe she has the also be Elsa and she's concealing it instead of feeling is definitely a lot more neurotic than Elsa. Don't you think that Elza should maybe like corners power and become a professional ice sculpture. Those people make a lot of money like she could be the Zamboni but the Human Zamboni. Yeah she could make really impressive like Ice Luge says that you were shots into people's Mallet House at a holiday parties the grey streak in London. It is very stacy Lyn. I love it I I WANNA talk. Can we talk about the Ice Castle for Hotak. Yeah we're kind of slippers. Do you wear when you live in an ice castle hugs. That seems. Like the only appropriate treads treads on them. Yeah you can't you have to wear something with the rubber sole where does she sleep in the Ice Castle. There's no bed in the beds. The sheets made of ice or whole never bothered take any way like does she take a bath now she shower. You don't really smell when it's cold. How how does she function as an everyday person? How does she drink water water? Also how hot does also look what she's like. Fuck it I'm GonNa be me. She turned into that. Alfano girl. Like lively grow. You look fabulous lively. It's even down to the braid so perfect but has some str when I tried to do that breed because it's business in the Front Party when I tried to do that breed in my hair because my hair so layered. It's like I basically have like a Bob with a rat tail braid coming out. Her says good though where is amazing. She's Blake lively cleavage. A slip up her skirt and she walks totally dash young girls. Feel like okay. This is a deep dive. I feel like Anna is twenties Ashley like in her like treating dating like she's changing her underwear like every day new underwear new man. I'm like that was basically me I was just like and today. I'm hanging out with this guy and tomorrow I'm hanging out with that one. I mean she meets this guy and in one day falls for the I love you so much. Let's get married and I will. I will say had somebody come to me in my twenties and said I love you. Let's get married even though we just met. I probably it would've been like fix about it. No let me tell you. I'm a little triggered right now because Anna Somehow managed to get engaged in four minutes. I've been waiting for years for him. I'm triggered in four minutes and I can't even get an engagement in four years ears in a baby. Their eyeballs are so big. Maybe bigger eyeballs. Bradshaw they are like little Mula Kunas running around also okay. The song that the troll sing about Kristof being a fixer upper. Do we really need to perpetuate the idea. Yeah that we need to save men no we don't it's been shown me a well adjusted fucking dude men. We Talk K.. Listen I know you were raised by trolls but that is no excuse. No excuse me my son finds joy out of picking his nose and eating it and make sure people see it. So he's going to be a fixer upper. I will say I do love that. The end of the movie is like only an act of true. Love Will Save Anna and the true love is an act between two sisters. I know it's really really beautiful. And there's even a part where like Kristof is running towards her and it's a real like this is the love moment and she literally turns away from from him for her sister. Yeah I love I love that too that resonates with you and I because we would do that I would. I would kiss your cold heart. I'm looking forward to seeing frozen to two more frozen. I'm called. It's called her frozen frozen to their back and their colder frozen to the frozen Est.. It's froze at that. My friend is another episode of cartoon confidential so we were very lucky to see another terrific film recently and it really did very much affect us. It's the film dark waters and You know it's funny because it sounds like something. We all got into our inlaws over Thanksgiving Turkey situation. Jewish yes but it or like maybe some digestive issues after Thanksgiving airy dark waters very muddy. Water I digress. The movie stars Mark Ruffalo. Who you know? I have affection for because he looks like my partner. You all know him. Not because he looks like my partner Lee okay. But because of his probably from his role as the hulk and his zillion other all oh my God he's so good but he instead of playing the hulk hero he played real life. Hero Robert Balat. Who took on huge huge? Huge Mega Chemical Company Dupont and and filed a ton of suits and one and still is taking on Iraq dupont. Yes let's not forget every day here is still actively fighting this company Which is why this movie is so important because although although this is common knowledge that this you know I actually don't think it's that common when I say common knowledge I mean it's not hidden the eighties if you talk to certain people they know this issue but it's not as mainstream as it should be And you know. The currency L. is a couple up until a couple of weeks ago was still saying that there was nothing wrong with Teflon and the chemical. That's in Tavlin is also in a lot of other things and things that repels stains that Kinda the stuff you know we always say this real heroes don't wear capes. Yeah and he's one of them have this lawyer It's always thrilling to be invited to any red carpet. We've been lucky to go to a few yeah We got to speak with Mark Ruffalo about the film. He was there with his gorgeous wife. Also lovely educated about this specific topic. Half they both spoke to us about the impact the movie made on their lives. And what things we can do and what resources we can go to to find out what is safe. And what isn't safe right. Firstly the movie is amazing. You're fantastic and what changes did you really make your own life after after doing a project like this. We don't have any teflon bachelors all the pots and pans out. You can't Cook on. They cannot cook on this. I'll get you something equally. nonstick think there'll be forever chemicals dot com which is a participant a setting up an advocacy campaign. And you'll be able to find out what products have PF P foss. Where are you can go to buy alternative products? These problems are ongoing. It's systematic we have to we have to have a political revolution of heart and spirit and family to to deal with these with these issues. The film had so many amazing stars including Anne Hathaway Victor Garber and end the literal towering. Tim Robbins Zotov. We all know I mean. The ongoing joke is that I'm tall. And my arms are long And Kerry is tiny and has little little hands eight. She his belly. Though short compared to Tim Robbins Person. who was shooting? It couldn't get us in the same frame. Yeah it was difficult. Yes yes. He is giant giant person. There's there's the hot gas well I hope people will percival become informed. I I think it's important to get away From these the use of these chemicals that are now in all of our bloodstreams of bad water bad air air affects the health of people regardless of their politics. This is an issue. That's much larger than than what's happening sitting right now. and WHO's in. WHO's in power right now? This has been happening for years title. That people knew what was happening with these toxic chemicals. I I would advise all parents to go see this one. I think we all want to use safe products. And this is a really I mean. It's really riveting. This story of just in every day guy trying to do the right thing and taking on a big corporation and trying to keep all of us safe. I remember at. Didn't the movie n saying that ninety nine percent of all humans and animals on Earth Ninety nine percent of all living all living things on earth including trees as you have the chemical have this chemical in them because of Dupont right And that's that's a horrifying statistic. Dark waters is out now nationwide so make sure you go check it out and enjoy adding new pots and pans to your holiday. wishlist seriously ceramic. Hey Kerry yes us. I have two hands Yeah you do. I wish I had more though. Because you know once you become a mom too are simply not enough Okay I see where you're going with. Thus I agree moms are serious multitasking machines so I had a dream that I had extra arms and I woke up and I thought to myself That is such a great idea. Matt is very helpful. But what I'm saying is I need more people to help out than just two extra arms plus think about how much more expensive it's GonNa maybe to get a manicure here. You and that's why Ashley and I have decided to do a series in partnership with huggies. That's called hug on heroes we asked. You are scary. Mommy's about stories where someone helped you bigger small astronaut and you sent in some of the most amazing stories they were so amazing and inspiring and made me feel all soft and gooey and gave me the fields. We chose a few of these stories to share with you. And we'll be interviewing one per episode to talk about when someone helped her today. We have a great story are featured Mama's Rachel who went shopping with her baby so so far so good right. Yeah until she locked her. He's in the car leaving her and her baby outside of Said car. Oh no what did she do. I I think we need to talk to Rachel and find out. Hi Rachel. Could you tell us your story. Please sure regular Mondays on days. You gotta go run an errand to a couple of random stuff so I had my little girl. Gosh she was probably or just when they sit up. I don't know four four or five months six. She was a big Nice Chevy so she was up early but she I'm coming out of the store and I might car is one of those. Were you can kind of your near the car. You can open up the back. You know naturally start putting things in their loading stuff into my trunk throw throw my wallet up into the Middle Feet and then I put on my stuffing and realized that I get on lock the car and we walked out and so I have to go in to get the keys so the trunk is open but the rest of the doors are locked. Yeah Yeah and at some point I realized that my daughter auditor exposed to the whole world. And I'm the complete opposite direction facing away from her and at any point someone could just come and grab grab her so your keys. Were completely out of retraite. So if I'm understanding this correctly I'm thinking like an suv kind of car right. Yeah and it has. We're there's that like you know there's the hatch that's the trunk and then the back seat so so it's in the middle of the back seat and you're trying to reach over the back seat from the drunk. Okay thank you for the visual got it. Oh yeah that's a good one. So then what happens so that what happens. They're just like panic. Think moments where you go. Well do I leave here and like Chan some Weirdo stealing her. Or do I get home. And my I found was also part of that little Ensemble that went to the middle seat. So it's not like I can call anyone at this point and then out of nowhere. I should've been a white horse. This tweet mom comes up with her. Little boy probably probably like two three years. He was walking and said. Do you want me to watch your baby for you Obviously been struggling quite obviously obviously but She came up and said Hey. Let me watch her while you while you get back into your car. It looks like you're struggling and it was like yes that would yeah me and I dove right in and I think probably lost the milk on the way but got my keys. Finally after about ten minutes of Struggle and got my beautiful baby home and without being kidnapped a win win day the struggle is real literally basically throughout all of these huggies stories. I have been like Am I a good person because I don't know if I'd do this for a lot of people. Oh uh-huh exactly yeah bless her heart she came up and Kinda shouted at these day. Think she knew I was just halfway in my car. I mean of course. We're making light of this this situation but locking yourself out when you're out in public with your very young baby is an ex dreamily stressful time. It's it's stressful to take your baby out whether you lock yourself out of your car or not young. Do you still think to this day. Do you still think about that stranger who helped you. Oh absolutely yeah because I I wish beyond you know all the panic I never asked for her name I never you know. Ah I thanked her but in a very like fast bummbly way because I was still trying to you know get my little baby in and no one on a daily basis. No one really comes up to you and asks you if you need help in a in a weird situation before you kind of feel that awkward like do they want a stranger approaching then eh but now that I've been in in those shoes where I relied on some strange woman coming up that I will probably never see again I couldn't have made it home without her that day. How do you think this is changed? Your view of Motherhood You know there's a lot of those one liners. I people spit out to you. When you're pregnant or you become a mom it's like you know? Take a Lotta net. You'll never sleep again over Blah but wanted days the days as long short sleep when the baby. Yeah all those good one one of the ones that people always said was you know takes a village to raise the baby and I I kind of was like my parents will always be there. And I've got three sisters and thorough is going to be there but I never expected that village to include a Random people in a parking lot smothers gotta stick together. Yeah and that's kind of I like what motherhood is you have to let things come Q.. Unexpectedly and then gives things unexpectedly. Motherhood is a sisterhood. That's right Yes it is so I know you said that you probably you Nev- you didn't get this woman's name and you most likely will never see her again but let's just say that maybe she's listening. What would you like to say to her right now? If I were to meet her here again Thank you so much for coming up and taking the chance that I was a normal person in in that I mean she also had her kid there so that takes a lot for to have a young one coming up someone else that you don't know absolutely that the volume you know and and not only that but she had given me like like we were saying earlier. She's given the confidence to go do that to someone else. I think that's the biggest. Yeah thank you so much for talking with US Rachel. This was a great story we were so you're welcome. It was so nice meeting ill and We we send you and the baby all of our love car very reliant on my neighborhood relying reliance in my neighborhood on rideshare car share services and I'll go to the grocery store which is not necessarily within walking distance distance to my house have to take the car back. Have the baby have the groceries and then I have stairs to go up to my house so I like get out of the car and I don't like what do I do my groceries. Awesome out leaving the kid is he hit her popsicles kit or POPs right. Well it's yeah it's like what do I do in this situation. Do I leave the kid at the top of the stairs even even at the bottom of the stairs do I bring it up and down everytime I bring groceries with me. It's honestly that is a very every time I've been in that situation which has been I don't L. Forty Times at this bleak. Your kid can walk now. I'm looking forward to when she can walk herself and I have my two extra hand as a huge help because now I just leave him at the top of the stairs. There's any tell him to sit on the doorway and watch Mama and that that's a big help like no. Don't go downstairs. NOPE nope there's a lot of that. I've have locked myself out of my apartment out of my car so many times. I mean the list goes on of what I have locked myself but with the baby. It's a whole other game I just just thinking about it stresses me out to know and thank goodness. That woman was there for Rachel honestly and let me tell you something you know what you and Rachel have in common. Oh boy he'll both have long arms that's all she got those keys. Maybe instead of extra ours we just need stretch arms me. That would be more useful for MOM. How about extra arms that are also stretchy? You always with a great idea you know what hug on John Ashley and hug on Rachel and hug onto all of you out there and just remember we moms are in this together and whenever you can offer an extra hand to among confession time Sh- passions. Well you know what time it has is confession time favorite part of the show carry. Do you WanNa go first today. So you know how Luna's birthday party was pretty recently. Yeah there yeah so so. We got a ton of presence and I wrote down. WHO's everybody gummy y'all beginning? Thank you cards eventually. Come on take tie now. I write handwritten. Thank you notes. I really do I did it. I first birthday all right. It's been a little busy We had another birthday party for one of her. Like like kid. Best Friends I mean. We're parents our friends. Our friends the next weekend and I accidentally re gifted the present she gave no. It was extremely stressful week with scary. Mommy staff and family stuff and so I didn't read can consult the list and and I re- gifted the gift she gave me the mom say anything. She did what she. She's a good friend so she was like so you could have. Six thousand people have never that you couldn't have picked another gift to Riga. He's like bass she's like think she said it so lovely. She's she's from anyway. That's how I would have said so. Lovely she's like well. I loved it so much that I got it for Luna so I I mean how classy is that. She's a class act. She is a class. Act I'm sue. I'm cringing so hard. That is amazing being looted. I'd so let me I'm not above. Gifting IRA gift. Why didn't they consult that list? That's so funny. That is like A. That is a confession that was good. Okay so my confession is we've been over that I can't tell left from right right. I mean I can but I really you think about it I I have to like you know. Do the fingers and all that stuff I think whatever controls that part of the brain also controls controls the part of the brain that allows you to look at an analogue clock and just instantly know what time it is. I also have trouble with that I it it takes me like awful minute to like read. A client sometimes say weird things like twenty five until eleven and he's like there's another way to say that and I'm like I is there sir. My brain doesn't work like that. I wonder if that's just like a create a creative life brains eight. Yeah because I really these are common things. I was taught them in school. My Mom said I failed. Whatever you learned that first grade again that that was the only thing I had like a failing mark on how to tell time you know? I'm not surprised you and I are so oh close because we have a lot of weird stupid similarities like that and now it's your turn scary mommy's to get a load off. Go to our confessions page and pour your heart Out Today as we do. Every week we read your confessions with a dramatized voice over. Who knows your confession might be on this week? Let's find out. There have been numerous occasions throughout my adult life when I thought to myself. I can't believe I shaved my legs for this. This I mean I agree true story my first date with late. I'M NOT GONNA go into it but I was not in the mood to the go-to it for all sorts of reasons and my mother called me and she's like you put on a dress and you shave your legs. How am I ever GonNa get a granddaughter if you will not Shave your legs and I did and the rest is history? Sometimes I threw my kids slime away but we'll spend twenty to thirty not minutes pretending to help them find it. Yeah I don't know I don't know where it went. Yeah I do that with like chocolate and candies. Handy's just like Oh we're could the candy be who knows and it's really like Mommy did it or always now. I feel like the kids always kind. I don't think so I don't trust you. My sister-in-law thinks is six month. Old will never eat sugar. Act Brian Public or talkback tour. I deserve an award for keeping a straight face through that conversation. And that's mm-hmm Anyo. That's that's what you told me about that. You try to make Luna's food be. Oh Mommy and I was just like looney is eating nothing now but Bumba nothing just a little little little. Yeah well. That's just them. Welcome to the jungle. Yup All right Mama's thank you so much for joining us today. We had such a blast. And if you love the show make sure you rate and review on Apple podcasts. Help more moms find us and if you want some more scary mommy in your life. He shared a subscribe scary. Mommy speaks wherever you get your podcast. If you want even more scary mommy check out our articles and videos scary. Mommy Dot Com follow us on facebook twitter instagram and snapchat scary. Mommy speaks is a some spider production. This episode was produced by Dorothy Abrahams and Julie cacus edited by dark the Abrahams and recorded mixed by Western fonder music provided by audio network special. Thanks to Sam Bellingham Angelina powers at vinyl mats. Don't forget we want to hear from you so email your comments do speaks at scary. MOMMY DOT COM SCARY MOMMY's speaks.

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