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Five of banter have an official title. We probably official look, well image was the smell it up. But the official title banter with. As be. Yeah. So. Last week we were in. I set in London and. And. A schedules got really like mixed up because of it on that. But I'm a non kitty everyone that observing the month. So like a time like Mary, different like when he was having a THAAD. We were through the podcast then when he was doing. And then it was just a bit like the scandals won't making out. Yeah. It's the funny schedule now but we're trying to just you. Yeah. Don's made it because. Yeah, it's, it's like what tiger in the day. And then when you have a little bit energy like to date. Because as a five time if it's in another. So now I'm back to America. Fasting right now. Matt has is about to all my God. Yeah. Whereby funds like two hours, what I felt in two hours, twenty one two three this is fun. You stop fussing three three thirty two and a half hours. This is going to be too much by raise the. Manda. Echoing no good. What's it called yet another been quite confide to for me this, I've already got a flu? I think will assign infectious, a sinus infection. We'll go something not it's been tiring. But in London finding it really well that really good it. Yeah. I'm doing it. Love special time to me. So it's definitely fitness. I definitely sleuthing there. Ninety for pick up. I think what's been in a little bit tough because again like it's just been hard. I mean when when I was in London before when I was fussing it was good. 'cause Muniz me. Well, together, we work term huff like favorite what spot, and we would be like every day, and we would just like buying emails and like all the stuff that we do that requires a laptop and not like design what, so, like come anything to do with like website inventory. Would is just emails queries anything anything but basically involved running the company just like random annoying stuff here in that, that we have to do. And then as we walk on, how do you do like you're off stuff. You'll what do you do? Create time. She she lit trees like today. But generally, like she'll sit and she'll be like okay to the after great content she'll sell up office, she'll tirelessly do e. I'm done. Yeah. Creating content. I mean other than like Email and catching up and running the business. It some. Yeah. Yeah. I guess social media, and all of that, you do do you like literally? So an illustrator and like and like mush up images. Would you do? I play around our Keiron, see whatever flies me. But it's. But yeah, it's like it's. Good. Good. How did you make our, our new? Yeah. I know. She does with the process. Do you have that? No energy right now. She is done. Unit. So what we're what was your inspiration? Going off of the logo. And then I wanted to, to create some industry that. No. I mean dot mouth is just represents the. Onset of the tour took aspects, would you think it is what my big mouth of China too much? No, we go. Just the sort of the just like reading minimal industry that sort of runs through like back, kind of destruction runs through our whole like social media page about identity. So just something about Representative of the brand. So what, what kind of what kind of music where you listening to? She was. I was there to face anyway. So, yes, another was good Muniz me when wet together, we work on like the, like this country, not with things that she work etcetera. And then what I'm in New York. I walking I mean, like even though when I'm when I'm in London, I can still walk on the design process like Scott shoot at dry. But when I'm in, you'll actually working on like the like fabric soliciting in some playing and production overseeing production of it's a whole thing to oversee production and I think that's one of the reasons why produce in you because that's close to our area. I can't imagine like people that have to produce abode like in China weather where they get pieces sent back then it's like wrong in, they is just so much that goes into production. I feel like I want coast to area and even then sometimes things go wrong. So, so that's what I do. But so we will. Yeah. So when I was another challenge about one thing, quick, I was at the sustainable fashion conference, an ethnic. She came with me, I know you busy, but I not so much, and I realized that how important it is for us is designers nowadays to like, really like quizzes something that I always believed him but, but even more to kind of retake the steps that we can to make change in ethical fashion environmentally friendly fashion. I know it's hot and it takes so much. But to even to start and begin taking steps, I think is really important, and I'm it made me even happier to know that does producing new and having people that treated while that have paid while that it walking undone like, like civil succomb stunts is to make product is really, really. I think powering knowing, but, you know, like the people that are cutting off, I break all treated while I think that super. Putin. What do you think? What do you think is like the biggest barrier for these sustainable fabrics? Like, why aren't they as popular as it should be? Both for the thing. It's what new into the market, and, but for me a lot of the time, like full for upcoming collection. Trying to walk on one fabric. That is very, very fun and interesting in its new fabric will not super super new, but it's relatively new and it's completely. Sustainable than ethically made that trip. But the problem with it is that it's cost is really high and walking with these fabric sometimes has a lot of high costs that emerging designers will alert of brands they can't like they pay that amount for Fibro. It just doesn't fit with them like, much is this stuff? So I think that's been a barrier for me is trying to walk with. Fabrics that are I can still afford, but. Yes. That's really been my bias. I'm trying to make it what with this particular fabric. I'm trying to make it in a way that it doesn't require a lot of yardage. So I can fit it into what I want. So that's what I'm trying to do because action at a higher cost fabric will equal. You know, a Haya higher price point. Difficult for us to. Yeah. It's hot enough already to try and fell selves into a particular price point because. It's not cheap how we make our product than. So that's another thing, actually everybody, everybody when, you know, you, we tell people that you are, we produce New York it's like wait, what New York is not so expensive. It is. Yeah. When even when you tell people that you're working with this new fabric. Do you find them like excited or do? I haven't I haven't told anybody yet. I mean, I've just told me like you guys like as me, but I haven't I haven't told anyone retired anybody. What I'm doing until it's done. Since Nikon new. Republic think it's gonna. You did. Cussing. End of the week when I first showed it to when I first showed it to the place, producing they will kind of like, oh. I don't know how this is gonna look. I was like, trust me. Just ninety minutes. No, how it sort of like. It's not like it's a wrist. It's it's a risk. It's not. That's why of dollars salt. Let's play with NC might not even make uncut, but would trying to see how what would we love to work with it? I think it's gonna be interesting. I think it's going to I think it's going to have a structure that I really like I don't think it's going to be for everyone. But then a gun everything that we do is everyone. I went producing for Micah a whole mock head the people that barred from us thought like Kaniche that not really like the masses. So I think did you like it? Did you see it as the? Yeah. I mean, I feel the fabric in a as a role that, like I, I, I. You'll I in the sense of I can envision it on. The piece saying much. Nice. I'm I think it's a risk, but I'm gonna taking that risk to see how it's going to come to stem, always until the weekend challenge. See how it looks. But yet this current Nah, I said, that's exciting. But the whole conference was really amazing. I think. If people in doesn't thing that I was really interesting, just off the whole sustainability they will mar fun Huffman was that and she's. Designer if you know who she is. I'm sure you know, she has she said something that was super Putin issues said that something about the fashion industry nowadays. I'm how it used to be. So back in the day, it was a lot more like elites, and it was very more like secretive. And people didn't really know the industry. They just kinda sore as like glamorous thing that set it was really like unattainable. And you couldn't touch it any couldn't be in it. Whereas nowadays fashion is more become visitation. It's more like open inviting. And I think that that's really interesting because I think there's even doing this podcast. I think it's really interesting that west sharing this story whereas light up when my mom is quite speculative, speculative would of, of doing it because she's like, you know, like you're kind of being a little bit to rule like maybe it's to rule for you is like, I don't know. But then I was thinking, I think it's quite interesting because people probably nowadays, I think it's move. It is. How about being relatable rather than? But, but not even just to be relatable. I think can jet in general. I think people like, like nowadays, people want to show that Johnny, and the story and, and be more open for sustainable fashion exists because people are like not having it anymore. They're like, no, this is actually quizzing an impact. And we want to change something had everything been closed doors. Nobody would know what's going on in the industry would know how affecting the neighbor as will the violin, right. Wrong. No. I think you're right. I think that goes with Arafat's open. If you had, like, bustles sips of woods, just because I'm chugging it. Chugging checking anything. Remake podcast history break fast on the couch. Silly. I mean notice if I'm not to anyone go do my, my prayer. I wouldn't like make an make a Adana is like a what Praia. No. But, like, how did you say? What, what is it? Prayer prayer. It's. Like. It's like a player. Air. But, like more like what millions thinking intimate Krantz? What's a cool, what's it called with the jets? So then I go back to new can be working on it. So hard with the kid, I think I find any need to light but him in day cow. Find ninety thing because so it's been not that he rules he doesn't like I don't think he can sit in the problem. I think he just wants to move and he's just like activists. His fidget on my friend Madurai Fenby knows zone Mimi. She she was in the same day. So she message me. I we I told a stop by she came up and Noah was like throwing up choking horrible have going. Like while she's like she went to see like the unglamorous pilot, but the yeah for me. I feel nothing. I feel so helpless when I'm here and you'll there and you have a child, and you like hang around New York, and I'm dislike sorry. So. So. Have a good dislike hoping name, you tell me when to come, and it was part of, like, the, the hardship that we have to go through the also the guilt because sometimes as you will have a lot of work to do like in general, and all because I'm like with the kid and like, like I feel like I can't help us. I think that's the part of. Of transatlantic? Yeah. Business dynanmic whether care, I think we've got kind of I think I think obviously, it's going to be much easier. Once we both have what's both in the same place. We have like one headquarters or something, you want to. Shall lay at what once a compromise Vega was combined governors who knows what we're gonna be in shallow moving soon. No idea what we're going. But can be like the beauty that's actually kind of like a dream. I think it'd BT's amazing. I think what she has done in Hosh is built has self her brand of the funding business. I think is absolutely incredible. I really Cup to hub do that will the either shes. She went to my college meditiating. Yeah. Think she went to you of Dearborn. My fellow you. So why don't you just come for London? That's greater. Forget one. What? Something that'd be a dream funded your the fund and you wanna get to give you. Joke executive. But hey listen to minutes and I wanna make a dot so let's end. Why? Nothing. How was the how was it fussing in nam in, in the US buses? Yeah. Me. Visit Potter in London. I have a lot of families, so it's easier because it's here. No, it's longer. But in some way, it's easier because. The kid is just with me, and Chiasso. Shut between two people showed between like twenty so it's easier. And, and the food is prepared for me, and I don't have to do anything. I just ton up two tenths house in, if thought I'd have to do anything, whereas he I have to like make and prepare. You know, a lot more stuff that having to do here. Let's go out. When does know how we have, we have access to, like, like most kids, good that we anything? Maybe we'll talk about where we live in the next one. That'd be interesting. What this Skype John Scott meetings. I and things are quiet. Up in the moment. Right. Because you cool me, and I'm like middle of shabby has not been sick today. And she was she was hell walks book. But she was busy like doing, I think you'll like walking, but I don't know why I think I would tie. Hey, we need to do this, this, this, and I didn't do, but, you know, when you're trying to concentrate in have meeting of dozen. It didn't work out. We caught concentrate during the day when we're fussing, but also it's time to break laws guys. Wanna go you wanna keep fucking. Oh, no. I'm just listening. The keeper of time. I never went foods about succumb, right? To wake up early and take tie. I, I have an ATI saw, and it's already thought eighty. Yeah. But do you think this was a bit of a copy one? No, like it was too much like we're on a phone call. I think it was good guys. Let us know in the DM's. I think I think I would do in the next I wanna go back until about after vogue Arabia. How we got to be like on the fudge because we want. Unofficial schedule. How are we to be in a fascist the importance of being in a fashion scheduled in how we got to parse showroom set? Try as this one was good. 'cause it's like an introduction of well, we are now now, now the present moment of us of trying to steer. Zone. Sorry, the Texans time, I'm for the times, I added. I currently in the process of next collection, which reduces in September. But what can you have to work on? Now. I saw it finish that in June of Charlotte, but we'll see how it goes. Anyway. That was. Yeah. Roundup of our next dab podcast. As when as an date wise. Mike should be next week will end up. Oh, we're on apple and Google. Unless other ones but the fi apple Google Spotify Google has thing, everything. But then how are we gonna do people? Listen to phone took care of the one in her friend. Heck got or his friend in his cotton. But anyway, so you guys done a. Yeah. I think so. I feel like it was not great medicine at the end. If you have any questions, I'm so sorry, we haven't had time to onset, I think I wanna do social media when it's Putin, but I wanna go eat. I missed it. I miss my time to make. I also have to the solid dressing have a good meal. Guys. Love your system. Assists being on the at this to there. I miss you as me. Sure. Bush. Like I am so happy to not be flying. Like I've been what it's been made missed a month that I haven't been on a plane on us. I'm so. You basically made it like like what? But then also a lot of pleasure. Like most of it a lot of trips for like for fun. But also like you chose to travel. You know, I just travel once complain insists. Yeah. Now decking, but no seriously as buddy in London. I'm glad that you find on at home. I'm really happy to be home. Good. So how great new guy. Ago finish the solid Bank. You thanks everyone. Thinks anything that really tab, Jovan jet. With any questions from the DM's that you may have various that you may have like rolling in ready made it twenty seven minutes and this ditch, oh, okay. Levy says night night.

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