Late Lunch: Shen Yun, Government Propaganda, and Homosexual Aliens? (Part Two)


What do I think of this? I don't think of her. Yeah. Jaren you. One. Jared. Okay. So just like before we begin. Let's have a wine clink. Yeah. Over here. Klink reverberation. What do you guys? Think of that. These are some nice classes, why are you like honking yours down? I know I'm smelling it. I'm getting essential flavors. I'm getting hints of lost wine. Barefoot wine lake. What is central flavors smelling the rat with chemical that was put in the shit for melda hide? Particular belda. I'd bet you tell me. I know what's the other thing. Sulphites? Maybe I just imagined that lace they collect the barefoot wine grapes with like a vacuum. Like just a giant back. You know? I actually worked for a company that sold a certain type of discount wide. And they said that they leave is that used a. Like a like a like a wine roomba. And they said that sometimes in collecting the grapes. It would also get like squirrels. What did they say? The average European but her has eight riders in because rats like fall into number jars sure, no, it's true. So she Skippy in that shit, and we buy I don't go find my mom's Gill rats. My mom is still to this day clean off the tops of jars and cans because the rats run across them in the layer house, who cares. The rats were along our house. Honey, have you not heard them burqa cheer rats are no joke? Possums are knocking on the door the raccoons the size of my right? You're right now. My my whole body jetskis me I was like that's a smaller Coon, the rats are like the size of a forearm. Okay. Anyway, back to what's really batting. Should we just introduce ourselves? We'll eating for three and minutes last week. I know I'm trying to just get it. I know I'm international minister Joan summers and for this episode international fraud alert expert, Matthew Lhasa, how a weekend, and you already are claiming something that is not based in any sense of reality doing what catch me on every single itunes chart. He look at the analytics, they're the one listener we have in Hong Kong. I love you, by the way, whoever you are you pop up from the Bahamas, sometimes and cypress island of Cyprus the Mediterranean. Wow. I just had to find out where that was. Qaiser definitely making us by we. Cyprus anyway. Anywhere near each other loss there near enough are yes, it's only mentoring. You look the she really pulling up a map of the treaty right now Cyprus and meek knows girl, Italy and Greece they're not very far from each other. Is that what Cyprus Italy, you know? You know, I'm trying to think now independent, maybe it's like an island nation state map a wide. Am I Google leagues? Cyprus and she's googling the maps app. I before she can even do. Okay. Well, I'm looking at a map. Are you kidding me to look this up? Now, you can lose my they are fully lesson in different parts of the world. No. They have Turkey girls. They intervene e girl tween this Chris's near we get this this of Cyprus Marino's. So what they're still the matron bitch. I wasn't wrong. The distance between them is only like. A not even a thousand miles. So you know, what? Angelina I entrance gorgeous rich people talk about you. Remember, the below deck Macapa said it's like the on the top of the cliff side. And is that Kambli to take when they go through? They like I hate us that we're referencing below deck Mediterranean on Sheng Younes cult behavior Nelson's one learn about, you know, political jogger geopolitics in the Mediterranean ocean by way of below deck, which we will not be discussing whatsoever on this program. This is episode part two. In falangong. Yes, we had to have a little bit of a break between this actual menace that scummy office in the studio so where we left off. So why do little summaries? We did last episode. I mean, listen to that if you haven't listened to last week's deep dive on Shendi apart. We'll go back. I'll quickly summarize than you can get a key here. So Shenyun and film gong are two entities that sprung up Falangong in the ninety s Shenyun in the two thousand five era. They are ran by a man named Lee Hongzhi he is a cultist who believes that he has single handedly saved the earth from destruction from extraterrestrial aliens that are promoting homosexuality. Interracial marriages the population of mixed race babies on the earth and rock music. He also believes that by practicing filling gong he can cleanse the earth of aliens in stop the extraterrestrial forces besieging, the earth with evil and darkness because we really been almost destroyed eighty times eighty claims and he's stopped all of them for thirty years. Yes. He also created Shenyun which is dance troupe. That is the propaganda arm of Falungong. He also created alongside Valen gong the epoch times, which is the second propaganda arm of feeling gong. There is also a television station, we didn't get into and a radio station and this week. We're going to be getting into a little bit of the key dates kind of like important events that led to Lee escaping China to the US that was the main reason why Xinyun then came later in. Why Phelan gong practitioners had are persecuted. And why they are trying to escape as well. So we this from the af p it's January twenty third two thousand one and I got this off of Rick Allen Ross's cult education institute, and listen, why don't you take in away started? So these are key events that happened in Beijing from nineteen ninety thousand one April twenty fifth nineteen nine we talked about this a little bit lost episode more than ten thousand followers of failing Dafa or feeling gung sat down around the Chinese communist party headquarters in Beijing for an entire day demanding the right to practice their meditation and breathing exercises. Because of course, as we learned failing gong is based in tighty and qigong, which is pretty much focused on breathing. A meditating it was largest demonstration the capital since. A nine or democracy purchases were massacre in Tim in square topic from the day about July twentieth. To twenty second night, seventy nine thousands of followers around up throughout the country and failing gong its former declared end quote illegal organization. The move coincides the launch of immediate campaign by Chinese government accusing the movement of causing about fifteen hundred deaths about July twenty eighth nineteen nine just about a week later, the Chinese China issues in international arrest warrant against Li-hung Z, the sect and cult leader accused him of seeking to overturn the Chinese regime, and as we explained before the reason why China's government believes that he's trying to overthrow the government in wide this group that should be persecuted. Because one he was having up to one hundred million by this about seventy million followers in general just a ton. That were not a part of any stinks, state sanctioned, religion, social spiritual practice that the government was previously dealt with and mediates now. These people are deemed by China's anti-society Colt INTERPOL refused to help with the warrant against Li-hung Z citing that it was religious persecution by October seventh nineteen nine the first case of a feeling gong follower. Dongyan? Police custody is announced from abroad, an October twenty fifth November I ninety nine a week of protests said against intimidate square again in Beijing occur. Parliament dumps a law officially branding failing gung as a quote, evil cold and says instead of an illegal organization is site of ember twelve ninety nine Falangong they first failing gong quote unquote show trials to pre much trials that are for PR only. No actual representation is accounted for against the new party spree much with Chinese government is just going to hold the trial to publicly persecute these people. Ends with four of the followers sentence to between two and twelve years in prison. I believe it's the site that they are trying to offer the government. They're trying to stage a coup. What have you it's pretty much the way to prosecute the people of others are sent to hundreds by the way are sent to quote reeducation through labor camps for the next three years. I think you all know what that means by the end of the year nineteen eighty nine. It is stated at least thirty five thousand followers were have been arrested, according to officials to six by the Chinese government mind you as discussed before the facts between which says and what failing com practitioner says and what the west the world says are all pretty much not hundred percent verifiable, and everyone has its own side, the failure among supporters, of course, no the declared has government out to get them. China says that they are out to get the Chinese government and people outside think that they're being persecuted not knowing that the religion is trying to spread hate against homosexuals and people outside of Chinese f. Authencity so next year on February March near two thousand there is I death in custody of fifteen members. Fifteen members have died in police custody. Several others have been detained a stage a hunger strike about a year later Jin refers chosen one the government launches new propaganda initiatives against the group wish includes daily reports instinct own media publications accusing failing gong practitioners failing gone partitions. Brainwashing. There are members and missing them to ruining their lives by much by recruiting against evil cult as they've already said by law, and by the end of January tells them one state news agency zinn wa says five failing gung followers set themselves on fire in a mass suicide attempt which left one dead. It was not immediately possible to confirm the report from independent sources. So we are going to be touching on the self immolations in a loom. But but we do let us get down into the dirty muck and mire of some of falen Gong's teachings. So this is from Wikipedia, which it appears has been edited by some of their own members. Because the articles that they source on the Wikipedia page all directly relate back to Falangong material so falen gong and falen Dafa are. Based on books. Falen gong was the first in zone. Falen was the second falen gong is the introductory book that discusses Taichi. Introducing the principles of the practice and gives illustrations and explanations of its various exercises zone. Falloon is the main teaching and the most comprehensive work written by Lee. It's edited version includes nine lectures, fifty four of a nine lecture series fifty four of which he taught across China between nineteen ninety two and nineteen ninety four. There's also another book called zen Shaun Rehn, which is basically truthfulness compassion and forbearance. He claims that these three principles are the core tenants of failing gong, and they inhabit the microscope particles of air rock woods soil, iron and steel. Steel and the human body as well as in all matter in the universe. It said by Lee that in ancient times the five elements constitute all things in the matter. They also carry this characteristic zen, Shaun Rehn. So let's go into an article written by Rick Allen Ross the creator and inventor of the cult education institute home is Falangong occult. So. Renan chosen nine. Yes. So let's I get into the definition of what a cult is. So noted psychiatrist and author Ray Robert Jay Lifton developed a criteria to define colts. It includes three characteristics that an organization must meet to define itself as a Colt. The first is it must have a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles. That may have originally sustained the group lose their power a process of coercive persuasion or thought reform within its members and economic sexual or other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie, so let's get into falen Dafa and liftings three criteria. So first criteria to charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship. So Lee has made exclusive claims that are implicitly accepted by. All failing Dafa practitioners and are the defining principles of the group. They refer to him as master masterly and say he has supernatural powers. They also say that he has the top secrets of the universe that. No other religion can save people from and that he alone possesses the almighty FaW also he is the chosen savior of mankind. And in his book swan falen, he claims that he first recognizes his special powers at eight. He also says that he has a spinning falen, which is the mystical wheel of law that he inserts into disciples abdomens telecom medically he also says that he can heal diseases, overcome illness, etc. They also believe that he is always right. They do not question him whatsoever. And all basic assumptions concerning his purported supernatural teachings powers. And or pinions are never questioned by the group members. They believe he hasn't Thoubal and thority and with influen- Dafa his followers. Do not criticize the basic assumptions made of the group by the world around them or criticism from outsiders, which they describe as persecution in nature, regardless of who it's coming from whether it's the Chinese government or just the average journalist, and they basically also say that criticizing Lee or failing Dafa repeatedly will organize members to lob personal attacks physically or mentally against critics. They will threaten you with litigation. There's frivolous lawsuits involved, and there appears to be no limit the scope of Li-hung, jeez. Personal power within Falun Dafa. So let's talk about the second criteria, coercive persuasion and thought reform. So they say that Lee hung she is. Promoting unreasonable fears that include impending catastrophe evil conspiracies and persecution. He says that he has saved the earth repeatedly and that by following him. They will escape the apocalypse. He also asks followers to continue cultivating in go on cultivating until they reach perfection, which is an act of spreading the teachings of Dafa, basically until you die. It's kind of like base itself in like the practice of meditation, reaching spiritual might minimum through his means of enlightenment. And they also say that he has coercive persuasive beliefs within the organization that root themselves in unreasonable, fears and prejudice. So he believes that mixed race. People are part of a plot by aliens that by mixing quote by mixing the race of humans the aliens make human castoff gods. He told a gathering in Switzerland, someone of his international Faulk. Yes. He also says that mixed race. People are excluded from two vine truth, quote, they have lost their roots. As if nobody in the paradise will take care of them. They belong to nowhere. And no place would. Accept them the higher levels do not recognize them as human race. He also says that mixed race. People are intellectually incomplete with incomplete bodies. He also encourages hatred of homosexual people and the LGBTQ community. He says the disgusting homosexuality shows the dirty abnormal psychology of the gay who has lost the ability of reasoning at the present time, she's ego. He also says that gay people will someday be eliminated by the gods. Just like people who don't follow in general, don't like abolish, the common charity of China right now anyone who does not pretty much follow will kill. So the last criteria is 'exploitation. So he says that his followers he says to his followers that he can cure, any illness and all evil deeds are the root of sickness in people, which is a same teach in Scientology. He also said that model. In medicine only treats the symptoms, not its underlying spiritual causes her which can only be cured by following his teachings quote. The only way to find yourself comfortably free of illnesses. Cultivation when you will reach a very high level of hierarchy in complete all stages of self improvement. According to the world's laws, Hugh will require acquire an eye which will be similar to the faceted. I I mean that on the upper part of your face. They will open up a large high in which there will be an innumerable amount of smaller is the enlightened one who has reached the highest level of hierarchy has lots of is which completely cover their face and results. Many have died of medical nickel act and others have exacerbated curable and preventable medical conditions. And there are also serious complaints within the United States regarding the damage done by failing Dafa because of family estrangement, which is the process of separating oneself one from the family, which is a practice. He promotes within Phelan gong. They also say that master Lee has accumulated substantial assets because of his work within the cold. He moved to the United States and bought a two hundred and ninety three thousand dollar house in New York in nineteen ninety-five, which is a lot of money back. Then he also purchased a second residency in new in New Jersey the following year for six hundred thousand dollars, the value of the two residences equal millions of dollars now, and it is not counting the resident revenue or donations made by Shenyun there. He also recorded exchanges with falen Dafa on the cult education institute. One member responded concerning master lease bizarre claimed that elderly women start menstruating again because of Falangong quote, can you prove that elderly women who practice failing gong don't regain their menstrual periods. Have you ever considered the possibility that Li's teachings in? This regard are true. I know for a fact that they are true, I suggest you do more research on the subject before mocking our teachings. Another public protester appeared to have a public. Protests have become a pivotal function of failing Dafa and in two thousand one. There was a self immolation suicide by fire protests in China, which allegedly included adult members in minor children. There are Vaillant off a members that deny connection to the self immolation. But the government says it was put out by Mr Lee and the followers of. Falen gong to send a message to the Chinese government and people now this is where it does. I think I think this is kind of the practice of it where it gets like it really zooms into the intersection of Chinese the agenda, his agenda and failed by the Chinese government and failing this is really where it's like, we don't know. Can I get into this par-? Yeah. I will. Yeah. For you to take this. Yup. So we're getting this from the every search doctorate from the immigration refugee, bore of Ottawa that was conducted those written between chosen one two thousand four and talks in the question. They pretty much proposing. His whether the self immolations of the January twenty third incident tells them one intimidate square was a fabrication, and if so who is making the allegations based on what evidence so in this doctorate that we skim through and found this ridiculous information from pretty much the failing gong spokespersons have denied that the self immolations of the twenty third in the generator. Hundred incident tells them one and chins square were carried out by particulars of the movement as Chinese state media have claim following the release of a report on the incident in Zien Wat news agency, felon gung issued a statement declaring that quote, this is so this so called suicide attempt on timid square has nothing to do with failure gone practitioners because the teachings of failing on prib- any form of killing. And that was published also through CNN dot com on the January twenty four th dozen one. So of course, as we know there was a severe have been Timon square people's of themselves and fire in protest in mass suicide, it's already had him confusing. The Falangong partitions are saying that it was not them because it goes against their teachings. But of course, the Chinese government uses that and says that that's what they did. And his again for Chinese government proof that this group is anti psyche. It's a Colt. What have you so video recording of the incident produced by the new Tang, dynasty and TD? TV a privately owned Chinese. Television station near the incident on the twenty third. January was quote, the most highly publicized event used by the Chinese government to quote persecute failing on petitioners into quote, turn the public opinion against them aspects of the footage highlighted by the producers support the claim that self immolations were a fabrication such details. Support this include the following one. Police were carrying twenty five pieces of firefighting equipment on the day of the immolations when they were not normally no to carry fire fire extinguishers, while patrolling the square one of the two one of the women involved in the Malaysians Lee Chung Ling appears to be hit on the head by a blunt object as please attempt to put out the fire arguing that Lou died from a severe blow to the head three suspiciously. The security cameras intimate square zoom in on the scene as unfolds. However surveillance cameras intimate square are supposed to be set at a fixed length there. I believe that their prime lenses, so people are pretty much. Pretty much assuming that these cameras were set up ahead of time to stages event for the video recording also rejects the claim made by the Chinese government the that the incident was recorded by CNN since as the group argues CNN Caraman were arrested in their quit was confiscated prior to the incident again, also suspicious behavior. CNN investigators were taken out of the event before it happened five one man involved in the self immolation wing Jidong. Shouts comments that NTDTV claims. Do not follow failing Don doff teaching. So he's pretty much saying that what people were saying, and what was happening intimate scored the time with again, not support what failing gone practitioners would have been saying if they were protesting or if they were practising this extreme former protests sit hot it's so it's so wild six the hospital treatment of the victims as recruited by Chinese state media are inconsistent with proper care of severe burn victims. For example, patients were not kept in storerooms. Moreover. The girl who allegedly under a tracheotomy appear to be able to speak in sync clearly mere days after surgery. So all of that is already kind of information that you can take in and judges you will. But it kind of goes on apparently early season in two there were interruptions of television programming throughout China by by as the trans government claims by failing gong showing videos taken at the self immolation incident and tells them one, however, the video shown in the northeastern city of ching Choon in March chosen to claims that the self immolation was staged by Chinese government. These videos were also aired in the Liaoning province, and she Thuan province the agents, French press AFC that we've been sourcing earlier talked about chosen to in July eleventh article that the failing gong participators were using telephone faxes, computer hacking Chinese television programs in the internet to spread meshes about the persecutions of its followers and use an example of this state. This fake self immolation incident. The Chinese government apparently produce. In his book on feeling gone journalist. Danny shitter writes that on the January twenty third incident. Immolations quote, smell like a st-. They he says that they quote smell like a staged managed incident that's being blindly exploited for political reasons, he quotes Associated Press TV by saying that, quote, it would certainly fit in with typical Chinese strategy to stage an event this year and make the show their own. However in a April fifth dozen to near times article it was reported that Chinese officials had for the first time quote allowed a small group for journalists to speak with six people involved in the self immolations, including three quits set themselves on fire in the presence of the officials. The quote self emulators insisted that they were not government stooges, but in fact, longtime failing on followers one of them, even performed a failing exercise at the request of the reporter and another waging Dong spoke of the health benefits associated with the practice. So this point it's pretty much. I mean, it really depends. What you think's going on here? We know that the group has spread and is using lies with Shenyun about the organization, but the Chinese government, of course, is persecuting them. Neither parties are not really trust -able. But like, honestly, I even going through this again now in sitting on it for a bit. It's like, obviously someone's lying. I I don't know. It's kind of crazy. I can see the government doing it. I can see some failing gongs splint going off in the in the failing gone practitioners don't want to accept or claim that these people represent them because maybe they really don't the masses. But maybe they were failing on practitioners curl girl. Okay. So why don't get into a little bit of a letter police in the San Francisco sentinel in two thousand six by Samuel Lou it says falen gong, homophobic, mind control Colt. And this is all Samuel's words. So. I'm going to read his entire blurb new rom the sense. And all you really do. My name is my name is Samuel. And my parents are both falen gong practitioners who have been hurt in exploited by this Colt. Among the very many harms done to them. I have been seriously concerned that they have refused medical treatment in two thousand and two. My stepfather initially refused help when he had a stroke and he has suffered painful gout attacks unnecessarily for five years. He did. So because he was brainwashed into believing that leeann g the founder and leader of this cult has the power to cure illnesses. And that taking medicine is counterproductive Falangong is also extremely homophobic, leave teaches that homosexuality is not the standard of a human being the priority of God's will be to eliminate homosexuals and that gays are demonic in nature. These teachings are honored by all Falangong practitioners recently when I confronted my mother with the teacher. Ching. She said that the elimination of gays is already happening when I wanted to give when I wanted her to give specific examples she said that all the natural disasters that happened recently are directed at corrupt people gaze included in my efforts to warn the public about the harmful in cultish nature of failing gong. My free speech was suppressed last year when the international culture studies association organized a program on the falen gong in which I was one of the presenters the falen gong threatened the organization with a lawsuit in successfully suppressed, our freedom of speech, the failing gong is preying on the residents of the city. And I just want people to know that falen gong is not what they claim to be. This is in San Francisco. This is here in our hometown. That's why that's why I wanted to include it. I guess the last thing to kind of get into is this story from two years ago now from two thousand seventeen on a epoch times, quote reporter breaking onto White House grounds and handing Donald Trump an envelope full of unknown photographs. This is crazy. So this seventeenth says eighteen was one of the okay? Yeah. Yeah. It was pretty recently. So what happened was the White House is currently reviewing this was reviewing this incident that occurred where a news photographer for the puck times as you mentioned before an arm of Shannon and feeling gong, which is a publication, by the way, that's banned in China, of course, handed President Trump a folder containing an official event. The photographer identified by other journalists as Semira blue. Pods of his Prensa incorrectly. Pass the purple colored folder Trump as he was walking onto the eastern on September twelve after scouring after delivering remarks at a reception for the congressional medal of Honor Society Boao was lined up with other photographers an area reserved for journalists when she entered a restricted pathway where the president was walking, according to several news, photographers who witnessed the incident. Trump accepted the folder and appeared to open it briefly as he departed before quickly shutting it the witness said, it was not clear, what was inside the folder, photographers asked bow afterwards. Why she did it and what the folder contained she's declined to provide the details. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who discussed the ends with members of the White House Correspondents Association executive board declined to answer questions about the matter about was said by those known to her to have recently security White House quote hard pass from secret service allowing her daily access to the press briefing room and other events another White House officials. Said the matter had been dealt with the incident was a violation of protocol for journalists covering the White House, of course, and it marked at least the second time epoch times journalist has disrupted away as event with they're talking about each doesn't six seven chosen six. Epoch temps reporter who obtained a press credential to cover Chinese President Hu. Gentiles arrival on the southern line for visit with President George W Bush shouted out calling on Bush English to stop you from killing and quote persecuting the failing gong is of course, the spiritual group your time is over that reporter when Ye Wang shouted at who in Mandarin, quote, evil, people will die early the news organization announced following that the incident had parted ways with wing, so the EPA times in general, I guess we haven't really discussed it. They were founded in New York in two thousand biker Chines Americans an effort to quote counter Chinese government propaganda, the newspaper pretty. It sells itself as the largest news, Allah aimed at the Chinese communist party outside of mainland China Taiwan and quickly before we get to farther young that original article about the Jay was from the Washington Post in September eighteenth two thousand eighteen kooks so excited Greenlee sent. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. So. So apparently the times has about ver- diversions or Princeton twenty three different languages and reach up to more than one million readers. The Al has long denied having direct ties with the failing gung. But experts, of course, are said to the paper is sympathetic to the move and has reflected failing gone political positions in critical in critical coverage of China's government that failing gung has accused of harvesting organs from political prisoners are executed the epoch times supported Ming Zia, a political science professor at the graduate center at the City University of New York said the time has a staff made up of largely part time employees in volunteers who also maintained other jobs, quote, they support the Falangong because they are failing on practitioners Zia said quote. It's a way to accumulate there merit. They're not professional journalists. And they do not follow the protocols professional journals, abide by that's how they can be very pushy and aggressive so kind of like we mentioned before with the that four hundred acre like. Dance troupe. Refugee and upstate New York were Shanyan is like pretty much started organizing propagated, it's a bunch of people who are within these individual Falangong City-based organizations that want to get their merit up. And they wanna get higher in the organization. We don't know exactly what happens within that. Because there is literally nothing explains that we can find online that would explain that. But kind of like I consume Scientology the higher up you go you probably get some type of compensation. I'm sure there's benefits you get obviously if you're working for no pay and are trying to support organization. There's a reason why you're doing it. Of course, it could just be purely spiritual. Maybe it's purely because he believe Lee is going to grant you some type of access he says all the time that there is access that is required to get the powers that he has. So we can assume from that. So the epoch times is lily non-professional journalist that worked part time that are trying to pretty much just spread obviously the propagator that Phelan gong as spreading as well. That's anti-china anti-communist. Etc. So. Of course, since there was that those demonstrations China in the nineties that we've talked about before the self immolations, Tim and square ten thousand people the arrest center cetera in the decade sense. Chinese come is leaders have continued to guard failing gung as national security threat while the group driven underground overseas. Continue to be a constant thorn in Beijing side per se the times, which is blocked inside China regularly regularly publishes critical stories in gossip about the communist party senior leadership, particularly for President Jiang Zemin, failing gong followers. Have regularly distributed fliers outside Chinese embassies worldwide in polled publicity, stunts meant to draw attention to their cause. And embarrassed officials when former Obama administration official who worked on Asian policy recalled an interview at the epoch times has a reputation of quote being more activists than journalists. Zia said the Falangong is eager to win political recognition from high level officials in the United States in claims to exploit the Trump administration's increasingly hardline stance. Against China on trade and other issues, and that I think and if you look at the center for media bias, they are far right in bias, politically speaking, and you and you can connect the dots with Trump's current positions and posits on China relations in think about why someone may want to push the failing gung persecution into his hands. But at this point, I don't know alleys anymore. We can even get into this is this is we presented you with everything we could find guys. It's oh, my we really if you mentioned if you notice that we stayed silent. It's because we really wanted to let what was happening speak for itself because I think journalists get into the really bad habit of trying to draw a hard line conclusions about things and sometimes things need to get just put out there and then sit for a little bit because I am not an expert in geopolitics. I am not an expert on. On Chinese inner workings, politically, I'm not an expert on the Chinese government. I'm not an expert on the Chinese people. I know. A rudimentary understanding of world politics to understand the various cultural movements in China, but not enough to make hard-line judgments about it. But I do think that this is a group of people that have been persecuted. I think that they are definitely treasurer's account. That is like imagine scientologist being arrested in beat up by the US government. It's not what should be done to solve the issue because it will one not solve in into as we have seen it actually causes organization and completely on one hundred percent anti state violence against St. islands against the entire concept of state-funded violence, and what has happened to failing gong practitioners by the Chinese government and other organizations is state violence. However, do I also think it deserves a critical eye that they believe the teachings that we outlined to you now. Absolutely. And I think that's where this topic. Becomes sticky for a lot of people is they don't know how to walk the middle line. And I'm not saying we did it successfully either. But I think we gave it our best shot. A as we've been saying multiple times. There was not much information. There is so little out here. There is only a few websites. We can even get to talk about what actually is going on this organization, and there's still so much. We don't know. I'm waiting to find out more. Yeah. And if you guys again have follow ups, let us know, please. God I would love to report it, I think we're out of here where we Don getting out of here. My computer is about to die. We m-. How mu- how many percent points three percent three percent points? Okay. But we made it right under the okay, okay. I'm a plug real quick go to Inc for free dot com has all links to everything you need to know every week. But just go there just to go there, and you can review our podcast with five stars as well to just show your support and love we'd loved that. You can join a girls engaged group. We have so much fun there. So the person who predicted that we would talk about Shanyan before it happened. You win. All our accolade. I don't know what it is. Anyway, you win good for you. And for to follow us. You can follow Joan at Johnny sucks everywhere. You can follow me at underscore. Matthew Lawson everywhere you can follow us on Twitter at underscore Inc. For free an Instagram at eating for free as well and remained midweek madness. Call. So good loving it. And to that, I say fuck everything, and let's get the fuck outta here because my boyfriend made dinner, and I am starving. I know he made some really good chicken dish. I have to try. It's sorta there's like some people there. They're very much Ramos. Yes. Maybe that's why that was ongoing plane emoji med. Club med. Okay. All right. Three two one good bone. What do I think? I don't think of her. You. Yeah. Jerry. I think you. Jerry.

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