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Hi, I'm more vendor. I'm the author of several time management books, including the brand new Juliet school of possibilities off the clock and one hundred sixty eight hours and also the host of I hurt media's newest podcast before breakfast. Every weekday morning. I'll be sharing a quick productivity tip. It will help you. Take your day from great to awesome. These are strategies that worked for me for people admire and that I've learned from all the feedback. I've received over the years unless there's like you I care about time because life is lived in. And what we do. Our lives is going to be a function of how we spend. Our every thousands of time logs in the last ten years since I started exploring people's habits. I'm fascinated by people who are successfully combining rewarding careers with fulfilling personal whether that's raising happy families being involved in their communities doing some sort of crazy epileptic endeavor on the weekend or all of the above. What I've learned from studying the schedules of successful people is that life is not either or you can throw yourself into work. You love doing what you can to make the world better place and nurture relationships with the people and take care of yourself. Everybody's life was different. But I believe that in the hundred sixty eight hours we all have each week there truly space for what matters. And so we'll be covering it all work family, friendships, personal passions. I can't give you a twenty fifth hour in the day. But just like that first Cup of coffee. Each episode is going to help you feel like you can take on the world one productivity tip at a time. So start your workday with before breakfast available each morning Monday through Friday, finding apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcast together. We're gonna feel us busy won't getting more done.

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