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that tells the story of Service Soldier Marine Airmen Sailor Costa who you gotta check them out visit combat flags dot com and use the Promo Code father so you could save ten percents off your order please help me spread the word about this podcast every father Laura episode and I just began uploading episodes here to youtube so if that is a more efficient way for you to listen please consider subscribe to my channel first glance fatherhood the link is in the description of today's podcast episodes of please help me out with subscribe and don't forget this week I am partnered with combat flags they make American flags out of duty warned fatigue who first glance fatherhood thank you thank you very much I'm looking forward to spending time with you and and when you think about first class that's that's a that's a tall achievement in are you think about yourself being teenager you think about yourself not only being a teenager but then you think about some of the things that you ballfields in the battlefield and talk about tough guys navy seal medal of Honor Recipient Michael Thornton is about as tough as they come it was a tremendous honor for me to speak with him about fatherhood so do not miss Born in Albuquerque New Mexico left Albuquerque New Mexico went to Washington DC stage in DC till I was about ten and then what you're hoping is that you're able to you know get get you know a group of people that you can lean on that hopefully can provide absolutely punished people on the Field Hall of Fame Safety Ronnie Lott will be here with me just a few minutes so please stick around interview last week on the podcast legendary wide yeah you know what's interesting is that when you think about what we all go through and we all think about it is there are so many moments forty I have Haley who is twenty seven I have Isaiah Twenty six and I have Khloe who is twenty four all right joining me now is a first-class father he is the former first round draft pick of the San Francisco Forty niners team in which he won four super bowls opportunities and gave me a hand up and we've been able to do the same for a lot of different organizations and a lot of different young people yes and then moved from there to southern California then attended university southern California winter are you a perspective of trying to make sure that you're doing the best you can do it certainly takes a village to raise a child as they say all try to go through to to to to be associated with that type of honor is is is is amazing it's really hard and very different ability but you have to think about a lot of things a Lotta things that are outside the realm of of of just at that how can you exhaust every moment how can you give all you can that is really something that it has been phenomenal and we've been able to help a lot of different organizations throughout the bay area and and we've had a lot of success playing with the jets and having a great time and success there and and then retiring and and from there been a and the following Thursday my Ronan Nfl Hall of famers will continue so sure your follow me on Instagram at Alec underscore lace to find out just who it is tomorrow on the show we're going to go from the Oh cool to hear that Ronnie and and about how old were you when you first became a dad and how to becoming a father kind of changed your perspective on life it's been a wonderful experience and more importantly we've been able to empower a lot of young people and I know that a lot of people gave me that you're a rookie at a lot of things and and the reason that you're a rookie is that there's just so many things that you've never experienced and certain things and and and so I I'm hopefully kind of allow them because they're examples that they've said that ah I always find even today am I doing that with my kids and my finding ways to making sure that they are getting all the did you think about what the teenagers do today and you think about all the equipment you think about all the relationships in before you know it you really with he is a ten time Pro Bowler in eight time first team all pro he is on the NFL seventy fifth anniversary team the nineteen eighties and the nineties all decade went from there playing professionally again with the raiders having a abby success there and then in there to to the San Francisco Forty niners play with the forty niners ended up having a great run a lot of success there and so I'm you know I look at my parents today there's still alive they're great people there people that enticed tough love is is is is what it is it's really tough love and and they've been able to give me a lot of tough love opportunities and and and trying to find a path that they can forge path that they can own and and focusing on yourself and and and the question in life is you know which I always try to think about is you know how are you going to be the best enjoy it was and and I think what you learn about that is that you know how lucky we are that we stood oh can have the ability to be a champion as a dad even though things could be you know challenging for the ways that we were and that's what kind of what my parents are done with me they constantly been you know gray supporters but they've been you know great friends in and you know truly care about their community and care about a lot of things and I just continue to try to model wildlife around how they act how they still do as and and the things that we went through and I think that's summit is a perfect way in a perfect understanding of you know knowing I can kind of model my life around some of the things that they that that they do and and things that they have done which has been really amazing who's she's twenty four wow yeah okay you'll have four myself my mind go from five to thirteen so I'm just getting myself ready for teenage years I if you could just a minute here to hit my listeners with a quick little bit about your background and my background I grew up as a military Brat Dad when I was twenty and I think the perspective of life changes from the standpoint you realize that you have not only response entreprenuer and been involved a lot of different businesses and more importantly I have foundation and I started in nineteen eighty nine call it all starts helping kids a people not really understanding how to use their you know mindfulness in the US their ability to control their having me involved which I think has been really amazing is that I've learned a lot she's learned a lot and then we've learned a lot from it he struggled with to hear Kerri Walsh talk about some of the challenges of being a mom and and being an athlete and that we all have our flaws but we all are trying to be better dead in in the building communities like that and have relationships you find is that we all have you know our abilities to kind of push ourselves we also have our abilities where we and we can talk about it with you know a select group of people but if you have a mental problem or you have difficulties who do you sit with so I mean it was cool to see you know things that are dedicated to data I know you just Recently spoke at the Dad two point zero summit what was that experience like for you it's been tough on me they they allowed me to fail they allowed me to understand that you know you can't always get it right and Oh yeah well let's right here Ronnie how many kids do you have and how old are they yes oh I have four kids have Ryan who is anything knowing knowing what Dad's in in in in in mothers and all the parents that are out there where we are I think that that last piece is a really interesting piece and the reason I think it's an interesting pieces that you know as as have you know where we can be vulnerable and and it's great to hear all of it and it's great to hear that there are ways that you can fix it your opinion on young kids playing tackle football and what do you think is a good age to Start Your Dad's the NFL season is now upon us and the nine games what is it all about and what was the genesis of that show well the genesis that she really thought that there was a a an issue louder amazing athlete you know the the to hear Steve Young talk about you know some of the issues that he was dealing with some of the things that he all right guys many of you hit me up saying that you would like to start your own podcast than I am telling you right now anchor Charles Haley said who play was played with the cowboys play with me with the forty niners was you know we can sit around and we can have an AA meeting mean but there was a dad there that you know talked about his life and talked about some of the challenges talked about some of the experiences that he went through and and how channel an incredibly experienced and reason was incredible as that you know it's the story that you don't know about and minds and and and she saw and and she's heard from a lot of different people how difficult that is in now Romo Code First Class it's a slam dunk deal dad's seatgeek Dot Com Promo Code first-class fatherhood is the best seat in the house this is a great opportunity for us to you know share to create community in more for late to allow you play football growing up I was a play pop warner when I was ten years old remember moving from Washington DC and coming to California's in I using my Promo Code First Class that's one word first class maybe you want to see a concert or a Broadway show save twenty bucks on the tickets on seatgeek dot com used elite baseball season is winding down. There's no better time to take your kids that ballgame and first-class father who listeners can save twenty dollars off their tickets on SEATGEEK DOT com the easiest way to get this done number one it's free I have never paid a dime to publish any of my podcasts and their creation tools allow you to record and edit right from your phone where you can hear from other dads is invaluable yeah yeah good stuff and I think it's so cool that you're doing a podcast but your daughter Hayley they're called people to know that it's okay and and not only is it okay but there are ways that we can all you know get better at taking care of ourselves and every once in a while we're gonNA have our moments of sadness and and if we do you know it's not GonNa destroy his in in living in a prosperous you know whole life that could be very full of love and happiness what do you talk to what where do you go how do you have that community and it it really you know made me think that so what's your opinion on young kids playing tackle football and what do you think is a good age to start you know it's funny I've been you know with our kids my son you know said what are you thinking I was like well you know what do you think and he's like well I like playing touch and it's fine it this is your first time listening to the podcast please get over there in Baghdad subscribe button you do not WanNa miss all the action that is coming your way right here on First Glance Fatherhood all right dad the description of this episode of my listeners can check it out and I just had Tim Brown on their recently I just didn't interview with him as well he was really well spoken on fatherhood and one of the things that the thing you need to make a podcast in one place what are you waiting for download the free anchor APP today or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Yeah well Saturday at school to hear you say that about the relationship with your parents and I talk about on my podcast a lot Ronnie is a fatherless crisis that we have in our country so many kids are growing up without a dad it's GonNa be something that we can experience and something that will understand yeah I I love that philosophy the concept of the show I'm going to include a link to your pocket order computer anchored those all the distribution as well so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more also you can make money with no minimum listenership it's in DC I they I didn't see kids played with pass and all of a sudden here I am and I'm like wow this is so mazing so cool and and yet eh you know him and a lot of the NFL's that I have on the show here is just 'cause it's a difficult decision for a lot of parents out there and whether or not to let their kids play tackle football so with me I said Okay and and you know we we both decided that you know there was going to be a point where he was going to be able to enter into a high school in and be able to play the game and so he he didn't put pads on before then he played with his buddy down took some time sturdy enough strong enough to be able to play but I would never trade the experience of being young men the question is really around when you start and I think that that to me in today's game it's really centered around but I think they should learn about the game of life of having great relationships in knowing that using count on people to support the challenges the difficulties and I think that the game of football is about the relationships in the friendships it's it's not about this gift of being able to take care of our kids so yeah I think the kids should learn about the game of Football Pratt and I'm I'm I was pretty tough you know they my my wife in kids always said there goes sour you know one the aspirations but to if you think that you're worried and you think that you should not allow that to happen out what we see in terms of the competition I've always felt that there's nothing better of being around great aww that's one of the great things that we did see with the does you know fatherhood programs that they had a bunch of Russell football on the other hand Ryan who when you when when he was younger and coming out of high school I didn't the reason that boy scouts is so amazing is that around young men you get a chance to understand the women that were there sharing being vulnerable and caring and talking allowing all of us to become better at hopefully grow when he got bigger and and became you know a linebacker of all things and and ended up playing the national football league it didn't beep you know take the across precautions and find yourself saying you know what there's going to be a time when I feel like he's urgent lodge and so I had my moment of being you know tough but I I have to do certain things you have to have chores you have to keep your locker clean you have to be able to huddle and do the huddle the right way like I was I enjoyed the discipline of make sure my kids Kinda saw the same things that I experienced what in fact you didn't get your job done so they they're great lessons and in sports provides that and and being a dad you punish a lot of people on the field but what type of punishment did you hand out as a dad what type of disciplinarian where you as a father with the kids growing up you got to remember man I'm military men and learning from them and understanding their issues and understanding the challenges and problems that's you know if if you think about that I chose that because you know instinctively that's kind of the things that I live with I live with a lot of moments where you have to be on time those losses and find ways to deal with those winds yeah very well said and you were one of if not the hardest hitting safety and ever play the game and this is so special yeah talking about sharing his special moment with your kids what was it like to have your family president with you there when you were inducted into the hall of fame on I liked to have great relationships in and have fun and in the lavish love and care and also at the same time no that is amazing heroes amazing leaders amazing people inspired me they challenged me and you know the and and so all those kind of disciplines are disciplines that I tried to share with my kids and more important I tried to share the disciplines of what next to him and it made me realize that there are so many kids that you can you know you can amplify that message to and hopefully and you know it's funny I took my son Isaiah and I took him to the Patriots game when they were playing the giant and it was the I get a chance to see you at the Super Bowl winning the lombardi trophy yeah yeah yeah and you know that's somebody giving you that gift and somebody sharing that with you inspired me and and and now here here I am standing you know we have a guy that's a great garbage man he's unbelievable and we wrote a letter talking about how great he is and and he can point was doesn't have to be a football player you could be the best garbage man and I love it because there's you know the the great part of life is when you have those moments and you're able to share you're able to experience it and you see the season and and we went to the game and we went on the field flip the coin and it was so amazing watching him and looking at I was growing up as a kid yeah very cool and I know you got four Super Bowl rings and I believe you know Ryan would have been the only ones who have been able to see the and I think that sports is meant to have those kind of moments where you know it gets to share with with each other but you also get to learn he's out of little elements and that's what makes you know the relationship of being with whether it's with your daughters or with your sons that made always you are trying and communicating you have a chance yeah right on with that and you have had just incredibly success he would be the the the the kind of man he is today in in the sides that had and so you never know and and he did ah the guy next to you or the person or the girl next to us going to find themselves you know sometimes disappointed on on in how he inspires us and and and and my point is that you know we all strive to be our best and and and it's a great quality the the the sadness and the joy and you know the sadness over losing and the joy of winning and he had a great time a lot of different people in a lot of different ways and you know with all stars we've been able to kind of find a way to empower hiring people to believe that you know your your organization can change the world and so we we help a lot of nonprofits who I don't care if you're a garbage man I want you to be the best at in our member sitting here listening to you I was about twelve thirteen years old at the time and the guys are looking at the whole thing and and and and then you realize that you were once there and and so he had his moment of being but you and help you and and and and whether you win or lose you lose together where you win together and you find ways to you know deal with achievable and the reason it's unbelievable that you're amongst the people that you are the most as you as I was growing up in those winging and to me that's all I wanna do and until one is exhaust life and and try to do as much as you can as like all of us sometimes you're big enough sometimes strong enough in and so I did not play for the people that all they kept doing it and even though the disease was taking their life they just kept playing they kept giving everything Great Deacon Jones he was there and Deacon Jones when I was a kid taking chose that you'd be the best I don't care what you that are startups in trying to get them to see that you know all it takes is an opportunity to help somebody in the service and their kids out there that you know we'll hear and learn that you can be the best and you can be the best at whatever you do and there you see it and be close with it and and and what we what we saw was that things that we see in life sometimes challenges and problems you think you know people that go out and serve to seniors and get them medicines and you can go down all the way bad love is that there will be moments where you're gonNA love and still feel bad because you had discipline and so but star I realized that I'm GonNa try

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