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Hour 4: 5/9/19


The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes capital. One. What's in your wallet capital? One NA member FDIC. Cried passion and patron Torri of college. Football leaves Keer. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our four podcast. We made it to the final hour of the show. And that's a that's saying something today. Wow. A lot of Florida Georgia conversation. The Alabama Clemson thing never seems to go away. We had a basketball conversation. We'll Wade mention and Sean Miller and some crazy phone calls. But none of that matters. Now, we have Tim Brando with us in that is the gift that keeps on giving. Timmy, b it's been too long. How are you? My man. Oli today. So I'm fired up and ready to go. You know, I'm usually a little more spicy when I'm just with you on the radio. All yeah. Tim, listen. I I don't you know with you. I don't even I don't even wanna waste of subject. I just wanted just turn the machine on. Well, look, I think this I now I don't have to do what you do on a daily basis anymore, and frankly, I want no part of it. But I'm always giving and caring to those that do have to do what you do every day, and it's not easy to do four hours of of radio each day or three hours of radio. And when you had the television platform, are you really really doing radio Justice or TV Justice. I don't know. But I know this you're working hard to do both. So God bless you for it. I'm here to provide a public service for the Paul finebaum network today. Tim here we are in. We're we're working our way toward the middle of may the conversations remain the same. And and I I someone who has done it and has done at the highest level. I'm really interested in in your view of the whole thing. And it goes from the interactions of fans. To the coaches to the way the media now covers I mean, there is a lot to chew on here in the middle of may. Well, what's the tornadoes left here and headed to Alabama and Mississippi where you are? I sure hope everyone's okay in and around those stents because we we were cleaning up a lot here at home and had some major Florence. And we're hoping that we don't get another wave of it tonight. Matter of fact, I was listening to you sell on the podcast as I was walking the golf course today because the currency is closed standing water, and I was getting my power walk in. We're sending and I thought I'd do that instead of the treadmill, and I was listening to your conversation with one of your callers about a previous guest that you had on like that or as a writer now for a website. Yeah. My end your your accuracy on that. And the perception that you're caller had with regard to that is I think the major that we have just with the narrative daily not just in sports, but obviously news and now it really has spilled over into sports cries might. I think we both come from an idealistic baby boomer generation that used to say, well, I I'm I'm getting away from that. And go into sports because it's the toy department. I don't want to deal with the grim realities of life. Well, guess what? Now sports has become such a part of the entertainment value of our country because the entertainment business has gone to hell in the hand basket. So now, we're looking to light sports. And counting on the drama around. Lots sports to supplant what you know, the Dean Martin Jerry Lewis debate was about it in the late fifties and early sixties when they broke up, you know, who's better Martin Lewis, you know, that's that's what's happened in our country. Call and we seem to have the same conversation. Maybe different names involved, different coaches, different players, different scandals different circumstances. Birth stories remain the same. And I think it was you that was what's quoted as saying people don't necessarily people may be sports fans, but they don't prefer talking about sports over talking about other people. So people talking about other people seems to be still invoked. That's one thing that has stayed with us. I think since gates is that people do prefer talking about other people than than really sports themselves. In kim. I do think the lines are crossed. I think people flipped from FOX to CNN MSNBC SPN. And I it's it's it's just one screaming conversation after the other with partisanship. That that. I and I'm by the way, I'm not begging for the day when you know, we do right down the middle. But, but I I think I think sports is worse than than the news channels. These days can be it can be the the post draft narrative. Really? Oh, it was sickening to me. I just was sickening to me. I mean, what Daniel Jones dude, anybody my God. So that's a he he's a serial killer. Really? It's that bad and poor Archie manning. He's sitting at home. I'm sure enjoying things and happy that, you know, one of the kids that was in his past academy manage to to be I pick with the giants. And that is his son Eli is going to get the tutoring. And all of a sudden, there's this vast manning empire conspiracy that moved this kid up to number six and the draft list of what you know, just I mean charges of the decision being race relate all that is out there. And by the way, I'm not pointing fingers at any one individual. That's doing the commentating here. It was across every network anybody. That's got a draft show was talking about and it it's just it. It becomes really bothersome. So you certainly say, okay, I'm going to find a movie your blazing. Saddles sounds good. I'll put that DVD back in. Whenever you get really upset with our culture today. I was just Paul at the in Dallas at the Bari Nelson Celebi him onto they did have a good day of golf on Tuesday. Dallas national before the rain screaming and the tornadoes and such Wednesday morning. And I saw Bubba. Gilliam? Burton Bubba Gilliam who was in blazing saddles, and of course, with one of the fly their offices, Utah in that movie about a honeymoon in Vegas. And and Bubba is one of the all-time great character actors and he used to play in the Kenny stabler classic all the time on mother's day weekend down at going clear. We were having a great time. And I told him he said, Tim, you have no idea how big glazing saddles is every year. I man. That's when I when I met you in the early nineties blazing saddles wasn't that big. I said, well, the same canny, she Caddyshack was, you know, a B-movie movie when it came out and then twenty five years later, you know, you're not. Oh, man if you didn't watch Kevin shot. Searcher? By the way. I'm glad you took over there because I was about to indict my own network because I was I was worth through Paul. It was everywhere that day the morning after the draft. I basically had to turn the television off. I I was I was working at this morning. I looked up in your should the Lakers trade LeBron. I'm like what? That was Stephen a Smith lead item. I mean, how bad must it be when you're to this deep appoint in your play offs? And you still can't make game five or pivotal game. Five still is on page three because terrible. Are you a merry? You were the worldwide leader at pretty close to the beginning. I mean, you you you hosted sportscenter. You did all the shows. I mean, I mean, what was it like back? Then all I even did the NBA today back then that was a a daily show that they had to to try to lower the NBA to come over and be part of it. You know, I remember after the third day. I did it. I was a guest host that. I said I taught my stay on the NBA today. I'm taking the next week off. But but honestly, you know in the nineties and in the eighties. We were just it really was more meat and potatoes back, then I tell people and one of the reasons I left Scott in so much s VP is is I think the best out there. And it's one of the reasons why sportscenter show does. So well is because he has an appreciation of of history. But is really hip, you know, he's really current young people really dig him, but he's respectful of his elders. You know, you're not gonna watch a Scott van pelt show without some reference to, you know, Chris Berman ISM or maybe something, you know, Bob, we might have said or even last night. I got tweets late at night from some people are some this morning. There was a shot in a Premier League game that went off the post, and he went iron unkind and said to me. If you're up how you doing, you know? That's so Scott is and he he I think engenders a level of entertainment and enjoy in sports on a daily basis that I don't think we have enough up during the rest of the day parts, and I'm okay with the culture conversation. I think that that discuss how sports can help our culture is really a good thing. You know, I think Jason Whitlock on our network on has one dozen ice job talking about that on SF why? But they're just it just seems that the the yelling and screaming, and the let's be upset about something. The let's get offended somehow some way and express how offended we are. It does take over the day. And I think in our generation, maybe we were just lucky maybe the clock was on our side because I think we were just more meat and potatoes back then it's the first game of a weekend series and Philadelphia game three of a fourteen game homestand for the village. And how are they doing? You know, what's having those conversations? And I wonder though, Tim I'll tell you what I'm gonna polish here because I want to get into social media in a second. I think that's that's a reason why some of this goes on. We'll take a short break. We'll keep him a little longer than we paid his agent for and more to come. When we return to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. We're talking to Tim Brando, and Tim, you really laid out a great preamble to where I wanted to go next about the way, the medium was and currently is, but the the introduction of social media, and you're very active on on Twitter. But it it just seems like it it it's playing a role that I I'm not saying it shouldn't be important. But it's, but it's overwhelming and influencing almost everything it is into a point where when you wake up in the morning, it's trying to get your sports news. There was a time. The Paul what I used to think I get I get a better more unbiased. Report via Twitter that I could televise aren't they those days are gone. Forget it and and just to the straight reporting of what happened overnight in a game. I it especially when we're talking about playoffs. Now, I do get lost in in the NHL in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Because it's it's kinda like just a route tally of the sport the excitement level for the people in the fans game seven is unlike any other game seven at any other sport. So you can kind of get lost in that. And I and I really marvel at what doc Emrick in those guys do over on NBC and NBC were network their cable outlet with the hockey because they can really live in the moment. And hockey is a sport that has to be covered in the here. And now it seems that especially with the NBA it's more about the packaging than it is the game. Or the soap opera surrounding the players as opposed to what players are doing. What to help eighteen win a game? And oh, by the way, we'll this player be a max player in his next contract or not max player in his next contract. I really don't care. Whether a player is a max, I want to know about my team. See would we were growing up? The Lakers may have had Jerry West who was the the emblem. Okay of the NBA his civilly still the implement the NBA, but it wasn't just about Jerry West. Okay. It was about the the on samba of players around him tap Hairston. Jim mcmillan? Oh, by the way, will Chamberlain and Gail Cooper. We know all the players that played with that team. And when she played in Philadelphia he had how Greer while Jones. New Jackson Chet Walker and will champion we knew all the players on all the teams. And to some extent, we talk about it. Well, people say and they go after Michael Jordan. They say, well, it all started with you're not really Scottie Pippen was a really good second banana. Okay. A hall of fame. Top fifty all time second banana and guys like Steve curr could make some serious shots. And Dennis Rodman was one of the greatest defensive players and all-time rebounders the NBA ever since. So the team concept has been lost. I think especially in professional sports today. That's one of the reasons why I think you would I love to swim in the pool, but his college athletics, and we have to guard against intercollegiate athletics. Going this way. And that the presentation of intercollegiate athletics, not be preparatory totally to to to what lies ahead like I love the notion that we have to talk about where a player's gonna be drafted as a freshman for Christ sakes. We don't need. Let's enjoy the college game. And this kid's a marvelous college player. And so that's that's one of those that I've been I've been beating the drum about that for a long long time. Why do we do that? Well, I think your newspaper man, I think it started with the print business becoming on the wane with the emergence of cable television and game starting late and then deadlines being a problem. And what did you have to do to sell papers? You had this insane allies in some enter. And I think it was the point that you made to your caller when I was listening about these websites that are basically row fan websites. They're they're they're they're basically feeding it's a feeding frenzy for the base. Okay. It's no different than Donald Trump. If you want to say, Donald Trump going to the panhandle of Florida when he wants to take all of the attention away from whatever's going on in the beltway or Nancy Pelosi or Shurmur doing the same thing with their base. Okay. That that's what's happening. I think from a from a news standpoint it began with print when they said, well, if we don't sensationalize we can. Sell papers. And if we don't sell papers that I'm going to have to go broad to get a job. I'm gonna have to, you know, my my my my younger brother, Kurt is named after doughty by the way and got his masters in journalism in Tennessee. That's what he's been doing. He he's a layout editor he was once in the UAE. He went onto the MR the former Burma and now he's in Hong Kong because there's no money to meet made here in print journalism. That that is one hundred percent true. And and I I wonder though, Tim in in terms of the industry is not only reading for guys like us. But people I mean, we had a guy on earlier today. He came in prepared to offer a Twitter comment. I mean, he he knew exactly what he was doing. He I I'm willing to bet he had he had to prepare it. He had written in front of. But that's what happened to you. Do you do interviews all over the place? And if you do an interview and something, you know, gets blown up. I mean, you you're interested. I mean, you pay attention to it. Now seems like people are just are just saying things just so somebody will pick it up. Right. Exactly. Yeah. And and that's it's it's all about what can bring the most attention. And that's all that matters depending upon where you are. I tell this young Whoopie broadcasters all the time, I say, you know, enjoy the journey but under. Stand that the more can-do and the more different positions. You're put in the better off. You're going to be don't go out there with this notion that you're going to change the world with on statement, or you know, one headline because that statement or that headline could be misconstrued and could cost you the job. You know, it's, but that there's this insatiable appetite to find what is wrong with anything that said, even if that's a compliment, you know, saying something I- I- yesterday, by example, I did applaud Georgia for upgrading schedule. And by the way, wondering since I think you're seeing these announcements of of of new games and home in homes with power schools, George you're being one of those Oklahoma's got one no Joe Castiglione announcement about a week ago. The games are going to be played in two thousand twenty one in two thousand twenty five. So it looks good. But it doesn't. Change things in the here. And now, but the reason this is happening Paul is because the a dis now know that it's it's gonna happen. We're going to expand to eight and it finally strength of schedule is gonna matter. So you better better work on that non conference schedule. Even if you're in the mighty SEC, by the way, I talk to Greg sank yesterday. He's not having any of that conversation. No, no. No, this is this is not a call. This is not some somebody asked the question on Twitter is this a trend, and I said, no, it's it's it's public relations. It's PR in the sense that you're saying, yeah. Were upgrading our schedule. But we're doing it in a home and home with our game on the road in two thousand twenty one you know, and say look at those games at Alabama's together in the near future. Greg. Byrne knows savings not going to be there for those games, or at least majority of them. But it looks good. You know, it's good. It's good press. Georgia's doing it more quickly, and I get that. And I applaud that. But immediately a fan from LSU writes back and says, well, what about us? We're playing Texas. It no one's saying you're playing bad schedule. I'm just applauding someone who made an announcement trying to strengthen there's that's all. And that's the issue is that we live in a culture today where regardless of what is said, positively someone thinks there's an angle it's like every. Body in our business is a con, man. And no one can legitimately say something. Nice about anyone without someone thinking something's up. You do as we wrap up you do respond to people on Twitter, which is which separates you from a lot of people, including myself, by the way. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Well, because you know, that's that's who I am as a human being if you've ever run into me at the airport, if you've ever seen me at a grocery store with many people will especially this time of year because the wife sends me out or maybe even at a depot pick up some airi'q grow. That's my second job is time of year. And I listen, I don't the dirt. I just dumped it. Okay. That's all our too. But if you meet me, I'm going to have a conversation with you. And if someone reaches out or says, something to me or references me, I'll engage them whether they have twelve hours, or you know, ten thousand followers doesn't matter to me, and I will give him a chance. And then, you know, sometimes I give them a chance to a fault. But I give him a chance, and then I move on. And and once it becomes what it normally becomes or at least fifty percent of the time. I wind up locking them. But I I do believe you. You don't mind block? You don't mind block? I mean, even though you're extremely well known person you a block someone on Twitter. Absolutely. Yes. Absolutely. Because if I continue the conversation, it would matter they're still going to say what say about me behind my back. And that's really what Twitter is, you know, we've all gone to there's an old saying about your neighbors. You know, the guy across the street got a a promotion, he became president of the Bank as opposed to vice president of the Bank that maybe the guy that was across the street was not happy because he didn't get a promotion of two weeks earlier. So he says congratulations when he became president. But then when he became the CEO that really sort of pissed him off. But he just he you know, he congratulated him. But then he went back, and he told his life. If you believe Harry got that. I mean, that's the world we live in Paul. I'm gonna continue being who I am to everyone, regardless of what the culture is doing around me. But I I I don't have to see it. And I and I don't wanna see it. -sarily because once they start talking about you in a disparaging way or particularly your your kids and your family. I I'm not going to subject myself or them to that. So I've locked them block them right away. And I don't think twice about it. Tim Brando on Twitter. To setting that up, Tim. This was great really to me. I had a million questions for you. We'll do it too. But I I really wanted to get some got a little bit of perspective here on a fairly quiet day. And then we did. And I know the audience enjoyed as much as I did. Thank you for coming on. You've got it. You know, you're always welcome to to to call on me anytime when you need airtime to fill my friend. Thank you very much. Okay. About Tim Brando. I thought that was interesting what he said. And you know, we we have different views, but I still loved him and respect him. And he he said right there, I'll talk to anyone in. But there is there is a conversation out there, though, about p people who block others on Twitter, especially when you're a celebrity, especially when you're well known and. Good for him. He can do it. Every once I I've never blocked anyone because I just feel like I have a program everyday where I engage, and it is a dark hole sometimes to start going back and forth on Twitter with people, especially when you when you have new earthly idea who they are at least on the program. I can hear them. We we have some someone's of an understanding. Anyway, we'll we'll chew on that before if you've been blocked by Tim Brando, raise your hand. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Back to the phones we go. Great conversation with TIMMY be and Sean is up next in South Carolina. Thanks for being there. Sean Paul, thanks for taking my call. And thank you for being a voice of sanity in this world and for recognizing nuance. I I don't know all the answers. I do hold this opinion that we as people individually one on one tend to be kind smart and good when we get into groups is when we screw everything up. And I think this permeates every level of life, your your Jewish. I'm catholic. I'm a cafeteria Catholic. I don't buy into every single bit on pick. And choose what I like. And what what works for me and sports is involves groups of people. And so we screw it up. As well corruption from top to bottom, but sport in its purest form, I think gives us these marvelous things like Sunday at Augusta would tiger witting is fifth and Kentucky Derby, even with the Butte afterwards relying upon human frailty to decide on this March madness gives us great games. College football has given us. Great games these past to soccer games. I'm not a soccer fan. But I understand he's been big meals and yet, and so we get we get some of the purity of happiness, and and just enjoying lights out of sports, even with all the underlying corruption. And I know I'm a fan of yours. I notice the support show. I know, you reluctantly delve into politics. Every once in a while, I'll say this about Fox News. I grew up a Yankee democrat and moved to the south for college and stayed ever since and thought I was a. Conservative air quotes Republicans for for a long time. And now, I'm very independent, and I grow more lefty. And really what what really struck me Paul is that you are nuanced and deep thinking to say the media, sports media, sports media, blah, blah by and then you say, but I'm part of it on part of it. Fox News doesn't have that ability. Fox News criticizes the media without ever taking a second to Fiqh. Oh, our name is Fox News. And then they say nobody watching any other channel for Fox News. But they call every other channel the mainstream media. Well, nobody watches them. How are they? Mainstream doesn't make sense to me all I enjoy listening to you. And I just wanted to thank you. I I have I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. I learned a phrase today in I'm going to start using it. The cafeteria line that. That was unbelievable. All right. Thank you. Paul. Great w on we go from Sean to someone. I also count on don't talk to them very often. But I have many would introduce my man Elma Dickey. Liz come on, you know, saying something like a first time caller or something. But I realize the most people don't even know, I am, you know, 'cause I played well they. You you've been one of the great consciences of this show for about a million years. Oh, I don't know. We have known each other longer. That's I regions. You miss broadcasting live what? Yeah. And there's a reason for it. But anyway, it's a long story. But. On it was it was it was good to be there. And we will we will have it on tomorrow. We'll follow you know, Birmingham is leading hard of this show. And you and always will be. I mean, there's just too that you felt that love out there yesterday. And I to all no, I listen, I came back last night until my wife that and it's always a struggle for us to leave Birmingham. You know that? Yeah. I know all I just I wanna pine I think you ought to pay attention to guy John that called in for months fill that he's tired of the Jerry Springer stuff. I think the audience has changed. I think most people own show now don't want that anymore. But just a warning. I'm not quite sure I wanted. I've listened to him for twenty five years guy. I got troll by Jim fast. He's called me that pejorative for somebody that doesn't know their father eight times at one phone call which I'll never forget him you can count on that. But Jim has a right to not to be trolled on the show as long as he's not coming on here and trolling other. So when people just calling up just to tack him just to get on television. That's not right. And and the Sikkim on somebody that unspecified like woman that calls couple of weeks ago about when when you paid it him against the woman from Washington state. She says she was horrified by by his you know, only and so he comes across to women as bullying. You got to think about these things and as far as the show today, a great show has been against been strong. Nobody's better than Timothy caller's been very strong. I haven't had to listen to that Matt from San Antonio or that Harry from New Orleans. Powerball callers. In fact, I think Harry, I think Milly moved to New Orleans and became airy. It'd be honest with you. And Matt he's asked that he says that JIMBO questions buying now for going on three years while I mean, if Elvis was still alive and listening to this damn show. He would shoot the television out here in that. I have taken Elma have to ask you this. Because. In a I'll say that's fair criticism. You have been with the show. I would say since its inception or very close to. I am about this show. And I consider you to be a friend and never quit the show, and I feel the same way. But I I am I'm interested because I want you to try to differentiate delineate what you think are the differences. You've laid some of them out because I'm interested in that, you know, that I think it's beyond our control Paul clearly people are not reading anything you can hear that in the phone calls on the bad days. Right. They call up they call up with questions questions. And usually they're weak questions are something that they're just repeating. You know, I wanna hear I it's just like the time it legend call not too long ago when he said I wanna hear Pinon. That's what I wanna hear. I wanna hear opinion. I don't wanna hear questions and. I was looking I was only do we have any time left. I tell you what I wanna I wanna I wanna go. We have to go to a break. I want you to hold on a second. Because I I really think this is important in in in have you you're such an authority on this show. We're gonna take a break. And then we're going to have a more more conversation about this in just a moment. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Okay. We we're down to the final segment we have we Elmo is one of the all time legend of the show and he's joined by. No idea. Jim you're all the way wrong with Elmo. I this is the point. I just think talk radio has been a decline for years and especially smoke salt because nobody reads nothing anymore. I mean like a week ago. I'm looking at drudge, and they had a had a study about a few institute about who having who has internet now. And who does well guess what ten percent of this country doesn't have any internet access and all of the people that wanted and guess who the majority of of that audience. There's people over age sixty five. Wow. So so we have to knowledge that there is I saw part of this audience is over age sixty five and before you start jumping up and down and knowing your band fan at the television. I'm sixty one guy, but I read that's the difference. Between me a lot of you folks out there. I read I I'm subscribed to Disney newspapers, I think athletic. I listen to talk radio. I listen to Freddie, cold and every night. So I know I know a little. A bit about something. But anyway, so the port of all this is nobody's really reading anymore. All and if hard for a lot of these people to give you a good thing when they call up and a lot of these people, I don't go down those were the days and all that but back on the old show. Most of these people. Like, nah, they on. 'cause they don't say anything all they can do is call up and ask the question or give some lazy observation our tax Jill, and and brings me back full circle when I might despu. But maybe some of the stuff that, you know, been practicing the past Jimmy spreaker stuff, Jim I, you know, tacking somebody or they're attacking too. Maybe that's just not to anymore. What about I would just like I would just like to have a much more meets him potatoes type show. And I yeah, I love to laugh and have fun. But that's really I think that's where where it also be. I'm just waiting to respond ball. Go ahead you. Well, here's what I'd say fail. Ma I don't know any person. He doesn't know me. I'm with no effect. Now, you're gonna call me. No more and they going into her sleep. We're going to talk to each other. And they meant that we knew. About the time. Please years. I haven't told me I haven't been I got customers in early two thousand. That's when I started calling. You you have packed me. Once I I have never attack anybody unless they attack Lee third are you with me. I understand that. Was there? Would all of that was a very mild call he criticized me as being troubled. How do you like that Elmo? I'm not troubled, and I think that and I've called nicely. I didn't raise my boy. I'm nice a talk to her, and we had a pretty nice conversation. But this is what you say that now. You. Right. You actually lie you attack me years ago? And I came back to that's exactly what happened. I remember all these Elmo. It's all about them. Oh, really? And trying to be your. I'm not trying to bully or no. We're just talking. We're having a conversation guy. Because those are. Now, what about what about said, so terribly, but he was only twenty. Retell, right. But something trying to make an issue out of me. That's why Elmo I've been only. Pack me, I'm like Blando born here. Jim, Jim, I could be right. I thought Elmo is defending you against what I did earlier in right on the kind of this. This is not a defense. This is they called me a cold. No, no. No. No. He no, Jim. No hell, no Elmo was saying I was allowing you to be troll. I thought that's exactly what I said. That was my criticism of Paul to that people were trolling you. And that's not what you referred to about something. You'll never forget you go about can't be over fifteen years because that's all that was it. I did never saw Paul to you. I beg your pardon. I did something that you'll never get some kind of. I don't know what you talking about you referred to something. Anyway, we really we don't have time to say this in conclusion, I think he. I felt Elmo called this program today. Criticizing me for allowing you to be trolled. And I think I think you you've ended up criticizing him for something. He didn't do allow the line started off up playing the wrong. He said a lot had been only twenty five years. I've only only show fifteen years. Well, what does he do that? Listen, guys. I thought this would be a friendly intelligent conversation. You know, sometimes the host of the show is is wrong Elmo. Thank you. Appreciate it. Jim. Thank you, Tim Brando. Thank you. My mother, my father my sister. Thank you the show is over. Thank you for listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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