Three Mulvaney aides plan to stonewall the impeachment inquiry this week


Good Morning I'm James From The Washington Post and this is the daily to for Monday November four in today's news McDonald's fires it's CEO over a consensual relationship with a subordinate Bernie Sanders takes a shot at Elizabeth Warren's plan to pay hey for Medicare for all and the Kentucky Governor's race is a test of whether all elections have become national on this trip but first first the big idea acting White House chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney allies in the administration plan to stonewall and obstruct the impeachment inquiry as much as possible this week in a bid to ingratiate themselves with President Trump Russ vote a mulvaney protege who leads the White House Office of management in and budget intense a concerted defiance of congressional subpoenas and two of his subordinates will follow suit the O. M. B. is at the nexus of the impeachment inquiry because Democrats are pressing for details about why the White House budget office effectively froze funds for Ukraine that Congress had already appropriated vote who serves in an acting capacity in the job Mulvaney previously held has sought to build a relationship with the president for some time to White House officials say that he sees standing firm against the impeachment inquiry as a way to bolster his standing internally trump has grown enraged that many of his employees as he refers to them are going to Capitol Hill and testifying a person who regularly talks with the President tells us that trump has been asking for copies of witness misstatements so that he can decide how to criticize people and he's been complaining that government lawyers aren't doing enough to block executive branch employees from cooperating with valid subpoenas trump even courage members of Congress to question the credibility of political appointees in his own administration as White House Press Secretary Stephanie Stephanie Gershom said on Fox News this weekend quote he is the War Room Congressional Republicans are also predicting that Mulvaney is deputy Robert Blair will refuse to show up for his scheduled deposition later today before impeachment investigators though a White House spokesman Blurs Attorney didn't respond to questions about his plans Blair was on the July twenty fifth phone call. When trump asked Ukraine's president for a quote favor of investing Joe and Hunter Biden Michael Duffy one of votes subordinates who has been called testify on Tuesday and also plans to ignore the summons signed the document that froze the Ukraine even though professional staff warned him that doing so could be illegal according to administration officials Duffy is the former executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party adding to to the intrigue trump suggested on Sunday afternoon that he is thinking about shutting down the federal government again later this month he told reporters as he arrived back at the White White House after a day in New York that he wouldn't rule out directing another shutdown when funding runs out on November twenty first if negotiations with Democrats don't give the results he once last year we had a shutdown during Christmas this year we could ever shut down during Thanksgiving and that's the big idea never a dull moment here are three other headlines that should be on your radar number one McDonald's announced last night that it fired its chief executive Steve Easterbrook after the fast food giant's board of directors I found that he quote demonstrated poor judgment in a consensual relationship with one of his employees the board voted to oust the CEO following a review concluding that he violated the company's policy against manager relationships with direct or indirect reports easterbrook called his recent relationship with an employee eight mistake aac in an email to all McDonald's employees that went out last night he said what he did was at odds with the value of the company so it makes sense that he got fired McDonald's hasn't shared further details about the relationship easterbrook a former head of the company's UK operations is divorced companies have been implementing stricter the rules about dating subordinates in the METOO era last year for example Intel's CEO was forced out for breaking his company's rules by having a consensual relationship with a staffer? McDonald's says the details easterbrook severance package will be disclosed in an SEC filing by the close of business tomorrow last year he made fifteen point nine million dollars number two Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren rivals for the affections of the left are increasingly making careful but unmistakable efforts to distinguish extinguish themselves from each other sanders campaign is seeking to find a balance voicing differences with Warren while refraining from overly sharp attacks unlike sanders disagreements with Joe Biden which is AIDS are eager to amplify their trading much more careful around ward that's why Bernie's interview with ABC News on Sunday with striking he criticized criticized Warren's new plan for funding Medicare for all she released it on Friday to separate herself from him by avoiding the middle class tax hikes that he admits his plan would require Choir Sanders told ABC that his approach of raising the payroll tax is actually far more progressive than Warren's method of jacking up the wealth tax the also took issue specifically with Warren's proposal that businesses would be required to redirect their current healthcare payments to the Medicare program Sanders says this would hurt job growth asked about sanders is criticism during a Gaggle Warren sought to reaffirm their shared outlook. She said they both want the same thing but she disputed sanders is contention that her plan would hurt employers lawyer's saying they'll pay slightly less than they do now and would save on human resources costs associated with wrangling with insurance companies that might be wishful thinking after claiming I mean on Saturday that only billionaires would pay more in taxes under her plan Warren acknowledged on Sunday this is not the case meanwhile Pete Buddha judge is backtracking from his declaration over the weekend that the race is now between him and Warren but the mayor of south men continues to train much of his fire on the senator from Massachusetts he said during a bus tour yesterday that her Medicare for all plan is a bad idea that could cost Democrats the twenty twenty election last night sanders campaigned in in Minnesota before a crowd of more than ten thousand with one of his prized endorsers congresswoman Ilhan Omar and the Vermont senator plans to travel back to Iowa next weekend with another member of the so-called Squad Alexandria Cossio Cortes Warren trying to show that she can get star power to was introduced in Davenport Iowa last night by another liberal a member of the freshman class Katie Porter who knocked off a Republican incumbent in a swing district in Orange County California last year porter was one of Warren's favorite students at Harvard our law school number three as India Bashir campaign through Eastern Kentucky over the weekend the Democratic candidate for governor was well aware that he didn't have much time to deliver his message before trump arrives for a rally in the state tonight and attempts to suffocate it in speech after speech in rural counties he's Bashir delivered his closing message to voters in less than five minutes. He promised to expand healthcare support teachers in public education and stop the hard

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