Driving Business during a Pandemic


Welcome to the get Widow podcast. I will be your host Elizabeth. This podcast will focus on the decline of women and technology and how our Grassroots organization works with Community to Foster relationships and reducing the gap of women and Tech will be talking with both men and women and how to continue to move the needle forward on those talk shows. For more information, please. Check us out at get with it. All right. Thank you for listening to another addition to get what it podcast today. We have the fabulous Monica and I always screw up last name's diminutive wage Dominic Dominic see why do I do that to you, Everybody always calls me Dominique and I always chuckle because like I don't have a q in it. So it's just Dom domenic. Yeah. I don't know why that why why would they call you that Dominique? That's funny. So, okay girl. We're going to get on first we like we like to hear all about your background and how you got into i t and all that good jazz and where you are now and all your great history. Journey, and then I don't know we just you know, I have a lot of sidebar questions. I asked like I love your necklace. So, where'd you get your necklace? And I one question right away. I think I'm I'm big into accessories. So I think I don't know maybe Charming Charlie's back in the day. Oh, there you go. All right. Okay, So all right start us off. You don't have to go all the way to birth. Okay good. Yeah, but like a little maybe a little after 6. Okay. How about I start off around the IT world? Okay, perfect. Okay, is that is that a good starting point like great starting off? So yeah, I have been in sales for very long time. I know I don't look at but I'm well into my forties as well. The 40 club is looking good. These are looking fabulous girl is pearls. But yeah, I was in sales and I did professional sales for my whole life my sales and marketing went to college for my graduate degrees in marketing. And when I got into the the business world, I did marketing for a while hated it. So when to sales office and did professional level sales for quite some time and I had sat on a board with my current CEO a non-profit board cuz we're both really get into community support and Community involvement and he had asked me if I knew of a salesperson who was a looking and this was solely in the it field and I I my answer was are you asking me if I know someone or you asking if I'm interested and and lo and behold he was really interested to see if I would join his company wage. At the time the only thing I knew about I T was how to spell it and I buy anything right exactly. But let it stand for so long. That was how I started. That's how I how I got into I team because he says this month know so this is Keith Stevens our CEO and he's the founder of Passage. Oh, okay, twenty eight years we've been open now, but he had eight years ago asked me if I would join the team and said I can teach uit. What I can't teach is everything else that you have that you know, so I joined the company and I quickly learned that I T was its own language and I'm more importantly learned that there weren't a lot of women at the table and then even more so not where they're not only a lot of women at the table, but there weren't a lot of women for lack of better wording like looked like I did who was really into fashion and hair and makeup There just weren't a lot of women like that. So I immediately started a surrounding myself with the amazing women and IT jobs in all categories and just really immerse myself into the technology to understanding what it means what it is adding value and known I've been here eight years. Yeah, I'm back to that office. You got some hotties and that front office man. It's a great office space. Like it's just a really awful Park open till I just I haven't been back since covered him. You have not been to our office recently. I have not been to our office is covered head hit so exactly so, okay, so I'm a sales girl. Rocking it out. Yeah, so tell me. Okay. So before PS I wanted you this is a VIN your only gig right? Oh gosh know like I was saying, you know, I've been in that in sales for twenty plus years, but it's my only it sales job. What were the other things that what were the other ones so prior to that? I just thought I would grow teams whether it was in the finance world that worked for one of the big Fortune 50 companies in town. I had you had you worked at that same company a little bit to get home and throw it was like do you mind by bar conversation? I was talking to somebody out of Cincinnati and I was like, oh everybody I feel like does it some sort of stint at this particular company whether it's a long-term or short-term, but everybody who's in the Columbus area somewhere other job. Make it says this particular company did nine years at that company. Oh my God. I don't know how you did it. I don't know how I did it either girl drink a lot of water and juice. I I traveled all over the country though. So I would like some of my Wild Oats so I would leave said company for a couple of years and I'd go off someplace and I you know, I was a snowboard instructor on a mountain in Montana, you know was a nanny in the state of Washington. I was you know all over the place. So it was a lot of fun but sales and marketing was always just kind of where I'm rooted do a lot of volunteer and stuff with nonprofits. I'm really passionate about helping the community be better and that's why you're so involved in it with a bow. Hey why you are so get with it. So, okay. So we're at PSI and you have kids Major clients like PSI has major clients. Are you allowed to share any of those with us? Well, how about we don't ask permission and just ask for forgiveness. So I'll say we have a okay. Let me be cautious with some of this so some of it is L Brands, you know, we've got L Brands and one of our bank accounts we support the Ohio State University, Ohio and Wexner Medical Center AP OhioHealth. May I Source in the past? We've done Partnerships with various companies like Wendy's as well. So yeah, we've we're but I'll say so that there are yes off of the big companies in Columbus, but we also find our sweet spot with a lot of those mid-sized companies. So we work a lot with you know, DBQ and CVG and a lot of the smaller a chrome. Companies mpw in town. So a lot of those ones to it. You can see a comprehensive Client List on our website. So I'm not breaking any laws because of his thoughts on our website since you brought it up. What's the website PSI 9 to so it stands for pro team Solutions Incorporated and then the year was founded 92. So, oh, okay. So PSI 92. Okay. We'll probably say it again at the end. So absolutely. Okay so long side from PSI and being busy and work in those accounts. What do you so let's be honest here. Monica has a fabulous life so long last time. I talked to her I Believe Miss thing was down in Florida living the life. I was down in Florida when I'll let us be real though. My mom lives the life and she dead. She has a couple houses and one of them is on a beach in Florida and and I was able to make and I my husband we were able to go down there for a couple of weeks. So yeah, and that was in the middle of it. So we got a reprieve to just sit on a beach and still socialism and and you work from there because you did cuz you were working before I talked to you and then I think we video-chat and I was like Hey see the beach behind me. It did very making me jelly. How about cuz she were like, oh, yeah, and there's The Beach Shack like there's the ocean. I was like damn it. Yes, so you travel a ton. Yeah, but my husband and I are just huge Travelers and I'll tell you it started when I met my key only had one one stamp in his passport and I was like, oh no, no, no. No, no nooo song. That does not work in this lifestyle, but my family we were just Travelers I grew up traveling. It was very very fortunate that my mom dad sister and I just traveled all off. So it was in my DNA it was in my nature and my husband and I we like to do at least, you know, three to five trips a year and we like to get out of town out of the country at least once a year as one could imagine now with that kind of travel. We don't have children and we don't have pets. So I think that's awful towards us the ability to cuz I know a lot of my friends who have kids so during covid-19 Monica and carrots and not have to do any school home schooling and not no not a would she moved out on the beach with her cocktail were good. I was for two weeks, but now like now it's this covid-19. It has ruined like birth. Or medications. Yeah. Well, it's not good. So speaking of this wretched covid-19. Oh boy, it's slipping my mind anyway, but we get a Boston Marathon because my husband's a runner. So Boston Marathon got canceled. Then we could go back down to Florida that got canceled. We're supposed to go out to Connecticut to marry. I was going to marry my aunt cuz you don't mind it was so cool. So cool you off. You know, that was like the coolest thing I saw on Facebook. I was like look at her just she might have not been there. But she was there I was I still got to marry them and they set it out. We would assume call and they set it up with like a giant screen TV. So they're guests who were their socially distanced were able to still see it. So it was a really special but yeah that guy canceled and now in October we're supposed to go to the Finger Lakes area for some Winery stuff and right now New York saying you're not allowed in the in the in the states. So yeah dead. So, okay now that that's kind of bumming news. How about how has it? How has this all affected you with in PSI and accounts and because I bought a ton of us got laid off because of this. Yeah. Yeah. We you know, I'm very very fortunate that I work for a PSI. It's a company that's really rooted down in strength. And as I said, we've been in business now for twenty eight years. So with that comes a lot of learning and fortunately our owner survived 2008 and when that had happened, so he were were fortunate enough. I I say that he says don't ever let a good recession go to waste so it's what can we learn from it and when this head and it hits so feverishly and fast and nobody was prepared for it. Of course, we did see a reduction in some of our business fortunately birth. And knock on wood. It wasn't a ton. So we didn't and in our internal staff. We didn't lose anybody in our internal staff. So we really utilized this time to get back to what makes us special and that's our team. That's our culture and we really rooted in daily stand-ups daily one-on-one Life as we started doing challenges where some have them with a team member and some have been personal but their personal goals that you set for yourself to make yourself better. So it's not just about work. It's about what can you do now? What can we as a team do to help you be a better person whether it's I want to lose weight or I need to work on my physical therapy because somebody had an arm surgery or it's I wanted just become a better person and I want to do that by self meditation and reading and we encourage you as a team member. And we also take professional development to that next level as well. So we have been utilizing the downtime to grow our people and grow our team and I think when we first went into this our leadership team was a bit concerned about what is 100 + 100% remote going to do to our culture. What's it going to look like wage and and ended up being a beautiful thing. So we see the Silver Lining saying like, you know, what our team is stronger than ever we have each other's back to the core and then about a month ago business started cranking back up again. So now we've seen and now we get the ability to go to people and say hey they want you back or hey, here's another here's a new opportunity to me representing you for this and a bigger side is working with the client. We don't do commodity selling it's it's not transactional. It's relationship-based so it's dead. And my sales team being able to go into a company saying I'm seeing the results. I've seen what you're going through. I'm seeing your stock price. Your prices are rising now. In fact, you know, I know you just one these two accounts in these new challenges and what can we do to work with it? It's been really neat. It's a a silver lining that I don't think anybody expected. Well, that's good. No, that's not positive. Right? That's great. So you got new accounts coming out of this whole co-head thing. We did we closed a new one. Now, I'll say that I'm part of some round tables industry round tables that are nationwide and every two weeks we get together and just kind of say hey what have you guys been seeing in the world? In other parts of the the country and not accounts is not one of them that is not what you're hearing and we have placed one new account. We have brand new people inside their which is Thursday. Awesome, and that just makes you confident of what the Market's going to hopefully you're down to that's great. What so I have to go back. I have to go back. Sorry. I have to go back. So um when you got into how much if any no a new girl, you probably just dominated the hell out of it, but did you have any struggle with them? Cuz the IT world they talked different and they're and they're introverts. They don't like happy hour like we like happy hours. Yeah. So I mean it's well, you're right. I mean again and and and people laugh at me when I say the only thing I knew about I T was how to spell it but that is a true statement because you get into it and just because I know how to program my computer or program. My TV does not mean I know I T, right and I got into the world and I started and my my first wage I need to a conference and Industry conference and I talked I'm very good at talking and I'm very good at just like the shit with people and just becoming friends and I met this woman and I instantly go into a sales pitch with her. What do you mean? What do you do? What can I help with? And she said, oh, you know, I do need somebody I'm looking for a job right now. Can you obtain copies? Of course, we can help you. Of course. I can have resumes to you in a week. What what what's the position and she and she said wow, that's a a s four hundred developer know like we got those all day long. We got this and I went back to my team and I was like, but that is a prank and my first 4 days on the job do this and they all looked at me like glossed over they were like you want an ace 400 developer for $600 per $60,000 a year, isn't it off? Right and when I saw the Expressions on their face and they were like that can never happen. We'll never be able to do that. They wonder they want somebody a S4 package that is 2 years of experience and they're like, it doesn't happen and it confused me. I didn't I didn't know what that meant. I didn't understand it. So I had to immerse myself off and and it was a matter of I've been in sales leadership for a long time and you have to be a subject matter expert you have to know what you're talking about. When you're in a Consulting world, right and consultative selling. You have to know what you're talking about. So it was a learning curve I surrounded myself with people. I read a million bucks. I went online watched videos. I wanted to know what it what as400 was I had to go learn and I had to learn about Legacy applications and I started off. Made from square one of the first computer program and I did all the research and and knowledge digging on where we are today because if you am I in my mind back then if you didn't know the foundation of what I T was then you won't understand where it is, right? I had to do the same thing. I had to learn and I still am learning everyday. It's crazy. Well, and I think that's the thing. You can learn something and think you're on top of it man. We did a big project for one of our clients and I thought I was oh, yeah good. I know a lot of stuff about this girl that changed within 2 months. It just took it changes so fast within a day your code can be outdated. It can be irrelevant the platform you're building it all could just be obsolete or just no longer a thing so dead. Oh, yeah, I can definitely it's changing ya fast fast. Yeah, I could just see you going in and being so exciting life and I'm looking at you like what the hell did you did you say four hundred? I'm like did I get it wrong? Is it like a s450? What what is it off no idea so and and I still don't you know, there's and I think a big thing that I tell people who are starting off in the tech world or in college and they may want to go into Tech. I try to impart on them that you gotta be very specific. Do you want to be a front end developer like know where is do you want to bring in data storage or security know where do you want to be because it is a world and each one of those categories. It's so deep in life it is it is dead. Definitely as so okay. Well, what's it like working with your accounts like Yeah, it's difficult to say the least know all the only true all of our accounts are pretty darn cool. They're awesome. It's more about just learning what their needs are and you have to learn about their environment and their culture what they're what they're standing for what they mean. What else is driving that company because that is then what you go find, right? So to me, it's not again. It's not a transactional environment. It's about building relationships. It's about being a consultant. It's about looking at somebody and saying hey you're asking me for this but you don't need that. You don't need that. Here's what you should be doing or partner with this company. This is what they're experts at, you know, but especially we deal again primarily with IP. So it's understanding that language. It's understanding where they're coming from. Are they competing with? With some big Bay Area emerging technology company. Well, it's also telling them. Hey, these are the people you're trying to convert from San Fran. This is what you need to have in in Europe. So what it should look like and then I can go down to a simple as free snacks and the office because that's what happens in San Fran. So when you're trying to get get back, I level Allen in your your operating in the stuffy cubicle area where everybody wears suits and ties and you're only you're not going to get what you're looking for. Right? So it's just about like confronting in level setting expectations befriending and adding value. I somebody asked me also have how do you win over your kids? I mean, you're like when you work with them like you win them over and I'm like fucking Donuts next. Oh my God, they loved it off. In in our office are fringes, although every snack candy and we've got like chips and bagels and it's Charles levers student wage. I'm pretty sure I came like Valentine's week or Valentine's Day when I came to visit you it was cut chocolate strawberries sitting out on the counter and the girls all had their own like little Valentine bags from Monty. Yeah, and now it's just like, oh my God, I could just sit on this beautiful couch here any strawberries all day all day all day all day long. Yes. Yes, but I think that that's the thing right? So I don't know it's but to me, it's become far more than the selling the life and five PSI is just so ingrained in my soul because it's not just about selling and it's about relationships. It's about growing, Columbus, Georgia. Making Columbus bigger better techspot bringing the right people to the table with the right clients merging them together. It's it's just awesome. So the I think that was a big transition to when I went from being like Sam sales sales go go go away cat cheerleader and it stops being that and it started being about what are we rebuilding? And is it sustainable as it lasts? And how many lives are we changing by the work that we're doing? Let's see. I think that's pretty big and important, I think it's definitely definitely definitely okay so long because I know this there's quite a few but you mentioned nonprofits other than get with it, which you're speaking at the conference. I am the one of the best that I have ever heard. It's so funny because it's true. So to give everybody else you've people listening to this stuff probably seeing this particular talk, but it's man splaining. Oh my God, give an example. Yeah, so it's man's off topic most requested topic that I do is this be heard and it's the critical communication skills for women in the workplace and it's about dealing with advanced cleaning it off. Appropriation in the the not having your voice at the table and what a disservice that is not only to your to you but to us as women, right right ladies, come on, we've got a voice let's use it. It's teaching women how to do that and how to there's examples that I go about in the topic that we do offer. Your gentleman will stand up not in our session right? Not in my session. I've got a great guys who come in there but examples where a woman will say something and thought man will stand up in the middle of the conference room that she just said her point and say here's what she's meaning to say. Here's what Monica's meaning to say. Like, excuse me down. I have no problem finding my voice but many women do and then they feel slighted. So yeah, I created a topic a couple of years ago birth. It's just been requested across across the country. It's pretty cool. You did it in Cleveland. And you were a Wonder Woman. Hey, I that's right. Right long as you don't know. I was at a conference and I had on a suit like or black slacks and I think a leather jacket leather blazer and in the beginning of presentation is Monica Dominic from PSI, but none of that matters, it's today. I'm like my jacket and a Wonder Woman on there and the whole audience and that's probably a couple hundred people in there, right? Oh my God, that's so funny. Oh my God, and Like people were like, did you go here Wonder Woman talk? I was Wonder Woman Like I couldn't figure out who Wonder Woman was and then he probably saw the photos because he did so then it occurred to me to Wonder Woman was which was you after I think Angie's one who told me that had to bend Monica and I was like what really? Yeah home his I had no idea that people were no I will say that. You know, what what happens often after that is I get brushed at the stage at the end memories like I should let me talk my account. Can you be my master? Can you help me with this? And I'm like girls yes. Yes. Yes is always going to be the answer o always help you find your voice. That's so funny because I just remember that I was remembering like oh my god. Did you hear Wonder Woman and I was like what? Yeah, I love it and I hadn't seen you. So I had no idea there was this no reveal that happened damaged happened. That was a gray one conference. I was that was that was the first year at Cleveland. It was the first year now. They're in your three right now. It's so exciting and now we've got Pittsburgh and now we have Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Yeah. See I loved it. I loved every bit of it. I can't wait to to go speak their. Oh my God in the underside of, yes on the other side, So, all right. So other than get with it you've got You've got a reservation to your part of oh, yes. So for well me or my company which both so I'll tell you that's another reason why I stayed with PSI as long as I have is because they're community-driven. So as I said, you know when Keith and I sat on board together, it was Community for New Direction and that's helping inner-city youth find the right path stay on and drug-free violence-free and it's just an incredible organization and I was with them on their board for about eight years. I also started my own non-profit. It's no longer in existence, but I started my own non-profit where I helped returning soldiers know their resumes learn how to interview learn how to get jobs and find their voice because in the military even though it wasn't just for women when I did that but in the military you have to learn how to be A worker right like you have to take Direction. So then they were finding that they didn't have a voice. I also sit on the board for one of for the Fire Fighters Association in Westerville do that and then just a lot with active Youth and PSI really supports that and if you look at our senior leadership team and PSI, every one of us is very involved in Community Development from a non-profit perspective. We've got all this house we've got kosai then of course Community for New Direction all sorts of just a community support centers. And then we also do support days that align with what my own personal goals are to suck volunteer at Nationwide Children's Hospital as a company will close down close down the whole office about once a quarter will go to the food bank. We go to a homeless shelter dog. Gave do whatever we can to help not really. I'm assuming you haven't been doing any of that since code. Well, so we've been doing it differently since covet thought that was a big thing and I'll say just about our overall employees. One of the things that people were missing through covet is the ability to help the community. So what we also do is our first monthly we help different Tech organizations because we want to help bring the technology the emerging tech people. So the tech elevators home we can code all of those different ones. We have a lot of volunteer hours that we give and we're even able to do that be a zoom now. So we do a lot where we should just even today a couple of hours ago for a couple of hours. I was popping in and out of tech tech elevators. Yeah, they had their contribution. Yeah. Yeah dead. Oh, it's awesome. Some of the Technologies. Oh, it's so much fun. Just seeing what some of these young professionals are coming up with and then I would always ask. So in every one that I was off and kind of critiquing and giving them advice and helping and having them pitched to me at the end. I would say, what about you? What did you think of these past 12 weeks because Tech elevators awesome how they bring their birth dates. They just they grow it and so it's just incredible just to hear the budding personalities and then knowing that that's who we get a represent as as our city and a girl I loved it. So we work a lot with Tony Curtis colise and just all of the different organizations that we can to help because those organizations aren't stopping off and then there's a woman's abuse shelter that I'm recently getting involved with with these women because unfortunately Ovid they've seen an uptick in the birth And coming to live in the shelter and these women need to learn or want to get back to work or want to learn how to have a conversation or a zoom call. So now I'm giving in volunteer hours to those organizations also virtually. So there's a lot that we can still be doing. It's just not face-to-face. Wow, that's great that you've continued that it's pretty awesome cuz you know, a lot of people are just Holding On by their teeth too. So they've cut out all those extra programs, which there are needed more now than ever before. We actually did our leadership team. I was very impressed maybe two months into covet they recognized that we as a whole lot of people started having a little bit more time than their day. Even when you were working. We were working harder we were working consistent but was there a couple hours a week that you had wage? And we we pulled everyone and to be honest. It's okay if you have an extra two hours because we're going to use it to help the non-profit world and whatever capacity it is. So in every young person wrote down at least one hour a week that they'd be willing to give to help and in some sort of non-profit capacity. That's really cool. That's really cool. Yeah. I've talked to a lot of people and they said since covid-19 and people have been working from home people have been like more apt to stay on later or get up early age and they're working there they forgot about that work-life balance because of fact their homes so they don't have to rush home. Like one guy was telling me how he said, you know would take in the afternoons rush home to take his dog for a walk and then You know have to come back and whatnot. And he said I don't I don't have to worry about that. Like I can literally walk take my lunch go and walk my dog and then come back and I get back on the computer and I'm only gone like 5 minutes or 10 minutes or whatever but people are using that time are you working which is great for the companies, but they're also lacking in that balance. Now, you know, I disagree that it's great for the companies because I think that's causing burnout. Yeah. I'm talking to so many people friends Associates clients and people who have just you know, part of different organizations for the industry together and burnout is real and I think it's because people are doing to your place. That great that used to take 20 minute drive home for five minute walk and then a 20 minute drive back to the office at still an hour almost that you're out of the office and Thursday is good for mental acuity. Right and is not happening anymore. I just have this conversation with somebody that they needed to get out of the house. Like they I'm out of house per show my cute girl. I got to get out. I gotta have to have that socialization and it's not so much like going out drinking and partying. It's the relationships with people I've built with like you that it's important for me just to be like in your presence and I think that is like been my hardest thing is wrong and lacking that and it's it's it makes you depressed right? It does it makes people too because there's also just not any exchange and energy wage And I don't care how we were saying that some of the technical people don't like going out to happy hours and they don't but I think they're even getting a little sick where you know, they were their birth reclusive bowels the first month. I have my my associates and friends who are in that they were home Monica. I'm so happy. I don't have to talk to anybody and then it switched jobs now. They're like, please make me go out for a coffee. Please meet me on patios. So oh God. Yes, cuz the Columbus chapter. So we're pretty packed in this but the Columbus chapter told me today that they're having a social distancing social happy hour on a patio and I was like, oh my God, let me put that on my calendar. What is my tell you need to text me the details? I need to put that on my calendar. I know it's next Thursday. So that's all I know is so far. I have no other details, but yep. Like what and then I so I was like, oh, thanks guys Bola and then I thought about it. I'm like, oh you want me to go cuz I'll pay the bill off. It's crazy. I know people just need people it it. Oh my gosh Barbra Streisand, isn't she the one who sing people? Oh my God. I'm struggling with it's awful. And so okay. You got a lot going on. Yeah. Yeah, it's good though. I know like being bored. So it's a girl feel like if I'm busy I'm delivering and it makes me happy. So you know that old saying you if you want something done give it to a busy person. I am the epitome of that in Monty my boss. So I I report directly to our VP of the Staffing side who's amazing. He knows everything about the industry I would change. Walk through fire for him and I think that that's really important having a leader that you would trust implicitly. But anyway, he will always joke with me because he'll give me something to do and if I'm super super busy and I can't find a spare minute. I'll get it done for him in ten minutes. Yeah, if he gives me something to do and I've got nothing on like three weeks later. He's reminded me of fact, I'm sorry. I'm the same way. I'm just seeing way. I'm like, if I do it give it to me when I'm super busy. I'll bust it out like that sit out a prioritize it off your board and you just have nothing and I'm not saying we don't have nothing right? We've got a lot. We've got a lot on her table and it's busy. But yeah, I hear you I care. Yeah, so I thought oh, it's raining. The rail isn't good or guard needs it. I mean, yeah, I have some flowers. I could really I'm not so good about the whole watering thing off. I'm all like nature doesn't watch make sure does it when she won't say exactly I'm just like my flowers are all dying. I'm like they you get off and then of course, I have neighbors who have like these beautiful right that are out there for hours and I'm like God, I wish I had the motivation to do what you do, but I don't think so. They don't luckily my husband does so I leave him do you say there you go. There you go. Here's a good one for that and everything. Oh, yes, he is off to the perfect man, and he's so handsome and he's he is pretty cute. I'll just say he's cute cuz I don't want to make you jelly jelly off. All right. So what's going to happen in the future? Do you know? I dunno cuz I have a I have a glass bowl know of course, they don't know but I think in the future of the way, I approach everything is just with open arms and legs and heart because things change just like like with covid-19 expected it but if you go into it with what is a silver lining what am I going to learn from this home and going to be better off and that's why I approached everything. So in sales, you have to learn and you only become a really good salesperson when you've had a million nose and you've had a million people tell you know this and that, you know, you stopped taking it personally and you start saying like it's it's just to know it doesn't mean I'm bad at what I do. It's just to know then you can learn from it and you can become better. So I look at that wage everything and all of the poet's thinking that I do and the Keynotes and the topics it's always teaching people how to be better. So what's what's in the future? I mean from for me off. It's to continue to help make people better and and to take women and help them find their funny and and the tax base and in the world and what their voice cuz to me that that's what I'm passionate about and what's in the future for PSI. I mean continued amazing and and the leadership and with Monty and Keith, it's just awesome and they let me have my voice and I think that'd be so letting me have my voice and encouraging me to go out and use it and they want to see me I you know, I said that I want to write a book. On critical communication skills for women in the work? Yes. It's perfect. That's the most requested topic I get asked to do of all of the others that I do that is the one thousand people will have been come back to conferences and do the same talk year after year at the conference case in point. Even with with you guys there, you know, it's it's the most requested so I could write a book on critical communication skills for women in the workplace and I tell this to Monty and he's like, I love it. What can we do to help you get get out? So it's that so that's my teacher is continuing to just use my voice and helping other women find themselves and not just women but in helping men know how to talk to women better wage know how to allow a woman to have her voice at the work that's important because we'll find and anybody who's listening home. Here's my topic, they'll have known this but my topics are never around browbeating men because most of the time the man's flaming are the Bro creation is happening with who's actually our champion. Who would oh, yeah. Yeah that they they are for a woman to have these, you know, grandiose ideas and thoughts. They are trying to help but it's actually hindering because they don't realize the way they're going about it is actually robbing us from our voice or most commonly and not to get into my home but more common than not is a woman will think wait a minute. I just said that I just said that and now you're trying to take credit for it, but a lot of times in a man's mind. I'm not trying to take credit. He's just trying to reword it away to help other people hear it but women won't recognize what that way. No, it's about learning. I actually want to do a table. Like not out of women in Tech conference, but maybe of people in Tech Conference of critical communication skills for people in the workplace because there's just as many ones with they didn't thought they ended up canceling but past two agility. That would be a good one for I was also thinking CIO tomorrow that would be important anything. You know, Cisco does some really really big stuff on both of them and it doesn't and quite honestly what that topic. It doesn't have to be around technology know. It's anywhere people it's people in the workplace and how to work better together critical communication skills wage. It's it's a big thing. It is a huge thing. Huge huge huge. All right. Well, you're busy. It's a Friday night. Is it probably have a hot day. We're our cocktails. I know right? I didn't grab one before I got I just got water girl. I didn't have anything I said to my dog. I have my hair and my makeup done and I'm in a close with like jewelry. When do we do that right now? Like we work all day and our teens, I feel like we should go home. You should you should be like you need to take me out for a nice dinner tonight. Yeah on a covered patio cuz it's raining although I'm out in the country. So it may be raining where you're at Ramona. I don't think it is yet, but it's getting cloudy. It looks like it's going to start right? Yeah. I'm out. And so I'm I'm far out into the country so long. Oh, well things happen over here that don't happen in the rest of the world very, all right. Well give one of two you're handsome home and I will okay because that's like my social distancing. That's right. I'll pass on some love. I think it's exciting. Thank you for doing this to you know, you're always on that cut off and I love it. And I love again helping. However, I can see let me know have any on and get rid of love your energy love love your energy off. You know, I have it's being released on Monday so I can talk about it now, she'll probably hear this one too, but I interviewed this woman yesterday and her name was Laura Smith. And um, she this is the craziest thing Monica. She has created a platform on how to connect people with tattoo artists artists and the dead I it was fascinating. It's called tatted. I I was like, oh my God, I this is a phenomenal have to put my husband's covered him. Well, she's everywhere. She has created this platform. She hasn't released it yet Timber 12th of his her big release date and you like put you have mood boards and you can like put together your tattoos and you can send it off to artists and they will pick. Oh my God, it is so cool. I can't wait to hear about it. Oh my God. It is the coolest thing. I would have never put that culture or industry with it. Right like sure everything's with it. Now everything thing I T solve it. Yeah Alex about this. I'll make a promise to you that when my book gets published. I do my lunch with something with get with it. Oh perfect fantastic and we'll make sure the Champagnes the flow. One here we go. All right girl will enjoy your evening with your lovely husband you and cuz it is a Friday. Thank you. Oh and before we sign off I'm going to take photos so I can cuz you know, you gotta gotta put it out there to show everyone overdue. What is she doing? I'm not sure of ours. Did you get a bad picture the better not be a bad picture. We don't take bad pictures girl is cute. What do you think about I can't. Oh, yeah. We're we're good super good super cute. Perfect. Well, thank you. I can't wait, but usually we'll talk soon. All right. Have a nice weekend. Stay safe and healthy. I shouted you as well, Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review. We will see you next time and feel free to drop us a line and get with it. Org.

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