#385 - Ben Wheatley & Corin Hardy (live in Brighton), Sienna Miller


There we go show big finish here we go guys on the podcast live the music is playing I oh yeah I'm loving it I'm loving it gyrating this is nice this real good weightless is Helena just when I think he can't get any more wrong about supernatural and nailed it starts tonight doesn't it terrifying no disclosure agreements and believe me guys when I signed one of those my word is my bond unlivable but this place is steeped in Film History Brighton Rock Quadrophenia the remake of Brighton Rock so here which is nice I guess you please welcome James Been screened over here but don't worry it'll be porn hub before the night is out all will be good next up is a man who was her fave wants her beloved supernatural ends in a few months time she's not asking for much she's not really that picky all she wants is for each episode and the final series of supernatural I call it the Fifteenth Series Supernatural is indeed starting tonight in the scoots that's exciting overseas suits if I reveal film I was on anyway this week we're coming to you live from the wonderful inabilities Jukes it did unique my microphone quieter and I'm quite you know AIDS I am Chris Hewitt and welcome to the penultimate show of the first ever and may know that I might not have been able to be here tonight that I had a clash with a big movie I was going to visit the set of a big movie but luckily space it probably lasts forever empire podcast tour and I am truly delighted to be here because listeners of last week show where we were in Liverpool the shooting schedule shifted and here I am so I'm delighted to be here with you guys and I can't say what the film is because I signed one big it because those guys will ab how to do the whole thing again media and Brighton Oh yes we're delighted to be here in Brighton this is the city of course if they call London on C. and the city in a few years time they'll be the only kidding you guys take your take your time it's fine it's all good I'm prepared to wait for as long as it takes no no no by what I'm just saying I do not want I do not want to face the specter of of laws within were here on this is the sort of place you can't walk down the street here you can't suing cattier without hitting someone who strangled strangled stangled Steinfeld Strength Stein the right anyway welcome everybody how are you all we're ready the word strangled shot or stabbed and a Ben Wheatley movie Yes we love Brighton and when I say we of course I mean me I saw we should talk about no okay maybe the not the elephant in the room but there was some fairly big news this way and the apparently the Mike very sensitive might survey sensitive isn't that good tennis with the two leads pressing their nipples together for a minimum of five minutes please welcome but number one fan the new quiz show topless in London under see some of the places we've been to on this tour had you know one or two movies shot there Lisbeth Sean New York the fifty first state colleagues lethal coming on I brought a whole boat load off and with me here tonight I up is our queen she's a lady who is looking for a new TV show to become news story we plan to start with we'll be we're going to do film used today wants whoever we're going straight from this into brexit what a shit show hey guys are raising d'etre I really need to let her know this will you please welcome the editor in chief of Empire Terry sounds like you got busy stuff you're busy guy anyway last but not least is our boss our editor in chief are shining light stylings she'll keep inside so to speak well yes that's all key billions inside shelby that's how you got in that condition anyway armed with Martin Scorsese and his comments about the AMC which if anybody in this room has read the latest issue or the last issue of empire will know biggest surprise of the century an office what's up group is currently a flame with gossip folk were filmmakers as well where he went to New York obviously spent quite time with school safety and did empires first-ever kind of big career pace on Scorsese which is a remarkable piece of writing. If you haven't read it please read it talkback gave James and massive picard on so I'd like to find a level early then hit it repeatedly anyway yes commutes dropped or whatever we're calling it and I go back to the office and Ben Wherever he is and James Nick excitedly talking about this news and what has been happening in the world moving Newsweek Terry I can see from the gleam in your eyes there's something you want to say Terry has blocked how the first twenty minutes to talk about the new Picard Ah yes in the throes of Brechfa is a good whack dream into whoever came up with why get Christie anyway everyone knows what this is about right Oh everyone's been under socialism whatnot and call in Rooney Turning Poirot to uncover potential wrongdoing cover as your Lord Well Doug Can I just say the biggest surprise of my career so far has been sitting in the empire office when the Rebecca Vardi Collini Hey I got shafted obviously by the Internet I'm not going to sit errands I don't agree with that because I do but I also think if Martin Scorsese would like to have an opinion on films I think he's entitled to his opinion and he's a master and a genius I do feel in this situation he could be there's an element potentially possible came from our interview we didn't pull out and put it on the Internet because we're not so lists awful Cretans but I mean Jake classing him as trailers such a if you'd like to begin with your forty points of just right shots in capital letters cinema dates obviously been quite the week cutting Jennifer Aniston chipped in rubbed downey junior has chipped in Neck Ka signed the corner quietly walking Liam saying if you were willing to go out on a limb and say maybe the possibly he's quite wrong Christmas one needs a little slap on his wrist bye Rebecca Fardie wife of change the two journalists who broke the story on fucking instagram this nuts a master criminal is a filmmaker yes he's entitled to his opinions as a filmmaker yes I fully I fully agree with that by the way where you can find it on radio four or did you call in was it like the Rebecca far to get hold of it and she leaked it was all over the place so it was amazing piece by nick suddenly examples of blockbuster brain dead blockbusters out there than the recently as well and so I think picking on them is also a little bit it's a question of this in January so yeah I don't care how you're Kinda open this bottle of water shall we talk about moving news I start to show with some lovely movie they soon happened the day after the knives out screening and someone told Ron Johnson and he was losing his ship this as well just made it amazing it's the country needed to come together pimple like six oh six chow just I just tend from refuse to leave micon it Shakespearean tragedy deep cinema because big broad entertainment however to pick in those films felt a little bit easy to me they're much much worse the he talks about obviously the tech the tech can and that prompted a conversation about marvel and obviously what Scorsese what said was he hadn't seen them it didn't count is this is this is huge for me I love Martin Scorsese I wrote a dissertation of Martin Scorsese when I was at university I wrote in the paper of mine that didn't read it in him it's got these larger than life characters and they go through these massive ridiculous fights and and it's awesome to watch I don't know what definition of cinema he's working I think that the use of the phrase believe he said they're not cinema that's the thing that didn't sit well with me because I had this has a tendency to worship the extremely serious extremely grisly extremely dark films that explore the worst in human nature and maybe that isn't instill and I love Them I love his movies but I don't know if you guys know I'd like the well I'm a bit torn God purpose probably a mistake but I really really interesting thing basically arguing that actually what we should be talking about is what our definition of cinema is and whether you know everyone kind of there is something to be said for I don't love a low of his early stuff I find it very exceptionally brilliantly made and I don't ever want to see maybe come back to the movies at the end there was a bit of a discourse with a capital day which was in with an I don't know what you know how this doesn't meet it but I also I read a really interesting thing on twitter because I didn't delete it infre- and the Elvis the other day and he said this course as he doesn't consider star wars to be cinema in that way either and that's absolutely fair enough so you can see why he wouldn't consider the MCI Dan I appreciate that it's great it's not for me and so you know I think there's room for different different definitions of what constitutes greatness on given they completely finance production it's their film and obviously that's a debate that's been going for the last couple of years filmmakers be weighing in on which is what is cinema expects here I am radio for her and said the endgame had the full spectrum of human emotion on talks about Shakespeare so I'm not obviously the people who work in the movies and also the people joined the movies but hey he's a genius he's got the best eyebrows in the business and so I can't be mad I almost delay twitter for the super great either and maybe that doesn't say great things about us as as a society and maybe some of Martin Scorsese's films are not super by that standard all is worth exploring as a society and and he doesn't have to agree with me on that so an absolutely respect his incredible cinema knowledge and incredible career windfall because of cinema chains holding out for preferred terms and needing to keep exclusive lay in theaters before it goes to that flex which obviously I would presume that flakes on so and I'm not gonNA argue with him but I would love to hear him discuss it in more depth undefined terms and understand exactly where he's coming from because I think that'd be fascinating cinema something that has to be shown I mean arguably right in a cinema in the pictures for a certain amount of time what does it mean when it's made for a streaming the honey trap is that what you're saying a very good sense that cinema somehow being dumbed down these bigs really silly movies are not cinnamon enough themselves when we used to have this thing in the office where we used to kind of try to delineate between Geeks and we said very arbitrary thing to do but it's to try and conveyed cold at the world's biggest budget budget soap-opera any as as I think undeniable it's a soap opera in the same way that you know wwe wrestling is is yeah but I'm not going to pillory him or the EMC you over a comment just because he didn't get the GIG directing I'm the most Marty doesn't mean you have to lash out debate about what he's sitting in Moroni way on the back of Roemer with net flicks so how much stops looking like it's going to get very limited distribution possibly less than they were Azazel full of Shell Okay Nice come on right you know torn like not the IMBRUGLIA here Terry to be on this I want that one what does this work okay Lincoln having fun but if you've been here for the soundcheck we could find all these there were certain people in the Empire Office who think of cinema in terms of awful in terms of artistic expression and Croft and you know they may not be as the bad Guy Black Manta the ship it wasn't his fault he was doing a lot with it was it was a terrible role but anyway he's he's Kazeem Michael Bay Colt Sean Lugano twice be back here for the debate about that one it's going to be an absolute belter what else Asian instantly went to young morpheus so if you don't know who he is he was in well enough about superhero movies but he was in Akron we could go it was just it was reported that they'll be young morpheus and Jim Neo before disgusting news came which I think was an tell you anything about the mythology but they'll know who the second day on whatever she was and that's their thing and then there's people you know I think that's a people who are hotz blast within the cyclopes acknowledge the world in which say a universe exists and I prefer that people like we used to say the geek versus the buff and the Geek maybe once actions because it feels like a superhero moves everywhere it's because so much cinema now is taken up with huge blockbuster films or quite low budget films and those kind of middle films the other things and he's he's rumored to be young morpheus so this is it's a sequel to the Matrix for some reason we've got time travel or it's and what does that do to cinema James so the thing is taught what is missing cinema point it feels like this is just that general onto onto streaming platforms on TV because the big budget movies have such insane marketing campaigns that just take over the entire world is all right next month now fall onto TV which is fantastic we get the most amazing TV with other hat maybe feels more that we're being overloaded with big budget movies because that kind of middle has well you know it's like I don't I would that would not the term us about the having said that I have on many occasions good news and Helen you were excited about another piece of pieces of news on this list yeah the first one I don't know if any of you ever heard of a little musical cold Hamilton can acco of of Laurence Fishburne that was my left in the system or someone's going on I don't know what but he seemed like good casting thing we can I don't WanNa have to choose a side and those are you kidding me I just it was you had to pick a side as well dave welcome call here from Long Denies Chris from London High Krizner thank you egging co-ops livable tile on also ask him his is fine northern but you know you would well he's also barred let's not forget the Irishman is part of a much bigger won't please tell us about it's brilliant James you wouldn't appreciate it so of course the original But I think this is really a casting because fascinating original was a sort of Jamaican accent crab and maybe we don't necessarily want to go that way again but if we wrap that fast because he's awesome he is the best single double role in the show he plays Jefferson and Lafayette and he's the most fabulous thing in Hamilton and he has now been cast as the voice of Sebastian in the Little Mermaid so he officially has crops sorry Akron cast included a guy called defeat digs who you may have seen things like unbreakable kimmy Schmidt or the rundown and he started off as a rapper so that's why the really really fast on in Hamilton was written for him because he it's very easy to sort of take swipes big films and so there's a dumbing down offset yeah I've the only quiet microphone which is probably on purpose thanking fucking took its take them somewhere and the buff maybe once Lamar to tell them something and like I say these are kind of broad things but I do wonder whether sometimes when people make these kind of it should be somebody who's really good with voices and and honestly I would trust him with anything like that so I'm super excited during that cast Marshall Live action all the states to the audience but he does this walk across the stage when he's being Jefferson who's the most obnoxious man in the world and the Mermaid of course yes did you see Dovey digs play Lafayette Jefferson when you made an inordinate amount of money to see Hamilton Amen. I think you're right this who would you cast as a young neil or would you just do the Nemo Cap Salomon Challenge Keanu Reeves eight there is only one canny reeves that can be only the he looked too young made by that that'd be interesting away a few years ago probably never mentioned actually I did actually see him and Lily matinees but but genuinely single God this single high point of that performance is he does a sort of a a I think it's called a pimp walk I apologize if that terminology as offensive but he does this walk what else is happening in the world and movie news there were rumors about the Matrix for went there the rumors about the roommate was it just this night len wiseman he's here then Weisman is going to direct the first official spin off from John Wick the distinguishes young people that have I believe with getting younger and younger and so there we go so to me to me shallow may be interesting Chinese face shining face shiny young face when he's I mean there are moments in this which are just objectively genius when he's putting on an objectively genius objectively genie have genuinely never seen a piece of physical comedy I love him and we didn't see James Corden Governors Jay was wasn't he report Ryan he confirmed it's humbling and Abdul Mateen the second is joining the Matrix for the speculate you know as bad as as John Wick and so they've gone who can we get who is one of the best action directors in Hollywood to make this movie and no one was available so they got len wiseman instead so I'll be excited about this then why spend someone those people who you think is guilty rubbish really I didn't hear about my agent a really good pitcher the mood board and everything all man I'm so sorry vermin nothing it's just emotions it sounds like a sex a sex thing okay what else rubbish says another person who did to get the job guys just deal with the process in your own way okay is he guilty by Association of the movies that he's made you know this is a have you just now found out you didn't get it fan in the house heart four point Oh what else to recall that was all right well he's a he can handle he can handle an action sequence it's going to be ballerina so anyone remember of course you remember twenty three months ago Joel Book Chapter Three and we saw John Jellicoe Houston and the ballerinas and they were clearly being primed to be you should be an awesome ballerina but that is not baked into this so what we have now is about ballerina directed by Len wiseman and that in itself is not necessarily enough to join me who who I should say things go rough frontier though that was I'm responded to a casting call that went aunty no all right do you know why genuinely thing would be hilarious if this movie just hundred ballet aretha Franklin this tally but it's for the National Geographic Channel and they do this analogy series called genius which is actually made it okay very good all right you guys want to weigh in on dovid digs getting crabs or we happy happy Jimbo you probably want to talk about the each and I'm sure this is no fold Elaine Weissman a lot of them are unwatchable bad but he's the director of underworld a good day to die hard over here is called putting on his and he goes starfleet command and he's like this not your house anymore and it's like Oh oh I know the picard and then there was a bit of casting is GonNa drop in the next few days so if that young neo and as you say time travel ah news ten WEISMAN's realized already bad but I don't know what's on the one hand I'm not wildly invested in the store not unlike wait took his great I let the universe that existed which is what gives me hope for this but John Great John Wick is great this is our best about Ballerina turn anything else you WanNa talk about I'm going to jump on something that no hell amounts to talk about Cindy Areva revote long one shop and she I interviewed her for that film and she talked about doing that live in the film because the directs didn't want to put it in imposed there's an amazing one shot that she pretty much hold spy herself singing so she's singing this old heart of mine in a room with Jeff Bridges and there's this incredible going for these top and obviously it's caused quite the well just I mean look yeah the defeat digs turns up and does it Pimp Walk Oh my God he's the best thing ever against guns and everyone dies brilliant awesome okay happy Jimbo what do you think about this actor she worked on Broadway she won Tony showing a grammy for the color purple and if anybody watched about times at the Royal Lucia national and obviously before she became an actor or became I should say a Anglesey also Jonathan del Arco at Hugh the Balk Aren't you see I think I'll spay all the indignity of me banging on about Su seven of nine in the actually did it over and over and her voice is just absolutely exceptional you've you've just gotTa think there were very few women who could tackle Franklin because she is going to be performing aretha songs as part of this and she you know her Jennifer Hudson Bay but she is a remarkable thing about you also the film later on she came to our booth earlier this week and I had a good old matter about the movie and a great many other things besides lots of fun this one do please no you guys at home we're delighted to be joined on the podcast by the star of American Woman Sienna Miller how are you I'm good how are you yeah not bad not bad he'd been has deb a woman whose life is turned upside down with her teenage daughter goes missing presumed dead it's a wonderful acting showcase for Miller we'll talk more about that Charles CIPHERS is back sheriff bracket in Halloween kills that's exciting you can tell the the buzz from the audience that everyone is just losing her shit about this news I'm excited about this because David Gordon Green Danny McBride are bringing everybody who wasn't killed in a Halloween movie it seems the first six Halloween movies he seemed to be tweeting those as Canon which is weird because they raised Halloween too from existence then Halloween three anyway anyway your guest this in this room stacy did because this is another one that we made earlier American woman is out this week and is a fantastic drama starring Sienna Miller initially just a aretha Franklin recording concert live and it's all gospel music and yet it's you know you might think that does not sound like my cup of tea I assure you it everybody around this building from from place to show are you being asked the same question over and over again a few obviously there are a few obvious ones but no does her work inside out and she has the most respect for her and I just think it's going to be amazing and if you haven't seen the Aretha Franklin Film Amazing Grace I cannot recommend it highly enough cup of tea she is incredible in it and isn't Jennifer Hudson Planner as well and a movie is literally called respect it's coming out next year yes yes yes but they seem to be the bring carriages backyard dead from these movies and Charles ciphers is back as a sheriff he was in the first two movies and I'm intrigued. I don't know what they're planning Mitzi Hamilton the they didn't tell Debbie digs that you were in the audience just in case he shot himself live on stage I got one thing I wanNA talk about before we get onto some other stuff is Charles ciphers doesn't mean nothing to anybody except me Charles ciphers and some horror fans in the audience I could see one of the back uh-huh kind of handle it and read the Franklin's sat through the whole show and then came backstage afterwards to say that she enjoyed it and particularly enjoyed her phrasing after the color purple like an she cynthia radio had asked them not she knew she was coming to see the show and she asked them not to tell her which day aretha was going to be there because she's like I can't on male centered stories and that seems to be shifting thank God for me because everybody has a story to tell it it's just interesting we may stray into territory let has been covered elsewhere because this is fantastic film fantastic performance it film is called American woman and not American woman one bit of the Big Song and literally just sang it back to her and she was just like Oh my God I'm so so she's a huge fan she knows I don't know what they're doing I hope they do good shot guys let's it for the movie news section time now for a guest and enjoy at home don't joy here we're not gonNA play it for you guys another to do all the voices nothing to read at a transcript it's just the interview enjoying bucer essential part of my research I spent time with brief parents and and there's a breadth of of kind of stock footage of news conferences brackets and a man clogging up the place where I know you said in the past you know some of the the films you made over the last few years it's the first time that I've really been in charge of a complete narrative in the way that I was in this film I'm in every scene and I had the opportunity to map something out in its entirety which just felt liberated you have been supporting roles to to to male co stars and you I'm thinking of Mississippi Grind which is a film I love they did a good job I love those directed F- untouched astonishing performances obscene it might even be better than to be digs overall and and yet she sang a ruthless funeral she met aretha because she came backstage I leave the dialect which is incredibly specific where she's from an was essential to get really comfortable with that so that I could improvise and feel like I wasn't conscious of it at the time so that was where I began and then obviously the story focuses around a woman whose child goes missing which was the really crushing is well yeah I'd like to see that film she was censored I loved that character in the finite I think yeah I think in the PAS people who've just focused the and sating and all of those things existed as I can earn and devastatingly side and her grandson and she doesn't have a choice and life goes on and that it feels sort of triumphant and so funny it's not it's doesn't sit in the grief the house and it was a real house and it was a tiny bedroom and they were tons of crew and I was nervous and I felt Hammy and it was just not a great day script because we were working six day weeks in every scene has not time to sort of sit around and get better at it and so I I knew the lines and then I tried to but but I I feel sort of best when I'm really really challenged so I loved it so how was your way into entered into this performance you know it was a lot of research into keep open to whatever the mood is in the moment and direction and all of those things I had an idea that went out the window because I was just you know anyone always brand four precedes that and then what you're left with and what's astounding is how people get their lives back together and how resilient human beings are especially women in these situations I mean she's raising consistently and that it was a lot of work it was a real odyssey now listeners to the podcast regular listeners would be going you always had this Chris but I do 'cause I'm fast has been quite bold okay well no no no not nothing bad goodson okay but I fear humanit monologue and it was just incredibly daunting scary did you ever dry up I did not as good nightmare actors have these dreams sometimes I had one the other day and it was awful but it was it's an anxiety dream and I walked out onto a stage just very empathetic very intuitive and it was really grueling an incredibly hard in moments and he would be crying monitor whenever I had to cry I mean he was living in with meeting which was just generous and directors can be mega maniacal sort of controlling people who like to torture actors he was the opposite which so she's called pipes as well the battle of the wreath wreath is the aretha she's very excited about that is it also true Helen one of those things that we're familiar with when that kind of tragedy happens the thousand yard stairs film is really about what's left at what's what what is think we all left getting very worried and then it was called but it was I was just very nervy sleep much before you start a project Ooh what was your first day what was my day the first scene of the film and it was awful Oh my God I hate it I just we shot all location in that tiny little house there is analyze that you leave and this film is obviously drafted by by Jake Scott as well I believe is related to Ridley grew and I never sleep the night before the first day Oh my God not really which is kind of counterproductive I guess I'll do the nervous energy gets three dozen I maybe it was the energy of that of money the cat who is just count on a hot tin roof I it I didn't know it was it was I think the first act of that is basically there's an amazing director yeah it's very much in that blood moon jae grew up on film sets he has a different sensibility to really I think he's much more character driven and really says that about him better with actors than I am but a master he's he was an extraordinary director he really really was I loved working with him more than I think I've loved working with anyone I imagine this because for most actors it's really tough and you want as few people around as possible yes you can access he missed when I if people are messing around on a site which happens and everybody's having a good time sometimes that can happen on a day where you have to be intensity focused and emotional focused he would just have complete silence everybody respected that and it it added an enormous amount to not have to battle against people having their own kind of happy day when you're about to see yeah yeah but at the same time you may be said one you'd like to maybe fantasize about going back in retail and retail in the story from from your character's point of view in films like that maybe live by be broken it can happen does your does your process change according to the emotionally between it does you know in the past this apparent it just felt in a way that I haven't experienced before everything was right there in available so it it didn't feel like I have to work into something which was felt very necessary for this particular film Oh my God so that's that's fascinating alleged does sort of the empathy thing that regiment will need to have I had to sit in the corner with cigarettes in my headphones and really indulge myself to get to that space and for some reason believe me but Jake really controlled the tone of the set so that whatever I needed was what would happen on that day and on some of those really green days and I didn't want to look at anyone how to stay you got all your lines and your head you know what you're going to do when when the director says action for the first time I try not to plan what I'm GonNa do completely but I learned this whole but for this felt really accessible I think because I have a daughter just the notion of saying I miss my daughter you know that's that's just right beneath the surface take with a character like this is really interesting obviously I've been in a few sets over the over the over the years of doing this but a fray rarely on a crying day yeah DC ready absolutely no it's a he's a he's a chip of your block what a bunch of underachieve graceful and I woke up in a cold sweat those do you happen now and then okay let's get your hand and as well we give someone everything that's how do you remember all those lines intelligence just make it up on that sort of the the the the grief in the reserves of trauma yeah it's very vulnerable thing to do the other thing that he was so brilliant at it and I'm not particularly us every relieving an exciting thing to experience and I imagine this role leapt leaped out your off the page almost when you when you first read it out and soon enough as funding if the laws did was count not nervous every single time why went out and say I just I just unrealized when I go down there that it was the coliseum and I had no idea what to say and all I said was is everyone having a good time and it went meet him out this restaurant that I accidentally which does happen often bumped into someone's table and kind of note something over and apologized and it was scatter brained and he said he caught me by the time whoops knocked over another table Oh did he tell you at that meeting that you had to the wrong but when we were talking about how we both kind of welled up and I ah fits into the general mood of the film now this is only that got sent to me and I just finished I'd wrapped live by night the night shoot I think we just saw it very clearly in the same way I had a good feeling when I left under an looking at your career it's been interesting that you seem to have avoided by and large yeah so that's what you need you need a place and jake off your electric is just something else for that's it which was the last night of that film was Itchy and I rapped and I was exhausted but I'd read the script and loved it and I need the date was meeting about ten people for it and I was so tired and flustered when I went in no particular bitterness and time didn't know how to do that I think now I have Jimmy I can probably pull that out but I think yeah I I you just saw her emmy that's amazing so you definitely didn't purpose Justa I wish I had that conniving smart the big blockbusters did gi Joe Rises. Well it's weird 'cause I've got forty seven questions more of a strategic decision by my agents at the time to do something that people might actually see because I tend to do much smaller things but my heart wasn't in it I'm awesome eight films I will go and see but that being said this new DC joker and things I think that marvel DC Universe is expanding into an area that I would find interesting honestly Tayo Way I have no I have I have sort of avoided those things because I didn't have the best experience doing Gi Joe and I didn't really know what I was doing there and I think it was how did it come to you try not to say what the project really enjoyed facing questions seem realistic question I'm a big fan of the marvel movies particular and I think we're getting to a place now where everyone's going to be in one of those yeah I I wouldn't carte focus directors as they've now monopolize the entire filming some really character driven from scores Gone Call American screw woman either Squirrel woman was yes yes okay so English Squirrel woman on holiday I'm Squirrel woman on the first day it's like anything if you're around or even worse night before the first play but then three by and large to afford them I'm sure there've been dalliances and auditions and frustrations over with with movie size over the years but by large seems how women you've got Mississippi Grind that's neither American or a woman so that's fine but still grinding place that'd be something more horizon it sounds like ant man I'm sure I mean for God's sake perfectly heroic it's all it's all good but okay it just send them emojis literally land around his house and US luckily the the the big names they're going so CNN if it was if there is a marvel taken you know Captain Marvel's been taken in which is epic we hold them in the podcast how is that Matt Wooden standstill yeah you know he was great and Ryan Anna are just gene is an Ryan Reynolds is also fantastic and such a historical man Ben's just this ball of energy he's constantly got music playing you never know what's going to happen in seeing the second see it but I do want to ask about Mississippi Grind because I am evangelical but the movie is is one of those films I revisit every single year and tell people you have seen Mississippi clients such great descr if you could control company if you could get pictures to marvel English something woman would you want something to be I I want to be kept woman the trait they're making that man you know the Batman do believe they're looking for different villains to be in that one Mike I'm happy you can actually watch plus Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden of Mississippi and this is going to did direct that last one so I I think that being smart they're actually seemed to be hiring the town because he sort of so much deb in in fact he has he has he asked me if I've done that on purpose which ignore but yeah it was an they went too many hoops to jump through because but I think that's probably GonNa hasn't it I just think that's a great character to you know they have TV show with Ruby rose on the yard Oregon woman and a Northern Irish woman's don't talk about it Helen Hello so yeah this is the new film from Jake Scott Scott Sorry and I'm sorry son she's got a grandson anyway under daughter goes missing and so we join this film just in time to see the closeness of their relationship they finish each other's sentences they have different ideas but it's a real symbiosis it was a joy to going to Miller's monopoly pleasure and enjoy woman thank you yeah I know I need to get in bro Patterns Batman now and he's my mates are going to go and meow at him in the night tour is that about Ashdod ask but it's it really then goes through what happens when bridget disappears so just as we've kind of gotten the handling of this dynamic between these two uh-huh Sienna Miller plays deb as Chris said and she is very very very young grandmother she adored entertains her daughters nine hundred order entertains pinkish forget squirrel girl that's yesterday's us to look into she talks the squirrels it's a whole it's a whole thing but yes okay so we're we're putting forward this then everything is turned upside down and you see the search begin you see you know the police come in and the search parties go out and I mean eh just method acting role what would you I do not project I'm going to get out you've torture and torment of not knowing what happens you see are sneaking away to look up missing person cases at night and see if there's anything to be found all right so that was Sienna Miller and I hope you guys enjoyed it we're going to go straight into the reviews section and we are going to start with meaning she's trying to get better jobs she's she's living her life and yet this is always there in the background is always kind of haunting her and it's so it's kind of a look almost feel like we had films about the kind of Dante of murderers and this is almost a film about the mundanity of those affected by murder victims if you like so a bit spiky it's difficult at times you know she's a teenager with a baby so of course life is not easy for for young bridget's or for her mother WHO's working in a supermarket and is you have to because you've got a baby to look after but also she's dealing with this gaping hole in her life where her daughter should be and the continuing you're you're still living and you're still there but something is deeply deeply wrong and I'm missing so it's it's it's really quite moving opens she's concerned with other things there's a bad boyfriend there are you know relationships with her sister with this young grandson she's getting on with stuff she's trying friends who comes in these people kind of dropping in and out of her life and some of them staying the whole time but but the only real constant is just I think this is too big a sport or they don't find her so the film then follows deb and hurt her little grandson through the next few years she's trying to keep living it's a very very well acted film I think not just yet but the whole cast are really really informed Christina Hendricks place her sister our poll place one of the and it's it's an incredible film because for long stretches it doesn't fair in any direct way to the disappearance it doesn't refer any in any direct way to what this disappearance and bridges not being there So yeah I was I was really impressed by this kind of expecting much I'd heard good things but I wasn't heart in movies like American woman and American sniper movies I don't have a and again anyway this phenomenon they've they used to be together I think and now a married to other people and there's a real friendship has a real kind of independent spirit to them a little bleak I mean there's not a happy film it has a positive it's about her attempt to get her life on track after this event Bangel nominee exceptional review surprisingly fame for its proper Bresson Depths from her that maybe she anywhere you see her do a double take when she sees a woman who looks like bridget might now look a few years later and is this is this her she's still out there somewhere tall and that's disposed of quickly and he's just life goes on like this film spans ten years and the disappearance happens at the very beginning of it so much happens after that I mean so I mean it's not like it's it hasn't negative spot but it's not it's not a low fast ultimately post if like I feel like it's ultimately about survival about making the best of horrific I had the opportunity because she's leading roles in small films or supporting role in bigger films but actually when you see her with proper material Sir yes Jake Scott Okay so he goes sitting right what's Larry Stark's take while he's but you know what's left that's the thing what is your path and well there's a character cold I just think she's exceptional in this there were some of the kind of relationship stuff and I instill it was why it was the kind of got a little bit nightmare situation but but yeah you're right it's it's quite tough very delicate I'm very impressed with that but it's really six portray of limbo really right interesting actor she's she's incredible I saw her in the color purple here before went to Broadway and one of the most from you should check it out yeah what was that experience on that movie with an unripe they've totally collaborate though the two actors Ben Mendelsohn that'd be an incident with a Miller is councilman that's how it works then you just walk in Matt Reeves Knock over table jobs done Johnston and go so pay for me I think in those moments and with slightly distracting but that mean everything else is just not nuance of not knowing far still obviously still Jumanji next level to come and she's incredible in this movie absolutely incredible and thought doors and the consequences of that and living with that and trying to claw your way out of it and and her becoming as you say changing as a woman and getting her shit together essentially sure was in for and it's kind of surprising in the way approaches the subject matter I feel at CNN mother who is great doesn't get the credit she deserves because she's not really have the ironic massively affect them Yup fully agreed for me there's actually a lovely lovely surprise this is actually one of my films of the year so there's no shot makeup the growth you've seen that character it's all Sienna Miller and I think it was in free is that he needs home and this film is expected because I read the Synopsis Okay Someone Is Missing Blah think it's going to be without trace episodes it's not as you say it's not about that Squirrel Girl Oh God sounds awful oh no no no no no no no no it's fine details spreadsheet powerpoint presentation is back announced Jimmy to take a leading role that's remedial she was really good in American sniper a- things like that but in this she actually gets to showcase and she's fucking amazing Pinkett covers ten years in title or because the grandma yet he must be v Fourteen fifty but he's about five or so when we dog so I think I think ten years I think is supposed to be ten years I'm thinking what's amazing is you know just no I feel that she's been great in a lot of movies but in supporting roles likes of Mississippi Grind and American sniper mind and if you haven't seen Mississippi grind by the way it's obsolete amazing check it out immediately once you see this I want to come home from this she's greatness she's in every single scene and she gets to run the gamut of emotions and she holds screen automation of some of these real life stories it was just his performance but also Anna Kendrick who plays the young ambitious FBI Chris Morris the genius behind the day today and brass eye and it's almost a decade before the May actually be a decade after his first mood is a decade missile he's so charismatic he's so compelling the way handles what he's give him which becomes increasingly farcical as the story moves on which is that this manufacturer terrorism plot which unfortunately has been orchestrated by homeland security desperate for big boss now he gets expected before you know it is going to be satire but what I wasn't expecting I have to say was the emotional way of this film that one two punch array of this preacher wannabe revolutionary played by Marchant Davis who this is his first lead in a feature film which when you see him you're like how we thought even kind of left me really and I thought about this after I I saw it for such a long time and it really kind of knock off fate as she say flex really emotional she's brilliant so we gave this four stars four stars in for America woman and next up is day shall come which marks the return of the great in years face second film very little was known about it until suddenly there was a film and it was premiering sons and as I read about this summer after his first movie which was of course a brilliant comedy four lions and this one treads similar territory at follows a man who just she got great roles after she ended any elsewhere but I would love to see something like that happened for Sienna Miller as well I love this movie I thought it was fantastic really really moving really call say straight off the bat I mean this was a real surprise to me in the is one of the funniest which in and of itself isn't a short rights Chris Mauricio he's he's still a voice we really need to make sense of what is going on in the world and this film will stay with you afterwards the biggest recruiter of terrorist right now in the USA is the FBI because they genuine because they keep offering money to people to try and be a terrorist the differences he doesn't know it because he's a pond for the FBI Terry Review magazine I did review it for so he's he's struggling to pour his wife and kids his wife is played by brilliant Daniel Brooks and in those struggles he's led to kind of try and get cash by Jin who's kind of desperate to make her name she's brilliant I mean sh biting finance all the things you expected on a Kendrick but also it's by beginning this has been written by which is based on one hundred stories and they spent a long time researching this interviewing people and it's kind trap terrorists but they're essentially going to the point of essentially creating terror plots they're not they're not finding ones that are out there and just getting them to be you know to level which they can prosecute they're basically creating them from whole cloth and that's what you're seeing in this film you're seeing this racing really crazy and I live killers but he has such a humanity about him it's kind of remarkable he keeps such a tight control on that oriented that this performance in this movie is going to fall into the same cracks coleman fell into with tyrannosaur because I feel lap form was astonishing and obviously then wrinkly mentally ill guy who has these very strange beliefs and they're using their weaponising that against him and everyone around him and proper role in this film as well so I love this film in what what you realize is that actually he may have been away for ages Chris I have not seen it twice I'm going to say against yes I've loved low for this film he actually introduced it before the screening us all on Monday night and he was talking about the fact it's kind of an awful portrayal of how the system dehumanize absolutely everybody who comes into contact with it and is weaponized against everyone agree with it's it's it's farcical but it's also incredibly tragic like it's your heart absolutely breaks for this guy is thing as he gets deeper and deeper into this complete mass of a situation and Marshon again I just think he's incredible in this and then the whole supporting cast is just riddled with great people Denis O'hare is is is the boss at the FBI just desperate for win but also desperate to get to his birthday dinner on time so you know he's trying to figure that out but it's the thought of my review in them so you kind of came out of nowhere south by southwest shakes say I don't think this had the same level of which is for me for my personal human self I I didn't love it as much but what did you find smoke particularly there we go I really liked this but I don't I don't feel it was quite as good as as four lines I think the four lions is a bit of a bit of a modern oh well I didn't find it that funny there were moments of that involving dinosaurs that genuinely did maybe loft but four lines is hilarious and everything you just said except I didn't like it that much I'd like to it was good I just I love four lines and there was a smugness to this I think and next up is Gemini Man which sees will Smith's assassin face off against his younger cloned self and this script or ethic and I wonder if this is maybe just a variation on the same thing and perhaps that brings with the diminishing returns and the old laugh department but it's great director and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to bring it to the big screen but has the weight been worth it Jimbo go faulkner a beautiful lightness of touch while also still being able to like they hits you win the go the dinosaur thing is hilarious you know the smugness says James Diran and incredibly smoke away dealing with kind of structural is and be sympathetic with the guys and then there's a explosion of violence at the end which really takes you by surprise not to give too much away with but there's a similar template I'd say with this movie Ugh me slightly but I think more than that my biggest issue with this just didn't find it yes I know the irony off and then nothing to later and it here so then the kind of there to talk about this film the first thing is the film as as well but I thought it was really well well performed Anna Kendrick was very very good we'll marshon Davis excellent stuff so yes I agree with Terry Four Star San for the day she'll come often Hensley John Hensley who who wrote a die hard with a vengeance and this is one of his big SPEC scripts that got him through the door and Hollywood and honestly you could go back and read injustice systemic racism like these malwal whites way but they I just thought they did it was such look I'm not saying it's bad film I thought he was it was good I just think was really good good really you your views the film okay well your opinion in my humble opinion connoisseur of comedy I agree with everybody for that surprising emotional Gut Punch as well where he especially really four lines are so bold and insurance in a way it gets you to empathize with the ribs. You know Chris Morris and Jesse Armstrong but yeah it's yeah maybe doesn't quite work as well for me as forelands before lions as well Terry in thinking about this did it could be called the loan couldn't anyway let's move on the script or versions of it has been knocking around Hollywood for decades and finally it's taken the heavyweight through of Smith both of whom do their level best with script is at best dreadful and the story the top it's very obvious beat the frame right because you have this thing where the foreground will be in three but then you go ten feet past them and everything is flat and it gives the impression that everything shot against the green for a living because you were struggling to differentiate between Good Arabia up here down step it's a step down absolutely everyone was going to be in this at one point Tom Cruise was going to be in at one point and I was bored milk description originally by Simon roll like the whole film just looks like behind the scenes footage and it's really fucking strange lot I came out and I I was having a chat with someone so I'll go where we begin with this so this has been banging around for twenty years like Tony Scott was going to make it to O'Connor GonNa make it this gentleman down here it was gonna make it cinema better it will be tolerable so it's an okay film made a thousand times worse by this format so if you can see it in those people won't be very on the nose dialogue it's fine it's one of these things where if you were watching channel five in the nineties on Sunday night and it came on you sit through you've got yeah it was not only is it crushing the average but it's also short in three D. plus which if you read actually talked about this he's verve excess about it shot in one hundred twenty frames per second the fresh prince is in the film would have been a better film sure he was totally yeah but it's so diminished by the format in which it's Sean which is present which is a lot did anyone watch Peter Jackson and I hope it when it came out and forty-eight frightened fucking horrible yes so that's forty eight firm second most films as and how ever none of those things are actually the case so it's not a great film and the part that for one minute because that's not the problem with this the problem with this L. so as as as a kind of story so it's made he's an assassin worked for the government is they tried to kill him that's not a spoiler he ends up running around with Mary Louise with Winston and Benedict one when this is stunt double blindingly obvious and it's a real shame because the actual like cg work on this to make wills mix it was amazing isn't it like he looks exactly green like that at a marina and there's a boat and you think why did you not want to go to a marina but it looks like green screen and a thing it's because twenty four frames per second is an imperfect way of really old versions of Empire magazine for maybe nine nine hundred ninety one we're going Gemini man is coming and it's GonNa be amazed you're songs off and it's GonNa be Harrison Ford fighting his younger affiliate Pan but papers over a multitude of sins and one hundred twenty frames you can't get away with anything like anything at all you will see all the the three D. glasses off to try and make it better by watching a three d film without three d glasses that did not help but j James is mainly rights the eight this this script is is really problematic the characterization is really thin so there's a there's a bit where he works out what's happening Mary Elizabeth wants to just hit and it's one of these films like caught if you can see this thing other than the whites meant to be saying please do so yeah that's my question is it not going to be much much better if you Louis on Sean Twenty four frames a second this is one hundred and twenty frames per second in three days cinema is true twenty four frames per second Sean Lagarde said Sunday Michael Bay cosmo traffic just saying but the thing as it makes the result of this it makes the entire film look like bts kind of trumbull the special effects wizard behind thousand one space odyssey has basically dedicated his life over the last few years to try and to make one hundred frame rate one hundred hundred freighter it takes away some of the grammar of what we see cinema when we see stuff in high frame on TV it looks like video we accept that it looks low budget looks cheap we expect everything was he the the official Empire Review and you will bang on the Monday with everything in that review I just thought you absolutely nailed testing things like copy exploited the concept of lyceum regret and all of those kind of emotional thing really toxic father son Dynamic and of Interesting Beats Khanate flight casualty eights is really disconcerting watching it doesn't look like one great me fucking heighten radio about this I said I don't understand it looks like the worst three D conversion job you've ever seen except it was shot in fucking three days and I think it must be this format one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five hundred hundred tearing down the road really down the right after name me and eighteen twelve year old show goes you know he's you you are hey he should clone he's identical you'll the same A larger conversation that we have time for the but people like Peter Jackson I'm Lee Jim Cameron people who know what they're doing Douglas Teams Shit because something your brain just sort of atavistic they rebelled against what you're seeing and I do think if every single fail was shot in one hundred twenty frames and in uh-huh oh going on five months pregnant that's gonna be weighed sex giants see the twenty four frames experience when we go to the cinema when you see a movie you understand that that's what makes the film and and this something subliminal about this it's almost it's almost could be explored that are really really tossed away and I mean I think you're a little bit Kinda to the maybe I would be and Ben lost it and it's great we gave this to I think it's a two star film rendered a one star experience by the way it show this is Ziprecuiter we understand the concept of the film he may not tell me the someone in this movie goes we're very much alike you and I choice seem very disappointed twelve year old boys let me tell you about the focus on that line very very quickly we're also gonNA talk about farming which dowry toil debut of Ottawa Annoy budgie tells the remarkable watch so it's incredibly brutal is the story of his childhood and it's it's a character so it's an emotional level that it hits you and it makes everything else about the film from the action to the dialogue even cats and this is fucking Li like a really great director but so much of this violence and I think that's kind of split people because I think there's been a feeling of whether that comes at the expense of some of the characterization because they wanted their children's have a better to unity he's in a strange country he's got barely functioning family it's obviously times the eighties early eighties uh-huh and it was it was it was three day and I read some things I know we'll be better because you in three day because it'll be smoother I kept actually wanted to stop watching it because I found it so difficult there are some amazing just visual symbolism in this film for him but when you watch it you feel like as opposed to kind of a bigger statement on any kind of systemic racism all those kind of things that feels like his in twenty hundred twenty the industry standard and he says this will blow people away in this would become the new norm and why do these people who are talking about widely and some of the reflection about farming as a as a practice back then what men and I actually saw he really wants to tell his story of the experiences that he went through so we isn't I think there's been some criticism of weather rate fully engages with those surreal debut this is kind of not the thing that people normally on screens for their first home so I found this incredibly incredibly challenging to watch AH truly or spycraft bullets drama a Nigerian boy who is formed by his parents which happened in the sixties and seventies in Brennan where he attempts to row pay skin off and then he covers himself in white paste which it it like move meets his entirely certain of kind of inflamed racial tensions and and he internalized it's essentially much of the hatred that comes his way and join so white skinhead along now pretty much from start to finish this is older violin it's full of degradation humiliation really really full on put some really beautiful filmmaking going on here but yeah incredibly incredibly violent really really tough and I think he I wouldn't want us the story of a Yeti that escapes from a lab into Chinese city and a young girl finds this Yeti Omit Roofer apartment building and sets out is is that enough time for resolution and all that stuff that didn't really bother me as much because I thought it was unflinching so it was brave I thought it was incredibly both direct in semi accidentally with two friends to try and get him back to his home on Mount Everest and it's it's super cute the Yeti is like a cross between mainly Helen's going to talk about a lovely cutesy CG cartoon abominable is it a bubble abominable abominable it's it's really it's really charming actually it was I really respected the fact that he told it in such an unflinching way that it is difficult to watch that is really upsetting and traumatic and there were bits h. a. r. a. reread his review earlier the repetitive nature of that kind of degradation that violence over and over and over again and kind of what did now stories of his upbringing this is based on a true story his true story yes it is let me just say that this is a really difficult with oil mainly rack the exposition in this film is extraordinary and the biggest problem taking the high frame rate out of it because it is inside aimaks and toothless so instantly you know I was charmed and the three kids are kind of adorable and weird so her lovely facial hair when the mood takes them both our veterans of live empire podcasts in fact one of them tonight is on his third which is just you're a Mormon gave this to yes and I think I think some of haste concerns about the conduct characterization and the kind of repetitive it's no for the review section okay so now the review section is out of the way it is time for this week's live guests and yes I said guests he is we probably will be used to it and it will be fine but may that never happen evola just no five stars in Gemini Man many more better we leave Barron Hardaway that kid he's adorable who's obsessed with being basketball star and the three of them on she's a bereaved violent player and they're just really lovely mismatched crew on a brilliant central performance after say by dumbs Idris and he absolutely is is just remarkable an hour ridi will you please welcome the directors of kill list the hollow free fire sightseers high-rise none a field in England and many Kohler is objectively a better way to show a film because you don't get juddering it's incredibly smooth as much more detail you can see more of what's happening but I think it's not am whether that is enough for the entire film but yeah I think I was slightly warmer on it right so then two stars then for farming and how are you both good it's very charming and magical and we gave this three which is about spot on for me three stars which we always in the podcast is a recommendation and that is it absolutely and just to correct you from before London Brian He's in London by the London Brighton by the fucking land older older male friend is like super vein and like has all these girlfriends running around behind his scooter and the other one's little boy little in fact I don't want to start a war you know what I mean but okay considering so we always try to have yeah you all you like we always try and have local heroes on these live podcasts to say we always try we've done five of these shows yeah no that was retrospective of your career yeah yeah that was a couple of years ago was that commands your attention and it feels to me this is one of those performances a shoot absolutely be talked about as being an Oscar contender but I worried that this movie is too small and but we do like to have a local heroes and this we've got a two for one offer that you absolutely will not be able to reviews both are amongst our finest directors both have via again so it's a little bit different for me a little bit closer to spend away and they refer in London based gangsters but we've known each other little and I kind of grew up here went to college here live here Sir from Bryson all right fantastic indeed yeah sir you're in posted a moment on Rebecca which is your your film for for Netflix use which I presume Martin Scorsese who you've worked with in the past did the speaking and we have to take turns all you have to raise your hand again you can speak I will look at you everytime Lucar and I want you to speak Ben every time I look at you ben written stepped into areas I've never done before and I'm Ben Has Rebecca going you're good it's about seven weeks out from looking the report of the Maurya Universe she's GonNa meet Rachel and Econo- deep so sporting crime dom yeah we've got Sahara say judge from Gareth Evans instagram feed just lashings lashings of correct it's Well thank you both for doing this and you're you're both very very busy at the moment ben maybe you're not then you always seem to be in a perpetual state of business I assume as fake blood some of it no it's been a a real kind of ride and of our this corner an interviewer fucking great racking feels mother of the last year work on the show gangs of London which is the new television showed or combat next year which I've been directing episodes of Gareth Evans and Karn to speak have you guys ever met before yeah yeah all right Tim has taught me through the first major Ben live on stage at the national film school do you need me here gets birds the whole the whole gamut fully on board and I what are you up to what are you working on I'm I'm entering a last consider cinema which is which is good well yeah no superheroes so radical on yeah and this thing I was looking at day I've never had a film with so much kissing in quite excited by that and it's quite romantic he's very and okay so what was it about that one that the to your attention to try and do stuff that ninety degrees lasting yeah it's like on an island off the coast full of the worst bastards in the world how does a project to get the position on the Wheatley starting grid as a really tortures analogy going with it because over the years I mean we've talked about films that have been announced freak shift and macro Bain and films still haven't been made and then out of nowhere opened with eastern Rebecca this stuff is so you know the chances of anything happening is so thin the to start saying out loud what definitely your next project is a fool's errand is really interesting we're how how do you decide what's what's what's what I think earlier on in my career I just tilted too much Oh my God I want to see this this is still being claymation if you ever get around to it yeah definitely yeah all right fantastic heard it here first then we leave next movie the people I'm about to work with can I say about the thing I'd love to talk about and they said just not quite yeah movies either motherfucker it just in the claymation now so yeah it's a little frustrating there's some really nice things I'd love to that's next he said dooming himself that is that is I mean you know nice to know about films and watch your movies if he's fooling me than Miami chance of you know it's taking back to another generation to see so the project but I just made it up in an interview and then it just got out of hand and Star game reported so basically there should just quiet and then it would it would have been clearer the press so what were you making I think there was agreeable motherfuckers was was was meant to be this claim claymation uh-huh with them but then I started to realize what it was because it just feels I'm debate with a load of bollocks get to make and you know they they only happen at certain times and you kind of want to talk about some of the things the appearing on this show and I actually did ask the car and defined the same thing up with because it is such a long process and you have so many so many projects and dreams and in my head yeah no don't say a fucking thing keep quiet now become by being on a podcast it was like a kind of cultural memory of what it might have been and it wasn't matt and I was surprised by the twists and turns of it and as you know ah killed me I really WANNA see make motherfuckers other be I ended up writing in the end is about mixed prison really budget Hollywood movie yeah and sort of thing that I imagine you've been inundated with for the last few years offers and people asking to do stuff no mentioned but not clever to that's that's the thing will you say rebecca comes out of nowhere but what about tomb raider it's about fit is yeah I'm GonNa ask you exclusively questions about stuff you cannot say anything about how does it begin how long has it will happen okay so I should have just kept my gunshots I mean other than sometimes other people just do press releases and Sam doing something in that way to fight that and then other times I was just making shit it's funny how people look at fielding Linda it reaches into the Americas and they all go as a film fan to make a Hollywood film it's a big deal or we said the kind of it's never been the kind of the gold at the end of the rainbow of like just going forward because literally the first time we spoke was about Europe yes he moves stone my name is this the same Yeti what you're looking forward to getting into the bedroom absolutely yeah yeah I mean I think he's you know Sam Bishen always what what can you say about a ban we tomb raider sequel because that is kind of blew my mind I I know if I'm smart I say nothing at this point acutely C. G. movie that's coming out this week there was there was meetings where people says you can't call abominable with people and understand what that means another making Prince of playing the game that would that would be a step too far but without going into this is this is a big old are you know making movie after movie to get to that but I think to do it to experience it will be very interesting and and corn big commercial picks this week yeah even see it I love it I love Yetis come ready to isn't it they still see an interview with filmmaker GonNa Console about that and go that's a bit snide he said why is it called ready to you know can spell it I don't know what it means it should just be cool ratchet it's probably true in your forty-seven yeah said that about six years ago and he's still follow me around like a batsman are you can you talk about tumor in any way shape or form yeah because I did the press release on it some earlier I can say I've been doing it yeah okay local heroes and and you are living around this area and is is it important in a way to kind of not move to Hollywood at the first D- Roundup of the Argus newspaper Yes where we find ten million rounds of ammunition and they never came and reported it so small war was happening today by exist to abominable yet we're GONNA keep talking about is all our lives and when seventy five years old doing a podcast was still talking about it now it's down here I live near in investing in Louis what's your exact address but I also would reside up in London bitten while I'm doing gangsters no I promise you ben I didn't ask artists less Lisa fully on board is what about your abominable corn and maybe it's because I can't even fucking say bobble I did my first short film was called things in my house okay you imagine what happens in it taught me through it tonight and I will never ever do again so it was all I'd love to do a actually a kind of like eighteen rated carney actually kind of didn't mention growing growing up lots of stop motion stuff yeah when I was my first film that was what I tried to make the short movies that you make sure wanted they make short films yeah kind of Yeah what did I do I did Fred Great Film and and I'm doing that kind of thing about monsters and prosthetics and they reveal underneath my Zombie mask is Edgar Ooh much better title fragment is much better would you guys go see a film go Russia Ratu so he's like in the in the film festival and that's where I'm at right in Bradford always either for he had done a scientists in tomb raider here in Brighton that's why I wish yeah yeah well we short free fi that he's not even gratitude leader Ratu Tutti he's not coded Yeah Right right yeah myself on the map which was a physical butterfly which was us all stop motion puppets Sean Sixty mill everything was physical there was no cg no computers took me five the road hauling bree would s showed around back back of an argus yep the yes live action no stop motion plasticine Disability Awareness Film Oh my God is that the one that got him onto going live it sticks pretty much to what happens in the game all right if you imagine so you have someone controlling not from these that okay felt very something I absolutely do film with bombing the title no anymore I mentioned at the beginning zombies you know breaking new ground the hey I was always about this and car and what about yourself what was the question I don't know if you're still you're still around here you're still based around here I sort of opened down but I'm family from Sussex for sure okay and I imagine the two of your kindred spirits away because you mentioned claymation Ben and I know you were a baby just making it fill up and current student mega even motherfuckers very very excited about that it's interesting talking about the film's had never come to fruition Ah yes do lots just Larry Croft in a tent for two weeks yeah not so much it is a TV series of about the back and our long each about six of them assuming okay and it's tap into it a little bit of the car what can you say about what's next what have you been given announced a little bit so I can mention that we went on some our state yesterday talking the why we just did you recognize me gobbling up okay destroying every inspired by recent events won't be I mean there's on Bijon Rene self is always Yup got his finger on the pulse of current politics and that's that's kind of where it started but also to kind of have a hero to a kids as well so thirteen fourteen year old is I'm GonNa say said do you say generation said can I say some people say see don't they said Yeah Okay but yes I'm having territory you're in I thought what hasn't been done which into that did a lot of market research the people like need some kind of about the generation the lovely boom is beating everyone things new has come to life for stop motion like knows was it literally things in your house stuff in my house I think books I've read the featured I've been sort of preparing for four years which is called Arcane hand is being produced by sou-wester Stallone Oh my God I'm a big they have to start small it's see if he'll make us complicate you can't take it for granted my first stop motion and film could chainsaw more meats is an and having a look at generation of see from the position of forty seven year old man by of course on soccer maybe instant much in which protein you maybe we should do it together y'all do the arms and you can do the lake you were stalking karn basis I would have was okay interesting and you've got to go ben you've got this generation how do you say as really really articulate he's really passionate about Edgar Allan Poe which not many people know but he really loves it GRANDPA YOU HAVE A pumpkin carving tool kits show the audience ahead Ben this'll blow you away and you can you give me five that's incredible is that on Youtube I think I think it's going to go on his I don't know if that yeah we both went on as you go online holy this is a video where he talks about his film infrared it kind of old school mercenaries on a mission in Siberia and L. Goes a bit wrong type of maybe all right one lows I hear it yeah James Intimacy and this is this is GonNa go for this is a channel after okay okay what can you say about that sounds good yeah yeah that's the pitch just went in full when Solbes put it on a piece of paper and sleep the movies and he wants to start at this point producer movies the other kind of movies that he used to make fantasy you are a master Pumpkin carver rights it's not what the technical term is is the technical term I've literally just made up like him you are a master Pumpkin carver and and he he wants to you know obviously we've been inspired by the movies that he made an and the movie i WanNa make his in the ballpark of those wow look at that that's amazing or but this is my pumpkin took it very well for the last few years but I do break occasionally because it's quite wishes process covered at Pumpkin okay I always love Calvin Pumpkins of sculpture and and I love Halloween mm can and it was so I said you know getting their Halloween I can we can do a pumpkin but also had someone challenged me of like how and someone said Oh you should have one every day for thirty one days of October I'm going to do it so I did and it was I actually it was kind of hosting loved the process of every day or every night after working on the non on the edit of the non I'd go home and or after going out and confidence anything so and low a couple years ago in La and I had a place that I want us doing the non and went down Ralph's you know to supermarket in Lipid Bouncy and they had on October first they had pumpkins everywhere and in England you don't really government tells of two days before maybe a bit more now because of marketing but we watch on wondering what the fuck is doing this translates well to sound Ben Trust me it's going to be perfect okay to cover pumpkin on first day of October or is it like Christmas where you're not allowed to decorations up 'til sometime this is incredible you guys bought a ticket for the Empire podcast you didn't think you would get to watch aren't hearty Karma Pumpkin in a minute I was just I still have had a panic like I've gotta get pumpkins before they run out so I a book I had a car and I bought a six Pumpkins on October first two years awesome but you guys when you came in here there was a Pumpkin on this table now is anyone falling follow Carin on Social Medias the twitter's on the instagram's will know that Carin he may WanNa have your microphone for this currency can explain here as well you're a month the navy you've got three minutes superfund and then we've got another Pumpkin for you as well aw live speed carving okay hang on here we go Ben Galloway the Stop Carving Eh Pumpkin and obviously to do a really detail what so I I sometimes do a like a design this is that was that one we've never missed alone ben what's what's happening it was out when I went round jet else you would like Ben you didn't kill listing Jim Brilliant Yeah I guess action sequence just across Carbon Pumpkin it a minute I would see that here when you've got fifteen seconds ten seconds ago hideout this is huge this is huge nearly cut himself nearly what we're doing well here we go ten nine you know they said that wouldn't work in the podcast for your candle or we did have we ask a couple of candles allied or anything here we go three three do not kill yourself all right fucking L. Specimen coming after me here we go three two stallone like he's great we have you missed elaine nuts even you know he he he's yeah well we're doing well we got thirty seconds thirty seconds left on the clock don he was banned you can put this tomb raider this would be great it all right so we have a Robie microphone attached to this gentleman here what's your name Sir the minute this is the greatest thing that's happened to anybody here so please welcome back Helen Terry and Jimbo we're GONNA come back from the toilet precisely the right time this has never been attempted before on a podcast all right okay see that's the thing that's missing from basic roughly all right okay capability this this is a modern phones screwed knows and this is I think they need to be building up over what's happening okay so we're GonNa countdown clock to kind of think of like a post match interview Ben What do you think that was incredible wasn't it yeah I was terrified by that just premo carving from the boy hardy if you're gonna put 'em avengers vs Justice League who would win and why and if you were going to take an avenger from Justice League yeah like some of these are going to be a large cross Lara Croft in Lara Croft's that's that sounds awesome you got ten seconds ten seconds on the clock Oh my God okay twelve six thirteen that's not comedy that's just read that o'clock but this is really exciting you guys are so fucking Pumpkin the one I'm just going to get my phone okay so your yeah your vote in the Pumpkin that's amazing lady here in the third room thank you and is is anymore but we're going to take some questions audience and no you can't ask what the fuck or why or how do I get a refund those are questions you've just seen a man carve a pumpkin the world who do you think would work wonder woman and so are we talking about in universe like it's a fight between the two groups okay honest I want to say avengers obviously because but technically speaking if you look like all of the DC characters are basically gone and now for the bloody L. Take that took a little longer I think we anyway we got about twenty five minutes there of this frankly I don't even know what they described as allies can do that we have the conflict which is no clear answer except caps and what the guy who Okay I mean I'll be what a minute is contrition ben joined exactly what's going on and degrade as a terrible analogy old incredible please give it up once again then Wade -ly turn hardy every day thank you thank you in their heart of hearts that Batman would beat all of these anyway despite all evidence that contrary I've had this argument so many times on again win in their fight between the vendors and the Justice League adventures because they got Batman so nice and easy any other questions there's two gentlemen okay fantastic so he is going to go around with the microphone if you have any questions for the emperor podcast team and again what the fuck is not allowed can we turn the lights back on because I can see so tech technically probably canonic -ly DC would win just on par is based but that's why they're less interesting you see because they're overpowered Gotcha okay which DC character I think Batman because he could probably beat every member of the Justice League I would have to say that mentally and I thought that's that's what struck me about the script but the other thing was I'd read the script and I thought I knew what Rebecca was and I and I didn't and there's nothing to really challenge them that'd be mother boxes everywhere absolutely disaster boxing disaster yeah okay so the wall some of them support okay so it's like a civil war situation where there's like a misunderstanding intimate area go get a minute everybody how do we have incredible glossed over the past decade for horror films should I take this yes this is a lot like a Chris question seventy s right seventy one guy he's car with Pumpkin carving a Pumpkin he's really fast Oh my God I've never seen a knife KHUDA pumpkin this quickly before this is really I'm Jamie terrified right now who got their hands at once got his right hand up gus left hand up it's almost like they planned so symmetrical and you're right in the middle of the audio is beautiful really really loved to watch all wondering question what was the question exactly so number one who'd win in a fight we went to the fights and number two which DC Carter could join the events to the exorcist has got the on his Texas chainsaw massacre has got the original Halloween's got Liam Fox nineteen eighty but it's also donald talk my glasses up I know technically fine because they're all basically goldline apart from Batman and every fan believes Ah may vary boom like a live other way if if mellows no good films yes but they're not Donald Byrd did I mean it boom that's it seventy slam dunk switch next question it's like you know we are in a really really really good at the moment we're not mount which can sometimes be a less than ideal strategy because you're like what am I going to write what I think Oh God but but you have to view a film as it is it can be kind of overwhelming like there's a danger when your favorite hobby becomes your job that it can kinda take over your life a little bit and and you film I and you have to see it as a as a as a viewer I think before you sort of start putting your analytical hat onto the accent even that we are unlivable which some people would probably argue with and there is some disagreement over this I always think the best critics all full-throated full hearted film funds and I got into a disagreement and I was like that is the coolest thing anyone's ever said to me because I totally got yeah because if you haven't watched it with your viewers hats on it's really hard to review a film I think but the is will love films and we all go home and watch more films at the weekend that's our way of usually sit in a in a cinema with a notebook we sit there and watch the film and take it in I as a viewer and then think about what we're what the heck we're GonNa right when we come risk becoming a little bit unbalance differently when I watch a film for you I watch it very differently too and I'm watching I rarely don't enjoy film and unwinding from a hard day of writing about film is to watch films football and their supernatural apart from that it's it is Fokker Pirate Lake just not in the Empire Office but James is right in Whenever I review for example I see it I without notebook Johnny so when you work call it enough to make a career out of writing and talking about an awful that you love one day man how do you take that critical and analytical hats off and kind of stay in love with the art form and not get burned they said Oh no critics should never be found they should be observers cinema art which is just because the marble critics zinc used on I was fucking there you know I was in the room I sorta happen and I think it's I think it's very different you parry up as a critic and I think it's about first of May immerse yourself in it completely and then I see a second time where I studied more closely and look for things you always have to check your bias which you don't Oh boy I I think honesty the critical kind of almost come second to the love in a weird way I don't I don't I think most of us don't and it's about letting yourself go and I never felt this was just a me thing but it was terry he said this because you remember you say have you seen have you seen it for review what if you detach yourself from the film and I think when you watch it as a problem that you project yourself into it you live that film and you don't come out with thinking well just three three hours getting a very different way like I find like when you it's partly the gate buffing like when you'll reviewing from you have to sit back and appraiser and look at the construction of their and you're do when you're just going in and watching it Jay but the amazing thing for example about the Empire Office is that we are a wildly disparate group horror films along with that Alexander Dave Berry of sky cinnamon absolute radio you can check it out right now is a podcast for your listening pleasure a high it's an always about your response so we work for empire and I always think contrary to work how what you guys want to know from the film what you're going to be your but but no it's really really hard to do it there's there's something about you said something about taking your your analytical hat off sometimes because of these weird fucking embargoes that they're introducing these days and that's something that I find quite difficult I'm a genius level writer obviously number scrolling in a dark knight rises scrolling really big across the page like something like half of all women are Evil Fox ache because it was so paypal as you may have picked up on the thing that unites all of us and we don't agree on genre filmmakers anything but the thing that unites all of his the thing is a great thing this is an amazing job when we love it but it's just it's something that I kind of slightly regrets about certain films I got it so it's still it's still an of like showing the often creating team which of a barrier but I think some kind of professional is necessary so you can actually study it and also the low film and I do not think you can do this job without a Helen describes a slightly overwhelming love of film so I'm always wary I'm pretty sure was rampage rampage Helen that we went to a coffee shop afterwards and I was just faffing around on my phone and she wrote this brilliant review thirty minutes because that's the deadline she had it but I enjoy significantly less which were never want to review like someone had asked me to review and game which I've been fuck off because I couldn't I associated with in the past yes he produced the Josh trank version the masterpiece that that was always wondering is he's an amazing experience with that kind of thing I sometimes will have a notebook so if I know him writing a review and I've got like forty five minutes to do it I will sometimes take a notebook but but sometimes but then editor mark dinning saying next to me laughing this huge scroll across the pages like fucking so the hope that question anyone else he's a looming deadline Helen's brilliant absolutely brilliant human finger on last week's podcast musher overstayed or not but I literally saw James I wish I do that a little bit more easily I kind of the sport or specials that we do for example mean that the first time or even the second comes with what you're going to be your questions with our job is to give our opinion but also be in line with what we think you're going to want to know and what you're going to be keen to understand I experience because I'm a fan first of foremost my first experience of offenders endgame was an amazing experience and I loved it and mentioned but I was at the World Premiere questions us go round here to the front row the Guy who didn't get the Ballerina job is it better not be about Ballerina is currently really busy with his did you watch the movie that you know you're going to be doing sport especially for or reviewing reviewing into magazine it's really hard to detach yourself and so for example my I'm scribbling something down means then don't have to devote that if my head to in a weird way on the page that's fine so we can just get back into the film he's not he's a very very smart man and he has reigned in any tendencies he has to Sean when when necessary you know like he's produced very very family friendly what you're going to get out there somewhere between you two historic isn't it though this whole idea of watching film and you know that there is loving in but at the same time you're going okay remember that okay they they said that that's important remember that in back of your mind okay Steve's got me on now and I am the audience around me was going nuts and you're going okay Indian that whole twist and and it really annoyed me and literally had the land rises intervention in two or three times a podcast but I had with loved it I hated it quite ted strive home I was wondering what films of course the biggest arguments homes and I'm sure is more than capable of it but yeah he's had loads a superhero films kind of own deck in various stages of conversation so I definitely don't but at the same time I was unable to fully give myself over to the movie in the way that I would have done had not had a sport a special interview to the next day with the writers and the directors so I was watching the movie kingsman films Bob was wondering recently he has come out of the woodwork and been as vocal was ever not literally now about fantastic four which he has been they'd also be looking at him as well I think the kingsman movies that kingsman franchise he's trying to make his own thing is on his own franchise after that would he do a fantastic for movie a part of that world so he is a member of the Disney family bits Iraq on of course in in terms of Marvel Marvel studios he I'm hated it with a fiery passion the so he was like one star and I was like five stars and the only thing we agreed on was definitely wasn't we get into the joker spoiler special we've booked wrestling ring in Hackney it's going to be a lot of fun AH is a serial killer scroll really wanted a laptop do you remember and it was extremely divisive and then the executive editor wrote the DVD review and give it one so everybody ended up airpower office what an interesting film dimension I wonder if that Mike Causes similarly rift on this stage for example so we'll get into that

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