Is Joe Rogan Still a Podcaster?


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Listening to your show to really really wants to hence podcast branding Dot Co. he wants to make sure that your art work matches your brand, so check it out over podcast branding Nut Co., and be sure to tell them that you heard about it on the ask the podcast coach show, and I might even take I was I was doing new. I was making new business cards last night and I might even I should talk to mark. It's one of those eighteen, and I ordered starter hundred so but but one of the things I was thinking about was. I have existing branding. But what could I do better like the the guy who did my branding? Six years ago, maybe seven years ago and I still love it. I don't WanNa. Change the colors. I don't WanNa. Change the way we did it, but it may be nice to get a refresh I think some new digital material for it. Just some things that. Just some new or a new take on what I'm currently doing right may be a great opportunity to to clean some things up so mark appreciate your sponsorship here in sponsoring play, play the sound and sponsoring the morning. Poor appreciate it. Everybody's running to the bathroom. Yeah, where's all the energy? All the energy was used this morning doing yoga. Oh, that's that's a new thing I'm doing. Your interest sounded as if you're tired and just going through the motions I well I. Actually let's let's talk about that a little bit. Yeah, you have to realize when you're getting crispy. And, I've been doing a bunch of stuff with the school of podcasting. There's I'm taking this class on community. And they said so. Many people think value equals more content. In a community in a membership site, they said once you've got your people going from point A. to point B. instead of giving the more content. figure out how to go from point A. to point B. Faster and a big giant lightbulb went off above my head and I was like. But in process of trying to to kind of you know Jiggle things a bit and make it more efficient. I was just working non-stop like literally. Eight in the morning to about. Twelve one o'clock in the morning and I did that for a about a week and so last night. I've been doing these things called podcast or happy hour, which is just like. Hey, let's just chill out and hang and there was just a part of my brain. That said I need to get away from looking at screens so last night I went out and it was funny. I actually had my my wireless ear buds cheap ten dollar Walmart ear buds. Grab. My phone went out to the park got lost in the middle of the woods was great fun because I haven't been there in so long. And about halfway through, said Hey, here's a novel idea. Let's turn off the podcast. Let's just like you and the birds and the chipmunks and it was I needed that a lot, so but in the process I then got home from hiking and you know jumped right up computer. So I'm in the same boat with Dave I. It's been a long ten weeks. Yesterday. I felt the exact same way. I went to bed early and I slept in the first time. Get Ten dollars asleep in a long time. And it felt really good. Just kind of try to shut everything down and get some time, so I get some. Morass last night. I'm feeling pretty good long three-day weekend here in the United States and with Memorial Day coming up on Monday. So it a great opportunity to catch up on some rest, so you've gotta take care of Yourself, right? This is one of those things we've talked about this a ton. You gotTa Take Care of yourself. Exercise your. You got back into an exercise. Yeah, regime that that in itself is exhausting. So you know like you're you're you're feeling heavy? You're feeling out of shape. You start working out. Out Again and the after day three your your, it's the worst of the worst right you're. You're tired. You're sore, you're you're hungry. You're in. You're eating more. You're like you're burning calories, so your body's like food mood, and then you're feeling guilty about that. It's just a hard time. You've got to kind of push through that and get get on. The backside of something like sleep is important. To you hit the nail on the head is when once you started. Though what happens if so many people think I, need motivation to get started I'm the opposite. I think if you can just start. It then motivate you to keep going. It's it's the law. The law of Ner show I'm flashing back to my my physics teacher in College. The LAVA NAUSEA IT takes. It's hard to get something going, but once it gets going. It keeps going so yeah, but speaking there things that are going to keep going Joe. Rogan's bank account apparently will be going and going for a long time. That was the big news this week job. We're not sure how many years I've heard. Rumors of five I've heard a room of a couple, but it's interesting I went back and listened to his announcement I wish I would have recorded I could've played it, but it's basically joe saying hey. I'm going. He signed a forget what he called it deal, but it's an exclusive deal. A licensing deal for his content to go to spotify. Only which means no youtube and that's when I was like Oh. That's going I. mean because there's almost like a cottage industry around listening to Joe Rogan, and then it was like Joe, Rogan. Joe Rogan show and then somebody a review of the Joe Rogan Joe Rogan show. It just goes on and on, and people were making clips of clips, and it's like holy cow, so but some people are well. Here I got one guy go ahead. I immediately loved how the podcasters came out the old schoolers Sam out and sets. CAST, it's only on. You know and you're like. Me and there was so thought so much jealousy out there this week on. You know everybody. Yourself. This was kind of reminded me of the early days podcasting when you when you took an advertiser am. Whatever, it is an appetizer and you would every. Your you sold out, and I just got that feeling that everybody was hammering him for selling out to spotify. And you're like case. It's a hundred one hundred million right right? It's a hundred million dollars. You take that every time. You don't religious about that you don't you? Don't get religious or you don't become a religious podcast about one hundred million dollars you take is. spotify is willing to enlist any of us is. spotify came on and said we'll give you. Hey, take asks the podcast coach to spotify uniquely Dave. We're not getting religious about youtube. At that point, we are like yes. Right well, that's right. That's the thought part I thought was funny. I'm like can't believe he sold out, and then he like, but I'd take that to take one hundred I'll take fifty million. You know it's like. Yeah a million like. It's just all perspective right in in that, and then of course I heard a comment. I saw comments. I mean saying well I hope he's passing that along to its staff like that's his business yours like. I hope he does actually you know they all should get raises in that, but. Yeah I don't I don't fault them at all and I. You know I would have said a couple years ago. Leaving Youtube is a bad idea today. I'm I'm not so. I'm not so sure. That's the thing I was listening to Adam. Curry, talk about it and they said. Part, they think part of the the worry or the reason moved is because Joe talks about controversial stuff now and they're like if he's you know, I could go over to to spotify and get one hundred million Oregon stay on Youtube where I'm making who knows how much not that much now a lot, but not that much and hope I. Don't Get d platform, because somebody said you know. The Corona virus can be cured by you know listening to you know Adele records, or whatever you know you mentioned it like. He has followers of followers of followers on Youtube. Right creators who make content. Creators of his stuff. Why would he need to post it to youtube when he's going to have a bunch of followers posted there anyway, so let them take the liability. Let them take the the heat for they'll still get. He will still get hundreds of thousands of years on Youtube from people who take his stuff in illegally. Whatever you WANNA say posted to Youtube. It's GonNa. Make it there. He's just not going to distribute there. It's kind of genius like you, Kinda go. Especially is being as controversial as he is at times and his strict as youtube in weird as YouTube is getting. Let let your audience take that heat. That's no that sounds awful, but let them take the heat. And you just go to spotify for the money. I mean it. It's just it's incredible. Yeah, it's beautiful deal. Craig is saying I. Think the lines of what a podcast is are blurring. I would totally agree with that. listen to the days of being RSS. Feed is our over well I I will I will I will waive my old man flag and say technically it's not a podcast, but I've also been saying this for A. A long time we're not podcasters. We are content creators, and it's delivered. VR assess. Joe Is simply said Hey. I'm going over here. If you want me and I'm GONNA I'M GONNA love to watch this because I love. Amy Schumer I listen to one episode, and that was the last time I went to spotify the only thing I've gone over amy. Schumer one episode and I listened to the whole Gimblett podcast university thing than that. It's to me and this is where I've had other people. I've talked about this say. Dave. Is I think it's a horrible experience to listen to podcasts over there formatting. They blow your formatting out of the water. So any show notes. You have looked like crap. There's no playlists and then somebody said there are playlist, but they're not playlist like what playlist like I have a playlist called? Marketing is called at one called politics and I throw shows in there and if they. They put out one episode five episodes. They're all their play. Listen spotify, which are cool by the way you have to do it on your phone. I could make the best of Dave playlist and add episodes, not shows and I was like. Yeah, that's not what I'm doing. So I'M NOT GONNA go. I'm not because I thought about it when I heard playlists, I was like hey. I might go over there and start playing with this, but. Now, trump randy's comment. I think this is the key. In this Ono, not that one right above it the one right above. This like this is so true because what it every single podcast talk about this. Talking about right and how much advertising free advertising spotify just get from us now. It's worth. What's IT worth I? Don't know so, but but every single podcast or talked about this week, and it's this huge news. Right made the verge everything and so yeah, you know regardless of it right or wrong that they did a spotify did their job and they got. They landed the big fish, and he'll be there a couple years and things will. Will Change, but that's not what this is about. This is about in the moment advertising for spotify and they're. They're growing. Yeah, good move on their part yet carry us so question. Does this mean is? Show will not show up apple podcast anymore. I didn't follow all the details and yet the only place. It is exclusive on if you want Joe Rogan. Youtube. No podcast. Here's my question. When Stern did this? I still listen to Howard Stern. It was usually two or three days old on youtube illegally. Because people would go. Yeah, so I'll be interested to see. Like if there's going to be a lot of people ripping off Joe and throwing because people want it where they want it and. How fast can you to pull it down knowing that it's illegal? That'll be interesting. Dan. Says asked the podcast coach on Youtube. I sense it's not on our s until later. That mean it isn't a podcast yet. Now that just means. The. Right now it's not a podcast. Yeah, it's not a podcast until it's those turn by those terms but I'm I'm GonNa do here's my mic? Who Cares I always go back to? My marriage counseling. If my wife thinks that I take her for granted. And I consider all day long ago, but I don't I, don't, but if she feels that I take for granted. Guess what that's true, so when somebody is on Youtube and they're like. Hey, welcome to the podcast I'm glad you're here. And their audience things they're watching a podcast. Guess what that's the podcast whether there's an RSS feed or not, so this is where when Craig said are the lines getting blurry when I started seeing that? When people started calling you to a podcast and I'm like okay, it's not a podcast, but guess what the viewer thinks. It's a podcast and I'm Mike, and in that case guess what it's a podcast. What's the advantage to knowing what a podcast is and what it isn't like? What like there's no advantage to that like so you go, who cares? Kleenex like does it wipe your nose? The, you know the. Your it doesn't it anyway, so it's just that's just always been my thing like who I know. We some we've you know. Some of the purists are like nine on podcasts, and you're like well. That's why why doesn't even matter. But the fact that we're doing this now, and by the way we would say it's going to make its way into a podcast form at some point right if we're if we're going to follow those definitions, so we can say welcome to the podcast because it's GonNa get there eventually and the people who are listening at to through an RSP. downloadable all their stuff. I are blah, blah, blah, so but I. it just doesn't matter. There's no advantage to anybody of defining the word in what it is. The question is what's. What's it doing? However, people engaging with it, is it making money is getting hundred million dollar contracts. That's what matters Yeah Brandon says they also get his audience at least try listen podcast on spotify and Adam them change their mean Klein, then they won, and it's going to be video, so my question is going to be, is he? Still because he said it still his show, he still in complete control. He's just basically let them give him a boatload of cash to say okay. The only place you can get my show. Is On spotify. It doesn't sound, too. I don't know if they're going to bring him sponsor. He's still doing the same sponsor thing so that'll be interesting to see if he still does seven minutes of ads at the beginning of the show. Yeah, I guess I. Guess Time will tell I mean okay. So I I think we know the why spotify did this, so they allow his ads if they allow his current. AD supporters to come on then. This is really just a big publicity stunt to sign ups. That's all it is. They don't care about the advertising. At that point. They don't care necessarily about what the content of the show itself their full motivation is. We need to get people to create a rush to sign up for spotify and not a war, but and we need to get press, and they just achieved the press apart like they got leg. Nobody's over one hundred million dollars worth of advertisement and and. And as he goes through this process I thought this is interesting. It wasn't like starting next week. It's like later in the year, so bought the time all this boils down. He's going to actually move. which will then create more press people I get not available anymore. Carey says this is like photographers who are argue over what is considered a portrait some. It's only classic looking at the camera stray sitting straight up photo of a person. Others have looser interpretation Kyle, says my kids on Youtube I'll ask him. What he watching he goes. My kid'll say I'm watching my podcast. So, so, what is your definition of a podcast or what? No, by definition of PODCAST has not changed? It is audio video pdf delivered, V and RSS feed that hasn't changed because that is a fact now. If somebody says why think Youtube is a podcast, I will say we'll. Technically it's not. They're all content creation, but I'm with Jim. Who Cares? Are you watching it, you know. What's IT worth arguing over? That's the real question. Why would you argue about it? Like what's the value? So like Nin or I'm right? You're wrong smarter than you are yeah. At the end of the day Carey says if the client is paying who cares what is called exactly Fred says ignorance is in the mind of the listener, even though they are incorrect, is eight, a correct word or just common practice. It's still incorrect. Yeah, but. You know I'll take tides approach I don't care where you listen and. Listen or watch or whatever you're doing. What's interesting is in facebook Cody David Price said, how can we? How can podcasters not we podcasters? How can podcasters actively in quotation marks fight against the supposed tyranny of PODCAST APPS like spotify? He says some of the outrageous. They're fighting you with a free database of users who become potential listeners and fans of your content. How is that a bad thing? And that could as well I'm in people are going to say this. Just the same way stitcher did. If they're running ads against your stuff, and you're not getting a piece of it I mean I'll give Kudos to Pandora Pandora has publicly said that once. However, that's going to happen. They let everybody in. PODCASTERS are GonNa get a piece of it because that's the one thing that gets me if I'm if I'm a musician. I have music on spotify. I'm going to get paid granted not much, but I am going to get paid every time. Somebody listens to it, but if I'm a podcast podcastone, get squad, but for me. I don't care because I have my own product, so feel free to listen to me and come over from whatever platform you're listening to and join the school podcasting I'm happy as a clam, so kyle says we should convene a blue ribbon panel veteran podcasters to create an AI computer, called deep thought and ask it. What is a podcast? Yeah. Well here Jeremy Mac and facebook said yesterday. announced. His move and exclusivity agreement with spotify as this trend continues, and we see large podcasters choose platforms and host directly on the platform. Exactly how music artists do the more you'll see this opportunity for us as podcasters. It's only a matter of time before apple and Google begin to enter this arena and just like music. It's only Matt time before podcasters will be offered revenue share for subscriptions for the content. They create that one I'm not holding my breath for no more paying for ridiculously. Ridiculously over-priced podcast hosting no more trying to score this week's underpriced ad deals no more ridiculous pushes for standards. It's still cracks him up and hopefully the end of all this old school broadcast thinking in this place. There are so many folks who want to talk. Talk you into keeping this like ham radio hobbyists space, and keep you thinking keeping that way, and there's a place for that on a message board built in nineteen, ninety, six somewhere on the Internet run by sixty five year old. Everyone calls stew for those of us. WHO aspired for more? There's a lot of change and innovation coming I. Hope you're excited. As I am all you creators deserving. Apparently Jeremy thinks he's GonNa get a check. Okay, but not directly, but the door is now open. Yeah, like this is the big fish. This is the biggest we've seen right. This is as big as it gets. It could get bigger. I don't know how, but it could get bigger and this this now widen the door you know before it was kind of like well I mean okay. What you guys are doing his own. Okay, but there hasn't been any big deals. There is now so Rogan now makes this as legit as anything like it's real money. It's a real. It's a real celebrity. It's a real thing if Grogan. made a million dollars or more on his own advertisers. He just would have done this independently right so that's what this tells me. Right? The hundred millie. He's not making one hundred million dollars on his advertisers 'cause if he did, he just would have stayed with them. Why would you well unless slot if I let them pick both I? What's happening I? Series, not making one hundred million dollars on his at well. No, but he's. It sounds like he's GonNa. Keep his advertisers because like yeah, why wouldn't you? Randy says and this is a good point. None of this will impact ninety nine percent of podcasters as far as our revenue goes unless you include our stock portfolios. Yeah, go buy some stock in spotify, not maybe not us in this room, and maybe though maybe it will maybe this because this widens the door now all of a sudden other people were looking at like what it does is it's a it's a high tide starts raising all boats now. Does that mean all of a sudden you and I start making more dave well yet. Maybe, maybe not, but it does I mean it's GonNa. Take a few of these. He's going to do it and then somebody else is going to do it, I mean. I think back in the eighties. When you think about what football players American football players made in the NFL elementary. And then think about when they started doing. They paid Steve Young and they pay Jerry Rice, and then they paid you know an each year. Those players demanded more and more. What they did is at brought up the bottom so now there's a minimum salary for NFL players right every time. These two hundred million dollar contracts whatever they are. The brings up the minimum and I. Think were in that minimum space, and that allows that allows us maybe not a proper us at the bottom. To continue to push that. You gotta work. You gotta ask for it. You got it. You can't just go out there and you know you gotta ask for the advertising. You can't just expect it to come. But but when you see these kinds of deals that that raises the expectation of everybody so I think. I think it does have an effect now. I'm not saying you're wrong. Randy, but you're kinda wrong. Well, it's. In the thing I that I was disappointed. On is I now lost my example of Joe Rogan on a network when people would say, I need a network and I'm like Joe. Rogan's on a network and I'm like. All right well, and you know so. That was kind of bummed about. But we we shall see I like I, said I'm going to pop I want to see where jobs in five years. You know what I mean because like. I said the oil won't I. Don't think it will last that long. None of these things do so I if he's going to be. Like! Here's the thing he's well. He's not on. A what's the stupid. Company starts with a P.. pod pod track. He's not going to be on the pod track list, but he wasn't on the pod track list because you have to use pod track. To be honored quote Industry List, which I was about Patrick. Yeah exactly. Yeah. It's it's another thing we've created for ourselves to make ourselves feel feel good about stuff. Friend asked. Are you going to include the Joe Rogan podcast in the podcast money no I'm not because that's done, and I'm waiting for that to come back and oddly enough. I didn't mention Joe in that I. I, actually I take that back. There's a spot where I had three or four people that mention how they do not accept advertisers without using the product, and I think I mentioned Joe in that. Because I've heard him say that, so how long Joe Been Podcasting? It's not the job's been podcasting. Let me see if I can find my own. I have a post on this I probably. The word is how long has Jovan interesting? That's the I think. That's the key in says. How long has he been an influence or been interesting? I'll longtime fifteen twenty years. Maybe right, you think well, what's his? What's his wrestling or wasn't he? where he? Where did he get started? Yes, it. GimMe, fighting or yet cage fighting WWE I. I don't know what the. Unopposed on the school of podcasting, and here's the thing nineteen eighty eight. Joe Started doing comedy in Boston in Nineteen, ninety-four. He moved to L. A. Six years after he started doing comedy to do a television show. That's including newsradio in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety seven. You started work with United Fighting. Championship better known as a UFC. That's nine years after starting. Okay two thousand released his first and special twelve years after he started his first special in two thousand, one started hosting fear factor on NBC, so that's again more years two thousand three. Takes over hosting the man show on comedy central I forgot about your ago twenty years ago. Two, thousand three, also involved with last comic standing television show. That's again. That was on Fox affirmative. Two, thousand six goes back to comedy. Two thousand nine launched his podcast. So we're looking at eleven years, he's been doing but that eleven years two hundred million dollars for from from this type of media standpoint. It's a long time. A long time I'm how many podcasters get out there for a year or two in quit. We're coming up on ten years home. Gadget geeks comes up in ten years this December. One hundred million dollar contracts. That doesn't mean you're getting Brandon says a twenty two year overnight success. That's it. and. You know. I think this is the beginning like I think. This is really good for podcasters what he did. What he has done is really good for the medium. So. He will just continue in. It's not the thing it's one of the things you'll continue to to to rise. The the water will continue to rise with us and I think this is good I. Think you're GonNa see a bunch of small deals. This could drive. Somebody said Chat. This could drive a bunch of other media companies like CBS like NBC, like Pandora like net flex like Amazon prime to do something similar to this. We'll see you know. Could I think it's good I think this is all good. The more money that flows out this way better it. Just we we like to. We'd like when the when you get the big people like this. We'd like to knock down. You Know Oh. You think you are well. He's Joe Rogan and he's worth one hundred million dollars. And that did not happen. That's not made up like it happened. Yeah, he has a check. And I thought about that. Let's say it's a five year contract and and five years. That's twenty million dollars a year and in five years. He's lost a big chunk of his audience. Talk about saying things like who cares I got twenty one hundred at that point, I got ninety eight dot, Ninety, eight million in the bank still so, but speaking of money rolling in. I want to give a quick shout out to my awesome supporters. If you'd like some one on one training at a discounted rate, you can be the teacher's pet. This is all it asks. The podcast coach Dot com slash awesome, and we WANNA. Thank our twenty dollar supporters like Greg over debt. SHEPHERD DOT COM. The Geek at Horse Radio Network Dot Com Max Trescott over aviation news talk. Dot Com tomorrow tomorrow on Monday School of Podcasting I. Have that question about focus groups Max has a phenomenal answer to that Shane over at spy Brera DOT. com Kara white at life in the Carolinas PODCAST DOT COM. Kim Krajieck toastmasters one dot net, and of course our favorite. Ed Sullivan and say with me Sonic. Exactly I WANNA. Thank our five dollars supporters as well this these people Corey Finneran an ivy envy. Chris Holyfield I'm Salt Lake Dot Com at Ryan at podcasting for Dummies Eric Hunley unstructured pod dot com, illiquidity, travel gluten, free dot me Jason Brian. Matt Talk Online Dot Com Jason Curtis at cu. Dot Com Jeremy Dennis at transmissions PODCAST DOT com. Some guy named Jim Collison at the average Guy Dot TV Jim heralded pod Lloyd's Joe Salty high at stacking Benjamin's Dot Com and I just saw on facebook. Because of his podcast Joe is now hosting the Pluto's awards. which is this kind of online award? Anything so CONGRATS TO JOE, J., Cleveland painted more better media DOT COM Kerry Puerto. Bond at Key West Perspective Dot Com Kim at teachers need. Teachers Dot Com Kim. slasher distracted life PODCAST DOT com. Master Cold Rene CAULDRONS CRYPT DOT COM Matthew at Scottish podcast dot com, Michael Ray Ross branded stream universe dot com rob Grivas at bedtime dot FM, Troy Hinrichs at the blacklist exposed dot com, trey price at French port front. PORCH STUDIOS DOT COM, and if you'd like to an awesome supporters, simply go over to ask the podcast coach Dot com slash, awesome and Jim has something he wants to share on his screen. Let's stop talking about Rogan, did you? Did you see this week, so mail chimp Kinda launched a Promo right, so you get five years of domain, hosting and Yeah It's twenty five bucks, so it's not, it's not. Not like it's hundreds or thousands of dollars, but she can go over to mail chimp now and Bill. You can purchase the domain through them. They'll give you a twenty five dollar credit a year this year, and for the next four so five years worth of credit you know, said over there and gets things going. I thought it was a nice little gesture out to the community to try and get some folks you know. Twenty five dollars isn't well. Maybe it would stop some people from from being able to do that, but I've been using mail chimp on a more regular basis now just to get my weekly newsletter. And I saw this advertisement, so if you've been holding offer in mostly in this group, it probably doesn't matter, but maybe you've got a customer. That's been holding off and they're the they don't WanNa pay for anything well. You can get him. Five years of of the domain service which you know, who host your Demane I used to get kinda crazy about this I'm a. A big hover guy I like hover I. Don't like, go daddy and I know everybody uses them domain cheap some of those, but check that out I didn't dig into this and I didn't take advantage of it, but I thought maybe for for some of the podcasters that have clients, and maybe this is one of those things are trying to do it for free. Maybe you, too can can get them signed up on their at least five years. Free I WANNA. See. 'cause I've got a video. I WANNA share and for the record. This has adult language in it. But I think it's Hilarious, so let me. Get us out of the way and let me know if you can hear this Jim. Unprecedented tons. We nice things hot right now. You're stuck inside with nothing to do. You might be going out of your mind just wanting to do something anything that now more than ever move and ever more than ever. It's time to think about how your choices affect others, so please place, cleese, Dot Star podcast. Just, don't do it. Don't do it. You might feel like productive use of your time right now. You've probably already got a USB mark. Spare Room ready to guy. Got Some interesting opinions. Where hear the tone you. He doesn't really doesn't. He's quick. We don't need your true crime exclusive. Which is just you reading? wikipedia articles to your house. Might you don't need your minute? Of every episode of parks and REC. What are you GonNa? Do send everyone in your contact list. Newsletter and forced into you spam instead of unsubscribe because they skiing feelings are in the middle of pandemic look. Pretty straightforward. Just podcast Maxim Pasta from scratch like everyone else and just shut up the greatest gift you can give you fellow human beings right now right now right now is to shut the. Shot. Come on. Do It Dunstan a podcast. Is so good. That is from I think the ABC in in like. It's a pretty big whatever that is. It's a permanent. And I saw in James. Cridland shared that on facebook Mike. And Mike, Please tell me I can share audio. Yes yeah. Know in humor. There's always truth, right. There's a little bit of truth associated with that. So I found that and I was like well, yeah. I've heard podcast that are literally just conversations. and. This is Canada right I. Mean we have a topic with? Conversation between the two of us, just our own, our own opinions on those opinions expressed in the chat room. You know, so, it's. Yeah. Well. The good news is nobody's stopping anybody from doing it i. think that's a news like there's nothing in place. Just about everybody can get this done in the you know the noises out there, but it it. It filters itself out pretty well. Yeah, Craig says that's really not great for school of podcasting. Yeah I know. But you know it's being real like you know. Hey, yeah, this some. There are people in the world that feel this way like. They're like okay I'm nuff. You know enough podcasters. Stop talking. There's people who feel that way. I loved that they brought up true crime. Because I'm like it just seems like every day. There's another one total history a second half. Poor here really. GotTa get. Thanks mark thanks. I thought this would be a good question for. This especially this because we're live streaming and this is from Joe Paro you. Start a podcast. He was saying. If you're doing a podcast. Have you started live? Streaming it. And if so, what did it do for your numbers? So this was my reply. If I start podcast and I'm like hey, thanks so much for joining me I'm so glad you're here. The audience feels like I'm talking to them, so I'm talking to you right now. The Listener, but then the minute I go oh Jim as a question in the chat. Well, the the listener then thinks well. Well he's not just talking to me. Apparently, he's paying attention to somebody named Jim in the chat room, and it goes from being a conversation between me and the listener to them being a bystander, and so then you might say this solution is then wool. Then just ignore the chat room and my point then is what you're going to ignore the chat room. Why are you going live? So. What do you think of that in in terms of? You know. Live stream, versus because on one hand I I love the idea that people ask me all the time about that Mike. Especially, if it's somebody like, how do I do phone interviews might yeah, phone interviews are. Nineteen. Ninety eight. Do A livestream you dream. Done Yeah. But So I'm I'm not a big proponent of the one person audience concept in other words I'm we're doing dave. You and I are doing a podcast. We should say everything to that. person you the listener not. Yes, okay, in in a lot of cases. We have podcasters who are sitting there. Listening to this by themselves in their car I get that. I think they're also smart enough to understand. It wasn't created just for them. So when you make references to other people, or or you say things like our listeners. Are you say things like you? The listener or you say things that are group oriented. Hey, friends like those kinds of things I think you get singles. You get you know listeners. Who are the listening by themselves go. Oh, there's other people I'm stop Mustapa. Happens so again. It's I think that filed under one of those kinds of things like not sure that part matters. What matters is the engaging content that you're creating whether you're talking to a group of people? I mean I've listened to keynotes that it's obvious. The person is tailored that for the the audience. That's they're not me. They turn it into a podcast. That doesn't mean I don't get any value out of it I. Still Get tons of value out of it so. Now you're talking to a Guy I am live I on everything. I do there is nothing that I do. That's not life I in we. We have a chat room, and and sometimes we've created some content specifically where we don't mention the chat room to for speed just to be able to get through that thing on the at it now. I could do that I could edit it and take some of those things out as well, but that takes extra time so. I don't just not a big fan like the again. A falls under the thing I think it doesn't I don't know if it matters as much. I think we put too much on the Listener Yeah Democrats it's an interesting. Get it. Here's the one thing. I just dawned on. Adam curry at a thing where every time he birkt. He would say Monsanto. Forget why it was something in the daily Source Code. So what are wonder now is like when people at home and they they they make a cup of coffee. Like when is that sound now going to trigger them oh? Wow, podcast, branding dutko. That's well you never know. It makes me want to drink. More coffee is what makes me WANNA do yeah, so. Craig says `I podcast with a CO host if I say you am I talking to the audience or my cohost, oh I know. You're trying to do it that way. Yeah, yeah so I. Don't I don't disagree. Yeah, I just Yeah David. You're a big. This is where we disagree actually a little bit on this. Because I know, you're a big proponent I've heard you say this in school podcasting a lot. You're talking to a person. Right like address them. In most cases address them like they're a person and Yeah I. Actually I do agree with you on that. You should where you can where it makes sense but. We can't do that here. We have a live audience in there. As part, there is a big of a part of the show as we are i. mean if this was you and me, no audience a-. Right I mean. EXAC. Somehow figured out how to do it, but nobody else has so, we need you guys and we appreciate the audience I'm glad you brought that up the first episode that he did Solo. Between you and me. ME A number one. I don't think he left enough room for people to laugh at home I- timing, but ever since then he's kind of making fun of this thing, and he's also doing things that are weird. Who's WHO's The guy from Star Wars? Luke skywalker! Han Solo's kid. Oh Adam driver Adam driver. He's doing a whole thing on Adam driver, and he's just going so over the. Have you seen it? Oh, he's doing this whole thing like Adam. Driver you all the hot you know you can. Just any just makes all. This is my wife word. She should be because he's a hot. He's just east and he goes way over the, and it's just a weird thing. And he goes, and if you're wondering at home where I'm going with this I, don't know it's just it's so weird, but for like a minute and a half year like okay, and it's just it's bizarre, but it's it's again. It holds your attention so. And then dances yeah, here. We go again like anything. There's not one size fits on different podcasts and I. Should you're right? I should say that if you're doing a solo show. talked, to one person. Yeah Yeah when you when you can when you can. Talk Talk to your you know. I've never. David I'm sitting in my car by myself. I've never expected a podcast to to to customize it just to me. I think I feel like I'm part of a community listening to this together, even though or were distributed, and we're doing it at different times. I've always felt like I'm part of a community, not just me by myself, so I never expected the podcast to use that kind of language to reach infected, seeing kind of creepy to me in my car by myself that he was talking to me I'm like wait a minute. Are you talking to thousands of people at the same time? So that's just how again not right or wrong. How in the world and I'm with you? I don't think it's so much wrong as it is adding salt to the recipe. Because I have had people say I feel like you're talking to me. And so it's a way to kind of I think it's a good way to do it I. Think if you don't do it or if you make a mistake or you bring so Alexander the world. On that one. Steve Long on facebook said I'm having a heck of a time editing my podcast. He's brand new. He says I play music on my podcast, and my biggest problem with editing seems to be the levels on the music to match or at least get close to the voice parts. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and hire somebody to do part do this part form of because I'm obviously incapable well first things I know you're not incapable. There's a difference between. If you I don't know. If you were paraplegic. Okay, that might be a problem. Editing your podcast, but I'm sure there's probably somebody out there. That's got some cool I. Thing that you edit podcasts with when it first you don't succeed practice, practice practice and realize that. There is. A couple of different things number one. When you're recording the audio you WanNa. Get close to zero, but but not too close. And you know, go somewhere about twelve to minus six, and there is the overall volume of the track, but also the overall volume of each piece, so you could have music, and you can say that in and out you can adjust the volume like here I mean here's my volume track, but now if I were to bring up the music, I can simply bring up, and so the volume of the music has its own level and I can make it way, too. Too loud to where you can't hear me anymore like day. What does he say so? And that's kind of how you do it. You just move it up and if it's too loud, you I know when I first started it. It took a while for me to figure out. How many decibels should I cut it so that it's you know loud enough to where you can hear the music, but not so loud that goes over it and if you export your file. And you're like. Wow, that musicals way too loud will then go in. Turn the volume down a little bit. Listen to it in your headphones. And then expert again, Jim Novy Randy problems with this Oh yeah, music's hard. It's a hard thing I. Hire Chris in it. Just get done, have him? How to end this because I think it's not, it doesn't. It's not intuitive whenever especially when you're blending voices and music I think there's different frequencies that come into come into play. If you're music is heavy in the voice frequency, it will caddo actually cancel each other out, so you gotta I? It's this I. Want on Christmas show a couple of weeks ago and we were doing this this game where we are at this. They're playing frequency things, and this is a higher and lower and I. And I got I know nothing I know nothing about frequencies and audio and audio, editing and Chris. Just like Oh, yeah, it's this and that and this and that so I would say if you're struggling. That may be a good time to buy a coach for a couple sessions to teach. You may speed up the learning curve on on getting. Some things figured out because I think there are ways of making it simpler. We just don't know what they are more simple southern that the the we don't know what they are so I'd get a coach. Yeah, that one John Says I learned from doing rain early episodes. Everybody does everybody does for sure hacked curses. Helpful my. Off phonic is is really crunching my music down on on home, Gadget Geeks, and so he was you just give me some pointers and some things I can troubleshoot. That was helpful. For do that and I see you. Have your screen shared? We well, so we talked about this in the beginning of the show in the last few minutes. Talk Business Cards. Do we still need business cards and twenty twenty right so last night so I have a listener Iran. He may be out here this morning. Who has made me these? These three D. printed coins that for my Patriot subscribers you. If you subscribe the five dollar, let level. Mail you out a card and I just actually have a couple that I just put together and got ready for mailing now that the post office not pandemic motor less than pending. We need to support the post office here in the United States. We're getting ready to mail. He's out right so I thought well. It'd be nice to have some cards to put in here inside pulled out my current cards, and I'm like Oh my God. These are like five or six years old still had to hide on home server show. That's gone. Surface gone I do so. There was some things I just needed to change. Including updating the logos shy put the new apple podcast logo on there. I put the new Google podcast and spotify those are one two and three right. Just kind of did that not looking for pointers on the graphics because I go to mark for that if that's what I was looking for, but do we still need a hold on and got show you. Let me let me show you the back of this car. Then this is how see how do I go to the back. So Dave, while I'm while I'm doing that. You can take scroll What do we need cards twenty twenty? Twenty five dollars for how many one hundred hundred? Yeah, so if we take twenty five dollars and divide that by one hundred who I liked this exercise that is twenty five cents, a carton and I know you can. Was that advice to print vistaprint? Yeah, and that's what like twenty percent off. That's what they're twenty percents off coupon. Because I know there are obviously there's always gonNA be places. You can get them cheaper although I like this stuff, and that's where you kind of have to go. If you know we're, we're talking. Talking about in some cases using facebook and using overcast in spotify ads, and those end up paying way more for a listener than twenty five cents so for me, if I handed somebody, yeah, I'm GONNA hand. Ten of these out and nine of them are going to go in the trash, or they're going to end up in somebody's wallet or on a desk or would I mean I've got a stack right here that from an event that I went to and I. Don't really look at them, but if it's something that. I always go through. WanNa get back from event and I'll usually sent out. A Hey was ice meeting. you kind of email to every single person got a card, but I also then make stack of these are the people I really WanNa talk to because the other people not that they don't have value, are they? Don't provide service. It just not something that I need and so. I was thinking. It's funny. You brought this up i. am now kind of testing a show. That's local. It's it's interesting. It's the creatively named the Akron podcast because it's about Akron Ohio and in my city. They're doing something really stupid. Friday nights they used to have a concert. And now they're having one of the. Dj's from the local radio station is now going to broadcast live from the stage so in other words. They want people to drive downtown, so we listen to the radio. Together and I'm like. So, but I thought about if there are any kind of gatherings. I would go there because that's where my target audience is people from Akron Ohio and hand out business cards. Yeah, so for me twenty five bucks for marketing. I would I would be tempted. To Put A. A qr code on the back. So if somebody says what is this and I go? Oh, it's a podcast. Do you have? Do you have a smartphone here here? Take a picture this boom and now I've got a subscriber and I'm the king of the QR codes and I did not do that. Show my screen. This is what went on the back right? Just so you know just just so you know or am I at. Where am I allies? Nice? That's on the back of the card. Yeah Yeah I, just I wanted You know it's one of those. I want folks to know you know what what else I do with the I could've put a fancy qr code shown. Wayne was saying three D. printed coins in place of business cards, genius, and not in place I Adam as well ron also made me whips. It's upside down. Ron also Maine isn't listener. Who did this for me? Made Me Three D. printed large coin. That I've been putting back here kind of to show. Pretty Nice. If you got three D. Printer and you want to do these things. He ran worked hard on these to get the formula ride, and some of those kinds of pieces. The ones I'm sending the listeners are. This big it well. That that big there in the corner involved so they're not huge. Ron Sending me some more of those I tried to find envelopes that matched the color as most as as best I could. I didn't get it right because I was greeted. The Greens are different, but I want people. See this in their male I want them to know like hey, that's from Jim this unique right. So. Yeah, so they're coming. They'll be here June. Six. They had a pandemic warning on their vistaprint did like hey, we're a little slower, yeah. So so twenty five cents a card worth it. Then you think I would yeah I used to I. Mean I used to go around. Put business cards in books. You know, 'cause. It's like you know, but that again the more you buy, the cheaper they are, and that's the one thing. Don't do the two thousand cards because I have boxes and boxes of old shows that are long dead that I need to throw out. Gabrielle says speaking of I have not found. Found a good APP that can scan business cards and anonymity of the contacts. One of the things I do is. I will scan them. I usually end up I use a thing called Nimble, but oftentimes I will take a picture of it in evernote and Evernote, and I forget the verb, but it it takes the text and somehow makes it searchable. There's a fun fancy. Geeky word for that because it used to be, you could scan stuff in it would then. Blanket in then I, forget what the blank verb is, and it makes it where you can. Then it retypes at basically for you, and that I've come, but it doesn't put it into my context but I. do I started doing that? Just because I ended up with stacks of business cards and I was like well. Here I'm paying for storage in evernote. I'm pro use Mike as well. Use Up some of this stuff and then I. I get the picture off my phone, and if I ever want to search for somebody, I can search in evernote like I say if somebody I really want to. There's like different levels like hey, you might be handy. Hey, you're somebody I'm probably GONNA. Email back and forth put them in Nimble, so I can track our conversation back and forth, but I think they're worth it I. do wonder if it's just being the old curmudgeon. Like. Is it just me? That's like hey, you know I like we've always had business cards. What do you mean you know is? Is that me? So, what are we looking at now? You were talking about this attack. Earlier I thought, this was a good by the way before we jump into this. I did the mistake you did which when I ordered my last vistaprint order. You get you order it, so it's like thirty bucks with shipping, and then they're like. Hey, for nickel more. We'll send you thousand. Six dollars for two hundred and fifty. So I got two boxes, I used like a quarter of one box and I was just like okay. Even for a really good price, I don't need two hundred and fifty cards, those two hundred and fifty order last time lasted me six years so and I, I'd ordered right before going to some podcast event, and so I think or maybe was a home service show. Meet up anyways thin giveaway as many as I thought. Thought so dave. During this time of during this time, or we're sitting maybe a lot more in I think we all had good intentions. When this pandemic started of staying fit and staying in shape worked for some hasn't worked for others found this fit package, which I thought was really kind of interesting. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA try to get this to work me so what it is. You have this little hockey puck thing. Show it I'll the screen no-show the side, so here's here's my phone and it's about the cy about half as tall as an iphone and. It's fun the thing I. Like about it as I can be sitting at my desk and do a little exercise. It's got different Yoga. Like or even some strengths resistance like exercises that are associated with that as you're doing them at challenges you right? It'll, it'll measure your. It'll say hey, you know you. This was thirty six pounds of pressure that you put on their little hockey puck and Mike well. That's kind of cool, and then it'll say hey. The last time you did this. It was such and such and Oh, I. Think I do I. Have a we have? We're up and running here. We go so now I have this I'm going to push as hard as I can hear, and my stupid notifications in the way, but it just said that was thirty two pounds of pressure, and now I have to get my little spaceship. Keep it in keeping a lot about my arm is starting to shake yeah. Yeah and I'm like okay, really this enough. So what's going on this green? Oh I got to get the star. Now I rest so Micah Okay and so I. got this little spaceship looks like Pacman for those that remained gotta push again too much, not enough. Okay, and I'm I'm guiding this little spaceship to stay online with a bunch of little dots, and then I take a rest, and then this little show again here. We're almost done and click on this. Okay? Oh, now again it's it looks it's harder than you think. It is super cool and I can't is went L. Ma'am. I, if my bicep right now is on fire. Well. The key to this thing is is they have different. Go ahead, so it says on my screen. How's your strength? Thirty two pounds? That's plus three pounds. From the last time you did this by muscle control was ninety five percent. That's one percent down from last time. My active time was forty seconds I hit six targets out of six. My heart rate was eighty-five. eighty-five beats per minute and calories burned was two point seven five, who so and I repeat the exercise or go back to so for a hundred bucks. It's fun. That's the thing that I liked about. It was like hey, that's kind of like a game. You know it's like space invaders for your body in a way I remember those in member. Those hand grip exercise. It's yeah, exactly. It's way more fun than that. But the I will say their marketing was really good like they had different news agencies that are covered in one point. They were saying how the the Pittsburgh steelers are using this in some cases with some of their whatever you call it training and such even send you a little phone Stan so. That's. This cute little thing and you put it out, so yeah, it's. Great now I'm sweating. Worked right. I was surprised and the only thing that I kind of was like really is some of these moves you end up doing a yoga pose, and I'm like well I'm going to sweat anyway. Just like you know basically trying to bend over and kiss my own, but I'm like okay. That's GONNA. Make me sweat, but some of these like the one. You you put your basically on your knees, and your your hands and knees, and you put the little hockey puck under one of your poems, and then pick up one arm and up pickup leg and the fun part. There is trying not to just use your body weight. It's it's it's a fun. Little balancing. Act So yeah, and then Kyle says for the couch potato that has everything so it's pretty interesting for me. I liked it because it was fun I could see. They said it's great if you WanNa Watch TV and you know and and yet kind of be active. Could even do it quick. Cocco Quick Games during the day at your desk. That thing have a couple. Things that you've thrown back in the classroom Dave. Sorry hold on to second hours. You could just thought. It'd be weird. Not only that, but meanwhile days trying to find his affiliate link. into an audience of one, so it's a good you know I'm I'm all for those kinds of things that keep us active in the Inbetween Times like I think we waste a lot of time in between stuff in this could. You could pick it up to a five minute game on. It do a five minute exercise whatever today you need to do this. You have time. Yeah, I'll do at Bam. Toward whatever above here or To my knee, whatever could be pretty cool? I like yes a lot of fun. We should probably mention as we start to wrap things up here. It is Memorial Day weekend, so Mr Collison! Thank you for your service or I know Fred was in the chat room. He was mentioning Oh. I gotta find it. Millions of people have died in in different wars and Thanks to all those folks who have. Paid the ultimate price to throw in. Horrible cliches here, but it is more more. It's going to be different. There's no parades. There's no you know big cookouts and things like that, but take a second, and you know if you know a veteran shirt, if say hey, thanks so much for your service and thanks for your. Else anybody else who served out there as well. Yeah, Jim. What's coming up on the average Guy Dot, TV? So my son, my son, my marine signs, beginning Marine Son is deployed. He's been sending parts home that he's going to work on a PC gaming build when he gets back, so hijacked the parts, and we talked about the the the anatomy of a gaming build on the shows, no box openings, but we did hijack the parts so as a lot of fun. It'll be posted later this afternoon over at the TV and I believe this week on the school, podcasting and easy. It's either going to be. It's Russian. Roulette, you're. GOING TO BE JESSICA FROM MIGHTY networks which I'm still thinking if I could hold that off until I'm done with this course, that would be cool, 'cause. I am getting some really cool insights into community building. or It's going to be me talking about you know the hockey puck talking about page podcast page and things of that nature I just did a Webinar with them. I probably GONNA go with mighty networks. I think right now the strongest. Thing I, I wanted to wait until I was done, but if I learned something later, I'll just say hey. I should put in that one, so thanks for sticking around. We've got more post show coming right up right after we get done listening to this awesome music.

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