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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst Bernie. Sanders is one. The Nevada caucus cemented his position as a front runner to win the Democratic nomination for president. He's now won two contests. Joe Biden came in a distant second place but as NPR's Domenico Montanaro reports some questioned whether sanders could win the White House. The problem is there's not a you know quantifiable metric that everyone can agree on to say what electability means. It's a pretty amorphous. Ambiguous thing if you are a sanders supporter. You are a die-hard who believes that Bernie Sanders can win and would've won in two thousand sixteen right if he was on the ballot. Instead of Hillary Clinton they believe that it's very difficult thing to quantify and there are a lot of Democrats who fervently disagree that Bernie Sanders can win and beat Donald Trump. But you know you don't know if that's actually true until the racist run. Npr's Domenico Montanaro reporting. Sanders is campaigning in Texas. This weekend which is holding early voting ahead of Super Tuesday march third sanders planning four rallies in the state this weekend. South Korea says the number of new corona virus cases in the country has doubled for the third day. Italy is put some northern towns on lockdown because of a cluster of infections in two deaths Rana's confirming six people have died from the illness. Concern is growing over the number of new cases with no clear link to China and some of the British passengers quarantined in Japan on the Diamond Princess cruise ship because of the virus or back in the UK. Vicki Barker has more from London. The aircraft touched down at a military base. Near the city of Salisbury. The British Foreign Office says thirty two British and European passengers were on board as well as medical staff and British government officials to buses. Were waiting at the airstrip to take the Britons. The four hour drive to the hospital where they'll spend the next fourteen days in quarantine that's in addition to the sixteen days. They've already spent in isolation on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. There were eighty seven Britain's board when the corona virus hit some have already been evacuated others are being treated for the virus at a hospital in Japan for NPR news. I'm Vicki Barker in London. Meanwhile in the United States the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are thirty five confirmed cases of the corona virus but there are no deaths inside the US. This is the first day of a week. Long reduction of violence in Afghanistan and as Jennifer glass reports from Kabul Afghan government says it appears to be holding there at least two instances of Taliban fighters attacking Afghan security forces but the appeared relatively minor and the Taliban spokesman says they fall outside the areas agreed with the US in the week. Long truce the US commander says US forces in a defensive position halting all offensive attacks Jennifer Glass reporting you're listening to NPR news from Washington. It's about to get more difficult for immigrants to come to the US. Legally the trump administration begins enforcing new regulations on Monday. That will make it harder for them to get green cards. If they use public benefits in the meantime Titan policies on asylum seekers played out at Florida's Orlando International Airport today Daniel Prior of member station w. m. f. e. reports an undocumented mother and her two American born children were deported to El Salvador Vilma Diaz. Who entered the country without papers in two thousand was denied asylum under new rules that make it harder for people fleeing gang based violence to qualify for the Status Pastor Joel to Melbourne? First Church of the Nazarene was at the airport with Diaz and her two sons. He says he's worried. The eldest axel will be targeted by gangs. And if he doesn't join which he won't because he's a Christian and he's a great kid he's a US citizen if he doesn't join there will be threats made against his family along with his threat of violence he says. Axel won't be able to get emergency medical attention for frequent asthma attacks. The Department of Homeland Security says nearly nineteen thousand. People were deported to El Salvador last year for NPR news. I'm Danielle Prior in Orlando Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the rail barricades set up by indigenous people. Two weeks ago have to come down. Real lines haven't been able to send most agricultural products to the West for export and most passenger service on via rail has also shut down this after they were removed from blocking construction of a natural gas pipeline. I'm Jeanine herbst and you're listening to. Npr news from Washington.

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