Preview of Castle Rock Season 2: Cast, Story and More!


We went to New York comecon and you should care because we had the chance to do some roundtable interviews for some of your favorite shows one of them being castle rock we went behind the scenes to meet and speak with the cast members of season two castlerock and were talking about it today worked TV lately I think it's been a while since something maybe since the good place and manifest maybe those are the only two things but it's been a while since something really good has it would rather that we dig in to a specific show specifically something awesome like castle rock since it's coming out next week and you guys we are so for our youtube channel and you'll hear a little bit about the celebrities we met the cost play we saw the show panels we went to but we stop but as we often say there's really too much TV to be watching something that you don't love so that's a network show it is it is yeah the movie podcast we're talking about TV and we're talking about movies and you know what Shannon I was just looking at our twitter the other day and anger starts now now I everyone I'm Shannon and I'm Faye drew welcome to Stinger d we were going to do an entire podcast episode just devoted to New York comic con but we ended up doing facebook live about it so you can check that out on facebook come out but I do like to try couple things I've been watching I tried prodigal son and this is a show with Tom Paine and Michael Sheehan you know to great actors and they're phenomenal in their roles but the first episode just didn't it didn't capture me and I may give it another you're on it more than I am and I saw someone pay us a huge compliment they said how do you keep up with so many TV shows and I was like Oh thank you broadcasting that's right if you guys could have seen my ghetto setup I don't know if you would have felt that way but hey I think it sounds pretty good it does it does yeah all right a lot because it is that time of year that wonderful time of year when all the new shows come out so I like to give everything a chance even though I'm not you know I haven't been a huge fan of Oh we're going to get to that and we are so excited because we actually had a chance to preview a few episodes before it comes out but before we do that shows just don't grab us the way streaming shows too I don't know I'm it may be a money thing that's a good point they gave yeah I think it's on Fox I don't know I didn't make a note of what everything's on but we talk about this or maybe I talked to my sister about this about why networks that we are going to actually you know talk about what we have been watching because we do make it our job so what you've been watching TV movies Shannon tell me I've been watching it you know you gotTa make what you love work for you that's right yeah so that's that's what we did we did go to New York comic con we oh my gosh needed because we got to interview some of the key members of the cast and we've got interviews that we're going to bring you this like next legit now but there are still some good network shows and one I'm going to talk about right now is called evil and the stars Mike Colter and actually went to the panel thank you are job we we I always tell people we watch the show like like it's our job has it is it's a self-appointed job on someone anyone to share your binge-watching watching it Shannon and feder are here for you your wait is over st reads tech kind of guy now the three of them are investigating what what they call church mysteries okay this could be a demonic possessions had a great time and I'm already like super excited to go back next year yeah me too me too yeah we thought you guys maybe didn't WanNa hear just a recap of everything but it could be miracles unsolved mysteries that supposedly have to do in some way with religion okay but at comic con for this and listen to the cast and the producers talk and I'll just give you guys a quick rundown of what this show is about okay because it's very very after a very long time and they're like okay is this a miracle they think they see like a ghost on the on the security footage okay maybe there's some type of higher power involved here somehow hence the priest here's why this happened and they figure it all out scientifically however the one thing I do love about the show is that it's just not that simple they made deals with religion and they do this pretty well pretty effectively okay you know just pulling in the scientific part this shows a little bit like I keep thinking it's like Scooby Doo because each episode they have a problem okay the last one was a girl came back to life is needing there is a Mike Colter who was cage in the Marvel Netflix series he plays a priest in training although as the show goes on we're not quite sure about contain very effectively this thread and I've only seen two episodes in its impressed me so far but they've maintained this thread of okay they're watching security footage from the hospital I think they see like a ghost go by and all this stuff and then in the very end it's like they pull the mask off the monster and like Oh here's you his dedication to the priesthood I'm not sure then there is a psychologist and there's kind of a contractor Jack of all involvement here yeah yeah so it is pretty cool and one of the things they send the panel is that it's not very often that you can get a hit TV show that actually then leaving you with that little like okay but maybe you know I just don't like the name of it like evil I don't like Evil Ghost e spiritual stars Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect and Bradley Whitford from the West Wing remember him yeah he's been in a lot but this is like but that's one of the new fall TV shows that I definitely recommend that people watch yeah I tried out a show called perfect harmony which the acting is next level stars Ben Platt Gwyneth Paltrow Jessica Lang Dylan McDermott there Zoe dot the source material just isn't new yeah so it's it's a Sitcom it's your basic Sitcom Perry predictable ooh I'm from the south and we're trying to win this church choir competition and he's like the grump that comes in and helps them because of sister act or something stupid like that yeah it's not it's not great but okay prodigal son you've got these great actors but final season so I'm definitely keeping up with that and it's been very good so far that's all on network TV that I've tried out so then Sitcom about this guy whose wife dies and he's like this grumpy old man and then he happens into this town where there's these acquire a church choir and they're all I have watched the politician on that flex and I know you tried this out this is my new favorite show I really love this show so much involving social classes and high school politics and I've only watched two episodes and I was like really he was apparently a professor of music pro something I think I saw like poster something and it looks like like a like a Sitcom version Harvard and it's really just this weird it kind of reminds me of like the royal tenenbaums it's just a weird family dynamic and loves this okay yeah I don't know I loved it from the very first episode yeah it is there's Family Calang is amazing also so the acting is is one of my main reasons why I love this but the other thing I love is all the layers of description I saw of the show was that it was Black Mirror for horror looking at it from that perspective we watched maybe which I mean okay let's get a little little quick Synopsis Okay I can't even give a synopsis because you know I thought it was about a kid trying to get in unlike crawling into this woman's bad it was it was scary okay so you don't need that okay so it may not be but that was only the first episode the next one dealt with like a miracle so I don't know drama there's teen drama there is social class all the things you said play into it and what I think is so great about this show first of all Ben Platt he's amazing the story and the plot twists that happen are really really fantastic and the show goes to a place where you don't think it's going to go crossed when she was browsing through net flicks this is about all right they're literally little vignettes little teeny horror stories you and that's all I have to say about that okay so that is all except for the good place we don't need to go into that because we've talked about the good place forever and how much we love it but that is back in the maybe I'll I'll watch it but it's not for anybody else in my family I can tell you that right now it's different it's unique and I think you should stick with it till the end okay they give you a sentence in the beginning and they got fifteen to twenty minutes show and then a sentence at the end and I did a little googling and one and then it comes back in the last episode to a place that you never would have imagined okay I mean I'm not like I hated watching it I was just like this is a weird show collect poltergeist like that and it's definitely got like the first episode I was covering my head with a blanket there was my God it was it was terrifying there was this Friday you're going to be hearing this podcast on Tuesday so maybe you've already seen it but yeah and the other thing I do want to mention quick my daughter put on this interesting show I guess it was a CW means this maybe there's a little bit of social commentary going on in them but it's not fantastic okay yeah yeah and then my husband and I are watching better call Saul because we finish breaking bad and I just want to mention I haven't seen it yet but I'm hopefully going to watch it today the outcome pretty cool I mean she wasn't the best thing she ever saw either she's pretty critical but you know I haven't heard anything about it so I thought it would throw it out there in case anybody listening finds me just while we're talking about it Shannon and I have done I think at least two separate podcasts on horror movies so Shannon wanted sure in our show notes that you link to those yes so it's that time of year so if if you're wrong with an I did and I think we did another one about our favorite scary movies did definitely and I think that is about all I've been watching that's a lot how about you what is people the maybe singers may not be singers they come on stage and they perform but you know it's shrouded in secrecy and they were these ridichio there's a stupid stupid show wow that I watched that I'll probably watch again called the masked singer Oh three episodes and I would say maybe one of them had a little bit of a black mirrors feel where at the end you're like ooh that's cool maybe that And then Oh my God I have to take a moment speaking of network shows speaking of ridiculous network entertainment on your TV I've been I've been watching too but I'm going to breeze through mine because some of it Kinda duplicates of yours and I WANNA make sure we get castlerock so I've been okay like the idea is good but all the other stuff is just average but you know if you are especially like teenagers who are into horror like my daughter loved it she thought it was you know movie which is Jesse Ping Stores is out now today on Netflix. Yup Yup we're recording this on Friday so by the time you know it's out today no but she watched it on Netflix it's called to sentence horror stories have you heard of this at all nope yeah this wasn't on my radar at all but I think she just kind of happened Oh do you know this show okay I've been seeing the commercials for it and I'm like what the fuck is exactly it was one of those like what like the best they unmask themselves so why a celebrity woody humiliate themselves in this way I don't know so the two maybe some washed-up singers that are looking for whatever so for the pure like let's watch something in make fun of it yeah that's when you could do okay all right then fearless costumes you see their face and then you have these quote celebrity Judges Jenny McCarthy I don't know what to call you other than a train the second season of this show yes and heard of this and we only had to watch probably about thirty five to forty minutes of it because we just like fast forward like I don't care about this I don't care okay all right stop let's hear them saying okay so anyway and then at the end of the show one person gets eliminated and we get keeping up with a good place which is great I just started the flash which is great I also tried the politician which is okay flamboyant figure skater and the other one was some like twitch Gamer youtuber something wreck it just the whole show is all right it's ridiculous and sometimes we like to watch ridiculous shows just to make fun of it sure the fuck is this show turn it on and we're watching it going what the fuck if this show it is so it's like celebrities or famous her which is what this was a my son and I watched this and the great thing about this show is we it was an hour and a half because I think it was the season Premiere Aww Fan I'm just not that into them and isn't it romantic is the story of rebel Wilson who is really not that interim Oh yeah I wanted to see that or to watch and it's not it's not it's not bloodier like terrible horror it's more like think about it horror like thought provoking horror that sort of like a cable guy Meets that weird one that I talked about with Will Ferrell and it's just a weird sort of I watched a movie called dinner with Schmucks I haven't heard of this it was Paul Rudd and Steve Carell so I was like that's going to be good it's like a comedy it's let me just breeze through four different movies that I watched one was called isn't it romantic we've talked about Rom coms before and how do I feel about Rom coms Shannon you're artsy comedy that most people be like well that was dumb because if you don't get it you don't get it I thought it was okay had a good cast c o no two people get eliminated limited I thought the idea was you had to guess what celebrity was well it's kind of like a using and then this person sings if you are enjoying our conversation every two weeks we come to you and we give you what we're watching a topic of the week we talk about everything exactly my son knew who it was but I mean some of these people I think I think it's GonNa end up being like some athletes maybe some actors who don't normally sing nice cheap date entertainment and that's typically what Rahm comes are that's the definition of Aramco yes it's like easy to swallow I also watch mean girls because and it was worth every bit of the sixty dollars I spent to get a Selfie with him so it was great so Sean Astin the goonies I watched it with my son He loves so that's not A it's not a strong endorsement that just like here it is if you want to watch it I mean you know it's all it's Halloween maybe somebody wants to you know looking for some unique horror movie I loved watching the movie okay well now it is that time of the podcast where we would like you to go ahead and hit that subscriber and then the goodies which I had to watch because in New York you guys I actually paid for celebrity experience to meet Sean Astin guys it's an inner national group it s just a you know we have people in where was the guy from Chile somewhere in they're like this person's a little bit better so you you have to go to the sing off round and then at the end they end up with the two worst singers they're they're not awful but they just aren't fall in love with me like she's trying to get back to reality and so it was like my husband actually watch it with me we're like okay this was a nice movie nothing nothing fantastic but like a nice hear all about season two which is coming out on Hulu October twenty third so not only did we get a chance to interview `and and somehow she hits her head and wakes up and she she's in a rom com and she's like okay what do I need to do to get okay I have to get this really good-looking guide the and movies and if you don't WanNa wait every two weeks we have a fantastic group on Facebook TV and movie discussion with Stinger if you search that on facebook you're gonNA find our group the cast of season to the major players along with the executive producer co creator and show runner but we also got a little sneak our articles and recaps and previews and reviews so please join us there because now we're taking a turn why castlerock why now well you may be like castlerock I watched that last year yes you did and so did we do people their level of celebrities getting on this show well I can only talk about the celebrities that have been revealed and I one was Johnny we're the I'd love for you to join us on facebook great place for discussion but really go to singer universe dot com that's our website where it has links to all of our podcasts as well as all I don't think so but there were there were there were a couple of stars in it and it just wasn't what I wanted it to be but it was it was fine it was forgettable we had a couple of podcasts that we loved about it but as I mentioned at the beginning of the podcast Shannon I went up to New York went to New York Khan and we got to and to a darker part of the podcast we're going to be talking about castlerock America we have from Africa their netflix watchers. Just like you and me so I think it's awesome we love hearing perspectives from all over ruling that we're getting from this season Oh are we having feelings I'm having feelings I don't know about you but I'm having a lot of feelings because I I think it's going to be a total of ten episodes is that right correct yes so three episodes the first week and then over the course of the next seven weeks you'll finish it so I kinda wanted to be current so I have only watched the first three episodes and I may stop there here's the thing when it drops on October twenty third they are dropping the first I feel like I hadn't seen that in a long time which is great timing because Lizzy Caplan who is in the rock season to play Janice in mean girls so we'll come back to that he can some of the first few episodes so if you're listening to this now there's a good chance that you haven't seen castlerock yet because we know it doesn't are- episodes this season as well they're dropping the first three episodes and then it's going to be a weekly show we'll talk about why they're doing it that way but your overall impressions of the tone the vibe of season two as it compares to season one for you so this season I think the to you about is the actors the characters the basic story that's going to be happening in season to a castle rock and the incredible field story is a little more of a story okay it is based around a I don't know maybe not a tighter iffy Yup and you're gonNA join and you're going to talk about everything that you're watching and you're gonNA find somebody that's watching it and you're going to have support and it's going to be awesome I get that feeling totally when you're thinking about it after the credits have rolled and you're like Yeah I agree you literally can't wait to get back to these people's world I'm out till the twenty third so this is going to be a spoiler free discussion we're going to talk to you if you haven't seen it because chances are you haven't Galifianakis was in it and these are all the same people that I know Jona Helen it because they're all the same I don't I know I get them mixed up with what everyone else is going to be able to binge when it first comes out so verse three episodes let's just talk before we dive into the story the characters all that just give me worry because I don't think it's going to be straightforward but I think it's sort of this linear progression so far this a little bit easier to follow so if you felt like you were on you're like what the Hell is going on and you didn't really understand anything you were seeing and it was like it you know what am I seeing what does this mean great thing is that if you haven't seen season one totally okay right Chen absolutely yeah it's an anthology series and every that Unites Kings themes and worlds and brings together the authors most iconic and beloved characters now in season two six and castlerock the series is an original suspense thriller on Hulu First of its kind reimagining seen it but the reason we want to do it is because we're huge fans there were so excited yes we're going to get into this and again spoiler free but what we want to talk it's going to be a little bit different yes but the basic idea behind castle rock is it's it's a psychological horror series set in the Stephen King multi-diverse okay title to me it feels like a tighter group of characters and the first season I felt like there was a lot going on and it was very ambiguous like you could have speaking of iconic characters we are getting a little back story of Miss Annie Wilkes our favorite angle breaker from the novel in a world where your friends and Co workers don't understand your movie or TV obsession obsession where you just cast that will be super awesome a girl can dream can't promise but we did try okay so if you are new to castle rock welcome to our world the movie misery yeah so we had a chance to talk to Dustin Thomason who we mentioned is is the show runner co-creator and so on And I it was like a puzzle that you had to piece together this season feels very much like a I don't WanNa say straightforward horror story okay yes Weaving an epic saga of darkness and Light Played Out on a few square miles of main woodland k the fictional main town of castle rock has figured and he's as you might imagine a huge Stephen King Fan and he said part of the way they kind of came up with with this series this this season I and very explained especially if you know a little bit about Stephen King Right I would say the same thing it's got a very different vibe this season so season that now that I've seen a couple of episodes now I want to go back and Redo the interviews I wish I like I have different feelings about the actors now now that I've seen who they are read a lot into everything that was happening this season I feel that it's a little more straightforward it's a little tighter everything is very connected we're doing everything I was actually thinking maybe I I don't know if this'll be a possibility but maybe we could get in touch with our contact who and see if we could get any of those people on her innately in King's literary career we've seen it in Cujo the dark half needful things it's been referenced in mentioned many many of his word I find myself and this is the marker of good show I find myself thinking about this in my day to day activities and I go down what's going to happen what do I get Surat combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of kings best loved works and you can tell him reading I'm reading this solely AH confused at times in season one which I was which I think was sort of the point I think this is just a little bit more linear but I will say unlike sort of thing so I will say that if you're into Stephen King or you want to kind of refresh yourself with Stephen King movies or books before it is they said you know Annie Wilkes such a great character in and I never read the book but the movie misery is one of my favorite Stephen King movies and they said you know how did what brought her to be that Annie Wilkes we don't know much about her early life and so they kinda wanted to bring a what what could her life have season two they you don't have to know Stephen King to be able to really appreciate the series but they do throw a lot of Easter eggs in there so yes so if you if you are looking for some and this is not a spoiler because these are kind of the obvious ones Salem slot is going to be definitely referenced I never saw that thanks bye bye Awkward Team Oh my God she does I love her so much when I saw her in eighth grade I was like this is the most real relatable portrayal joy wilkes played by Elsie Fisher now elsie starred in eighth grade which you and I both what Shannon and she's excellent if you see Kathy Bates in misery and then you watch lizzy Caplan as her younger character you are going to be just blown away nails it nails it yes yes so so lizzy Caplan plays Annie Wilkes the character from misery and she has a daughter and she's kind of moving from town to town is notably true blood and cloverfield okay so and of course Annie Wilkes we know her from the misery story she was the nurse by the way I read a quick summary each fan my daughter is a big fan because she loves me and girls but I mean now now that I've seen her in this episode IV in this series I am a good way right so that's the Annie Wilkes we know from the movie misery but in this universe and he has a daughter named he's working as a nurse and I won't go into too many details again because we want to keep this spoiler free but they end up in the in fact I think this role is sort of similar to what she had an eighth grade and she but she just absolutely nails what it's like to be an Iraq so I think both towns are involved in this I wasn't entirely clear on that but let's just talk real quick about Annie Wilkes the other characters in the Ori who she meets when she ends up in this town for what we don't know is going to be a short stint or a long stint in town so I'll start with the town name is Jerusalem's lot right I think that's where the hospital is which they they kind of nicknamed Salem Slot and I think I think they're living in casts on Wikipedia if it's been awhile since you've seen a great summary about she's the one that Finds Paul I can't remember his last name but he was he was an author not awkward in the way of eighth grade but you know definitely unsure of herself and you know you're killing it yet and that that is a new character or to yes this Stephen to the universe right right well then we have tim robbins everybody knows the amazing Tim Robbins he plays a character called pop merrill we Z.. Kaplan who plays Annie Wilkes and well why don't you talk about because I think you're a big fan of her Shannon yeah well I don't know if I would say that I am are that ends up in a car crash and she takes him back to her cabin to nurse him back to health and then we find out that she's really superfan and not in of teenager coldly I've ever seen and she is doing a fantastic job so far what I've seen in castle rock she plays don't think I read that book but I'm planning to watch misery again before October twenty third when the dancing comes out so all my daughter to see it yet because you guys yes so you know we actually asked a question about this like did did they intentionally try to pull in these actors and the showrunner told us that it was just a happy definitely a huge fan of hers She her first role was in freaks and Geeks and she played Janice in mean girls talked about she's been in a ton of other series probably the character is actually based on Someone in the Stephen King Universe named Reginald Marian Pop Merrill who is a resident of Castle ooh not so much awkward you know she hasn't really had a lot of friends because her mom's been moving around the shelter team yeah so you know not accident that this turn out that way so we love it I'm not totally buying that by the way that accident okay in Stephen King's stories I think maybe needful things but or maybe it was Salem slot but from what I saw the he does make will that Tim Robbins was in Shawshank redemption one of my all time favorite movies I just had that in there yes and last season we had sissy space it from Kerry Rock Maine and the owner of emporium Gloria that is actually still true to the character in this show but he he's been a bit character in a bunch of d parents in a lot of Stephen King novels and he also in one of the novels plays the uncle of a meryl which leads us to our next character zero is the main antagonist of the novella the body and from different seasons and consequently the novellas film version stand by me so asked Paul sparks plays ace Merrill you might know him from house of cards or boardwalk empire he's been in a lot of other TV shows also AC also he was a secondary antagonist in needful things Ace lived most of his life in Castle Rock Maine so we're just giving you this is the actor was ace Merrill so even if you don't know that story you can know that ace Merrill was kind of an asshole in some other Stephen King's the the the asshole teenagers and the the king of the assholes was Kiefer Sutherland in that movie I don't remember this at all but that after you allen who plays Chris Merrill that's Ace's brother he was seth in thirteen reasons why and he is a brand new character here yeah and background you guys of the Stephen King Universe this isn't necessarily what's wrong it's not at all what's happening. In Castle Rock Season Two one of the other media members that was their referred to him as the hot guy yeah I was like okay I'm probably older so I don't you know but the hot Guy Plays Dr Nadia Omar She's actually British but it's clear that she is her ethnicity is is Somali and her brother is played by Barkat word to see the actors especially when the actors are like so different from the characters that they play he I think he's the perfect example all right guys we're about to inundate you with actual real audio clips of Shannon and I actually really talking to the stars way I feel like the personality she has in the show as a doctor totally matched her personality as an actress Yes would you agree I would agree yeah you put that out there so to actors that play Somali siblings and will go into you know how that factors into the story we have you Yusra or Sama no Barkat from Captain Phillips he's like it is my ship now right let me remember that I didn't see that movie but let me tell you each season and then eventually circle back to to some of those threads and do it in unexpected ways that people maybe don't see coming but stand by me which was based on the body it was it was four Kids River Phoenix Wil Wheaton couple of them I can't remember for the kids and then there were like that we're going to talk about the theme overall with some of our interview clips are what's the plan for Castle rock as a series so we had season one and Obvi- who plays audio Mar I thought that was kind of weird that his last name is his his first name when I was reading up our notes I was I just kept messing that up you probably Astra who plays Dr Dr Well the caller DR H so I do yeah Dr Yeah I don't know where that comes from but he was such a quiet soft spoken guy and then when I watched him in Castle Rock I was like Oh this dude don't play right what it's so we sure and they also said he was a nice guy the end he was he plays a nicer character than ace so then we have the Somali family will just it's like you said this is spoiler free so we're just giving you a little background of the characters which are new and Wicha relating to the Stephen King Universe yeah but if you remember if you into and I think that they talked about early on that this was going to be an anthology series which of course made the ending season one extremely disappointing to me a season to castle rock can you tell that we're like certain excited that we got to sit at the table and talk to the celebrity so I think the first thing that I know a lot of them are set in Maine but I never realized that Stephen King himself kind of weaves them in and out of his novels so I love that they're sort of taking the same approach that Stephen King's and this is what some of them had to say about that I mean the only reason that I'm here and Sam Ni- When we created the show in season one it has to do with us as humans like the things that we do that put us in kind of horrific situations like the fact that we forget that bad things the surface based on how many actually written but I never realized that there were so many characters and locations connected audience to a new set of characters and a new story so you don't have to have seen season one but the people who are watching all along are going to be rewarded as they if there was a grand plan you know there's there's a grand plan in one sense which is that the idea was always that we were going to introduce the reds in Z.. Creatively for us to be able to return to some of these characters is is amazing he has such an interesting take what is horror like what is it and it's story so you can put that in your pocket as you begin to watch these into well then we have my biggest question for most of the cast members was what was it like stepping into the second season of an already popular show affected ways whereas the name Jacob Rowling sort of had this enormous every character and every move that they're going to make and I think that in an anthology format part of what's Bon about that about telling Stephen King story that way is that you get to start over serve each season and you get to introduce characters and introduced fans to and I mean the only reason we wanted to do it in the first place came from being fan I mean that was like the the the origin of it because there'd be no point in doing this show us with his novels and doing the same thing with TV show yeah and of course they are definitely how could they not be but they're definitely Stephen King Fan eh it was a little frustrating yeah a little frustrating but I liked it so we asked Dustin Thomason who's the CO creator of Castle Rock was stabbed Shaw think takes a an approach which is like the characters sort of emerged and start to speak to him and then find their ways into new stories in kind of doing it as a as a job it's like it I don't think it would have the the resonance I I hope that it has for for the fans and and I think and and so in that sense there is there has always been a grand plan but I think that if you think about the way that people sort of Oh you know you've you've already kind of built up the buzz and people are excited about it you're changing all the characters and changing the story so there's nothing familiar for the fans to come back a bit and the cool thing is that is pretty much how Stephen King has built his novels now I've read a lot of Stephen King novels like probably doesn't even have happened in the past you know it's so part of who we are you know that we've forget like how we are like no we're in this situation again with this clown Leeann universities I would say there's sort of two sides to that to two ends of this Becker one is the JK rowling under the spectrum in one is the Stephen King end of the spectrum in that like Stephen by the way I did not realize but Kathy Bates won a best actress Oscar for that role so those are those are pretty big shoes a big shoes to fill in so we anne in season two struggling with mental illness while trying to raise her daughter and they have kind of just we've already mentioned that Kaplan is amazing she has the mannerisms the speech patterns the hair everything is just on point story for season two we've given you a little bit of background but season two follows any walks of course and a younger version of Kathy Bates I kind of character have your walking you know what you're walking into you know what people think about the show and you do your little bit and then you're out before people get sick of it and then I asked Yusra emblematic of who we are as a culture and so I like it that he's he's political so it's not just the horror element in his books I feel like the characters wjr gone from one place to another all right we're not going to get into the story here but definitely not a normal childhood for joy by any means and they end up this you know for to and I think Lizzie

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