Hello this is Vicky back and I have a podcast men too tall doing great and what I plan on doing is using Tarot Card to ask people from questions that they might not have thought I was GONNA ask them. Doing great is a podcast that is covered out on Monday. Sunday January. Twenty seven on Apple podcast gesture or whatever the hell else you can find a podcast. That's what we will be. Hi Team coming to you from Hawaii. Those are the waves in the background and it seems today. The tide has brought out Victoria. Gumbleton I'm crying saying I know we love her and we hater but I'm crying because she's gone and she's the first housewife. I saw when I turned on this franchise. How many years? How many years ago after my mom passed away and I sat there riveted by Vicki Gumbleton and Gina Ki-ho the end of an era and today? Hey despite what Miss June Diane would say I do WanNa give Vicki or do and say Farewell Victoria whoop it up in the sky of angels. Goodbye can't believe I'm crying but I am.

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