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They welcomed aaron monkeys cabinet of curiosities production of heart. Radio and grim and mild. Our world is full of the unexplainable and if history is an open book all of these amazing tales. Right there on display just waiting for us to explore. Welcome to the cabinet of curiosities. Even if you don't think of yourself as superstitious you've probably knocked on wood or uttered a casual bless you when someone sneezes. It's in our nature to want to control the uncontrollable and superstitions are just one way that we exert that desire even if they don't really do anything at all triscuit aca phobic architects of the buildings without thirteenth floor while some commercial airplanes. Don't have a thirteen throw. Athletes even have their own rituals and superstitions. They may not change their socks during an entire season or eats a bit of grass off the field before each game. Whatever it is. It's clear everyone does something to put good. Fortune in their favor and presidents are no exception. William mckinley was a civil war veteran and a lawyer before he became the twenty fifth president of the united states. He worked his way up politics. Earning a seat. In congress in eighteen seventy seven he had run against the democratic nominee levi. Lambourn beating him by over three thousand votes a solid win but one that had left him. Earning half of what he was making with his law practice. Although he and lambourn had been political rivals they remained friends in fact they had become quite close while campaigning the year prior lambourn was a horrid culture list known for growing red carnations. Mckinley often spoke of how lovely his flowers were so lambourn being the gentleman that he was made a gesture of goodwill before one of their debates he presented mckinley with a red carnation which the candidate pinned to his lapel. Mckinley won the debates and then went onto win. Ohio's seventeenth congressional district. He was convinced that the flower had something to do with it so he made sure that whenever he went out on the campaign trail he had a red carnation fastened to his lapel and it worked. When the democrats tried to gerrymander his district to sabotage his reelection. He still came out on top. He faced minor losses after a bit of political skulduggery from the other side but eventually went on to become governor of ohio in eighteen. Ninety two is famous. Red carnation always close to his heart. The am mckinley continued to climb the political ladder and with his flower pinned to his chest. There was no way that he could lose his friend and fellow republican mark. Hanna helped him secure the nomination for president in eighteen ninety. Six mckinley fought a hard campaign against democratic candidate. William jennings bryan speaking to over seven hundred thousand supporters from his front porch in canton ohio on the evening of november third. After everyone had cast their votes it was clear. Mckinley would be the twenty fifth president of the united states of america and he easily won the election for his second term for years later in nineteen hundred the people loved him. most people leeann. shell goss mckinley. As just another rich man. Exploiting the working class. He became emboldened by a speech from anarchist. Emma goldman who inspired the struggling show goes to make a statement of his own one that would resonates around the world. He would kill the president's. Meanwhile mckinley and his wife had been on a cross country tour following his inauguration their plan had been to visit the panamerican exposition a world's fair in buffalo new york before returning to washington however the first lady had fallen ill on the west coast cutting their trip. Short mckinley rescheduled his visit to the expo. For a few months later his staff was wary of the trip. His secretary actually tried to cancel it twice king umberto. The first of italy had been murdered by anarchists a year earlier and such public events were considered too dangerous. Even with heightened security. The president wasn't worried though. He trusted his people and he had a red carnation pinned to his jacket for good luck just like always on september. Sixth of nineteen o one. Mckinley arrived at the panamerican expo. As he intended he loved meeting with people shaking hands and talking with everyday americans as he made his way through the crowd a twelve year. Old girl walk up to him. Her name was myrtle ledger and she had an important question. She asked if she could have his pretty red flower. Mckinley usually carried bouquets of carnations with him to give out to the public e- even kept them on his desk in the oval office. But on this day all he had was the single carnation on his lapel. Not wanting to appear unkind. He pinned it and extended it toward her. I must give this flower to another flower. He said before moving on without his good luck charm pinned to his chest. E climb the steps to the temple of music concert hall as supporters approached him for handshakes and well wishes and that's when a man stepped forward his right hand shrouded in a handkerchief. It was jogos. Mckinley went to shake his left hand instead and as they shook chill goss fired the revolver he had hidden under the cloth shooting the president twice in the stomach. Mckinley didn't die immediately. He underwent an operation to remove the bullets but the wound became infected gangrene spreads to his internal organs and he passed away eight days later to the superstitious giving away. His carnation was the worst thing he could have done that day at the expo however one good thing did come out of the tragedy to honor the late president. Ohio pass legislation three years later. Adopting the scarlet carnation as the official state flower. Mckinley might be gone. But thanks to dr li lambourn. We can all still catch a glimpse of his lucky charm. Superstitious are not. I'd call that curious. This episode of cabinet of curiosities was made possible by hendrick's gin made in a tiny scottish seaside village and deliciously infused with roseanne cucumber it's a concoction invented by master stiller leslie gracie who supervises each batch five hundred leaders at a time and believe it or not hendrix. Has its own cabinet of curiosities. Bears is an actual cabinet to which is located inside the hendrick's gin palace. In girvan scotland. This locked cabinet is ms leslie gracie stores all the curious gen concoctions crafted. There's a hendrick's gin cocktail. For all kinds of occasions to this holiday delight your guests with a delectable yet easy to make cocktail like the hendrix. Cranberry think of it as the perfect refreshment to sip on our on the fire on a cold winter day. And it's really simple to make to just one part hendrix to part cranberry juice and one part sparkling wine. Then you combine all the ingredients that glass filled with ice. Stir them lightly and garnished with cucumber slices. Mint and cranberries considerate for your next holiday party. This winter hendrick's gin escaped the conventional embraced the delectable find more recipes at hendrick's gin dot com. Great cocktails start with responsible measuring. Please enjoy the unusual responsibly. Hendrick's gin forty four percents alcohol by volume twenty twenty imported by william grant and sons inc. New york new york. It's unwise for employees in dangerous professions to goof around. It's not just about professionalism either one wrong step. On a structural beam. Steelworker can find themselves falling thirty floors in seconds flat. A fisher who isn't paying attention can wind up overboard or worse from truck drivers to loggers people who work in these fields needs to be at the top of their games at all times. That goes double for commercial pilots. Who are often responsible not just for their own lives but the lives of hundreds of passengers flying with them which brings us to alexander. Koya koya was pilots. Flying jetliners for russian airline aeroflot's on october twentieth of nineteen eighty six. He took eighty-seven passengers and seven crew members on flight. Sixty five o two from yekaterinburg in central russia to ghazni in chechnya. With a stopover in the city of samara he was accompanied by his co-pilot. Gennady your enough as well. As a flight engineer and navigational expert each member of the crew was experienced in their field. Boy of in particular was quite familiar with the kind of plane he was flying. He had operated numerous times. Before and knew what its twin engines were capable of as the aircraft approached. Samara clove dropped down to an altitude of about thirteen hundred feet. His instrument panel lit up like christmas. So air traffic control suggested he land using a non directional beacon approach or nbd which utilized a radio transmitter on the ground to send a signal to the plane. Think of it sort of like how bats fly where the signals are bounced around. Tell the bat where it is in space but koi of had descended too fast and too quickly. The plane sped ahead at one hundred. Seventy three miles per hour. Landing alarms blared as air. Traffic control ordered the pilot to abort the landing otherwise known as a go around but it was also too late for that. Toyota was too close to pull the aircraft back up. The plane touched the earth so hard. It bounced and flipped upside down missing the runway entirely. It skidded along before. Finally settling as the airport. Authorities and first responders rushed to its location. They pride the doors open to find a disaster inside the cabin. That was even worse than what had happened. On the tarmac. Sixty three people had been killed in the crash. Seven were carefully removed from the wreck and rushed to local hospitals but died from their wounds. After the co-pilot jer nov was one of the few survivors of the impact. He managed to help others to safety but sadly his heart stopped on the way to the hospital. Miraculously all fourteen children on board the plane had survived as had of when they interrogated him about the crash. He came clean about ignoring air traffic control however he lied about the reason for his rough landing citing it as a failed training exercise. Eventually the truth came out and it earned the disgraced former pilot a one way ticket to a fifteen year prison sentence. It hadn't been a training exercise at all claw. You had tried to land the plane blindfolded. He was so sure of his skill in handling the aircraft he bet his co-pilot that he could land it without having to see the ground you're nov thought he was joking surely with ninety four souls on board the season. Koya would not try something so dangerous but the man turned out to be serious and confidence. There was no blindfold in the cockpit so he had the crew. Draw the curtains across the front windshield. His view of the outside when air traffic control tried to assist him in his landing. He dismissed them. Choosing only to rely on his instrument panel the proximity alarms blared as the plane got closer to the ground one crew member through the curtains open in a panic giving everyone a glimpse of tarmac amir seconds before impact. Alex koya of only served six of the fifteen years he'd been sentenced to for his stupid and tragic stunt and it's viewed by many as an insult to the families of those who were killed by his negligence. Most tales of curiosity are a product of wonder or invention or lucky coincidence. And i think we can all agree how fun they are to hear but sometimes the most curious thing we can learn is just how dumb people can be. And how deadly those mistakes and that becoming. I hope you've enjoyed today's guided tour of the cabinet of curiosities. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or learn more about the show by visiting curiosities. Podcast dot com. The show was created by me. Aaron mckie in partnership with. How stuff works. I make another award. Winning show called lor which is a podcast book series n television show and you learn all about it over at the world of lor dot com and until next time stay curious.

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