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If you're a parent you know what happens when your child gets sick the coughs without covering their mouths the sneezes right into their siblings faces the touches of everything possible. No wonder the flu virus loves loves kids. They're the perfect spreader of germs and studies back this up. When one person gets the flu there is up to sixty percent of chance that someone else in their household may catch the bug but this flu season you can be a flu fodder with a flu shot for Mauger means. It's your shot to prevent your kids from getting sick in the first place to stop into your neighborhood walgreens. No appointment needed and it's free to a you with most insurance. This is Kelly Henderson. This is chip door and you are listening to acts casual on Velvets ed this week we were talking about. Let's call it. I Dunno language pet peeves for example words. People don't like to say or common mispronunciations. I would honestly even call some of these verbal tics. You know what I'm sayin' Dan. Literally we also talk about how you should handle it or cope. When someone in your life is guilty of these offenses. Here's casual okay okay so I got into annoying and annoying conversation. That's hard to say wow knowing conversation with a friend the other day because I said something like Oh my God it was literally worse and he said Okay it wasn't literate. Worse worse obviously happened in one of his pet appease as when people misuse the word literally. Have you heard of this well yeah. I mean I feel like it's definitely the were. It's it's seeped. It's way into like just popular use incorrectly yes with a F- for me I do probably ever use it and I have a friend who says literally which which I actually love but that annoys people even more but it got me thinking about all of the things that either people misuse or people say incorrectly incorrectly and how you handle it when you're in those situations like another one this other friend of mine really hates people say oh a hundred and ten percent or like a thousand percent guilty. Do you really can't be more than one hundred percent like that's the maximum to if you're what isn't that the point is you're like. I'm gonNA give this more. I'm going to go above and beyond. Oh Yeah I WANNA do that. That's how I feel about it but it annoys him so bad so I wanted it to get. This conversation started because this obviously happens a lot in our day to day and talk about how you handle it which I found very funny though because when I reached out to you about this you they were like Oh yeah I have a running list. Let's hear what do you got I have a friend that she and I sort of crack up especially when it's when we have other your friends that are seemingly educated people that say things wrong so I keep running list I've heard instead of ultimatum. I've heard ultimatum. I've seen this one written out instead of a work in progress uh-huh a working progress working like G. I. N. G. Working Progress in you like you're saying these are intellectual people. Well some of my fellow on facebook to that. I'm like that is too good. I'm writing down New Year's Revolution Russian bear. Have you never heard that amazing so amped up like what's your New Year's resolution. I mean it is like let's take over the world. It's the New Year yeah actually speaking of something so new Fang. Ye like so here's one that's actually pretty common ear regardless what irregardless people will be like irregardless. I'M NOT GONNA do it anyway. Disregard carcasses the word trying to make take the negative of it like while anyway but no regardless is the word people like irregardless is not a word irregardless irregardless. I hear all the time here's one. You've probably heard this fustrated instead of frustrated. I stated I straighten out our so. I haven't heard that one ever burdette. Maybe out with very smart people. I've heard viral instead of viral. He was a viral man. I think you mean verbal vural. I there was one night I was hanging out with somebody and they said instead of the word euthanasia they said Ethanol uh-huh and the sentence was he said something like well I can commit ethuanasia by throwing a curling iron our toaster in their bathtub and I was like that's not euthanasia that's murder and by the way it's euthanasia ethuanasia him so he needs to learn the word and the definition of a hundred percent. Oh was that good for you but at least one hundred and ten like this music so loud. I'M GONNA go death like death yeah. You've never heard anybody say death instead of Daf. Oh my gosh this is and I saw this on facebook out running errands and it was like spelled A. R. O. N. asks the May running errands. That was a joke right. I don't think so and then I've seen the use the misspelling of homophobic and homosexuals home of phobic and home of sexual why like when I saw both of them they were used in sentences like all these home of all these homosexuals around here like sexual sexual. 's The funny part is to me when people try to sound really smart by saying big words or things like that but then they yeah ethanol Asia Asia is good like band name like okay so when we really boring. It's slowly put you to sleep it or murdering so whenever what I said to you that you are. You told me you had this list. I was like you know what's so weird. I actually don't have a list and then I really sat down and thought about it and like my pet. PEEVES are not when people misused things. It's when people say eh for instance when I'm watching. This mostly happens when I'm watching like rappers be interviewed and they're like so it's Tuesday. You know what I'm saying and then it's like the sky is blue. You know what I'm saying. Got On saying what I'm saying. Is that the end of every sense I worked with and she's a friend of mine so I won't say any names but she says you know a lot. She doesn't say you know what I'm saying and she'll. I've heard I've counted it sometimes four times in a sentence. How is it even a sentence anymore. I don't know you know you know you better go yeah. I wonder if she hears it. Do you think they become such a part of their vocabulary very or whatever you want to say about that that they end up just saying it just like it's like it's like a part of them all right. You know when people say you have a problem with like you know what I'm saying. Okay my other one actually suppos-ably did you say that one but that's a good one suppos-ably so like with WBZ suppose it's supposedly people my sister says supposedly sorry Jenny for on you. I don't think she listened to podcasts on good so the other one is one one. I think you do to me a lot. Actually it's like I mean okay so there's you know what I'm saying and then it's like if I say oh wow. It's really hot outside today and someone goes. I know right and I'm like yeah right. That's why I said it so right but now now I find myself doing it. I'm I'm actually really sad about it. I think I started trading day. Maybe or maybe it's just when I get uncomfortable with strangers and I don't really know what to say. I'm like Oh this certainly acceptable thing to say. I think what I say. Though is you do you just read. Is that anybody that's my version of I've got friends that get I always say Gotcha back in tax like understood. Gotcha and people were like Oh right Gotcha also right word back a lot like instead of okay all right word. See those bother me. I mean those are actual words but these so when we're really just talking about pet peeves. I was doing some research earlier and then what came up was not actually like phrases that people say but it was words that people do not actually like to say like do you have any of that is why I mean. There's the most popular one in the world but I think there's a worst one than that one. Which one are you slow. Everyone hates moist but I I you think moisten is so much closer than voiced poison. It's like the act of getting moist now. I hate it. I just say real slow moisten. You should see his face when he's on my gosh table. You are correct the number. One word on this list by thought catalog is moist. Do you WanNa know what the second one is drip. No that's not not even on the list. That's weird drip drip drop drip. No the second most hated word for people to say as blog house like rude that is I mean. The irony in that is is pretty great but I get it because it's it's a new word so I think that there's probably a lot of people that think they're going to be misusing like because they don't know what bloggers and it's flog is weirder than blog or do you think of that. It's so overused like everyone's like Oh. I'M GONNA go out on the blogger. I need to do a blog or I'm blogging. I'm a blogger like it's so everywhere. It's oversaturated yet. It's probably that but I mean it's also kind of a weird sounding word blog blog. I wonder who came up with blog. I don't know but if you need to visit a good blog goal okay number three is I don't even say this lugubrious lugubrious that right do you know what that do. You know there's a Jason Mraz Song that uses that word. Why would you put that on a song. It seems that could be with you as what he says. I don't know what it means. Can you elaborate Ogle at Google well. What does lugubrious main. UBS means looking or sounding sat. Lange's mall looking or sounding saddened dismal since sad yeah. I would be really annoyed if I was in conversation so I'm GonNa go lugubrious today. Hey throw curling iron in your bathtub canoe. When I'm working out and eating right I start to feel kind of invincible but then October rolls around and I'm reminded that nobody is immune to flu season. When it comes to the flu the best thing you can do for your health is get a flu shot shot. A flu shot can help reduce illnesses doctor's visits missed work and school and prevent flu related hospitalizations so this flu season. Bia flew fighter with with the flu shot from Walgreens. It's your shot to protect you and the ones you love to stop into your neighborhood walgreens. No appointment needed and it's free to you with most insurance number. Four is yoke. I mean I see I get that one you know I think I'd probably say it wrong because it's not fun to say correctly. I say like Ed Yoke. USA Yoke drop the L. Yoke would say I do say folk music folk music. Oh maybe I'll just say folk music. Oh Wow learns in the nearby yourself linguist class or so number five. I think you're dealing with a little bit of this today but it's Flim so much phlegm him today. Number six is fetus. That is kind of a tough word. That's sad though born babies newborns well. I mean technically. It's a fetus yes wall. You're carrying but no one says like Oh. I can't wait to my fetus like that's true. It's only ever really used like postpartum. That's a a negative connotation fetus. Seven is heard I can see that eight is smear this mirrors I mean I don't mind smeared it. I'm GonNa tell you what I'd do. My Nine squirt scored. That's why I said trip. I think anything that sounds somewhat. Wet is anything that sounds somewhat mois yeah pink tip what I used to say. That was really grow selling pink tip those tools together I well. How did you ever figure those things because I think I was trying to figure out the grossest thing word drippy. Just little look inside. Your child taught in jail very odd. Ten is Chunky Levin is orifice or or I I don't. I can't even say that right orifice. It's a whole right. Yes correct. Thank you for that whole kind of gross word to. I guess it depends on how you're using it. Twelve is maggots thirteen vicious. These are fine to me. Fourteen queasy the I mean what fifteen is bulbous bulbous. Does that mean it means like big and round sixteen pustule. What does does that mean. I think a pustule is leg basically like a zipper as a pustule like it's a something that's holding us. I think it's still words that you you can envision like that word. I just now that you said that all I can think about is a very pus filled zip. Disgusting Seventeen is faster swim thing. Eighteenth Secrete nineteen is mind all of these kind of like Lena little sexual too I mean I guess it depends on where your mind wants to fall much. What's utilize a whole so you just put words together again so that one goes to number one twenty. I've heard this one before but I don't necessarily agree. It's very odd to me anybody panties. I think a lot of people have a problem with panties. I don't know I love seeing underpants. Just needed to put my underpants on. Describe your patties fannies. Don't wear panties right. I duNno I bet you there's some dudes. Column Panties Wow. Maybe may maybe that's maybe it depends too often that hates. QB Mary Hilliard it could be a bad memory but I feel like she hates the word. Pocketbook why I don't know I guess I grow this kind of a dumb name for a purse like pocket book like maybe what your grandmother would say yeah exactly but why a pocket book. It's not a pocket or a book here. I thought it was a wallet but K. We'll look into that and get back to a whole new episode of there. Is there anything you would like to add to. This list like any words you just cannot stand will remember there. was there was controversy. It's not this is going back to like misused things. There was controversy around that Atlanta's more set song ironic because she it was like wasn't actually used it incorrectly yeah had it's such a great song but like could you imagine if you'd written this big huge iconic song actually that is literally hurry song it has bad grammar in it too and did she have a song called you and me or me and I am not really fully familiar with with Katy Perry's. Leave that to my people okay but there was on the show. It's got incorrect grammar. I'll have to think of it. We can mentioned on the blog valve attach dot com and just keep plugging okay. So what do you do when people say things that you hate do you just let them go first like I do. I add it to my list. Okay Fair. Excuse me let me pull my notes. My pocketbook my pocket out of my pocket book. I don't I don't correct them. I'd like people even say my name wrong sometimes and I'm like get to meet you chip Rondo Comic Chris or something like that. It's like I don't know I just don't think I've never really thought a nice way to correct people like in just feel so bitchy to me and that's like I try not to be bitchy right and I probably should be a little bit here but uh-huh yeah just let people slide and then make fun of them on their back so maybe I am not the way to be itchy. I was just thinking if I did or not. I mean with my two. I can't really say anything to people because it's how they speak. You know what I'm saying. Well you're right. Maybe you'll think twice four. I do wonder if we're doing society a disservice by not speaking up. I mean I think in the future. I'm going to consider this. I do think it matters who it is like. If you're close to the person like I said to you you do this to me all the time but if it's Rando Stranger I mean I'm not gonNA waste my energy. I'm going to say let yeah you should do. I recommend it. I cracked my sister when she says suppos-ably yeah. She's close your sister but I don't like make fun of her. So it's like a different way of correcting. Oh yeah supposedly she'll be like what is it. I'm like it's supposedly well. I guess the moral of the story is keepers in take some deep breaths and if you're close enough after the person explained to them to really say the word people to tell me that right. I think I would want people to tell me I I just don't. Oh embarrass me. You know what I'm saying. Oh my God we gotta go. Okay emails your words or phrases that annoy you at casual at velvets edge DOT DOT com. We'll be back next week with more at Kaslo. Thank you for listening to this. Week's episode of at Casual on Velvets Edge. 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