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This is a head gum. Podcast a wrestling off screen friends citations. Hello there welcome. Friends foes heels baby faces all the we watch wrestling podcast. I am your wonderful darling. Red-headed bearded hosts beyond the Matt McCarthy. With me always professional wrestling encyclopedia. Mr Vins April. Shouldn't listen to the BRASSICA by Bruce Springsteen on the way over me. Real fucking bomber all bummed out. That's my favorite part in the movie Cop Land when he's pressed over the chicken he lays on his couch and he puts on a Vinyl Nebraska. And it's like where's your gun? When I bought that record in college I remember that you're not having any feelings about hurting yourself or anything like that. Or what? A great album Welcome it is every Wednesday three sixty. Am We watch wrestling Go to We watch wrestling. Podcast DOT COM GO TO PATRIOT DOT COM. You could've been watching this right now before the audio even goes up on a Wednesday and if you are watching this right now still listen to the audio on a Wednesday if this starts tanking our numbers that it's going bye bye okay. We're all in this together. We WATCH TAMPA DOT Brown paper. Tickets DOT com a big mania weekend. Show Saturday April fourth. I'm on the CDC site everyday. The updated every day. It's the only place I'm going for my information and I'm not worried. Well I'm not worried either. But don't mean the but I don't know if you've been to a costco lately. Well PEOPLE ARE WORRIED. And also you know maybe it'll lead to martial law and they'll we'll be in a super prison before the end of the year. But in the meantime why not hang out with US Wrestlemainia weekend in Florida We got a bunch of merge. Coming out I wanNA fucking Talk about some of that right. Cheap pop who always is helping us with Shit Hooked us up with a DOPE ASS design that we're going to be used on stop also John Malta John F. Malta. I don't know how you say that did some stuff. It's all on her instagram. You can see some of it Vg Kids Dot Com where we always print our stuff. The best in the business on screen printing as far as I'm concerned Man so you're gonNA WANNA be there and get that shit at the John F multiple design right there that match shown. That's right here on the Major shadow to our friends at High spirits shirts they sent us over. some cool merch some Some cousy some shirts make you. If you're watching this right now. You could see my wicked awesome. Tie-dyed MELTZER shirt. Similar to the design of the The alien sweatshirt that Dave Sports sports during the winter months. Yeah Sa- majors the him A couple of weeks. Pwg We certainly hope so Patient Zero Dave Meltzer. Shout Out Covert nineteen the one thousand nine. Nine Dave meltzer been coughing like a mother. Fuck that's that's the that's the album with like Got a brother named Frankie Frankie new good. That also has my father's house. Oh man that album Atlantic City fucking. Kill her open all night. Yeah used cars. I mean even just the opening track Nebraska's just Ramleh down. Leeann Uber has which I always think of beyond that when I watched that as like. I'm cody welcome to the whatever the post shout out and arrest in peace to Max von Zydeco also featured in the film beyond the Mat whether he was a real realized that or not. Can you imagine the level of the mind that watches wrestling mat clip from Hannah and her sisters Shoutout to our sleep pins. Ahsley pens is how you'd say that I know it's based on the bear but I never knew how to say his house leading me Send us over some real sweet Mash up grateful dead Personal Jack. Was there a personal check in their grateful dead and wrestling stickers? GotTa tell me if there was a personal check in there. Oh yeah that's very cool. And the probably the coolest thing in the World Jerry. Three Sixteen Jerry. Garcia's body on top on top of that jury. I like that You Know Jerry Jerry new his He cycled through a lot of different needs to clear his through. Oh and major major shoutout to our dear friend Michael Carlson's Tennessee. A wonderful care package sent me some the HSA tapes Sent Some stickers some hard copy wrestling observers from two thousand eighteen. If you're interested in those and this is a patch for you vince. A New Japan logo. That's fucking don't super super cool Anytime you want to send us anything. We're always taking donations for the The arena arena archive the. Po box addresses the description of the show. That you are listening to right now I like stuff do yeah. They called Meltzer Kovic. Nineteen nine nine. Now we're on the road baby. Did you know that. What are we going to do because when they when they cancelled south by South West I? You're the first person I thought of because all I can think of is how things affect me personally. Scher what what. Because the only thing we have going for us. Yeah is is and I'm talking in terms of being in a stadium with one hundred thousand motherfuckers. Yeah while this whole Bullshit Yeah and believe me. I'm not saying bullshit like I'm Lou. Champion Chris Jericho. Yeah but but when you actually look into who it's affecting and how yeah this covert nineteen thing Because I don't I don't even call it corona virus because it's we all already have grown virus. That's most common colds. Right are corona virus straighten. This is just a new one and and the things that they are and believe me. I'm not an expert. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just everything on the shows. A fucking opinion everything on the shows opinion. Believe me it's all suggestions and pinions. Don't don't listen to us. This is not your one stop shop for but for answers but yeah but I'm saying if it comes down to it I'm just praying. Sure this fucking thing before April fifth. I don't I don't see I'm going on the CDC site. Yeah if you are not already compromised some way if you're not old and that makes you compromise right. I don't see what the big fucking deal is if you're not already old and have people with preexisting lung problems are and here's my differential between south by South West and I mean there's it's going to be different. If for some reason you know the states begin to like or if it's a governmental thing like you must cancel south by South West is a very fucking corporate event. Yeah it's very indoor event right so mania outside also corporate but in a way that is very very different and very very not as concerned because the things that has going for it are its pro wrestling. Yeah so no one paying attention. Even the biggest event of the year worldwide. Yeah and the other thing we have going forward is Vince fucking McMahon. But even the other shit right so then then you go and talk about Russell Connery talking about the other shows. Yeah now we're talking about independent people who have a lot of money the line right who are also in the wrestling business in some way shape or form through and so unless they're told I don't think the right and canceling it. You know what I mean. That's why I just think it will. It will go on unless you know the the fucking fervor gets gets to a point where they begin to like. It's just in the past week alone. Have you noticed a little more like everybody needs to chill out? Well again I go to the CDC site. They update their shit every day. And I look at these numbers and I go out of three hundred thirty million people in America and I know we're not just we're trying to we're trying to cure it worldwide shirt but in looking at the response that it has gotten in this country that I can totally. Yes I'm going. I don't understand how this fucking adds up. You know other than its new while other than. It's the only only thing that's being talked about including on this show. I know it's a very popular TV show right now. Called Corona virus panic and social media. I mean I'm watching. Love is blind. And then I'm watching corona virus panic and those are the two things that I'm very compelling well all right all that being said Yeah Nylon rose needs to stop licking her hand. Well did she did. I was GONNA ask. Did you see that Danielsson's balls fell out last night during his match. No so funny while the matches going on when they did the that like sort of like a super plex but he had him face first when when Gulick did that to today. Oh to the outside no. It was in the ring outside but then inside where he right got him up and brought them face. I know when it happened. I was like I saw his trunks get pulled and I was like you know what for just a split second. I just go. That was a woman they would be doing. A fucking forensic files on the Internet on this right now right they would be going like Dick slip. Whatever whatever you know And so then I didn't think anything of IT OTHER THAN THAT. Like split second when it happened and then to see linked article. Daniel Bryan's balls out there in the match and I was like well. I guess that's what happened. Fucking Eagle is over worried about. I was more worried about his fucking head. Yeah I was more worried about his. The nut in his in his head getting rattled that fallen out. What the Fuck Dude A tremendous Matt I pay per view. I thought it was fun. I I don't think anything on the pay per view upset me. I liked it a lot. That match was was was great. I liked a CORREO and And Dry Day was great. Yes Were Now i? I'm never clear on. When did the pre show end and the actual show started the the lack Danielson match was the first show? I first match the paper. Okay yeah good. Thank God because when I saw it because out here it's like it starts at four o'clock and I'm looking I'm like or earlier or earlier. I bet that pre show started at like three or something. I Dunno no doubt. Yeah but I'm just like I'm like don't tell me. This is a pre show match. Yeah thank God it was not it was not it was it was an opener and a and I also liked it because it was just so much different then then what Like the other matches usually see like the the way they did it. Show that yeah the confidence you know. I think Danielson is like I can. I can fuck and do this match for a little while we're going to build and it's GonNa fucking matter. How big time and the two of them together. What a dramatic match. Yeah what a dream match but I mean also They told the story as much of a story as they were allowed to. Tell Goulash was like I have studied you and there. There are some holes. There are some holes and then they told that story in. He kept rehearsing shit. Yeah I loved it. I wonder I wonder what now you know. 'cause WELL PROBABLY. Daniel Bryan is going to have a We're recording this on a Monday. Unfortunately Solomon Grundy born on a Monday. Superman never made any money saving the world from the Solomon Grundy. You Know God damn Probably a retirement speech happened on Monday night on raw or Brian Smack smack. No good we can afford to that on Friday. Kilkeel clear the cobwebs out. And there's no fucking way first of all I loved when Michael Cole was like. Oh Daniel Bryan had a series of neck injuries. They just kept talking about the neck. Oh which led to his retirement a few. You might remember this. No such thing as a concussion over here no no. I'm yeah I was like I was like that's right. He hurt his neck and then he started having seizures because he really hurt his neck when shame as kicked him in the fucking. Dome I think we would know though because Unless things have changed he was getting those tasks like as soon as his matches were over. Well it see. This is pure speculation as is everything on the show and see. What isn't it interesting that Daniel Bryan was able to land on his fucking Mellon Maybe they're just shifting. Their focus was like well. God Damn just start popping people for wellness violations. We'll pretend the concussions aren't happening again. Ono's faulk man. I really hope I can't. I never thought I'd see him. Fucking take a fucking even like they were beating the shit out of each other before he fucking out dropped on his head like fucking right. You know all Japan Nineteen ninety-three Match Jesus Christ Well hopefully he's good and and because I I'd love to see him at Mania. Hopefully he'll something I mean. I'd watch that match again at mania but it seems like you're GonNa have to do something. Spice it up a little bit throw little of course throw eighteen other guys into the match do that the the the the the whatever that thing that that was on the Internet for a minute sure sure sure. Oh yeah you know all yeah Row Wow what about that fucking tag team Chamber Match Fuck I? I thoroughly enjoyed it but there are some times where it was like. I was like John Morrison. Okay like why is he like thirty times? We're not was like off and I was like and then there was the point when Lynn Dorato had climbed up on top of the pot. And God Otis is like wandering around. Okay they're waiting. They're gonNA he's going to go off. And then it's like and then Otis doesn't know what he's going he's going out. They even had to mention it. Finally and then Lindsay is up on top but they're just moments like that in that match that were just like the flex going on. It's so interesting because it's you when I was there I heard mentioned quite a few times of life. What we got to have a ring general in there you know and so you get that with So I would assume like it's and what that means is someone with experience who can keep everyone on track. So you have that with big multi man matches like a battle royal like a Royal Rumble Shirt. And when they're booking out the royal rumble of that very few people are privy to that just the producers and generally led by Michael Hayes. And he's like well. We gotta have a ring general in there at all times you know and you'd Think Somebody like Adult Ziegler is maybe not the most. I'm thinking in terms of everybody that's in that match. He's probably the one who's been with the e the longest right. But then he's in a fucking pod right unable to direct traffic for that. I mean it's crazy to say it might have been the Ms. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah but whatever it was it just like there are just some glaring points where it was like right. What are we doing? Because I don't know maybe it was Kofi because he was in there but again it's like a direct and traffic in fucking demolition Derby. Sure can you can run into a few snags. I'd say especially when motherfuckers are fallen on you from the top of the fucking cage definitely definitely But by you know. Other areas throughout the other chamber match was I wish that they would have did it. Where there was more Oscar like I know even though they came in last like yeah it just felt like it was over like pretty quickly and it was like yeah. I could've done for her and in baiser gone added a little bit more. You know unless there I mean there's nothing to announce a pay per view Tonight you know I don't know why couldn't those two have been had like twelve or fifteen minute match? Yeah Yeah because they could have just like. Yeah because I think sometimes what happens too is like if felt like who who opened. It was natty in NATTY and Ruby. I think right like that to me could have been caught a little bit. You know like they like they get not that I didn't enjoy but but knowing now that it was going to be at the at the expense of that yeah that my preference which is all anything is well in case. You're not a member of the facebook group or following a mere the show on instagram punched. Turock went bonkers for Sarah Logan. I don't know what it was. I can't he was just it was it was a thing of beauty. 'cause she comes out and he just. He jumps out of his chair. He's just you know we're eating dinner with finishing he was a little He's definitely headed for growth spurt. Because after a like a full dinner of you know Corn and Mac and cheese. He was still hungry. He had Two English muffins own. Like Oh boy. This is about to be seventy all lookout. He jumps out of his chair. And he's just like you see sorrow can come out and he goes is she a bad guy and Mike Yeah Yeah I think she is actually which then sent me down the the the train. I'm like WHO's the baby face in this match. Is He not know that? That's just pass a thanking. What what he goes He was very. He's a very keen observer. This kid's wrestling observer. He's a very keen wrestling observer. Brian Because Well and then I started because he goes. I like Sarah Logan and as soon as I took phone I was like. Oh this must be documented sugar and I asked him again and I was like what you just goes. I like Sarah Logan and then he runs around. And then I I put it up and tagged her she. commented shoes. She was like I like him too. Yeah there you go Sarah. That's set that kid down right then and made him watch dear gutting video. The ones like Jay Laws Dad or step. Dad used to each their own. I suppose it is funny because We have not know every book. It's a joke. We booked ourselves in a corner of like like. Oh we don't like Sarah Logan but we we do have out of the way but it's it is it's it. Is this thing of like look. I know how it is trying to find your voice. I feel like I'm still trying to find mine. Whatever gets that kid into wrestling but I mean care about. There was something like but she's got. There's nothing but upward potential with her you know and I've I have been a fan But like all right. It's just I'm a hunter now. You know I'm a viking. Now like who is Sarah Logan? I don't know who she is. Cut Together some Lord humongous matches for Toronto Watch. I think I think that would all. He wouldn't dig that. But here's something very interesting when because it's Rubiun and natty gone out. And he was big into he's big into To Ruby to actually and I went to the next room on the English muffin And he goes he comes running. He Goes Dad. You have to see the black girl and I'm like Oh God what an and I have no idea what he's talking about them and I'm and I'm we've been very like people are just people you don't have to put labels on people based on anything. Anything their physical features and I'm like. Oh my God. Oh my God and I come in the room and I see. He's talking about live Morgan. Just 'cause she's dressed in all black and I was like okay. He was taken by her work. I just thought you needed to see it right. He was just like he's because if she's wearing dark colors she's she's a bad guy. Yeah so he was way into Ruby riot to yes. She a bad guy wall undertaker mark and that all he's easy at this point that was during the main course and I was in the other room like fixing odds and ends clean up the kitchen. And I'm watching the show on my tablet a cartoon of Zone. I came running in when when the Suzanne gone off. I go check look look like the undertaker goes. Wah Big time into it. I liked the taker. He's mixing he's mixing Years now he's got the hair of when he was wearing like the big crazy weather and then he's got the fuck in that spandex into the pants sort of between bad ass in. He's almost like in terms of like comic books. He's like he's almost like the ultimate undertaker at this point where there is kind of a season purple gloves but yeah brother. Gray gray hair per they were purple purple. I felt like I feel. His skin was great during those years. But here's what's amazing. This is what Jack picked up on Natty night heart and Ruby rider going at it. Saratoga gets released from the POT. Go here comes your girl here. Comes Sarah Logan? She comes running out and immediately takes down natty and then he goes oh their tag team partners talking about Ruben. And Sarah and I'm like Oh interesting That will they used to be. Yeah they used to be but they broke up. He Goes He. She saved her from the other girl and I was like Oh. He saw her ring psychology. I mean it. Incredible that this kid. No we watch recess on a billy's phone and that's why I was watching Gras And I was like how does he know about the riot squad? I'm sitting there thinking this and then I'm like Oh that's fascinating but I was like no but now they're fighting. Yeah I was like this. Is they used to be friends now? They're not and so. She wanted to get natty out of the way that so that she could be. Because I'm like but it's everybody for themselves. It's every woman for themselves. Yeah but fascinating. Here's like she never really fit in with that group when they were together. Go to bed like Jack Goat. Will you go to lunch? Do you think because I was into it at first. The kind of the diesel spot that Shayna had where she she got rid of everybody right. She got rid of Ruby natty. Sarah and I was like. Oh whoa and now. The clock is ticking down. And she's waiting. Which one is it GONNA BE? Live or Oscar. I dug that but I was curious was lives supposed to be eliminated that quickly. Do you think she actually got knocked silly on that second Oh bump into the into I don't know conversely I was I audibly heard say. Open the fucking pod. I didn't I was like what are we waiting for? Why why is this happening But I think that while they were they were going for that diesel like the thing they did with with him and stone cold and we are gross was last so why count it down. I'm just like okay. She doesn't have an opponent open like is she getting a breather. As it's supposed to be a certain amount of time that has to elapse whatever I was just like I don't know but I I I it did seem like live was in and out but I also just like I don't have a lot of course she didn't because what we're she did not pin her like live like I'm right right like they just live just got taken out she was choking fools for sure like I don't remem- because at any point where there's you know because at one point likes. I think Sarah Logan was on top of the One of the pods and she's just like waiting for the spot to get set up where she jumps on the two of them or something and I was just like that. It's always glaring for me when people are waiting to do the next spot right And it felt like that. I'm like why Shane Adjust. You know choked out natty. Your Pin natty choked out. Sarah you know got rid of Ruby but live is for some reason just laying there. And she's standing there waiting for nothing right. That seemed odd to me. Yeah because at that point is just like we'll just pinner then right. Yeah why is she letting her just being be removed from the yeah? Maybe she got her she she got her because it did make that waiting. Rosca that much more uncomfortable and drawn out to the point where I was like this is. I'm not interested like just get it over with right type of thing. I read right. Come on come on with that. That was another like felt like about another two minutes that they could have been fighting. It wasn't two minutes but it felt like it felt like it. Yeah because then. It's like Oscar Shannon. It's like okay. There's a match Yep Do you think that we're GONNA SEE? Velveteen versus Adam Cole. In Tampa last week's annex t no. Okay so you know. He had his K. he has matched with Roddy. Yeah and then Cole came down and got inside the cage and he ultimately dreamed. Just let Roddy get out and then locked cage himself and beat the Fuck Outta Adam Cole. And then we'll at the end of the show was like on top of the cage holding the the world title then so I just. It's obviously seems like it's not the kind of show where that doesn't mean anything that's true so. I wonder if that's going to be the fuck in the title match at Also weird there was. No there were no. I mean not weird given who holds the the belts but there were no title matches no neither of the world titles were on Elimination Chamber. Now hasn't happened in a long time. Well going into that pay per view. I was like well. Who who gives a shit right? I mean in terms of booking and storytelling. It's like the the only story is Dolphin. Otis and the drama thing they have been. Yeah there's been a program in place but there's nothing there's term yeah. There's nothing long-term Daniel Bryan and Gulag was was interesting but again it's funny. It's one of those things where the less everyone cares about. The pay per view is usually the better. The pay per view is it is weird. How that I'm Julie? Works always seems to what the fuck is this. It's like I kinda you've given me no reason to watch and then it turns out there's going to be killer matches you know but I don't know it's interesting. I do love that They don't if L. A. B. pay per view and. I wish that they did that more. I I mean. I wish that they made me care about it right. But it's like I liked that it doesn't have to be. There was no main event talent really on the show at least the way that I mean. Obviously Daniel Bryan and a lot of people are main event talent but the way that they book them. There was none of them are. None of them are on top right. Now uh-huh right. Aj Styles is other than the fact that he's wrestling the undertaker. He's gone back to the Middle Right now. Not that he won't get back up and what's bad is let the undertaker is. Basically you know your. It's it's a mid card match. Undertaker isn't going to be main eventing mania probably ever again. I would think you gotTA wonder I don't know I mean I would hope not. You know what I mean right. Wishing no ill-will it's just like of course I shouldn't happen so that's I mean he's been in that kind of the legends the big big pop mid card match for a while. Now right you know what Do did we ever hear anything about why? Braun strowman was compl- his his like big push was just stopped because he was getting over he was he was getting over. Yeah he was like getting fucking the rocket and then it just kinda stopped. I think Vince saw his nipple piercings and was like those APP never came out like no no no I know I think he was I I can't recall specifically but I believe he had a couple of injuries. And when you're not around. Vince is GonNa Forget about you even if you are as big as a mountain but even at that like then subsequently how he's been used. I just think like it's it's much harder now for him to come the Monday after mania and go after whoever now is on top. I just don't want if you're not in front events at all times you become an afterthought but I mean once he's been back in front them though you would think he would be at least protected in some way. Maybe but I mean that's it's that it's that strange unanswerable thing with Vince. Where it's like He. You don't understand what he sut- he's got such a tunnel vision. Yeah that it's and then and then when all of a sudden the that the day will come. Yeah we're all of a sudden it'll be like offsetting the you'll see the rockets strapped stroman again and you're like oh it comes from out of nowhere. I mean not that. He wasn't wrestling three guys last night. Not that he doesn't still. He still positioned a little bit but there is some some goof to it. I think that like big time. Yeah well I mean it's thank God. He lost that match. I mean really because less it leads to him just killing Zane no show as we call it Shaimaa style. You know at main ers right. I mean it's just there's so much But the thing is the guys the guys who are very good have been a lot of places know how to get over like a semi Zane. It's it's hard to kill or like a fucking same thing about the shit they've diagnosed and like you can't you just sa's ro some of these guys or you just like why. I mean Fogle swim upstream forever. No kidding I mean it's it's like it's one thing about like saint like at least they let him talk but it also it's just he's he can work his fucking Asif. It's not like he's got like a fucking broken neck. Like a Bobby. Heenan who is like an incredible worker. But it's like we'll just let them talk right. Just let bobby talk you know you. You're printing money. Yeah but it's like with Samya like he has gotten over every fucking wear he's ever been on the planet including the Shit Sandwich they serve them on fucking you know the main roster I mean it's like with Claudio and fucking or says Arwood Nakimora that little crew I love that crew but it's like it is it's like Fox I mean like Nakimora on his you know right he's a he's a surfer. Now Yeah you know and it's fine you know. It's it's the Halloween Sound Effects Shinsegei. No but I mean like like fucking says Oro. It's like again. He's Never Been Vinci's guy he's never been given that opportunity and I thought it was so typical that the announcers were reminded to remind the audience like none of these. Three men are American. But it is I think two of like he's a guy who Has At times gotten over beyond his push which I think is also a bad thing. Because you're now you're not chosen son. We did not decree that right so we were not instead of going with it. Which would be the natural logic oppress pro wrestling? Right will potentially penalize you or at minimum tried alike. You know Ford it right but yeah I mean it's I think about what he was doing that shit where he would like he was the guy before fucking Bron where he would pop out of the ring and just like run around and fuck people up like uppercut remember that when you would just like and that was getting over big this is Ara section and shit. Now you know it's funny I Because I know how they think about Merch I I spend a Lotta time just looking at their their merch site right now. He has says has to shirts some going like he must be sounds shirt. Yeah or they wouldn't have gone from the one which it was like about needing more cowbell coming out of that fucking Music match whatever the fuck it was symphony of destruction match which I think they must danger price about but But Bad Abana Perm and now they have this new one. That's like like a very clean tax. It says like the the wrestling specialist or something like that. Yeah and then has his name on the back. But I'm like yeah I don't know sometimes I see that shit and I'm like well. He's got to shirts some guy. I think. I know why they're just one ODA shirt. The God bless heavy machinery. And and I I did enjoy fucking Tucker last night like when I went out and some of the shit that he did I was like okay like I haven't really seen much out of him. I was like Oh he obviously has I mean how. Can you not be overshadowed by Fucking Otis? But I mean he's not he isn't just a fucking you know he's not nothing. He's not just tall. Big Guy Right Well I've when they first got brought up I was like. Oh Vince GonNA break these guys up immediately. Berry Otis pushed Tucker right you know. Yeah but that being said I'm like how come there's just an Otis shirt. I'm sure it'd be awful but seems like steaks and weights. It's like it's the easiest shirt to make did. Have you ever seen a man put more pepper on an egg? The bet did you can't. I'm like I said an egg under their his. Instagram is a gift I mean he must not have any any like genetic predisposition predisposition to like heart disease or anything like that because he just eats he may he may not he may not gm Wu. It's incredible data. Maybe there's gotTa be like a salad in there once in a while right. I don't know well being with some as as dancing would say with creamy crap on it now with that creamy crap but his but why but he but the meat but is that why is he so rotund well Like because the meat there's gotta be some carbs. Well I mean I see him. A lot of garlic. Bread makes a lot of creamy sauces rice. I've seen make smell fritos You know maybe he's not getting a lot of cardio. I see him pumping a lot of ways to wait not a lot of cardio but I also you know. Maybe we're not seeing the fucking twenty four pack. I don't know. Oh that's you know. I didn't even think about that. You're right he's got to be slammed down at least a fucking case aside. But it's not I mean even though you know you see the chicken wings and things that they're certainly but there are some very fatty elements happening so I don't think that he's not eating. Lean even if he's got a handful of ground beef. He's not eating any kind of clean. I suppose that's true right. Yeah but I like the guy. Oh my God. He's like he's got more personality than than anybody. Yeah I wish I hope he doesn't turn out to be a fucking asshole. I wish they'd put him on the stick. Well you know. He's taking care of his mom. He seems like he's a decent GONNA pay not. I don't I don't imagine him. I jive politically but that don't matter you know. I don't I don't I don't hate everybody doesn't agree with me. Hey look no further than Jim Cornet. We'll probably hate him. Cornet exactly just because your vote in the same thing doesn't mean it's Ocean imagine him on the AMAC. You and that's true that's true five dollar Patriots here you get to be on the QN Avin excuse me seven dollars and a Lotta other ship. Big Time and more more happening all the time It's got his witness. Did you watch SMACKDOWN Basically the last hour was Yes yes yes yes Which I thought was cool. I don't like the structure of gauntlet matches because it's almost invariably it's just it's for. It to be random right. It's it kind of only works for me. Psychologically if the very last if the last person to come in is the guy that I'm trying to get to to begin with right. You know because it only makes sense in like you're being punt either you being punished by. He'll authority figure you're playing a video game or if there is like if it is like bronze strom and you have to beat this guy this guy this guy this guy this guy and then you get. Sammy's aim right. You know but where it's like like in the the Saudi Arabia show or like on Friday where it's whereas it's like. Anybody can be eliminated at any time. It doesn't make sense to me. It should be like an. It's like digs town. It isn't that the thing and digs town. Where he like he has to fight. Each guy digs down. What's digs down south fucking? Brian dennehy movie. I can't think of briny. Yeah one of the guys. I think that's the movie I'm thinking. No no is no digs. Town is the one with James Woods and and The guy from Iron Eagle deliverance. Since Louis Gossett Junior. Yeah I'm thinking of gladiator. Is that the one with Brian. Dennehy in the guy from twin peaks joker in it. It's got The guy from anyway right but there is that's right but the there's something about it's like you have to. It's it's the it's the it's like any action movie a gauntlet where it's like. You have one baby face you have to fight through all these odds to get to the main God it's like It's like that video that they debuted word low with you know where he just killed. That's right that's right. Whatever that girl she didn't make the cut man I guess. Oh Lamb Also it seems that the it felt like the tag match with with rollins and Murphy and Private Party no three prophets prophets Was a little bit of a throwaway and but then I was like. Are they already teasing a problem? 'cause you know. Rawlins's yelling at Murphy where I know they were. They were like. I don't know what God forbid. You look for answers from the announcers because it's like there's so much inconsistency and with the story lines and things get dropped and added and you just like what are you talking about. Yeah but it was that that thing of like will murphy. He's got he's looking to To rollins for all of his answers like he doesn't know what to do without rollins their race like rollins flock right. Yeah it is. It's the flock and fucking Sammy's anes crew feels like Feels like two point. Oh what was what was the xenophobic stable that they had for minute where it was all the foreigners. Oh Yeah With Bad News Barrett and Yeah Roussev and all them Cesar might have even been in coffee nations when they call it yet. We saw something like. Oh It's the League of nations right. I don't know I don't know Did you watch a w last week? Definitely Oh my God. You're like annex t maybe e w yeah sorry no no. I'm just I'm just clarifying. I'm apologizing to anybody. Who's listening mckrill bad about that? I you know annex t. It's a great show the. Awa just has like a little bit of a fucking Polish on right now you know. I mean that new annex t has always been for me if I get sweat I'll get to it but if I miss a week I'm not compelled to catch up with a W. for me. It does feel a little you want to see. It can't miss and if I do miss a week I read it. Will you really read what happened? In exte- Yes all like like I I was like. Oh that's right. They did two cage matches the the women's cage match and yeah but it doesn't it's not Yeah the women's cage match was fucking cool to now that you reminded me anyway. There you go yeah. Vince loves a cage match. I but a W. It's funny. It was kind of there was no big hook leading into it. It's just it's the followed from the pay per view. Joe Mike Great. And then we're kind of in a place. Where we're you know continuing storylines or restarting storylines. I loved the video from Emma. Mj where he you know takes a cheap shot at the neck. Tattoo fucking brilliant. Yeah I love the way that they do that. It's like not. Everybody has to be every single week right That that's kind of the same philosophy where I love that. Elimination Chamber was kind of Bet. They do have a B. Pay Per view where it's like. It's a place for other people to shine. It doesn't always have to be Goldberg and Brock and right and the light nor could they afford it to be no shoot I also say Cameron Grimes got a little Mike. Time which is always a follow interesting. And now Keith. Lee are going to have a match this week. The Lee brothers explode so like this is for me right so like I obviously. I you know I was down. I'm always down to watch a W I'm still watching it. I yeah but the last week I was like. Oh it's it's dream in Roddy. So like Reina. In a very classic way it's like the main is what drew me but I watched the whole show. I don't know where I don't know where that matches going to be. It was at the end where it should have been but so now it's like they are hitting me with like whereas. Aws Wanna see everything. I don't always think like. Oh this matches happening annex t for me now is more like I want to see the cage match. Okay now I WANNA see Cameron. Grimes and and Keith Lee so now I'm going to tune in for that and then see it's like it's like when you get Get a record and you're not sure about it but one song starts to get you and then you forget to turn it off and then before you know what you're into the whole record like you are listening to it but Yeah I don't know I mean I do approach where there is if I feel like. There's something I need to see like you said also if I miss it and you're like no you need to check this out. I'm like Oh well I'm gonNA check this out right But with a each w there is a. I'm kind of I'm locked in and I wanna see where everything is going right because it does feel like things in the hook is in a masculine. Yeah is there a part of you? That's like thinking well. Maybe on Saturday night in Tampa. You're trying to go to the ring of honor show not the annex t show oldest girl you've got you've got You know I don't know exactly some of the other matches over there. I mean all this and Scarlett is hot but but but I mean XY takeover mania weekends exte- takeover in Fuck anytown Duluth. It's like they don't they. Don't Miss Right and particularly mania weekend. Yeah and the other thing for me is like the ring of honor show. Geographically is the one show that's like in Outer Mongolia instead of like everything else is in a in a pretty like general area and then the rhythm on our show is out. So it's like that's the other thing that's going to have to like really flip. Yeah plus there are seats for an xt are pretty good. You know the kind of seat I like to sit in. Of course I mean like I'm thinking like last year New York the annex t seats at at it greatly affected I was like people were like talking about. Oh this is five stars. That was five stars. This was perfect. This was probably the best. Wwe match the company's history. And I'm like Oh well I watch it on TV. Then because where we were was not Right this year. It'll be like that so I sit with staying in a fucking vulture. My nose started to believe but I yeah I don't. I don't think there's any way we're GONNA end up at the ring of honor show and is there any way that they're at bell time the exact same time that's too bad The other thing is they don't ring of honor doesn't put their shows up immediately on the website do they fit It's not like the network I I yeah no but I think it's like the next day or something like that usually I believe is when you get the replay. If you don't watch it live but I couldn't go that way. We can watch the ring around pave your while. We're at mania that he go. Yeah I WANNA see you know we Bateman is over there those guys you know. It's going to be a good show. It's never for a lack of talent. Same with impact. It's never for a lack of interesting wrestlers or or talented people. It's just other factors. So there's there's lives and session. There's only so many hours in a day and be frankly you know life is in session. Life is in session bro. Life it happens at the speed of life. fuck But Awa was fucking sweet. You know was not the hottest show they've done but it but they are always in a place of you know we're moving forward. Were planting seeds. I dug started put together. The you know the the blood and guts. They started sort of make a reason right. You know which I dig Jake the snake surprising. Cody I tell you. There is something to I'm not I don't like entering promos. Being interrupted by people k The cody thing. I didn't because he called. Mj And he got somebody else instead and he was shocked the crowd was fucking popped and Jake Roberts cut a mean fuck and Promo you know. he has a bad track record. But See I. Maybe maybe maybe jake but the fact is DP is around right. You know well but beyond that I was I mean. I was like interested that Jake was there. I thought it was cool. I'M NOT GONNA say no fly but there were elements of that. Promo was like Interesting I'm not sure that we want him to do this all the time. And that's sort of the role that it seemed like he's in but we'll see. Maybe maybe you just need to get his feet under him you know. He's baby bird well. Adc A fucking baby bird. I'm like a little baby bird. So yes it's gotta get comfortable again. You know. Spend a little while for Jake in in one. They don't want this. So far W does not make people talk every single week. Even the people that we want to hear from right. I mean Christ was last time. We heard from Michael Nakazawa Ono. Who usually I was going to say. A tully blanchard. I mean they had that video where they're like. You know. Perfect ten needs a partner. But it's like he's tremendous in that role. Yeah you know. I think they're doing a really good job utilizing the older talent. That maybe can't go anymore. You know your your double as with with with cody. Even DP to certain extent. It's like he's not he's not in my face. Yeah you know I loved. Ddp In the package you know. Leading UP TO 'EM J. F. And Cody where? He's just like you know a lot of us were like what's doing with this guy but Yeah I would love to see more tully. I don't think jake is going to be over. Extended Right We'll see we'll see. I mean I have more faith seeing where goes on dynamite than anywhere else really and we know we know Archers coming yeah we know I mean. We don't know but we. I think it's pretty strong case that Harper's Common. Yeah Matt Hardy. I don't know I just listened to him Do a little interview It sure that seems like it but while the two things I don't know if you watch any of hardy's videos yeah but the bucks showed up on one ahead. Yup Yup the bucks of youth. I knew you'd come. Yeah and then there was. Somebody else cracked a code. There was some message from the dark order right that if you just look at the first letter. Did you see the first letters of every sentence spell out Matt Harding Right Who knows yeah? I mean it's a fun. It's a fun tease. It does seem like there's enough where you're like if he doesn't it's sort of weird now right This sort of right and in that way or no well it definitely there is a you know they mentioned the dark order mentioned the the exalted. One people started chanting delete Which there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with I mean it's there is in pro wrestling. Sometimes predictable doesn't mean boring right and especially after like the last two decades of fucking swerves where it's like. It's like the hangman thing. It's it's Brian. It doesn't matter if and again I don't even know exactly where what has happened with that. But when you know something is coming it doesn't make it wrong or bad. It's sometimes you just WanNa see how you get there. Even though you know it right did like how much money did adventures endgame make? And did anybody think they were going there to watch the rest of the avengers die right? It's like no we know where this is going. We know Superman Spiderman are going to win in the end. But how are we going to get that but even more than that? It's like you know this is a fucking dated as reference. But it's like you have it to me but it's never heard Colombo. They fuck it. Tell you what happened in the first scene and then Columbus gotTA figure it out every year down to watch and figure it out right or in the movie where th you know and they pan over and they and they hit the music and you see the guy and you're like okay. He did it right. Wouldn't these still WANNA fuck and see him get caught or you? WanNa see you know every every other fucking TV show on. Tv is law and order. Fill-in the acronym right like like a dateline. You know like when the photo of a person they're talking about comes up and you're like okay. That person is in the courtroom and or in jail now right. Oh you know I mean fuck every law and order is here's the first person we think it is we no. It's not him because it's the first person we think it is. Yeah and then by the end. It's like they're going to catch the guy right you know. It's it's when we look back it's GonNa make sense. I mean fuck. This is what I tune in for. That's I go to see Bruce Springsteen to hear glory days right you know. Yeah and and the opposite is true. I go to sea fish because I know to expect the unexpected right. You know it's like there is. There is a certain comfort of that. Like I'm tuning. I am hooked on Awa dynamite. Because there's going to be storylines that are told over the course of weeks and months that have pay off so far that has been the case and so far there has always been at least one if not two killer matches. Yeah you know I. I have kept watching the ruthless aggression. Doc It's not as like it's kind of become kind of fun. It's it's as like horribly in your face like wrong and and like stupid. I didn't watch the Broccoli. Eisner one yet I was I. I just finished the third one which I think was evolution so there's John Sina evolution and then I think the next one's rock but also last night I didn't get through all of it but yeah about half of that. Fcw Dog which was great. Really no real reason for them to fucking bullshit too much on that. So it's like okay. I just LUXEUIL FOOTAGE STEVE. Kern in his I mean in his element is shoot interview. Yeah with fucking R F is is one of the best. But it's that's that's as soon as you seem like you want me to tell you about the Florida territory like you just like I. I don't know just has away. Yeah but I loved it. I loved when I and Again Jack. Finishing his English muffin and I walk in the room. And all of a sudden I just go The Fabulous Ones Jessie. What's your take on that Muffin? Oh my God he eight hundred up or does he just wanted thought her butter I said to him he goes to Adam. Still Hunger. How about English Muffin? I'll toasted or put a little butter on it. And he looks. He goes no eggs. Oh boy as a powerful men and I was like what about cheese and he goes. I don't like cheese. Wow now mike okay. Controversial man knows what he likes. Amen I mean brother. I don't know what we're doing but we're doing something right. This could sitting there. He's eating he's four years old. Is eating carrots and Broccoli and corn and peas. And I'm just like aren't see likes the baddies. He loves fucking Broccoli. It was crazy but he likes bad guys but he loves bad guys. Yes yeah love. Sarah Logan Loves Ruby Riot. So you were. You watched it or you watch part of it or I watched much of it as I could. I mean you know. We're we're getting ready for bath and stuff but I'm definitely going to go back and check it out. Yeah that's good I did I I pop myself laughing when The first semi shame as he goes. Well my My first memory of going to Fcw was and I filled in the blackout. Like Yoshi Hashi kicking your ass. No Not Yoshi Hashi. What was his name Yoshi Tatsu Yoshi Tatsu Yoshi. Tatsu SAYING. I'm no young boy kicking your ass in the fucking Condo. Yeah but I didn't know that stuff about like the first place was a batting cage right. Yeah and then the second one was like food storage warehouse. That's incredible God just hearing when they started talking about this man in the middle drill for someone stands to the boat. Faulk that I was like I was just having flashbacks to like basketball. Football practices. Should be like oh that fucking sound oral sounds horrible and it was like one hundred degrees or whatever in the fucking made me. Think of the fucking those underground tapings first weekend. It's funny Kaz Kidman goes you know. Part of it was Stephen. WanNa pay turn the air conditioning. On what the other one was conditioning. No kidding I love that I love. It was like you know I've got. I've got some stuffs here in the archive of like FCW. But I've got some deep south to yeah that we should we should you and I should take a look at some time. Yeah Yeah but what was the other one that Johnny as I mentioned I? I'd never heard of o. H. W. H. W. La. That's where that's where moxley trained. It was the one that really Les Thatcher he he okay he he had a school that then sort of like. Yeah also it was felt like a lesser partner of like VW is obviously the big one deep south was the other one by aws did have some affiliation interesting. Because what what? I thought was hilarious. Was they went out of their way to not mentioned cornet when they talked about you know severing ties with Lovie. W I don't know if he was still there or not but when they were like well you know some Kidman's I want you know. Some people were loyal to Danny Davis and you know other people and like or when they were talking about Who is the guy? Oh this was in the ruthless aggression where they took a shot they were like you know Batista had just been told to be this like seventy style. Big Guy who doesn't never falls down and whatever your vampire you know sell nothing but And then the other funny thing is when Johnny. Ace's like you so I was like if we move this whole thing to Florida and we can attract you know some some other people who you know maybe wouldn't WanNa go to like Louisville or Atlanta or even Cincinnati. He says like even since they as if like. That's the best option of the replace kidding. I know I was. I was like it wouldn't even want to go to Cincinnati Origo. I know Florida though fucking but I'm like sitting there like I don't think there's anything wrong with any of those towns now but but in particular I was like Atlanta. That's a you're like. Hey would you like to get a job at WBZ? Maybe where am I going to have to go right? Oh well it yeah. Nothing Florida okay. I got two little no shit. You know so strange but yeah we're trying to weed people out but at the same time we wanted to come to Florida you mazing Lauren. Itis that's great. I Two yeah I'm annuals do supplant Bax. I want to go in the backyard barbecue. Go on we'll just flat backs. WanNa use the grill but we still do some flat backs next book. Let's go crazy man. I fuck and I'm interested to see the rest of that. I I tuned back in Jack's like I'm like all right. Put on your. Pj's run of the other room. And the like so I saw some more of There was there. There's I got. They basically do like a whole section. It seem like on each trainer like they talk about Kidman and and they got some of him work and with you know some shows a Norman Smiley At Yeah. I'm looking forward to watching that and it's funny to anytime Bella. Twins both ringworm on their face. Oh God God have yikes. Yeah Fuck Man. I mean it's just like again. I'm like watching it. I'm just like Oh gross. Leave the fabs alone. It's funny though that everyone was like they were. Fcw Up until like two thousand twelve. When I was like that's right. That's when the whole again shut down. Its Annex T now. Yeah now it was like they went from you. Know like some level of partnership with like Cornet in them to a much better deal for them with Steve Current to wait a minute. Why don't we just fucking bright own? The Shit you know. And then they shut down. Fcw and annexed redemption at the same time. They like it obviously. They moved to full sail. Yeah they might a bit where they had full sailed before when it was still fcw. I'd have to watch. I don't know for sure I'd have to watch because I have some of the shit where it's like you know where. Bray Wyatt Damian. Santow like these were it was. Fcw right right before it became an xt. Yes and then. It also made me that that doc was like fuck man like he slater like no kidding. Can't we can we? I mean at least that he's still got a job. Yes does say that does and the other thing I- unrelated related is are the iconic. Just they're not even on TV at all right. I never see them. Yeah they're just the iconic after mania last year they had their little Ron and then they were like that's crazy to me in that Sea of women. Yeah they have like it's the they. They're like charisma. And their ability to to pull the other shit off when it's like in in that like group where none of them are that great. A worker anyway It was like why not go with the ones who can do everything else but again. I mean if we're only in opinion I wouldn't disagree with it you know I mean give give them something to do. Yeah let them talk. Yeah you know a Whereas now you've got like a same. Zane somebody who could fucking go for days. And you're like Oh you're just gonNA talk. Yeah it's like But it is that thing of like Like it doesn't feel to me like Sammy's aim is going to be an icy champion. Like Tito Santana Greg. Valentine where it's like sent him out there and fucking let them fucking give him twenty minutes and he'll fucking give kids a hell of a show. It's like no he's GonNa be. It does feel like if like Jimmy. Hart had won the IC BELT. And he's just going to be hiding right you know. He's hiding from this big monster. Who's really the the real fucking interesting piece? It's Vince McMahon swell. In that same thing of like once you are seeing a certain way. Very hard slater. Yeah Matt Hardy who it sounds like was pitching a number of ideas. Yeah and you know and not just broken. But he's you know by his word was like going through all this stuff and it was just like he he. This is where 'cause he's going. I have three or four years left. I JUST WANNA be. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa be the fucking I just WanNa have a part on the show That's like prominent in some way. You know that I'm on and I'm doing my thing just wants to do and ultimately that didn't seem like it was going to happen And whatever they pitch for him in annex t just wasn't what he was looking at all I mean to say is even Matt. Hardy is like there. He can't get out from whatever been sees. You know he still sees Matt Hardy Two Point Oh and I even think we're at a point now where it's like even if whoever comes out on TV and they get that reaction instead of it being like. Oh it's like no like we didn't we not send you out here too right. We why we're not happy that the fans are happy about this. Fuck you going into business for yourself. Yeah Yeah So. It's not even like the they would go like now. Stone cold be fucked. They are Fox. No Shit you know. 'cause that shit happened and I don't think it was really supposed to know. And but Vince. I mean it's like when the worst thing that can happen for Vince. Mcmahon is Financial success because then. He thinks he did it all by himself. And he's a genius convinces genius but when his back is against the wall. Then he's in a place where he has to Entertain other ideas. He's got a role with or at least like right. Be like okay. It seems like they might pay for this right. A real genius is not an isolationist right. You know if you are truly in entertainment and you can collaborate. I mean even Hilmer had uncle Rico. Lebanon's closet thank you. You know a real genius. Yeah what I'm talking about my I'm on. I got the movie show. I don't know I just you know. I don't have data references. I got a couple of films. I could talk about. Colombo you WanNa talk about right for file. So I'll do it. Whatever you want Brian. He you know Might have had something else. I wanted to talk to you about Matt. I need you to go ahead to be opened with me man. If you've got something you want to say you need to fuck and say it will clear the air right here on the air. Okay nope I wrote. Stop Licking your hand. Nyla dread star Rock Bar Ebor city. You know. That's what I'm talking about April. Fourth can't wait. It's no Cova Zone. That's right so don't worry about it we're GONNA we're wearing Hazmat. Suits mania just got Casey sizes So that I can get his ordered up. We'LL BE DOING. We'll look like fuck in You know George Mc fly come into your house in Waken. Yep that's right style. I tried just picture George Mc Fly Marnie MC fly holding a A Bull Machala. That's going to be as many of those Mardi talking to Jordan fly when he plays the Walkman. Yeah that's right Somebody somebody please a super cut of that but George MC fly is Casey carbons face. Yeah you know you. You know you're right. I think Also this past week huge at Matt's urging and I WANNA I wanna go on record as saying like we need to keep this party going. Yes if you are going to a live show of any size you need to have a sign with you that says Casey Corbin loves van. Halen Matt put this idea out to the universe in this past Wednesday. It came back in a major way. was a J. J. K. MARTINEZ. Joyce JD Martinez. You find the name. He was right on the isle. Then there were a number of great shots eight W With him holding up the sign he he went so far as to make a very Official Looking VHS TJ Martinez You are a a the the triple W. listener of the month but based on where we're sent for an xt we might need to bring her own. Just have him with us. Yes it was but we got it. Go to if you're going to show you gotTa have the sign that says Casey Van. Halen that that's an order. That's I mean it's the greatest thing that you can do. It's imperative yeah A great sign great. Sign really really great work. Great positioning incredible during the the bastards entrance. You could see it. I love the one shot where it's just like you see Jericho's Titan tron come up on the stage and it's just the it's the only sign there so great now that's not a sign. They would confiscate over the right. I mean there's no reason to With fucking case. Cormon this I prefer. Acdc supposed to say Baron Corbin Barren Barren King Corbin. You Love Van. Halen hit rock Should say Vince McMahon loves. Acdc Goddamn pal where we add on them. Playing Mania What do you mean the singer's death? What what do you mean Goddamn God? They're so old I can't have old people on the show. GotTA GET SOMEBODY. Sucky to play the fucking. That's part of mania right. You Know Shit it's common. Yeah it's coming PAL BIG TIME. I know that That Batista and The Batista Party that Titus thrown for him. It's a it's a it's a event it's going to feel a little weird calling in a favor to get in when the money to get in is for charity. You know what I mean. Well you know we can throw like five bucks in the hat when they pass it around. We're GONNA do everything we can. We'RE NOT. We're not trying to scam anybody. Not Very era of you aura. What what what. I I'm totally Ju man. Look I'm going to help the kids or whoever and you know But you know it text me. Text me text me. I'm texting you and pulling up the mania card Updated yes of last night. Yeah what we have. Right now about the updated pro wrestling guerrilla card. There that's happening in a couple of weeks. That's the go Khomeini Week. That's a Sunday. That's a Sunday Ya. Of course I am all right. Let me pull that up I fuck. They quit March. Twenty ninth all right. Let's see what attack me still tickets available and standing room That is one of the things to whenever somebody I see like a comedy shows or around. They're like I love to go to one of those. Pwg's with you or whatever. I'm like great. Get A ticket. You should go go any papa. Let's see I don't know who these people are all right. Well we got aramis and Ray Horace versus the villas the velocities the villa cities. Okay Paris Dasilva and Jud Lunden. Aramis is the Guy I know Aramis and ray whore but I didn't know who the velocities are the yellow cities the Mike Avila cities. Maybe Michael Villas Cities Davila cities. All right. Now we're of ILA CITIES TO SCAN all brothers thirty county for all the brothers. That's right I can. Hey Man. Hey Hey man. Man Look and three of them fucking triangle the death triangle to do whatever they trouble boys. I don't want no trouble. We're not playing favorites now mic Moretti. Whose Make Moretti sounds familiar to sounds familiar. I feel like we've probably seen well this this name. I know versus Orange Cassidy okay. That's the name of familiar with yes. I'm GonNa have to break the glass on the babysitter. Try to get Glenis to come. Oh well she might be working though so Friday to Sunday. This is a PWG on Sunday. Oh my God you're right. It's it's a burden but I but it's the Cross Holy Shit. It isn't Sunday Nick. Moretti Orange Cassidy singles match. Yeah okay. That's hot. That is on my luck. We think so well best we can remember about MC Moretti is Mick Marie I feel like I know that name is he. He's he's not that big guy that impressed us last time now. I think he's on this show but that's not that's not him. Mcmurray wrestler This guy looks like a The Guy from the photo Matt who that is no no I. I don't know how he's on. Imdb he looks like a A UK wrestler. Oh wait a minute now. Now that's making more sense. I remember him from the other time. When he's like. Yeah he's he's I think he's now bald and he has Yeah that looks more familiar me interesting. All right I'm in. We'll see oh we will see all be classics. Well talk about a potential five star classic you ready for this yet to me former. Pwg heavyweight champion. Jeff Cobb versus David Star. Okay all right. I'm listening. There was some hubbub about yeah. I didn't hear the audio. I don't know what's going on. He David Star is staunchly independent. Yes has a talked mad shit on. Wwe ANNEX T. I guess he worked a match with Walter where he even went so far as to step on the exceed championship belt. I don't know if that's necessary. But anyway that's a Medusa move Yeah has very very big on Unionization K which I am too. I think that the boys in you know should should have happened. Decades ago So that all being said I believe he is the O. T. T. Champion K. This is a company that WWe has w w earn about okay. This is what happened all right. That's a company that. Wwe has a working relationship with apparently next month. They're doing mocks versus David Star at. Ott which okay you gotta wonder where WWe shakes out in that. W X W has a working relationship with WWe Has David Star has been a a apparently a you know fixture there k. And now they have both said that they are no longer going to be working together. David Starr will not be appearing with W W anymore and I guess that I I would assume David Starr has said this came from. Wwe W X W has said there are outside forces forces who who Don't want David Star involved with W X W any more. Apparently that's where it is. When I'm sure Dave will have something to say about it. I I don't think he bears. Ill will against W X W put it that way okay because it's you know business is business and when you're a small company and you get right to work with a bigger company and there's the independent or whatever there's no bigger company than wwe. So you know He. I don't think he faults them so much as it's not w x w fault basically you know they're they're they're in bed with the company that David Star doesn't think is right well or hand argue with that is an issue with can argue with that so it is a things are interesting. Okay so the The Bernie Sanders. A professional wrestling is being singled out by the Barak. Sling runs a couple times a month. Or Oh there's plenty of plenty of opportunity to work here and so cal. Yeah at a four way match Black Torres. Jt Drake Brody King Caveman Ugh. That's fucking awesome. Jd Drake Ready. Drake's the guy I'm thinking of. That's hot that's GONNA be. That'll be a big old hog pen of beef slam. It's a hot hot fucking card Dragon leave versus full Mita okay. I don't think he's known as Dragon. Leonie More Ryan Reilly I think at least in Japan fernow We got a six person tag match. Blake Christian Tony Devon and Alex Zane versus call them the GW crew. Interesting bursts is the rascals Which includes a third party trae Miguel? I don't which I my understanding. Is You know back in Ohio wherever it is a it'll formed as the rascals that there was a third member though I mean have they were gay. W He's he for whatever reason he doesn't always work the the rascals are are those two. Pwg Moss. I mean. I think he has come before but it does. It seems to be like a more rare that he's with them even though he's with them other places. I don't know if I ever remember him being in a PWG match. Obviously I'm not trae Miguel. You'll know when you see him now. And then the big main event for the ten pounds of PWG gold ten pounds for the for the ten. That thing is the come on dragon on put a little money into the belt please Bandido is defending his championship against the Octopus Jonathan Gresham big-time time. I am into that match. Big Time It'll be our church that Sunday won't it? You know what I loved. I was watching it. Was Dynamite Yeah. The opener was well first of all we haven't even mentioned boom boom Colt Cabana getting big. Aws Try to the big debut. Thank God yeah huge He. He belongs on a nationally televised wrestling program. No doubt about it. I love that it was. He's kind of been paired up a little bit with so-called uncensored. Yeah you know accents old friends. You got that big eight man tag. So cal uncensored against the dark order which is consisting of at that point even Luneau Stu Grayson. Thank you and silver and Reynolds Reynolds and I'm sitting there and I'm watching. I'm like I love that. I'm watching Turner Network television. Yeah I love that. I'm watching. Like drama ain't no drama. They know they know watching. All elite wrestling watching live professional wrestling in my home being broadcast to the world. Watching eight guys. Who for whatever reason Super Dragon stopped booking and sure enough here they are kicking. And it's and it's all guys that I enjoy immensely immensely Super Dragons Super Dragon Man. That's it I mean. Dragon does what he wants. And and you think I'M GONNA complains. I'm sure he's like a. It's worked for other people. Don't worry about it you'll be fine. You just GonNa work here more. That's right done with you. Got Nothing for you. Yeah now what about are you? Are you at all of the idea or the concern? That potentially legion? Larry might come out on Wednesday for a w. That would be incredible. What if he's the one working for Jeff he's the higher power what if he's the Exalted? One belted one only God. He comes out smoking a cigarette. There's a hood with the smoke coming out of it. I mean you gotta think at some point the bucks. They Love Legion Larry. To no end they gotta bring him out at some point if he can be brought out. I'd like to think that That'll happen in some way shape or form maybe Larry will get his big debut on. Tv He would be insufferable. Oh my God and TV. That'd be crazy at least sneak them into like the background of of being the leader or backstage where it's just like. He's the bouncer guarding their the elite locker rumor. Yeah make him the corner man during the war games match. You know something he's like he's got lung. Cad checking the fence. Yes yeah he was like. Oh and we have an expert here on security checking the object the check. The stanchion appears to be all right. Everything seems to be up to snuff. Larry said there was good to go. Home Well before we take this home and so far. Officially we have five matches for mania mania season corporate. I mean you. Can we sit down with us? Edible to me that it'd be sitting right with us. Man Thank you know. What a beacon of positivity and joy I don't think anybody in our entire section is going to have a bad time just with Casey Corbin's energy Feel it John. Cena versus the fiend okay. Goldberg versus Roman reigns. Yeah for the belt. Becky Lynn Trista. Shane obeys look for the belt. Brock listener versus drew for about sure and rear ripple versus Charlotte Flare About K. All right a lot of gold online at night give it a gold gold at our WanNa know where the golds at at some point. They're going to add fifteen more matches where we just gotTa wait and see how that develops I gotta think the tag belts are going to be up for grabs. I gotTA assume it's going to be multi people involved. Yeah I see belt same thing. Maybe maybe smacked on women's about same thing. We'll probably get around Owens match feels like feels like it's headed. There may be there it see. It's interesting that is AJ and undertaker. Was that listed there. No it wasn't. I'm almost wondering because after Latte not been made official doesn't seem like it's been made official at least according to Wikipedia I was almost wondering after last night. Because Alastair Black has so much undertaker in him if they don't do a handicapped tag with the club versus Alastair and take her interesting okay or even if you want to bring the mayor in do a six on six on the mayor of Knox County. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah you know. That's there's Buddhism while while while I want. Yeah that'd be I down with that. Because he fits in with the brothers of destruction like nobody else. Yeah Dope and also. It's you know take doesn't necessarily need to have the burden of a singles match when we get Anderson gals obeyed April lease. You know I mean you know ship on top of it. No Shit you know sure lock. So maybe there's maybe there's been because they have not made that singles match official which seems yeah although they're still building the story but there are other people involved that's the thing Jeff Hardy's cleared really. Yeah he was on backstage last week. I caught backstage with Jeff Hardy interesting. He's clearly he's been at TV the last couple of weeks just waiting for them to come up with something for Jeff. Taken Uber so Take A fucking tuber. You know but So hopefully maybe you know. Taken Uber directly to eighty. W Yeah Man Pretty cool. I mean you gotTa admit that's pretty cool. You GotTa admit that's pretty cool. Meltzer seems to think that they're building towards Otis versus Dolph at mania a singles match which. I'm like Rudin Tucker on the outside. I don't see those seem like the singles matches not even two o'clock. They can't do it. I just want Vince. Gets in that mode of you. Don't want so and soda a mania payday. Now we're just you know you got the battle royal at some point. Yeah you're going to have every other belt that's going to be up in some form or another. Yeah and then you're GonNa have you know the weekend to A five minute concerts. Or maybe they'll do it at Oh they they would never have the weekend. That's way that's way too hip But when you said the weekend I thought you meant like are they can just do that access. Maybe let's blow blow the phone interesting interesting you gotta and then there's going to be at twenty four seven segment or God forbid match. Heaven forbid you know maybe maybe have ricochet Checking tickets and finding people their seats. That's probably going to be his role at wrestling. They may leave him in Paducah for the weekend. We'll see very well. Might Vince Shit Man. Who's your favorite wrestler? My favorite wrestler think has got to be a cameron. Grimes I just like. Yeah of all the shit that's happened. It's one of those things where you're going like. Well how do you? How do you pick that one? But I just as soon as he came out on Wednesday I was like yes. He's got a fucking microphone in his hand and you go and then he made me WanNa fuck and make sure I watch next week. You know so I'm like well that means something and I I could. I could do for a lot of crimes I I. It's one of those guys I ever imagine him on the main roster and and you know right or are almost hope. It doesn't happen but in the meantime I wanNA see him work his way up in. And don't I don't WanNa see anybody to the main roster Shit Man. I when I was watching ricochet in fucking Riddick Moss fucking fight. I'm like all of a sudden I just remembered I was like. Can you imagine if like will Osprey had gotten got his card punch and went to Wwe Ama? Which is like fuck. It's like I it's. It's feels like such a distant memory. Yeah when ricochet was like the hottest fucking high flyer happening. Yeah Oh my God yeah yeah. Good bless who's your favorite wrestler. Daniel Bryan Admin. That ain't wrong any wrong. I really really hope that was not his fucking retirement match. Yeah I really hope that he gets a fucking singles match at mania. No Shit you know fuck but let the man let the Manhattan Day let Daniel Bryan wrestled for forty fucking minutes. Put on a clinic in Tampa. I mean what the fuck at least at least with fucking how long do you Roman Goldberg is going to go? They should do a balls. Outmatch with him Rome and Goldberg. I'd give them A. Are they going to like gesture? The intros yeah. Let's let's do eight men they just going to trade spears and then it'll be the battle of the spear Lord Willing Lord Willing Anyway Vince. Where can the kids find you online? A- APP and save on Twitter instagram capsule records dot limited run DOT COM for the big Joe derosa limited color LP zero pound McCarthy encouraging to follow me on all forms of social media at McCarthy Redhead and a friendly reminder Sunday march fifteenth. They are showing King Kong in movie theaters for the first time. And I don't know how many decades the original King Kong shoe So I would check that out. Check your local listings In the meantime Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Everybody keep your keep your balls and your pants. Dan Bryan Mccarthy redhead listened. I love you okay. Podcast and just find my movie collection. We've got new shouts Patriots Patrons Damien Thorn Damien Thorn. I like that. You're like Satan's little kid. Sounds like an annex name. Does Shawn Henderson Sean Henderson Nice. Irish name. Vince McMahon I like Irish. People Ulysses Jimenez Ulysses always on an Odyssey oddities Bring those guys back. Yeah thank you thank you. Thank you dollar mortgage. You A shout out five dollars. Gets you this beautiful streaming show and seven dollars gets you the world? Thank you for participating quiz. The hate them podcast.

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