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healthier three sixty today magic pinker and i. We talk about something. That's really important but let me lead into why we're talking about what we talked about. Which is important. We didn't audit of the sixty nine episodes that we had done. Previous number. seventy which is today and we realized that ten of those sixty nine episodes surrounded mentioned or directly discussed detoxification from the body when we did an audit in those podcast. We realized that there are options that are in there at the same time because we love feedback and we love to hear back from you. The best and brightest we heard from some friends. We also heard back from audience members where there were other options that we could look at explore. That did the same and more so. This episode of healthcare three sixty is specifically going to discuss detox options. The detox triangle. What is really happening to your body. Erectile dysfunction floride dopamine addiction in all the different things that lead to heavy metals in the blood or just non optimal health. So we're not for oh by the way and we also give a little bit of a snapshot next week episode which is going to blow you away in his real within happen next week so without further ado the magic megan or an i episode number seventy. Thank you for being here and thank you for being a part of the three six nations. Hey scott burgess one-two-three scott burgess one three two shovel three to one and three to one and three one now i. It's my one point on the thing in three two one good all right third time charm. Right okay everyone. Hey welcome back into the episode of healthcare three sixty we have the magic makers wish stop and wait until we get past the thing you got going on here. Welcome back episode healthcare three sixty. You have yours truly in the magic maker in the studio and this episode is it's pretty cool. It's a little different. You all know that we love comments. We love people bringing back. Good information. There's help you the best and brightest so we have a friend who contributes quite often. She is also a scientist so the information that she's bringing his real it's applicable and it's something that we can do something with she can actually take action on with that we went back and we didn't audit of all of our podcast episodes. We found out that ten out of the seventy are about detox in about heavy metals. In the blood. And what you need to do a lot of conversation around that this would be eleven eleven. Yeah that's right. They brought in the introduced a product to us. That really went through what it does how it works. It works in the need for to work. Let me start off with this one stat real quick. If i was to tell you that you were born with now in utero supposed to be majestic supposed to be utopian his supposed to be nothing in there right. But what if we told you that there's over two hundred toxins in cord blood before you even took you first breath on this planet now. Interestingly i wonder if that's today or sixty years ago well of course it's probably more today. Yeah but it's just interesting that years ago. There probably weren't that many toxins in cord blood which now than we have allergies and asthma at least childhood epidemics. That's just an interesting point to just throwing it out there for today's episode. We want to talk about really how to go about properly detoxing at the same time. Talk about the detox triangle. Some underlying conditions. That will help you identify quickly. If you need to take action or something you may need to bring up when you visit your doctor or their research on your end or the same time go research and your own we. Are you know where huge on research in your own your own homework following up and looking at the other side just following the medical community for what they say because they may not have been educated. You've seen episodes in this podcast where they specifically talk that they were not properly educated in nutrition as well as business and it just creates unfair dynamic when it comes to help people and at the same time one of the biggest complaints That most patients have which is what drives the high satisfaction is that patients are dissatisfied. Because they feel like no one's listening to them or paying attention to the needs so michelle fell. According to whol twenty five percent of illnesses are due to environmental toxins so does diseases include heart disease fatigue. Obesity depression diva anxiety. Infertility adhd stress. And so where does that environmental toxins come from. It's the life estate dr. Tom colloton that could go through. Our skin could be in our water. Could be in our foods that we eat. So that was a big Bulb weed killer right. Yes yes so. More than likely it's coming from the food source direct. And then eventually there's does run off when you sprinkling and whatever else or use it in our front yard it's water runoff to going back into the water source and my dad died from lymphoma. We always see this commercials and my dad had this beautiful garden in our backyard. We had a pool. We had colpon backyard. Was perfect in ahead. Plastic flamingos everywhere. It was just paradise. And i remember every spring. We would plant all the bulbs or you know. Do whatever and i always out in the yard working with my dad and he always use weed killer. He was like psycho weeds. And the fact that from the and then you see the commercials if you have foam newsweek. Hiller and he died at fifty nine so you know there's so much that he's missed in the last twelve years. That's why this really comes home. Because the scientists who brought this information was really sees that. There's things that she knows that she can help people with and when she worked on this product and brought this product to us. She pretty much said you know. This is an avenue that can help people. it's not just eating non. Gmo foods which really helps in using reverse osmosis water which really helps but also how do you detox. And that's always our thing is like we hear. Yeah detox detox. But how do you determine what detox. There's this company that are scientists friend is affiliated with and it's called a rupe and i think that is a fantastic name for business because they're not helping with symptoms there helping with the root of the problem and their biggest tagline is cure. The cause. what's the 'cause they have. A product called clean slate. And i'm just jumping the gun but with clean slate. They're using zeolite is a detox mineral and based on the information with the company if you go back to three hundred bc. And i don't know how they know this but somehow trump on that one to one when you say go back to three hundred bc. I know their science. And there's evidence of that no one. Was there the mind the but you have to do your own. Search your own homework. The surrounding all that because again no was no one's around the dinosaurs and supposedly left the planet asteroid hit we. No one knows. Birds are dinosaurs to no sure. But what the zeolite supposedly that mineral was used for the mayans water filtration to get rid of whatever they shouldn't have in our water back then. Basically what happens with zeolite. It helps to decrease the negative inflammation so inflammations important. It's the excess or the inflammation also cleans the cells and the other thing it does it removes toxins that are blocking those binding sites for nutrients so once to toxins are removed nutrients combined properly. I think that that's a real big part of it and for us. I want it to be something that we give a try research there. Yeah so. I talked to clayton the ceo in. He's agreed to send us some samples. We have some samples coming for clean slate with another product as well. But we're gonna focus there and clean slate thing. I want to mention real quick right before we came again We have this little magazine called. Usa try kids one of our daughters traffic on you all know. She's across country in a track runner in her. Original interest was in triathlon. Says boost your immunity. And i'm looking at that. And i'm kind of chuckling laughing internally because we don't need to boost your immunity at all and any level we just need to work as designed. So let's say boost your immunity even if this look at the media and you decipher the different way. It's eliciting that. Were already coming from deficit. Immunity anton optimized where it should be originally or this podcast for on a different topic. Point that we're going to mix in here but we needed to expand on what more we deleted the whole thing of redid. Which by the michelle's hair. We talked about The detox triangle common simple signs and symptoms that you can follow identify so one you can take action if you need to do something alternatively the same time if you need to go and have a real in depth discussion with your primary care. Physician there is also another aspect of it erectile dysfunction. Yeah yeah which might happy my thing to talk about Possibly you want to talk about that. And yeah sinus. And part of the original discussion that we came up with before was talking about not erectile dysfunction specifically sexual dysfunction as a whole between male and female camping out on the erectile dysfunction side of it i some of the simplest signs you can pay attention to as a male are you even in erection in this is according to what are scientists rented told us anywhere between four to six times a night. Okay on its own working. Okay and right no kidding. But it's really critical point because if you're not it's probably telling you that you have poor blood circulation you have a clog somewhere. And the way i evaluated is kin you drive a car with one quarter. Oil the answer's yes. We know that. But you're gonna hear dings and clemson the engines running smoothly and it's it's getting there but it's getting you there by the skin of teeth recently where i was having oil issues and i'm like i'm driving three hours away. I don't want anything to do with his vehicle. If there might be oil issues so i just had to step up back obstinately. You're supposed to be working at five quarts for the engine at least for the non-commercial car going to the detox trying to the body late in this back that if your oil your blood is craig related has a lot of totten's in john blood aways at sludgy. Yeah it's thick you also show signs and symptoms in your vision and your nasal canals. Well so that's what they call the detox triangle. So if you're identifying as a male now that you are achieving erection somewhere between four to six times per even right. oh that's one of our things. Oh no you can't get rid of those sounds vision wise as well and nasal because the hardware. The small little vessels that lead into those three areas are so small that if anything is creating or as to thick is not gonna flow in and out nor remember it's biden actually bringing good nutrients in so he can stay alive and thrive and stay well but at the same time it's also pooing or getting rid of the bad stuff at using up energy and that we're gonna go in more depth with next week year. Dr krauthammer where he talks about the pohan. Which isn't important. It's cellular well. we'll leave. I'll give you a little snapshot little snapshot. Believe me for suspense. That we had one of the foremost leaders in authority is in passing in the globe. He is over thirty years of research. The amazing job in talks about the microbiome and the great reset of the body in how structured it would give him too much way. Is that all the organisms that we need to survive in stay afloat in vertical and this planet. They're constantly doing their thing. The waste product it. What's supposed to be there or is it a chemical that a body doesn't recognize what's caused us to be sick more on that later. That was almost a little too much. We can get that we can edit that out again going into route to be up front with everyone right here. This is an affiliate site and we are going to try and sample it. If you feel that you would like to explore this by all means go right ahead. We do have an affiliate link that you can use. Please provide feedback and should be fantastic. Yeah we can get some collective data so the one thing about this product right now. It's presently dispatch over sixty countries which is huge. Yeah and they're doing amazing over the eu in over in asia an introduction now in tonight states. i've been fortunate enough to have the people around myself and healthy sixty six michelle who are brand this to our attention and let us know about it because we're always talking about detoxing in getting your body going answer. Yeah how do you do well. The other thing with this product that it does as well. What really interested me. When i hope everyone really taps into is going back to the structure for a second and we bounce out of that too quick but right tell dysfunction. You need to avoid to effective immediately. Okay or sexual dysfunction that matter as well. You need to avoid toothpaste with fluoride mouthwash at large. Now the way i structured my question was then what he use. I use a little bit of hydrogen peroxide going into the depth of this so erectile dysfunction medications how they work as they have a p five inhibitor. It allows the small vassal chair of the wall to relax allowing nitric oxide to go in free flowing in and now nitric oxide is the main enzyme that causes prepaid which is direction that lasts too long to the really serious condition but on the other hand of that freight does right recommendations which shouldn't eat any at all. If you need those medications you are a prime candidate for clean slate at least right now. The basil dilated that the united states introduces. What can you do to do that. Nationally on its own at the same time in combination with the supplement. Some couple of things l. arginine is one main nutrient supplement that you can take and then again snapshot into next week. Episode talks about the type of diet in the end. This all over collective data amal even of the cliffhanger how that die in combination with these different minerals and nutrients and how allows the body to free flow etc so the need proper supplementation. Removing those toxins either through toothpaste or mouthwash. I did ask the question. Its flora in the talks lawyer. A neuro toxin affects the body. More ways that we know it actually stopped research. Yeah it stops synapse of proper me response going back and forth and also just normal signal generation dopamine. We talk about welby. We you With dr krauthammer as well. That's a big. I mean that's addiction. So there is a podcast. She's so much information that i feel like. We were both very well educated. And there's just so much more information out there the dopamine side of it patrick. David i'm not afraid to refer people away from my podcast into another one. But they did a great job with dan lieberman and he talks about dopamine and is only one chemical dopamine. This is what marketing goes after they go. After the point addiction the politics the fight or flight response. Fear fear the high response all the going out and they're trying to target that to the more dopamine. You can release the more fight or flight. State that you bodies in and if you're in a constant state of consciousness meaning that your radar's always always in a state of anxiety in fair which is not good because in your drina glands who crazy off the charts and you can't do that going back to the nitric acid foods and the food. Yeah the celery. We'll both provide the length on health lines research yourselves. I don't wanna give it all away. Here g homer people should do their homework so anyways even mouthwash die told our friend that i use. I use a little bit hydrogen peroxide which is perfectly fine. Even have to be careful with that because nitric oxide actually starts in oral cavity mouth. That's where it begins killing good stuff in beds. Yeah so when you do you products as it's quick we don't have to use it as prescribed and we've been told to women kids sell much doesn't so much information going in there. Yeah i know so anyways going back to the nitric oxide within leads the microbiome and then also the detox triangle. So you can see where systemically. Oh that's happening. Bouncing back to the erectile dysfunction conversation what happens is everyone thinks that it's going to act in a silo or in a vacuum. I i'm gonna take these imagines and foam opposite effect that area. My body like you pelvis and that's not true. It affects us systemically holistically everywhere that you have. Little capillaries is going to be dilated. Not just in the groin in the groin. That's right so again. If you are having pelvis a lot on your heart in yeah nasal. It's something that you have looked up. envision issues that means however i've seen plenty of commercials during nfl football with our daughter's fun quick stories. If that's your pal dysfunction. Mom that's why we cut the cord originally because we'll watch an nfl. Football got cable ricky. Here's all they kept doing. Was years ago berchtold dysfunction in seattle with two people on top holding hands but now that the patents are probably all expiring and they can't make so much money off of it now. they're different ads different ads. Different companies coming out. I want to get back to this one point about the detox triangle distracting the penile gland and we talked to fumes to go but enlightenment or just third. I waking up. Your brain actually know how to gain information and work at the supposed to fluoride from the water from the toothpastes and from the mouth. Wash calcified Gland k now. It's not penile pinot pinot. Denial p. i n. e. a. l. banal pinot. It all depends on us. But so the pi and he l. right so the going which acts third eye or the actually awareness okay. It's a major part of the brain is not working optima or working at all. Okay now at the same time. Clean slate de calcified that gland completely. Meaning that you will have a better sense awareness. No more brain fog. No more lethargic behavior after you eat certain if you're eating the right way after certain foods your body is now starting to run optimally so again when you look at this slow. Usa kids boost your immunity. That's a bunch of crap because you shouldn't need to boost your immunity and there's some people whose immunities outta whack and boosted too much. I mean that's like all another yes. Yeah now the one thing. We will stress in it. We will talk about is. There is a chance that you can overdo it you detox. We don't want that to happen. Father recommendations give feedback bag. She homer do you research and that's really about it on that. Who should they go talk to about. Detox wentz too much detox. I mean into your body. I'm going to give a recommendation back to two functional doctors. Yeah we don't overdo it on your own personal detox. Our recommendation is you. Go back. And listen to dr chris. Spot cast which is number eighteen. He is a functional or whole listrik. Doctor who was interventional cardiologists. At first he went from an insurance based business to a cash based business if you set up consultation with him. I'm sure he could help you with that. Engaged on the right way and he might not be aware of this product that we were talking about. And that's the thing is do your research so when you go and talk to these doctors than you can be the educated patient and use your time. Well spent and ask the proper questions. Because honestly if i go to my pcp. And i mentioned these things. They might not be aware and the information i received from them might not be accurate when it comes to other options. So that's why sometimes we have to find a doctor who doesn't focus on one area but actually looks at different sides. Maybe the western eastern. You know whatever it is and we even had a conversation with your mom today and cheese. You know my doctor. This might actor that. Let me give everyone a quick snapshot. Really really hard into what you should do. If and this is just an example if your krone user crown like google the google chrome don't use it use internet explorer or by a fox. Whatever you're comfortable using them. Dr we use duct doug. Oh okay because you don't have to sign in you don't have to have an account and then you go incognito mode now when i asked him anything sketchy here but what we're trying to do. Chrome is known for pushing ads and pushing information that they want you to see so they get more money out of it. That's not what the goal is here. The goal is to find the information. So you can keep digging in your own hallmark. If you use a browser sign out of your account or don't have an account and going incognito mode and then we put in your search query putting certain so for example. Let's say you're diabetic in you. Wanna find out the relativity to how it affects the harsh who put diabetes and heart conditions and then put alternatives after that search queries act on three key words that are going to resonate the most. So diabetes heart condition or heart and alternatives and holistic. Things will come back up or whatever. Your three word phrase may be. You want to make sure that that's how you do it. So you can get information and keep redirecting yourself towards the answers that you're looking for then. He clarified then. You can bring those again as educated patient consumer santa k. Here's what i found. What do you know about this and you can have just like we like to do here. House three sixty. Here's information on the right side. Here's information on the left side and you make your decision on it. Absolutely all right. Weren't so again. Thank you for joining a fast direct if you do use clean slate go to the root brands dot com forward slash healthcare three sixty in full disclosure and in full transparency. It is an affiliate site and and they use a social sharing platform. I think it's one of those things just like you were talking with. Chrome is an you. Go to different websites. So much stuff is push push push and so they're going different avenues to get information out there because it's really hard to get through all the red tape and all the nonsense that big pharma might be paying for or whatever and so they're using social platform to get their information out there. Richard smart. Yeah so that's something you know that's different. I got my mba anima business years ago. That's how i see them kind of going in different avenues. So today's january tenth sunday and we haven't received the product closely slate as soon as we do. Hopefully it'll be in time for the next podcast will let you know when we started ourselves. And what the results are. But i heard the results are pretty immediate and this scientists who we are fortunate to be friends with is a bad ass. I mean she is amazing a mother. she's just very person who's wicked smart. She's worked for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies. That are out there. He is a mom on a mission. There's also some really big ticket items. That are on her plate to be able to talk about soon that will probably be an exclusive healthcare through sixty beyond the for that well i mean really really big stuff groundbreaking type of that. That's how i got next week next week. Next next time could be this healthcare three sixty magic maker you get myself stop urges. Thanks for being here. I think of three six nations next by nation. I want to send a special. Thank you to you for joining the magic maker. i for today's episode of healthcare. three sixty. hopefully. You'll look into some of the detox options that we talked about today that we expressed and and if you haven't done so there are episode you can go back and listen to benzarti geoffrey. Woo dr chris. Davis dotty kenneth bach and tom cowan keep you like healthcare. Three sixty gain insight and value from this podcast. Be sure to give this podcast to share and don't get to review. It really helps us to show before. I forget heading. Nobody youtube. you'll find this entire cast in its entirety. Well to short clip deep guides. When you're on the move thanks again. This is scott burgess. Michelle burgess from all of us with the healthcare three six team. We'll see episode number seventy one. We promise you this is going to be a while episode. So can't wait to see you. There cheers cheers again to the new year. As always thank you for being here and thank you for being a part of the three six nations t next time.

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