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The Monday everyone daily profits here to start your week off right today. There is a new twist in the Lily James Dominic West scandal my gosh you guys. There's more these photos of what appears to be Lily Kissing her married co star Dominic surface last week, and now it seems the scandal could be affecting lillies career. Okay. According to page six and NBC source says Lily cancelled her scheduled appearance on the today show this morning the actress promoting a new Netflix spam with armie Hammer and is also supposed to stop by the tonight show later this week no word yet if she's going to appear on that but lily's red and lilies rap, we did reach out to them didn't Have a comment quite yet. Marta cancel these appearances. Let me just say this just to be clear. This didn't happen on the movie in the project that she is promoting for Netflix. armie hammer this went down with her co Star from BBC show the kiss the kissing dominic. So yes, I would be pissed if I were Netflix and she was not promoting my series high hear you. But at the same time, it will be the one thing everybody is waiting to hear from her right. It's the first question they're gonNA WANNA ask if she was sitting right here. I would say, how can we talk much? About that kiss with Dominic what? And she's what are you going to say victims made us dancing? He's going to stay with his wife they went out they did the photos they did the note to the Paparazzi they did a whole Shebang it's. More photos, there were more photos that came out astor that of them hanging out. That's the other thing. I just feel like what Justin said is completely accurate I mean for them to be working and first of all armie hammer has his own share of drama right now as well. So there's just a lot of emotional love south happening around these two but I agree it's like you've committed a certain amount of time to do this project you have appearances to promote it. That's part of your obligation as an actors you didn't. Put yourself in a position I you know my stance nobody knows what goes on in somebody's except for the two people. So I never want to jump on couples where it looks messy. The photo that they showed dominant kissing lily. They're not actually kissing kissing the side of her face do do we do I? Think they've probably hooked up? Yes, probably but. Around scatters, all day. But I will say this, she will fare easer easier than we think because the wife has a civilian hold on with me for a minute. Why does not a celebrity? Times. What If the wise was a celebrity and people loved door and she had her own fan base it would become Angelina Jolie Jennifer. Aniston. Situation. Would have come out yes. Because she's not a celebrity, it makes it a little different for Lily James. She can of skirt this vendor the rug after this whole press tour for this show press store for the BBC progeny. Kristen Stewart got off with a clean slate after the whole Rupert Sanders thing you had Eddie Syrian got off with the whole Leeann rhymes thing until it's turned into reality. Star. But when your wife is not a celebrity, it's less like I don't WanNa. Say sensationalize I is. The fact that but even so quickly with dominic and his wife, this act that they've did that weird Paparazzi stunt and publicity with with the note like it's almost makes it more confusing where it's they're clearly okay like they clearly have some sort of arrangement that we can't understand. So this it makes it even harder to follow. We'll also harder for lily because she is on that re. Arrange, rent, right rex, not her place to explain that arrangement to the world knowing that if she did interview, she'd be asked about that. So maybe she feels like I don't know between a rock and a hard place because this is the problem I have this issue with everyone I was not involved in your marriage. Yes. The other woman shoot get you know kind of slapped on the wrist but at the end of the day, Dominic West's said I do that woman he should be the one that has to answer not lily jeans was not in this marriage, but she's also been a part of it. Is, and she's the one that's on a press tour right now, it's kind of unfortunate timing to be caught in a scandal. But I think also oh my God. No we don't think that but I also think just a cap on it. She should not be canceling these appearances. NETFLIX's okay. Is Not a good look for her. Like she's running, it's not good. Just sit there and say my personal life is personally knowing about it. You cannot skimp out about the. Today show go ahead ask me about it and then just give a brick. Going to be like, tell us about that, and she's going to be like item discuss my personal life. I'm here for the movie and Cheeky Smile they're not going to say you better tell us like there's ways to skirt around this. Lily James Let's be clear is not the first celebrity to be entangled in a Mint she didn't. Through she needs to you well, we'll see if she shows up on the tonight show. Okay. Mendez is keeping it real and admitting she cannot do it all the actress who shares two daughters with Ryan Gosling told the Sydney Morning Herald that she's thankful and fortunate she has the choice not to work. She says, I quote I applaud and look up to those women who can do it all but I'm not one of them. Now we haven't seen Avon any films for six years and she admits she's she's just about warming up to the idea of returning to the big screen. So I can probably jump in here. Women made me real like they need to do everything one, hundred percent we are I. Don't know where it stems from just a guest seeing our mothers do it all so we need to do it all and want to live up to the high expectations that we set for ourselves. But yeah, it all KUMBLE's fall sometimes. She is Luggy. I love that she admitted she had the choice dot to work because most of us don't have the news. But she it's not like she's also been doing nothing. She has her fashion line with newer company. She's been doing other things. On screen. Raising to humans. Yeah. She's been searching for busy I get all that. But I hope she comes back to the movies I WANNA see her. It's crazy that there's such a fascination with even does when we literally have not seen her on screen for six years, it's just I know she's married to Ross Ryan Gosling, but it's not like he's out and about all the time either. Weird that were just so obsessed with these two we don't really they're not even the most relevant like the celebrity game, but I feel like what she said made complete sense. She's like I'm just I. This is what I'm comfortable doing. My priority is this and like I'm happy focusing my energy on my kids and like good for her you know she like you know so many people would be like Oh to have these babies in that I gotta get back into the game right away and so I'm happy that she's meters have the clearly their choices have worked for them because. Chip is. Six. y'All do that to you. Wonder though like it's just different because with me I, don't have that choice obviously not to work. So I think how do you not have the pressure to do it? All right. If unless you just don't care about something fans care about. Cigarettes, instagram. All these I see all these. Women were feeling. Women weren't feeling like you would women felt like they could slip and they can have a moment here or there because no one was judging them. But now that there's Hashtag boss baby and Hashtag Super, moms people feel like they have to cook clean raise kids Enron a fortune five, hundred lip cosmetic company but that's not every woman's journey. My boss baby vibes Hashtag goes is these three kids ally and I can throw it lasagna in ovens. Quick buy one. Dinner, exactly. But it's interesting. You tells you you have to run around and a high heel and be at work with your three kids like you don't realize and I say this to my friends all the time, the woman who has a snapback game so good that she looks better four weeks after she had her baby, it's because she has a nutritionist and Anani. And her mother-in-law lives with her and her husband does all her post for her like this woman is not doing this by herself to we have to remember that one hundred percent you're right and I. It's so funny. I. Literally last night I was like the finished dinner like in twenty minutes or less than she was like Oh this is so good I'm like The best way like I literally like dinner and I. But I. Think it's hard to do. So the day that you feel like you do it all it's like such an accomplishment and you get a little bit of work done and you raise the kids. Okay. That day and they do something fun and you're also able to put dinner on the table. Damn. That's a good. Topic for you today. She is a mom on top this Monday morning. I'm on Llamas very overwhelmed, and so I celebrate my days I feel like I didn't fall apart. Coming up can you even imagine George Clooney in the notebook really feeling about him turning down Bryant got slings raw plus Clare, Crawley's talking about Love Lust and her biggest regret from this season of the Bachelorette you don't WanNa miss it. We'll be right back. Daily. I may have knocked over at my table. Let's do this. You guys. We have some shocking news. One of our favorite movie couples almost didn't happen. George Clooney Jess revealed he nearly played Ryan Gosling his role, and then notebook. Can you imagine this scene with Clooney? Notebook the obsession with the notebook. I. Two litters. Road driven. US. was over. steelers. Over. Oh. Wow. So good that would be takes back to such good times. Okay. Would you seek Houdini? And that wall incentive. Ryan. Now at this point, all the special effects I'm seeing from these broads on instagram anything is possible but I think George Clooney was probably getting gassed up by his agents. The same way someone thought that Julia Roberts could make a convincing Harriet tubman back I just dig like somebody probably told George K. we're trying to get you this thing with you know with with no burke, you're going to play the lead role and they didn't realize that delete role was supposed to go nineteen year old kid. Just stuck with that. Make it, work I, mean George was forty three and two, thousand, four and have Rachel was his co star. She would've been twenty six back then I mean that's a whole different story that I mean I know they say like try not to take agent at consideration. But sometimes for the storyline, you have to take age into consideration hundred. Pages it's being like there's a story around in nineteen year old figure. Yeah. They grew up together. That's the whole point they were young and in love and it was fiery and hot and crazy and good. That's the thing with Hollywood they will change a story to make sure that it sells And George Clooney at the time was popping hard George. Clooney was dude. Just started coming out like he was the man of the hour he was dating all these random bartenders from round. Remember Stacey Keebler. Peaks George Paparazzi George. Well I think it turned out perfectly the way it is and I'm so glad that it was. Brutal, I just blinked for a second we'll said AVA. Okay we've been dying for new music from Adele for ever. And she just announced that she's going to be on Saturday night live this weekend. But surprise she is not the musical guest going to be hosting the show only her musical guest is her. So what do you think about a host? I mean I'm excited to see Adele's a host feeling. She's cheeky and has a really good personality and I think she's going to do a great job hosting but it's just that audible sigh of God. We wish that you were going to sing like you have enough songs that you could sing older songs but I love her. So I'm excited for her to do it. I just think people are because they obviously attributed del with music and they want to hear her sing again it's been a long time. Year. But just because Adele is not singing doesn't mean you're not gonNA. Hear her break into song somewhere in a skit. I will say if Adele's listening out there I really hope that you poke fun at that whole Notting Hill Carnival escapade with the Bantu knots and when you were that Jamaican flag around your arms, it's she does that I think America with crack up. Would be. Funding. Bushy tailed chair I. Don't know if you're GONNA. Do it. You don't SNL Bill Burr. West. I mean you can get she can give it a shot, but that's a risky gamble. I don't really know she should go there or not. But. I will say I thought when I before I found out who the musical guest was I thought Oh we'll probably just sing a little something with whoever the musical guest is but since deter. The stage whatever's going to be like, Nah. This is my moment and I'm I'm a big enough star my own. Thank you. That would be cool if they did. Dynamic sound the two of them but I, just I don't know. But I think you're right. It's going to be in a skit. She's GonNa Maybe Make Fun of the fact that she doesn't release music to like every five years or whatever. She makes us outrage probably tease about it or something like that but. I'm excited because it's a new side of Adel and maybe she'll get an acting and. Time timely. Thanks. Dad Time Lady Coming Up Kim Kardashian west of beauty of fail the mistake that has everyone freaking out this crazy. Social media is freaking out over Kim Kardashian, West hair extension mishap. So Kim shared a photo posing in her new givenchy campaign and everyone is noticing that little hair extensions there on the floor Khloe even weighed in writing that hair extension is hating. Okay. Twitter since we really freaking out doesn't bother you as much by the way we have a drawer full of Morgan hair extensions in. My desk of stairs because if you live with a girly girl our work with a girly girl, there is always a flabby. Somewhere on the floor here, the rug literally. So jaded and so used to it. It's just they're everywhere. Can I tell you guys a true story about hair extensions? Funny. Weird Story. So one day I'm I was here in one another eight talent it was their last a working there and they accidentally took home my hair. Color accidentally the. Wild. So, they mail them back to me ripe will our security saw this and thought it was so bizarre that somebody mailed me hair that they thought it was like. Jewish. Threw them away and so talked to security and be like, no, no no. I needed those I'm sorry but we just thought it was so strange unlike. E. I'm. Not even thinking now I gotta go to Finance Rene I gotTA. Get this. I'm not going to happen here for. Forget it. Forget it anyway. So then bother me, I'm used to see extension to present what we're. Kim because she perfection about her photos that she would like have photoshop that out. Like it, she didn't notice she. This is clearly one of those things. She did not realize it kind of looks like a Balenciaga at its very editorial. I'm not mad at it. By the way that looks like the hallways here at e. same carpet. Not they're sitting on to be clear the other one. All right. Moving on because Kim's sister Kylie also has fans going crazy. She said some sexy photos with Travis go over the weekend and people are wondering if they are back together. So in one photo, she seems hosing next to her baby daddy and her shares you volunteer dress while he showing off his. So pretty sure this is saying there are a couple again right? They will. Tell us when they're a couple. They are not a couple just. To make money together. They like each other yes. They want an instagram photo that's going to pop off a little bit. They have a good relationship I think their friends I don't think they're sleeping together. I'm just going to put that out there. I think this is just the Internet just can't leave the stuff alone but that's that's Kylie's genius right? She knows if she posts this and he posts this people are going to speculate on it. It just easy quick little press. It's definitely not together right They're definitely not back together right now it's just not the VIBE. I. Don't feel I don't feel it Justin using together warranty and changes things I think they probably a lot of time together and I guarantee their back to. Back together. They're warranty eating together. She wouldn't post that picture unless she wanted you guys to at least think that they might be back together she. Can still talk to this guy. because. Now and you wouldn't post that photo you guys are allowed to. Let's be real. You don't think she's you don't think he's talking to other women and she's doing her thing calm. Now, think that they would post that photo if if he's allowed to sleep with other women. Crazy. Bad Charissa, she's Claiming you man doesn't mean he you man. Versus foremost somebody I started by saying that just because you throwing it up that mean, he's your words. This woman knows that the brand is and will always be Kylie in Travis. No matter what is going on? For her she's let's make this quick dollar but also. Patty and I know you've seen somebody else but I'm GonNa throw this to let them know who's house you come to the week and if they're. Together, whole point is that she's doing that to show flex or he's doing now doing it and show flags. Yeah but. Family, their FANGIO's yes legal. She's not. She's not concerned with truck. She's not stressing about Travis at all. I'm telling you their family. They have a daughter together. They have respect for their relationship. This is not a they love each other they are not together i. Have to agree to disagree this morning in I. Think we're GONNA. Find out that they're married and it's going to be really funny. You're. Getting married again I'm sitting lopsided now. I'm just kidding. We had a little fun with that earlier. gave me. True Clare Crawley's journey defy love plus her one big regret. The BACHELORETTE is spilling secrets to us. What come back to Daly Pot Billy Irish needs our help to settle a huge debate. What color are her sneakers? Okay the Instagram, they show that the shoes that we're going to show you in just a second are meant and green. Another not the pink, their met green in the middle. Now, peak, the mint green is in the middle. Okay. So what I looked at the photos I agreed with Justin but when I see this I, see this light mint green but I feel like that's just opaque white it's meant but I do see the pink and then the stripes are like a minty white there but the photos I, just saw the pink air I didn't see anything else. But that see pink that's a subtle meant. That is that is like a glass of milk with a teensy bit of. Microscopic Wilson. Demint. Shared a screen grab of the sneakers and Pink Pink the is pick the one hundred. percent. It's under present pink. We. What what is green? I see no mint green. It's a hue of green. I mean like like in contrast. White in the white there, you can see how there might be at tinge of. Their their looks very meant with light lavender I cement with white I are okay. I know that's a pink a are but. That's that's a super light, lavender. LAVENDER. Opaque Color Trust me I. These colors all day. The shoe was mint there but. The. Changes, in light I need to finish my apple because advocate. Pink in the Doctor here to talk about it 'cause y'all acting like this is like the most breaking thing that we had like y'all just spent five minutes trying to figure out if it was. Warning than I like to argue I got. It at it's Monday at is. Talking. Maybe, we. Talk about this. Has Been Five years since the whole white and gold and black and blue dress that divided the Internet debate still white and gold to me black black and blue just in what is it black? Going here it's. Not Black and blue. Mortgage Tracy. Thanks, me blackbirds right now. Okay. Clare Crawley's just built some bachelorette secrets to Justin. So what's going on with Dale? That's what I WANNA know I mean we all know things got pretty hot between those two in that first episode remember in Bachelorette History First Impressions don't always mean forever chair. My husband I only watched the Bachelorette and let me tell you why. Because, I feel like the women take very seriously and I feel like they're really looking for connection. Do you feel the same way? Of course, of course, of course, if you look at the women the For me like we have a brutal check, all these women are strong. Like just very independent women that know what they want that know what they're looking for leads. Nobody's going to be the Bachelorette to play games I remember speaking one of the producers I was like. I'm probably the most difficult Bachelorette you've ever dealt with and he was like you are because they can't manipulate me. There's no kind of working around the system for me they can't tell me. Can suggesting. But I know what I want looking for my first impression has which Bachelorette has given you the best advice and what was the advice Hands Down Rachel? She tell you. Live in the moment she said, and she always just said, follow your gut, all your heart and live in the moment and forget what anybody says how did you not let your heart just go with Dell immediately, how did you keep an open mind? Because I mean obviously the chemistry and the connection was very apparent that it was there but there's also. I mean I've been around enough to know that there is lust and there's that kind of initial. But when when the real test is I think when you go through things start having those conversations those hard conversations and actually connecting da gotta ask you because girl can't put that windmill to work okay. was actually four. Trying not to get too touchy feely. Go into this and I'm going be be respectable and have this kind of these countries that. When you're in the moment of it, and you're feeling all the fields especially after clients. Just go for cameras or not right there in your face a really far away. So it's easy to be in the moment. Is there something that you did on the season that you wish you could take? Not. One. Not One thing I'll tell you one thing. There is one thing Dobie. I ate way too many chicken nuggets. I swear to I. had it for every single meal I congratulated myself after every single rose ceremony getting through twelve hours. And Narrows and Chicken nuggets at every single day just. Regrets. I do regret you know what sometimes girls got to do what a girl's gotTa do? Now I would you went through Juan Pablo's season. It's not about fair. It's about like how you feel after this season and after you know Bachelor Winter Games you talked about how you weren't ready for love because you had just gotten out of an abusive relationship I know a lot of people deal with the aftermath of an abusive relationship. How did you get to the place? Right where you are now where you knew you were ready for love. Do. A lot of for worked. And it was not easy when you experience something such. Traumatic as abuse as visible abuse, emotional abuse, you kind of have to dig yourself out of those holes that you're in and build yourself up just taking steps day by day by and really. Learning to. Love Yourself. I love that I'm not GonNa lie when I heard you were thirty nine I was so excited because I feel like you have experienced i. Think people. Use aging swimming. I. Have No idea. I think it's just generations and generations a certain belief. That is outdated I think that one guy tried to use it against me are expected way more from oldest Bachelorette. I. Can laugh routed now because if that's the worst thing that you can say about me, I'm doing pretty good. It's not a bad thing that I'm thirty nine. You. saw what I said the reason why I'm thirty ninth single is literally because of men life back. percent. I'd rather be singled in with man like. My God I love You I hope you big ring and wave to go to the wedding. Thank you so much. Oh thank you I appreciate it so much. I just need you to reach down in your gut. What was your gut? Feeling? Did she find the one it Dale in wasn't a weird feeling that we're in for a plot twists. And I don't think she ended up using gail. Chooses Dale it also throwing us off a lot the teasers in the Bachelorette and the bachelor. Always messed me up. They're really good at throwing you off one hundred percent and by the way I'm not GonNa lie if I saw deal. I would sleep with offers on the bachelorette but I don't know if Dell would be the marrying type. I don ABC's we'll find out more after the Kelly Clarkson's embarrassing fan encounter why she had to pretend to Carrie Underwood, we'll explain next. Oh, man. I loved you like love. Try to make it about us, but it really isn't. It's really about helping these guys and gals out I to to the best. And hopefully win good thing is we're not sending anybody home because they're no good everybody. Here's a good. Voice because it was so much down and these these individuals will be able to take home advice. They'll be able to make use out for some time to calm all shot in real time with real emotion gets all just real like I'm talking to you right now everyone going to realize that these are all talented people and just the exposure of them being on the show is going to be something that can propel them. People are going to see it and respond to it. So everybody everybody wins. I'm Mike. That's a look back at the very first season of the voice that was the best. No Vince to everybody. That's been Austin. But that was the best. This is the voices back on NBC. It's nineteenth season and this one's good too because you've got blake and Glenn John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. Star studded in keeping with Kelly. She's kicking up today's. Would you do it? So she just revealed on her talk show that she wants signed an autograph as Carrie Underwood because she didn't want to embarrass the fan who thought she was carried. So she just signed to Carrie's name. That has happened to me one too many times and in the moment I can tell you from experience. You just go with it because to explain the apology that autumn. So sorry then everybody what show your. Jason. bolden. Oh. Wow. I thought it was me Wayne. Ya I. Wish. All Right Kelly said they even though she? Nothing alike, fans often confused them. It's probably just like I know you're on American idol. You're one of the big winners I might is going blank. Are You Carrie Underwood? One of those things, right? I like I would probably just go along with it to make me feel special for dame like, yes, let me just sign. You got. You Got All right the Rock Group, the flaming lips founded innovative way to perform live during this pandemic by using human plastic bubbles I. This is so fun. So during their last performance, each band member and concert goer was in their own plastic ball. Oh my God you guys the Claustrophobia I bake you even I literally sweating now because of it like that's okay. Fun Band on stage but bubbles on top of bubbles in a crowded. I would hyper at thing ventilate. No Way. Say Get, challenging when you WANNA leave but like your bottles. So big you can't get out you're kind of stuck. On my God. Be So fun. Daily interviews abuse like this we go. Oh Other things you. The logistics alone that we would have to like answer to to try to get this interview in a bubble we could. Back together. Right this morning. Yeah. Everyone ABC emails. discontinued. After this show, not available for comment, not available requests. Okay it's going to happen just say Would you leave here number on a random guys car Hannah Brown just did this we'll let her explain. Here's what's happening. Any our walking in this useful specimen of a human by me so cute and I was like. We come snob each other I think. And so. I was nervous say anything but we think this is hard actually even sure. But I'm GonNa leave him a note. Alert was his car and Hannah did see him open the nope but she has yet to get a call. Oh. Oh, would you do this? Stationary. My car you never know. I like that very old fashioned. She looked so cute to yeah I mean I this is similar to like whenever like you leave your number whenever you leave like on the waiters. To tip the TAB like in the tippy leave your phone number. I don't know AC. The day. I. Would never hire me for hooters. Okay, Haley Bieber is showing her love or Hubby Justin. Bieber. ING CELEBRITY TATTOO ARTISTS MR K. showed up pickup Haley's Tattoo, which is a J. on her left ring finger? It's really cute. Would you do that I'm not I think Jordan has enough tattoos for the both of us. Just not I'm just GonNa just I'm going to be a virgin that way forever I'm just not going to do it. You do what's really weird. If my husband was like I, really want you to get a tattoo. I would actually do the ring finger because at the rate ongoing with the chorale that would be going into. Like I'm frying half my hands off every week. One hundred percent and also. It rubs off a lot because they had those fours beyond saying Jay. Z. Had the fours. Now you can barely see it and have to Redo it every year. So I would do I would totally do. I. Kind. One of those people aren't they kind of bad luck sometimes I say that but then also telling shaded to get my initials on him anyways I think but that's different because he has tattoos already. It's not a commitment. Yeah. I, need to really dig deeper and see how I really feel about this because I'm contradicting myself as I say it out loud. You can get it. You don't need to. It's Okay I. Like it. Okay. How much would you pay to rent out an entire movie theaters? Some chains are doing that including AMC and rate start at ninety nine dollars they're allowing up to twenty people Max the price can go up to three, hundred, fifty dollars depending on the movie and add ons like food and drinks. Would you do it what we bring our own food and drinks anyways. I've never been to movie where I have not brought at least one of the five that I have there. Okay Let. Do. This sounds like a great idea. It sounds like a fun way to get a small group of people together. I would need to have the first screening. Yeah. That day in that movie theater is what I would have to do to make sure it's French. Yeah. I get it to smell the LYSOL when I walk in there, right? Yeah for. Fun. Birthday idea it's sad that Mu going to movie theater feels nostalgia. It's like Oh this feels like something we used to do for my birthday. We're all going to go the movie theaters again I think it's cute I think it's fundraiser to fifties terrible cost. RINTA table so Table Services and. She reach that. Coming at, we're celebrating National Pasta Day with a simple but delicious dish you can make every day. We have celebrity chef here to share us a recipe with you when we come back. National Pasta. Day. Was this weekend and we are still in the mood to celebrate. So we have celebrity chef Antonia low foucault is GonNa join us to show us how to make a classic Italian dish that you can whip up any day of the week. What the daily you guys are feeling fire and One. Cry. Point. Office and After A hostile around. A little bit of a World Cup? Here. Roly boil ruling will be boiled. Set Water Five. Good couple of paint, day Brown for stoppage free folks out of keeping from Ruffalo. I. The. Ratio of. We lead crediple. mccollum, Mari. Polychaete of gray time they Lena. Butter. And we're going to have. Chicken. Shopping butter. Thought of. Three feet here is. Boiling And Jessica rapidly. All credible. Dumb. WanNa call them. A. Little. Gorka. Half. Roasted. The Henry now. GonNa? into. The sauce and then you wanted to. On that. onto the play. And Saying that there is not cheese there is A. Little bit over the top all around. A little bit of top personally. And that it? Pop which. Religion. Oh. My Gosh. That looks so good. We had. I missed the perks of food. Can check out our instagram daily for the recipe and if you haven't watched Selena chef yet all the episodes are available now on. HBO. Max. Next Katy Perry says, she has best friend tell I knew I was going to miss that our? Love with the. With the celebrity do you know who it is playing a game Yes. The BFF's with US next. Today is National New Friends Day. So to celebrate, we're going to test our knowledge on some surprising CELEB- friendships with the game of guests that be. Guys. excited. Very excited. Okay I am Courtney Cox lead singer stay at her Malibu House rent free for three months to make music in exchange he made sure to make his bed. Is it Bruno Mars with the as Shirin See Post Malone de Sam Smith it's either. I. Remember we're talking about the story. I think it's either ed or Sam. Talking like you know and that's why I don't want to get the answer. To let you go first. So then I can give. Sam? Here and Share and of course I'm sorry go. Go. With your gut you, you have a chance to win all right star game a speech at his best guy theories Hollywood walk of fame ceremony exit. A Ryan Reynolds Be Alec. Baldwin. See Matthew mcconaughey or feed Dennis. Quaid. Remember this one to a no, it's not. I don't want to tell you anything just in new guests I go Dennis Quaid. Key mcquaid I think I'm GonNa, go massing McConnell. and. You are, right. Now much. It's tied. All right. Let's see just a now. It's GONNA work to heat up for she wants to win. Okay. John Travolta was convinced to go bald by this good friend. This is a great friend I'M GONNA, go ahead and say, Hey, Nicholas cage be pit bull. Okay. See Bruce Willis or D Jason Statham reverse rare. Pit Bull. Is Pit Bull dammit. Tricky. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I remember the picture I see now. Okay. I love that I. Love that he went. Thank God for pit bull. Okay. Katy Perry claims to have best friend with this celebrity is a Taylor, swift. Bolivia Gaga see do Aletha or D. Allison Williams. Well I'm. GonNa go. I'M GONNA. Go you go I to go somewhere to Okay well, is that your answer Chrissa Yeah Okay it's it is Williams but Justin you said at first. So is your point. So hopefully, someone's keeping score. All right. Okay last one, David Beckham gets a copy of this rapper's record before its release is at age easy Kendrick. Lamar Eminem or new dog quick answers. Kendrick Lamar. It is snoop. tied. you tied. They That's annoying. I'd visit Fedex. That's it for us today. Tomorrow we're talking to be about our kids marriage in her amazing new project. Let's younger star setting. Foster. Check nightly tonight at eleven join us for daily Pop. Every Weekday at eleven have a good day. Kicked in.

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