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Mavs-Jazz Game Recap - The Mavericks Are a Young Team and They're Going to Have to Learn Some Things


hello everyone. Welcome to Dallas hoops Fan cast. I'm your host Sydney. I'm here with my co host Martin against Twitter website website. Well Dallas whose dot com other things. You want to Redo this intro. No I do. I feel like I should preface this episode by saying that I might not be the voice of reason. You're you're hurting. There's other great pods for that numbers on the boards is Great the four-pointer also great. Goodbye has for that This one I don't know why. This loss frustrates me so much. I don't know I don't like that. You know you win some and you lose some and for some reason this one I think okay. Here's my theory. I think it's because every time they lose it's the same. It's the same thing that gets them. And I think it just you get frustrated seeing the same thing. It's not like maybe one was a game winner or one. Some crazy thing happened or one you had collapsed or you know it's not like those things happen but for the mass. It's like every every loss. It's the same thing that keeps happening and I'm like at. What point are we going to? Are you going to stop doing those things or recognize that you you need to do things differently. I believe the mavericks are way better in the clutch. The last couple of clutch came with that. They're actually getting some shots now to fall for them they stick to their offense better. Yes the problem. They're still having a problem with free. Throws yes yes the end and the free throw is is just got to just gotTa make them and Luca. Yeah he's gotTa make one for five for five on free throws they made plays at the end of the game. They took a one point lead. They were doing everything they possibly needed to do. In every game you can only make so many place and they made the play to give them the lead. The problem is on the other end of the core defense. Yeah and and unfortunately unfortunately right now and really this whole season in my personal opinion the the field goal percentage for opposing teams against the maps in. The clutch is ridiculous. They seem to make every single shot against the Mavericks in the coach even their wide open. They shouldn't be making them this much. They they've been making every single shot against them and so even if tonight they made plays now granted. The jazz are a great team. The jazz are team and they just made one final play more than the map so I think their defense sucks and that's why like in the course of the game in a normal game. Their offense is so good they can outscore anyone but their defense is not very good that entire time so when it becomes a close in the clutch. When you're shots naturally just don't fall as much? They can't ask teams because they don't play defense and it's like an other teams. Do they clamp. Both should the last tooth and that's four minutes of a game is when your defense should you should take to another level on the matches. Don't well and you don't have to be the best defensive team in the League but you've got to be in that timeframe in that time period got to be able to get stops and on and yeah they. They can't do that I I guess I'm not. I'm frustrated with the loss especially because we had a five point lead but at the same time. I'm not like other losses that we've had the season like the one against the Hornets against the irs earlier against the Knicks. The Knicks. Rosie knows. One's bothering me a lot more. This one is like you know when you go into salt lake city there seventeen and three at home. You do everything you can to try to pull out a win and he happened to fall sure but you are right there the entire tire time and you basically did what twenty one other teams have done when they've gone up there only three one so and I guess okay in in that context yes but it was still the same thing that has happened. Like sorry go you could say like yeah. This was just they were in Utah. It's tough it's like. We'll they could be anywhere. They could be in New York and they would do the same thing they just. They make the same executional channel mistakes. And and that's what's well in the last couple of games. It's been on the defensive end. Yeah offensively like yes. They still have a stupid turnover. But it's not three turnovers in a row. Yeah they didn't have the mavs classic stepping out of when you catch the ball. This freaking look look at. How long have you been playing basketball? You don't know where the out of bounds line is. Sorry else what else you. This is what I deal with. uh-huh okay so like but it's it's a free throws it's the bad defense. It's the not not like shooting bad. Threes like Luca was to for ten tonight on three pointers and he's had for eleven in the last game. Yeah and it's like he's got into into this mindset somewhere just out of nowhere. He has decided. I need to shoot fifteen threes a game regardless of when they go in. I need to shoot those and it's just like just stop. Please in the complaining to the officials. I'm so it's annoying. It's very annoying and and I think that that gets to the to him mentally. It has to if you're complaining that much it's gotta be in your your head at least in the back of your mind. How does that affect his focus while he's playing and so it's it's these things I know you? Miss Threes is or you miss free throws it happens but it's the same thing every time it's a missed free throws it's taking too many three-pointers complaining about the officiating. It's letting things into your head. I'm so I'm really tired of seeing it and so Things just I have feelings about the things. Remember what you were like it. Twenty yeah okay. I was pretty awesome. Yeah exactly you have. The same mentality is loose. I thought I was awesome. Twenty what I'm saying is are you saying. I'm not awesome okay. What I'm my point is? He's twenty years old. Yeah he's in. He's twenty years old. Yes and whenever I was nineteen twenty years old and I'd be playing basketball. Ask Ball before you went pro. Okay can I make a serious point or you just rant on and then okay okay. When you played basketball yes and then how would drive to the lane and they would foul me really really hard or push me to the ground? Because they knew that was the only way they could give me to stop scoring. Not Saying that was great or anything but you know I was pretty good at scoring getting in your head and it got in my head and I wouldn't play as well and that's what happens when you are nineteen twenty twenty one years old and he'll eventually grow out of that. I'm not saying it's not frustrating. But it's just it's part of having a twenty year old leisure franchise so I agree with all of that and I think I think that's part of it of like I am frustrated by all of these things and in the moment I'm like why can you not if I can see this. You've you've got to be able to see it but also I recognize that these are the mistakes. A young team makes young teams do not know how to execute in the clutch. They they young teams stink that they can just shoot their way to victory every time they don't recognize the importance of playing defense young players. They keep shooting. Because I think the next one's going in they keep complaining officials because they think that works like all of this is because you have a young team and a young superstar and I get that long term. I understand understand that things are going to be fine but just what it's every time it's just we'll think about this. And when Lucas Twenty seven and Porzingis is twenty nine and they're thirty and thirteen like jazz czar And a young up and coming to play them. Yeah they're not having it yeah. They're just they're going to win. Win that game. Or when they face the clippers or the bugs or whoever these teams are they're going to be bad they're going to be the ones that take over at the end of the game. I and unfortunately it's frustrating to have to go through this but again nobody wins in Utah. NOBODY WINS WINS IN UTAH. We were right there to win it and we just didn't happen to win it. It's like you know your point about when they are older team. It's like I remember when the thunder were a young team team. And they were so cocky. They just so these cocky little dudes on the court with Westbrook Raw. It would annoy you so much but you knew you really had nothing to worry about. Because when the Times Kevin Durant would just jack up five threes. Because he thinks they're going to go in and westbrook would do some crazy stupid thing they didn't know how to execute. And you knew you had nothing to worry about because you were the steady veteran team that was coming into town when you were community. We're GONNA make those shots and so it's like yeah I do get that part of it. The Mavericks are in that phase of being a young team. But if we just have to accept. We're not winning the championship this year. Now we're not we're not. We're just not good enough. And when we face the clippers or in this case the jazz I guess would be a step ahead of the mavs at the end of the Games. They are the ones that are executing. And we're not the you know so so that that's just it now. The Mavericks Are GonNa Win. A lot of games are going to be a lot of fun. But they're gonNA have moments like that. We're on the road in a hostile environment. They can't always or in a close game in a close game. Now I always deliver like you said their offense in the clutch has been better like in the purest everything just actually a least they. They play their offense. They have really good ball movement. Yeah and right now. It's their defense. Yeah but I mean. At least they're sticking to their plan. They're not gonNA rumbling on offense defense and that's and that's an area where they can upgrade. I and I think this is another reason why I'm frustrated. Is because okay two things one. I think that there's areas where they can an upgrade. Obviously but I feel like this past summer. They could have done that through free agency and they didn't even those guys guys were available and so now it's like seeing like the consequences of that it just makes it even more frustrating and then to knowing their whole plan plan of like saving cap space in going for Jaanus and the way that they always try to get players on the cheap and only go after superstars like knowing that that's ads in the future frustrates me even more. Even though that hasn't even happened yet but I feel like these places where they need to make up grades. They might not do it because of the way they build teams and it's like even though it has a happened and maybe I'll be wrong about the way they do it. I think that fresh meat like that's way I get even more frustrated when I see like oh I think you know at the guard position we need a guy that's better defender. But then I think about okay. How are they going to do that? And then I just you know the gear now how yeah how they're going to miss out on Yoenis and then again white. Okay well in two years this guy. I don't know what they're gonNa do what I will say. The thing that concerns me. The most is Luca and that not because I don't think he's great or whatever but it's clear sure they need somebody else that can be a primary ball handler not a primary behind her. Just a playmaker. Somebody that can take some of this burden. Offer him because over the last couple of weeks his field goal percentage his three point percentage his free throw percentages steadily. Gone numbers are staying Bernie. Hi but his percentages are just. They're just dropping and especially in the late game situations. He gets trapped and double teamed and and it's forcing other players to make shots and I love Maxi and Hardaway Hardaway enduring. But if that's Klay Thompson or draymond green or Andre Abdala. You'd I'm a lot happier with that. I feel like then you can make plays but they need somebody else that can make plays consistently that way. If if Luca and that's another thing Lucas going to have to learn when it's not your night and somebody else's on fire run. Run it through them. Yeah and I think Seth Curry Seth Curry was playing. Well tonight he had He was making good plays. He was making smart decisions. He was efficient. He was being aggressive. I felt like you could would have try and rely on seth a little bit more towards the end of the game and I know people will say no. You're you're star. Players got to be the guy close game. Look even the all time greats. If another guy had going they took the night off they were happy. I mean seriously. They were happy that they didn't have to go out there. And do it again. Yeah and I felt like He. He's going to have to learn how to do that. I've got porzingis. Hit a huge shot. Why not try try that again? Especially because Luca you're not making anything well and that's that's my thing is like okay. Okay so you talked about how they need another playmaker because of the way the defense has played Luca and that is true It's okay maybe my point is moot but I think that what contributes to Lucas struggling is that he takes bad three pointers in those situations. He just can can continues to Jack Up step back threes. And he will he will drive it sometime. Be Aggressive. But it's you know if they don't call L. A. Foul. He can't make the shot he complains it gets into his head and so I think in some ways he takes himself out of the game and I one hundred percent agree and I think again to my point earlier. That's a product of having a twenty year old leading your franchise. Those moments are going to happen. I think that would happen up in at least you know right now. All these young. I think that would happen even if they had. You know Bradley beal or or even gone. Are I think that would still happen. Hasn't learned learned that lesson. He might make those decisions. But you know this is. This is the decision you have to make as a franchise because if you'd dude bring in a Kemba Walker this last off-season who's going to have the Balti into the game. It's GonNa be Kemba and it's not because maybe cameras. Not Why. Because he's a point guard noble because he he knows how to close games because he's been in the League for seven eight years. He knows what decisions to make. Yeah and so do you sacrifice Lucas Development for that. Now I think knocking Kemba Walker was the best thing to ever happened to the mavs. Because I I don't think they expected the mavericks and they've even said this they didn't expect we could be this good and I think if you had Kemba it would have slowed his his growth a little bit and so now you just let them trial. Oh by fire. Yeah let him go and Carlisle said in his post-game comments basically the same thing. He said they were a young team. They're getting a lot of experience right now. Oh he said he talked about playing in Utah and how difficult that is and how they're they're learning things right now as a young team so like they recognize it too when Carlyle recognizes it and as a fan. Though you don't want to I recognize it too like I get it but just as a as my comments comments after the game. This is how I feel about the game. I know long term. They're going to learn and that just for this game it was frustrating is absolutely suck. There's another game. We have five point lead late in the game and you just watch it crumble away and like to your point the same stupid decisions or the same missed free throws late again or a turnover or three pointer defense getting getting just blown by on where a guy has wide open. And it's just like that. Tim Hardaway really struggled to guard. Donovan Mitchell we you know this game and they're picking role defense or not even picking role just their defense on picks they always go under or play. It saw well. They don't have have guys that can fight through screens. They don't have defensive-minded going under feel like that's laziness I duNno I salaciousness. It happens if you can't feel like Carlisle would tell. Oh maybe he's saying look our guys suck going over them. I mean seriously i. I don't know you guys can't fight through screen so just go under it. Yeah their defense is just not a priority right now and you got guys like Dhillon enduring and who I know are better defenders but the team just does not care about defense right now so nobody plays good defense except for curry. He's the only only guy whoever gets low in a stance and like stay. Hardaway will not every not sometimes and he has very very poor lateral movement his sometimes he just is still standing there. Why his guys at the basket and I mean some of the guys in in Cleveland is a skilled defender? He actually does really good. I should mention him to but Duran is a skilled defender and delay our skilled. But they don't always do do that. You don't always see the effort and it's like and they're going to have to learn you cannot just shoot your way to a win. Every time you're going to have to play play defense you're GONNA have to learn how to play a win to win ugly and they don't have that yet so anyways they don't inhabit the they'll be fine breath. Yeah okay. I don't know it's just like an like I said I think it's just because it's the same thing and so if it were like one time I'm seeing it. It'd be like Oh. I wish that hadn't happened but when it's like the ten th time it's like really guys we're still this. This is part of what we were talking talking about before. Why westbrook really never came more? Because he never got. It still doesn't get it. He in his mind he was as good of a shooter. And Seth Curry. Yeah and so. He's Steph. Curry or S Steph. Yeah and so he would shoot shots that he he really cannot make consistently. Yeah and nine games in a row. He'll miss it but on that tenth game he'll make it in. The crowd will go nuts and he'll scream impounded founded chess and he and he's just the greatest ever but you know he misses so frequently and it's like you have to resist that temptation to shoot a bad shot. Well and honestly Luca is going to the same thing and he'll have to learn it because remember the other a couple of episodes ago we were talking about how we drug elite elite from the three point line yet and then kinda learn to stop shooting it and then against the clippers or was it was one where he was on fire from the three point. Line those the clipper game. Yeah so he was like on fire from the three point line and but then it's before that he had like ten games where he struggled and then in the two or three games sense than he struggled. And it's like dude just because it winning that one game that doesn't mean you need to keep shooting them like it's going to go in really. The main thing is recognizing the timing if if you are one for six or for seven and you've missed six six in a row. Maybe that's not the time at the end of the game to do that now if you've made them throughout the game different and you do a step back that's fine that your shot but if you were sinn rhythm for them yes but if you've missed six in a row a step back probably not it's just not fallen that night. Yeah and again. Those are things that you learn. Yeah okay Onto like actual analysis of the game. Okay this was the second game I feel like we're just moving on from like me being hyper to now like so. What did what you think about but okay for real? This was the second game where porzingas started at the five and we talks. I think last episode about how. Oh we really like that. That kind of offense the first game that we saw it they did great. What did you think about this game? That five out offense at the five. I mean I love it. I mean you saw that I mean I know Gobert had a monster game. Well it's there's you what you have to do is anything you possibly can to take him out of the gay. You're just great players. You're not gonNA take out of a game or out of their play but it did force them to employ weird defense at the end of the game so you had go beer guarding Dorian instead of Porzingis. And that's why you saw Carlisle Take Doreen out and so now now go. Bare went right back to guarding porzingas because otherwise he would win carding hardaway. Exactly who can make a play. Yeah exactly and so it just put so much pressure on. The defense of the other team jazz happened to be a great defensive team who knows how it would have went if they had to and another thing that may influence this is a is that This is only their second without Dwight. Well and also I mean okay aside from the clutch situation the crunch time offense and defense. They were winning. They were winning. The offense was working. They had stretches where they were up by ten or eleven. Or you know the the jazz kept coming back and then they would rattle off six straight or whatever like the offense worked really well. I didn't see any problems with it. Now like defensively I it. It wasn't even that bad defensively except at the time is when it was bad. So I'm afford it worked and I think I think the losing in the crunch time is because that's what always happens or you don't scratch it after losing in Salt Lake City. Yeah you know. Yeah if if you did that every team would switch their starting line at true so I thought it worked great. I like it. I think that is going to be the lineup that they go. Oh with the rest of the season I think you know again and you were talking about starting says how that also helps create era. Fix this log jam. I am an guard coming off the bench. It's it was like this pressure valve. You had yes Brunson and curry and Dhillon all these guards and there's only like fifteen minutes it's available of replaying and you had but with starting career just releases all of that and the Brunson Dhillon can just they however minutes the they play I thought it I thought that worked. Well I did notice. Sometimes where like because they only had one big out there if a guy was like beat on a pick and roll or or if perusing had to come over to help than the basket was just wide open part of playing small as you have to have great wing defenders vendors and the Mavericks System. That's true so you just really when you're playing this lineup. You're hoping that you can get some stops. That's when they're available but you're really planning on outscore team against a really really good team at home like the jazz. That's probably not going to work. But again they had that lead all the way at the end of the game they had five point two and a half minutes to go and they just happened to lose it. Just like they've done in the past so You know I I think yes. They're going to have some limitations defensively but I think that's more of the wing defenders at a Tim. Hardaway is just not a very good defender defender and and you can soon lucas. That's an area where eventually they need to upgrade. That is that hardaway is great on often. I like him a lot. It's just not a good defender. And and that's that's the thing is like you can't be emotional about it. Like the fact is he's not a good defender in this is so classic if you have a point guard that's dominant offensively you know. He's not GONNA expand a lot of energy on the defensive end. You don't want him to. Yeah you have have to have another wing defender whether it's to were the three but you have to have well preferably both but you have to have wing defenders that can lock down the parameters limiter well when it goes back to and also sorry and also make plays. I'm not saying we need defense. Only but they need to upgrade with Hardaway is a guy that is that that good offensively but is also very good defender. I mean I would say that you could. You should always try to upgrade every position regardless of your emotional attachment And I think if you this goes back to the beginning of the season what was everybody's mindset with Tim Hardaway six-man yeah. They wanted him to be the sixth man. It I'm not saying we need to bench him. That's what I'm saying. I think he's been great as the starter but I think on a championship team. He's a bench guy a really good bench inge guy but he's a bench guy or the fifth starter on a team. Yeah and right now. We rely a lot on Tim Hardaway to help us win. And I think championship opinion ship level teams. Hardaway would be there. Six men coming off the bench make plays for example. Let's say you slide in Klay Thompson and you have hardaway coming off the bench. Think about how much that improves. Your team overall Hardaway Still GonNa play a vital role that he would have to accept. But now you have any wheat defender in shooter in Klay Thompson on that starting lineup. It just makes the team so much better so also Dorian I I love Dorien but you you know is is Dorian playing on the bucks. Is he playing on Lakers. On who else is on the roster the clippers I mean but I'm just saying those. Those teams have such good players. Yeah that it does. He get minutes on the clippers or the bucks or or Philadelphia. Yeah I don't know every every team every championship team has this random guy. That's just you know. Yes but that random. Jim Guy is actually a pretty good player but he just happens to come off the bench for example Shaun Livingston with with Golden State IGWE DALA was lose an all-star essentially coming off the bench for and I don't know why I can only think of called new thinking of examples. Say Lake when we say if that were or Klay Thompson or whatever the only reason we use that example of prototypical yet. Just think how to help you. Visualize what were described the kind of player earlier we're describing. Well one of the guys that I thought that I really liked in the off season and I really wish the Mavericks would have made an effort to get him was Bogdanovich which yeah for the Bogdonovich. The really good one Wahdan Samba Boyens on another level. In my opinion boy on should be considered to be an all star this year. He's averaging over twenty points a game that one of the best three point shooters in the game and his team is thirty and he would. He had twenty three points on. It's six for sixteen shooting. He's averaging twenty one points on the season he's shooting forty almost forty two percent from three ninety percent from the free. Throw line. But you you throw him in that small forward dot over Dory and and yes. Everybody's GonNa say well the defense is gonNA suffer. Maybe maybe we should actually look at boyens defense fence and not just automatically assume because he's a euro that is not a good defender. He's been on now two years on winning teams and he's averaging twenty points a game him on winning teams clearly. This guy's good. Yeah and I wish that the Mavericks would have signed him. I mean the news. Averaging twenty one points a game on a thirty and thirteen team put him on. The jazz might average thirty on on the on the hawks. And you might average thirty points. A game What did you think about porzingis tonight or today? I thought the Mavericks as a team. They don't look for him enough. There's so many opportunities. When he sets a screen especially tonight been wide open and they don't they just don't look for they all look for their their they a all in their mindset is thinking oh he's porzingas that means I get lab and instead they should be looking to drop the pass back back to him for a wide open three and I thought they had four or five opportunities saying where they could have done that thought Luca had one where he decided to attack Gobert instead of hair? It was a bad decision. There was also one at the end where Luca got in trouble with the ball and eventually lost it but coming off that I think I was with Porzingis was open. Nope it was really starting to bother me with this. I I love analytics. I do but you can't. You can't only consider analytics and now the mavericks is an organisation. Carlisle as coach has created. This atmosphere of Porzingas is only out there. He's the floorspace for space. Gravity really genius points Porzingas an all-star. Yeah so you need to do what you can get him. Because he's the guy that makes that corner corner three late in a game on the road and not Maxi with all due respect to maxie stars make those shots will he and this is like I don't know how. How many times has this happened? Where Luca comes in the fourth quarter at his normal time and you'd think that porzingas would come in with him but he doesn't and then it's like one or two possessions and then porzingas comes in and usually in those one and two possessions? That just so happens that something bad happens and it's like why didn't you just bring in premium literally thirty seconds earlier. The minutes is a whole whole different problem with him. And and for that one I I kind of understand. But I don't like how they've created this atmosphere of porzingus. Housing is just being a force base or you can see with the guards. They don't look they don't look forum. They automatically know that because Porzingas is out there. They're gonna get an opportunity opportunity and yes sometimes they do. Sometimes the best shot is a wide open three four porzingus and that's really starting to frustrate me and I think think that's a culture that they've developed and it takes out one really the second best player on the team and it makes him role player. He's a paper win and John. The Guy got the nickname the Unicorn for reason. And we're just we're not using his skill and talent and that's really frustrating. Me and I know he's he's coming off of the layoff that he's at but if you are okay as an organization with accepting this season as a growth season then why are we limiting allowing him to grow like why are we will he. He's his percentages on this. This play is is bad so do anyway get better at it. Help him get back into rhythm like his mid range. The shots just like don't go in and it's like in tonight eight or today he. He forced some drives. He had one really good drive on Rudy where he dunked it but he forced some drives and I don't know if it gets frustrated. Yeah or maybe it's just decision. Make something you can work on but again then. Just don't ever do that but I just I just don't like how we've created this culture that he has a a big man is just out there as shooter is just out there or and and you can see it with the ball handlers. And that's got to change in my opinion. Because he is an all-star he got he was an alternating to play. I know because he had injured. But this and we're not utilizing the all star in. I know his percentages are going to be low and I know it's hard coming off the tornado yellow. And you're not as efficient as you need to be but if you're you're not planning on winning the championship anyways just just ride it. Just doing what you're doing with Luca. Do what you do with him last year. Just give him the ball and go and I think that they're they're not doing that with porzingas. They're stifling him and preventing him from doing all these bad mistakes but allowing everybody else on the team to allow to make these bad mistakes. They let him blossom. He's a flower you gotTa let over. Burma Zoom Yeah. And so it's like I know so. This is a random game in the middle of January that they lost against the Utah Jazz in Utah. It's like you know. What are we complaining? The big picture I get it. They'RE GONNA learn is not a big deal but the reason. I'm so frustrated because because I'm seeing the same thing over and over for and you can only see something so many times before it you you don't WanNa see it anymore. This is this is also a problem like when the man sucked all these last couple of years. You really weren't mad when they lost because it's like well they suck. Yeah but this is a negative consequence of having a good team because when they lose especially against a another one and then now you're you're just frustrated because you all the things you didn't do and yeah. It was a frustrating loss. I'm not GonNa you know I'm not throwing in the towel or anything like that. I definitely think they have to change. It's it's not. I'm not frustrated to the point. Where like I'm done with this season? I think they're still GONNA win. Fifty Games. I think they'll be in the playoffs. I think depending on the match up they might in the first round. If it's bad matchup they might not I get it. This is a growing year. And they're young like all those things I do still have the perspective Yvonne But you know just talking about this game. It's things that I that I get tired of seeing and I know they'll grow out of it but until they do every time I the seat I'm going to be like. Oh can we not do this again. Okay like yeah it gets old so go mavs talk. DELUCA GO Luca I love love Luga and and it's like it's so hard to say the things like make your freaking three free throws or stop shooting these terrible threes or stop complaining because he is so good and I like him so much and he's just so awesome as a fan to have have a guy. That's that good on your team and so it's really hard to say those things but you know it's easier to say you used. Yeah and you get used to having that player so you kind of feel like you can say like. Can you work on this. But we I know how that he'll learn But yeah this loss was frustrating so I think the man now dropped to sixth place probably hover between four or five and six and the rest of the year. Yeah depending on you know health health and all of that. I I do think the next game against the thunder is kind of under the radar a big game because the thunder are creeping up on them in the standings things and especially after this game. Yeah you WANNA bounce thunder. I think play tonight. Let me and the thunder are very good in crunch time. Will they have a good crunch. Time player here in Chris Paul so tonight. The thunder play Minnesota and they are currently leading by four at halftime. Yeah I think if it's a close game I don't know how I feel about that and that's we talked about that in the last episode. They don't know how to win ugly games so honestly if if the thunder win tonight. They're they're only a game behind the mavs which means if they beat the mavs they're tied and they would actually wins. Yes so the mavs if the thunder win tonight in the mavs lose to them on they on Monday they will fall the seventh which would put them against Utah Right now in the playoffs. But yeah I mean it's a big game. It is a big game. You know they got to win that game. Yeah you know the all star break is coming up you know the the thunder are really league. Good but it's not like you're playing the Lakers in La. You know it's a somewhat winnable game if you if you just play hard player game. Oh Casey's hard win at the Mavericks Schedule Joel. I mean since since the middle of December I mean they have just had the a grueling schedule against you know good team after the team after good team on the road and it's just been they've had very few lower level teams over the last month. I don't know I feel like I thought I remembered looking looking at January and the first three games in January the only three rows of Charlotte Chicago. But that's it is ten and the and the Games aims after that but then they also had golden state Sacramento and Portland. Of course they won all those games but and then also Utah at the time such that so then suck but they weren't sad Portland Utah so it looks a lot easier than was remember that ten game stretch in in December. Remember where it was. All the travel got hurt. They went five and five in it so far this month there one two three four five six seven and one two three four five or seven and five. So which sounds about right. Yeah you gotTa Win The thunder game. I think is important. You GotTa go into that game with with thinking that they need to win and they have a back to back the very next night they play at home versus Phoenix. So another tough game. Yeah anyways so that's you know I'm still a mass fan. I love everyone on the team and I think they're going to be fine. But those loose news. Yeah those were some feelings really. I don't even know if those were thoughts. They were mortgages feelings that I had about the game. If you feel differently any or if you think I'm an idiot let me know It's not a good idea. Twitter at underscore city Myers. Martin is on twitter at Martineau Myers. we have a website Dallas. HOOPS CAST DOT COM. You know we are the Mavericks. We are the Dallas Mavericks at closing. podcasts we suck at it we. The performance at the end of the the pod is terrible. Well okay I always I just like thinking people and all you wanna they do is log off like immediately you say thank you and at that point logoff but you gotta say thank you forty two times. Thank you guys so much for listening one. We really appreciate eight it. Oh if you're listening on apple podcast feel free to leave a rating or a review. If you enjoy the show member you can listen to the latest episodes on Dallas whose cast dot com wreaked also read exclusive exclusive articles and the latest breaking mavs News. Thank you guys for this new. And we'll see guys the next episode only to bad add now we have to end. It just ended. Okay press stop okay good bye everybody bye. Thank you for listening it almost almost.

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