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I'm Brad. I'm Justin and I'm this intimated we're just three friends. Quarantine around the world to chat movies. We are the cinema guys. Welcome to the show. Welcome to another episode of the cinema. Guys come in well out there. Yeah and this is our what our first episode since theaters officially closed for Justin. This is the first episode I think so because we did invisible man. Last time I saw that yeah that was less on the theater. Wow I one since then while I while. Hopefully hopefully we'll get more listeners. Now people are quarantined. They have nothing. That'd be although my podcast listening has gone down since the quarantine so is by really. Yeah 'cause I mean it's gone up because I can do a lot of doing stuff and since I'm doing nothing partners but if this is your first time in welcome and if you are returning in quarantine listening law so welcome not like different earn anything. Yeah welcome feels well isolated this week. We are doing something a little different. We each picked a movie from the year. We were born to talk about. Not since you know. There's there isn't any new movies in the theaters. Decided to shake it up a little bit and then we have. I think the top. This is fun too. We picked top movies four year. Wait at high school number two. We kept that up because I have a lot to pick three mine. Maybe four mines maybe nine. You can't do nine nine nine to many. I have used it nine. Six brand new. I didn't know we could pick six. We're also would've picked six. There was really good movies. Usually more actual point them yes together. I have six written down but I'm only getting three of all right. I have four written down. I'm only I could have had ten written down but I only picked three and I'm sure off the top of your head. You'll probably have a few honorable for number three. I can't decide which wins which I would like when he's all said and done hall of nine. Hundred seventy nine probably. Maybe he'll throw in a couple while we're talking to right behind but before we jump into top this I want to say. Thank you to our newest patriot. We have an entry on. Yes we gotTa Sing Song Lead Singer Song. Thank you see in a page. Yeah on the early new one ready. Yeah and we can do the whole thing to the Golden Girl Song. Thank you for being a patriots. Fan traveled down the world and and I like the you know the golden girls theme Song Google play for here at the done house. Say Gold girls that I do is true. Your a Pal Anna COPPA with five dollars. Beena page and go to Patriotdepot dot com slash cinema guys. And you too could become a patron of the show. Yeah thanks a lot and this newest patriae on gave me the best idea which I'm not completely finished with yet but it's Your top movies from every year. You've been alive. I'm trying to keep the list. I only got so I started in seventy nine and I got to. I think eighty nine or ninety. May It's tough it'd be. That'd be quite a task. Yes it's awesome and I'm gonNA keep this forever because it's so good. It's not very fair though because you guys can't more than I do. Yeah sorry doesn't suck to be born and like the two thousands where you're getting nothing. I was born in eighty eight. Thank you know the the more the years go up. I think the harder it is to pick because because he got older. And you're like watching a lot more go into the and it's like especially in the seventies and early eighties just wasn't as many movies every year. And now I feel like there's I mean there's so many movies every year that is that is a good idea all right. Let's do like we like to deal with jump. Now let's quarantine shuffler way into the top left corner himself that looks like this top this For this week's top this we are giving our top three and probably some honorable mentions for the year. We graduated high school. This is all about showing our age on this episode. Okay it was. It was tough because looking at what year was every. While I was nineteen ninety-three I was nine hundred ninety seven. I was two thousand seven. Oh my gosh. Two thousand last year of those last year right yeah. It was pretty much holy crap. So parasite is on your list. Who was president of the graduated? Who is the first? Who'S THE FIRST PRESIDENT? You voted for my first. President was Obama and I think it was Bush when I graduated high school. Who WANTS TO START OFF THEIR HIGHSCHOOL LIST? I can start it off and I'll start start. You Start Nineteen Ninety three. We had some wet movies. Come out that year. I was five Cypriot. Cnn These you probably saw Disney film or something and at the end result my I. I had a tough time. Picking the three like my number three can be tied between two so it was tough. But I'm just GONNA give them one of them. I'll save the other one for an honorable mention but number three would be Jurassic Park. I Yeah I did actually seizure acid park when I was little. I think when it came out like when it came out on. Vhs Or yeah it was be a joke. I remember when the dinosaur eight the guy off the toilet it it's one of those like scarring when you're a child. That's definitely one of my. I remember going to the theater and seeing it but it was like a time where you didn't see a lot of preview so I had no idea I was like. Why are we seeing this time? We don't see a line preview. No I thought it was like a dinosaur. Maybe it was like. I don't WanNa see a dinosaur movie and I remember sitting there being like this is amazing why it. I was like okay. I want to see this. I had seen some previous. But it wasn't a ton and it was like I wanna see this dinosaur movies C. was Spielberg and you go to the theater. In the line's around the building. Like what at what what everybody is. Why so many people wanting to see this is a little known facts that they actually is real dinosaurs to film in the film and then they euthanize them all at the end all right. Yeah that's where I knew that you can actually go to the place where they're all buried. It's called rounds. Jurassic Zero Drastic Park. My number three. My number two thousand nine hundred ninety three is one of the show we are. We not doing this round robin. This is amazing. I didn't even have to say anything. She was only a year breath. Each money's Brad. And His podcast. The hosts has taken a host. I have say oh you you did win. The Oscar picks but wiring this. I'm allowing this. Thank you send a master number two for nine. Hundred Ninety. Three is one of the greatest westerns ever made blazing saddles young guns Tube. Stone tubes the tombstone is it's so you gotta you gotTa Really Good Pizza and my number one from nineteen. Ninety-three is my one of my all time favorite animated movies. I watch it every year. Bambi the nightmare before Christmas. I I love that movie and that is a great movie. Let's get my honorable mention. Which could flip to number three. Is The SANDLOT sandlots. Good Yeah so those. Those are my nineteen ninety three films. Four years down the Road Justin will graduate from high school and he will see movies and two of the movies on this list and I actually have not year or actually on my top. Ten movies of all towns chasing amy one of them chasing. Amy is one of them still good. Still good it's inappropriate has not aged well which we did I episode. You can go back and So chasing amy it was number two number one being the fifth element which is Alabama chasing. Amy and then I was GonNa let you guys decide my number three. It is a tie. Between Grosse Pointe Blank. Let's a good film and a life less ordinary with Ewan. Mcgregor Cameron Diaz Life. Less ordinary. There are you just because you've seen either one true. That's I always. You said you'll McGregor and I was in. I haven't watched Grosse Pointe Blank in a while but Blake is John John Sack. Yeah and Dan ackroyd Dan ackroyd and Minnie driver. It's a good movie. Ten years man lifeless ordinary. I just recently watched hearts so again. It's really good. I love that movie. I love the musical number in the middle of it with I R. What isn't the Red Hot Chili peppers in it? No that's the arrival. That's the one with Charlie Sheen where he kidnaps the rich girl. Oh yeah the chase. Yeah the chase that's it. Yeah Yeah no. So you say life was ordinary go lifeless ordinary number chose. Yeah that's what Ashley chose when she watched all these films eight eight. Now know your nine as nine. Oh you could've watched the fifth element. Maybe I did watch film and I'm pretty sure and then a decade after you graduate adjusted so then what I swear twenty-seven graduated at eighteen. I am now while I was born in seventy nine. I am twenty eight. I had two children. I had one agreed baby. All right so my list is Two Thousand and seven to seven. I will say the number one one is probably going to be across the universe. Another one's good. That came out. You're born. I feel like that was like okay. Let's let's talk about the fact that the I graduated not there. I was bore graduate direct. Yeah I keep thinking. They're both the same sign immediately. Greiner they were both not too long ago. Yeah so across the university number one. 'cause I love God. I watched that movie so much. Michael Sarah no across Jim Searching Lewis. That's how I need my Cat North because I love that movie so much anyway. Of course you did anyway across the universe was the one that was the first movie that I saw the esquire too. I think okay and then I would probably go with hot rod with Andy Sat. We just watched this corn week. We Watch Rod- I love them like dying laughing. It's every time falls and hits his body really hard. Eat so funny and it's amazing. Cast HIS MAMA. Sissies basic and like the dude from deadwood Ian McShane. Yes McShane is it like. I'm like there's so many good actress and then all his fellow cast members in snl or in that writers and his best friends from childhood. It's so we were watching it and dying laughing so then the other one is a tie between Lars and the real girl. Oh that's a good movie and PS I love you because you know. It's I like both those choices. I do not care for the Beatles one. I like to be amazing. I don't like the Beatles out of your out of your to the tide. I've only seen Larson real girl. I love you actually is really good. It's really good. I cry a lot every time we got our guy in it jarred Butler a jerry in it. I love him. He's so hot. Hey those are some good lists I it was. It was hard to pick. Also an honorable mention is going to be. I am legend because I could not say I am Muslims. Good I liked the alternate version. Much ending much better because but let us know some picks you have for our three years ninety three ninety seven in two thousand seven. Maybe there's some movies from the three years we didn't pick. Yeah or if YOU GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL. Let's yours just gotTa wear the Cinema Guys Dot Com and you can contact us and let us know some yours all right so this week. Our picks are going to be a little different. We're not doing just one movie. We're doing three movies three before you know. We just did our graduation year. Now we are going to. We each picked movie from the year that we were born at did the others either have seen haven't seen or whatnot and now we're going to talk about those. So who wants to? Who Start off with their birth year movie. I'll start. Oh Yeah Ashley should start took. Children found this baby alone. By the river I Otis. Baby told me find child Eloranta elements to be guarding me. You need a warrior for job like this. What did you pick Ashley? Give us one of those stellar films that you've seen a thousand times that you've seen from that great year you were born. Nineteen ninety nine nineteen eighty eight on the amy's done well done. My birth year is eighty eight. I'm September eighty eight baby. Oh Okay and my star Sinus Berko yes. I chose Willow looking to date the Senate meeting. You can find your on. Tinder them mold. But that's it. That's what I was thinking of. Nine hundred eighty eight is your one thousand nine hundred and you picked the fine film of Willow and why? Why did you pick will I? Love will because it was directed by Peter Jackson. Willow was not is record by Peter Jackson. It was totally not alive directed by Ron Howard. Jackson no Peter Stack nothing to do with. You might be thinking of those other films called Lord of the Rings. Have you heard of him? I thought I saw the article. They was the Arctic. You know all those relevant articles about willow out there. Did you go to a microfiche at the library? Article on Willow. This is the most. This is still very sick. You have to leave. So the article actually said that the Hobbit is a rip off of the Willow and Peter Jackson stole the. I like the like semi detached from it. That makes no sense is Peter Jackson's movies were based on by no way. Willow in the willow story has a lot of similarities to do. They mean there's just little people that we it was Peter Jackson in somebody else. Who did things George Lucas George? Lucas was broke the story for correct. That's what I was thinking of love. And Ron Howard directed the film Awesome Star Wars. It was awesome so good first of all I have never seen a movie. I have never seen gone with the wind. Also so you you picked a movie from your birth year that you had not seen on what I understand you want. You did see about ten minutes ten minutes and slow even leave the village. No he picked the finger of life. No he was still doing magic tricks laughing at the last thing. I remember is. He has little arm through like a like a and it's just an arm. It's just an arm. Sorry Warwick Davis. That's an arm arm. You picked a movie. You hadn't seen to watch. Yes because I thought Oh. This'll be fun. This supposed to be really good is good and then I wanNA sleep so you still have to be fair yesterday my Sunday. I watched Oliver Movies. I kind of I watched first. Brad's movie Second Justin's movie and I was like I'll watch mine last because I don't know mind should be last and then that happened and then I fell asleep. Fake your way. Through any of the movies Monty Python would have been the easiest because she's a series of silly so I picked willow. I still have never seen it. Well you know what? I'm still WANNA talk about willow. Because he doesn't talk about all you want Peter Jackson's new movie willow leader Jackson's New Willow. The dumb bell so we have in. Willow. We have VAL kilmer. Ask Marty getting mad bargain. Yes actually. He's like the best part of the film and you missed. Oh okay I'll watch this. So he is people like me like regular size people. And they're called dikirinis correct and willow is called the Nell win. They are smaller people. Okay and so the now ones are like hobbits. They're sort of insignificant. Ob Peter Jackson. Okay I'll keep making his poverty references just so you keep saying that well and it is sort of a fantasy film just like the Lord of the Rings Films Were Peter Jackson. He's been there. There is a lot of swords just like there wasn't Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson there is a journey just like in Lord of the Rings where they have to take guys some. Why are you sure? Peter Jackson didn't make this movie. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure you're not. I think Peter Jackson was actually burgled. Cut Eleven that absolutely. I don't know what that me and there are even little or people that are almost ferry sized and their color varies Laura Data Americans correct areas. And they're around his when they get drunk they get drunk and say silly things. Yes and they have like rats skulls on their heads. Because they're they're little so they kill rats instead of like deer. Oh my God you're right now and that crazy Kumasi do Peter Jackson make this year. You may tell you something about the scene. You did see Ashley. The magic scene where he makes a pig disappear. Oh I didn't see that part or try to the end of the trick. You just saw the beginning of the trick. Yeah well he makes a pig disappeared. Well guess what at the end of the film amongst all the wizards and witches and magicians he uses that little parlor trick to make a the the baby disappear and they're they're stunned and I why don't you go to another dimension. But really she was just under the table like the pig was he. Tricky he tricks the evil witch. Yeah it was willing. He is more powerful than her makes. The baby disappear. I use my disappearing pig trick. Yeah I feel like. This is a really epic tale. It's an added. It is actually yeah. There is a lot of source. I was Brad. You've found that there were three books written by George. Lucas who I'm guessing gave the story and then the guy wrote the books. Yeah it was written by George Lucas in Chris Claremont. If you're in comics. He is a big comic book writer and I was fascinated to read these books but according to Amazon literally like one hundred percent of the reviews like this is the worst book series ever. You can't find them. There's not digital copies either. The chronicles of the shadow war. Because there are so many other characters within the movie that I would love to know more about even if you stay with the Nell one. I'd love to know more about bunk car to like the mighty warrior. Yes yes yes. Actually you know. I'd love to know more about the other war that mad. Marta again like didn't get to go to but made probably would've died in there when he was in the in the in the gallows replace. I would like to know more of Madame Oregon in his. You know he is the best swordsman. Greatest swordsman to ever live. Yeah and any you just think he's playing him. And then at the end when he like really pulls out his his sword tricks and willow sees him and he just like lights up like he really is. He wasn't lying to me that that world. I would love to see more than I mean. There's talk of a rumored sequel series. Coming would really love to see that. Yeah I what are our that whole castle kingdom that they go and but they're all dead when they get in there. Yeah I mean this is one of those movies that came out around the time where you had you know dark crystal labyrinth legend. The you know the never ending story a lot of like those really faintest. We've read wash that when the kids in it. It does it. It's not it's not overly cheesy with the special effects so it's a lot of practical effects but they the only thing that was like can see jarred or or whatever they use them. Was The dragon drunk. You just say claymation or see back in there. They like mix them both together. Like a stop. Motion Animation of Uh kind of like. I bet that's where Peter Jackson learned it. Yeah I probably and Ashley. What are you never ever give a baby peanut? Honey honey you never get baby honey. No it was black. It was the answer. Well real line in the film was raised on black. It was Vanilla Vanilla stocks. That's really they used. Yep that's fascinating. What other. Give me some other random facts. I Love I love this movie. Other random facts. I love the Willow. I could give you Val kilmer and Joanne whalley his. Who Played Sorta Ooh? Yeah they met on the film and they married Yup. Yeah how long? I don't know how long they were married but I know they eventually. They did get divorced. He had her when he was like the moon or whatever you know when he was when he was. Kinda under that the love spell. Yeah that does the broken heart. Yeah yeah actually missing out no will is a good movie. I you you you are missing out and I will do. WanNa hear a little bit of a sad news from my childhood when I first saw willow. I didn't WanNa go because I didn't I couldn't conceive of a little person being the hero of the film so when I saw Val kilmer in the film I remember going like Oh well. He's going to be the hero because he's not a little person. But then by the end I remember a little people can be here too and if kilmer got top billing in the movie even though he's not he's not the main character in the movies not specifically about him. Yeah because one. He's IT'S VAL kilmer. It's a name that people know work Davis I mean he was. He played a opportunity walk or was he was. He was a wicket. So and and George Walk. He also had a quick cameo in episode one. Yes he was in. The stage for a job was Or the palace whatever. Well it and the newest star wars when they show wicket and the other e walk at two towards the end of Rice's skywalker. That's his son so he got to play. Wow with his son in Star Wars. That's pretty sweet. And George. Looted wrote Willow He he came up with the story and like the seventies but he wrote the movie specifically for Warwick Davis for awesome potter. Two guys. He's the main Goblin. He was the professor. He wasn't one of the banquet. I thought he was the main Green Dots. The main out he was a he was flitwick. Wasn't he yes yes professor? I don't know the names guessing. That's what it was because you only read half the books and I know I remember you read syncing a theme here of you know only ten minutes half a buck. It's Colorado space. He got twenty minutes of it to be fair. That's all you need but another fun fact of this movie. John Cusak screen tested to be man marked again in the show. That would not have been great. He the greatest swordsman. Who ever lived. He still is what he says. It's one of his. Biggest disappointments is not getting that role in the film. Yeah but VAL kilmer nailed it. Oh Yeah I could. Anyone else is a madman again. Give me a sword. I win this war for you. That is the guy remember. It vividly a Laura. Dannon must survive the guy who played. Eric means something yes he he looks a lot or not he looks. I think Jacob. Uc looks a lot like him. Because when you when you like when I just re washed it again yeah I kind of had a double take and I'm like well this eight. He also looks at time. Like torment from Game of thrones. The redhead. Tournament has corona virus Sorry Hashtag Hashtag. You better stay away. But what is it about Willow Justin? That made you fall in love with it was at the adventure was a young. So what what year was it actually eighty eight. Oh look at that. You could answer that. I wasn't nine so it was a pretty new experience going to a theater to see something so fantasy. That wasn't common right. I mean in the eighties. We you had quite a few of them. It was our movies the labyrinth come out in the eighties. Everything always hit the theater. And I don't think in the eighties. You went like you do now. New MOVIE COMES OUT. We go see like back then. It was like a treat for our family to actually see ladies even though because I mean eighty eight. I was only thirteen so it wasn't like I could just run out to the theater whenever a new movie. Get someone to drive me there and you know usually 'cause I remember one high school. That was a thing we did. Let's go see movies because we do whatever we want because before. Your parents just aren't always going to do that. That was like a family treat for everyone to do tricked so I remember it being lake. Wow this is cool. We saw this movie and I and I didn't know anything about it. Never heard of it. My parents picked it out and we went and it was good and it was really good and since then I bet I probably seen it at least thirty seven times very thirty seven more times than actually. He's thirty seven more than me. Yes you've seen it enough for both of us young for for me. I you know a lot of the same with the movies that came in around that time. I love like that fantasy adventure type of movie like all those movies that I'd mentioned before. Like legend and labyrinth than the dark crystal. And like all those. I love that that type of movie so when this one came out it was. I don't I don't think I saw the theater. I didn't see it until later but I just like the adventure of the movie and I was like now. Sylmar comber what are you for years or on Mir three four four and at that age? That's a huge difference right. Yeah so you've already seen probably way more movies in theaters. I had like because I would have been five at some of those films that you were seeing when I was nine lake or when you were nine so I think this was probably earlier because I remember I definitely had seen labyrinth and legend but I don't think I saw them into theater. I think this was earlier theater. Watch for me which is probably why I remember it so much. I I love watching it this week. I hadn't watched it in years. I'm like I still enjoy this movie. I still like how cute you did. See this part. Actually how cute are there to little kids? Oh yeah they work you all. My Gosh has two little little kids and time. That was fun. I did read. That was one of the biggest casting calls for like little people of our time huge. Because you couldn't you know the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies they just digitally right mainland they weren't trade as leg Munchkins they were portrayed as warriors and yeah. This is a portrayal. This horse recall. I like it I like. I like will actually willow. I'm letterbox. Well I was GONNA ask if you wanted to put a rating on it. I gave it up point. I think giving it a radio. I'm going to wait until I actually see it. It's good yeah. It is actually worth watching the show. What do you give is one of your like? I love this movie. So much. That the five star or I if I you know that sucks 'cause I saw it now. I probably wouldn't do that but at the time. And it was the best I I love it although It flopped right. It was a it was it was a bomb because they did have ideas for the sequels. But that's why trilogies right you get. They they they went to the books because the movie failed. Yes George Lucas thought. Oh this is GONNA BE. I mean he can use coming off a star wars right and thinking. Oh I could do. I do this fantasy films. Are We have Indiana Jones to and it's yeah it's now yeah. I knew that it flopped and it did not do well so I I but I loved it. I loved it the so. Let's move onto either Justin or my film. Well we'll we'll save we'll save Justin's we'll do mind because I know you're you're not a giant fan of my film. Yeah I and I know that I am not in the majority of this opinion it is ping us and these are my knights of the round table. Who's castle is this candid? I'm after can go and tell your master if we have been charged by God with a sacred quest if he will give us food and shelter for the night he can join us in our quest for the holy grail. Where team but I don't think he'd be very keen. He's already good wine. You see what he says. They've already go. I was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty five which I was torn between this film and jaws. Jaws came out that same year. Baffled by the fact the ear. Fourteen years older than me. You could've been my dad. My father taught yeah like they get technically ever have been my father four years. It'd be tough no downton but I picked one of my all time favorite comedies monty python and the holy grail. I've seen this movie probably fifty times and every time I watch it still I mean I see I belly laugh because I now I've seen these jobs. Love that the COMECON. There's guys do agree. Yeah and I love those guys and I'm like Hey okay. So the movies. I liked the movie the first time I saw it. I thought it was the first time you saw high school. Okay okay I have a lot of people really size films that your go. You gotTa Watch this around. I saw until college and then and then and then people started quoting a little too much and then I was like. I'm now tired of it because it's like people like I don't know people can ruin Eh for me. What they get with seems to be the people who quoted a lot. We're always like oddballs. Yes thank you Justin. I want to say it. Yeah I guess. It's like that. Stigma has actually ruined the movie for a little bit. It was like the people who loved Monty Python equality were also the same people who overly loved Star Trek and the Star Trek series. Those two groups were very similar and they probably played a lot of the animals at home in smelled. Like pee. There's no there's nothing wrong with doing this. But I feel like the people that also really love all those things are also people that do lurking full-time. Yes yes. That's okay you're surly you're really putting people who like this into a category right. I understand that is a dualistic way of thinking and not one of those but I agree and I do enjoy the movie if but then I have the stigma of people who do those things and then every time I see it. I just get that like cringing feeling when I like. Yeah I just get the feeling when I'm like. Oh God I've heard that joke like fifty thousand times out of some. Do try to hit on me like a comic con. WanNa hear that I put it in the category also though a different one of like dumb and dumber movie that everyone loves for some reason. I hated until I get that. Everyone loves MONTY PYTHON. And what what is it that you don't like about age and so? I I guess I just don't think this is that's just not my type of humor okay. It's very British humor though right. Yeah I mean you don't like British humor but it's very unless it's hugh grant. It's very unless a secret silly humor too. I mean it's it's but I feel like it's very British it's very British and so I came to that kind of humor late too because I remember seeing like naked gun movies in airplane and all those in not thinking they were funny either but then later on I came to like Ace Ventura and Billy Madison and thinking those were really funny and I get that. It's all the same kind of bombastic dry weird humor but came to that type of humor and I appreciate what the film is. I'm not saying I think it's actually a good pick because it's I get that. The movie is is Standalone film for some reason. I just didn't like it. I don't know why and I liked it but then people ruined it for me. I I could see that I I also did not see it until college and it was one of those films. I'm the second I watched it. It's the type of humor that I just find very very funny so I mean right from the get. Go when you have those credits in near. Just the jokes popping on the screen and and you know every different seen in. This movie is just full of stupid jokes. He made me laugh in. Everything was so quotable. I was one of those people that would walk around and do a nice to say or is they. Bring me shrubbery like you would. Yeah you actually just made me cringe. Just a little bit by saying that. I immediately thought of the all the people who worked in the cafeteria in college. It's just it's one of those. I think it's it's my type humor and like I said every single time I watch it. I still just laugh out loud all those all those things that I said like the people that learn but I I like those people. I'm not saying I don't like those people I'm saying. They just like I feel like that group of people over quotes the movie over quotes it in ruins it just like when you hear a song on the radio too many times like. Oh my God I hate this song now. That's what it is for me like. I remember watching and being like okay. I'm about to watch this film that everyone loves and they have the coconuts doing the horse. Clopping I'm like man God and that that reason they used the coconuts is because they had no money to make this movie so they couldn't afford to do horses so they just thought it was still a coconuts With also to be fair I saw it. How many years after came out came up to seventy five thirty years after came out almost two. They're probably thirty years after and so those jokes were already ingrained in our society so I probably heard most of the quotes from the movie before I even saw those and it also has a like a tendency to overdo. The joke like okay. This scene is done. Can we get to the next scene? And I think at the time you know in college I was kind of like looking for meaning in depth. Everything so I'm sure I probably wouldn't have liked the film like that. What's it mean? Do nothing you know. Now I can relate to stupid movie. Just full of now quotes. I mean. That's kind of what it is. It's just a movie just to like I also British humor because I know you don't like it Like the Wallace and gromit and stuff like that. I love the worst chicken run. I love it but I can run for the year I graduated high school. One of the movies was being which I think Rowan Atkinson. Mr Bean is the worst thing that ever happened to comedy and Mr Bean hilarious. You think. It's funny yeah I do like. That's the whole time like this is so stupid and you're a stupid character. The Christmas is one. I never had ever Mr Bean anything to get to Christmas. I talk like this and and it's not. I guess that kind of humor doesn't end. There's always a lot of like bathroom humor with a lot of British stuff and that bothers me. I don't like far far humor of like that man. Just don't like Frisch animation and you don't like British humor well plan and also the animation is also because of the humor like I wouldn't mind the animation if it wasn't always I would say you know we we just did the things Ori- chickens I roam. I sorry okay. Well I think he does at a problem with it. Awesome Hugh grant you you re watched. Holy grail correct. I can't I can't tell you how many times I rolled my eyes or how because this is what I heard the joke so many times or it's so many times. How many times did you? The flesh wound shut up. How many times did you go like okay? Can we fast forward to this scene? Yes I wanted to many times because I feel like they're all this drag on like like a mid two thousand. Snl This okay. We need to stop the scene now but but it still is a good film. Yeah I get it I get that. I don't have a popular or liked opinion. I guess I don't know Spencer Gifts Spencer gifts. I'm pretty sure it's been selling a t shirt that says it's just a flesh wound on it for probably thirty five years. It's true and it is one of those like that's what I love about film. Everybody loves every move. That's what I love about film my co-host usually hey what I bring to not. I don't WANNA hate it every time I say watch Colorado space again like Justin rose one. Is that one is real weird or or when I say. Hey guys watch resident evil you both. Let's see I've never been resident evil hater on you. I just. I don't like them like you do but I'm just. I'm just teasing with saw some fast and furious that I absolutely cannot stand that you bring up. I would rather watch resident evil invest furious. I know you're not a fan justin. But what would you? What would you rate it for a three three GONNA save? My was the same three in for me. I mean it's one of my favorite comedy so I'm going to give. I can't believe you're you're about to give it a give it a five zero to five. I cannot I cannot I cannot. What else did MONTY PYTHON DO AFTER? Holy Grail They did the life of Brian. Okay see I get Monty Python and Mel Brooks confused a lot and they always for. Brian was Mel Brooks also but now Mel Mel Brooks did like the history of the world part one right Robin Hood men in tights. Yeah blazing saddles a worked in blazing saddles so speaking of blazing Saddles Justin your movie. Have these like blazing no no no. No you're movie. Had The star of blazing sound Gotcha. Yeah him to dance with you. He is going to show you how his people Dan Ready under. Tommy's a great guy here there. You go buddy I wish out so then we're GonNa do nice. That's it it's good ladies ladies Jewish Indians and jokes. You incase your year was nineteen seventy nine seventy nine and I picked this. 'cause I the first time I saw it. It was obviously not the euro's born probably in high school or maybe junior high. I don't know but I remember crying at it because I remember yeah. I remember seeing gene wilder who. I'd only known from Willy Wonka yeah and he his when he gets robbed the first time his. You're moving I remember. Oh sorry what is your movie pick? The movie is Frisco Kid. The Frisco kid starring Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder Weller. I had not seen this movie until it's good it. I felt kind of odd. Yeah definitely because it gets very serious and then the jokes. Sometimes it was like okay. We want from the seriousness to Ryan Gene Wilder. Kind of quirkiness joke. You know his style right and yours it. Just I don't know it was just Kinda odd. Yeah so gene wilder rabbi and Harrison. Ford is like a I don't know what are they a cowboy. Yeah who kind Robert. So who helps him but Li- and they form a relationship with the Ira Yeah I it as a more serious film more than ever. Think of it as a comedy to be honest. Yeah that's how I remember it too but I think they did that. A lot back then like comedies. That were serious. A comedy drama. Like yeah like you know the Romney. Yeah a Giradi and then what Harrison Ford would have done one star wars film by the time. Yeah and Jean Law hold on Harrison Ford has got to be one of the sexiest men that have ever lived higher. World is any so I was watching. It was like I remember. Now why you're the first crush I've ever had any so hand. Like he's so handsome and like it just the way he carries himself and the way he talks like God. Bless you were watching it. Both my boys were they look. They're watching Kinda off and on with it because they're playing games and they're like. Is that guy the cowboy is he? He looks like Han Solo. That the same guy who who is Han Solo Harrison Port? Now Oh okay. That's sexy man. And their other comment was like there's a lot of bad words this movie insurance rated PG and I'm like seventy s man P G parenting. We just watched a movie. That was Pg Thirteen What was it with the kids and the Kristen was like this is pg thirteen and it was from the ninety. Oh it was Wayne's world how much sexuality like this does not seem like it should be there and again I think it has some of the same tropes as a film that age can have as far as like. It's slow. Yes yes definitely slower. You know I remember seeing it and liking it. And that's why I picked it not because now I would watch and be like okay. This may be a little boring. It was it was a little slow. I had racial appropriation. This was the first time I had seen it and like mo a lot of movies from that time period the pacing. Your pacing of movies is different. The now like everything now is like it's gotta be in your face. Now we gotta keep things going quickly and then they kind of the kind of just kind of move things along a little bit at a time but I think that was the moment where I realized that gene wilder is a really good actor like he just. He took that role of a silly comedy. Movie right and just nailed it. I'M GONNA be this rabbi very good actor. I did read an article about how this is. Gene Wilder was very obviously particular about what roles he took and he took this one because it is the most. It's the closest to who he actually is the same article that had Peter Jackson. Doing Willow. Is it the microfiche article you you went to the library and looked up? Well done I know that you have that looking glass that you'd like to look at Microfiche. Anyone who is a gene wilder? He has a particular way that especially his comedy. He I mean it's it's not A. He has a physical comedy miss to him in. He has kind of a you know. I. It's hard to explain because he does have a particular style where it's not full comedy. His is always get really big in this one especially when he you know he has. He has a beard and it's a different gene wilder than you. I've seen in any other movie of his so it was. It was definitely a different role. So that's why part of it. It's it's hard to like. Is this comedy must post laugh right now right after. Seriousness praise a lot like publicly very publicly. Gene Wilder went through a period when he was younger where he would prey. He got the urge to pray randomly in public like that. Wow and he had to go to therapy for because and then he discovered it was like how he wasn't dealing with the anxiety of his mom being sick or something like that. It didn't really get into deeply about like that was but it said that he really connected with the role because he felt a lot of himself in the role. Now did you ever see hear. No Evil See no evil with him. Richard Pryor no look I mean back when it came out but I don't well the only number dealing interest about their as I almost show it was going to be as a toss up between CISCO ARE FRISCO KID and the toy. Did you ever see the toy with Richard Pryor? Yes yes that came. You're actually such a good movie. You couldn't make it now. It was a rich white kid who had everything he wanted and the dad was a vacant father named us but his southern wife caught him. You ass she the. Us and the father's just go into the store and whatever you want from the store you can have you Alpi. Whatever the store. Well Richard Pryor word to the store was stuck there that night and the boy wanted to buy a African American man by Richard. Pryor because he thought Richard Pryor was fun and so Richard. Pryor takes the job because he gets a lot of money to go. Be this boy's Toy Yup anyways you couldn't make it now was funny like so funny and it wasn't. I don't think at the time I mean. Obviously it knew what it was doing. It wasn't like Oh we don't know they knew and they and they and they deal with that issue too but it's really funny and it's really good the toy. That was one of my second one but Richard Pryor and gene wilder. We're in the movie together. Where is someone's deaf? Someone's blind here too. We will see no evil. Yeah I I did. Read that Harrison. Ford's character was originally supposed to be John. Yes and John. We didn't get paid the little amount that they try to lower his payments. That's why I would never washed it. Would've mailing actually was made? He was going to do it. And then they. They paid less money than he was expecting or wanted. Incident hairs forgotten. How much much different it would. Gene Wilder also Harrison Ford is a dime. He C- he steals every role he does say does he get Johnny. Come on. Yeah I wonder if I have that. Just ingrained in my body. When you see you're always like what a handsome man super sexy solely true. He is the age of my grandfather. Now why like like I said I did find it odd in some parts of the movie I felt. Sometimes I felt like it was a weird cut. Kinda jumped oddly of. Oh where we're here all of a sudden going like when they when they got to the Indian reservation with our iphone that whole thing kind of weird also was the chief actually Indian or was he a white guy dressed up as an Indian product of and a white guy. I'm pretty sure there's a white guy dresses in India. We still call Indians then. I know their native Americans but like some of the people in the tribe were actually native American from wor. Yeah Yeah but I think the chief I I I really believe he was just a white guy. It is a white guy where they were talking at one point. I thought maybe he was going to like kind of whisper in his ear like he was playing this tribe to lead them just because his his demeanor. I kind of felt like he was. GonNa you know. Don't don't tell them the the jokes going to be up or kind of thing but Greinke. I don't know I mean it doesn't. It wasn't an awful movie again now. I would probably give it a three and a half just because just because I liked it. I liked the the story that gene wilder character was like trying to go through of like. I'm a man of my morals. No matter what is happening around me in this weird lead going to stick to my morals. Because that's who I am a man a you know. He is a rabbi and he he was sticking to. This is what I believe. This is who I am. That's why it gave me the extra half star. I really liked that that story look at all these good lessons. There's that one and willow is the powers time. And what's that lesson? We got from Monty Python. They're all just loppers soon. Got Arrested at the end. Yeah that's it thank you but I I gave Frisco kid a two and a half. I mean right in the middle. I didn't think it was awesome. Harrison Ford being in. It probably gave me extra half star to. If it wasn't for him it wouldn't have been as great. I agree I was expecting the Han Solo attitude to come out of them sometimes because when he was serious being really nice I was like. Oh He's joking and then I was like oh no. He's actually being nice. Yeah there were a few times where Han Solo did come out of him like when he kinda I met him and he was Getting Ready to go the wrong way. And just the look on his face where he was. Yeah seeing as like oh it's completely a Hans Solo and then right after I forgot what it was. He said the Hansel line that he had said. It's it's I mean it's hard Indiana Jones in Hans Solo like. He's just that's always going to be for the rest exactly a forever. I love his Indiana Jones. It's so good all right so for we move to at home recommendations. I do WANNA say. Even the theaters closed visit our friends at not at the actual esquire theatre but go to escort theater DOT COM. They're doing some stuff. Their facebook feed is Super Fun. Yeah they're they're doing like these contests of like creating posters with household stuff and they're doing like they're putting Marquee contests like. Oh we're going to put the sorry marquee. What movies is from? You can also rent a movie through them which may be called Saint Francis. Yeah I really want to rent. And it looks awesome and any rental through there goes towards them so they can help pay their employees one thousand right now. They're they're doing some awesome stuff so check them out. We we love the ESQUIRE WE WANNA WE WANNA keep them. Then they just got voted Best Theater in Cincinnati for the four who are their competitors Cinema everybody but they're like not even this illegal stem exactly. They're better pray. All those are like giant an exactly glamorous and this is the independent little guy. Yup The esquire. Let's move into cement home recommendations Justin you have a. You have a lot for homes this week. So we yes. I'm not GonNa Steal What. I'm sure one of these and say so. I'm not GonNa talk about that one but kristen and I have caught up and watch all of the available episodes of little fires everywhere else. Witherspoon the woman. I don't know her name but she's from like The VONDA rice film scandal only. What's shackles little fires everywhere? Yes it's supposed to be really good. Book reminds me a lot of pretty little liars if you saw that on. Hbo It's so good though. If you like that kind of like what's going on reese witherspoon nails it. But it's on Hulu Become Watch him and and I also started the first episode of hunters on Hulu Amazon so Amazon original with Al Pacino. And they're hunting down modern day when the seventies modern day Nazis and so far really good. I finished episode. I really like it. So those are my two zero. Two Homework Amon dejean right. Cinnamon you can take this. I have another one. It is the show the show. Everyone is talking about literally everyone is talking about. You probably heard about it or heard about it. We'll probably already seen about it. You've already probably heard all about it. But I gotta say it. It's obviously the tiger king is I have I have two episodes left in it. So here's my thing. We washed it all. We benched on wash the entire thing. It's not as good as I thought it would be. Given how much I heard the hype behind it. Yes the did not I. I had nothing. I ain't nothing to go by other than everyone's Washington everybody's talking about it. Everyone's talking about it so we're like okay. Let's watch it and I was like okay. It's a murder mystery. Didn't know that that was a thing and I really sorta and there's a murder but I was like so it's good. It's really really good but not as murder mystery is like a back burner storyline. Good as I thought it would be like. It's but it's crazy. It's really worth watching. I feel like I said I saw two left but the out of the first five every episode. It's like it it Kinda crazier Berry in. They're bringing in other people and you're like whoa come from although the last episode. I feel like it's kind of a letdown. Why I've never seen a documentary. That had so much. Actual footage like most documentaries like even that make millions. Hbo is no real footage. Really think that guy actually lost all of us footage. He had a bunch of footage. There is so much footage. Well that's because Joe Exotic wanted to record everything's there's a couple of scenes like that one scene. Brad you've seen it. I think we're he's. It's it's Christmas time. And he's up on top of the bus he's waving. Oh yeah yeah and I was like come on. This has to be post recorded but nope it is all actual. There's a couple of we even looked at four episodes in like. Is this really the guy? This is an actor right and we looked it up again. Make sure yeah so. You know the clip of John Oliver when he had that I remember when that happened and I was like this guy's not real and then I googled him and he really was real. That was in two thousand sixteen th century members looking at it like seeing some of the running he was running for president and they were making fun of them. Yeah no it's crazy if you haven't seen or haven't watched the Tiger King and you've been waiting everybody's talking about also watch it? I'm rethinking all of my dating tactics now that I know that this man can turn multiple straight men into marrying him also The last episode the craziest thing but Alaska was the randomly throughout the whole thing is rampant sexism in the sexist comments. Christmas like Oh yeah. People are making these comments in front of other women. That's crazy. Bs. What watched hiking all right. My at home recommendation is a movie. It's kind of a smaller indie movie. It's called the wave. It Stars Justin. Long and man now think of his name from scrubs. But it's kind of a weird. I did a cinnamon on it. But I'm GONNA recommend you need to rent it because it it is kind of a trip to watch. It's Justin Long's character. He's like an attorney and he's he works for an insurance company kind of finding ways to kind of make sure claims are legitimate. You know and he gets US big one and he's he's on top of the world but then goes out and parties and wakes up a house and doesn't know what the heck happened the day before because he did some drugs and it's this weird kind of trippy hangover. Ask like trying to find what happened. It's worth a watch totally worth a watch like. I really really really liked it a lot. Yeah yeah late. Maybe I'll watch it. What is it on streaming you? Can't you can rent it right now. There isn't on any of the streaming services so you'd have to sweet after rent. It is a good one it. I really enjoyed it and I love Justin Long. He's amazing I tell you what not to watch. Oh tell me bloodshot. It was not good I haven't seen it it. I mean if you want something to laugh at you know check it out but it's it's not it's it's windy. Vin Diesel. Just trying it. He's he's like the same character he's just dumb being the same guy wearing the same shirts and yeah does he. Drink Corona trying to think if he did wake a lot cooler if he did so that. Wrap up this longer episode. I believe that the cinema guys. Well we did have a lot of movies that we did. We did we covered three and we are during this time of everybody in. I was follow us on our Youtube Channel. Because we're going to in between our recording weeks. We're going to do our what we call the corn stream where into a little just a livestream chat. I just want everyone to know that when Brad. Jay Corn Stream. He had a smirk on his face like he was so proud of her name told a joke. And I just tell the guests in and just kind of have chats also everyone else's calling these corn streams no. No no no I will. You heard it here first folks. I worry free cinema. Guy's name is reasonable to me. No I came up with it now. Corn streamed so if anyone else says it they owe us royalties where calling it. The core stream over. You'll be doing those in between our episode releases so check those out also join us. Yeah join us in the chat. Ask US QUESTIONS. And we'll be back in two weeks. We are going to have our first patron picked movie to do. We don't know what it is yet. Your biggest patron can pick movie. But we'll be back with that so watch for that in a couple of weeks and I can't say until next time we will see you at the movies. 'cause nobody can weight if you're in. Korea. I can see because the movie theaters aren't closed here. The cinnamon and we'll see you could see you at the movies. No we'll see when the corn the corn strength. There you go today. I'm fine. You're the one over here and then starts messing me up in my head. Maybe it's maybe it's my audio because it sounds like you're like I think it's your audio because I'm pretty sure he was pretty clear there. It was. You know we're going to doing sorry. I really was like what is she doing you. Are you making fun of him for something?

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