Ep. 843 - Democrat Civil War


The news media is tremendously Unhappy About Donald Trump's acquittal in the senate on charges he did something or other that was very bad for some reason at the Washington Post where democracy she dies and darkness after post editors. Throw it downstairs where post reporters kick it until it stops. Moving editorialist waxed eloquent on the tragic consequences that will follow trump's acquittal as surely as Ted Knight Follows Doris Day Post editorialised Nimrod Blankley wrote quote after Bill Clinton was impeached. He apologized legitimized for committing adultery than perjury then lying about committing adultery then perjury than letting bin Laden get away because he was so busy committing adultery than perjury than line line about it but not once as Donald Trump apologized for any of those things proving. He's a much worse person than that Democrat president. We all remember so fondly because he helped create an economy almost half as good as this one unquote at the New York Times Former newspaper editor and chief blithering prevarication. The third wrote quote once a president can do whatever trump is accused of doing with impunity. We are living in Nazi Germany. I myself being carted away to what would be a concentration camp. Can't if it didn't have stuffed armchairs an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon and happened to be my apartment quote at CNN anchorwoman shapely Nick. Put on honor very serious face in order to deliver very serious opinion to the CNN audience. Who is running to catch his connection to Wichita mic said quote who told the Democrats they should go off half cocked and impeach trump without even charging him with a real crime? Okay it was me but why did they listen. I mean look at me. Do you think I got this job. Because my brains means don't be absurd unquote. Many commentators feel trump's acquittal will cause even more deaths than global warming which they say is surely going to destroy the planet in five years ago trick warning. I'm Andrew Klavan and this is the Andrew Klavan. Show it just to give you also say he's so wonderful wonderful to see Ya. Aw All right. Yesterday I began by saying that never trumpers were wrong when they complained that donald trump lowered the tone of Americans America's political discourse. It was the media who did that news and entertainment media. They insisted on portraying America and American values as racist and hateful. Leaving Democrat. Politicians is free to smile and be polite while they're enemies Americans were demonized for them. Trump was elected because he was a not very nice man who had take the media slings and arrows news and fight back but never trumpers insists that trump's lack of niceness is nastiness tars all of us who support him never trump evangelical local. David French has a new essay in which he says. Christians are supposed to love their enemies. And it's wrong for them to hire someone namely trump to hate their enemies for them but with respected. David may have nothing but respect and fondness for the guy. This isn't a personal attacks just about ideas. I don't understand this line of reasoning. Other men can't live out my faith for me. I'm not diminished by other men's spiritual failures after all I would vote for Jew or an atheist for president if he had the right policy. So David I imagine Jews. Atheists aren't scripturally commanded to love their enemies and whether they do or not is none of my business same with Donald Trump. He's not a Christian guy. I said this a long time ago. Trump is our first. I post Christian president because he openly denigrates people for being unsuccessful he elevates winning and wealth over morality. That's not Christianity only over time time has trump learned even pay lip service to Christian values. And when he does it he doesn't do it exactly perfectly his attacks on his opponents at last week's prayer breakfast for instance were inappropriate. Grit and uncalled-for. I've been to the prayer breakfast a couple of times and that is just not the way it's supposed to go but part of Christianity is doing things according to their purposes their pillows. That's why many Christians disapprove of homosexuality. Why Catholics does approve of birth control? They feel sex should be used according to its t lows of procreation what trump is doing is politics. The kilos of American politics is I see. It is to secure our God given rights and to keep the nation safe and prosperous as possible trump's not my king and he's not my dad he's an executive he runs stuff and he's doing a good job to repeat what I said yesterday. We mustn't let the left. And it's media or even our friends in never trump camp. We mustn't let them put Republican actions in the context of celestial more warfare while allowing the Democrats to do politics politically. That's a recipe for for utter failure and to me. It doesn't even work morally in a Christian sense it's just politics. Politics has appointed has a T. Lo's trump so far has served that teals Hill ultimately have to answer for the state of his soul. Like all of us but not to me. We're GONNA talk about all of this especially politics. And what's going on in the New Hampshire primary. which is today what's happening to the Democrat Party in the big sense? We'll also talk about sex and conspiracy theories so that should be weird but meanwhile let's let's talk about falling asleep you know. I've only heard rumors about what it's like to fall asleep and I know some people do it but they have a hard time doing it. 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Please preorder the nightmare. Feast book to in the another their kingdom series. You can also get the paperback book one or the Hardcover of book one or the Audio Book a Big Book One but please preorder nightmare. Feast really helps when it moves up the Amazon rankings rankings. And I would just really appreciate it if you can afford it. If you'd like to have the book. The book is beautiful. They just such a good job with it. So it's not just us this thing that's happening Where we you start to hold ourselves to this religious standard? I think this there's a lot of hysteria happening right now on the left. The Democrat Party is having a civil war the last civil war they lost and and they lost all their slaves. This war is is really just between them because they having a crisis of vision a crisis vision and a lot of this crisis division is because they can't tell the difference because of the media because they've been living within their entertainment and news media they can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality you know the Oscars we talked about the the Oscar the Oscars bombed nobody was watching it lowest ratings. Ever because who wants to hear these rich elitist lecture us about our morality one of the people who won an Oscar Oscar was Tyco what TV I think is pronounced td. Who made that Jo Jo Dancer? which is Joe Rabbits are Do Rabbit which was a comedy about the Nazis and and it's funny but as soon essentially shallow film. It's kind of puts talks about the evil of the Nazis in the shallow way this now the basic standard way of the left but he won mm for his script of the of the movie which was a good one. And here's what he had to say making. The film was in response to a resurgence of hate and intolerance and hate speech and is the end of the war is a very clear rule. If you're the Nazi you into jail now rules a change. But if you're a Nazi feel free to have a rally down in the town square you're GonNa buy we. We might so some something's change. Something's not right and we have forgotten the rules. I guess and so I feel that this is the perfect time for a film like this and I feel like the phones become more important and more relevant today which is a sad thing but also good for me. That's not the reason we need communism. So so here's this guy talking about nazi-ism I'm today as opposed to Nazism during the war. Now remember the Nazis in the war committed crimes against humanity. They wiped out six milk. Really more than six million of their own people for racist reasons. They shoveled people to gas chambers. They cause a war that killed over sixty million people worldwide and so there were arrested afterwards for having done these things things to the human race. What are you arresting a guy who was nasty opinions that you disagree with four now nothing? He's still living in that world. He's an imaginative guy. He's a writer director and actor you. You know he's an artist and he's living in his imagination. Once you start to do that you start to react to imaginary things and that is the problem that the left has it is the thing that John Trump is good at. He's good at breaking through to the NUB of the matter the reality of the matter but the left is now stock is now stuck with its imaginative world in which is always a crisis and they're always always fighting the Nazis and is giving them a really really hard time New Hampshire. It's basically the problem they have is. Joe Biden is let leaving leaving New Hampshire. The voting is now he left to go to South Carolina to plead the black people to vote for please. Black people save my campaign please. He said he's still. He still mildly hopeful. Remember remember Barack Obama was hope and change. This is like mildly hopeful. You know maybe they'll be some change. I don't know so he's left so he it really is not looking for. He's not looking at a at a good results looking to come in probably V. I would think it's Bernie. Who is burning up? The place People Buddha judge as has an edge in the latest polls New Hampshire where they make their decisions really late traditionally. So it's hard to get any polling on and And Amy Klobuchar which ours. I told you she's seems to be climbing. She's getting a lot of enthusiasm. Peaks people went like ooh someone who's not a socialist. That would be fun and yet this is the division in the party. The division in the party is coming remember because the pressures from the party. Don't just come from the candidates. They don't just grow out of the candidates. The candidates are reacting to the press to their base to the people who are supporting warning them so here are the two sides of the party. Let's take a look first at Michael Moore that Absolute icon of health and and goodwill now looks take Ganic. Silly looks like Java the Hut. That's what he looks like and he just looks so unhappy all the time and so unhealthy but anyway here. He is giving his opinion of what he's Bernie supporter. Why the party has to step up burning? They have a moral responsibility to make sure that we remove trump and I am starting to detect from some of these. DNC types that it's actually more important that they save their their old corrupt system full of hats. That's more important to them. Getting rid of trump anybody who puts anything ahead of when when Hillary says that She doesn't know if she can endorse the candidate. Meaning Bernie. Then you've just told me something about yourself and it's pretty pretty rotten and pretty scary that it would actually be better to have trump then then Bernie. That's exactly what she said. She didn't say those words. But that's what Biden said when he said he didn't know if he could commit to endorsing Birdie and on and on and on and that's another whole segment of the Democratic Party hack establishment is backing Bloomberg. He's now they're great white hope because Biden Listen doing so well. They thought Pete me the but I don't think that's going to go very well know Jack. There's Michael Moore you know putting forward vision. The vision is we must be trump in the only person who can beat me. It's not the old hawks these old hacks ax what they know. They're all they're just. It's just the establishment we need. A Revolution Bernie is the guy who can do the thing that we need done. Okay so it's it's a revolutionary idea and Michael Moore lives in his imagination where Castro's great with Cuba has good healthcare. I mean this is a guy who lives in this world that he made up. He's just like Bernie Bernie and he both live in this world world where socialism is a great idea. Lie Dr Face Phony soldiers. It's not it's not. Our world is not the real world but that's where they live and he wants that guy. Now talking about old hacks here's James Carville and old hack. Who did everything? He could to demonize the women who came forward about The way Bill Clinton mistreating them. But he's in a panic. He is in a panic. He says we need the Democrats crafts to save America. America is on the brink of extinction. We need the Democrats in these guys are nominating Bernie on the on the road nominee Bernie who cannot possibly win I scared gave to death I really am and I think people got to go you know and I am waiting hoped. He's African American voter himself. You know grew up in Seattle live in Orleans Parish Louisiana Viana do ten times more African Americans than most people I know and data looking for somebody that can come in and not just exciting but talk about things that really matter to on an everyday life. They're not interested in socialism and revolution. And all that foolishness you hear the interested in somebody. That's going to come to them and articulate a vision as to how they fit into this country and what's that relationship and what kinds of things school they let kids go to the healthcare parents Lucy. The wages ever see. That's what Madison people in. If we lose we're going to lose we're going to beat a British Labour Party. We're going to be some theoretical left wing while yeah. I'm not sure there was James Carville at the end. That may have been somebody else. But but he's but he's he's taught that's the voice of experience that's the hack establishment that Michael Michael Moore talking about. You GotTa talk to the people and by the way. He doesn't disagree with socialism. He just doesn't think he can sell it to the people he thinks you should lie. The funny thing though. The funny thing is is very often the hack establishment is wrong. I mean think of Mitt Romney being put up against Barack Obama think of John McCain whoever thought that John McCain was going to win that thing and they've tell this mythology that somehow a Sarah Palin hurt him Sarah Palin help John McCain in his campaign it was John McCain who abandoned the campaign because he didn't want to go up again he didn't want to be the Guy I who stopped the first black president. I think I don't know what would he was in his mind but he abandoned his campaign so that was the establishment characters established characters were frequently. Oh when just before before the last election in two thousand sixteen I was doing a writing project and one of the guys who is running the project left to go run the Jeb Bush campaign and I blurted out in my loveable so Tactless way I blurted out Jeb Bush. He's not going to get any votes and the guy snorted he sneered at me. He snorted you. Know what your doctor. You Know Jeb Bush getting go I could tell the Jeb Bush was dead fish and he wasn't going to win anything so they're touting Joe Biden Joe Scarborough is saying to James Carville we gotta we gotta gotta get Joe Biden out there because he knows how to talk to the the black people where he hears. How Joe Biden talks to voter the other day? We've been playing this but let's play the full Experience of Joe Biden talking to this lady who came up and asked him a question. So you're arguably the candidate with the greatest advantage in this race. You've been the vice president you. You weren't burdened down by the impeachment trials so how in the participation so how do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win the national election so good question number one. I was a Democratic Caucus Mental Caucus. No you haven't you're lying dog face pony shows you said you were but now you gotta be honest. I'm going to be honest with you. It was a little bit confusing in Iowa number one but let's assume it was all everything was exactly right in Nyla okay. So that's that's and she laughed at the time he was joking around but later she told Fox News. She didn't think it was a very good answer. She didn't like it too much. A lot of what he's saying seems to be really painful space and very sad. We've heard a lot about the deaths and cancer and people losing their jobs and to me. He doesn't really seem very solution oriented and I don't think he has the momentum to carry this to national election dark I I still saying the same thing. Let you know play the clip of of a Biden rallies. Cook number five they. I can't stop you. Can't you can't get any more exciting and inspiring than that. My friends that is the thing let you know. It is just amazing when you go and listened to the guys speaking at the At the Bernie can't Rallies they are fired up their full of urgency. They're full of desperation. It's you know. Trump is Hitler everything. Everything is terrible. Were Racist Society. We've got to change everything right away. The problem the Democrat Party has is both sides can be right. Both sides can be right. One side can be right that if they go to the usual establishment. They're just going to go down the drain. The other side can be right that that the at and that the revolutionary guys the only guy who can inspire the enthusiasm to win the nomination. They may be right. That only Bernie can inspire the enthusiasm needed to win the nomination but James Carville can can also be right that once. He's a spire the enthusiasm to win the nomination. He can't speak to the people and that is a very very difficult position for the Democrats to be in and I. I don't want to say that I'm laughing up my sleeve but ha- up my sleeve that's a real problem. They've got on their hands right. You know former Louisiana governor. Oh let me just pause for a moment and tell you about Tommy. John's and this is what I I like doing these ads. Because this is the greatest underwear I have ever worn in my life if it is such great underwear and when it comes to comfort this underwear and then this Tommy John. The Revolutionary Clothing Brands Redefined Comfort for Americans everywhere. You you know we always check we we check everything that we do any sponsor we do we try to use it we try to check it out. At least it's not something we can use. 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That says Democrats WanNA profit not a not a president they WANNA profit not a president. He says the Democrats have turned religious. Reading from Bobby Jindal. The Democrats have turned religious. He's not in the sense that they espouse belief in an omnipotent and benevolent creator or terminal and universal moral principles. They're religious in the sense that they hold dogmatic beliefs that are impervious obvious contradiction by logic evidence or experience and cultivate a moral superiority toward unbelievers. The party that loudly prides itself on tolerance and diversity. versity is increasingly intolerant in at least three areas. I'm really glad by the way the Jindal made that distinction because I always hate it when people say oh that's religion meaning meaning it's unreasoning meaning. It's not you know it's impervious to evidence impervious to facts. Because my religion isn't like that at all. My religion does take facts into account. My religion is is based on reason. My religion being Christianity is based on the idea that God made the world Through his logos and that we being in the made in the image of God understand that logo was really glad he made that distinction that he wasn't wasn't talking about true religion he was talking about fake visas three areas. The Democrats have become religious. And you can tell Jindal is brilliant because some some of the things he says. Today I said yesterday and usually it takes people weeks to stay the stuff that I say here but I got right on it He Says I. Democrats have move beyond traditional environmentalism with its emphasis. That was such a snotty thing to say. Don't let me say things like that. What's wrong with you I? Democrats have moved beyond traditional environmentalism with its emphasis emphasis on regulation technological innovation and market incentives to achieve incremental progress toward a radical vision grounded in an unshakable belief in climate apocalypse lips. Both parties wants cooperated to protect endangered species and clean the air water and soil. Today's Democrats demand bans on fracking and new oil and gas leases on a federal lands and endorse the elimination of all fossil fuels and decarbonisation of the economy in unrealistic times. And by the way they endorse those things for you. They're not going to give up their private jets. They're going to be flying around in their private jets to lecture. You about how there shouldn't be fossil fuels. You cannot run a modern country without fossil fuels. It just isn't going to happen. So it's like they you know when they say that they're just virtuous signaling is only you were going to be deprived of the fossil fuels is still going to be flying around because she so important. I I'm ANSA. Socialism works you. Know it's the important people and the rest of us all right so this is partly the fact that they can live in this fantasy where global global warming is going to kill us. All five years ago is partly the press partly the press wraps them in their own fantasy world. But it's partly the panic that has set in on the left ever since since their policies failed ever since really the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of the eighties. They realize Oh. Our policies don't work but they didn't let them go. They didn't change them. They just went on and created this world in which they would work gentle goes on the second way that the Democrats will become religious is. They've moved beyond their support for keeping abortion safe. Legal Legal and rare as President Clinton put it in nineteen ninety-two now they denounce anyone. Who Views abortion as regrettable or propose any limitation on at? The party seems determined to to run out its few remaining pro life members and we identified this yesterday. Talked about the fact that once you go down this path you once you go down this path you lose lose sight of any kind of moral meaning I mean once you start to say that a baby and unborn child is not a human being you just. That path is a dark dark path managed. Just you follow all ideas. All ideas will draw you on to their logical conclusion. This is the thing about ideas. Ideas are very powerful. When you get a bad idea you wind up up in the darkness when you get a good idea you move toward the light? That's the way it works is the only way it works. That's why so much of the stuff we talk about in politics is meaningless that this guy having affair with somebody did this on his wife. Did this guy do this. Did this guy do that. That's not what we're really talking about. What we're really talking about is the ideas that will govern our society and will they live a lead us down a dark road or a road that takes us closer to the white? And you know when you talk about abortion it's a dark road and ultimately you are going to. They talk about a slippery slope that is a slippery slope and so now you have people saying yeah sure you know you should have an abortion till a moment before that child is born a moment. I mean anybody who's had a child and thinks thinks about that is either horrified or has been made into a psychopath has been do psychopathy by a bad idea. Because if you're not horrified by the idea of killing a baby was a committed away from being born. You've lost your way and once you start doing that you know like I said yesterday. Peter Singer of Princeton is sitting around talking about. Yeah well you know you can kill the toddler you can. You can kill a six month old. Didn't really can't make you know. Of course you can say that once you say that you can say you know what you can do. You can create bodies so that when your body parts run out you can just rip the body. Off Offside the body part of someone else and use it. You can go into some very dark places and have a very happy Smiley face society that is committing atrocities. Third Democrats have move beyond demanding legalization of same sex marriage to insist on rearranging social norms. Based on the belief in gender fluidity what was once a civil rights. Movement focused focused on marriage has moved onto demands for individualized pronouns access to opposite-sex bathrooms and violations of Parental Rights and Elizabeth Warren declared last month that she would have her pick for secretary of Education. Vetted by a young SCHRANZ person. Absolute craziness absolute nonsense. So you've got weather weather apocalypse killing babies. No gender no says all of these things go out of Marxist Post Modern theories but they also grow out of the failure the failure failure of Marxist practice they go out of the failure of socialism. Socialism fails everywhere even the socialism. That they are talking about now even Bernie says this. I don't know if he believes it. But the socialist and they're talking about now is not in fact really socialism. It is simply stealing right. The old socialism was the state runs the means of production the state. I mean there's no private ownership of anything that didn't work so now what they talk about is yes you own your business. You create the wealth and then we take the wealth away. Decide how to spend it that. That's actually fascism. They call it socialism. But that's actually fascism where businesses are allowed to run on their own but the government takes all the prophets. The government makes all the Controls them and then and then the politicians can go out and blame the greed of the companies after the companies are really forced into to Into doing what the government wants. So this is this is where they've gone and it is a religious place and once you've gone into that religious place there we we become the heretics we become the infidels. And that's why they can't talk to us. That's why you know we can't get people to come on the show and like discuss things in a reasonable way because they'll be cancelled if they come anywhere near us. It's toxic for them something. Obviously something has gone desperately awry. I mean because if you're looking for your religion region in the actions of Donald Trump if you're looking to confirm your relationship with God in Donald Trump's actions you've lost your your way you're not thinking unclearly about what politics is and what religion I mean they are Caesar and And God or different realms Jesus said so render unto. Caesar what is Caesar's under God. What is God's if you are looking to environmentalism to save the world if you're looking if you're thinking that you're about to die in five five years ago you know like I mean which is really one of the ways you become wise is by paying attention to people's predictions and seeing how they turn out you've lost your way and so something has gone really really wrong in our society David Brooks as pieces long piece in the Atlantic where he talks about the what he says is the end of Of the nuclear family family and that we need to build new kinds of families. And you know he's not he's not saying what people immediately said he was saying which is like. Let's abandon the nuclear family. He saying the nuclear family itself grew out of a bigger family where your grandparents were in the mix and everybody was really Altogether this kind of unified real family life and got dwindled down to the nuclear family. And he's saying by forging our own kinds of families And rebuilding that kind kind of bigger family structure. That might be the way to go in the future so it's not a complete abandonment. But I duNno David Brooks and nobody talks about this but it really is. It's not unfair affair. Talk about this. He was writing a book on character when he abandoned his wife of twenty six years. who had converted to Judaism for him but she had become too Jewish Jewish for him she became more Orthodox than he was and while he was researching his book on character he met a young woman who was a Christian left his wife for her and converted needed? So I don't know if he's a guy who should be lecturing us on how a family works but I do think I do think there is something about every society is built on one thing. It has built on the relationship attention between men and women because that's how people are produced that is the central relationship in humankind the Central Asian ship. I mean you think of the Bible a man and women will leave their parents and come together and become one flesh. You think of Pandora story do you think of all the stories of foundations. They always begin with with how the first man and the first woman came together. Whether maybe baby they talk about people being all about having both sexes and then being torn apart and having to find their soulmate. That's another myth. That is what's broken apart. And that's what I want to talk about Why people I feel are so lost and feel that something something think terrible is happening and we need to act urgently right now? I think that's where we've gone wrong last week. I told you about this terrific new podcast. The Cold War or what we saw was my friend. Bill Whittle over the weekend. This podcast reached number one in history podcasts. At number five on all of Apple podcasts so rest easy knowing that I have impeccable takes because everyone is loving the Cold War what we saw captured what it was like to live through major events like the Berlin airlift. The Korean War the Cuban missile crisis and in the space race. The story ties all these milestones together. In a tapestry that illustrates the apocalypse. That never happened. Bill Whittle so good at doing this and this is really the perfect subject for him so well pulled. The study is so brilliantly descriptive that is you go through these events you start to understand the battle not only for capitalism but for civilization itself I was I I was. Is there Yes I am that all the first two episodes in the twelve part podcast are available for you right now. This is a perfect time to listen. The twenty twenty election gets even crazier and left swings is more and more radical. 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Guest everything is going on with everything going on. You can turn to us for answers. Sometimes we'll even get it right. You can do all the daily wire APP which is really terrific. And that's a member member exclusive. She can get push notifications straight to your phone. This is only live until tomorrow so don't hesitate any longer Promo Code. Dwi Twenty Twenty for twenty percent off join today and stay informed on all all things. Twenty twenty come over to daily wire dot com so so there was an article in the New York Times a former newspaper but this was kind of an interesting article and they ran it. Everything in the New York Times is an attack on Donald trump and seriously the weather is now an attack on Donald Trump. They run the weather. It'll be You know the weather will be sunny today. But Donald Trump is bringing the clouds every story in the New York Times is against Donald Trump. So they like like the story about Cunanan Wishes this conspiracy theory and it's nuts. The conspiracy theory is not. Let me not mince words. This is not A. I'm not out endorsing this conspiracy theory. It is crazy but you never know where these things come from. This started with a guy named Q.. On Four Chan I think was putting out these. These ideas that became became the The basis of this conspiracy theory. But you just want to remember WanNa go back and remember the pizza gate which feeds into the conspiracy conspiracy theory by the way pizza gate. Was this idea that Hillary Clinton and others were running a child. Sex Ring out of a pizza joint in DC but that joint was run back to the former boyfriend of David Brock. Who is this big you know media matters? He's he's this Activist for the left and a big Hillary Clinton supporter. So there's some reason to believe that pizza gate was actually a right wing. Conspiracy Theory started by David Brock so that he could then begin the fake news. I mean that was used to censor right supposed to censor right wingers on facebook and on twitter and his has some effect on twitter. It is very hard you can get censored As a conservative on facebook. There are a little bit better but so some reason to believe that some of these conspiracy theories may be actually fed by the left Four but they rope in Gullible right-winger so this Cunanan is this weird theory that Donald Trump was recruited by the military to run for office in order to break up a global cabal of pedophile and the special counsel. Robert Muller His investigation was GONNA end with prominent Democrats being imprisoned at one time Hanem obey and they get really into the little boat exactly exactly but you know a conspiracy theories a story and like every store you have to ask yourself why people are telling that story and you know there is something tremendously. Disordered is always something disordered with sexuality and all human situations all all human societies have disorder because sex is a wild thing very hard to contain very hard to build a society. That's why that is why we organize and and That's why we organize the relationships between men and women because if you don't it's chaos and women are the ones who get burned John. Multi Breitbart has an article about porn hub which is a hosting site that hosts you know the majority of his content he says is not self produced Aside from content by other other sites that's owned by the parent company so that you can download porn onto porn hop. That's what it is. I guess it's this big porn points and so people are uploading actual rule videos of sex. Some of them with underaged girls right. And some of these girls. At least one of them claims she was raped and that pictures of her rate eight were downloaded onto porn hub and are just available as porn like her actual rape availables point something is terribly wrong and and it is children underage people. I've talked about this again. It's part of why I made it part of another kingdom. It's been part of my writing for a while. Because I noticed happening I noticed in happening in Hollywood. I noticed the story with Rice on the top that powerful men especially powerful men were using both boys and girls for their sexual pleasure and nobody ever did anything about it and the story would bubble to the top and then disappear and nobody would cover it the Harvey Weinstein thing. The fact that Harvey Weinstein got caught doing what he was doing was only because Hillary Clinton wouldn't lost the election. Hillary Clinton would one. I can almost guarantee you harvey Weinstein would never have been caught. And I don't know if you've been paying any attention to this Harvey Weinstein trial while but it's really disturbing. I'm finding it tremendously disturbing and don't please don't misinterpret anything. I say as having any sympathy for Harvey Weinstein who I think is trash okay. I think he treated men badly treated women badly. He's trashed but this is a legal matter right and in order to prove the somebody was was raped. You have to prove that they didn't want you to do what they're what you did to them. And so the defense is now working to disprove the stories stories of the women who say they were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. And one of the things they are doing is they're producing emails showing that one of these women woman named Jessica Command who says she was raped. This very friendly relationship with Harvey Weinstein sent very loving emails You know email shorter out of protesting. Sometimes that that. She didn't like the way he was using her. But not like in a fierce way just kind of a little smiley face thing. Sometimes I feel like a booty call harvey one of the witnesses for the defense came out and said yesterday that he had sh she had said that Harvey Weinstein scene was her soulmate. You know and I think about this and I I. I'm putting myself in on the jurors on the jury and putting myself on the jury. I am listening to this and I'm thinking well you know the guy is trash but you're accusing him of rape right you're using your move rape and rape is a certain thing. It has a certain definition mission which is doing something to somebody that they don't want you to do and before you put somebody in prison right you've got to prove that and I look I doc. Personally I have no doubt wanting to terrible things to people and illegal things to people but I'm just talking about whether you have proved your case in court art. What is it about this woman that after? She says she was raped. She was writing letters to Harvey Weinstein listing. Saying you know I love you harvey and you've shown me so much and you've done so much for me and according to a witness calling her soulmate. It reminds me of the story about Matt Lower. which is in Ronan Farrow's book that was also in the newspaper You Know Matt Lauer was the guide. NBC where they were covering up where the covered up for Harvey Weinstein. Because I think they were covering up For Matt Lauer. Who was one of their big anchorman? And it was going around just bragging every woman he could get his hands on and treating them you know as as objects is treating leading them as pleasure objects for him once do treating girl so roughly. She actually passed out and had to be taken to the commissary and one of the women women came forward and said you know he forcibly sodomized me though. I said I didn't want him to. I repeatedly said no but He did it anyway. And in lowers response to this was she continued having a relationship with me. Now in the Ronan Farrow Book. He says that that was nonsense. He she continued to be abused abused by him. She continued to allow herself to be abused by him. I mean he would say he would bring call her in and say you know give me oral sex and he would force her to do this and every every time I hear these stories. I'm sitting there you know. These women are not being overpowered. They're not being bullied. The violence is not being used against intimidation is being used against them. But it's also something else it is also something else. It has a psychological technique of power perform. Powerful men are using on women and women who have lost their sense of who they are themselves. That's the kind of that's what I'm trying to get trying to get for that. And this is why I'm such an anti-feminist I think feminism has stripped women of a realistic sense of who they are as women that leaves them as prey to these people. The these I despise these people I despise people who treat people treat other people like this but I have to admit as this is a an old fashioned guy I despise people especially who treat women like this I I hate it and so that's why I don't want you to understand what I'm saying but what I am saying. Why didn't these women know that they weren't supposed to be treated like this? Why didn't they say wait a minute? You can't do this to me. I don't care if you're the boss awesome. I don't care if you're Harvey Weinstein. I don't care if you can give me a movie part. I'm a human being. You can't treat me like this. Why didn't they know and I think look? I'm not saying it hasn't happened through throughout history but something has gone wrong with breaks of been taken off by by the social revolution in the sixties when people started to say. Hey why are there all these restrictions on Sax. What is this thing about? Marriage marriage is enslaving women marriages just legalize prostitution. All sex is rape. You know all this. This is the kind of thing that was coming out of the feminist left and out of the left Emmett left women just exposed because there is a dynamic between men and women there's a power dynamic between men and women there's a psychological dynamic between men and women is an emotional dynamic between between men and women. And if you're not realistic about it you're living in a fantasy world where the weaker person is GonNa get hurt. The more vulnerable person is going to get hurt the softer after person. The nicer person possibly even the better person is going to get hurt and I think there's something really damaging has happened and it's not you know. Obviously he's not. Feminism is granting human rights to women. Of course I'm for that. That's not the point. It's the idea that there's no such thing as femininity. That women are equal to men in every sense into that word and that they don't have to take care of themselves in a special way and we don't have to take care of them which brings me back. which brings me back to what I was saying saying about the witcher? You remember this tremendous Conflagration that started. Because I watched the witcher which is very really entertaining. Really enjoyed it and and was show about the fact that is giving up your power of motherhood. You're power to create life for beauty and wealth is a fool's game so it was very anti-feminist anti-feminist message in my opinion. But it did have this woman going out and fighting with a sword and a medieval battle and I said that's crap and it is crap and all these women who who sword fight for sport. We're saying no. It's not because I could kill you with my point. was you wouldn't be fighting sixty five. Year olds scribe. You'd be it's so easy Gore Guy who would who would kill you the minute he saw you and by the way if you managed to kill him the next guy would kill you because that's what a battle all is so I was pointing and I was pointing out. Why when you show women being strong why when you show women being strongly have to show them being strong like men is strength? Even what you're looking for in women or is it something else and Christian. Toto my pal sent me Sent me this article From a deadline it line which is a a kind of movie trade site talking about this at female action picture rhythm section. which bombed and nobody wanted to see it and one of the things that said was when the people said was why? Is it reasonable in real movie movie. This not about superheroes that hundred pound woman can toss around two hundred fifty pound villains. It doesn't make any mistake. It doesn't make any sense so in the New York Times there was an article by this legislation and I went on her twitter feed and she is his is left left can be oh she so were oh my goodness she's so worried about climate changes touching it such that she so where the world is GonNa end this woman in Brit marling. Who wrote a show on Netflix called away which I watch? Watch part of newest kind of entertaining. I didn't get wrapped up in it but it was. It was good And she wrote a piece for the New York Times called. I don't want to be the strong female L.. Lead and I found this piece. Oh touching it weaves. In and out of things I disagree with. She's on the left. I'm on the right. We're going to disagree. But she says I moved to Los Angeles to become an actress at twenty four. These are the character descriptions of roles. I have read for meaning auditioned for thin. Attractive Dave's wife robot girl. A A remarkable feat of engineering. Her breasts are large and she's wearing a red sweater and she says I stopped my broth- that last one I still did not get the part and she. You said after a while it was hard to tell what was a greater source of my depression that I could not book apart horror film where I had three lines died on page four or that I was even auditioning mean to play these roles at all and she gets depressed. She says I continued to audition and continued to fail. My depression deepened. My self esteem plummeted. My boyfriend would get drunk and punch holes holes in the wall next to buy head I let him. He spat in my face. I let him. He dissolved into tears in my arms. I let him and she starts to she decides she's she's going to write her own stories about women and she finds something remarkable which I could have told her if she had called me up she still find the left. She probably doesn't have my number. The classic cure owes journey is a male story. It has been developed over centuries by men to describe the emotional life life of men. She thinks it's built on the order of the male orgasm but that's forty and simplicity but at least it let's her know that we are embodied creatures were embodied creatures features and our bodies deliver some of the meaning of our lives right and she starts to write about she you know. She starts to write stories in which he's an assassin a spy a soldier and she said that gave favor some you know she liked that she liked being a powerful person but she said it would be hard to deny that. There's new nutrition to be drawn from any narrative that gives women agency invoice in a world with air most often without both but the more I acted the strong female lead the more. I became aware of the narrow specificity of the character strengths. Physical physical prowess linear ambition. Focused rationality masculine modalities of power. That is what I've been trying to say. All right. She said it's difficult. But for us to imagine femininity itself empathy vulnerability listening as strong when I look at the world are stories have helped us some vision and then erect these are the very qualities that have been vanquished in favor of an over wrought masculinity you know. She talked about how she had to do this. In real life she worked in the finance industry and she had to pretend to be tough. Like men are tough in order to get any respect you know if I could speak to uninvite her on the show I. I'm pretty sure she won't come but I'll invite on the show one of the things I would tell her she should look. William Wordsworth sheets should look at what Wordsworth has to say about motherhood because because as we are embodied creatures women are just tied up in the fact of creation but creation doesn't just have to be. Oh I had a baby you know it can. NBA had a baby. That's an amazing thing to create life but it also is creating in the minds of children and in the minds of other people the meaning of like life women are restores of meaning. Their strengths are not male strengths. And yes I'm generalizing understand. Oh I'm I could come and punch you. That's not an argument is not an argument that there are exceptions. I'm generalizing what she's talking about. is how to tell feminine stories. It is hard to do because stories are basically things that men invented to make the fact that they can't have babies. Art is something that men invented to make up for the fact that we're not women and so- women's creativity is going to be tied up not on just with having babies but with inducing in the minds of those people they nurture and create and help to grow a sense of what reality really means I. I think it's something I'm really happy with. Somebody on the left is thinking about this. Because I think I'm sitting here talking about it by myself and I get hit all the time from the left but this lady Brit Marlene. I hope you'll come on but I hope she finds her way because she's she stumbled on something. That is absolutely true that I've been talking about and getting stung for for a long long time. I gotTA stop there. MAILBAG is tomorrow. Do Not Miss It. I'm Andrew Klavan. This is the Andrew Klavan show if you enjoyed this episode. Don't forget to subscribe. And if you want to help spread the word. Give us a five star review. 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