Kawhi Leonard Will Be an All Time Top 10 Player, LeBron vs Giannis MVP Race, Nick Wright, Rob Parker, Bill Polian & DeMarcus Ware.


Thanks for listening to the heard podcast, be sure to catch US live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon, Pacific on Fox Sports Radio nfs one. Find your local station for the hurt at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard. You're listening to Fox sports radio. Oh here, we go on a Wednesday live in Los, Angeles. It's the her wherever you may be. However you may be listening iheartradio Fox sports radio and F S. One Nick Right in thirty minutes hall of fame Executive Bill Polian in an hour and fifteen minutes. DEMARCO's where the cowboys former cowboy will be joining us on a Wednesday. Busier than we probably should be considering the scarcity of sports enjoy joining me joy. How are you today and great, wealth? where it's almost back, almost baseball's close a basketball, a couple of weeks away less than that actually a couple of days, so we're ready to go do it. Let's do it. So I saw a story this morning I'm not going to call out the writer. It's It's woefully off, but it is interesting. I think you can really I. This happens in life to if you're brutally honest, and you just wrote down either for yourself, your business, your favorite team three sentences to describe him over the last ten to fifteen years. Just three brutally honest sentences to describe yourself. Describe your favorite football team. Your favorite college team or your favorite the business you're currently in. It'll tell you all about it. You don't have to go on and on and on and on, so this article comes out and it says. It says the cowboys are wasting the luckiest quarterback running NFL history. Says the writer finding to generation. Lee talented quarterbacks. Robo Dak between the fourth round, an undrafted free agency win span of thirteen years. Is the football equivalent of winning the lottery? Generational talented, he misspelled. Marginal. Let me say this. Is that the cowboys are exactly. where. They should be in the NFL with my three central. Now let's first address this outside, of Tom, Brady and new. England and Eli Manning in New York. Every fan base thinks they've underachieved in terms of super. Bowls In New Orleans there like one peyton manning indie one farve and Rogers. Were that good and. Outside of new. England where I think Patriot, fans are lake. We squeezed every last win at at at and I. Think New York giant fans are like we got the lesser of the Peyton. Manning brothers, we got out of that. We're good so almost every every franchise thinks they should win more new. England, the giants Eli Brady. That's the exception. Secondly I'm done talking about Dak but let's just talk about Tony Romo. Tony Romo burned really bright for about an hour. Tony Romo had three great years that was it twenty eleven to two thousand fourteen in two thousand fourteen DEMARCO. Murray had two thousand yards rushing. He was the MVP of the team. I like Tony Romo. He's been a great broadcaster used to defend him constantly. But. The guy had three great years. That's it. He was raw early with too many picks and he was injured late. Does that sound like a super bowl winning franchise. Now it doesn't. Now. Have the cowboys gotten value? Don't get me wrong value out of the quarterback position Romo undrafted Dak. Fourth Roud. Yes, absolutely! But value isn't Peyton manning. There's a reason you pay what you pay for a Mercedes. You're not getting value on it. I mean I think it's worth it. You're not getting a steal on it. Not going to be an unpersuaded is not undrafted. Mercedes is not third, fourth or fifth round. So let's go back to my three sentence rule. You are what you can be described in three sentences. For the last fifteen years if I said this about the Dallas cowboys. Now tough, but instead about Dallas cowboys. Of Vanity driven owner who made himself GM. Bailed onto hall of fame coaches. But have gotten great value at quarterback. That sounds like an interesting team. Certainly viable. That mostly gets in their own way. That is exactly what the Dallas cowboys are. That's what they are interesting. They're viable BETCHA. They've won a playoff game or two, but boy. Do they get in their own way? If I describe New England best smartest coach in NFL, history, best quarterback in NFL history and the Weakest Division for twenty years that screams dynasty. If I. IF I describe Houston or let's, say Cleveland. Chaos everywhere revolving door of coaches and executives. And have passed on more than one pro bowl level quarterback in the draft that says to me what a mess! Houston it to me is an interesting one because when you think of Houston. My three words or sentences would be. Good coach trying to be a GM. Several superstar players including a quarterback. Average division! And you know what Houston would be whether winning games. They're fun to watch, but it feels like there's a ceiling. That's exactly what Houston is. This is not about Romo and Dag and finding value is great. Right like you'd love to be able to get your quarterback. At a discount, but if he's really great, you won't be able to. You're going to have to pay for wins and Brady and Mahomes and breeze and Peyton, manning an Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson eventually. So getting value at quarterback is fine. What I really want is elite talent. And Romo had three brief great years and decades good, not special. So. The so the idea that the cowboys have blown it have wasted opportunities have squandered it well. They have, but it's not about the quarterback. It is again about a franchise that has bailed onto hall of fame. Coaches. And a vanity driven owner who made himself GM? So the NBA bubble the NBA bubble. We're getting very close to games. And I think it's going to be very interesting and I WANNA. Talk Leonard. We all acknowledge collide Leonard is interesting. He battled with Popovich. Everybody works in San Antonio. He didn't. He goes to Canada acknowledges early. It's really cold amount staying here. But then wins championship with a bunch of kind of guys. And then instead of choosing Laurent and dominance. He goes to the clippers. But Kawhi, Leonard has figured something out. He figured it out in San Antonio. Whereas they got old, they still won. He figured it out in Toronto where they had issues but man they had good ownership a good gm and a nice coach. And? That's why he chose the clippers. In Los Angeles right now the clippers have better owner. The better GM, the better head coach viewed by many in Doc rivers more titles. And the better roster. But it's funny. How often the media misses the mark. On player moves. Like Lebron? The Miami was roundly criticized. It was a great move. Is the best move the Brown ever mate. He upgraded owner GM coach. Going back to Cleveland was actually a terrible move? Why would you bail on Micky? Arison Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. A terrible move, but the media like the story. I'm coming home. You play the music. We all cry. It's a great story. Prime example the rafters got heat forgetting. One year acquisition. It didn't manner. It's candidate. They like hockey. You Win One Championship in Toronto. You're good for two decades Jimmy. Butler gets every time he leaves. But he left Minnesota. They got worse Chicago. They got worse Philly. They got worse. He chose Pat Riley Erik spoelstra eight a plus with both. That's why. Is Fascinating. If I, said to you today. Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard I think most of you think. Kevin Durant much better player, and we'll be viewed historically as a better player. But what's funny about Kevin Durant Coli is? I think there are a lot closer than you think. Both have two titles. Both have to MVP's in those finals. Both had injury issues. And both are multiple time all stars. Now durant has many scoring titles. But Colli Leonard, maybe the single best player in the NBA The last couple of years if you need a bucket. But here's the difference. Kevin Durant left a great owner, a great GM and a great coach and a great number one teammate. He downgraded in those. COLLI LEONARD IS A lot sharper than we think. He upgraded in everything. Because the clippers, not the Lakers have the rock solid owner Steve Bomb with unlimited money. They have doc rivers. Who's won a title like Frank Vogel But rivers considered the better coach. They've got a front office that includes Jerry West and Michael Winger. In five years. And I think Kawhi is going to win the championship this year and is going to be the MVP of the finals. Three months from now. It's going to be a with three titles. Kevin, with to. Kowa with three finals. MVP's Kevin Durant with to. Co y the healthiest. He's ever been Kevin durant still recovering. And Kawhi going forward with the better number. Two Team Mate, Paul George more stable, better, front office, better owner, better roster. We always struggle when players move. We're always like well. Who Do they join? Lebron could not overcome a bat owner initially. Michael Jordan needed to get the coach Reid. Is that. In about three months that Durant Coli Leonard. Mismatch I mean Katie's up here. Kawais, down there three months. It's going to be a lot closer than you think. And my my arguments going to be in five years. Colli will be seen as the superior player. because. He's figured out through his NBA Journey. You got choose the owner. You gotTA choose GM. You gotTA. Choose the coach as much. As the roster. Coming up there certain things in life you can say and you. Lose me. And camp did it again yesterday. That's coming up. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon. Eastern nine am Pacific on Fox sports. Radio s one and the iheartradio. APP whether you're working from home or working on your fitness, you need noise isolating. Bluetooth seamless wearing stylish ray on wireless ear buds get fifteen percent off now by Ray. RAYCATENA DOT com slash H. E. R.. D. So years is a long time ago. This about. Let's see I've been here. About ten years ago. I I went to buy a condo. And I went to. My realtor at the time was Her name is Liz. And she said it's. I said how is it? She Goes Oh, great location. And she's beautiful. And I'm like So why is it still in the market? She has been on the market for a year among understand it. She says you'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA love it. Like stand it. The you know the country was doing fine. The economy was fine. It wasn't stagnant so I go, and I go into it and Liz opens the door and I'm like good hell. She had Greek art everywhere. It was a it was amazing to walk from the door to the bedroom had to like. Take. You could, and I'm like. What water she can't sell. This is beautiful. It's a great location, but. She's hoarding. It clean it up. I'm a minimalist I. Don't have a lot. My wife met me. She's like you have to pair of shoes. You have no clothes, and I'm like I have the clothes to wear. She goes everybody I've ever you know. People have clothes and shoes. I'm a minimalist. I've never had a second car I. Don't like stuff so when I walked into the Condo I said I'm GonNa make a low offer because nobody's going. Nobody's GonNa offer on this because she's. It's all cluttered like mental. Clean it up. She had big Greek art everywhere I'm not nothing against the art, but you couldn't find your way from one side of the House to the other. It was a small about two thousand square foot condo. One of the things I love about what is happening in sports. We're getting rid of all the crap. I love it. NFL preseason Outta here. It's been terrible. It's terrible for players. They. Make per diem. That's it terrible for fans. You get charged full boat for a ticket. You couldn't give that thing away. NFL, preseason. Out. There's one out of the CONDO. Three Awful Outta Conference Road Games. Nick Sabin complains arched are fans. Don't show up for all our home games stop playing citadel three times. Out. Hundred Major League Baseball Games out last twenty. NBA Regular Season Games out. We know who the best teams are by game. Sixty five white white injure players like we know who the best teams are game. SIXTY FIVE MEMPHIS AIn't great. Lakers potentially could be all these college athletic programs. Nobody. Nobody in the stands, expensive road trips out cut cut cut cut. Like. This is all like to me. I look at this and I think in my entire life. Even during tragedy in America there's always good from bad to me. We're just cleaning the CONDO. We're just getting rid of stuff. We don't need NFL preseason. And Sixty two baseball games. With the phones we have an American now. Believe me it's easy. I mean I. Find Myself last night. I had if I have to put it down to put it away. I'm sitting here reading reading, reading it and my God I. Have Watched Everything on Hulu, I. With phones you've got to make games manner. You've gotTa have urgency. That's the strength of the NFL. That's why I don't love a seventeenth game I. Don't Love More playoff teams. It's good for my business, but what makes the NFL special is? There's not a lot of wasted art in the CONDO and not a lot of extra crap. Like. What you see is what you get. The game matters. You have to watch. And right after Thanksgiving the Games even more. And and so all this stuff, I everybody looks around I if we can just. Start the NBA and Christmas get rid of these awful college games that nobody watches and dumped junk. GET RID OF DUMP. The NFL preseason sports never been better. We are making moves now. That are long overdue. I am here for it I'm a minimalist in my life, and in my sports and I think we'll look back years later. If these leagues conferences have the courage of their convictions and the owners finally acknowledged. You know my players. Don't get as banged up when we don't play four preseason Games, sports will never be better joy with the news. No heard on the news. This is the third line news well Patrick. Beverley has reportedly left the NBA Bobble. He laugh last night to attend to a emergency personal matter and he does plan to return to the clippers as soon as possible. He's the second member of the Clippers to leave the bubble in Orlando Mantra. Herald also left a few days ago due to a family emergency so still very early. Obviously, we haven't. Haven't gotten into games yet. But how? What's the quarantine thing? So if they leave, they leave campus for extenuating circumstances like this. They'll be required to quarantine for four to ten days upon return, so beverly will need to pass a corona virus tests every day. He's off campus in order to have a four day quarantine when he comes back instead of ten first game, their first game is July thirtieth against the Lakers. Today July what twenty twenty second. So if he's back in two days, they're fine probably back in two days in east pass a and he's had a negative tests for those two days. You need one or two negative tests. No every day. He's gone the test and if he gets if he's negative. Every single day when he comes back, he only the quarantine for four days as opposed to the ten. So, yes, to get tested. Every day is gone. They're getting tested. Everyone who is around this bubble is getting tested every single, but it's working. They had three hundred sixty guys tested. Nope, Nope, no. Reporters as well reporters to have to take tests, the nose swab or the mouth swab every single day on top of taking. They're taking their temperature every single day. They have to scan and put in their temperature. Put in their similar to our questionnaire that we do to get into work here. They they put it into an APP and then when they scan in the Disney bricks. They scan in if you know if they put their information and it'll light up a certain color, and then they're free to go in, but they have to test every single day by the way have been tested three times I've been tested twice and negatives. Yes, yes. Here, the first two tests were the long. And then you wait it, you know or know. The first half was long the second to taken I I knew in fifteen minutes and it wasn't. It didn't go. The swamp didn't go nearly didn't touch my eyeball. It was quick and they. You sat there for fifteen minutes, and they give you an answer. Yeah, I mean the testing, the testing situation obviously way better. I think it's gotten easier. I think it depends on where you're getting tested. First Time I got tested I had to wait because some people are waiting like nine to ten days to get the results. I don't understand how that works. Because how's it even valid? I don't even I'm not going to a special place like. How is my test better than that test? I'm not going to some. You know like super private. I went to a I went to a concierge doctor took. I went to a emerging care. I don't know I mean I. Just different parts of the country. The testing is insane, so why the in the NFL and everyone else can figure out how to do it last. Two Times I've done it. It has been literally just in out, and it's not even the swabs, not even. It's like. I will say though I was I was. Cautiously optimistic about how this was going to go, and obviously we're very early into the bubble, but it seems like they are taking it. Like they are not playing any games, the NBA is on. The! And testing in quarantine. The players may not like this joy this benefit for the players. Do players, you may not you just sometimes we all know in life. Sometimes. You got to suck it up for like two months to get what you want, right. You want this season, and because then you'll have leverage in the CBA, you do not as a player by the way this is Adam silver. He wants these players to be viable. He's been he's been. The players commissioner more than David Stern was the owners commissioner, the best case scenario for everyone for the owners, even if the owners are going to have leverage in the CBA, it's the best case scenario for everyone to get through. This gets finished. Get it in the books and then move forward and figure out how you're going to actually play outside of the bubble, an entire season with all the teams. But they're doing an excellent job so. So in the NBA. Mvp Race Janas seems to be a lock to win for the second straight year, but Magic Johnson thinks Lebron is more deserving of the award this year. He tweeted the Brawn James is definitely the MVP this season. He's almost averaging double double twenty five points ten assists and basically eight rebounds per game. His defense has been amazing and there's no better leader in sports. tweets. I Love Magic Johnson Sweater He's right, though I mean he has the statistics. Obviously honest has has great numbers as well so that's kind of the argument for honest. This year is that they are? They do have the best record in the League, and he has better numbers than he had last year when he wanted to be, but again like I said yesterday. The the narrative or the criteria for who wins the MVP changes literally every single year. So, why would it not change this year? It's like they're constantly in view closer and moving in further away the finish line if you have to learn a new if you have to change positions with an entirely new roster. And your number one in the West. Why are we even having a discussion? He had he has now he's leads the League in assists. He's like well. We'll want decided I want to lead the League in assists. I just feel like for this year. If you're looking at what Janas and Lebron are dealing with. Its, I mean. Why wouldn't you honest put up better numbers this year? He did great last year, and he's an essentially the same exact situation. He was in last year, so of course he's going to put up better numbers than that. The idea goes Lebron is overcome more right to put up his numbers in Janas. Yes, that's not even argue again. It's not taking anything away from. Performance in new coach, new roster new position just overcome more Rana's envy. Finally NFL training cancer set to open within the next week and teams will be facing some roster restrictions. Multiple reports indicated NFL. Teams are expecting to have eighty man rosters at the start of training camp. That's down from ninety a typical year, so that's as bad news for any unsigned undrafted free agents. It's bad news. runny veterans who were looking to get on a? A roster this year, or any you know rookies that are drafted later and later rounds. They're going to really have to have great performances in these camps, or they're going to get replaced by those veterans who are waiting that have that have tape it's it's GonNa be very interesting for for NFL teams I found this actually kind of kind of shocking, not in that they want to limit the amount of players that are there, but. What's the situation for replacing players? If they are, they do test positive like I got into this discussion. The other day with a friend we were at the beach on Monday took the day off and we're talking about this. I said you know every one of these sports. NBA May be doing it right. Bob It and the NFL's not going to do that and the NFL's a contact sport. Is that. What if the NFL just did? Play two weeks. Two weeks off your plate, so teams would play two two weeks off now. That sounds ludicrous, but what it would allow is at least for about a month. As as cases ramped up, you'd have like fourteen days in between games. I I think the NFL's going to happen, but I think it's GonNa look so much different than it's ever looked I think they'll just kind of figure it out and kind of bulldoze their way through it like you have. But I wouldn't be shocked if the NFL didn't say you know what what's the hurry are super bowls in the warm weather site. Let's just have less add two to three buys per team. So if you do have a contact sport, you're not going to do i. mean the bubbles really figured it out. Nobody can do is so there's so. What facility could even handle? That's right the Trianon. Can't do a bubble because the NBA needs to work about six weeks me to work for. That amount of personnel is dramatically lower. Yes, yes, the NFL your point is the right point which is, you can't do a bubble in the NFL right so if you're going to do it in a contact sport. I wouldn't be shocked at the NFL doesn't do. We just extend the season five to six weeks I. I think that the NFL is going to learn a lot from MLB because they are coming back and they are not in a bubble now, whereas it's not a contact sport, you are still going to be in locker rooms together. You are still going to be around each other, so I think that they will actually learn more from MLB and how that works then the NBA, because I mean the bubble is just a completely different scenario. The bubble may end up being the way to do it i. mean you have see bought an island i? Mean that's kind of. It's kind of it probably is the way to do it, but you have to be able to APPA facility that can hold the people that you have in your league, or you're in your sport, and there is no facility on earth that exists that can have an. NFL No positive tests in UFC's working. They've bubbled it. One bought an island in, but you have see is what twenty fighters at a time it's their limited staff. Even without like we're just going to go out of the country to an island. It's essentially a bubble. It's only GonNa work for sport. That has that limited. Athlete that's right. That's why football is going to be. It's going to be really interesting. They better be nimble, which they generally have through the years. Joy The news. Well! That's the news. Thanks for stopping by. Heard lie, so nick right? thinks on crazy on this. I said before is. We judge players when they leave who they join US players and the question is who you join as an owner. Who Do you join his GM? Who Do you join as a coach? Michael Jordan couldn't overcome certain coaches. Lebron hasn't been able to overcome. Let's be honest with the Brown. In the four years in Miami. One coach Gm four finals two titles. In the other. Her teen years he says seven coaches and seven executives and one title and brought to you by Mercedes Benz. The best or nothing Nick Wright joins us, so I said Kevin Durant I think downgraded in the owner. GM coach, thing and top teammate thing. Leonard I think is set. Was Steve Balmer Doc rivers? Paul George Lou Williams Quality Front office and I think in five years from today. Co Is GonNa have four or five finals three or four MVP. And Kevin Hall for piece you. You're out of your mind. I'm sorry to interrupt. It's your show. You've gone crazy all right first of all as far as. Leonard and upgrade one could argue he has gotten worse as far as franchise, GM and coach at each place you go from Popovich in the Spurs the best in the League to Messiah Usury. Nick nurses about the winning coach of the year and a team that won sixty games with Algebra. And now you're at the Clippers and listen doc rivers. Dade coaching a finals back when w was president. President, so maybe some of that will rub off on them I. Don't know. I, do know that he had Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and they never even made a conference finals, but this this is unbelievable and I appreciate you give me the opportunity to defend Kevin Durant because you did vintage Colin Coward thing you didn't do. Vintage Colin Coward. Today already shows only thirty two minutes long. Were like I'm a minimalist minimalist when you were talking about buying what I assume was your third or fourth piece of real estate of the week. The other one was when you said you said listen Oh. Yeah, Client Gedi. They both made a bunch of all star teams. One guys made ten. The other guys made four so of Katie retires and Leonard makes the next five all star teams. He'll almost catch him. Him Do you know work why Leonard Ranks in NBA history points? I'll answer for you. Don't because no one does because the rankings only go through two hundred fifty and he ain't in the top two fifty Colin. I got three names for you Wesley Matthews Marvin Williams and Jeff teed those three old time. Greats have all scored more points in their career than Qui- I've got three more names for you. Jared Dudley. Amazing unselfish player, Land Stevenson and dynamic playmaker Dwight Howard. Those three players all have more career assists than Kawhi. Who's twenty nine years old? He's not a young guy. Before we start, saying is going to be better than Kevin Durant, can't he mark? Can you match? Joe Folks no disrespect to the Qatada Clipper. Team all MBA's like this pump the brakes please I mean it's. K. D. Mrs One year and you forget who he is well when Colli wins the title this year on a third different when he wins the next six. We'll see. He's got to win the title I got to actually win the title I so I was saying this yesterday. When you've been title starved, and you get a little taste of in Kansas City. Gorge you binge so I got Chris. Jones now is like at five raids seven and I'm like Dibella. Check retires Lamar Jackson not playing. What if drew lock is amazing? You're paying now. The highest paid quarterback has won a super bowl since the early nineties. Could. We slow the Kansas City dynasty down a tad little bit. Well Luckily. Luckily, mahomes will never be the highest paid. He doesn't have a cat that hit forty million for seven years by then. That's NFL salary cap. Be Thirty million. The fact that you included drew lock I'm GonNa just assume that was a senior moment. We're GONNA throw that out, but listen. Here's the thing about the NFL, Colin Dynasties are regular occurrences. Every decade ever has had them. The sixties had a dynasty. There were the packers. Seventies had a dynasty. They were the steelers. The eighties ended dynasty was the niners. The Ninety s dynasty was the cowboys the all Tattoo Dynasty was the patriots the tens at a dynasty. It was the Patriots and by the way within those years. Years. You had kind of many dynasties. The dolphins made three straight super bowls in doing the seventies. In the eighties, the giants made two out of five years one two out of five in the nineties. The broncos went back to back like dynasties in basketball and football always happen, so I heard you mention Baltimore Baltimore is unbelievable. It would be nice. Listen Lamar's nineteen and two in his career in the regular season as a starter against everyone, except for that guy who is into against, and he's yet to win a playoff game. Meanwhile mahomes has had the lead with one minute left in every playoff game. He's ever played in so I'm not exactly terrified about Baltimore drew lock. Okay and the chiefs. If you had to pick a team, that's going to win a bunch of super bowls. Of course, pick the chiefs and one more note I heard you mentioned. No preseason limited off season. The last time we had this twenty ten going into twenty eleven. What happened? The packers Super Bowl champions in two thousand ten? Nobody has an offseason twenty eleven. They go fifteen and one. The lack of an off season helps teams that are bringing back stars that have continuity. The chiefs have that more than anybody. Reasonable argument, let's shift of this. I'll give you Lebron. Finish up if I ask you tomorrow. I look no more sports for you. I WANNA farm report and you did it. Brilliantly I would be like. That's a that's an MVP. Level broadcaster. Lebron is now asked. Hey, just be a point guard. Avery Bradley won't play in the playoffs Rondo. Won't a new coach new roster new best teammate plan position, and he leads the League in assists. I don't even think the MVP races close. He's had so much more to overcome than. Our Harden! But I hear you're not Lebron MVP guy this year. No jaanus is the MVP. Here's the deal Lebron rightfully should have seven league MVP. In year three. He finished second to Steve Nash. That was when the whole media was just nuts over Nash's second. That was an absurdity and he the Derek. Rose MVP was obviously. The media was angry because Lebron went to Miami and steps first BP Lebron's first. You're back in Cleveland. He should have won all three of those, but this year. Janas deserves Janas averaging as many points in as minutes as he's playing thirty points and thirty minutes, he's been. been the best defensive player in the sport, even better than Anthony Davis, and yes, Lebron has been asked to do so much, but he also does have ad alongside him. Now I think it's as it goes along Kareem, abdul-jabbar one finals. MVP separated by thirteen seasons. Lebron's going to top two in BP. Finishes separated by thirteen seasons. It speaks to the longevity of what he's accomplished, but Janas deserves to win. The MVP let me add this though Colin. I don't know if it's good for him and by that I mean this. If the box, don't win the title this back toback MVP's will start to be used against. The bucks don't win. The title Janas is next man up what the media did to Lebron and ended up leaving Cleveland with the media, did Decay D and he ended up leaving. Okay? See they will do to Jaanus. If you are that level of player and you don't breakthrough with a championship, it starts being used as a negative, so he's listen. He's going to do something only. Akeem Jordan did Lebron should have done in two thousand thirteen. He got screwed by a couple of the voters which is when league. League MVP and defensive player of the year in the same season, but if he finishes it off with a NBA championship, then there's no question. The Best Player alive is if he doesn't people start tearing him down maybe unfairly, but that's what he is in store for over the next eight weeks as we determine what Milwaukee can do. I thought you were very good. Today you brought a lot of energy didn't like the senior moment shot at me, but you know that. Is You get a little bit gray hair? That's what you get. Nick Right I think I. See you later in all right nick. Good stuff bill polian. Hall of Fame Front Office will be joining us next hour. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific. GEICO fifteen percent credit in your car, motorcycle and RV policies. Go to. GEICO DOT COM to learn more switch by October seventh and get fifteen percent off, so nick right thinks I'm crazy on this, but it's funny that I think in five years because I think Kawhi. Leonard is GONNA. Win The finals this year. The clippers are going to win. It and Co is going to be the MVP and it will be his third title on his third different team and he's the MVP. How do I not consider him top ten player of all time well, he doesn't play every night. You've never said that mattered. When matter you never said that mattered well, he's not top two hundred and fifty points. You never said that mattered. Karl Malone got way more points than Michael. You never said that mattered Kareem's got more points than anybody. You don't even think he's the best center. Many of you stay wilt. Or Shack. Or Bill Russell Bill Russell didn't even score. Passable is not a great assist Guy Jordan was. I mean magic's better passer than Michael Jordan. Believes that magic better than. Michael. Jordan I mean I think it's closer than people think. But I guess my point. Is You keep telling me it's all about finals. And Championships and the ability to make the big shots in the big stops in games. I'm listening. If Kawhi Leonard Wins this year. He wanted to San Antonio is a baby. The youngest guy to ever win finals MVP youngest ever younger than Michael. Younger than Lebron. He goes to Toronto Canada hockey. Country Wins with a team. None of us thought would win. Myself included joy, thought it that was it in the whole world, and then he goes los. Angeles, to the clippers, the Cleveland Browns for thirty years and he wins this year. How is that not a top ten player? You keep telling me what matters? Winning make for stop hit the bucket better and big spots. That's why Jordan's better than Lebron. Right because Lebron's got way better numbers, Lebron's GonNa. Blow Michael Jordan away in terms of games played total point total cest total rebounds total final appearances. Lebron's going to crush Michael and everything. But Michael. Hit the big shots. He was the MVP and he wanted. If it's if it's if that's it, what do I do with Leonard? I'm telling you right now. I think right now today. Kevin durant better than Kawhi. I think it's way closer than everybody thinks they both had issues. They both have to MVP's in the finals. They both have two titles Kevin's a more profound score. Is a much better defensive player. Much better defensive player that that's something so again we know offense in the NBA is more important than been defense. Right like we know that. Okay and that's Katie gets the advantage more all-stars. He's been an elite player longer. But you start, talk- Dirk Nowitzki and Colli Leonard. WHO's better today? If it's just points, it's Dirk I'd say if collide Leonard Wins a finals. He's not better than Dirk Nowitzki. What. Ha-? So. Fans want to be heard. Okay, these big ears! I'm listening you. Keep telling me the only reason MJ beats Lebron. It's not stats, not numbers. It is who was better in crunch time and I think that's a valid argument. Michael and crunch time was unbelievable. He was unbelievable. Lebron crunch time is often been unbelievable, but not as consistently unbelievable, so Lebron is second MJ. The first guy ever to go to three teams, three championships, three MVP's, and he's still got seven eight years left potentially. A. All, I'm going to say is we tend to be prisoners of the moment I? Try Not to be sometimes I am fans are very much prisoners at the moment. You tell me what I'm supposed to say. Whereby put coli in a month in two months. He is holding the trophy for the third time MVP for the third coach. The team, the third third GM, the third franchise. What are what are we supposed to put him? Seems like to me. That's a top ten player of all time because you've never said. It's about plan back to backs. You've never you've never said it's about point you've never said. It's about assist now I do think the assists is what makes Lebron, the best player, a lot of guys that score, but Lebron's ability to elevate everybody is really what makes him the first or second best player of all time. I'm just I'm going to hold you WANNA. Hold me accountable. I WanNa hold you accountable. Three finals, three titles, three MVP's collide a top ten player. Say Hello to Casper company with outrageously comfortable products, but not outrageously expensive products go to Casper. Dot Com everything to build the dream bedroom. I'm holding nick right accountable on a break and no more old guy shots I'll tell you that Bill Polian Rob Parker. Around the corner. One more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on-demand whenever you like. Oh here we go into our to our APP but so lutely packed live been lost angeles. This is the her wherever you may be, and however you may be listening Iheartradio Fox sports, radio and F S One. proud of everybody here on our staff We have kind of made it through. Without any games for like four five months, it's not been easy. We're getting really close. I've been watching. UFC AND MLS last couple of nights. A baseball's right around the corner. In fact, what we have a game Thursday Yep and NBA's about nine ten days away of getting it straight, getting very close join I. we're talking. Joy Taylor the radio audience. We're talking during the break. Is I've never worried that Like if you don't like me, that's okay. You have a right not to like me like I I don't like all sorts of politicians. They don't care about me what you should worry about is. You know. Make sure the people that do like you feel that you've got their back so when people rip the NBA. Go to their twitter account and find their last thirty NBA posts if there are thirty negative posts, who gives a rip? They don't like the sport and there's a lot of people don't like the NBA I do I grew up with it. I love it sometimes. It drives me nuts. Sometimes, the players I roll my eyes at their decisions, but it stylish. It's fun. It's player driven. It's unique. It's flashy. It's all the things like football's not but I. Think I like those things to. Watch mob shows I. DON'T WANNA. Be a mobster. I watch serial killer shows I wouldn't want to have to chase a serial killer. I like stuff that I'm not. I'm not stylish, I like style watching people who are stylish, so it's funny about Coli Leonard for all the people that criticize the NBA Kawhi Leonard is absolutely the Guy You should love. Doesn't do politics. All he cares about basketball. He's not stylish. He goes works. Hard grind goes. Home hangs out with his family. He's one of the reasons he's not as love. He doesn't fit into any of these boxes. He doesn't talk politics. Hell, he doesn't talk. He didn't have a flashy shoe deal. He's not stylish. He's like the Anti Harden. So to me if you're if you bang on the NBA and go I wish guys just played the game. That's all Kawhi Leonard is he is just a hooper doesn't care about anything else. That is it and it's perfect because the Lakers have always been glamorous and flashy, and the clippers have always had kind of discount tickets, and there there are working. Working Working Class if you can afford the MBA, but the clippers been little more working class than the Lakers. which is you know Lakers Hollywood glamour in uptown? It's movie. Stars and agents in the clippers are like for people that have normal jobs want to go to the NBA afford nine hundred dollar seat or a thirteen hundred dollar night for their family. Embodies the clippers. He's just head down. Grind it basketball, no politics, no style. Let's get it done so if you don't like the NBA, and you wish players are more like NFL players Meekali Leonard that is exactly what he is, and he doesn't fit into the box. It's not. Most guys in the NBA. They gotTA style to get an agent. Twitter got. He's got none of it. Like none of it. It's like there's nothing about him. That screams NBA a football player. That plays NBA Odell Beckham. NBA Player in the NFL CO is an NFL player in the NBA. He's always Kinda hurt. He grinds he not really into politics. He shows up and he's tough. He'll guard the toughest guy. He's coach -able despite the Popovich stuff. He's coach -able. He was very sociable in Toronto. In! Los! Angeles. I wanted to go. Yeah, I mean I guess my point is in Colli? The if he wins the championship this year. The only reason we are not considering him a top ten player because he lacks stuff that nobody's ever asked for. We never said he had to be stylish to be an all time. Great, he's not. We never said you had to be political or talk or overly verbal. He's not. We never said he had to have a bunch of points. If if that was the case, then we'd all talk Karl Malone all day. Okay so Kawais just doing what you tell me you like. No politics, win games heus titles, play your butt off and go home and care about your sport. He's exactly that. Why don't you like him? We really is the ultimate hooper if you think about it if he does win, a championship or finals MVP with the clippers. Being with three very very different organizations as well I mean. One, yes, the ultimate coach controlled yes, and then the number two kind of shaky now relevant brandon the NBA how relevant now stable but traditionally? Disaster? Yes, it's just going to be unbelievable and everywhere he goes. He wins at the highest level everywhere, and he's the best player on the floor. He's the best guy to get a basket and the best gotTA stop. You? Just because people don't this, this is what Russell Wilson faces. He doesn't fit into the box you want. Russell Wilson's a little short. He runs a little too much. He's a little optimistic. Slash Corny. Sometimes he doesn't. He doesn't fit into the box. You want and we struggle when athletes they don't. All should look like Joe. Montana well, he did mostly for a long time but I mean Big Ben get a razor six six runs around. We initially with Ben with Cam. They don't fit now now. Better Than Cam but Russell Wilson has been doesn't quite fit into the box. Steve Young face this by the way Steve Young Face Steve was left handed. Steve Played I in another football league the USFL He, didn't he didn't go college to the pros he went college he went to another league left handed. He didn't play traditional power. He ran around more than he threw initially. We didn't know what to do with Steve Young. Steve Young was unbelievable. He was Russell. Wilson left-handed. Steve any replaced Joe Montana. So we never gave Steve Young. Credit Steve Young one of the ten best quarterbacks in the history of the League Russell Wilson and Steve Young, they don't fit into the box. Co., why doesn't fit in? We'll box would also kind of speaks to what do we actually evaluate when it comes to athletes and the best athletes? Is it really just their play on the court or on the feel? Of intangibles or outside factors carry a role in how we evaluate it winning. All I want. Everyone says, but when you think about it when you start looking at the actual facts and numbers and winning and all the championships and finals, MVP's and consistency and availability and all those things. Is that really what you're evaluating or you? Talking about the school? He went to his performance in college and. His Style and flair and interviews, and all those things do include. Lebron Brady. Russell Wilson. Like winners urban Meyer Sabin Bella Check win games I don't care about anything else. I. Don't Care About your style. Winning certainly elevates it, but you do become attached to personalities as well. It plays a role speaking of Steve Young. I like Jimmy. Garoppolo I think more than most of you I I don't think he's homes, but I think he's really good. But when you argue against me on the one thing you have that I can't argue out of is Kyle. Shanahan basically took the ball out of his hands. During the playoffs, multiple times literally said we're not throwing with you and I'm like. Kyle Shanahan is taken about Jimmy Garoppolo sans then he's not as good as I think and Steve Young. Speaking of him was talking about Jimmy Garoppolo, and the next phase. He has to eclipse or standard. He has to hit going forward. There's something about Kyle on him that you felt through the playoffs, a lack of trust and whether it was true I just perception, it doesn't matter at some level, and that that's the number one thing that I, if I were Jimmy that I will be focused on is making sure both truth and perception that couch trust me and willing to put the ball in my hands at anytime anyplace you know any form and continually. That's the thing that this season's really about to me. Is Kyle and Jimmy? Jimmy Earnings Kyle's. And comic actress hundred percent I I don't doubt that, but the perception is another piece of the puzzle. You WanNa. See that out in the play calling in key moments. It's really interesting about this. There are a lot and I'm talking about winning teams and playoff teams were I. Don't feel. The coach totally trust the player. I, think, SEAN! McDermott likes, Josh Allen. I think he takes the ball out of his hands and key spots and thinks he's GonNa win with defense. Matt Nagy Does Not Touch Trubisky, trust trubisky Gruden I do not believe totally trust Derek Carr Mike. Zimmer doesn't trust Mike. Kirk cousins L.. Times Mike Vrabel clearly didn't trust Ryan Tannehill with the ball in the playoffs. Shanahan and Garoppolo And these are winning team. Some are playoff teams. I mean I'll ask you this. When you watch Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Why don't they let Russell? Wilson have a bigger say in the offense. Why are they still run centric? Isn't Russell the second mess. quarterback in the League doesn't feel like trust me. I watched the Green Bay packers draft. This is not a shot Aaron Rodgers, but they drafted a blocking tight end a running back three interior, offensive linemen and a quarterback. Feels like to me. They're pulling the ball out of Aaron. Rodgers hands not putting the ball in Aaron Rodgers hands. So it looks like to me to me. There's five relationships in the NFL. That, I honestly believe. That the coach totally trust the player. That he will, he will throw down the play sheet I think Andy Reid. Mahomes Doug Peterson Wentz Harbaugh, Lamar Bill O'Brien Sean, Payton and breeze. They will call any play anywhere anytime. Throw from your end zone and. Now no defensive coaches there none four offensive and a special team Guy John Harbaugh. But it. It's funny when you talk about well. The the coach doesn't. Really feel like he trust the quarterback. Five of them in this league and I think I think. Last year I think harbaugh and Lamar I didn't see that until about Thanksgiving on I think Lamar was so great for the first seven or eight weeks that harbaugh came to the conclusion. The kid just makes plays I'm going to give it to him, but I don't feel that Seattle OAS Trust Russell Wilson I. I don't think Gruden. No is trust, Jon, Gruden I. Don't think Mike Zimmer always trust cousins. I don't think Shanahan Trust Jimmy Garoppolo I don't. You know. I didn't put Brady Marian's because I've never seen him play together. I didn't put Dacca McCarthy I've never seen him work together, but I think it's I think it's rare. Denna coach is like all right, third and nine from are you? Don't deepen our own territory. Go for it I don't think you see a lot of it. I don't and you don't see it ever from defensive coaches. You just you just don't. All right bill. Polian is an NFL hall of fame executive. He is going to be joining us next. Don't go anywhere good hair day for me. If you're on radio, tune in really good hair day top five. Be Sure to catch live? Editions of the Heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific on Fox, Sports Radio One and the iheartradio APP. This Week Fox Saturday baseball is back. The cubs clashed with the brewers at one. The daughters battle the giants at four, and the Yankees faced the world series champion nationals at seven celebrate the return of baseball with a special tripleheader. Saturday only on Fox and the Fox sports APP. Mookie becks is probably the first or second best player in baseball, Mike, Trout and mookie Betts, so the dodgers they bringing mookie betts right is going to be year to showcase him, and they get sixty games and I have a bad story coming up, you update. Yes, good news. For dodgers fans. Yes, okay, that's good I. thought this. This feels like a team that can get to the world series. They've been very good, but they haven't given you the key. They haven't given the title have been very good for I think the one division. WHAT FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS! But they just can't get past that spot. A Bill Polian thirty two years as an NFL executive. He is a hall of Famer. He got to three straight. Super Bowls with the bills. He won a championship with colts. He made the panthers in the year to a conference championship game team, and he is joining us from Beautiful Cape Cod. He's about the third guy that's join me from Cape Cod via the coward, Global Satellite Network, and they're all happy. Because it's like eighty degrees, and it's beautiful and Cape Cod. Let's start with this. The preseason is gonNA. Get scrapped now. As a as a sports caster I've never thought it's fair to fans. You got to pay big prices for preseason games. I don't love it for the players where you get per diem more than salary, I don't love it but I get it. Does it bother you as a GM potentially going forward, not have none this year and potentially reduce significantly. Well the significant reduction going forward bothers me Colin because. In a normal year, and this is anything but normal for our country in every in every way, so let's scrap this year in a normal year you would want at least three preseason games to get your team ready to get your guys ready to play football, and most importantly to give the younger players and the undrafted free agents a chance to show what they can do. Absent a preseason game this year. Those young players will get very little chance to show what they can do. so that hurts the the future growth of your team, so we need. If they settle a to going forward, Grit might teach and say okay. You can make that work, but anything less than that. No, not not in the long run. You Know Kansas. City's talking now. You know they were so championship star. Star forever. They got a little taste of it this year. Now everybody's talking dynasty and you know you actually had a mini dynasty in Buffalo. You just kept facing teams like the cowboys, but when you were building it, there's there are there's liabilities their concerns. You have to deal with a different set of problems when you get great. What would worry you about Kansas City over the next four or five years going forward? Well number one the CAP. But Patrick's contract. Helps that great really helps it greatly. Number one issues the cap because when you get good, everybody wants to get paid, and you just simply can't pay everybody. It's that simple. That's why the CAP is there. That's what it's designed to do is to rob. Good teams have good players right. and spread them out around the league, so that would be number. One worry number to worry would be other key players besides Patrick, and Jones and Kelsey would be the guy that I would think about right right immediately. It's if Kelsey were to get hurt or isn't available. That really bothers me. Because his such a weapon, he makes all the rest of the passing game. Golf Patrick sent a class by himself, but Kelsey makes all the rest of it. Go, the other thing is. The defense has been patched together excellently by the general manager. Read each and Andy and spags, but a lot of them are veteran sort of spare parts. Long Lifetime Yup so you're going to need to replace those guys with players of similar talent going forward if the defense is to stay great, and you're not GonNa win with Patrick alone. You gotTa have an order to win the super. Bowl into, get to the Super Bowl. You have to have a very good defense, and and they do right now, but we're going to have to keep feeding players into that. You know the the Brady thing to Tampa fascinating because tom is very intense, he comes from a very detailed officiant system with the best coach ever. And now, Tom. WHO's a pretty obsessed detail guy. Intense guy goes down to chill out. Bruce Arians Ebor city Tampa. I've always said this bill. It's very easy to take intense guy and ask him to chill out a little bit. That's Tom Coughlin Tom Chill out a little bit. It is different to ass. Chill guy to deal with intensity for twenty weeks of the NFL season and I keep going back to Thomas Older. He's got his ways. He's going to bark. He's very intense, and I don't know if all those young Tampa guys in coaches if it works it. Is he going to overwhelm them, and and and and take some people off? Are you concerned at all about that? No nobody is gonNA. Take the top guy in place off. They're just not and and everybody will fall in line. He's the goat, so whatever he says goes. That's true of a normal NFL starting quarterback. Imagine the greatest of all time so. Forget about that? They're going to follow his lead. Bruce is in his own way quite intense when. I worked with so when you're around them every day. You recognize that he's all coach and get it done, but he's such a great quarterback coach that he will work with Brady and do what Brady feels. He can do well. That's what Bruce does best. He's GonNa put him in his best light so I. Don't I don't WanNa -ticipant any problems along those lines the the history. History of these things tells you that WanNa player, an elite player changes teams at the end of his career. After he's had a long run with another team, he normally has a great bounceback year that year with the new team, and then father time enters the equation. So expect Tom to be dynamite. By the way this is interesting for you, so you dealt with Jim Kelly unbelievable. peyton manning unbelievable talent is as a general manager. Is it different having a superstar quarterback in the building. Does it change the mood? The vibe our their eggshells I. Mean you had peyton Intense Jim Kelly. Tough Guy. What's it like in the building? There are no eggshells. There's nothing but rose pedal. and. Here's the example we're getting on the bus in two thousand eleven when Peyton is with us. And a player and a coach. said to me, you know. We'd get on this bus every Sunday. Morning every game day morning and eighteen was here. We knew we had a fifty fifty chance to win no matter who the opponent was. We don't have that anymore. That's what that guy gives you. He gives you hope every single week. No matter what goes wrong. No matter who else is hurt, it doesn't matter. That guy gives you hope there are no eggshells nothing but rose. Rate! So the the deck negotiation was very public and I'm sitting there. Thinking in most normal organizations bill Polian doesn't want a year long public you know negotiation, and it's just not what anybody you want this stuff to be like mahomes or Carson wentz boom overdone. We can stop talking about money. Do, you think. In. The Dallas cowboys are run so differently than everybody else, but do you think in the end of the day that deck I mean let's be honest. No state tax cowboys go line Zeke Amari. They offer him one hundred and six million dollars. Did he in the end? Should deck of just said you know what I've gotten pretty much everything in this league. They're gonNA. Pay Me one hundred, six million I'll sign for five. Not Four, or do you defend the player and Dak San I won you a lot of games and I made me money. I'm going to get this year's right on this. Where did you fall on that? Well. You should have gone to law school because you just made both cases. The fact of the matter is that this is really a tough call, and but but I think what the cowboys are doing is saying. Hey. We're about ninety five percent of the way their. Dock won't budge. Let's let Mike McCarthy coach him for a year and have Mike. Come back and tell us at the end of the year I can win a couple of super bowls with this guy, or maybe we need to go in another direction I think this is Mike. McCarthy's call in the long run after he's had a year to work with. And Jerry's had a year to see him. Work with Jack with back and see what the team looks like at that point, I don't think it's. A Win Win for everybody DAX, making thirty one million bucks, so that's twenty nine million more than he made a year ago. And and Mike McCarthy gets to coach him and install an offense and see. How does it? You know it's interesting, so you want an you built Buffalo, and then you build Indianapolis and you've Got Carolina to the NFC championship in their second year, and there's a handful of teams in the NFL. They have the young coach and quarterback. Arizona's got the coach and quarterback and now Carolina's got a new coach and Teddy for a few years. And you and you see about four or five of these organizations were right now. It's more promise than results in productivity. If you could sit down with a with a with a team like in Arizona that that thinks they have the coach and things to have the quarterback. How what are the first couple of steps I'm a fan watching and I'm like I think we have the right guys, but everybody's really young and unproven. When you went into Buffalo in Carolina in Indianapolis. What were the first two or three steps to build the culture to ensure? It lasts a long time. Number one have the right coach Marv Levy Tony. Dungy Dom Capers, absolutely the right coaches under every circumstance. That's how you build the culture to. Build the defense. If you have the quarterback and you have the coach. The next thing that you need is a defense that can take you all the way. Number three. Build the offensive line because you have to be able to run the football in order to win big. And and you have to be able to. Run, the football and short yardage and goal line. If you're going to go all the way, so you have to have the offensive line, and then you have to have a back or backs, who can convert in short yardage and goal? Get a kicker. Cocaine kick under. PRESSURE BECAUSE When it's all, said and done when you go to the big game, kickers win championships, so those are the next things you have to build. The coach will bring the culture. The organization has got a committed itself to bringing the right players into create a fifty three man unit that goes with the coach and goes with the quarterback, and that's the hardest thing to do. It's hard on two fronts number one. You have to be right in selecting the personnel and number two. The organization has to commit to it. Not Be satisfied to have oh, this is a great year and there's a lot of buzz about us in which selling tickets that doesn't mean. Mean anything in the long run if you'RE GONNA win the Super Bowl. It's a long hard slog. It took US five years from start to the Super Bowl in Buffalo. It took us a while took Carolina when off the rails after we left and took them about eight more years to finally get there, and then with the colts. It took US five years to get to the Super Bowl, so it's it's if it isn't done overnight. And all those other things have to be in place by the way you're about an year about a forty minute. Drive away from Bella. Check your up in Cape Cod bills right down. Have you seen bill lately? I haven't seen it. We saw each other in January at the at the hall of fame. Committee meeting where we selected the additional members to the hall of fame on fortunately will not go in next weekend, but but next year. and. We had a nice talk and we work together in evaluating the old time players who were considered for the hall of fame, so that was a great meeting, but I haven't seen him since he's on that Sucker, which is a a long boat. Ride away from where I've been to both heaven on earth up their bill. It's absolutely you know how much I like you thank you so much for stopping by show today. My pleasure appreciate it all right bill polian boy. When I was at ESPN, I learned a lot from bill like I would just sit down and grill bill. Just tell me why this matters. This matters. One of the thing he talked about. Is that Pete Carroll's great coach? He doesn't pay attention to the offensive line. It drives me. Nuts drives me nuts about Pete Carroll. Bill O'Brien. Doesn't pay attention to the offensive line drives me nuts. POLIAN gotTa Build Offensive Line you know I always, said this league simple. It's take the coach. We obviously can't one of the bad coach. Get A quarterback. Protect him and get there's. That's it Gimme, pass rushers protect my quarterback. My quarterback rest of its commentary joy with the news. Heard on the news. This is the third line news. Thing. That's the first time I heard. Anyone put emphasis on getting a good kicker. It's that's why. When a few years ago Tampa drafted a kicker nerve. Everybody's like. A terrible pick I'm like. Yep Nine linebackers on your roster behalf the draft another linebacker. If you're by the way Tampa his been lousy special teams for years, you can go to New England dynasty. How many games they win with a kick? I mean kickers. Put put points on the board. I've never understood this argument with fans in basketball, five guys who put the ball in the basket? The leaving scores in the NFL were often kicker. Why would draft a kicker via bad if you get? You can get a generational kicker that will be with your team for two decades. Check his drafted kickers. Adam venit terry like I. Don't know I. Don't by the way the the guy the Baltimore Kicker for best kicker in the League right now. Justin Tucker. You've got to be kidding. You literally go to games, not having to worry about. He does sing opera. I understand fancy. You can't draft the kicker. Check. Picker absolutely do so on a surprise. Everyone back in April saying he did not have access to a basketball hoop during quarantine. It turns out. The honest was just messing with us. Tuesday, that was not true, and he only said it to try and get a little bit ahead of the competition. Well, not they but Jaanus. Sir Now Look I. Don't know WHO's an underestimate Yonathan to begin with so. I don't think anyone was like. Real, but it'll be easy. Honest hasn't been practicing I. Don't think anyone's really looking at it like that, but it is kind of funny now that said you and I have been kind of curious as to how some of these. Really top level top paid guy middleton haven't had access to. Don't get or don't get it like gyms and it seems like that was maybe an effort thing. Obviously, everyone's situation is different. You don't know everyone's family situation, but in four much it can't find a live. You are capable of working out or getting to Jim and you haven't been, and you are one of those guys who makes you know high end money, and you have access to different kinds of facilities and things haven't been. It might be a little bit of an effort thing in that situation, but it wasn't free honest. He was working out the whole time he did have access to a gym and he just playing, so you guys would. Take lightly and he could dominate. He's averaging twenty nine point six points per game thirteen point seven rebounds and five points assists obviously favorite to be the MVP. Even, though I think he should go to the Bronx, so the Lakers had been great away from Staples Center this season, the League best twenty six and six record on the road, and their teams is trying to keep that success. Going by looking at their time in Orlando is just an extended road trips. Anthony Davis said. That's how he's approaching the bubble just like he would any normal away game and keeping his same game day routine. So. The routine thing I think is always very interesting when it comes to athletes, allies Zaveri routine people because you do have to play a lot of games on the road. You're playing away from your facility away from your family, but you are doing that constantly, so you have a way game routine. You have a home game routine for me. I've become a very routine person. Because I was working on undisputed, I had to get up at three twenty in the morning, so during the week keeping routine. Gets a bet on time. It's helps to perform better. Get eat certain things you can't. You can't have alcohol during the week like that's very similar to that. Like I got very attached to my routine anything that threw me off from my routine I'd be like now that I'm not gonna be able to do my job, but it does affect you mentally so looking at all this as an away game. Because essentially, everyone's playing away games like there is no homecourt advantage. The mature teams are going to figure this out. Real Quick Lacquers are an old veteran team. That should be a piece of cake from it. I think it's I think it's I. think it all depends on mentality, because while I do think that you're right. Being having more experienced under pressure, which is is very pressure filled. Situation will be an advantage to older players, but then you. You have to consider older. Players are usually the ones with families and the ones with other businesses and a lot of things going on outside about bubble, whereas the younger players don't have all those distractions, they just need to lock in and focus on being in the bubble, and staying present so I think it's going to be mentality all around for for every team in the situation. They're starting scrimmages today that you can actually watch which. I will be participating. So. Sports sports are creeping back a few hours away, so the dodgers are trying to keep McGee bats in La for a long time that's in the dodgers are reportedly close to a massive contract extension that could be done in the next few days, so the deal is said to be for ten plus years and worth between three, hundred, fifty and four hundred million. Great. Been Funny Dodgers have passed on a lot of big contracts passed on Machado long-term. They passed on Bryce Harper. They passed on Zach so this would be at tells you what the Front Office thinks monkey. Bats, that tells you. They think he's the best with the second best player in baseball also kind of interesting because. A lot of things can change moneywise so this is a huge deal. Massive long-term Von Steel to be signing during this time. Dodgers are a such a great I think. They dropped four and a half million and and let me tell you. About six seven dodger games since I've been here, that thing is a financial term style, they are selling all my God that is cash. Cow Man, those garlic price. Everything they just food. Drink got bars everywhere. That's that place is built. You can watch the game and eat all over the only thing about going into dodgers games is it's full day commitment with the traffic. Getting in and out. That's why helicopter into all my favorite. I've really because it's you're going. You're going to be insignificant traffic getting there and and leaving unless you unless you leave early, but it's a great experience and having. Obviously be birds for them. They face the giant Saturday four PM Eastern on Fox. That is a commerce. Ballpark. They have figured it out views food. The ice cream in the helmet. Tolerance dusting. No, it's not at all. You gotta eat like that four or five times a summer called being human joy the news. Well. That's the news. Thanks for stopping by. Heard Law Parker shockingly agrees with me on something. That's next to her. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific by the way Rob Parker who's a an adjunct professor at USC. He's doing very well for himself. coast the odd couple. He joins US here at least once a week. Rob Parker joining me once again with new sports coat probably cost him a Nicol v the coward global. Satellite, network we don't agree on much. But. I'M GONNA. Throw this out. I said if coli Leonard in two months three months is hosting a trophy. Then you keep telling me all. That matters is championships. He's going to have three MVP's three teams three titles. I think you can make the argument. He has surpassed Kevin Durant. As an all time player, Nick writes that I'm nuts am I. Know. You're not because along with Kevin Durant Guay player. But if you're Kuweit, Leonard and Colin think about this. If, you were able to go back to back championships on two franchises that had never won Jack Toronto, and then the clippers the also ran clippers. You're able to win back to back championships and make that kind of a difference. And then when in three different places where you were the big guy. You were one of the big guys in this. It would it would put you it legendary status in the NBA. It really would and then think about this. You. Spurn abroad didn't go to the Lakers, and you went to La and you want in Lebron, house you want as you know in the Staples Center in La. This was supposed to be Lebron Tom. In La Oh yeah, this would be huge if he wins the championship You know it's interesting. I said everybody considers Lebron's low point. The decision but I can argue. When he went to Miami, he upgraded owner, GM coach and star player I thought. His biggest mistake was leaving Miami. To Go to Cleveland, which is a downgrade in coach in GM in roster in owner. Too often we fall in love with a story, and we love the story of Lebron going back to Cleveland, but he left Pat Riley Aid Erik Spoelstra. No chaos, great owner I thought it was the biggest mistake of his life you. Think away will be if he doesn't win a championship. Your Colin to be honest, because all the players were great players come here and been able to win a championship in Los Angeles and if he comes up old for four years here, and if it's more disappointment and again, the clippers are now the big ten basketball team in town to me. That looks bad. The thing about Miami. You're right about all those other op about all those pieces that went along, but let's be honest. He failed in Miami and I. Know People say why he won two championships in four years. How did he fail? He failed. Don't you remember the the the Big Party Impress Cup, not two not three now Ford. You remember that you really believed that they were GonNa win all these championships and they lose to Dallas. which shouldn't have Lebron play poorly and they want to water for. They didn't do anything special. Had they want to repeat or something like that a one? All four would be totally different. I think by EMI was a disappointment yesterday cam. Newton is starting to Kinda. Wear me out going third person. I don't love that. He's talking about Cam this and Cam, that and I'm like Oh boy, you go into an organization in New England, where the only expectation is you not only get to a super bowl win it. I think cam should under promise over deliver. I think that's I think that's always the best way to do business as a broadcaster as a politician as a quarterback I worry. That cam is building this up. He said this week he said. Boy I'm going next all year and I. Think boy. First of all I've never doubted that he's tough that part I. Don't doubt and I doubt he cares, but should he just bring it back down because frankly? You replacing the best player ever that position. I did a Colin and I. think that's that's a fair take on your part, but I do understand where camp coming from. He's a former. National Football League, and the remember that you through thirty five touchdowns when for another ten got to the Super Bowl team was fifteen in one. This is not a guy who has played poorly because he was healthy and Justin perform. He was banged up. He was hurt and he's young people parading that Tom Brady's GonNa, take the Tampa Bay. Bucks to the Super Bowl and Tom Brady's forty five years old and Tom. Brady still having sodium fleet. Bacon DECAF COFFEE I. I, mean you know so cameras? Look at go, and what's I'm thirty one years old? I'm not older by any stretch of the imagination. He's a big guy feels good, and you know what everybody's dogged about like. He's terrible and he can't play I. See why he's pushing back and you know what Colin if he goes to new, England and they win the Division and make a playoff run and it's better than the. The playoff run that say Tom Brady has I don't think they're gonNA make the playoffs, but if they make one Tampa Bay, people look at bill check, but what? He was able to do and look at Cam for Great Comeback Story. This is set up for him if he's healthy and plays well a magical place and Tom Brady and doing better and go phone. Going further into plows Tom. Brady and it's interesting. By the way I haven't asked you, this couple of minutes left. and. We don't know what we're getting with college football. NBA's back baseball's back MLS back. NASCAR BACK GOLF BAG UFC back. It looks like to me right now. College football doesn't know what they are. Are you for or against college? Football kids coming back to campus and plan. I'm against it only from this standpoint, if the student body kid come to campus, then how in the world could you ask football players? That's my only thing at USC this coming semester off a class that I'm teaching and Colin. I'm teaching it virtually online. I'm not teaching in the classroom so that the kids are part of the university. If the kids aren't in class, staying in the dorms. dorms going to school. How in the world could you ask what ballplayers to come the College Klay Zip the independent of the student body I don't think that's right now. To good tank. I liked that Rob Parker by the way how much of that suit Kasha got ask because you are only only a couple of hundred, but this is a beauty right. He Fits like Glove Colin. It looks. See you in this. Pink is not necessarily my best color I think it looks very good on. A sports writer as long as TV, personality and a college professor, so you look good in jackets. Are Teaching America's youth. You should be in a jacket. I should. This is the way you adults dress. Good my friend always thanks collar. Hey, joy, hell! Yeah, it makes a good point. I I'm such a college football fan. You know I I. DO think everybody is beating up on college, Football and College football doesn't have good leadership folks. They don't remember commissioner. K Sixteen last year in college football made over one hundred million. Thirteen made over ninety million. They don't have the commissioner. The problem of the NC AA isn't that Mark Emerton incompetent. The problem is college. Football's too big not to have a commissioner. Why did you F C surpass boxing for about ten to fifteen year stretch? Because Dana White. Data Commissioner they had a leader boxing had multiple. Weight classes. They had multiple. Promoters, there was no centralized. This is why conferences have commissioners. College football is too big not to have a commissioner. So you can blame, you got five conferences all the different sensibilities the it's a little bit like boxing. Is that. There's a reason UFC cottam. Centralized leader, a centralized voice in Dana White, and there was one direction boxing splintered everywhere. That's what college football is the south things this the big ten things that the whacky PAC twelve things this hour. Three demarcus ware next. One more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like. Here, we go at our three live in La. This is the hurt wherever you may be, and however you may be listening I. Heart Radio Fox Sports, radio and F one. So Joy Taylor me. She just said the NFL. Who was the vice president of the NFL said. Something, Ryan, McCarthy, he works the NFL offices For the NFL just tweeted out a picture and said for those wondering. Yes, it is league, wide fans and NFL Games. This season will be required to wear face coverings us. It's not a problem I. We should have assumed that of course, but outside of I wear a mask not in my house, not in my car I. Wear it at the Gym I. Don't wear jogging although I put it around my neck. If somebody there I don't find it. It'd be that difficult I I said something about. Five months ago on the air you were with me. I said twenty twenty is going to be a difficult time for rigid people. Yes, if you're rigid. Just not going to be a good year. This is the year of curve balls. You've just got to be able to handle it and if you can't. You're going to be struggling. It's also been a tough year for I'm right about everything guy. Yeah because I always love this. We'll call in your woke. And? I'm not saying woke, doesn't there? Aren't we haven't gotten? I just watched the sensational piece of video on Youtube yesterday about a professor that younger generation is more easily triggered on stuff. That actually is okay. When you're young to get into arguments and fights, it creates certain advantages tend not new by the way that was the happened in a sixty S. But. The reality is people are confusing. Woke with crap. We gotta do what a new way because like drew brees prime example. Seventy of drew brees, his teammates are black, and when there is something that matters deeply to them, and you are an older player, and they're young and growing in your older and they say do put your arms around this we need you. Within you should that's being woke. That is oh well the employees that most matter to me. Want my support on something and they don't ask for much. Because drew your the highest paid player by a mile on the team. We need your support. It's not woke drew's like. Away Yeah. They do need my support. That's that woke. That's like, do you? Are you saying that drew? brees now was just being fake and he didn't really. Look at a different link drew. BREES was like. Okay not everybody gets everything at the same time like there have been things in life I've said this before. Obama and Hillary Clinton was anti-gay marriage twelve years ago. Then they turn the Tel O Society is changing and people love each other. They didn't get woke. They got educated I. Mean Woke is only an insult, if you consider learning new things and updating your opinions to be a negative like no preseason. preseason has been a rip-off for fans. You pay full price for two extra games that you could not sell if you wanted to. And the players don't get paid for the preseason. They get a stipend. It's terrible I. The NFL does Guy Whoa. It's like now now there are times I've seen stuff. A Boy Roll my eyes at that, but the reality is. This is just not a good year for rigid people like nothing's the same. It's just the will, also you? Can you can? You can update your opinion based off of new information. When it comes to this virus, nobody has the answers right and even people that we are looking to the have the answers. They change their answers for US base of new information that they get. It's like people are like. Oh, well, the CDC said in February well, it's not February. It's July by the way. The reason the death rate is going down in America is because all these doctors and these hospitals in these nurses? have been dealing with this for seven months and they're figuring out new therapeutics. Do you know people? I went in there? They put them on ventilators on their back. They now don't do that. Hospitals turn people on their stomachs. Don't often use ventilators. Ventilators weren't helping. Smart People Digest and consume information. When you consume information, you change opinions. It's all K- to say wow, what happens though in two thousand twenty, the half the country and it doesn't matter if they're stubborn liberals and their stubborn stubborn conservatives. If you read you change your opinion all the time. That's so difficult Colin. Why can't I mean? You know it's like if you consume information. A get smarter. And then you change your opinion and be stuff does change all the time like like. and social issues and companies. We didn't even have a Silicon Valley twenty five years ago and now runs the country. It runs the country. We didn't even twenty five years ago. It was like. Steve Jobs Apple. There was a Hamblur companies. Now it is bigger than Wall Street like that's just. Supposed to ignore it that it controls the Dow. Jones is basically if you go, look at the stock market stock markets up not six companies all in Silicon Valley. They're up that grocery stores. Everything else is flatter down I. Mean. I think it's just. We're out of space where you don't. You don't have to be right about everything. And if you were wrong about something, you can okay your opinion. It's not an insult doesn't make bad person and actually makes you a great person that you're open and willing to learn new things. Because there's new information out there, you wouldn't want your doctor using an outdated procedure from nineteen seventy because. That's what he used to do. Like why. Why? Why? Why is that insane to update medical information as as a come to this virus? It's not you're not allowed to update in. Any new information was on a plane a week ago. And it was a smaller plane and the pilot said to me said there's a storm here. We're just GONNA Kinda. Swing around it. No go to the storm. The radar an hour goes and it's like. It's Ok new in the NFL San Luis and we're not gonNA have as many fans. You have to wear masks all right. If you like the game to the now now, I would say this I. Think the NFL's way better on television. Then at the game college things better at the game and on TV because there's so many college games one hundred thirty, the quality of the production in the NFL so good. There's thirty cameras every game I think that television experience for the NFL is better than the in. Person! Experience for the NFL in college, the bands the student bodies tradition. Yes, I think college. Football's better. Their NFL's better home so I mean if you don't WanNa. Go don't mass, don't it's still great product, but the idea that if I take a mask because the NFL game are were fused virus. It's contagious, so you can't go to the game if you wear it sort. Like I'm not one of these boycott. Guys because in the end I. Don't want to boycott my way out of entertainment. Like I want to go to what I WANNA go to. I want to by the way I'm GONNA BOYCOTT NASCAR. Ratings are up. I'm going to boycott. The NFL capture nick ratings last four years or up like if you can boycott your out of having fun I mean boycott. All you want I just I just ask that you. You search for the basis of your boycott. What is it is actually upsetting you so much that you feel like you need to boycott? Something is actually truly a part of your life, which is why I told you before. There will be people who don't watch NASCAR. There will be people who don't watch the NFL or whatever it is the boycott crowd. They weren't really fans to begin with. We even had sports all summer. I can't wait to watch scrimmages today on the bubble. Like it's GonNa be on my phone all day. Joy Taylor will watch more football than you this year in baseball if you're a boycott person because she loves sports. If you truly love something I'm not boycotting. Something I'm not by the way, please boycott going to games and watch on Fox by all. Please boycott, the baseball players kneeling and watch the Games on Fox and boycott, the football games because of the mask and watch. It I can't boycott my way out of entertainment if I like stuff. I like stuff. What am I going to do? Okay, I want to talk about this. I got to talk about this I. Don't talk about Kawhi Leonard A lot. Because Lebron show I mean he runs the League but the Clippers Leonard. Do, you realize their favorites when in Orlando. What what a third title with a third team mean for Kalis legacy. We all acknowledge collide. Leonard is interesting. He battled with Popovich. Everybody works in San, Antonio. He didn't. He goes to Canada acknowledges early. It's really cold amount staying here. But then wins the championship with a bunch of kind of be guys. And then instead of choosing Laurent dominance. He goes to the clippers. But Kawai Leonard has figured something out. He figured it out in San Antonio. Whereas they got old, they still won. He figured it out in Toronto where they had issues but man they had good ownership, a good gm and a nice coach. And that's why he chose the clippers. In Los, Angeles right now the clippers have the better owner, the better g. m., the better head coach viewed by many in Doc rivers more titles. and the better roster, but it's funny. How often the media misses the mark. On player moves. Like Lebron. The Miami was roundly criticized. It was a great move. Is the best move Lebron ever made. He upgraded. GM coach. Going back to Cleveland was actually a terrible move. Why would you bail on Micky Arison Pat Riley Erik Spoelstra? A terrible move, but the media like the story I'm coming home. You play the music. We all cry. It's a great story. Prime example. The rafters got heat forgetting why? Last one year acquisition. It didn't matter. It's candidate. They like hockey. You Win One Championship in Toronto. You're good for two decades. Jimmy Butler gets heat every time he leaves. But he left Minnesota they got were Chicago. They got worse Philly. They got worse. He chose Pat Riley Erik spoelstra eighty eight plus with both. That's why Hawaii is fascinating. If I said to you today. Kevin Durant and Colli Leonard I think most of you Kevin Durant much better player and we'll be viewed historically as a better player. But, what's funny about Kevin, durant and Colli is. I think there are a lot closer than you think. Both have two titles. Both have to MVP's in those finals. Both had injury shoes. And both are multiple time all stars. Now. Durant has many scoring titles. But Colli Leonard maybe the single best player in the NBA The last couple of years if you need a bucket. But here's the difference. Kevin Durant left a great. A great GM and a great coach and a great number, one team mate. He downgraded in all of those. Leonard is a lot sharper than we think. He upgraded in everything. Because the clippers, not the Lakers have rock solid owner Steve Bomber with unlimited money. They, have doc rivers who's won a title like Frank? Vogel but rivers is considered the better coach. They've got a front office that includes Jerry West and Michael Winger. In five years. And I think Kawhi is going to win the championship. This year and Co is going to be the MVP of the finals. Three months from now. It's GONNA be. With three titles Kevin with to. Kowa with three finals MVP's Kevin Durant to. Coli the healthiest. He's ever been Kevin durant still recovering. And Kawhi going forward with the better number, two team teammate, Paul George more stable, better front office, better owner better roster. We always struggle players move. We're always like well. Who Do they join? Who? Lebron could not overcome a bad owner initially. Michael Jordan needed to get the coach right. Is that. In about three months that Durant Coli Leonard. Mismatch Katie's up here Kawais down there three months. It's going to be a lot closer than you think. And my arguments going to be in five years. Will be seen as superior player. Because he's figured out through his NBA Journey. You've gotTA choose the owner. You got to choose the GM. You got to choose the coach as much. As the roster. Former Cowboy Bronco demarcus ware is right around the corner I think is going to be holding I said this. The joy earlier collide is going to be holding that thing in two and a half three months. Going to be his third championship third franchise. And you'RE GONNA. Tell me what brand better. Didn't you tell me durant had to join the super team to get any? If it's all about one, and it's all I. Hear from you guys. It's about winning titles, not about points or we talk about Karl. Malone it's not about assists where we talk about Magic Johnson. We talk about winning. Big Games MJ six for six. If gets a third and Kevin Durant often Brooklyn. Still still rehabbing. You know how reasons he buys works. We kind of fall in love with the last thing we see. What are you just ask yourself this if I'm wrong. What are we going to be saying in three months? Because a? Championship if Kawais holding that. Third Third One. He's like what twenty nine. What are we going to be saying? Top Ten player ever. Second Best Player in the League to Lebron someone. You'll be wrong, but you say he's a better player than the brunt. He's not, but he can't be below. Second Janas got to playoff series. Wins can't be below can't be below Janas if that's the case, sorry can. He may not be cooler stylish, but you can't say that if he's hosting a hoisting a third straight championship and I think he's going to be I in fact I don't think the clippers I. Don't think it's going to be tough. I think we're GONNA. Roll through this thing. I really do I think the clippers are GonNa roll through this thing. At least until the finals and then I think Boston or Milwaukee pushback, but I think the clippers remember in this bubble. Players do not want to waste one night. They WANNA. Get in, win. Get home. They're going to sweep teams. They'RE GONNA twelve games this year. The clippers that everybody healthy eleven and one. They're going to roll through this thing. Everybody needs a great pair of wireless ear buds. Why not start with Ray com half the price of other leading brands. Six hours of playtime works seamlessly with Bluetooth. There called the everyday e- twenty-five earbud the newest model. More base more compact design, so it's discreet and stylish. No stems. No wires looks fantastic. Unlike other leading brands. That'll charge it twice as much. Work out these sweat on these binge podcast with these video chats with these the best on the market rate con fifteen percents off your order today, an additional fifteen percent off a great price, fifteen percent off go to buy recon dot. com slash heard by ray dot com slash H E. R, D, be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon, eastern nine am Pacific on Fox sports. Radio s one and the iheartradio APP demarcus ware is an amazing story, so he went to high school in Auburn Alabama. And yet Auburn didn't offer him. A Scholarship Alabama didn't offer him a scholarship. So then he goes to troy. And how do you have to be that? He was the first first round pick in the history of Troy. The cowboy got him in the first round from Troy. The Games aren't even on television, but he was overlooked too long time. Then he goes to Dallas all time. Sack leader played for twelve years nine time pro Bowler Hall of fame level. Guy made it made quite a life for himself, and he is joining us now. He just got done fishing fifty minutes ago via the Coward Global Satellite Network Great demarcus ware. So, do you look, did you do? What did you trout fishing? Is that what you did? Sandbox saying ambassador? There's no trout down here for sure but Sam Bass I caught about twenty, four, twenty, five political circus up and eat him tonight. Let's start with this, so you were a first round pick, so you made good money. Distort the NFL and then you negotiated with Jerry, and you also got a big deal for seventy, five, seventy, six, million, some around their Dak Prescott was a fourth round pick. He didn't get big money, and now it only gets a franchise tag. Do you think it's possible? There's a little resentment a little bitterness because he didn't get paid all those years, he was winningest division, and now he just gets a franchise tag. You think it's possible. Dacca's saying to himself I've made Jerry Jones a lot of money and I got one year. How do you think it falls for him? I think that guy in his position. You always think about okay. I made the playoffs a couple of years. I Got Dallas Cowboys Map. I, know I haven't won a super bowl, and then all of a sudden nicely, Patrick mahomes deal five hundred million, I see a couple of other quarterbacks, hundred hundred and fifty million, so it's almost like what is my work I worked so hard to get to this point now I, need to I wouldn't say break the bank, but I need to have some savings I need to create some type of wealth and I mean those are very lucrative. Jerry Jones gave that, but maybe he thought that he was worth more than that, but to me when you get into win those championships. That's when you can start putting that stamp on things when you get to that point and. I can't wait to see what's going to happen this season. By the way Jerry you signed a seventy eight million dollar deal Jerry, so you negotiated with Jerry is Jerry Jones a tough negotiator. He's a very tough negotiator, but one thing you have to do is be very very odd with him. He's going to be honest with you about how much your work will. You are on the team in what he's trying to bring in to win. Championships is different when you're the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, no matter what if it was Romo if it was bledsoe. So forth. Everybody's gotten paid in your part of that. In your name in Dallas Cowboys Star for five six seven eight nine ten years, so you want to make sure that your money is stable when that happens so I just think that you know that being franchise is going to create a lot of. Talk this season, but hopefully everything goes well, and he stays focused it interesting. After two decades in new, England Brady goes to Tampa. And you, you went, you went cowboys broncos. Regardless of what position it is, you were a cowboy, euro pro bowl, and then you wake up one morning and you're against them, and it's a different uniform, a different city, a different culture, different coach different GM. Tell me the first year in Denver, and what Brady will experience. How difficult is it not just happened pads on a go play. You have to learn a new cultural playbook. How hard was it for you? It was a very very big challenge I think about it. You played your whole career in one place and you think you're going to retire there. And all said you gotta change not only colors, but your teammates. You GotTa change where you live. You GotTa Take Your family in a whole another place that I can see here where I'm getting an awesome sack I love. But. I just think that everything changes in the best players take it one of those situations, and that's what I did. I was able to go there and win a super bowl. I was able to get those teams. That I needed to to be that champion so for me at first I thought if I put that on Jersey on the quarterbacks would be able to see a lot easier because it's almost like the deer and the headline. But it wasn't the case. It was changed name of the changing natural name, but changing the color of the Jersey, a different atmosphere, which is still a gladiator in the stadium, and when you a gladiator in in the stadium you WanNa, Compete, and you WanNa win football, Games yeah. You know, it's. It's funny about this when you look at Dallas And you look at Denver they're run very differently. Dallas is very glamorous, very glamorous, and then Denver's kind of more like Pittsburgh steeler feel like they. A lot of the news is private out in the mountains. You don't hear a bunch about them as a player wit. The kind of the glamour that came along with the cowboys or sort of like football centric. DENVER, You know I wish. That Botha does can be merged together and have the football centric part where you get debt, awesome, twelve man, you get the thirty degree football weather, and you get the fans with their shirts off yelling and it's a great advantage, but then you want the off the field stuff. The business aspect that the Dallas cowboys bring to the table The wow factor that the dallas cowboys bring to the table, and when you can have both old at one time this when you have the total team. Usually. Don't get that you get the quiet team winning championships or you get the flamboyant team that you know that's consistent, just being honest with you. No, no, I get that. Listen in Dallas. You had good teams. You didn't get over the top and I. Think there's a lot of things I like about Jerry Jones were there times in Dallas? Though that you thought you know, we could pry better. Stay out of the newspapers. Up every training camp I mean trying to count was one of the hardest things. I mean I'm coming from Chore University Where There's One recorder. There's one video guy and. You only see that his name was famous Amos by the weight and this all you had, but during training camp when you have to fly oxnard. which are not doing this year in? You have the huge. They call it the Jerry Jones circuits. Sometimes it can become a distraction, but the thing is with it also brings to the players is a lot of off the field marketability, and that's why Jerry Jones right now. When you think about feeling, hundred one hundred thousand people in one stadium. He can do that and and when you can play very well there it helps you out and build a platform which I have are now. You've done well for yourself. Yourself you're a Dallas Jim, a fitness trainer and done well for you and your family, obviously a beautiful home so the I've never been a big fan of the preseason. I think it's a for fans on a rip off for players I. Don't like it, and the other thing is every preseason is the same I'm crossing my fingers that none of the star players get hurt so the NFL share no preseason. You can be totally honest now. Did you like or hate the pre season? What did it mean to you? I hated a preseason. A life to. I liked the mini camp and I I hate it training camp, but I knew we had to go through it. because that's what you get when people say the blood, sweat and tears. The team Camaraderie who's going to be the leaders in the identity of the team is built in the off. Season is not built in a preseason. The preseason is getting rid of you. Know letting a fancy what we're showcasing from all the hard work. We had an off season which they had had a off season so with them saying that we're going to get rid of these four preseason games. I feel like now. We need to think about those these four weeks as the OT as the mini camps, the training camps that they have only four weeks packing all of that into four weeks. They usually have about three months not attacking into four weeks so hopefully they're able to Nakal. Rostov because a lot of players that can't work out without Cova right aid. They can't go to the gym. The can't hardly see their teammates to gotta stay six feet away to gotta wear masks I mean so on and so forth, but now they got four weeks to get everything in place by the way. Would you I think I've said this before I'm mid fifties and I and I work out every day and I. You know if you weren't. Fifty five. So I worked out every day, you're a pro athlete. When you were in your prime I, think if I was a pro athlete I'd be like I. Can Play A. Covert get covid. percent of people are as symptomatic, and they're not in the shape. I'm in, but that's how I view it when you look at the NFL right now and you're go back to your twenty seven twenty eight years old. Would you be worried about cove it? Would you not be worried? Would you feel kind of bulletproof because you're such incredible shape? I would say I will be incredible shape I will think about. Only myself. Throw I mean I wouldn't say that for me. I'd like I'm in great shape. I'm not worried about covert. Any other younger players won't be worried about covert. But what about my family you know, grandma wants to come to the house. Granddad wants to come to the house. Uncles nephews, or you know your kids, our worry about more of my family them getting covert in not being able to cope with it I wouldn't worry about myself because I'll be at my healthiest state, but what about them? That will be only word. Yeah, by the way now that you have your gym. You're in Dallas. How often? You played for twelve years, and you played in the trenches, and people often talk about I'm a big believer in going forward with football. I want fewer practices better safety measures because I love the sport and I want guys to look like you and they're retired, so you play twelve years in the trenches when you wake up in the morning, demarcus, how do you feel? Right now. I feel great. My last year of playing I couldn't even. It took me about A. In thirty minutes I'm not going to joke joke with it took me an hour and thirty minutes to take shower walked downstairs. Get in the car and drive to work and get out of the car. It took me hour in thirty minutes, and it was only a twenty minute drive and I couldn't move after every single football game It was one of those things where assured you know if I don't stop right now. I need to hang up the cleats. Yeah, and it and I'm glad that they've. They've changed so much from not having tour. They practice padded practices having the special teams practice for forty five minutes out there for almost four hours practicing. There's a lot more shelled practices a lot more mental rep that they're adding in there for a long jeopardy of the safety of the players, and it's all about the safety of the players there gladiators. They're going to get out there in the stadium and they're gonNA perform and do what they need to do, but you can also get beat up. During the OT, TA, a mini camps and training camps, and then you can't make it through a whole season, right? We look great. You're in great shape. You'RE GONNA. You're going to eat your fish i. what's it called again? What's it called? Fan Bath. Sand Bass. meal right here. Very we're moving. Take your man. We're moving and changing great. You look fantastic. Appreciate you joining us on the show today. Thank you so much by the on? You Bet you know it's funny joy. We were talking about this about. Don't be rigid. I can remember work in ESPN and this about this about twelve years ago, so I've been there four or five years in the NFL was starting to. Eliminate head hunting. You couldn't hit quarterbacks and I can remember being on the air and people would call an argue. Wear dress. Timeout. Tom How. First of all wearing addresses, not that easy again. No question rausing around Dennis Rodman Amort very well, and I used to always say timeout. Do you love football? Do. You love the game. Why would you want? Why would you not want all players that retire to look like demarcus ware like this idea that you're you? You haven't validated your manhood unless you're willing to get hit in the head. There's always been this. Push back on the NFL but I will say this I. Think fans have really figured it out I. Think they really I think. Fans really struggle for a couple of years. Oh, you can't hit this I. Think fans have figured it out the game is nobody watches for defense. They don't nobody watches for hits with the explosion of betting and fantasy football. We watch for points receivers quarterbacks. We do not want said this before if I told you right now, a game in six to three or twenty, six, twenty five. which game do you pick and of course won't offense. We've never watched football for the hits. The House I think that you know the information. Updated information that we got about the C. T. e. and the effects of these hits on. These guys, heads and concussions long-term effects of that. Not just you know your body, which is going through a lot, but your head. It became very obvious that this was not a choice that it was something had to happen. Yeah, football is better when less heading at practice, only games account. Get rid of. It takes a while to figure it out. I mean the NFL's very well. Run but I. Think they're figuring out, is that? How much does it look optically? When I bring demarcus ware on, and it's like Gotti looks great. MOMS watch that in think. It trickles down right. That's that's why you can't have steroids or Performance enhancing things at the professional level, because it's eventually going to trickle down into the amateur level and then down so kids it gets. It's how it works. Because everyone's trying to get to that level, never forget who decides who plays football, mom. demarcus ware played twelve years. We'll get good, he looks. MOMS decide if their sons can play football. Not Dad MOMS the ones. Over my dead body, because women control the family, because they control well anyway, so the point being women of says he's not playing football. He's not bland football. Yeah, so you want players get hit less walkout with money. I've argued this for years. You shouldn't have to. The NFL does guarantee some money? But if the owners turned the telescope and said. In a remember a few years ago, they stopped hitting in lower levels of football. People like Oh, you got to learn how to hit me. Don't know you don't you don't have to hit at seven years old. If you shrink the window of hitting in football from Freshman Year of high schools when you I can hit, and then you have more guaranteed money and guys are out of the League by thirty one because they have their money. The hitting window. Is Fourteen to thirty. It used to be the hitting window was from like seven and players signed another third or fourth contract, because they didn't have guaranteed money. The hitting windows from seven to thirty seven. Yeah, a lot of kids play flag football now until they reach high school so you. Shrink the hitting window from thirty years to fifteen. You look like demarcus ware when you're done. Because he signed a big deal, most of it guaranteed, he said it was taking me an hour. In the old days. You signed another four-year deal because you didn't get enough money. It's a collision sport. We call it a contact sport. It's really a collision sport. You running full speed into your garage door fifteen times a day and see how you feel. That's what it is. All right gotta take a break heard line on the other side I'm told. It's just we just start talking and. Be sure to catch live. Editions of the Heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine am. Pacific. Listen Up fellas right tools for the job. You want to keep your eyebrows nose hair ear hair. And I want to keep everything up to date. It's called manscaping. Twenty. percent off free shipping to manscaping dot com code Agr de. Led Lights. You can see everything you want to call manscaping. That's the company got a big box full of stuff about a month ago. Joy, with news. On the news. This is the headline line news, so the bucks added some elite pieces to their offense, Tom Brady and Gronk and tight end Oj Howard expects the teams live up to all the height the season. You look at us in versus any office in the League. Right up there with the top of I mean you know so i? Mean you know is only Tomba? Tell how good we are, but I think when you put us on paper. We're one of the best, if not the best. Thing on paper? They are pretty on paper. They good on paper Tom. Brady Ronald Jones Mike Evans Chris Godwin Bronco. Jay Howard Cameron Bright. Focus ranks their offensive line is thirteenth best headed into the season of sounds like a super bowl. It's GonNa. You know. They're going to be good though they have the fifth best odds according to. Fourteen hundred. Who's got who's got the better odds of Kansas City Baltimore? Who else in front of me, but Kansas City? Fifth best in the League. New Orleans must be ahead of him so long. New Orleans is second behind New Orleans to win the division. I'm not saying they're not going to be good. I have actually pretty high expectations for them this year. They're going to be a playoff team. What if Brady lights and up from like MVP and New England's just a bunch of often. It's GonNa. Look great for him. We listen he don't get yourself Peyton. Manning chose Denver for reason. He knew it would elevate him. He wouldn't have to carry. I will say we talk a lot about their their divorce and Tom Brady was definitely he definitely winning the bowel? CHECK DIVORCE? No question but I'll check is. His little patient. You know you a little more time to get over it. Got Cam Newton. I don't like New England's. Personnel. What did you I'm not? I'm not firmly in the camp that. Tom Brady has won the divorce yet. They're both like with their new people. SHOWING OFF! We'll see which one. Goes test of time. That's where we are. Right now if CAM wins ten games with that skill group. That will be impressive. They do not have a number one receiver or number one tiny, not one of the disappointment for you this year for the buccaneers. Five hundred. Pointing. D- I. If they were coming back with this unit for the second year, I'd be like that's an eleven win team, but I think September could be rough. I mean God no, no preseason yell. At him in the nine and seven, ten and six, a little, spotty early, and then by Thanksgiving. You're like holy crap. They are Kansas City in the NFC. They're just lighten up expectations so Cam Newton, obviously will be facing a lot of pressure to adapt to the Patriot way New England's and Stefan. Gilmore has some advice for Cam to get acclimated to the new system. One thing I know about you know planning to go. You have to be mentally strong. You have to be very hungry. Everyone's get treated the same. There is no superstars. No nothing so it's except in on goal. Right? Someone's GonNa. Get you and we're going to correct it, so no eagles! A team that won coming. Go this landing and I feel like this. The Patriot tells that well. I think that's why Cam fits this year. Because generally, that's not really cams personality right like star. He is a certified star whether you like how he plays or white. How things have gone from the past years? Not Canton is a star, and that's not what works in new. England's right. You have to buy and system like you said it's not about you. Gronk said everyone gets treated the same. They can be very frustrating, but this is kind of a temporary situation and CAM is. Is I don't care when it comes to that he's. He's got a lot to prove. He's coming from an underdog place. He has this mentality that he wants to won't camps through what he's doing? He's thirty one and let's be honest. He has not been unbelievably paid in the context of other quarterback. So does CAM WANNA make more money for the next years? Yeah, so generally stuff works. If people if both people want it to work doesn't want to be. I I would say this with ballot check if it if they finish six ten. It's not it's not gonNA, hurt bills legacy, but I think cam wants to win. Because you know it's funny about Cam. When you look at, Cam like you think old because the injuries. He's a kid. No I still think he's just had an unfortunate string of injuries. I don't think cam is older at all I. Don't know where that there's so many narratives around Cam Newton that it's like you slow down like just just hold on. He's injured a lot. He's very tough. Yes, he's a personality and he's flashing all those other things that that makes you uncomfortable I got A. A separate situation there's nothing to do with his actual play like he was a league MVP number, one overall pick national champion he's had credibly successful career by any measure. Just last couple of years have been rough, and now he's in a completely new situation, but I think because he is coming from an underdog situation for the first time in his career. It Fits New England Patriot way. Uniquely this year, so Patrick Beverley has reportedly left the NBA Bobble. He left last night to tend to emergency personal matter and does plan to return to the clippers as soon as possible. He's the second member of the Clippers to leave Orlando. MANTRAS Herro also left due to a family emergency. He will beverly will have to pass a coronavirus test every day. He's off campus in order to have a four day quarantine inside the hotel, instead of ten, and because of a player leaves search sending circumstances, he'll be required to do quarantine for four to ten days on his return. The Clippers first game. July thirtieth against the Lakers. They do have a scrimmage today. You said yes, so all the scrimmages now televised day ours. They're televising them on MBA. TV or if you have to leap past you can watch. I'll be watching the heat one later today. Yes so I mean they're televising the scrimmages. Their first game is on the thirtieth, which is a few days away with enough time that if he came back within the next few days, quarantine and play, obviously, they're concerned about him for the long term along with mantras hair. But this is the thing that concerns me about the clippers with you I think they have. The most step I picked him at the beginning of the season. I think about situations to win the championship this year, but this is the type of stuff that can change how things go we. You have no idea what the situations are why they've had to leave their planning to comeback. Who knows what's going on? The chipping away at the depth of these certain teams is going to play a role in how this goes long-term. Obviously, we have months and months. To get this sorted out with the only team, though that could lose a star, a series and win the series and think easily. If you told me, Lost Paul George Tweaked Ankle and lost him for a second round series. I would be like although in the series I. Don't think anybody else Mohicans the Lakers. No No, they lose Anthony Davis. It this it's it's to Lebron Centric I. Think this team is so deep. I mean God they really. They built a garage built it to beat. Wrong got four wing players to defend ability to twelve minutes. They're really good, really good. There's their game start in seven minutes so scrimmage. Watch, the guys back. Are. Facing tomorrow. Call and. We made it. And the best thing about the NBA bubble was nobody's got the virus. Yes, they've done a tremendous job. The players reporters? Everyone's getting tested every single day. People should I. Hope fans realize. This has been fluid. You're having to baseball. Literally had never negotiating games and salaries and percentages and stadiums. This is I, think it. I'm amazed by all incredibly complicated in I mean it's. All these leagues joy with the news. Well. That's the news. Thanks for stopping. Heard lie, so we had nick right today. He was funny Bill Polian boy. He's got a lot of good stuff. Rob Parker a new sports jacket and demarcus ware looks just fantastic having played in the NFL over twelve years. He's in great shape. Look who's got fancy pants over there. That's. Very. Nice little outfit over their. Those people are just crazy, or they have suits and stuff and they got. I'm not a suit guy. Don't like I have to wear them on Sunday, NFL, Fox don't like it. Never been it. You Larry David who created curb your enthusiasm. Big Fan one am I I went one night and he was at a dinner and he came up to me. Only thing he said you know. Look good in a suit. Take the off. The and where! Suit I David to give me fashion to it. That's what he said he goes. You don't look right in a tie you'd. You're not a tie guy and I'm like tell my bosses totally agree with you I'm not a tiger and you don't. Know No. Oh I have to. You have to regret. Regret resented. Resent my, bosses, for it. Third.

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