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Every Day is a Good Day


Good morning thank you for coming again. They say that this separate from Buddhism really one thing which is the way that it's expressed so if you have any sa- rising practice sending them alive. Please bring it up. I'll talk case from the booklet. Brecqhou Ted Century. You'll saw rage bullshit hallways sometime and I was wondering if you can read more injured of bullshit hostile because my understanding of that keeps changing and I tell stories on so and so's not necessarily reflect the reality quite often if I if the high energy comes up and it's easier to cut through the might of motion that was going on around your. I mean inside Matt. This animals him get respect needed to cease coming in way. I mean it is what it is but I mean this this is all you say all the process and you know I come. I can't always blame somebody to section of life. All of that. Is THEY SEE? They have experienced things in a certain way and they have to. You know before we saw coming from then. Then maybe I can say something. But if I if I try and put my responses into a box and say this is the way I should respond circumstance that I'm already got in any way and we will have some showers. I have some things should should work out. But then again is by allow if I allow that the high high energy to be there and then I look at and experienced the situation and then usually Kosugi extraneous Potenza game and. This is what I realized with. My last rage of solve was smiling because I was looking at the play outside and I realized my own and then when I stopped out then change well. You know. That's part of it. Is We forget that aspect of transformation does which is you if you enter into whatever. It's arising something. If loved and then the old patterns can be can be address. Some new actions could come to come forth. But you know I I called. You like a one-size-fits-all answer to do. Whatever energy is there is is universal to start off with an DOTS Andy Snow? It's not one's own senses. Everybody experts more another but In terms of transforming as better doesn't create harm on the outside because obviously this close knit parents cleanup it needs to go and if it's not address still calls back suppression all kinds of stuff that arises in that way so sorry opponents without less interested in different. Kornmann. Okay K. Six a good day example. You said I don't ask you about before the Fifteenth Day which is special tried to make a statement about after the fifteen day. Nobody responded and he himself replied every day is a good day. How does that strike at the base of southern attack? This is called. It has no explanation these hard to penetrate to understand experience. That's true diverse. Throwing the way Wong. He picks up seven above below and the four directions known. Could match placidly walking along he treads down. Sound and flowing stream. His relaxed gays decries the truck supplying grasses grow thick nets over hiring round suitcase clip. The flowers make mass boyd. Nece is lamentable. Don't make a move. If you move you get thirty blows. Maybe the shortest talk I've ever given days says this saying is called. It has no explanation. And what's what's what do you think the route is to this and I can be debut. Good day good and the bad. Whoa WHOA each of us. Putting on time the day we're adding to it opinions and ideas of that and I like this. I don't like that today is just day. Yeah could finish with caller applicable. Interesting where where I say lines when my mind dwells this good days as bad day and then part of that study is to see how that occurs y. I think one of the things that many you may see when you're in the midst of a difficulty which basically in many ways concentrates by until there is no escape than you can see the good day in the midst of is going on. It can't be away from from my perspective. I mean you know I was. I was just one of the several. So it's just the good day of thirty six hours so we had nine inches great. I mean this statement so called you know how can you encapsulated good battle? Whatever way when when someone's sick when something is directly effectiveness emotional and psychological? Everyday's a good day. This perspective can leak funny. I was talking with bution the other day a carrying rocks and looting the stake bed. Yeah it's just it's just funny. How one day just feels great. And there's rotter odds into another day. I could just be like this is preposterous carry. These exane continent exact same thing but then perspective about it completely changes and turns it into today's reality. I mean just that direct experience but it is interesting. Obviously people like the way that the Buddha has been portrayed through history is more more sensitive. Somebody that offers office Madison in many ways is offering kindly kindly teachings on how to how to deal with things zen school quite often. We'll deal apparently a little bit more directly more experiential standpoint. We don't if the Buddha was that way. It's just the way that it's been presented. We have to get forget we have to remember. The Buddhism wasn't written down or searches went down for about three hundred years before now. If we look at it from our current way that we look at everything is on video. It's rigged downs instructional videos. Outta do things but apparently they had this an amazing oral tradition. That was passed down. Basically a Beta for that for that three hundred years. We don't know we really don't know I mean some of that was From from remnants of the people is still dighton the nineteenth century the love this stuff and passed out from what they were saying fairly accurate compatible things read every day's a good day Buddha. You Look at look at what he went through as a human being he was You know he's almost killed by his cousin on three different occasions. Was that a good day. Obviously. Didn't say much but then the the cozinne apparently gets his Komo swallowed the cause and effect play out in that case. We don't get a come opens in this with a with a statement like this every day is a good day is really left to us that you know that Sir That that is a really good teacher. That's ultimately what it comes down to you know. Coaching coaching was saying The day before yesterday saying well I hope you know my teach angels around for Awhile said Yeah will the biggest teaching you get from your teachers when they die but he's not he's nothing verbal that teaches you on your own. There's no one to look back to looking forward. That's exactly what it is on a on a daily basis. I mean you know. It's a grim teaching a good day on one level doesn't feel good and this is this is where we get into throwing away one. He pick some seven not saying that he does. This was written by a Saito. Some no second toe sent you becky. This is bisexual. Probably a hundred years after this call. You know it's not that he picks him seventies. We pick up Saturday. We pick up many many different things. But it's a column that just penetrates right through life. You know if I'm doing something then say yeah it's a good day. Did something else and I really hate this. Is it a good day? Should it be way? That's awesome it. Who is going to judge you for that but again is that with each one. How do how do I live with this as a human being all kinds of thing that goes in Buddhism we have the six realms? That's where I should have gone before and you know that Houston depict to this a wheel so you have Hell realm gas usually pulled out of the bottom. Hungary goes Morrell Human wral. She's lived the top fighting. Gods Gods and then you back into the into the room obviously visit. This is whatever around the we. Yes sounding but implicit in this is this is what we do as human beings now where where the Buddha talks about Navonna is is is seeing that all of these realms the expression of Nevada there's expression at Navan. The only difference economist wheels that are going around the perimeter. You're in the middle. You're in the hub not starts the good day. All of these things occurred to live. But you can. You can experience in from this perspective. This is a good day simply because this is what's going on where he said seven he's obviously not refer into this to the six rounds but you know in many ways is like a yardstick for our lives. I might be preaching to the choir. He you know how can I? How can I really appreciate this? Whatever it is going on you know as a community. In retrospect that that so call hell of thirty. Six thousand dollars was was it. Very strong bonding experience for those of we hear that was basically just just experienced whatever was going on. That was the was the all of seeing the the the land awro did it Twenty feet in our sixteen feet twenty twenty to thirty feet wide internal thing about why? Hope everyone is going to be safe. I hope we get through so I mean it's so hot regard as a good day and the thing is that was so in many ways that so my own pick when you look at it from the outside because people in Idyllwild go into that highway seventy being wiped out this people in Northern California where basically the flow running. Bows you know but you know at a good day. The mind to come encompasses whatever the circumstance and situation as we go through FIA. Everybody feels very malware. Nothing I keep going back to. Well my father said you know when he was in will in World War Two he said I never knew anybody that didn't experience fear but it's what they did with it and how they lived through was porn. You also put the kicker in there. He goes a new one guy. That didn't exhibit here but I think he was suicidal. But it's it's that things how you use whatever is that that's even the label. Good is is loaded. Basically for us you see. With a lot of a say current interpretations of religion there are so many criteria put in is to how we should be as him being but human beings intrinsically are always like this and we have the whole spectrum being sent to sit we have the whole St Eh. Six rounds talking about anything coming up for this calling. You could also look at it from just to see the viewpoint differences from cultural differences in my life. I've lived in different cultures for long periods of time. And and you know early on. The word shouldn't shouldn't were a big part of Vocabulary. Because you can get in you know when you're seeing people doing things that you said they shouldn't be doing. They're probably having a good day. They can you have a you know and more recently is the years imperil. You know I could see that really highlighted with the way they celebrate things the way they handle holidays them appreciation for different things. And so you know for me. Initially it was like. Oh what's going on if I like that? You know But then I realized well your spouse to people are having a good day. What am I talking about Suppo- it's like looking at it on other people's shoes right? That's kind of interesting. The man this is. This is an absolute good. If you if you want to say against something else read that expression of Akwa now take all if you also commentaries on these these things so this is what he had to say. These were basically about the same time in history. I mean ten K. Was a little older. That don't they mad but they haven't been the same book so before the Fifteenth of the month there is the bright sun and the blue sky with nothing to ask a nothing to say after the fifteen to there is also the bright sun in the blue sky with nothing to ask nothing to say even so if that were all there is to it. Heritage would the way of would-be destroyed. This is what is meant by the expressions the stagnant water transcendence. He's making a good thing by keeping to the green of the odd grasses on a cold so that's another thing he's talking same kind of thing he's talking about sitting fixedly and the white clouds so that the source is not subtle when he therefore comes down from that fundamental position to make a statement that both before and after the fifteen to the month there is something to ask something to say explanations for beginners are unlimited. That is why Oman. What is this saying? Today ultimately what is not being asked ultimately what is not being asked. What statement are we supposed to promote with thus very true look at it this way on the underlying intent of the Cohen? These clear without anything being said this is like a woman Colin made for no reason except to let hosted hero voice mail gap zone sets up to help people sweet here is not even the entitled. What is counting could explain before the Fifteenth Day cuts off thousand differences a myriad distinctions after the fifty day. Also Code soft thousand differences and the myriad distinctions. Even if a thousand British show up here they still wouldn't be able to see every day. Today is a fine day yesterday that cleared and was also a fine day. How is it for you sweet all right anything else to say on this? Yeah I mean it. It seems so simple but at the same time it can. I have known periods of my life. It's been so far away they did. And then other times when I just feel it in my bones in the rain or whatever we've been doing the last month and a half at SEIC. Whatever we're doing sake you know in breathing and it feels great to be Dan whatever's in front of me so it is very much exponential but at the same time it's tricky because if I were having a CD and someone telling me. Oh but everyday punch him in the same I doubt about it and the same thing they give someone else is having a really shitty day. Yeah a new set that it would be like pissed them off so for myself when it doesn't feel like a good day. I could put myself through mental hurdles to like figure out will actually. It's not bad. It's not so in that sense as a kind of like. Is it helpful to kind of fake it till you make it? I mean when it's bad it's bad when it's good it's good and it's still just fine to have it. I mean you could say I don't know as follow to. I think faking. It doesn't necessarily make a good because if you if you're true to yourself you know then you're faking. It might just make it worse because you know you're not being true to yourself whereas if you just stick with it you know a long day the other thing. Today's a good day was barely noon yet. I mean what's you know? We're going to have a great lunch. I mean or or not or not that mean. We'll find out. Maybe it is a good day everyday isn't good. Turn tell you about every day. We know about today and today over yet. So let's find out. You know coaching so in the last three months. That had been extremely painful for me the worst in my life. There wasn't a moment that I couldn't come back. And Dig and dig and then say well. I'm breathing and my heart is pounding and I am still an. I'm alive and I know being with dying that they still would like to be breathing and their heart beating and That's a good day. I know and if somebody comes and tells me in my pain oh it's a good day. We'll tell me what a good day is and then I am. I believe you so I think just going to the reality of what a good day is the bare bare bones. The bottom line. What is the bottom line a good day for? Yeah that's another aspect of practice is to put a true context. 'cause I know for myself in all kinds of criteria that I add that make it a good day right. That's certainly true. Leader need to be there so it's day that we actually we go wake up in the morning. We all sort of set our pensions even meditation. So I would say this I am. It's it's always helpful. They can't hurt Skim. Today's a good day. Auburn is another way. And then you can reflect that back but we how capacity programme online's or at least attention and then then you start to look for. What's the day rather than reacting to the day? If you start saying it's GonNa be good. I'M GONNA look for that. You can find more Martin Luther King system similar to I our Tagab the goal. It's just because we have the Howard program especially now with all that he said of the Internet and all of them were. We were just as constant thing so and even even know that he could raise back on. This is not been a good day and then you start to look for that. This was not a good night. Sleep catching yourself and trying focus on program yourself. You can find a little bit easier. Even you're not a good day right good true though so I last week and my mantras. Well when he said move forward do what I need to do. Alleviate winner by the hand and at the same time every day is the day moving forward and taking time to walk across and create to listen to the water. Do what it's doing baby or cocoa. That's my practice. Still moving through being ill and just know that. I. I ended up being breathing. Ninety to take care of the year feed them can practice getting out of my head of suffering and discontent. There were unsatisfactory. My state of mind. Just continue to serve the community's best to important to realize also serving yourself yeah I mean it's it's always mutual respect so that's where I've been myself sties on. Its nose rates rains. Will we not so much? He the only son so far and the woods yet had remember waking up. You know it was. How and for some reason. That was my sign. Oh today is GonNa be Horrible Day. All the sadness came up but I remember that when it came out and I was going to the bridge it was a beautiful day away. Retrospectively ozone kind of this. One honor was to just be aware of the beauty of the day. Then allow me that just handle my sadness and then it was your but also you lies the goodness that was around me and to just one of those. Things settled slight like Buddha when he was born know. Apparently it always cracks me up because people sort of believe it probably was born came out of his mother's side when she died he stops up. The opium like rubber need to stop. Does this and goes I I along the world on at one. You know it can be taken very very arrogantly but for each one of us is the you know we. We are on the by the world showing up on a momentary racism. We forget that aspect of good everyday will shows up. We have all of that. I'm or that every day. Just the whole universe shows up at re single day without fail supports might be he no. That's an incredible thing and obviously this is everything that fills that obviously the other aspect of it is is our own expectations of how this will should be in our societal expectations. We need to be examined but again is that none of us sign the contract. When we're born that he was going to be way. Nasa beautiful in many ways is to be able to experience whatever comes up and then to master whatever and when I say master Lua I don't mean to be on top I mean learn from whatever occurs on a momentary days kind of interest in you. Look you look expression and this is where I'm really complimenting ahead is he had such a broad basis of expression everything from somebody. Yes in. What is butchering says. Flou- offense or a hedge edge. That's one so then another expression which was everybody has their own white which is like a good day. Everyone has their own light when you Try to find it when we look for it. You come find it. The darkness is dog dog. So what is your light and then nobody answered so he says forum the store again these things that we experience on a momentary basis. Better to have something. I have nothing something good so I mean he has amazing expression but within is always a Bob. And you know it's just like we live even something. Good this a bob there but important pay attention to that and see when we have. You know things are going. What we we got. It's amazingly is very important not to get attached to that you know. Just see this just in the same way as negatives in that sentences. Everything's a learning experience. There's no good old in it in that way. I'll read a bit more of the appreciate those so throwing away. One picks up seven above below in the four directions. None can match placidly walking. The long he treads stem. The sound flowing stream is your landscapes. Decries the tracks applying booths grasses growing thick miss over hang around subdued clip? The flowers make amass so that needs a little bit of expert explanation. Apparently when Gutu becomes steepling live over sloughed sport so typical of Indian Party so bright and so of course zen school we go the flowers. Make a mess. Don't get attached to that Boyden. This is lamentable. Don't make a move. If you move you get thirty blows more that good day. Pop anyone on that movie. Get Thirteen blows that if you think he'd say thirteen whatever. It is like if you participated life. You can't avoid yes things from resigned. Just become away everything in life assignment but as soon as you expose yourself to life and yeah yeah I mean. Obviously there's the other aspect too is the a lot of times we do move from this and then not hugely different. I mean this moment in time whatever. Whatever that may be moving towards. She'll be this way she'll be that way be better walls etc the house. I mean you helps short term but it's not long now you talking about moving in terms of moving or take a warm to say expectation but you're making choices in the in patient or Iraq. Yeah I mean you as a human being I have. I have ways. I would like something today. I'd be very careful. That is expected to be that way but at the same time is do the steps taken necessary to serve us right. Yeah I'm not saying. Is You know one side. I'm just saying process appreciation process. Yeah processor right. Yes obviously yeah. They conspired to wherever I I'd be happy moments a good moment healing was your mother said that's look a cold state binding seeing that. Nothing used as always lots of good in his to manage so many things anyone unhappy could go at any moment like a hostage with the recent. We can hostile days because the core basically that's what it really means the core so he says all forms of antennas with each one of these senses become fixing turned down. So don't think in that respect and you know what what that leads to for me is the that I can see things. I don't time that box. The way is this is wasting beef. The rest of my life. You know. It's just the way it is now to interact with that from that perspective. I can ask about every day is a good day. It really speaks to me. I I remember when I I'm not really an infection in my eyes and say more than a loan and I was so terrified is the doctors didn't know whether and it was scary and it was really capable and there was like the most amazing things that we have in life was short period of time. Yeah and I couldn't even when I started to Kane said I couldn't see the stars at night drive longtime something in that whole process. Just been me up and I as is nothing that I've never experienced and when I could see the stars is just such a gift and I now I have taken for granted by site again to worry about my Isaac Them. You know whatever not run my eyes of that you know. It's funny that we even really I should see yourself. You have like an experience of really seeing into the near of site. I immediately started shooting for was commercially. Some rather becomes more valuable. Thank you for that. We also take for granted Beating Heart in the breathing lows and replace Lucille's on a regular basis out of a vision. Chairman cygnus really helps us to appreciate well not a bad. I didn't know my body worked in that way. I don't really you know when something happens to deal with it that way but you know I mean one of the main reasons with bringing this columnists like a Fishhook it just it just stays his column stays. It doesn't go by. It's nice that people I quit. I say this statement is so cold that way. Why did you bring that up? Really hits at the heart of my own. Does he mean it? Is I run? I think though I don't know maybe it's worthwhile read and the other stuff we've got a few minutes left. This is obviously pot about tradition. So I'll read you the commentary on the on the first to these these two That's all Hackman says on the comb but then he says a bunch on the verse K. Hackery throwing away one. If you can see your mom's saying you should get this. So solely as a needle comes out wherever it is touched wherever it is touched if you think this refers to the aid consciousness your greatly mistaken. That's the storehouse consciousness I don't ask you about before the fifteen th day. So now he's referring to that every day is a good day. This is truly opt to penetrate Hobson. Walk this is the kind of technique by which used to turn out enlightened people having thoroughly absorbed that sent shows Versi -cation throwing away one is like turning over a bowl to brocade to show how the back is splendidly. Flower experience so ten k. This line refers to. I don't ask you about the Fifteenth Day. Meaning getting rid of everything so that even want to snuff star not holding onto anything not grasping or dwelling. He picks up seven when picking up tried to make a statement about after the fifteen day. There is total freedom nothing to be abandoned until including the infinite millions of plants and trees. Even shots pebbles the point to focus on ultimately is wall in quotes. This is that is thrown. Away of walked seven quotes. This is what is brought up in any case even getting wrist. There is nothing missing even picking up. There is nothing extra. The state of someone who has actually gotten to be this way is unmatched above below and the four directions. Is that enough? Would you want to read more? What they say about time for lunch. Significance is there added significance to one and seven. I mean one this one and seven again. You know you've got one many. I mean it's early added significance significant severe getting paid. Even though he's one payment depends on. What your emphasis and those things again. It just free each one of us is you know we talk about things like is important. Cb absolute but then also important to see you know the relative so-called relativity of our life but not even get stuck on those things you know obviously function in one of those things are necessary. At least that's my interpretation. I mean you know you see nowadays as we see throughout history and people say well God wills on one level has gone swells. But what about your position this divinity how you going to change these things could've come and good? That's the relative aspect you don't just stick on one side. That's that's that's the so-called paradox that we tend to have with so-called religious beliefs power insanity not what religion you have but you can't blame somebody for that attitude responsibility for whatever approach make for yourself. If it doesn't work drives some way I won't say every day does. Thank you appreciate all of your efforts.

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