The San Francisco Nightly Zeiters 4/21: Bill Clinton, Val Kilmer, Taco Tuesday, UCB


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Friends like Sarah Chalk John C McGinley Neil Flynn Judy Reyaz show Creator, Bill Lawrence Editors Writers and even prompt masters will tell us about what inspired the series, and how we became a family, you can listen to the podcast. Fake doctors real friends with Zaken Donald on the iheartradio. APP APPLE PODCASTS and wherever you get your podcast. Hello the Internet and welcome to the San Francisco nightly, Zaid Irs. that's the play on forty niners Pantley Johnny Davis Okay I see you. Win Good thing they didn't win. Save saved. Yeah, it's a good thing. Under the. Because, it was already there. was already in San, Francisco whereas Kansas City. It's not even there yet. Right if they had a big super bowl celebration in the city of San Francisco probably would have been a lot worse for outbreak. Anyway, it's weird how those those little things have knock on. Going ex. Miles I'm jack by the way good to meet you. Know. Smiling face over zoom. Nice to meet you as well good to meet you sir. Let's tell the people what is trending right now. Bill Clinton holding albums would is. This about it's a meme. Allow me to take you on a journey of this team. Just just like on four twenty. Oz was seeing a lot of this. It's like this image of Bill Clinton. feel a great here holding albums and listening to something, but people started like photo shopping other albums into it so this Guy Jay Bilas donuts with kind as college dropout. I would say in the background someone of my tastes. WHO's like a phrase like you? Sample based HIP hop? But yeah, this is sort of a lot of articles on like how to make your bill. Clinton me or whatever? And it's like supposed to be your top five albums or your top three. How many albums are in the picture? You can fit like four invisibly. Apparently just an APP bt dubs. Producer Danell just let us know puts the Alps in their automatically. Yeah, that's the thing. I'm like okay I guess that's what we've gone to. Where people search a meam to then find if someone has already made a technology for you to participate, because you have absolutely no photoshop skills like I, remember when the life of Pablo album came out. My my friend designed a website I, mean he's like. Like a really gifted designer encoder like that day, he just made a website. Where you can type in any phrase, it would just generate a life of Pablo album cover for you based on the Texas so this is kind of where we're at with like memes and shit where it's like someone will do more even more work to allow everybody to participate in the economy God. Bless the Internet. and Bill. Clinton appears to be enjoying what he's listening to in the picture. That's that's an important detail. Is it four twenty base because he smoked pot, and we think that's Hilarious I could just be one of those wonderful coincidences that the universe shot s with. God bless the universe you know kilmer is trending because he has a new book out. Yeah just I see a lot of. Headlines with different anecdotes, something about how he never barked in a top gun jet like many of the other actors did whenever they had actually get in the jet and film any like interior cockpit stuff he's he was all. There's just apparently it's like people were saying. It's a really I don't know it depends on how critical the critic is, but most of you're saying like. It's a really interesting read, and actually really funny, because he's dealing with cancer. So, just kind of his memoirs from you know when you think about it. Super deep career by all kinds. He's done it all seen it all. Yeah, by the way I. What one of the things that I'm most proud of in this life of mine is that I was on a fishing boat one time. At a with a bunch of my college friends. For a bachelor during Bachelor Party and I think I was like one of two people on a boat of like. People that didn't throw up. The Sea was so rough. So non vomiting pride I see VAL kilmer. The. Oh do you normally just not get sick like your stomach doesn't turn I think spent I'd probably spent more time on boats, and those people, even though I don't spend a lot of time on icees, then one would high-seas yeah to the high seas you land Lubbers. You would know lovers. Also I think I was a little drunk and that helps. That helps I hate rides that are just rely on spinning mechanisms like centripetal Cintra Central, rice and Tra frugal force just to kind of like like gravitron. Those are just not fun like I would always do that like at a school carnival, and then vomit immediately or just feel sick for the rest of the day. Yeah, there's nothing funner adventure like you don't get to see anything. Except the person across from you, this is Kinda sticking to a wall, but? It does just seem like it's almost like a might as well just take whatever that. Stuff is that makes you throw to those ride? Operators who in the nineties had no smartphones or hand held TV's to distract themselves as a bunch of stinky kids like puke inside of a thing like it will be like a hand radio like a radio. Yeah, like a magazine I'm just thinking of you know different times now different times you ever see one of those. Where like the ride operator like one of the kids who's like ridden at one hundred times starts walking around or Starts Yeah SARS flexing on. It's like okay, we. Operated this one a minute. You can go backwards and know when the car comes to do a slick little hop over. I wonder mix tapes like. That of Carnival ride operators. The most irrespon-. Wall just like debt like a guy on the Zipper like walking on the outside of all the Zipper cars like Dude I. Just know how this ride moves baby. There's no anthem. Got No. Here Ma'am Taco Tuesday is trending. This meme continues to evolve continues to be a thing. Why I? Honestly, I don't know why it's just I think probably because more people are cooking. I feel like I. Tell, you something. I see a lot more Katie content from people. It's like one of. And I guess Tacos are easy like you know you're just getting ground beef chicken Turkey Tofu, whatever and then you put in a Tortilla Bloom, and you have some semblance of a comfort meal, but I honestly this reason why put this in here is because it made me think of the case of because I've seen people flex with just whatever they're like. Yeah, it's easy to buy shredded cheese Tortillas, and I feel like I've cooked something, but it is a fantastic comfort food is. John to? And also salsa in their. Pulo hot sauce whatever you want, pull. It put a Turkey slice in there. You know if you're feeling absolutely disrespectful, but the thing is. It's about mash. The way. It's like I. Don't I would never do that, but you know. But. This is the thing we're trying to survive. We work with what we have, but keep that at a at a medium you know. Keep your pan at a medium that way. You can get good cheese melting. You're not crispin up the the Tortilla too much bright ripe. And finally Be Upright. Brigade the comedy theater that. was kind of the second city for a generation of Improv comedians was kind of responsible or at least integrated involved in the Improv boom of the past fifteen years. Announced that they are a closing down their New York operation, so they're being la outfit. Yeah, and I guess with the New York locations are saying are permanently shuttered now. Is Weird to think I. Mean you know for all the criticisms of UC BE? I have a few myself but it truly for a generation of Comedians it. gave, people this like idea that there was one way into comedy, and to do Improv at UC, be got on a herald team or my team, but probably Herald team and from there. The casting directors come in and swoop Yup now that did work for a there was a period when many people found success like that, but then I think as that wore on. It became I. I! Don't know you hear a lot of stories about people who just through a lot of money away on that and we're like all right. It's a lot harder to do this, and maybe it's a lot more selective or insular than I. Thought but still just a I. Don't know it's weird. It seems like a staple business that always asked exist in either New York La. Thing, culturally for New Yorker L. A. is, but yeah, the the talented people I know who came through there. A lot of the time did not end up having the best relationships to the overall institution kind of feeling like it was. A scam. Little bit so. You know the the the big four of Matt Roberts Air or Matt Walsh Ian Roberts. Amy Poehler Matt Besser. Day a lot like a lot of people in the theater like they have so much money like right. They keeping it open, I mean I don't I'm sure from a business standpoint it I guess they're saying it's just not feasible. But you know it's even when you look at that group. How like Ian Roberts? I don't see as much. I thought you and Roberts was on my favorite to like like in UCB and I even mad. Bastards is kind of Super Funny Guy, but if if like Walsh and Amy Poehler. Are the ones that fully broke through, but yeah. Yeah, you're still there lamenting. I think the loss of their the thing bill so remember when I was much younger and seeing the video of amy. Poehler like thinks she was pretending to be a little kid on the streets of New York, and it was really funny, but a yeah like that was one of the first. Things from their comedy troupe. Which was Upright Citizens Brigade and then it became this huge institution. It's also when you watch to as we call it when you watch that first season, the cameos are pretty incredible of like the people who were in the theater like in the late nineties who ended up being extras on the TV show? There's some very familiar faces in there like you'll see like a very young Nick Kroll. and like. Oh, yeah! Yeah all those folks came through there. At least some of them like got their start there. Yeah, well as the comedy writer and former. Guests Max Sylvestry put it now. You See, be now you don't. That rules power well-done Exactly what are eulogy powerful all right guys that is going to do it for this fine Tuesday. We hope you are doing well out there. Stand safe. Be kind to each other have a great night and we will be back tomorrow with a whole episode of the dailies ice. We'll talk to you then. Credit Card that gives you what you need. Now. A low interest rate on everyday purchases and a place to transfer high interest rate balances. 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